D A L L A S! Have you got your ticket yet? You don't want to miss this event! Can you say #EPIC! Get your ticket NOW, tickets are going fast! πŸ’πŸΎπŸ’πŸ½πŸ’πŸΏtag a curlfriendπŸ’πŸΎπŸ’πŸ½πŸ’πŸΏ 3 THE CURL WAY: The Dallas stop is May 2nd | 1PM-4:30PM | Buttons | Addison, TX - lots of sponsors on deck already! And @kinkycurlyyaki will be there with hair to touch purchase! VIP perks‼️ RSVP NOW #3thecurlway #nae2curly #curlsandcouture #heycurlie #bellakinksevent #npcevent #naturaliatas #naturalhair #healthyhair #fashionistas #naturals #naija #NaturalHair #naturaltextures #naturalgirlsrock #naturalhairevents #naturaltexturedhair #teamnatural #teamnatural_ #myhaircrush #amazingnaturalhair #kinkycurly #kinkycurlyyaki
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_toxiclover : Will you'll be accepting cards to purchase?
1_beautiful_creation : @monche23
littlemissnicee : @curly_girlienae thought u might like this
curly_girlienae : @littlemissnicee Thank you for tagging me, I'll definitely be looking into this =)
shmoette - nia2015 - eb_the_reb - redhead_nata30_ -
Spring sale starts TODAY (FRIDAY) at 9am EST. Use code SPRING2015 to save 20% on your purchase over $200. #sale #teamnatural #teamnatural_ #amazingnaturalhair #weave #protectivestyles #protectivestyle #naturalhair #kinkycurlyyaki #malaysianhair #brazilianhair #eurasianhair #naturaltextures #naturaltexture #blowout #relaxedhair #blackgirls #blackgirlsrock #myhaircrush #naturalgirlsrock #spring #springsale #kinkyhair
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ladyhellen : Please can you update this @kinkycurlyyaki ASAP as we are keen to purchase
charichi08 : @kinkycurlyyaki I have been trying to purchase my items for the past 20mins and keep receiving error messages. Help please!
elle.c.7 : @kinkycurlyyaki it's worked. Thanks! I can't wait to receive my order. ;-)
kinkycurlyyaki : @charichi08 @ladyhellen @elle.c.7 if you read the caption above, the sale started at 9am Eastern Standard Time. Which was 30 mins ago. Code is working now
charichi08 : @kinkycurlyyaki the error message I am getting says "we're sorry an error has occurred. Try again later". Any suggestions on a way to fix?
elle.c.7 : @kinkycurlyyaki lol a girlfriend of mine just ordered ur hair and showed it to me. So I guess I was a little too excited to get good hair AND a discount! Lol thanks for being patient with all of us!
nae2curly : πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›
ladyhellen : Thank you I have made my order can't wait😁😁😁😁😁 #UKdelivery
kenyajohnsonma - nita_scruggs - beautiful_dannid - lushmee -
#tbt to @kinkycurlybeauty rocking afro kinky curly lifted to blonde. ❀️❀️❀️ #blondefro #afrokinkycurly #kinkycurly #NaturalHair #naturals #protectivestyle #protectivestyles #kinkycurlyyaki
protectivestyle - kinkycurlyyaki - blondefro - tbt - naturals - naturalhair - afrokinkycurly - kinkycurly - protectivestyles -
gingertea_tv : How long does it take for delivery
kinkycurlyyaki : @gingertea_tv depends on where you live. If you visit our website (link in bio ) delivery times are posted there
gingertea_tv : Ok thank you so much !!!
