So I should probably say something to you, but I'd probably ruin it then. It's best for is both if I keep my mouth shut and just stay on my side of the train. #probably #kdev #kevindevine #indie #emo #splitthecountrysplitthestate #split #devine #badbooks #brandnew #elliottsmith
indie - kevindevine - emo - kdev - devine - splitthecountrysplitthestate - split - probably - elliottsmith - brandnew - badbooks -
kcinaz : You and Daniel need to text me. I don't have anyone's #s anymore
lyricandlens - cobehigh - _iwanttosleep_ - echowhiskeyaz -
Going live with an all new episode of Closet Radio in 10 mins on http://kpsu.org ! Join us for snacks and snark! Hear the likes of #tandooriknights #nickcave #joeclay #lovelylegs #lospeyotes #nakedraygun #thirteenthfloorelevators #kevindevine and more! #kpsu #ClosetRadio #postcard #pdx #pdxmusic #portland #rocknroll #psychedelic #garage
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Sometimes the only answer is more vinyl #kevindevine #manchesterorchestra #lazysaturday #nohomeworktoday
manchesterorchestra - kevindevine - nohomeworktoday - lazysaturday -
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Anyone wanna take me? 😁🎼🎢🎸Brooklyn boy-born and raised. #kevindevine #asburypark #asburylanes
kevindevine - asburypark - asburylanes -
lorenammac : @pmontfort Lets goooo
pmontfort - caitlindistler - entrepreneur_4life - iamfloralsnake -
Bad Books- Ambivalent Peaks. Kevin Devine is on of my favorites. Beautiful song and I'll probably upload the full version via soundcloud or something. #badbooks #kevindevine #singer #songwriter #create #acoustic #II #vansdude
singer - songwriter - kevindevine - create - vansdude - ii - badbooks - acoustic -
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Keyshawn Johnson could not break his tackles #KevinDevine #number26 #nfl #jets #jaguars #fromthearchives #talent
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rowenalurzcbekm : I presently work for a company that pays people to comment on IG. I make $400-$500 weekly. You too can. Get started today by visiting my page. NO cost to you.
preciselykathleen : this one πŸ˜ƒ
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TBT 2004 that time Miracle of 86 played the basement of 230. R.I.P. Mike Skinner #miricalof86 #kevindevine #mikeskinner @kevinpdevine
kevindevine - mikeskinner - miricalof86 - miracleof86 -
justinborucki : I can't type it spell #miracleof86
dorongild : I was there for that one and vividly remember how impressed I was with skinners playing! @kevinpdevine @justinborucki
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•maybe if I wake up and quit dreaming, I can shake the shit I'm fearing• //#kevindevine
kevindevine -
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I'd like to thank Rdio for the nostalgic morning. I feel 16 again. #cottoncrush #kevindevine #dressupandcoffeetime
kevindevine - dressupandcoffeetime - cottoncrush -
triplecrownrec -
Good music wall. @kevinpdevine @davidbazan @reginaspektor #pedrothelion #thebeatles #kevindevine #reginaspektor #ilovevinyl #Schallplatten #goodmusic #guyswithrecordcollections #reginaspektor #vinyl #birthdaypresent
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crazyclage : Wow like it!
