Thanks for the delicious feast @k_i_n_f_o_l_k! It was much enjoyed by @vivieeeeeeenn, @emma_nicholas and myself after getting our butts kicked at @xtendbarremelbourne #refuel #postworkoutpigout #healthy #vegetarian #healthyeats #frands #kinfolkcafe
kinfolkcafe - healthyeats - healthy - vegetarian - frands - refuel - postworkoutpigout -
k_i_n_f_o_l_k : Glad you enjoyed it - awesome spread :)
cat_93 - sophierindfleish - xtendbarremelbourne - jasmnetong -
Rise and grind #tgif | One of my favourite coffee and breakfast hangs #kinfolkcafe
fodmap - coffee - nourish - foodie - fitspo - kinfolkcafe - dairyfree - fitness - sugarfree - latte - raw - melbournecoffee - activeliving - fitmelbourne - cafe - movenourishbelieve - lifegain - socialenterprise - paleo - chocolate - organic - fit - healthy - tgif - iqs - melbourne - the2020cookbookdiet - getfit - runmelbourne -
fitmelbourne : #fitmelbourne #melbourne #paleo #foodie #raw #healthy #fit #fitness #fodmap #dairyfree #sugarfree #iqs #getfit #fitspo #movenourishbelieve #activeliving #nourish #the2020cookbookdiet #lifegain #runmelbourne #organic #chocolate #coffee #latte #melbournecoffee #socialenterprise #cafe
vwvw86 : @fitmelbourne - have a great Friday! #weekend #killingit ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘Š
fitmelbourne : @vwvw86 you too! Hope you've got some killer workouts planned for the weekend!
doc_gastronomia : ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น
mysimpledelights : Woo southern cross! Love kinfolk too!
sophiebarnet - 3121bubble - _shyan__ - paolavelasquez -
Fiiiinally got to @k_i_n_f_o_l_k. You can taste the love and care in this food. This is the roast cabbage (with paprika), quinoa and beetroot salad and topped with dukkah. Have always loved cabbage but this meal was so impressive. And lovely to bump into our friend Mon from @activeats, this place really is a little wellness hub! Also right next door to @tsolaus. #kinfolk #kinfolkcafe #vegetarian #vegan #glutenfree #healthy #nourishing #local #localproduce #mindfuleatung #love #lunch #melbourne
mindfuleatung - kinfolk - love - glutenfree - kinfolkcafe - vegetarian - vegan - melbourne - healthy - nourishing - lunch - localproduce - local -
pandamatcha : Healthy hub indeed! Love @k_i_n_f_o_l_k !!!
bellhartley : @tashh123
k_i_n_f_o_l_k : #communitylove thanks @noi rishmelb
k_i_n_f_o_l_k : @nourishmelb
k_i_n_f_o_l_k : @speak_as_you_eat
misterflopatrick : awesome!!!
holisticfoodie_ : Beeeeautiful! Roasted cabbage is perfection
a_specialday : Beautiful!
marylovecookies - naturalhealthylife - supp_smart - akokob -
Regram from @k_i_n_f_o_l_k from our self proclaimed all stars photoshoot acting so very natural with @summersclaireey #kinfolk #kinfolkcafe
kinfolkcafe - kinfolk - crocs -
alltheperks : Hilar.
andthesundancekid : #crocs
a_specialday : Superb!
jessmajcen - jimmy_h - 3rddegreebyrne - elliped -
Yet another amazing risotto for lunch at #kinfolkcafe yesterday! A fabulous vegan Oreo cupcake and a tasty hot chocolate for dessert ;p #risotto #oreocupcake #cupcake #hotchocolate #cafe #bestcafesinmelbourne #melbournecafes #volunteerwork #happiness #bestcupcakeever
volunteerwork - melbournecafes - bestcupcakeever - risotto - kinfolkcafe - cupcake - oreocupcake - hotchocolate - bestcafesinmelbourne - cafe - happiness - : Wow!
krichelleee - lisamareealy - hayleyandmadison - mariaantonietta__ -
we bring sunshine back to melbourne! #KinfolkCafe #melbourne
kinfolkcafe - melbourne -
iamshien : Did u go through the coffee project list I gave you? @chip8981
kuekshirong : i miss you...... melbourne! haha and you too @chip8981
chip8981 : some but had no time to exhaust all, but must agree that cafes in melb is brilliant @iamshien
chip8981 : i know u only miss melbourne and not me. don't lie @kuekshirong
kuekshirong : i do miss you @chip8981 !
iamshien : Yep. They know coffees better than Sydneysiders, no offence. @chip8981
chip8981 : โ™ฅ you @kuekshirong
wonderlandboutiqueaus : <3 :-)
pngsimphuy - quynhhuongv - iamshien - wennclj -
Morning kick ๐Ÿ˜Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ
kinfolkcafe - soycappucino - melbournecoffee -
phuongnix : #soycappucino #kinfolkcafe #melbournecoffee
tanttrieu : Sah fresh!!!!
mbhwee : I still need to go there!
