TreBella full unit. Specs: Kinky Curly and Afro Kinky Curly mixed from @kinkycurlyyaki! This is 1.5 bundles of KC and 1 bundle of AKC. 😍😍😍. Questions? Please visit the website at #wig #wigs #wigmaker #wigmaster #trebella #trebellawigs #kinkycurlyyaki #kcy #kinkyhair #curlyhair #fro #afro #love #curls #customwig #customunit #hair #hairstyles #protectivestyles
wig - kinkyhair - love - kinkycurlyyaki - fro - wigmaster - hair - customunit - curlyhair - hairstyles - trebella - kcy - protectivestyles - trebellawigs - afro - curls - customwig - wigmaker - wigs -
iamultrakim : I love!
mizzezlola : I want! @nic_121
danigrl01 : Omg!!!😍😍😍
_0_elizabeth_0_ : @dalia_la_diabla I WANT πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’œ
dalia_la_diabla : @_0_elizabeth_0_ awww ur lucky u can pull off wigs for everyday use cuz ur hairs short
_0_elizabeth_0_ : @dalia_la_diabla We have to plan a date out so I can wear one of mine...maybe you too lol
dalia_la_diabla : @_0_elizabeth_0_ alrighty sounds goodπŸ‘
_0_elizabeth_0_ : @dalia_la_diabla YAYπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
healthierhairgrowth - beautywithnic - danigrl01 - ericadenise1922 -
@crazysexiicool_26 shared this picture of blown out Coarse Yaki 14/16. She let us know she loves the hair! She has dyed it plum, worn it in a u part and also cut it into a bob! It's still looking fab lady - 😜 Nicky #kinkycurlyyaki #coarseyaki #bob #upartwig #protectivestyle #blackhairstyles
blackhairstyles - protectivestyle - kinkycurlyyaki - bob - coarseyaki - upartwig -
goldcrushhair : Amazing!
liyah2g - bunniebdb - _bpmufasa - danceismycrack -
@trebellawigs shared this "long hair don't care" wig made with light yaki 20/22/26 ... love the look πŸ˜— - Nicky #lightyaki #kinkycurlyyaki #wigs #wig #protevtivestyle
wig - protevtivestyle - lightyaki - kinkycurlyyaki - wigs -
4seasonaccessories : looks really nice..
super_bitter23 : How much is it
femalehustler36 : @dsdc4 bomb
dsdc4 : Super @femalehustler36
shes_mostdope : @_short_caakee this is the ig acct I was talking about
nirvananour2 - sarah_vandersluis - lommyerva - justinegarner -
So now that the sale is over we figured we'd give you a few days to recover, well who are we kidding we needed to 😝... but weeeereeee baaaaaack! @iamrosoerenee sent in this pick of her Coarse Yaki install 16/18 - she said "I love it .. so soft" - we ❀️ it too! - Nicky #kinkycurlyyaki #coarseyaki #italianyaki #weave #protevtivestyle
protevtivestyle - coarseyaki - italianyaki - weave - kinkycurlyyaki -
i_doothings : @swansiri this is the hair I was telling you about. I'll see you this morning...
nellysparadise : @mlbryant28 this is the other extensions site that has textured extensions
hunnibinnuh : @ayeejuju pretty
ayeejuju : Very. @hunnibinnuh
iamrosierenee : I had it in a ponytail and got my first is that your real hair...i dont think im taking it out lol
naturalchic89 : Please please hurry up and restock!!
