#salesrack #unbreakable #khloeandlamar #kardashians #retail also, why do white kids always choose to transform into demons in the middle of the store???
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betteryetcrazy : #clearance
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😍✨ #fragance #khloeandlamar
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Comfy comfy comfy #comfy #blanket #fleece #flowers #shabbychic #remote #tv #khloeandlamar #koko #lamlam #odom
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👸 happy b-day Blondie! #güera #blonde #bestfriend #birthday #sister #love #KhloeAndLamar #lagarnacha #soulfriend #miguerafavorita #memuerosinella
sister - bestfriend - soulfriend - lagarnacha - birthday - memuerosinella - khloeandlamar - love - blonde - miguerafavorita - güera -
mmorenoh : Aw te adoro! Tanto amor y tantas cosas hermana
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I originally posted this 46 weeks ago and based upon the latest developments in their lives , Its almost prophetic . '' We Don't Marry A Persons Career, We Marry Their Life Experiences '' A buddy of mines was invited to Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashians wedding. It was a shock, because they only knew each other 4 weeks, but nothing is really shocking In Hollywood. Lol My boy told me they got married so fast, because both were running for weeks off ecstacy and Fucking like hibernating Bears. I always say begin with the end in mind, Khloe thought she was marrying a NBA Champion Los Angeles Laker, winner of Sixth man of the year Award . Who she really was marrying, was a man who had experienced a lot of pain in his life, with deep Rooted Psychological Issues and Undiagnosed /Un Treated PTSD, with Daddy/Mommy Abandonment Issues, not too mention hereditary substance abuse. He lost his mom and his father was addicted to crack cocaine his whole life. He had 3 children from his ex and one of their son passed from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Khloe married a man who was Self - Medicating and she couldn't possibly understand the depth of his suffering high or sober. At the time, Odom didn't need a wife or ecstacy, he needed a Drug Diversion Program and a therapist. Now that Lamar 's Depression /addiction has gone public, she and Lamar have No choice but too Face his Truth. This is why we don't Marry what people do for a living, we marry all they have Experienced in their Life. Our Life Stories are more important then our Accomplishments, because when the Cameras are off, and the fans not screaming our names, we still got to deal with Us. Success can only hide who we are for so long, then like the saying goes '' Pressure Busts A Pipe and we're Exposed ''. I hope Lamar finally faces his demons and accepts what happened too him, so he doesn't let chapters in his life Write his Entire Book. #KeepingUpWithTheKardashians #Khloe #KhloeKardashian #LamarOdom #KhloeAndLamar #LamarAndKhloe #celebrities #celebs #celebritylifestyle #celebritylifestyles
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_vivalayei : @rashelyramirez
isabellabubble : Who wrote this. I'm impressed
sam_sekoo : Well then, that's why I always say marriage is way more deeper n it's like people not seeing that @rastachick_
lynique.maddiva : @isabellabubble @thetruth1112 wrote it. I tagged him. 😉
lynique.maddiva : @thetruth1112 it's a cold game when the momma been pimpin the kids since an early age and teaching them how to make sure they stay surrounded by money
thetruth1112 : @isabellabubble thank u👍
vesna_beric : @khloekardashian @khloeeandlamar @lamarjose @lamar_odom7
lynique.maddiva : @vesna_beric thanks! I tagged them! 😉
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My babies are my world! #khloeandlamar
khloeandlamar - petparent - cats - kittycat -
lusciouslatasha : #petparent #kittycat #cats
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Breakfast and the Kardashians 😄👌
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marlen_naess : #breakfast#thekardashians#khloeandlamar#series#kozy#beforework#healthy#lifestyle#eggs#salmon#veggies#shapeup#treningsforum
julieschivehovdehagen : 😍eeeeeelsker Kardashians‼️👍👌😝
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Wow I had no idea they had a perfume together. Oh well..... #unbreakable lol #KhloeAndLamar
khloeandlamar - unbreakable -
shawna1913 - therealtimosi - sakeeta - red_pist0l -
#khloekardashian #khloeandlamar #unbreakable #joy #unbreakablejoy #police #policetobe #theking #policetobetheking
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😔😔😔😔 flashback to Lammy and Khlo 😔 this was TRUE LOVE ❤️ @khloekardashian 😭💔 I can't. #khloekardashian #lamarodom #kardashians #lammy #khlo #khloeandlamar
kardashians - khloekardashian - lamarodom - khloeandlamar - lammy - khlo -
liliam14 : I use to love them
anihu7 - rociodavilaa - lovekuwtk - ilysmkardash -
And the winner for most ironically named perfume is....