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Shocked and saddened to hear about Mike Skinner. Such a big part of my touring career. Thinking about his family, KD and the GDB today. #kevindevine #brandnew #goddamnband #mikeskinner
goddamnband - kevindevine - brandnew - mikeskinner -
stephandriotis : 😭
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The last show we saw at #Maxwells in Hoboken was the the reunion show that my friends in #TheMiracleOf86 put on after being broken up for about 10 years. I'm shocked to hear about the passing of one of the members, Mike Skinner, over the weekend. I didn't know Mike all that well, but I knew how talented he was with the numerous musical projects he worked with in the studio, on record, and on tour. My condolences go out to his family, friends, and all his former band mates. This is the kit he used during that last show. #RIP Mike // #M86 #KDGDB #KevinDevine
maxwells - kdgdb - themiracleof86 - m86 - kevindevine - rip -
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πŸ‘Œ #badbooks #andyhull #kevindevine
kevindevine - badbooks - andyhull -
blupixl : The one in the bottom right looks like he took a little too much acid πŸ‘€
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My "Friends" comp. by @fadeawayrecords just arrived. A 3xLP with the likes of #brandnew, #savestheday, #kevindevine, #thegetupkids and #thehonorarytitle just too name a few. Best part? 100% of the proceeds go to cancer charities! #vinyl #fadeawayrecords #compilation #mixtape #friends #cancerawareness #forthecure
thehonorarytitle - forthecure - kevindevine - compilation - thegetupkids - mixtape - savestheday - vinyl - cancerawareness - brandnew - friends - fadeawayrecords -
chadapillar : @lostindefeat im a huuuge KD fan. Since forever. This is a freaking great record. Im stoked on it.
lostindefeat : Dude right?! He is so good. They need to repress brothers blood and put your ghosts to rest in the worst way! Easily my favorite KD albums. You've listened to bad books then I'm assuming.. Right?
chadapillar : @lostindefeat oh yeah. Im also a huge Manchester fan.
chadapillar : @lostindefeat and i agree with u on the KD records. I definitely want!!
lostindefeat : Dude.. Love MO. You've listened to the split they did with obrother and thrice right? I was so stoked to snag one of the record when they went up for sale. Sold through all 400 copies in a few minutes
chadapillar : @lostindefeat that is awesome. I was never big on Thrice. Or Dustin for that matter. Although i have paid money to see them. Lol. But it was mostly cause Thursday was playing during the War All The Time days.
lostindefeat : Dude I'll have to upload the mp3s and send them to you. I converted them from vinyl to my Mac. Manchester orchestra covers no doubts don't speak and it's like a 13 minute stoner jam haha
chadapillar : @lostindefeat haha awesome.
cassanever - cancertees - lostindefeat - vinyladay -
Officially seeing my other favorite ginger with my favorite ginger! Much excite 😍 #kevindevine #fetelounge #pumped
kevindevine - fetelounge - pumped -
emilycupcakes : @andiethegreenqueen @chrisricema - it's super cheap/double date 😏
andiethegreenqueen : I probably wouldn't be able to stand for that long. But thanks for the invite @emilycupcakes
emilycupcakes : @andiethegreenqueen 😞😞
andiethegreenqueen - noearthmother - hannahcloughlin - codyinmotion -
A year ago today I waited in the rain at the barricade for 6 hours to see brand new for the first time and my life became complete as I watched jesse lacey and kevin devine play jesus christ live. #takemeback #brandnew #riotfest2013 #kevindevine
kevindevine - brandnew - takemeback - riotfest2013 -
brookevalentx - aisteses - andrea.cfl - nicolebonfiglio -
#bubblegum #kevindevine #LP #record
kevindevine - lp - bubblegum - record -
samanthayvette : Def his best album
jesseondocsin : Doesn't have my favorite KD songs but overall, it's probably the best.
skinnyintern - party_like_a_racq_star - 96millie - chiefevans51 -
I asked for perspective And it untied my hands I see the relapsed way I chose my own way Can't blame me for that
kevindevine - gohauntsomeoneelse -
nbitty : #gohauntsomeoneelse #kevindevine
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Full song at www.facebook.com/greatestatesnj mfers
brighteyes - manchesterorchestra - conoroberst - andyhull - kevindevine - badbooks -
greatestatesnj : For fans of #andyhull #manchesterorchestra #kevindevine #badbooks #conoroberst #brighteyes
fayel_leto : Cantas muy lindo :)
mikeplanko - rebeccafoxx - morphine.city - vandermuggle -
🎢 and your friends will wait. Don't believe that , cause they say they'll wait. But trust me your friends will not wait for you.🎢 great start to the day #kevindevine #cottoncrush #saturdays
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a.vali - mrs.chicago_barnes25 - thetrevorw - elizarose69 -
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It's a pattern and not a phase. #kevindevine #ballgame #maketheclocksmove
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drchompchomp : #youreadrunk
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The almost complete @kevinpdevine collection.