ladyt777 - sylvieherfoss - justinegarner - gemagurl305 -
#tbt kinky curly 14/16/18 with closure from my lil sista from another mother @dafrastar #kinkycurly #kinkycurls #kinkycurlyyaki #naturalhair #curly
kinkycurls - naturalhair - kinkycurlyyaki - curly - kinkycurly - tbt -
dafrastar : @kinkycurlyyaki yasss I still have this hair and it's still fiyah. Time to re-install soon! πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ
_trapl0rd - __dopedollazz__ - amor_tanzania - bebeccae -
#tbt coarse yaki 18/20/22 dyed purple by @africancreature #coarseyaki #kinkycurlyyaki #naturalhair #purplehair #yaki #weave
yaki - naturalhair - kinkycurlyyaki - coarseyaki - purplehair - tbt - weave -
tiffytaffyy : In love with this
mrskendra2u : @just_jazi
mimiakab - kourt722 - blackberry8121 - mrsfogg08 -
#tbt afro kinky curly 12 & 14" sewn on a wig. #afrokinkycurly #kinkycurlyyaki #kinkycurly #kinkycurls #naturalhair #afro
kinkycurls - naturalhair - kinkycurlyyaki - afrokinkycurly - kinkycurly - afro - tbt -
gopanda27 : I need this!!!!! Tell me more!
tenacious_deee : @watchaseyi
ruthlessly_pretty : @evolvingbeauty I love kinky curly & kinky straight
immissmaya - aliengirldre - titiintrigue - _toyamon -
Light yaki hair by @kinkycurlyyaki . If you want textured hair go to them. (No i didnt get paid to say that lol)
kinkycurlyyaki -
fresh_uh : Thanks again, love!
konceitedkreations : #Kinkycurlyyaki
bunksahgal - sparrow_pop - josiecoiffure - spoiledrottenmd -
Hey you πŸ‘‰, yes you! Because lives are busy and newsfeeds are full we just want to make sure everybody has a chance to see info about our sale!!! See our sexy fine print posted last week... Sale starting tomorrow at noon sharp so get those clicking, typing and ordering fingers ready πŸ™Œ... Enjoy the weekend AND the sale‼️‼️ - Nicky #kinkycurlyyaki #weave #protectivestyles #protectivestyle #italianyaki #kinkycurly #coarseyaki #afrokinkycurly #weavesale
coarseyaki - protectivestyle - kinkycurlyyaki - weavesale - italianyaki - weave - afrokinkycurly - kinkycurly - protectivestyles -
natural_beauty_214 : You're website says the BACK2SCHOOLl4 discount code is invalid @kinkycurlyyaki :(
natural_beauty_214 : Nevermind, the 1 on your website looks like the letter l. Lol @kinkycurlyyaki
kinkycurlyyaki : @usayjai please email us - Nicky
usayjai : Ok I just replied back
princess_kiki_that_fresh_g : Just placed my order! I am too excited! I can't wait to review my light yaki!!
quackquack85 : @kinkycurlyyaki how long is the sale for. A sistah is waiting on that Friday pay day to come. Please let the sa lk e run thru friday @ least
ethiopian_bombshell : It's says it's invalid, why?
kinkycurlyyaki : @ethiopian_bombshell because the sale ended sunday
justcallmekesh - iamultrakim - _10thamendment - _toyamon -
😍 #weave #extensions #kinkycurlyyaki #hairbysusy
extensions - hairbysusy - kinkycurlyyaki - weave -
i_am_regal756 : @ashl3y_cee
mekodanielle : @kamraaaay
scoobiethatdoo - nattkingcole_ - bilondak - love_jamani -
Working #hairbysusy #weave #extensions #nycstylists #nychairstylists #kinkycurlyyaki
nycstylists - extensions - kinkycurlyyaki - weave - nychairstylists - hairbysusy - : @graciecakes82
_branae - mercytoocute - tiffany5000 - ebony_kenney -
Partial Weave installation using 2 bundles of @kinkycurlyyaki kinky curly hair. #kinkycurlyyaki #hairbysusy @hairbysusy
kinkycurlyyaki - hairbysusy -
lustfullisha : Help me. Nigga! πŸ˜‚ @kaywesttt
_neetzie : @sha_niie @kichykich @xosamiiee
napturalbeauty007 : @mahone9286 yaaassss hunty!!!
imstillgrowing : @gorgeousandeducated
stymixle : @bcusilovehill super cute
lovealittlee : @rahquisebow I think I might get a sew in like this, what you think?