khloeandlamar - lamar - jersey - newjersey - kardashian - khloe -
mbpuldy : Shopping at family dollar store?
kathyleegifford : Shopping at a rest stop on the New Jersey turnpike. #khloe, #lamar, #khloeandlamar, #kardashian, #newjersey, #jersey
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This will always be my favorite episode💍💌💋 #kuwtk #khloeandlamar
khloeandlamar - kuwtk -
neve_mcc - milliemearns - parris_rotheryxx - gr4ce_k3nt -
REALI-TEA: Did y'all catch tonight's episode of #kuwtk ? Well Khloe @khloekardashian spilt some TEA (her side of course) on why her marriage with Lamar ended. She said that he would often go missing and be laid up with other women! We thought he was on drugs, and they did not address that part. But, remember when he took that drug test and came up clean? We wonder what Lamar's side of the story is. #khloeandlamar #lamarodom #khloekardashian
khloeandlamar - kuwtk - khloekardashian - lamarodom -
mzprettyblack12 : @flipshair_itsshay
flipshair_itsshay : @mzprettyblack12 saw this episode last night.
iamsimply_trenesia : Honey he was on something the way khloe had to keep reminding him to make meetings and eat. And make counseling sessions
rsteen17 : @kellyosbourne photobomb
missmichelleex3 : Lmao
bebejmz : Then it trips me out that on the show she was claiming she couldnt have kids and that she was,.naw shorty just was strait frontin she was wanting her a kanye cause lamar already got 5 kids and they all eating off his check, she wanted her a baller with no done made it now khloe got too.
rosemrsbreezy : @thewacera lol she's more happy here
thewacera : @rosemrsbreezy ikr?! They should work their isht up.
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Found this gem on sale at Burlington ... Funny how that one worked out huh... #khloeandlamar #irony
khloeandlamar - irony -
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UNBREAKABLE BOND by Khloé and Lamar is definitely my favorite 😍 #handsdown#unbreakablebond#khloeandlamar#bodymist
khloeandlamar - unbreakablebond - bodymist - handsdown -
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@KhloeKardashian admits covering for Lamar when he was with ANOTHER WOMAN on her birthday last year #KhloeandLamar #Kardashians
khloeandlamar - kardashians -
hernewdress : :)
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Enjoyin the view👌😍🌞🏊🌸 @johnedmunds #KhloeAndLamar #goldcoast #nomakeup
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johnedmunds : i am the view
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#kardashians #kuwtk #keepingupwiththekardashians #kimk #kk #khloe #Kim #kourtney #Kris #kylie #kendal #lamar #khlorandlamar #rob #Bruce #likeforlike #love #dvds #followme
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brodiiiie : #khloeandlamar
mrscourtneyholder : Would u sell these?