kevindevine - devinyl - vinyl -
honeyinthehale : Whatever πŸ˜’
seanmccurnin : #kevindevine #vinyl #devinyl @devinylrecsny
jpiotrowski34 - honeyinthehale - jbrun14 - krissym724 -
@kevinpdevine If we're now so disconnected its our reflections we ignore. #kdev #devine #bedtimelyrics #kevindevine #putyourghostrest #badbooks #theburningcitysmoke #indie
putyourghostrest - indie - kevindevine - bedtimelyrics - kdev - devine - badbooks - theburningcitysmoke -
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"so most days I can't put to rest the burning city smoking in my mind." #kevindevine #theburningcitysmoking #putyourghosttorest #lyricandlens
kevindevine - theburningcitysmoking - putyourghosttorest - lyricandlens -
irvingbear123 : So many likes for you
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This album is and probs will always be my most fave album ever. πŸ‘Œ#kevindevine
kevindevine -
filteredcancer : hipster
lyricandlens - mirroredsea - bailaluh - alyssialking -
i'd say i spend most of my day waiting in buses (feat kevin Devine t-shirt and bumpy chin) @kevinpdevine #kevindevine #modernbaseball #bus #buseireann #travelling #college #ireland #Letterkenny #derry #shirt #420
shirt - derry - kevindevine - buseireann - college - ireland - modernbaseball - 420 - travelling - letterkenny - bus -
idwithlee : Amazing! Would you like to find out how you can make money posting pics on Instagram? :)
trees_paperplanes - fionablankcoyle - sweet.jpg - top.buttom -
Finally started hanging stuff up in the new place. #newfoundglory #kevindevine
kevindevine - newfoundglory -
tdrrecords : Wish I bought that NFG poster.
tarzioo - iamtriumphant - marivera_vera - molo_87 -
#kevindevine #charcoal #sketch
kevindevine - sketch - charcoal -
messick92 - spiralinkstudio - hollynbrown - anorawalper -
Surprise Spotify gem of the day: Villagers- "Becoming A Jackal" RIYL: #grizzlybear #kevindevine #deathcab
deathcab - kevindevine - grizzlybear -
audersauce - gelatoxvxbear - tommysandri - alyse_nicole_2033 -
#nowplaying λ…Έλž˜μ§„μ§œμ’‹λ‹€ #kevindevine soooooooo good πŸ‘
nowplaying - kevindevine -
harry_hwq : beautiful
shinhwon - radio23 - thorthechamp - a_ryoung940912 -
My new place to yogs. #college #yoga #dorm #notverypeaceful #kevindevine #nofreshmen15 #yet #myboyfriendcantwerk #hellafire #rockclimbing #obama
myboyfriendcantwerk - rockclimbing - nofreshmen15 - yoga - notverypeaceful - kevindevine - college - dorm - hellafire - yet - obama -
myfeverband : Nice!
lupislipophobia : @myfeverband thnx!
khut08 - hannahblas94 - ihopeicango - annelieholgersson11 -
Revisiting one of my old books and found this ticket stub. Jesse Lacey & Kevin Devine acoustic in New Orleans. August 6, 2007. Just weeks before I moved to Chicago. Great times with @dannywitte! #houseofblues #brandnew #kevindevine #neworleans P.S. Read this book if you want to lose your mind
kevindevine - houseofblues - brandnew - neworleans -
phi0 : Can I borrow that next time I see you? It'll take me at least a year to read.
lisamasil : That book.
polarbearsummer : Such a great book. This makes me want to reread it.
dannywitte : What an amazing trip!
lisamasil - aaronsweatt - phi0 - mellowxpatrick -
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