Lunch date at Ganache. #lunchdate #lunch #Ganache #enchiladas #montecristo #cupcakes #peachbellini #pistachio #fancy #kidfree
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amanda42905 : Yum :)
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Honey Yasssss. #kidfree #dramafree I believe in family when it's my time he's not leaving at all. Guarantee That! πŸ’―πŸ’―
kidfree - dramafree -
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Breakfast with my baby!! 😍😍 #kidfree #joesfarmgrill
kidfree - joesfarmgrill -
amydemis : Uh...yum! I can't wait to have breakfast again! 😊
yolee_27 - naomibrowne - ccparker28 - therelevant -
Tickets have arrived!!!! #excited #cantwait #nyc #holiday #firsttimeinnyc #america #beer #mumanddad #kidfree #manhattan
america - cantwait - manhattan - firsttimeinnyc - beer - kidfree - nyc - holiday - mumanddad - excited -
yorkshirebelle : Jealous !! Xxx
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The sounds of silence. #momlife #back2school #kidfree #happysad
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Happy Dance! Wahoo I am kid free for the first time in 4 months! Love my babies but I LOVE having my schedule back!!! I am SO ready to double my business and put all my effort into my team for the fall! I AM Triple Diamond. Hey team what are you?!? #shootforthestars #triplediamond #itstartswithone #itworks #kidfree #happydance #skinnywrapcowgirl #90dayrun #fullthrottle
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Exactly where I needed to be #beach #newsymrna #lovefl #kidfree #relaxing
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Aside, From My Daily Dose of Shakeology...this morning it's Chocolate Covered Cherry, Banana, and Coconut πŸ’πŸŒπŸŒ°...tastes like an IceCream MilkShake🍨🍦...with a balance of amazing ingredients like, acai, kale, maca root, pomegranate, basil ect...ect...it's the energy boost I need to CONQUER the day!!!..Of Course the Kids are back in school for FULL days the rest of the week!!! Yipppeeeee!!! Party On!!!!!πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰. #shakeologyrocks#cleaneating #eatingclean#coach#healthyliving #school#kidfree#healthyrecipes. #healthiestmeal#beachbodyrocks #igfitmoms#fitlife#fitness#milso #motivate#militaryspouse#energy. #nancynrg#nolimits#noregrets #consistency#followme
coach - eatingclean - noregrets - energy - consistency - cleaneating - igfitmoms - healthiestmeal - nolimits - school - militaryspouse - beachbodyrocks - healthyliving - milso - nancynrg - motivate - followme - fitlife - shakeologyrocks - fitness - kidfree - healthyrecipes -
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Thanks to eveyone for a great summer! Come in and check out our back to school specials! #isuntan #tanning #tanningsalon #muskoka #backtoschool #kidfree
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Late night #ruckus riding with @jameseastwood in #Chicago. Decided to take a break and rest our weary arms from riding. Not one person puking on division, but two. Simultaneously. Captured for your enjoyment. πŸ˜†
youvehadenough - herecomethehashtags - ruckus - stayslim - pornandchicken - ididntchoosethislifethislifechoseme - notme - mostpeoplemyagehavekids - getyourlifetogether - youredrunkandimfromohio - isthismylife - letsgetthepartystarted - whathaveibecome - le - chicago - twopeoplepuking - iwannawakeup - thingsisee - upallnight - youreinojland - wickerpark - buyanoldmanapancake - techsupport - kidfree - piercerlife - babybird -
maidenskokie : Ok why was I not invited to this? :-)
theofficialbobjones : #herecomethehashtags #piercerlife #thingsisee #ididntchoosethislifethislifechoseme #twopeoplepuking #youvehadenough #getyourlifetogether #upallnight #letsgetthepartystarted #stayslim #wickerpark #pornandchicken #whathaveibecome #isthismylife #mostpeoplemyagehavekids #notme #kidfree #babybird #buyanoldmanapancake #le #techsupport #iwannawakeup #youredrunkandimfromohio #youreinojland
napalmdeaf : Oh wow. Don't miss that bullshit. #everythingisterrible
redcupcrew : Join the gang? We Likey! #RedCupCrew
joejrthebarber : A m a z i n g
lorrilfrancis : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
bonerkillerxoxo : Ruck lyfe
mattrules : I love this almost as much as I love only a few other things, @theofficialbobjones
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Beautiful evening with my love #kidfree #datenight #augustinsandiego #gottaloveweddings
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Perfect end to summer :-) #kidFree #BeachHopping #Budlight #WaveHouse #SanDiego
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fit_mama2 : @jst_me_kat lol I love it there 😍 Looks like you and Gil had a nice beach hoping date day❀️=πŸ‘¨πŸ‘©πŸ’
jst_me_kat : @fit_mama2 we did :-). Since our brats don't hangout with us anymore =/ lol and our tuki is gone wahh lol
fit_mama2 : @jst_me_kat Awe your tuki 😩this is when you realize after all the brats grow up and build there own life's You too will always have eachother πŸ‘¨πŸ‘©=πŸ‘΄πŸ‘΅ abuelita+abuelito por vida lol
jst_me_kat : @fit_mama2 lol
lucia_or_china : I haven't been there this summer. Lesgo @fit_mama2 @jst_me_kat Oh, snap! I forgot...I'm giving up beer :(
jst_me_kat : @lucia_or_china what?! No beer? Then ur the DD for my bday? Lol
lucia_or_china : I owe you guys. I've missed all the birthday shenanigans. Bad cousin.