rahquisebow : yes this lit @lovealittlee
kareemagram : Hello! My name is kareema, I was wondering how much do you charge for this crochet hair style? And where are you in NYC?
britbreeze - rahquisebow - _hurricanekatrina - colors_of_beauty -
TreBella closure unit. Specs: Kinky Curly Yaki's light yaki in 20/22/26 inch. I didn't even know @kinkycurlyyaki went all the way up to 26inch πŸ‘πŸ‘!! I couldn't even fit all the length in the frame lol. Questions? Please visit the website at #wig #wigs #wigmaker #wigmaster #trebella #trebellawigs #kcy #kinkycurlyyaki #yaki #lightyaki #longhair #fallhairstyles #protectivestyles #customwig #customunit #closureunit #love
wig - love - kinkycurlyyaki - customwig - wigmaster - customunit - closureunit - trebella - lightyaki - kcy - protectivestyles - trebellawigs - yaki - fallhairstyles - wigmaker - longhair - wigs -
danikurlz : Love this light yaki
im_martyhoward : @shereign
kinkycurlyyaki : Flawless, as always - 😍 Nicky
millsamnachihangujovine : I need this but I dnt knw how I get t
trebellawigs : @millsamnachihangujovine prices and procedures are available on our website.
happinesskitali20 - _0_elizabeth_0_ - tashcellm - jojo_davenport_ -
Today's #tbt Throwback Thursday love goes to @jamaica_brown for her flawless light yaki install - 😘Nicky #lightyaki #kinkycurlyyaki #weave #blackhairstyles #flawless
blackhairstyles - flawless - kinkycurlyyaki - lightyaki - tbt - weave -
thetealadyy : Hair is flawless and she is gorgeous! 😍
jgrace08 : I REALLY wish you all made wigsπŸ˜’
kinkycurlyyaki : @jgrace08 you can always check Trebella and buy our hair to have it made! - Nicky
jas_mine_101 : @sparklebdat this is the hair I want so bad!!
brownskin_beauty___ : You like this hair ??? Check out the website @dipped_n_chocolate2012
fresh_uh : I'm experiencing stiffness with the light yaki texture and this is my first install with this hair. How do I fix this?
kinkycurlyyaki : @fresh_uh can you email and give us more details!? thanks - Nicky
princess_kiki_that_fresh_g - fauhxyfeaux - queendelicia - mygreatestattribute -
Ms. @lolalewinski wanted to share her love for her Kinky Straight hair. She's wearing a closure 14, 16, 18 and 18. She said: "This hair is EVERYTHING ... will be purchasing more during the sale" .. we agree with the everything comment πŸ˜‹ - Nicky #weave #weavesale #blackhairstyles #kinkycurlyyaki #kinkystraight
blackhairstyles - kinkycurlyyaki - kinkystraight - weavesale - weave -
samsisa : I was trying to find out about an order... Can I use the email from the site?
kinkycurlyyaki : @samsisa
beebz_9.0 : Is this texture better for 4c hair than the kinky course?
daughterofkemet : I emailed you about a missing order. Can you please respond to me. Imani Scully. @kinkycurlyyaki
kinkycurlyyaki : @daughterofkemet Hi Imani! We've already replied to, can you please check your junk mail!? - Nicky
daughterofkemet : Thank you. I replied back. @kinkycurlyyaki
moeonthego - bcwhitsaidso - jujusamm - mariosfashion94 -
@only1ashleyb wanted to display her Coarse Yaki that she has been sporting since the last sale. I believe it's 2 bundles of 12" πŸ‘€... it's looking like a Coarse Yaki summer y'all β˜€οΈ - Nicky #kinkycurlyyaki #weave #weavesale #italianyaki #coarseyaki #blackhairstyles
blackhairstyles - weave - kinkycurlyyaki - weavesale - coarseyaki - italianyaki -
only1ashleyb : @kinkycurlyyaki thanx for the love
only1ashleyb : @shakeyb_ @misslafayette13
kinkycurlyyaki : @only1ashleyb 😘
kogi_hausa_babe : My hair is natural do I need a closure with the coarse yaki @kinkycurlyyaki
kinkycurlyyaki : @kogi_hausa_babe if you are planning to flat iron your hair, no, if not I would highly suggest one unless your hair is naturally straight - Nicky
mirrielisaprince : I would like to order course Yaki 14',16, and 18'inch, and Kinky straight. How much do you sell each?