kinkycurlybeauty : I'm preparing to a new install with this hair VERY soon!!! This is the BEST hair across the board!!!πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ™Œ
kinkycurlyyaki : @kinkycurlybeauty πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
lateiciawilliams - demetriaqueenie - bittersweet1837 - the_locd_bella -
#tbt my best feature is my deep chocolate skin #defineyourlight #ilovemakeup #kinkycurlyyaki #wakeupandmakeup
defineyourlight - ilovemakeup - wakeupandmakeup - tbt - kinkycurlyyaki -
paging.dr.dre : @thisisdragongirl
beautybyesi : @paging.dr.dre good looking out :) is me
kinkycurlyyaki - thisisdragongirl - beautinbrainzmd - drbenmd2b -
Spring sale! 20% off your purchase over $200. All textures and lengths. Tell a friend or 2. #naturalhair #teamnatural #protectivestyles #4c #naturalhairdoescare #kinkycurlyyaki #kinkycurly #weave #sale #blackgirls #blackgirlsrock #hairextensions #malaysianhair #naturalgirlsrock #myhaircrush #brazilianhair #twistout
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kinkycurlyyaki : @longtall_kira all the info you need is on the photo hun
phara_i_am : What type of hair is she wearing
longtall_kira : I'm sorry πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ I know u was low key cursin me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
kinkycurlyyaki : @longtall_kira πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜‘πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜†
kinkycurlyyaki : @phara_i_am please read the comments above yours.
browngirl_77 : @bamy4l I like it !!
onlymekayb : @disbytch
nae2curly : πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›
joshua_ree - canadiannaturalistas - jimmy_falyn - daye_dreaming -
@red_goth doing her thang with afro kinky curly. πŸ’πŸ½πŸ’πŸ½πŸ’πŸ½ #afrokinkycurly #afrokinky #redhead #weave #kinkycurlyyaki #NaturalHair
afrokinky - naturalhair - kinkycurlyyaki - afrokinkycurly - redhead - weave -
hairmillionaire : @virtuouskelly
red_goth : Loving the hair.
queen_naturalhairgoddess - thepettyprincess - mimoree_ - anayah.parran -
@melimeligirl22 loving her kinky curly, 2 bundles of 12". Love the colour! 😍😍😍 #kinkycurly #kinkyhair #curly #kinkycurlyyaki #NaturalHair #naturalgirlsrock
kinkyhair - naturalhair - kinkycurlyyaki - curly - kinkycurly - naturalgirlsrock -
melimeligirl22 : @kinkycurlyyaki 😘
ceece_charles - to2oamazon - miss_faith100 - _rissaclam -
@anomaltic_spirit wearing 2 bundles of coarse yaki and a closure made into a wig thats been cut amd styled. 😎😎😎 love it! #coarseyaki #italianyaki #naturaltexture #weave #kinkycurlyyaki
italianyaki - coarseyaki - kinkycurlyyaki - naturaltexture - weave -
caramel_swyrl : How many bundles of this would u reccomend for a versatile? @kinkycurlyyaki
kinkycurlyyaki : @caramel_swyrl 2 bundles under 16". 2.5-3 bundles over 18"
rtotheissa : Cute! πŸ‘©πŸΎ
_emmyluv - relaxedlovely - joshua_ree - canadiannaturalistas -
@msdeidremarie says "buns and books w/ afro kinky curly clip ins. Texture matches so well! ☺" you look fabulous! 😍😍😍 #afrokinky #afrokinkycurly #kinkycurlyyaki #bun #afrobun #naturalhair #naturalhairdoescare
naturalhairdoescare - afrokinky - naturalhair - kinkycurlyyaki - afrokinkycurly - afrobun - bun - : Perf!
msdeidremarie : Thanks ! I love this hair 😘😊
elle.c.7 : @kinkycurlyyaki hi, when will 14+ 16 inch light yaki be in stock?
kinkycurlyyaki : @elle.c.7 hopefully tomorrow.
