Beyond excited to see my favorite band on campus tonight!! 😍#danandshay #kennesawstateuniversity
danandshay - kennesawstateuniversity -
rebeccawaddell - alexander_j_galucki - jessemcginnis - aleisha_hicks -
This morning I went to traditions! I won the Mickey figurine and the trading pin, and then earned my (first set of!) Mickey ears and lags but not least, my name tag :) #disneypins #disneypintrading #disneycollegeprogram #dcp #kennesawstateuniversity #mickeyears #sarahdoesdcp
disneypins - mickeyears - kennesawstateuniversity - dcp - sarahdoesdcp - disneycollegeprogram - disneypintrading -
efullz : Hey nice name tag
sbert12 : Hey thanks. 😜😜😜 @efullz I think I'm gonna get just a Kennesaw one when I can since I'm graduated and want to be affiliated with my town now and not my school.
ayyjaie : Love!!! I love this im so proud of you
jeglomp91 : Omg they've upgraded! I want a pin! And Traditions ears!😭
jeglomp91 : Congrats btw! Wasn't it magical?! ✨✨✨
jaimenicole719 - laceymcclelland - _acciocourtney - chefzkmchold -
Can't wait to work through this semester at Brenau and (HOPEFULLY) become a student here...My GPA is higher than they're asking for, and I plan on raising it even more. #KennesawStateUniversity #KSU #KennesawState #KennesawGa #GA #businessschool #businessmajor
ksu - kennesawstateuniversity - ga - businessmajor - businessschool - kennesawstate - kennesawga -
josh.rollins - eriksicairos - geestoned9491 -
#Health building #classrooms at #KSU . Others have hyperrealistic mannequins that can do everything a human can - even give birth! #KennesawState #KennesawStateUniversity #school #college #uni #KennesawGa #Kennesaw #GA
ksu - classrooms - kennesawstateuniversity - kennesawstate - school - kennesawga - college - ga - uni - kennesaw - health -
hardenedathletics -
My dad doesn't wear #pink. Ever. But for this event at #ksu for a fall kickoff with a group called "The Journey at KSU," all of the volunteers were supposed to wear pink shirts. #kennesawstateuniversity
pink - ksu - kennesawstateuniversity -
#ksu #kennesawstateuniversity
ksu - kennesawstateuniversity -
#scrappy #scrappytheowl #ksu #kennesawstateuniversity
ksu - scrappy - kennesawstateuniversity - scrappytheowl -
tabithabrooke3 -
#Scrappy #ScrappyTheOwl #KSU #KennesawStateUniversity #laugh
ksu - scrappy - kennesawstateuniversity - laugh - scrappytheowl -
Proud to be a KSU OWL!! #kennesawstateuniversity Read the entire article here:
kennesawstateuniversity -
4everchrixxy - gramossa - luchalopeza - nachovalenzuela_ -
Day 3 on campus in my fav sandals 😻 I think I got this college thing down pack βœŠπŸ’› #ksu18 #kennesawstateuniversity
kennesawstateuniversity - ksu18 -
_kingliss : 😍
bfffeaal_2 - _sammy_98__ - abbyycp_ - brianna_oliver1010 -
#amazingwoman spotlight! This is my lovely friend and fellow #alumni Ivonne. She was accepted in the International Policy Graduate Program at #KennesawStateUniversity She is an International Student from Ecuador, a high school Humanities and World History teacher, #multilingual, and awesome soccer player. Goooo Ivonne! I'm so proud to call you my friend. #intelligentyoungwomen #internationalgirls #AASUalumni #PoliticalScienceMajors #InternationalRelationsStudents #languagelovers #teachers #jetsetters #funwithfriends #collegefriends #collegeandcareerconsultant
funwithfriends - kennesawstateuniversity - politicalsciencemajors - internationalgirls - amazingwoman - multilingual - alumni - intelligentyoungwomen - collegefriends - teachers - internationalrelationsstudents - jetsetters - aasualumni - languagelovers - collegeandcareerconsultant -
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First pic in my #kennesaw #kennesawstateuniversity #ksu #ksu16 #ksuowls dorm ..... This semester should be interesting πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
kennesaw - ksu - ksu16 - kennesawstateuniversity - ksuowls -
taylorgame94 : Jealous!!!!