kinkycurlyyaki : @mirrielisaprince all pricing can be found on if its not listed, then its out of stock.
sylvieherfoss - leia5678s - valoreep315 - misslafayette13 -
Just in time to give you ideas for what to buy during the sale 😝, @mar_love wanted to show off her Coarse Yaki 14/16/18 wanded to perfection! 😍 - Nicky #kinkycurlyyaki #italianyaki #coarseyaki #weave #weavesale #protectivestyle #blackhairstyles
blackhairstyles - weave - protectivestyle - kinkycurlyyaki - weavesale - coarseyaki - italianyaki -
belleandchic1 : Love this!!!!
flizzers - habibatj - erika8091124 - caramel_chicka50 -
by @glambabymakeupartistry "Twisted fro flexin #kinkycurly #kinkycoils #kinkycurlyyaki #xpressyourkinks #naturalhair #noheatcurls #twistout #afro #frokinkshair @xpressyourkinks" via @PhotoRepost_app
noheatcurls - kinkycurlyyaki - afro - xpressyourkinks - twistout - naturalhair - frokinkshair - kinkycurly - kinkycoils -
tricey_realbeauty : @retroluv
couponsaremycash : @xpressyourkinks love these twists :-)))
xpressyourkinks : @couponsaremycash πŸ˜‰
brownsug1108 : Omg I want this!!
theangelic1_ - mybellajess - nappyheadedbeau - simoneforgionedmv -
Twisted fro flexin #kinkycurly #kinkycoils #kinkycurlyyaki #xpressyourkinks #naturalhair #noheatcurls #twistout #afro #frokinkshair @xpressyourkinks
noheatcurls - kinkycurlyyaki - afro - xpressyourkinks - twistout - naturalhair - frokinkshair - kinkycurly - kinkycoils - protectivestyles -
glambabymakeupartistry : #protectivestyles
glambabymakeupartistry : @visualimagebeauty thanks
sweetie1973 : Loving your hair Tiff..
xpressyourkinks : πŸ˜‰
queenpreneur : That necklace....beautiful art.
only1letha : Love it ! !!!! Hope alls well!! πŸ˜πŸ‘@glambabymakeupartistry
robertoacoff : Just absolutely Beautiful
glambabymakeupartistry : Thanks everybody
1que1u - msmcafee1980 - foo_mir - exoticpoison06 -
so.... did you know about this!? πŸ‘†πŸ‘†... tag a friend, heck tag two friends ‼️‼️Sharing is caring so spread the word!!!! Next sale won't be until Cyber Monday so get ready.... - Nicky (oh and ps. read all the sexy fine print from our post last week) 😬 #sale #weave #kinkycurlyyaki #hairsale #weavesale #kinkycurly #italianyaki
italianyaki - kinkycurly - kinkycurlyyaki - weavesale - weave - sale - hairsale -
karbar : Tried to purchase but it said the code was invalid
karbar : Oh wait it doesn't start until the 16th @kinkycurlyyaki ? So it's a flash sale type of thing. I'll be prepared
fresh_uh : Just received my package of light yaki, so excited! Question - can the hair handle chlorine like from swimming pools?
kinkycurlyyaki : @mzangel888 sale doesn't start til Sat. Not a flash sale if we announce 2 weeks in advance @karbar πŸ˜‰πŸ˜œπŸ˜Š
kinkycurlyyaki : @fresh_uh i don't have 1st hand experience with chlorine so i cant say. Im going to err on the side of caution and say no. If anything bring a cheap conditioner like dove or pantene with you.