elle.c.7 : @kinkycurlyyaki thanks for the quick response! Will check tomorrow. :-)
karey_bellinger - quibax14 - brownskinshortee - esass4lyfe -
Longer and loving it!! ☺️#kinkycurlyyaki
kinkycurlyyaki -
blackboarder - cheriefields - dt_clark - ladybossks -
Faux Locs #nycstlist #queensstylist #brooklynstylist #voiceofhair #mobhair #modernsalon #hairdressermagic #blackhairstyles2 #trendinghairstyles #blackhairmag #behindthechair #cutcartel #relaxedhair #hair2mesmerize #naturalhair #shinestruck #naturalhairdaily #kinkycurlyyaki @makemydai
mobhair - trendinghairstyles - shinestruck - naturalhair - brooklynstylist - queensstylist - relaxedhair - blackhairstyles2 - hairdressermagic - voiceofhair - naturalhairdaily - kinkycurlyyaki - hair2mesmerize - blackhairmag - cutcartel - behindthechair - nycstlist - modernsalon -
shinestruck : πŸ’œπŸ’œ
goldcrushhair : Gorg
shopnprive - prettybrowneyes_47 - naturalchixs - 76_strawberry -
@nae2curly πŸ’πŸΎπŸ’πŸΎπŸ’πŸΎ sitting pretty in her 16" afro kinky curly clip ins. Be sure to come check her, @heycurlie , @curlsandcouture and see our hair live at #3TheCurlWay in Dallas on May 2nd. RSVP by clicking the link ⬆️⬆️⬆️ #kinkycurlyyaki #nae2curly #NaturalHair #clipins #clipinextensions #naturaltextures #naturals #dallasevent #dallas #blackgirlsrock #naturalgirlsrock
dallasevent - clipinextensions - dallas - 3thecurlway - nae2curly - naturalgirlsrock - naturals - naturalhair - naturaltextures - blackgirlsrock - clipins - kinkycurlyyaki -
caysworld : 😍😍
iam_jenna : @sweeetnik πŸ‘
jemiaane : @eastafrica85 this is what u need here
eastafrica85 : @jemiaane yeah pretty much but longer!!
sweet_n_low627 : @hairfairy_ you think I can rock this as a sew-in for summer boo...
hairfairy_ : Absolutely @sweet_n_low627
sweet_n_low627 : We shall talk πŸ’πŸ½πŸ’πŸ½πŸ’πŸ½πŸ’πŸ½ tell Bri I said heeeey... I miss yall @hairfairy_
nae2curly : Heyyyyyyyyy
oh_sosweet_jasmine - corporatekinks - libregirl112 - longtall_kira -
About to do work with this @kinkycurlyyaki hair!! 2.5 bundles two strand twisted by me, and I'm so excited to install for my client!! 1.5 bundles of kinky curly, 1 bundle of Afro kinky curly!! Yay natural styles! #naturalhair #sewin #kinkycurlyyaki #aftokinkycurly #kinkycurly #protectivestyle #sewin #hair #hairstylist #cosmetologist #curlyhair #naturalhair #naturalhairstylist #funhair #iloveit
funhair - kinkycurly - naturalhairstylist - iloveit - sewin - hairstylist - kinkycurlyyaki - hair - protectivestyle - naturalhair - curlyhair - cosmetologist - aftokinkycurly -
kinkycurlyyaki : Love it! 😘
kinkycurlyyaki - aautumns - rehema_mcneil - marcyrae_ -
Filtered πŸ’› Dallas naturals make sure you stop by @kinkycurlyyaki (who is also a sponsor) table and check out her clip ins, afro or kinky curly hair textures at #3TheCurlWay. You will NOT be disappointed. RSVP at #kinkycurlyyaki #nae2curly (I am rocking their 16in Kinky Curly clip ins in 1b)
3thecurlway - blackboldandnatural - nae2curly - kinkycurlyyaki -
nkechiurama : 😍😍
beauteestsanom : 😍😍😍😍😍😍
clasiquelea : I needs these
naturalpartnersincrime : Oh nice! Let me get up in that hair πŸ™†πŸΎ
flygyrljess : oh cute @epretty87
lasamba10 : Cute !