jst_me_kat : @lucia_or_china lol
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My Man Crush Monday is always my one and only husband. This weekend I was surprised with a kid free trip to a spa, Swedish Massage, and time to spend with just him. His is my best friend, partner in crime, and all around favorite person. I could not be more lucky to have had him by my side for all these years and I'm beyond blessed to have him for the rest of my life. @nvrchnge I love you forever.
mcm - love - myman - mancrush - bestweekend - luckygirl - hesmine - qualitytime - myfavorite - 7years - noitch - memories - getaway - marriage - spoiled - brownkid - kidfree - weekendtoremember -
amsfitlife : #mcm #memories #weekendtoremember #bestweekend #kidfree #mancrush #myman #myfavorite #qualitytime #spoiled #getaway #7years #noitch #marriage #love #luckygirl #hesmine #brownkid
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Flying saucer with George and Aaron! #kidfree #deessedup #idontlikebeer
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greensloducky : Pretty top! Stitchfix?
mrsalsop : @greensloducky no, it's a mud pie dress
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Sweet child free freedom! We don't even know what to do with ourselves! #datenight #myrtlebeach #kidfree
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#excited #girlsweekend in #16days #mumsgonewild #lol #sistersbirtday #kidfree for #3days #melbourne #getaway #littleholiday #hotel #cocktails #fun
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3boysmumma : #keepcalm #keepcalmand
shannyn_shapes_up : I love Melbourne!
3boysmumma : Same @shannyn_shapes_up only been a few times. This will be my longest kid free break! We got such great deals on flights and hotel
kismicallychal : Goodluck eating well in Melb! There's so much great food and dessert places!!
3boysmumma : @kismicallychal does anyone diet on holiday ;) I'm sure I can't do to much damage in one weekend lol
kismicallychal : I put on two kgs in Melb in five days :P Think it was mostly salt/water retention though. In that case make sure you try the dry ice/made in front of you ice cream there!!
mads_k : Great shot x
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A perfect evening with @marcusstrenk #carmelvalley #holidayweekend #kidfree #gratitude
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I was feeling myself while #kidfree #selfie #momma #loveme
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Love being able to enjoy my hot chocolate without kiddies interrupting #kidfree #coffeeclub @thecoffeeclubaustralia
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My current situation!!! #abouttosmash #AppleRita #kidfree #LaborDaychill 🍴🍺
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my_smyles_beautiful : πŸ™Œ yeessss
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I'm actually watching a movie in the day time in my sofa laying down while the hubbie takes a nap!!! #kidfree#movie#relaxing
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I'm a very observational person. I take time to understand things before I post things. My #bodypositive posts are that body positive. When people make fun of other people for their appearance, it does no good for either party. I know I'm smart. I was bullied for being awkwardly skinny and deaf. I'm still skinny and trying gain 10 more pounds to be considered healthy. This is the most I've ever weighed. I wish I could cut out different foods that trigger my flare ups, but I can't. Still hoping I'll make to my goal weight. #prochoice #prolife #prochoiceisprolife #reproductiverights #reproductivehealth #feminism #feminist #womensrights #womanshealth #republican #independent #mybodymychoice #micuerpomivida #imnotliberal #liberal #religion #catholic #muslim #atheist #christian #catholic #free #kidfree #childfreebychoice
imnotliberal - prochoice - liberal - reproductiverights - childfreebychoice - christian - muslim - free - prochoiceisprolife - independent - bodypositive - republican - micuerpomivida - catholic - prolife - feminist - atheist - mybodymychoice - womensrights - religion - reproductivehealth - kidfree - womanshealth - feminism -
conservative_neb : Isn't that doing more harm than good
tattooedandprochoice : @conservative_neb so you tell someone whose fat they're ugly. Let me tell you how that goes. You're telling them they'll never be good enough unless they are "pretty". Instead of telling people they need to lose weight, you offer to go with them to the gym and doing buddy things. Encouragment while doing things together shows friendship. I've been in the cycle of losing weight and gaining 15 pounds for the last 10 years. Its taken me 10 years to go from 100 lbs to 115 lbs. Do you know how nerve racking that is. All my doctors have told me to reach 130! Thats going to take me another 10. I have had words of encouragement and words like "you're anorexic, eat a burger". The second always gets me down on myself, because even after I've tried protein shakes, weight gain diets, I can't seem to please anyone. And why would I do that. The only person I'm trying to please is me. So if we offer words of encouragement rather than hatred, it gets a lot done.
