An excerpt from Lucy's #Vegan Themed #ChildrensBook, highlighting fairness across apparent differences in how beings may appear on the outside. #ASpookyHalloweenAdventureintheJungle Themes: #Equality #Peace #Equilibrium #NotJudgingABookByItsCover #VeganFamilies #VeganMovement #VeganBooksForChildren #VeganBookForFamilies #AnimalRights #HealthAwareness #HealthPromotion This book is available on a variety of modes from a variety of online shops including: #AmazonBookStore for #Kindle #KindleforiPhone and #BookCountry Book Store for #EPub #Mobi and #PDF
veganmovement - healthawareness - notjudgingabookbyitscover - vegan - veganbooksforchildren - kindleforiphone - pdf - epub - amazonbookstore - mobi - equality - veganfamilies - peace - veganbookforfamilies - childrensbook - bookcountry - aspookyhalloweenadventureinthejungle - kindle - healthpromotion - animalrights - equilibrium -
effiesunshine : My daughter was raised vegan she is appalled people hurt and eat animals 😒
veganvixen1cosmosqueen : πŸ’š
veganvixen1cosmosqueen : These are the children who will strongly lead the way forward with all of this. They will stand strong in their core and cause further revolution and fairness for all beings *will ensue. 😊
veganvixen1cosmosqueen - world.changers - cleanfoodieguide -
Late night reading πŸ“š#KindleForIphone #SoClutch #ReadyForWhateversNext #hairbyknani #BeyondTheCombs
readyforwhateversnext - kindleforiphone - soclutch - beyondthecombs - hairbyknani -
rhondaoneal913 : You can go to #beyondthecombs:a celebrity hairstylist's guide to success @1stylez it will help take you to the next level!
hair_by_knani : I love it! @rhondaoneal913
hair_by_knani : Yes πŸ‘† @a1stylez
rhondaoneal913 : Thank you @hair_by_knani
a1stylez : @rhondaoneal913 thank youuuuuu
rhondaoneal913 : @a1stylez were you able to find it
a1stylez : @rhondaoneal913 yes hun u did
rhondaoneal913 : Great @a1stylez I hope it's a good read for you!
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#nowReading #KindleForIphone #ebooks #ModernBuddhism #GesheKelsangGyatso #books #knowledge#Buddhism#mindfulness ----- ok, so I'm super late on this , but finally realizing / taking advantage of the fact that #Amazon had tons of free books for Kindle, ones actually WORTH #reading ! Kudos to them once again . πŸ™loving it so far βœŒοΈπŸ’šπŸŒ±πŸŒΏπŸ“šπŸ“–πŸ“•πŸ“—πŸ“˜πŸ“™
modernbuddhism - mindfulness - geshekelsanggyatso - amazon - nowreading - buddhism - books - kindleforiphone - reading - knowledge - ebooks -
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A lil Sunday reading me time!!πŸ“–πŸŒž #kindleforiphone #jeffersonbethke
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lizzieram27 - lelonyrayos - cynthia_15ramirez - nsg1507 -
So I'm trying to read this book I got for free on amazon. It's got a haunted theater with a vampire owner who also murdered his abusive uncle who he lived with because his mom tragically died. That all a little much don't you think? Every possible topic for a mystery book I've ever heard crammed l into one. #hauntedlove #ghost #vampire #kindle #kindleforiphone #book #mystery
ghost - mystery - book - kindleforiphone - kindle - hauntedlove - vampire -
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Still up...late night reading it is then. At least it's a good one. #kindleforiphone #lifesaver #platform #goodread
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In early 2011 I was browsing Amazon Kindle's "romance" genre and came across the Jolie Wilkins series written by this lovely author #HPMallory. This series came to be one of my all time favorite and led me to another written by her as well, the Dulcie O'Niel series... Also witty and consuming! H.P Mallory has many other books, and I have read most but these two series remain dear to my paranormal and romantic heart! πŸ’œ check her out on #amazon #kindle #kindleforiphone #kindleforandroid or go buy her books the old fashioned way. You won't be disappointed !
vampires - hpmallory - dulcieoneil - paranormal - joliewilkins - romance - amazon - books - kindleforiphone - kindleforandroid - witches - kindle -
theladyliterature : #vampires #witches #books #paranormal #romance #joliewilkins #dulcieoneil #hpmallory
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#thefaultinourstars #kindleforiphone
thefaultinourstars - kindleforiphone -
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Ready to feed my Spirit ( inside) with this new book πŸ˜€ so i can become the woman God wants me to be #dustycrowns #leoseason #challengeyourseft #Godmadeyourwayinme #kindleforiphone #heatherlindsey #lovemesomeofjuly
heatherlindsey - kindleforiphone - challengeyourseft - lovemesomeofjuly - dustycrowns - godmadeyourwayinme - leoseason -
elikiaf : @miss_masodi tu l'a acheté ???