nae2curly : #blackboldandnatural
toya_jay : πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
annoying_gurl123 - naturalhairexperiment - inevitable_vicissitude -
Or 7 πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚πŸ˜Š. We love to feature YOU, real women wearing our hair. If you would like to be instaspecial, be sure to use #kinkycurlyyaki , tag us @kinkycurlyyaki , DM us or send an email to Make sure you gives us the specs of your KCY hair (texture & lengths), use you back camera lens & 😁😁😁 smile! we'll post you up!
kinkycurlyyaki -
_toxiclover : Hey will you have hair to purchase when you come to Dallas in May?
clasiquelea : @xoxbravebirdxox here's another kinky hair distributor also.
kosua14 - lommyerva - detroit2dallas - 4evercakes -
πŸ’œThe KCY difference πŸ’œ We don't just throw hair in an envelope and ship it off. We inspect the bundles, we hand wash and air dry the curly hair, we wrap it up in recycled tissue paper and thank you for your business. Sometimes, I even write lil notes. (I had to stop hand signing the packing slips because there were just too many slips to do and it was holding up the whole process, πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but The stamp is a dupe of my handwriting😊) It's the personal touch that makes us US. #kinkycurlyyaki #naturalgirlsrock #blackgirlsrock #kinkycurly #kinkystraight #lightyaki #afrokinkycurly #coarseyaki
kinkycurly - kinkycurlyyaki - naturalgirlsrock - lightyaki - blackgirlsrock - kinkystraight - afrokinkycurly - coarseyaki -
happyandfit_applespice : Love your hair. Can't wait for April 17th
nhthirteen : natural hair is dope! check out some of my natural hair art @nhthirteen ☺
quibax14 - ladies_of_health - lorainelumeka - heymse -
#tbt kinky curly looking fabulous on @jonesforbeauty #kinkycurly #protectivestyle #closures #curly #kinkycurlyyaki #weave #NaturalHair #throwbackthursday
kinkycurly - kinkycurlyyaki - curly - throwbackthursday - tbt - closures - naturalhair - protectivestyle - weave -
dtlogan48 : What length ?
lena1430 : @liz_demeanor is this the look you want?
jonesforbeauty : Thanks for posting! 😍 @dtlogan48 This is one 16", one 18" & a closure.
kinkycurlyyaki : @jonesforbeauty 😘
amanstouchhair : Now I like this
lorawhitticker : @getfitwithmoni
getfitwithmoni : Nice!!!!
perfectdreams84 : How much for this?
oh_sosweet_jasmine - real_sassy88 - _foxybrown_1984 - curlkalon -
TreBella upart unit (before I cut the "u"). This unit is NOT for sale. This client made an appointment for a custom unit. Our appointment calendar is currently full. In the meantime we will continue to update our stock of ready-to-ship units as they become available at #wig #wigs #wigmaker #wigmaster #trebella #trebellawigs #afro #afrokinky #bighair #coilyhair #curls #curly #customunit #divahair #extensions #fro #hairstylist #heatfree #kinkycurly #natural #naturalhair #naturalista #protectivestyles #kinkycurlyyaki
wig - kinkycurlyyaki - fro - wigmaster - hairstylist - coilyhair - heatfree - customunit - afrokinky - naturalhair - bighair - trebella - divahair - afro - protectivestyles - natural - curly - trebellawigs - curls - naturalista - extensions - wigmaker - kinkycurly - wigs -
fiddyshadesofk : Somebody is about to slayyyy this!
lizblase : Fire.
ms_raney : @mmemojo
unruly_nadine : Where is hair from @trebellawigs
trebellawigs : They're tagged in the photo @unruly_nadine
cheerstojae : @judithfranklin
bamy4l : @browngirl_77 I'm in love 😍
browngirl_77 : @bamy4l me too 😍love it
lovelytitus75 - t_fields_2014_ - reeuh_duhnay - blznobeahdolly -
For those who have asked about the #kinkycurlyyaki hair; this hair is still rocking after 12 months of total wear.