tonya_therunner : Awesome!! Can't wait!
chasonjohn : @kennedyvik
naturallynaturalhairvegan : 2 more dayssss
_ruedee - briannajenae - ynwait - sadeatoyebi -
Client has #KinkyCurlyYaki hair installed. Partial Sew-in. Whee call this the pumpkin braid pattern πŸŽƒ, it's thee quickest pattern, yet thee flattest! Tracks close together, Whee don't have huge gaps 🚫between tracks, that's how the style looks thin and not full. Basic method of loop and knot demonstrates as well. Take a look for all beginners. πŸ‘€πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘† #WheeStyle #WheeDoThis #WheeCrownedHerMane
wheecrownedhermane - kinkycurlyyaki - wheedothis - wheestyle -
mrsteetee : Absolutely Gorgeous.. Whee is phenomenalπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
kinkycurlyyaki : @wheestyle is this kinky curly!? what lengths - Nicky
wheestyle : @kinkycurlyyaki Nicky yes it is
wheestyle : @kinkycurlyyaki Nicky I apologize its actually jerry curl
wheestyle - callme_freddie - _belladonnax - xoxo_nell_xoxo -
Since it's Friday we'll leave you with one more πŸ‘ ... @anjatee wanted to show everyone how much she loves her coarse yaki. She's wearing 2 14" bundles.. - Nicky #coarseyaki #kinkycurlyyaki #italianyaki #protectivestyle #blackhairstyles
blackhairstyles - protectivestyle - coarseyaki - kinkycurlyyaki - italianyaki -
shar_epione : I think the wrong person is tagged lol
kinkycurlyyaki : you are right! - oops.... @anjatee2014
artistrybyaishaebony : That's the install I did lol my cousin ❀️
kinkycurlyyaki : @artistrybyaishaebony πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™Œ
trebellawigs : Beautiful!
mocha_soul - aphrodelic - beautyofredemption - envechele -
@konceitedkreations tagged us in the vixen see in done with 16" Coarse Yaki... πŸ‘€ uhh what weave though!? 😳 ... looking so natural! #kinkycurlyyaki #coarseyaki #protectivestyle #blackhairstyles #weave #vixensewin #italianyaki
blackhairstyles - protectivestyle - kinkycurlyyaki - weave - vixensewin - coarseyaki - italianyaki -
_ellec : Wow!!!πŸ‘πŸ‘
konceitedkreations : Thanksfor the feature
classy_lour_lourde : @classic_lilli
kinkycurlyyaki : @konceitedkreations 😘 - Nicky
angieone93 : @so_brunette_
kaywl : Was this one or two bundles?
iamlekeya : @spokenwritten
brispence7 - shezzie93 - fakefancy_ - theblackhairguru -
so we've been thinking its time for light Yaki to get some shine. I guess great minds think alike as @mrsbree__ sent us this lovely pic of her wearing 2 bundles of light yaki 14/16 cut into a bob! 😘 Looking ready for the weekend - Nicky #kinkycurlyyaki #lightyaki #weave #protectivestyle #blackhairstyles
blackhairstyles - protectivestyle - lightyaki - kinkycurlyyaki - weave -
stillchannybaby : @mrsbree___
kamshter - miss__esquire - cest_moi_nicole - dollbaby8080 -
Please read this: πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ - As always here is the Sexy Fine Print... Due to the volume of orders, we will be allowing backorders on all textures and lengths. If your length/texture is out of stock, it will say BACK ORDER and will list the week we expect it to be back in stock. πŸ‘€ Therefore, processing will be extended for up to 14 days after the sale. We cannot make promises as to exactly when you will receive your order. πŸ˜‘ Please DO NOT book any hair appointments BEFORE receiving your order. Please read and ask all questions first! ‼️‼️No, you cannot combine discounts. No, you cannot use this on a previous order. We cannot give an exact date your order will ship but as always, we aim to ship within reasonable timeframes.For FAQ's, shipping info, hair details and more please visit the site at - phew that's it for now πŸ˜’ - Nicky #kinkycurlyyaki #sale #backtoschool #backtoschoolsale #weave #blackhairstyle #kinkycurly #naturalhair #protectivestyles
kinkycurly - kinkycurlyyaki - blackhairstyle - sale - protectivestyles - naturalhair - backtoschool - backtoschoolsale - weave -
friedcaviar : She heard our conversation @capridomini!!