lisaaparsons : Omg I want to borrow some! Haha @brodiiiie
brodiiiie : Sorry not selling, these are my life lol @mrscourtneyholder and lisa, you can borrow whatever you want, ive got every single one now lol @lisaaparsons
lisaaparsons : Omg!!!! I really want to see the kourtney and Kim ones :) @brodiiiie
brodiiiie : There good :) @lisaaparsons
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At the mansion party earlier with @dimedivatrina ... Had a blast. #KhloeAndLamar #PoolParty #4thofJulyWeekend
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kelly2nicole : Khleo and Lamar?! Like u seen them
trxll_hoops : Hey you guys still coming too cameo tonight if so txt me @imtiffanynicole
imtiffanynicole : Hey I think we are going to Dream @trxll_hoops
trxll_hoops : Ok that's cool
wes_bundy : 😍pretty girls , cuzzo imy ! U be mia😍😔
imtiffanynicole : Thanks cuz. I miss you too. I'm back in NYC right now @wes_bundy
wes_bundy : 😁really? Knowin u u might be leaving again soon😒😔😔
imtiffanynicole : Nah I'll be in NYC in august @wes_bundy
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#favorite #unbreakable
khloeandlamar - favorite - unbreakable - perfume -
kischaaa : #khloeandlamar #perfume
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Ohhh girl a year makes a BIG difference #khloeandlamar #keepingup #lamajoon
khloeandlamar - lamajoon - keepingup -
stanley.jude : Ryan Seacrest used to be hot now he's just on coke.
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Khloe & French or Khloe Lamar? #kimkardashian #kanyewest #kimye #kyliejenner #kourtneykardashian #krisjenner #khloekardashian #Khloekardashianbirthday #happybirthdaykhloe #Kardashian #kendalljenner #frenchmontana #divorce #marriage #khlofrench #frenchandkhloe #truelove #Lamarodom #khloeodom #frenchmontanaandkhloekardashian #lamarandkhloe #khloeandfrench #khloemontana #frenchmontanaandkhloe #khlomar #khloeandlamar #keepingupwiththekardashians
frenchmontana - frenchandkhloe - khloekardashian - krisjenner - khlofrench - lamarodom - kimkardashian - keepingupwiththekardashians - truelove - frenchmontanaandkhloe - frenchmontanaandkhloekardashian - khloeandlamar - lamarandkhloe - khloeandfrench - kardashian - divorce - kyliejenner - kendalljenner - khloemontana - kimye - marriage - happybirthdaykhloe - kourtneykardashian - kanyewest - khloekardashianbirthday - khloeodom - khlomar -
sita_31 : Lamar Odom ❤️
swt_xtina : I'm happy if she's happy. I'm all for @khloekardashian with Lamar!! French Montana is STILL married!!!! Like common. Lamar .. Where you at??? Get your woman back
_radhikaaa : Lamar all the way. @khloekardashian
ultimateglee : She wasn't happy with Lamar for a long time. We can't expect her to get back with him after what he put her through. Let her move on without comparing French and Lamar.
water2wine_ : @betzyxoxo_
thatgirlzayy_ : Lamar. @josey_1213
josey_1213 : HAAAAAAAAAN #teamKhlotana @thatgirlzayy_ I liked Lamar before but he's a cheater
jarheadvictoria : His name is French Montana. He was a guest star on vh1's mob wives where a 45 year old tries to start a rap career. She needs to get her head in the clouds and aim higher.
emma_katie_d - x_kardashian - _breannaguttilla - __relles -
💔💔 Not too long ago, Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashianwere looking forward to celebrating Khloe’s big milestone birthday in style! The ex-couple even had plans to set sail for the uber-exclusive island of St. Tropez for Khloe’s big 3-0 on June 27, is EXCLUSIVELY reporting. "Lamar is keenly aware of the fact that Khloe is turning 30. We’ve been told that he’s pretty bummed that he won’t be seeing her on her birthday and that he’s been thinking a lot about the special plans they had previously made when they were still happy and in love." #kimkardashian #kanyewest #kimye #kyliejenner #kourtneykardashian #krisjenner #khloekardashian #Khloekardashianbirthday #happybirthdaykhloe #Kardashian #kendalljenner #frenchmontana #divorce #marriage #khlofrench #frenchandkhloe #truelove #Lamarodom #khloeodom #frenchmontanaandkhloekardashian #lamarandkhloe #khloeandfrench #khloemontana #frenchmontanaandkhloe #khlomar #khloeandlamar #keepingupwiththekardashians