kinkycurlyyaki -
felicitejasmin - kinkycurlyyaki - barbarawashere - elegant.ashley -
@theone2be "had to pull out her #kinkycurlyyaki #afrokinkycurly Still looks good after 2 years!" Yes indeedy! Thanks for sharing hun! 😘😘😘 #NaturalHair #naturaltextures #naturalgirlsrock #protectivestyle #afrokinkycurly #curlyhairdontcare #blackgirlsrock
blackgirlsrock - kinkycurlyyaki - curlyhairdontcare - naturalgirlsrock - naturaltextures - afrokinkycurly - naturalhair - protectivestyle -
alliajanaychristie : Hiya! I wanted to knw Can the kinky curly be crochet braided?
theone2be : Thanks for the RP. 😊
candies_possible73 : @theone2be , what length is it?
theone2be : 14, 16 & 18 inches @candies_possible73
enkumjoseph : fabulous nd gorgeous
la_femmes_boutique : Oh yes gorgeous
mstiffcw2u : @mrs_stoner10510
trappinheights - la_femmes_boutique - anayah.parran - aboutthatcurl -
rawr πŸ† #curlygirlchronicles #cheveuxboucles #kinkycurlyyaki
curlygirlchronicles - kinkycurlyyaki - cheveuxboucles -
lex_iamher : Wyd @red_goth
ambitious.v - youngemgmob - _mr._lynch_ - kay__louis__ -
Coarse yaki & kinky straight mix. Installed using the flip over method. #coarseyaki #kinkystraight #flipovermethod #seamless #kinkycurlyyaki #naturaltextures #blackgirlsrock
blackgirlsrock - naturaltextures - kinkycurlyyaki - flipovermethod - coarseyaki - seamless - kinkystraight -
palmtree323 : @liyaarae @blkbdrfly33
caramel.deluxe : @bunceinreallife
la_femmes_boutique : Oh my my. I absolutely love this product. I will be ordering. How long for the shipment please?
kinkycurlyyaki : @la_femmes_boutique 1-3 days for processing, then 4-8 days to the USA from Toronto Canada
la_femmes_boutique : Oh thank you So much
jackiethehandy : @hairsalvation thought you'd like this for auntie!
nurselucy : @kontikimama this us what you need to buy
ohio_belle : @_hairweavekillaaa614
haley.neil.90 - _emmyluv - la_femmes_boutique - 21peachezz -
... I had to pull out my #KinkyCurlyYaki #AfroKinkyCurly Still looks good after 2 years. #ProtectiveStyle The only way I can stop myself from cutting it all off ... again.
protectivestyle - kinkycurlyyaki - afrokinkycurly -
theone2be : LOL. @tatichia_vs_quay I was so close to grabbing my clippers and going in! The weave was right beside the clippers. LOL. I took it as a sign.
mizz_deanna_leona : Came out great
theone2be : Thanks @mizz_deanna_leona my sister came through in the clutch. I didn't forget about you either. I was cranky and didn't want to bring that funky attitude to your space.
mizz_deanna_leona : She did a great job. Lol... you could've still came, I would've assisted in making it go away 🍹🍷 lol.
she_so_bougie : Had to scroll back up...almost didn't recognize you
jasmineleann : Love this hair! Exactly where did you purchase if you don't mind?
theone2be : @jasmineleann I got it from @kinkycurlyyaki
jasmineleann : Thanks, Hun!
mizz_deanna_leona - rocdalocs - ronnica30 - sennaira -
Getting kinda good at this curl wand business! πŸ’ #KinkyCurlyYaki
kinkycurlyyaki -
emilykateland16 : Pretty πŸ’—
isitreallytata : @emilykateland16 thanks!
nataliavicthawks : πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ and lol at what @makuhlah said at lunch about your long hair πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
isitreallytata : @nataliavicthawks ikr!