rell_deville : Since when you go to Kennesaw?
cali_nightmare : @taylorgame94 girl the closet is amazing . The beds are bigger than Armstrong .. And we have washer and dryers in our dorm room !!!!
cali_nightmare : @rell_deville since august 18
taylorgame94 : Lmao I don't!!!! But I don't really care bc my dorm hella cheap lol
taylorgame94 : I'm doin my laundry at Kendall's place!!!
wt_chels - pretty_keke_ - k1ng_t0_lif3 - necole_matters -
I'm having a scrappy day! #lol#scrappy#ksu#kennesaw#state#university#kennesawstateuniversity#mascot#hangingout#fun#school#educate#learn#student#read
ksu - school - kennesawstateuniversity - hangingout - read - scrappy - university - educate - lol - fun - state - student - learn - kennesaw - mascot -
k_rulaa : ζ‹ηš„δΈι”™ξ€²@yukii611
petramarieatl - tea_earth4me - zdaham - venkatesh145 -
Be on the lookout for H.O.O.T. information booths around campus. If you’re having trouble finding a class or where to buy books, they can surely help get you to where you need to be!Β Β #kennesawstate #kennesawstateuniversity #collegelife - AR
kennesawstate - kennesawstateuniversity - collegelife -
_grace_mcdonald : Khy!!
prettyamazingjade : Hey Khy
krissy_kaboom : @khy22
khy22 : Hahaha #swaggie
hantaylor92 - pap3rchas3r173 - lillimeagan - kaitmiddlebrook -
This is how we study between classes at #KSU 😏 #ENO #selfie #Hammock #studytime #kennesawstateuniversity #sociology
ksu - sociology - kennesawstateuniversity - hammock - selfie - studytime - eno -
heathermaegreene : I do the same thing!
jonclark91 : @heathermaegreene I can't think of a better way!
darrellgandy - jorboy90 - duskeyap - hammockliving -
Had my first day of College here at KSU today. So all I can say is good luck to all of the freshmen like me so they can start off the year the right way. And to the class of 2015, I want to see you across the finish line and know that you made your last year count and that you created more doors for yourself that you can open. #firstday #firstdayofcollege #ksu #kennesawstateuniversity #freshman #collegefreshman #classof2018 #ksuowl #collegelife #dayone #weekone #yearone
ksu - collegelife - kennesawstateuniversity - ksuowl - yearone - collegefreshman - firstday - dayone - classof2018 - weekone - freshman - firstdayofcollege -
melllo35 : Are you interested in starting your own business?
laurapnguyen - nathanjr16 - big_lillz - its_just_pablito -
Block Party 😻 #kennesawstateuniversity #ksu18
kennesawstateuniversity - ksu18 -
radiancemarie : @nerdygirl_23 hey god sis!!
kurvykeesh : Sister! I miss you! I see you having a good time :-)
khammnation : I miss you too !!! && I am πŸ™Œ @kurvykeesh
yailenex3you - erinnicholson1 - nerdygirl_23 - migodem -
I am going to stare at this polychromatic painting until rush hour is over with; maybe get some reading done, too. #KennesawStateUniversity #Ermahgerd
ermahgerd - kennesawstateuniversity -
negriz19 : So your filters made this look a lot prettier!!
cisneros.xviii : That shit was nice either way. *swerve* I only applied that yellow filter. Lmaooo @negriz19
imfranny_ - carloskonichiwa - boogied85 - toesocks_maggie -
New athletic facility. That was fast!!
kennesawstateuniversity -
bwturner13 : #kennesawstateuniversity
alisonproth - ntxhisong - __legitmisfit - ashleyarburkett -
Big sis taking care of the new students! #kennesawstateuniversity
kennesawstateuniversity -
ianoutland97 - britt_ashton914 - lindsayrenee03 - tay_hint -
#picstitch To witness the FIRST COLLEGE FOOTBALL PRACTICE at #KennesawStateUniversity is monumental!!!!! @fansfavoritefan will be covering this journey for their FANS and sharing the process with other #CollegeFootball #FANS! Stay tuned... #fansFavorite #GoKSUowls #seasonstartsnextyear #FFFhasbeentherefromthebeginning #thisiswhatitsallabout #sports #media #CFB #FifthThirdBankStadium 🏈
fifththirdbankstadium - picstitch - fffhasbeentherefromthebeginning - kennesawstateuniversity - goksuowls - fansfavorite - media - collegefootball - cfb - sports - seasonstartsnextyear - fans - thisiswhatitsallabout -
anamclothing : U are out by me !!!!!