ticiia_mas : Oui sur amazon il coûte 9.99 mais c'est juste la version électronique .. Tu peux même avoir l'extrait sur ton iPhone @elikiaf
elikiaf : @miss_masodi merci ma belle je vais voir ça live πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜
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Bad thing about being back from vacation: all I want to do is finish my book but I'm way too tired to do so #booknerd #kindleforiphone #illsleepwhenimdead #backtoreality #ineedavacationagain
illsleepwhenimdead - ineedavacationagain - kindleforiphone - booknerd - backtoreality -
fuccimama22 : What r u reading! I just finished the first divergent! U need to read my friends book...under the never sky by Veronica Rossi
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Reading this book again for perhaps the millionth time...πŸ˜πŸ“– #reading #boredinwork #kindle #kindleforiphone #iheartnewyork #lindseykelk #goodbook
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Here goes nothin...#illprobablycry #kindleforiphone πŸ“˜πŸ“™πŸ“—πŸ“•
illprobablycry - kindleforiphone -
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Currently reading #TheFaultinOurStars on #KindleforiPhone πŸ’“
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cityofweasley - oceansprayy001 - thehunteronfire - _imlost -
This is about to happen! #kindleforiphone #thefaultinourstars
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ruthannechelsea : It's perfect! @kelseybecraft
kelseybecraft : That's what I've heard, I'm almost halfway done! @ruthannechelsea
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Day 24. For the last week, I have been addicted to the Kindle for iPhone app, reading the first fiction in possibly 5 years. Before uni, I was a dedicated before-bedtime reader, but then I turned to TV whenever I had free time and forgot about reading. One of my patients told me about her kindle recently, so I thought I'd give the free app a go and choose a free ebook and I have been hooked till the end. I have always thought that reading has more value over TV and it has got me thinking about maybe investing a cheap kindle for my overseas trip later in the year. Until I decide whether or not I have the money, I will stick to the free app. Now to find another book to enjoy! #100happydays #kindleforiphone #kindle #booksrule #lettheimaginationrunwild
100happydays - kindle - kindleforiphone - booksrule - lettheimaginationrunwild -
lil_miss_tangy : Any recommendations?
genevieve_ip : Atm I'm just reading soppy contemporary romances haha. Whatever has a good review score on amazon
gigi_komorebi23 : I thought u didn't read @lil_miss_tangy? Lol. I'm reading the mistborn trilogy. But fantasy is probably not your thing. Should try game of thrones.
thebestbooksever_ - lil_miss_tangy - nick_milligan -
• day twenty-two | viva variety • Having so many different books to read on my phone *always* makes me #happy! #100happydays #aviary #books #ebooks #iphone #kindle #kindleforiphone
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catherinejameswrites : #kimberlypchase #carolyncrane #caitlingreer #melanieharlow #meganhart #kellykeaton #murlafferty #heathermassey #rainbowrowell #elisestokes #felicityyoung
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#GM ⛅️ the Kindle Edition of my book of poetry titled 'Mind Drift' is available on #Amazon if you would like to read; let me know what you think but do keep in my mind that I'm an artist and I'm sensitive about my $h*t lol ( print version should be up tomorrow, I'll keep you updated) #kindleforiphone #kindlefire
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treeceelee : Yeah after sitting with it for years lol @petitelilmiss thanks @datnikka305
can_do_333 : Wow u go girl ! Singer author what next ?
treeceelee : Lol yeah right! @a_007_Kim thank you though! Lol
mskd2u : πŸ‘Œ
shantalovenlife : 😍Congratulations very proud of you I have to order it πŸ™ŒπŸ™.😘
treeceelee : Thank you let me know what you think πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰ @shantalovenlife lol @mskd2u thanks!
msmanassa : That's FAB... I'll be getting a copy... you ROCK!!!...
treeceelee : Thank you lol @msmanassa
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nikida_bellezza Sidechick Blues By Nikida Bellezza is NOW ON SALE FOR ONLY $.99 That's right, this Weekend ONLY GET your Copy of this Fictional Tale of the life of a young woman lost in love... The story of Angel Powers, a young native Washingtonian, who lives to please the dangerously handsome, and very manipulative Marcus. The problem is, Marcus happens to be a married man, and unbeknownst to Angel, has a net worth that puts him above the laws of the land. Angel allows her lust for Marcus to cloud her judgement as she naively walks into a trap that he set for her long before she even knew he existed. Yet it's not so much the trap that's got her fucked up, but the reason behind it that will change her life forever! Make today/tonight a chillout kinda night. Grab your #kindle or your phone using your #kindleforandroid #kindleforiphone and #download your $.99 copy of Sidechick Blues by Nikida Bellezza TODAY!!!!! #Book #BookSale #Amazondotcom #getyourcopy #findyourchill #chillout #read #entertainment #fiction #drama #love #power #ninetyninecents #BlowoutSale #eightypercentoff #weekendsale #letsread #letschill
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nikida_bellezza : #sidechick #sidechicksbelike #sidechicks
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Got this #free for #kindleforiphone from @davidccook (thanks!). #awesome #beingblessed #reaffirmingwhativebeenfeelinglately #toliveischrist #manymorewherethatcamefrom #freeebooks
reaffirmingwhativebeenfeelinglately - manymorewherethatcamefrom - awesome - free - freeebooks - kindleforiphone - toliveischrist - beingblessed -
missanchez01 : Thanks for sharing. Downloaded book last night. Can't wait to read it!!