dreadheadfelipe - kissmyytail - ke_shenell - brittanynicoleperkins -
Fyi! All orders up until noon EST Thursday April 2nd will be shipped out tonight. Anything after that will ship on Tuesday April 7th. Canada Post (our post office) will be closed, so there will be no mail pick up. Have a blessed weekend! He lives! #easter #NaturalHair #protectivestyle #kinkycurlyyaki
naturalhair - protectivestyle - easter - kinkycurlyyaki -
londaty - caramel_swyrl - beautiful_dannid - _10thamendment -
Once you allow someone the authority to control your emotions you've already lost. And baby I'm Winning! πŸ˜‰οΈ πŸ’‹
teamnatural_ - kinkyhair - curlyhair - kinkycurlyyaki - naturalhairdaily - naturallyshesdope - trialsntresses - naturalhair - nhdaily - berrycurly - goodhairmag - protectivestyles - myhaircrush - heycurlie - natural - naturalgirls - curlbox - curls - curlsunderstood - hair2mesmerize - hhjchallenge - amazingnaturalhair - healthy_hair_journey - naturalhairproducts - curlyhead - naturalists -
traceyparris4thalove : Beautiful smile Beautiful hair 😍
nuade : Love it!
_lovindanni : Thanks ladies! 😊 @traceyparris4thalove @nuade
_lovindanni : #Hair2mesmerize #goodhairmag #curlsunderstood #trialsntresses #myhaircrush #hhjchallenge #teamnatural_ #amazingnaturalhair #Naturalhair #curls #HeyCurlie #natural #kinkyhair #curlyhair #naturalgirls #naturalhairproducts #naturalists #myhaircrush #curlyhead #naturalhairdaily #berrycurly #healthy_hair_journey #naturallyshesdope #nhdaily #kinkycurlyyaki #curlbox #protectivestyles
lovele_lela : YESSSSSSS #hair!!!!! #curlfriends
_lovindanni : Lol thanks girl!! @lovele_lela
roni0406 : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘‘
whenalitniggawantya : 🍍
greeneyedeclectic - ipreach_success13 - nanapre171920 - rockstaarreisey -
Awwww sooki sooki! Update from yesterday's wash of our new texture -afro kinky coily - on the right is the dry natural state. On the left is brushed out. On to testing! #newtexture #afrokinkycoily #kinkycurlyyaki
newtexture - afrokinkycoily - kinkycurlyyaki -
thatgirlnamenita : My texture 😍
shes_a_jewel_ : YAAAAAASSSSSS!!!!!!
nequas_heavenly_creations : I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it... I know I want you!
je_styles : @kinkycurlyyaki please release am asap! lol! I'm ready to buy!
dstscorp : @kinkycurlyyaki So disappointed. I just received akc for a u-part wig and looking at this pic, it's much closer to my hair type. Do you think it will be ready within a month?
kinkycurlyyaki : @dstscorp i have to test it out first. This is not going to be a easy texture to deal with. AT ALL. It may look pretty but its a BEAST if sewn into your head. The kinkier the texture, the more headache it is. I need to determine how much of a headache it will be for you, aka me when people complain that its too kinky πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ if you'd like it sooner, inbox me at and I can hookasistaup
kinkycurlyyaki : Just keeping it πŸ’―
dstscorp : @kinkycurlyyaki I understand because my hair is hard to deal with. I'm looking at it for a wig or clip ins. It would just match my hair better. I'll shoot you an email.
anjatee2014 - blacknest83 - simplymofit - nattkingcole_ -
Working on a new texture for spring/summer-Afro kinky coily. It will dupe 4C hair. In this pic, its defined, but I'll be bushing it out when it dries! Stay tuned! #afrokinkycoily #kinkycurlyyaki #coily #naturalhair
afrokinkycoily - coily - naturalhair - kinkycurlyyaki -
chrys.n : I want
ngsevidence : @chinyeloves @xoxbravebirdxox
vanessagarrr : Finally!
bunniebdb : YAS!!! Afro kinky curly has been good to me but this would be even better!!!