_thu_thu_ : U r so cute! @phuongnix
fi.magee - eatplayshop - bec_bee - lngie -
What a magical night with #saskiabeer and @emilyrose7 eating several versions/collaborations of the barossa table and #kinfolkcafe. Great way to send off a trooper and honor some of the special people who make life so much better. Big thanks to #saskiabeer for flying down, cooking, mentoring, being an all round inspiration and donating so much exquisite produce along with @maggiebeerfarmshop #wingarrawinegroup and #lanmeilwinery As the community broadens the collaborations get even more exciting #onahightoday
saskiabeer - kinfolkcafe - onahightoday - wingarrawinegroup - lanmeilwinery -
potaejs - samcly - madelineellerm - tiarnzanardo -
#kinfolkcafe #greatpeople #feasts #creativechefs #affogatoicecream Bye Em you are one amazing chef and a very kind individual. I hope only the best for you xx @k_i_n_f_o_l_k and again thank you for our yummy Feast!. #blessed
greatpeople - affogatoicecream - kinfolkcafe - creativechefs - blessed - feasts -
savory_life : Nice plates too!
astephaniejane - torilevet - ginny_em - dsimages -
Kinda miss these kinda settings, hardly find it in Singapore.
lkkben : @deon_deon didn't see you suggesting when I was in KL?
deon_deon : I thought you are here at the middle of July?
lkkben : @deon_deon beginning... U can scroll back my photos and see
deon_deon : Ooppss.. Sorry. ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰
lkkben : @deon_deon ๐Ÿ˜”
deon_deon : Awwwww.. You come again please?
lkkben : @deon_deon pay for my hotel stay?
jason5512 : There is 1 in sg!
klaytonlo - throublemaker - pei_pei_pei_pei - thedentizt -
Coffee!! #mancanmakecoffee #housemate #coffee #wakeup #latestagram #kinfolkcafe #dontmindifido
mancanmakecoffee - latestagram - housemate - dontmindifido - kinfolkcafe - wakeup - coffee -
kazzmills - chrisakl1 - polinachernetskaya - whatsforeats -
I'm pretty embarrassed about this one. But so excited to be back at #kinfolkcafe #melbourne #ootd #lotd #seed #thirdmillenium @antipodium #antipodium #piperlane #art #interior #fashiondiaries #selfie overly happy. I feel like an ugly dork
fashiondiaries - art - kinfolkcafe - piperlane - selfie - antipodium - melbourne - seed - ootd - interior - thirdmillenium - lotd -
the_song : Hahahahaha u r so cute
the_song - bobowhistler - garethgetty -
Post gym goodness! Choc smoothie with a shot of coffee! #nutmilk #avocado #cacao #banana #dates #coffee #sun #bliss #kinfolkcafe @emjverno @kiaralee90 have to bring you here!!
dates - kinfolkcafe - sun - nutmilk - avocado - coffee - bliss - cacao - banana -
kiaralee90 : Kim where is this? I'm jealous what a perfect day for it ๐Ÿ˜˜
kimrobson88 : This is the one I've been wanting to take you both too.. Was lovely say for it!! ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜
kiaralee90 : In mundaring? Ahhh I want to go are they open Sundays?
emjverno : OMG coffee and choc?! Stop it now! YUM! Can we go soon!!?