revolveyouth - missanchez01 - chickenn.lover - ccjuarez_329 -
Don't know why this struck me as one of the funniest and most real things I've read in a book in a long time #kindleforiphone #castingshadowseverywhere #workmeetingbreak #booknerd
castingshadowseverywhere - workmeetingbreak - kindleforiphone - booknerd -
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My husband wrote a children's book, and it's now available on Amazon! Get your copy today. #ebook #thetaleofinkywinterbaum #childrensbook #amazon #kindle #kindleforiphone
amazon - kindleforiphone - kindle - thetaleofinkywinterbaum - ebook - childrensbook -
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Free kindle versions of some of Beth Moores books! Awesome! #kindleforiphone #bethmoore #freebooksareawesome
bethmoore - freebooksareawesome - kindleforiphone -
kylietaryn : Cool! :) How do you get these?
composingjustice : If you have a kindle or the kindle for iPhone app all u do is get on amazon and find all the free ones. I found 7 that weren't devotionals. @kylietaryn
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#thepositivethinkingsecerate #kindleforiphone #timetoreadmorebooks
timetoreadmorebooks - thepositivethinkingsecerate - kindleforiphone -
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An amazing read for a rainy Friday night πŸ“šπŸ“–πŸ’œβœ¨ Thank you @robhillsr #kindleforiphone #musthave #book #RobHillSr #igotyou #restoringconfidence #inlove #inrelationships #Fridaynight
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#InstaSize #day6 #novemberphotochallenge #npc #book #kindleforiphone #app #loveit #nowreading #helterskelter #charlesmanson #sharontate #truestory #truecrime
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Uh oh probably the worst app I could of downloaded πŸ™ˆ #kindle #kindleforiphone #books #reading
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donnamarie1991xx - nikkisarahjames -
Happy #allegiant day 😝 #kindleforiphone #absolutely
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nickproth : @holl9yards @bonnie_carpenter my mom writes these.
blcarpenter : Knew it @nickproth
ceciesteve : Ihu
ceciesteve : For instagramming this
ckottwitz : What
jordmgates : Nerddddd
holl9yards : @ceciesteve @ckottwitz @jordmgates if you'd read it you'd understand πŸ’•
holl9yards : @ccollierw @kmsealy @hayhayitsca @leighrob93 ugh this only got 20 likes back in the day psh
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This book has been referenced so much in Movies and Shows that I watch...after seeing #Prisoners on Saturday night I decided I was going to read this book... #AmazonKindle #KindleforiPhone #TheInvisibleMan #HGWells #readingisIMPORTANT #booklover
booklover - kindleforiphone - hgwells - prisoners - readingisimportant - theinvisibleman - amazonkindle -
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#pregnancyinsomnia + #midnightmorningsickness = reading Jane Austen at nearly 2am. #prideandprejudice #janeausten #kindleforiphone #iwanttosleep #sosleepy πŸ˜΄πŸ˜©πŸ˜žπŸ‘Ž
pregnancyinsomnia - janeausten - kindleforiphone - iwanttosleep - sosleepy - prideandprejudice - midnightmorningsickness -
caitlinkane1 : Major bummer friend! Hope you get some rest tomorrow!
abbyheitshusen : Sorry you don't feel well! Glad Jane Austen was there to keep you company :)
tarynhawkins : @caitlinkane1 @abbyheitshusen Thank you sweet friends! Feeling much better this morning, hoping for a nap or a really early night tonight! ☺
abbyheitshusen - emmalouiselebaron - ellenerdvig - nicolepelton -
What I just bought with #kindleforiphone. #Psyched! Invest in yourself because no one else will. #amazon #kindle #reading #budget #money #cash #responsible #goodsteward
psyched - money - goodsteward - responsible - cash - budget - amazon - kindleforiphone - kindle - reading -
jotroikexec : Wow
imjustmaryc : Let me know how it is!!!!
veronicanaiomi : So far it's amazing! I'll let u know when I finish. @imjustmaryc
datrussyk - richardfromvegas - imjustmaryc - goosnyc -
#working #reading #kindleforiphone πŸ‘“πŸ“–
reading - kindleforiphone - working -
steph_mal22 : Omg is it a good book I have to read it for my senior seminar class @ashyquew
ashyquew : Just started so ill let you know πŸ‘ @steph_mal22 I've heard good things
ashyquew : @steph_mal22 I finished the book last night .. Read it in less than a day. I cried myself to sleep but it was a good read for sure!!
steph_mal22 : Thanks now ill be prepared to cry lol
kpilarchik - stephyfeld - lee_ann_miles - danipants327 -
This was $1.99 well spent. #kindleforiphone #thedowhatyoucanplan #55milesinaugust #hmica #progressnotperfection
hmica - kindleforiphone - 55milesinaugust - progressnotperfection - thedowhatyoucanplan -
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It's so good I even have the digital version of it. @modref #kindleforiphone
kindleforiphone -
ajvlieg -
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