conservative_neb : @tattooedandprochoice but don't say "be proud of your body you are perfect the way you are" that doesn't help
tattooedandprochoice : @conservative_neb doesn't positivity trump negativity? You give negative vibes, and your outcome will be negative. That's how I see it. When a person says "I'm so dumb, I'll never get this." Do you say "you're right, you're dumb" or do you say "No, you're not dumb, you're smart, let me help you."?
conservative_neb : @tattooedandprochoice but sugar coating doesn't help either if someone says they are dumb just say you won't be after a little more practice here I will help
tattooedandprochoice : @conservative_neb you can either be neutral, positive, or negative in these situations. In different can mean you don't care as well. Even if we "sugarcoat" our message, it does work for people to get motivated to change themselves. The observations I've made to clearly done to show the hypothesis if the message is positive, will it have a positive effect on the receiver? Yes, it can. I tell my mother she's beautiful. She's a little overweight. She had been complaining that she had extra weight to lose. She decided to go walking and start eating better. She lost the extra weight. So positivity is the best and logical answer for anything.
serinblackmoon : I am 80 pounds overweight and could care less. I love who I am now then back when I was 60 pounds lighter. If you don't fucking like it, don't fucking say anything or I'll punch you out.
tattooedandprochoice : @serinblackmoon and you are beautiful!
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They thought I was taking pic lmao #family #laborday #kidfree #funtimes #foodfamilyfun 😍
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Tree lined streets & a fresh squeezed greyhound with the hubs! This is happening......#daydate #kidfree #23rdstreet #daydrinking
kidfree - 23rdstreet - daydate - daydrinking -
britneekellogg : Miss you friend!
cvictoriasosky : You need to come over @britneekellogg!!
cvictoriasosky : I miss you too @britneekellogg!
britneekellogg : This week? Maybe Thursday? I can bring the boys and we can BBQ and enjoy the last bit of summer :))
bhandsaker : Have fun!!! It's a beautiful day in ptown!
jackie_reiss : Um yes please!! 🍻
acgirls : Mmmmmmm!
scottandjamie : Delightful!
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Date Night #KidFree #Booyah
kidfree - booyah -
2hear_welldone : Look at my boos lol @donnaray82
heavenschild1234 - mz_strawberryhill - mrslatashasmith - msaly82 -
Celebrating back to school #backtoschool #kidfree #missthosebuggers #mmm #RIBS #sommersby
mmm - sommersby - missthosebuggers - kidfree - ribs - backtoschool -
_lwhibs : There is no reason to celebrate. I am suffering from summertime sadness today! 😞😞 @jaxfeur
jaxfeur : @_lwhibs I know I should have apologized in advance for this rude post towards you !!
_lwhibs - crystalann1284 - lucyzigs -
After a good morning workout now On a #lunchdate with my love.. @s_james26 #KidFree #MommyDaddyTime #Kangol #OnMyBiggieLook #MyPusherLoveGirl
lunchdate - mommydaddytime - kidfree - mypusherlovegirl - onmybiggielook - kangol -
s_james26 - sd.rebelious - makeupbysher - beltran007 -
Workin on my tan! #cateye #needsomecolor #kidfree
kidfree - needsomecolor - cateye -
scoopercon - bullcityfinest - jaala242 - ginidare -
Chucky E Cheese for my nephew's bday party.... πŸ˜³πŸ˜¬πŸ˜’ #teamnokids #kidfree
kidfree - teamnokids -
bigcyyoung - khem_x_deity -
#SaturdayNight #marriedlife i #LoVe being #kidfree to get some qt with the #husby My #Man #Fine #hottMom #HottCouple #cuteness
saturdaynight - love - husby - marriedlife - hottcouple - cuteness - kidfree - hottmom - fine - man -
jesellen - lyricalchick - milesmoneymoves - ziek90 -
kidfree -
mr_turndown4wat : U and lil 1 can sure eat @flydanger lol
flydanger : @mr_turndown4wat you be knowing lol , im a Fat Girl at Heart lol
mr_turndown4wat : @flydanger lol tacos and beers tacos and beers lmao stop being a stranger hit me up
flydanger : @mr_turndown4wat text me we can turnt Up today lol #kidfree soon lol
mr_turndown4wat : @flydanger I'm gonna dm u I got a new phone I don't got no 1 num
shenise21 - vintagelove0314 - im_blessed0406 - brickstrong_718 -
#kisses #girlsnight #kidfree #saturdaynight #barebacks #icehouse #beerthirty #shotsshotsshots
saturdaynight - beerthirty - shotsshotsshots - girlsnight - kisses - barebacks - icehouse - kidfree -
ginobli33 - rynard11 -
I woke up with a glow ! ☺️☺️☺️I really has an amazing weekend. #stressfree #kidfree #dramafree #goodvibesonly
kidfree - stressfree - goodvibesonly - dramafree -
honeyb724 - ki_beee - lovelyj912 - callheryellow -
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