frenchmontana - frenchandkhloe - khloekardashian - krisjenner - khlofrench - lamarodom - kimkardashian - keepingupwiththekardashians - truelove - frenchmontanaandkhloe - frenchmontanaandkhloekardashian - khloeandlamar - lamarandkhloe - khloeandfrench - kardashian - divorce - kyliejenner - kendalljenner - khloemontana - kimye - marriage - happybirthdaykhloe - kourtneykardashian - kanyewest - khloekardashianbirthday - khloeodom - khlomar -
jalicruz : @khloekardashian @khloekardashian
averylangley - michundostres - __relles - kaikeline.molina -
I know Khloe is with French but I miss her & Lamar. I know, I know Lamar fucked up BIG TIME but when you choose to marry someone & spend the rest of your life with them you have to be prepared to go through any & everything! & I can only imagine all of the horrible things that he put her through but he was going through issues of his own & battling a drug addiction isn't easy! Marriage is for better & worse & I believe if she just gave him one more chance that he would prove to her that he is her soulmate. Of course I know absolutely nothing about what actually occurred in their marriage & I am just an outsider looking in & giving my own opinion. I also think that French Montana is using Khloe for fame, I didn't even know who he was until he started dating her. #kimkardashian #kanyewest #kimye #kyliejenner #kourtneykardashian #krisjenner #khloekardashian #Khloekardashianbirthday #happybirthdaykhloe #Kardashian #kendalljenner #frenchmontana #divorce #marriage #khlofrench #frenchandkhloe #truelove #Lamarodom #khloeodom #frenchmontanaandkhloekardashian #lamarandkhloe #khloeandfrench #khloemontana #frenchmontanaandkhloe #khlomar #khloeandlamar #keepingupwiththekardashians
frenchmontana - frenchandkhloe - khloekardashian - krisjenner - khlofrench - lamarodom - kimkardashian - keepingupwiththekardashians - truelove - frenchmontanaandkhloe - frenchmontanaandkhloekardashian - khloeandlamar - lamarandkhloe - khloeandfrench - kardashian - divorce - kyliejenner - kendalljenner - khloemontana - kimye - marriage - happybirthdaykhloe - kourtneykardashian - kanyewest - khloekardashianbirthday - khloeodom - khlomar -
lukulaaaaa : True .
_fiorella419 : French Montana had been popular since way before khloe... And he's an artist and I love khloe but she's famous for nothing lol so yea
_fiorella419 : He doesn't want her money nor her fame lol he's doing that on his own @khloekardashian @frenchmontana
adrianaoushana : It's sad....cause French Montana is married, and he has a son. His wife has done interviews about how he's NEVER there and there's months that she doesn't hear from him, but he still pays child support, meanwhile his wife is trying to get in contact with him, he's all out and about With Khloe and her family. That only shows what kind of man he is.
8109315 : @10mac0191
tandica_hilliman : @healthislife_ long story short when. U get married and ur partner cheat on u over n over and ever make a rap video about wat he did behind her back would u stay or leave and less but not leave why do khloe have to put her life on hold until he get his Shit together
worangxx : SO TRUE 👏👏👏💪
maquinda : @adrianaoushana Its called being seperated. Plus women r usually vengeful when left so they dont want you around anyway. With soon to be ex is making bank off of naive sexist females lije you.
addictedtohappy - mizz_stackz - mindisuter - arlpizarro -
#HappyBirthday @khloekardashian ❤️ #KhloeKardashian #Khloe #Kardashian #American 🇺🇸 #TelevisionPersonality 📺 #KeepingUpWithTheKardashians #KourtneyAndKhloèTakeMiami #KhloeAndLamar #KardashianSister #CelebrityBirthdays
happybirthday - celebritybirthdays - kourtneyandkhloètakemiami - khloekardashian - kardashian - televisionpersonality - kardashiansister - keepingupwiththekardashians - american - khloeandlamar - khloe -
virginhairdepot : Ahhh!
jednoosobowaarmia - gamergirlauthor - rokamoto921 - bornadashdoll -
Found me some #khloeandlamar #perfume.