missmuffin00 : It's been a long time coming for this. I wish I were still there to witness this process @dawnmgreene
_immebu_ - auroramonroe__ - blsstyles - brent_bozel -
First day of college was very successfulπŸ‘Œ#KennesawStateUniversity #ScrappytheOwl #KSU2018
ksu2018 - kennesawstateuniversity - scrappytheowl -
thisgiiiiirl : Bae 😻😻😻
swishy_ : 😍😍😍
lavistist3 : Your going to Kennesaw?
little_hoolehan : Yeah why? @lavistist3
brialiseshayn - _dezhaaa - country_girl_weightlifter - sajinkomamura -
First day of college!!! It's finally here!!! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ so excited!!! #ksu #kennesawstate #kennesawstateuniversity #college #collegeready #firstdayofcollege #firstday #excited #yay #collegestudent
ksu - kennesawstateuniversity - kennesawstate - collegestudent - firstday - college - yay - collegeready - excited - firstdayofcollege -
rcs_simp15 : Have a good day love u!
mandyrillamark : Have a great day
jessiecait : Thank you!!! Love you too, girly! Hope you have a good second day 😜 lol @rcs_simp15
jessiecait : Thank you so much! 😊 @mandyrillamark
kennesawstateuniversity : Yay! πŸŽ“πŸ““
rcs_simp15 : Thank u!😘
ryan.johnson03 : Good luck!!
jessiecait : Thanks much! 😁 @ryan.johnson03
faithw1197 - coreyvsphillip - jenn_puckett27 - halie_mariah -
Back to the daily grind. Why can't they just hand me my diploma now?! @kennesawstateuniversity @kennesawstateconnect @ksushoutoutpage @everythingksu #RoadToGraduation #KSU #KennesawStateUniversity #FightingOwls #CollegeShit
ksu - fightingowls - kennesawstateuniversity - roadtograduation - collegeshit -
chriscarson22 : Bruh where u stay at?
viewme_bg : @chriscarson22 i stay down by Cumberland mall. Why what's up?
chriscarson22 : Oh okay well I go to ksu
viewme_bg : @chriscarson22 when do you have class?
cococurrious - itsquezzo - chaneleinblack - novascotia88 -
My very first day of school all the way till my last first day of school #timeflies #classof14 #senior #kennesawstateuniversity #ksu
ksu - senior - timeflies - kennesawstateuniversity - classof14 -
chellccc : 😒 seems like only yesterday
brayjue : U pretty much dress the same lol
itsnicolealley : Yup. Backpack looks the same @brayjue
ted_brosby_ - arielfonthemic - instasenior - __meganhall -
Build your body. Look presentable. Make eye contact. Smile at the people you meet. Build your mind. Build your empire. Assert yourself. Create an aura. Don't be a little beta bitch.
kennesawstateuniversity - fitspo - selfdevelopment - gainz - fitness - mind - motivationmonday - beeeyotch - goals - bodybuilding - selfimprovement - arms - health - triceps - muscle - guns - exercise -
ted_brosby_ : Strong floor trash.
ted_brosby_ : #bodybuilding #fitness #fitspo #triceps #arms #guns #exercise #health #goals #selfimprovement #selfdevelopment #muscle #mind #gainz #kennesawstateuniversity #motivationmonday #beeeyotch
ninjawhee : πŸ™
freedom4ev : Looking so good in those jeans and t shirt! Just flawless! What about the floor trash hahaha
ted_brosby_ : Fucking floor trash trying to bring me down. But I ain't gon' let it. 😁 Obrigado, @freedom4ev. Te adoro!
tomera6 - _chrisrecinos - fitfreaks_fitbeasts - d_anna7 -
First day at #kennesawstateuniversity ? Success βœ… same time tomorrow? πŸ˜‰ #ksu #firstday #college #fuckimafreshmanagain #summer #is #over
ksu - summer - kennesawstateuniversity - is - firstday - fuckimafreshmanagain - college - over -
quintonmartinii : Same here! Except I only got 1 class today and 3 tomorrow with a HUGE gap in between classes lol @_betterweather
_betterweather : Mine is the other way around! Haha I have 3 on m/w with a huge gap between 9:15 and 12:30. Tuesdays and Thursdays I have 1 class from 9:30-10:45.