__infinitepossibilities : So when I straighten it will it curl back and how long does the hair usually last? @kinkycurlyyaki
nelap1 : @_infinitepossibilities I think the site recommends never straightening the kinky curly hair and I had mine for almost 2 years and it still looks awesome and every time I wash it the curls come back!
kinkycurlyyaki : @__infinitepossibilities @nelap1 is correct. We do not recommend straightening this hair. Its processed to texture. There's really no such thing as afro weave that will revert back and forth because it's not our hair. Even if you did this to your hair, you would eventually damage your hair with heat. So long as you care for it, it will last. Putting it on a wig will make it last even longer.
miz__black : @tahesia_harrigan_scott
renee_brookss - capriantoinette - natural_e_yours - theemtamfabulous -
@trebellawigs the back. Specs on previous post. #kinkycurly #kinkycurlyyaki
kinkycurly - kinkycurlyyaki -
renee_brookss - elegant.ashley - lovingmyselftothefullest - beautiful_dannid -
@blackswan_______ ( lawd...I dont know how many underscores) cut her coarse yaki 14/16 into a cute bob! Love it! ❀️❀️❀️#coarsehair #coarseyaki #italianyaki #bob #kinkycurlyyaki #protectivestyle #blackgirlsrock
protectivestyle - blackgirlsrock - coarsehair - bob - coarseyaki - kinkycurlyyaki - italianyaki -
keepingupwitbri : Hi, Which texture should I order to best match my 4c hair when blown out? @kinkycurlyyaki
kinkycurlyyaki : @keepingupwitbri 4c blow out is kinky straight
amixedreaction : Lol no prob, I never remember how many underscores there are either...complicated ass name lol
keepingupwitbri : Thank u! @kinkycurlyyaki can I straighten it bone str8? Or is it not recommended
kinkycurlyyaki : @keepingupwitbri honestly, many are meant to be worn in their natural state. You can straighten, but repeated heat use isn't recommended. Bone straight would be light yaki. The in between is coarse yaki. Just keeping it πŸ’―
keepingupwitbri : Lol I appreciate u keeping it a πŸ’―. I'm gonna order the kinky str8
desipooh : This is the hair @mizshellzz
chess_king : Great Photo!
curlii_princess - tevans36 - brownskinshortee - mariachantae -
#tbt to @teki_02 wearing 18" coarse yaki clip ins. 😍😍😍 #coarsehair #clipins #clipinextensions #italianyaki #blowout #straightyaki #weave #blackgirlsrock #kinkycurlyyaki
blackgirlsrock - kinkycurlyyaki - blowout - tbt - clipinextensions - italianyaki - straightyaki - weave - clipins - coarsehair -
kinkycurlyyaki : @_xoxteee this week!
_xoxteee : Yay thank you I just need 16" light yaki lol
ohio_belle : This is what I want @_hairweavekillaaa614
_hairweavekillaaa614 : U want clip ins? @ohio_belle
ohio_belle : No I just that kind of hair @_hairweavekillaaa614
_hairweavekillaaa614 : Lol oh okay yes its cute @ohio_belle
lorawhitticker : @getfitwithmoni
themsfab_ : @kayla_kreyol
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#tbt to @itsannejo " I miss my long curly hair. oh #kinkycurlyyaki you were so good to me!!!" We miss you too!!! #afrokinkycurly #afrokinky #throwbackthursday #protectivestyle #curlyhairdontcare #NaturalHair
kinkycurlyyaki - throwbackthursday - curlyhairdontcare - tbt - afrokinky - naturalhair - afrokinkycurly - protectivestyle -
itsannejo : Yay thanks for the shout out @kinkycurlyyaki !!!
kinkycurlyyaki : @itsannejo no, thank you 😘
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#tbt 2013 I'm rocking 2 bundles of @kinkycurlyyaki kinky curly 14/16 inches. I colored the top half of the hair. for info. #kinkycurlyyaki #protectivestyle #naturalhair
protectivestyle - naturalhair - tbt - kinkycurlyyaki -
lesaelise : Beautiful
julianraddo : Thank you @lesaelise
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