yannaskye : @andiu
yannaskye : @sucha_treasure
esass4lyfe : Quick Q, Which holds curls better your Light Yaki, Corse Yaki, or your Yaki straight?
sucha_treasure : @boujae_
kinkycurlyyaki : @esass4lyfe I would say they all fair the same in that category ... some are just straighter than others - Nicky
beau_1207 : The code isnt working for me
kinkycurlyyaki : @beau_1207 thats because the sale is next weekend. 😊
deneshamccray - beautybynature6 - girlwithkinks - triekong -
Ready for something new!? Press Play 🎦🎦 @dodilcm sent us this video using 2 bundles 14"/18" of Afro Kinky Curly in a Vixen sew in!! How amazing is this!? 😁😁- Nicky #afrokinkycurly #kinkycurlyyaki #kinkycurly #blackhairstyles #weave #vixensewin
blackhairstyles - kinkycurlyyaki - afrokinkycurly - vixensewin - kinkycurly - weave -
candyrainonmeteetee : Oh shit that's good hair I thought it was hers growing out her headπŸ‘ : Hey! You prob don't remember me but I assisted Justin on a shoot a while back and we had briefly met.. I was wondering if you know how to do the vixen sew in on natural hair? @jourloveshair?
lovemesonaturally_ : Giiirrrlllll @cpcakemacchiato @_tai_pei
_tai_pei : @lovemesonaturally_ yessss
jourloveshair : yes I remember you and yes I do offer that service. Email me at if you want to discuss further!
keepingupwithkela : @13jredd @feel_royal
imstillgrowing : @gorgeousandeducated
gorgeousandeducated : I love that @imstillgrowing
naturallebella - - mamooh__ - genicetatted -
@naturallywindy tagged us in this pic of her wearing 2 14" bundles of Afro Kinky Curly dyed red and hot like fire πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯... - Nicky #kinkycurlyyaki #weave #afrokinkycurly #protectivestyles #blackhairstyles #kinkycurly
blackhairstyles - protectivestyles - kinkycurlyyaki - afrokinkycurly - kinkycurly - weave -
kinkycurlyyaki - mrsdavis777 - _last_ofadying_br33d - dandy_bamby -
Well, we hope everyone is well rested after the weekend of "gettin on bad"😝... for the rest of you happy Tuesday. I'm starting to think Coarse Yaki is taking over this summer!! Jessica sent this in, she's wearing 2 bundles 14/18 - looking great lady 😘 - Nicky #kinkycurlyyaki #coarseyaki #weave #protectivestyles #naturalhair
coarseyaki - naturalhair - kinkycurlyyaki - protectivestyles - weave -
kinkycurlyyaki : @love.x.mula sometime this week, keep checking the site πŸ˜‰ - Nicky
_xoxteee : Can the course yaki be strsighten bone straight
kinkycurlyyaki : @_oxteee with Heat, yes - Nicky
iamrosierenee : My course yaki just came yesterday.....omggg this hair is sooooo soft .. can't wait to install
iamrosierenee : *coarse
fallforsummer : And this hair is good and a lot of naturals use it cause the texture blends well and isn't too straight @brownsuga_____
kay_elle_p : @youknowyoulovetina my next hair purchase. I can no longer invest in texture that doesn't match mine.
princess_kiki_that_fresh_g : Her hair is gorgeous! I thought it was light yaki at 1st.