_betterweather : ^^^ @quintonmartinii
quintonmartinii : I have a class at 9:30am tomorrow too @_betterweather
_betterweather : Really? What class? @quintonmartinii
quintonmartinii : Criminal Courts. Part of my major @_betterweather what class are you taking?
_betterweather : Ksu 1111. One of those stupid, required introductory courses. @quintonmartinii
quintonmartinii : Lmfao I remember those classes πŸ˜‚ I hated those too, trust! They didn't even fit my damn major. It's just the school getting your money lol @_betterweather
nathset25 - _pipe_dream - s1meganc - r.johansson -
Come to @cbkennesaw to #RegisterToWin a #NightThatYoullNeverForget with @LoveandTheft! You could win tickets and Meet & Greet passes to #KennesawStateUniversity’s #BackyardBash14 at @KSUStadium! #CarlBlack #Kennesaw #Chevrolet #Buick #GMC #Chevy #LoveAndTheft #Kicks1015
kennesawstateuniversity - gmc - chevrolet - nightthatyoullneverforget - loveandtheft - chevy - carlblack - backyardbash14 - buick - kennesaw - kicks1015 - registertowin -
rebelheart10 : Need.
pratts_hungry_again - team.chevy - barefootcoon - k_moody837 -
Students race to visit all the offices participating in the Student Center Open house. All students got a Week of Welcome 2014 shirt after stopping by each office’s table. Happy First Day of classes! #kennesawstateuniversity #kennesawstate #ksu #college - AR
ksu - college - kennesawstate - kennesawstateuniversity -
jillldavis : @christinanicolehill
jaybrebre : @__dediicated__ check you out!
martavius_t : Check you out @timmytwofoot
timmytwofoot : Hahaha!! Funny how that happened and I wasn't down there to get a shirt @martavius_t
studioussarah - marcusinyang - hblumsack - dadman262 -
@jessimaepeluso from Girl Code, was the comedian at this year’s big Get In Gear/ Week of Welcome Comedy Show! #GIG #girlcode #WOW #kennesawstateuniversity #kennesawstate - AR
gig - wow - kennesawstateuniversity - girlcode - kennesawstate -
katiecapps22 : @amelialibman
mpbagnati : @kennesawstateuniversity I wish this would have been promoted on this IG, I would have gone if I knew about it!
trainn__ : #wasntfunny
amilli45 : I didn't even know this was happening! I totally would have gone!
avawava6 : She was so funny! I enjoyed it!!!! @kennesawstateuniversity
marcusinyang - mdbanananut - amdobo - emilyajacobs -
First day of classes and happy about it!! #goodclasses #sociology #kennesawstateuniversity #KSU #excited #junioryear #bringiton
ksu - sociology - kennesawstateuniversity - goodclasses - junioryear - bringiton - excited -
kennesawstateuniversity - chels1121 - toristill_ - crystalm94 -
I got to nominate a name for our new owl mascot!!! πŸ˜„πŸŽ“πŸ€πŸŽˆ #Kevinisthename #nameourmascot #iheartmyschool #kennesawstateuniversity #ksuowls @ksu_csl @kennesawstateuniversity
nameourmascot - iheartmyschool - kennesawstateuniversity - ksuowls - kevinisthename -
ksu_csl : @dreakicks thanks for coming into the CSL today!!
kennesawstateuniversity - dobson08 - fullmoonknyght - kevinj_69 -
Our E-board is getting ready for a great semester! Be on the look out for updates on our upcoming events! Happy Monday and first day of Fall Semester!✨ #ksualpfa #alpfa #kennesawstateuniversity
alpfa - kennesawstateuniversity - ksualpfa -
katabel - monicerss - isalasv - alpfaatucf -
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