emjverno : @kiaralee90 @kimrobson88
charnie_inpictures - missandyr - kiaralee90 - natalia_wieclaw -
Kin folks
melbourne - melbournecoffee - kinfolk - kinfolkcafe - melbournevolunteer - inbetweenmelb - volunteer -
maria_mar : #kinfolkcafe #volunteer #melbourne #kinfolk #melbournecoffee #melbournevolunteer #inbetweenmelb
mamma_smiles : @everybodyneedsasmile ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜Š
carpenters_daughter : ๐Ÿ‘
k_i_n_f_o_l_k - hugobeniada - agiasidi - mamma_smiles -
"Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast." Wizardry by @summersclaireey #kinfolkcafe #kinfolk @speak_as_you_eat
kinfolkcafe - kinfolk -
lizzydaphne : @k_i_n_f_o_l_k
jamtai : You beauties
carpenters_daughter : ๐Ÿ‘
charmainencx - darrengraphy - samuel.u - ziiarch -
#speakasyoueat chapter 4 has begun @speak_as_you_eat #sustainability #kinfolkcafe
kinfolkcafe - sustainability - speakasyoueat -
emeraldcowell - arikardashhh - nathanielprice - -
A mini hocho at my favourite cafe, #kinfolkcafe ! Love volunteering for you guys! :) #minihocho #hotchoc
kinfolkcafe - hotchoc - minihocho -
truong_monster - nice_n_spiffy - rebeccaaa_cookieee - mariaantonietta__ -
"How much is that half-soup-and-half-salad combo in the window?" You might ask. $12.50 is the answer! Perfect size portion IMO!
salad - soup - kinfolkcafe - instagood - instafood - lunch - secretbloggersbusiness - ilove - cafe -
busichic : #kinfolkcafe #cafe #ilove #instafood #instagood #lunch #soup #salad #secretbloggersbusiness
onefineprint : Yum!
ballettonet : We love that cafe ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
thedailyrunway : Soup is the best in this weather!
pottymouthmama : Yum!!
morgan_ryan_ - nikkistamp - polarwarp - rositadma85 -
Fuel, to get me through my last two exams today - finally!
kinfolkcafe - coffee - vsco -
ivyyyyo : @k_i_n_f_o_l_k #kinfolkcafe #coffee #vsco
nataliechea - keepbeauty_ - myzmhmed - julieetran_ -
Finally getting to try out #kinfolkcafe in Melbourne ๐Ÿ‘Œ A coffee shop set up as a social enterprise to change the world for the better
coffee - igmel - igersmelbourne - kinfolkcafe - instagood - melbourne - australia - picoftheday - igmelbourne - photooftheday -
nolim1t : #igersmelbourne #igmelbourne #australia #igmel #melbourne #instagood #coffee #photooftheday #picoftheday
1onger_ : amazing! @terra_chii
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Warm people and coffee is just what you need when the weather is getting cold #kinfolkcafe #weathershelter #coffee #dailycoffee #coffeeart #travel #putasmileonmyface #melbourne #melbournecity #aussieland #australia
melbournecity - coffee - australia - putasmileonmyface - kinfolkcafe - travel - dailycoffee - coffeeart - melbourne - keepmewarm - weathershelter - travelgram - aussieland -
meltingclock : Fk that looks good
valeriechongyl : #travelgram #keepmewarm
residualgang : :)
tolstoi_und_chekhov - evangeline_eve - celchin - ggretchko -
Both of the incredible social enterprises I work with in today's Age. #streat #kinfolkcafe
kinfolkcafe - streat -
pauliebee79 : Good coffe, great service!
emeraldcowell - pauliebee79 - jonesjay - jessyeelizabeth -
My first time visiting #kinfolkcafe on Burke street. This #vegan special was amazing. Paprika roasted cabbage, freekah salad and apple purรฉe ๐Ÿ
kinfolkcafe - vegan -
welcometotheharvest : I'm wishing i had visited sooner, it's so delicious @otisandotto !!
sarzparella : ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š
memtree : Oh meg, isn't it amazingly delicious there? xx
memtree : Love @k_i_n_f_o_l_k
feesfoodandfinds : Wow, sounds yum! Paprika is the bomb :-)
welcometotheharvest : It's so good! Can't wait to try their breakfast menu! @memtree
memtree : Highly recommended meg! ๐Ÿ‘Œ
k_i_n_f_o_l_k : Look forward to cooking you breakfast @welcometotheharvest
jesseats_ - shelleypantonstore - thecommongoodstore - georgiagold -
I seriously have too much excitement going on at the moment but I just had to pop in and quickly tell you that tickets are selling quick, quick, quick to my @k_i_n_f_o_l_k fundraiser on Aug 13. Hop on over toย todayย to buy your ticket and join Melbourneโ€™s kindest business owners at an event to remember! xx
networking - entrepreneur - kinfolkcafe - melbourne - fundraiser - businessowners - events - charity -
theeventhead : #fundraiser #charity #networking #kinfolkcafe #melbourne #entrepreneur #businessowners #events
dwhevents : Can't wait! xx
theeventhead : Yay @donkeywheelhouseevents! Xx
dwhevents - bancroft94 - printingbydemand - miss_kms -
Take me back please! ๐Ÿ˜ GF oat banana bread pancake stack, with vanilla mascarpone, sliced nahnah, and crushed walnut. My absolute new favourite local, Kinfolk organic cafe & wholefoods in Mundaring. It's inside Mundaring Wellness Centre. I've been here 3 times this week!!