nykk_roxx - minnychinny - erika8091124 - atlantamae -
it's a Coarse Yaki type of day and wearer @bukikere sent us this pic. She said "I'm wearing 3 bundles of 18" coarseyaki, it's been over a year and I love it just as much as I did in the beginning - it feels amazing" Her words, not ours but we agree 😘😜 - Nicky #kinkycurlyyaki #coarseyaki #weave #iloveweave #blackhairstyles #naturalhair #protectivestyles
blackhairstyles - coarseyaki - naturalhair - kinkycurlyyaki - iloveweave - protectivestyles - weave -
mz_sdotcarter : I want it!!!?
yannaskye : She did that
redz322 : @brand_new_nek
brand_new_nek : Nice
bukikekere : Thanks!!!!!
nimtendo_x : @sotipepple
_taraizadoll : @ash4president_ next hair yass! πŸ’
youwouldash_ : @_taraizadoll it looks so natural!!
itsmesweetmaryb - sincerely_tiaa - mibutterflydream - _kingrozayyy -
Not everyone appreciates #tbt so we'll give you one of the best and keep it moving --> our girl @yonni_v is wearing the heck out of this Coarse Yaki! Specs you ask!? πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ 20/22/24 - Laid and curled for the gods!!! - Nicky #throwbackthursday #kinkycurlyyaki #italianyaki #coarseyaki #weave #protectivehairstyles #blackhairstyles
protectivehairstyles - kinkycurlyyaki - throwbackthursday - tbt - blackhairstyles - italianyaki - coarseyaki - weave -
g0ldieel0cks : @billiej08
misshazel16 : @jp_lady_ it is beautiful!!
juzcawmesupawoman : Natural girls looking for natural looking weaves!!! @babygirl_daughterofthe_king @baby_faced_beauty82
baby_faced_beauty82 : I like this a lot @juzcawmesupawoman
babygirl_daughterofthe_king : That's a weave!? @juzcawmesupawoman
juzcawmesupawoman : @babygirl_daughterofthe_king Yup!!! Flawless huh?... Check out the other pics on this page.
babygirl_daughterofthe_king : Yep, k @juzcawmesupawoman
trebellawigs : Omg!!!!
trebellawigs - _godivaa - ashweebee - juzcawmesupawoman -
Natalia emailed us this picture and said: "Blends so well can't even see it Bleached styled while filming a movie I am jn called fit arcade". We think it looks great too! It looks like she's a member of the light yaki fam (not sure exactly what lengths)... πŸ˜‰ - Nicky #weave #kinkycurlyyaki #lightyaki #protectivestyles #iloveweave #blackhairstyles
blackhairstyles - lightyaki - protectivestyles - kinkycurlyyaki - iloveweave - weave -
monbees - hewut - londaty - chillyturner -
@labellebrun tagged us in her pics showing the many ways she has been wearing her Kinkycurlyyaki hair. My guess is she's wearing AKC ... let us know the lengths lady 😘 - Nicky #weave #kinkycurlyyaki #naturalhair #afrokinkycurly #protectivestyles #blackhairstyle
naturalhair - kinkycurlyyaki - afrokinkycurly - blackhairstyle - weave - protectivestyles -
turtle1920 : I wish i couldve caught the last sale πŸ˜”
kinkycurlyyaki : @turtle1920 not to fear! one is coming soon πŸ˜‰ -Nicky
sonnie_rae : @fiercesoul
labellabrun : Akc 14" on the top and kc 16" on the bottom :-)
ashleydfitness : 😍😍😍😍 need this!!!
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@artistrybyaishaebony hooked me UP. Thanks coz, for a flawless do!
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anjatee2014 : #KinkyCurlyYaki #coarseyaki #hair #stylist
artistrybyaishaebony : @kinkycurlyyaki
artistrybyaishaebony : Love it!!!!
ghbarbz : Shiettt
kinkycurlyyaki : @anjatee2014 what lengths are you wearing!? -Nicky
anjatee2014 : Two bundles of the 14".
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