khloeandlamar - perfume -
criistal_a : RIP Khloe & Lamar :(
anhheliika_ : Well obviously and sadly it was breakable 😢 @khloekardashian #kloeOdam #kardashian #khloeandlamar
anhheliika_ - monkey_0731 - criistal_a - bambam3lgatti -
It's Throwback Thursday and this week we are throwing back to the Kardashian sisters weddings! Khloe married Lamar Odom in a Vera Wang mermaid silhouette gown with an embellished lavender sash around the waist. The sash tied in with her bridesmaids who also wore Vera gowns that ranged from a deep purple to lavender to a light lilac. What do you guys think about this gown? #ThrowbackThursday #TBT #KhloeKardashian #LamarOdom #KhloeAndLamar #KoKo #VeraWang #MermaidSilhouette #LavenderSash #BeltedWaist #Embellishment #DeepPurple #Lilac #Bridesmaids #WeddingDress #Gown #Veil #Romantic #Beautiful #DreamDay #Bride #BrideToBe #Bridal #Events #DreamDayWeddingsAndEvents #Creative #Beautiful #Inspiring Photo Credit: Google Images
lavendersash - beautiful - lilac - gown - koko - inspiring - tbt - beltedwaist - dreamday - romantic - khloeandlamar - bridetobe - dreamdayweddingsandevents - veil - mermaidsilhouette - deeppurple - weddingdress - embellishment - verawang - throwbackthursday - creative - bride - khloekardashian - bridesmaids - lamarodom - bridal - events -
ellydperry : Loved it , love her
dreamdayweddingsandevents : @ellydperry Me too!! She's my fave...apart from LD! 💕💕
bethwells_m - sara.450 - tiana_gullotta - juu_caa -
See this amazing guy? He's 22 today:) (Yeah I know I'm dating an old man lol) I just wanted to say how glad I am to be a part of your life and I can't wait to be there for the many years to come. You're an amazing man and I feel so blessed to call you mine😘😘 I had fun working out with you today❤️❤️ #22 #taylorswift #love #happy #boyfriend #nomakeup #hike #fitness #family #iloveyou #smile #khloeandlamar #ThatWillForeverBeAThingNow
nomakeup - love - 22 - family - hike - taylorswift - iloveyou - thatwillforeverbeathingnow - fitness - khloeandlamar - smile - happy - boyfriend -
waveycrokett : Thank you babe 😘😘 you're so amazing love
ice_josh21 : wait... You guys are dating?
alysha_marie_mua : @ice_josh21 ssshhhh!!!!
callmecrown - carol_lnl - the_legend_of_jonathan - yo_pro -
Great hike today up in the norco hills ❤️❤️❤️ the family that gets healthy together, stays together :) love you guys, I'm glad we're doing this now 😘😘😘 #fitness #love #family #hike #nature #MyBabys22Today :) #KhloeAndLamar #loveyou #beautiful
beautiful - love - mybabys22today - family - nature - hike - fitness - khloeandlamar - loveyou -
callmecrown - the_legend_of_jonathan - stephonavitch - _love_tee__ -
#khloeandlamar #keywest #pride #party
khloeandlamar - party - pride - keywest -
isabella.batalie.official : @Robsmithonline
imf1lms : That Looks Really Good!
isabella.batalie.official : @imf1lms thanks
isabella.batalie.official - arrturojimenez - bebaavalentee - _kjetson -
#khloeandlamar @isabella.batalie.OFFICIAL
khloeandlamar -
isabella.batalie.official - shuomiilife - lenadimispon - gaykeywestfl -
But they broke 🙈🙊😝 #imBad #khloeAndLamar
khloeandlamar - imbad -
thackerscrackers : Lol
hhikaa : 😄👌
ladyinredxo : Lol😂😂😂
thackerscrackers - beingcrazymeee - gaygardens - themumbaigirl -
#khloeandlamar 😢💔
khloeandlamar -
memelbreezy : @misssoukayna 😍😱
misssoukayna : @memelbreezy OMG that's so cute and sad at the same time 😱😱
memelbreezy : @misssoukayna Yess agree
aligraziani : @indz
_adrianner - aligraziani - ashleighmartin_94 - _shortiiedope -
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