nutrition - breakfastideas - organic - babyfriendly - specialspace - kinfolkcafe - perthfitfam - tasty - retreat - wholefoods - gardencafe - mundaringwellness -
ateaspoonhalffull : #wholefoods #kinfolkcafe #mundaringwellness #nutrition #breakfastideas #organic #gardencafe #retreat #specialspace #babyfriendly #tasty #perthfitfam
ibizaphotographer : That looks amazing
rhianpatricia : They look so yummy, check out my batch I made this morning :)
annikacartatouille - xstrongx - lenapi - kutoabars -
This is why people don't normally let me write on chalk boards, but the average quality is somewhat appropriate for the quote at @k_i_n_f_o_l_k #kinfolkcafe
kinfolkcafe -
bgeerz : "Would I rather be feared or loved? Both. I would want people to fear how much they loved me." - Michael Scott
k_i_n_f_o_l_k - annnahickey - voteforpeteo - laura_t11 -
#secondbreakfast #kinfolkcafe
secondbreakfast - kinfolkcafe -
relleperuma - jay01may - t_j_m_spence - kemalatlay -
This has got to be one of the coolest cafรฉs in Melbourne! Cafe run with 100% of profits going to charity, wow! Kinfolk, you do such an incredible job! ๐Ÿ‘ it's been too long since my last visit, but today you just blew me away again with your awesomeness!
melbourne - vsco - kinfolkcafe - tgif - vscocam - changingtheworld - melbournecafe -
ilana_mcmorran : #vscocam #vsco #melbourne #kinfolkcafe #melbournecafe #tgif #changingtheworld
lottielussekatt : Oh memories! I just to hang around there last year every day! Missing it so much
k_i_n_f_o_l_k : Ohhh thanks @ilana_mcmorran
rebekahclaire_ - colacoconut - moontoucher - lucabattles -
#100happydays #day99 today I am so happy because #kinfolkcafe makes risotto that is so nice! And very filling! I want to eat it all but I just can't fit it all in! I love volunteering here, it just brightens my day. I'm about to head off to Cubbies to have some fun with some kiddies who just have so much energy it's crazy! I'll definitely get in some cardio today!! :)
100happydays - kinfolkcafe - day99 -
nice_n_spiffy - ashleylplatt - rebeccaaa_cookieee - missbeanx -
These amazing paper shapes found #kinfolkcafe #100happydays
kinfolkcafe - 100happydays -
k_i_n_f_o_l_k - kelseypung - thehealthpress -
#lunch #fresh #kale #braisedbeefcheeks #instafood #cornveloute #hungry #healthyeating #kinfolkcafe
kale - braisedbeefcheeks - hungry - instafood - lunch - kinfolkcafe - fresh - cornveloute - healthyeating -
healthylivingaus : ๐Ÿ‘Œ
lucybittar - laughnlean - milibilli - healthylivingaus -
SUSTAINABILITY: Non-profit Cafรฉs- why have we never known about these? #KinfolkCafe is a non profit, volunteer staffed, great place with yummy vegan options. All the profits go to different causes that are decided by a coffee bean vote that customers participate in! How fun! There needs to be more of these!!! We made the mistake however of drinking our first espresso in about 3 months! Wow, intense! Life without coffee is actually great and our bodies sure appreciate it. All cafรฉs should be not for profit and go to great causes, we would sure feel better about spending money on a coffee that no one really needs! #nonprofitcafe #cafe #vegan #vegancafe #fun #sustainability #happy #espresso #melbourne #kinfolkcafe #donkeywheelhouse
kinfolkcafe - nonprofitcafe - donkeywheelhouse - espresso - vegan - melbourne - sustainability - vegancafe - fun - cafe - happy -
k_i_n_f_o_l_k : Thanks for the lovely words @2healthyfitvegans
2healthyfitvegans - thedailyrunway - sallykrix - healthybakesquinoacakes -
Yummy avo smash with @tarynma and @jpkendall85 and Taylor at @thekcafe. #kinfolkcafe #mundaring #perthhills #tarena #organic #vegetarian #glutenfree @breakfastinperth
mundaring - organic - glutenfree - kinfolkcafe - perthhills - vegetarian - tarena -
itsjessssssssssssss - tarynma - kriscohampers333 - lamavorganic -
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