#Repost @kellyandmichael with @repostapp ・・・ #BryanAdams #KellysSweet15 medley was hilarious and accurate. #SheWasConceivedIn69 #KellyandMichael #KellyRipa #MichaelStrahan
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#Disney Chairman & CEO Bob Iger surprised #KellyRipa with a #Tinkerbell statue! #KellysSweet15 #Actually25 #kellyandmichael
kellyssweet15 - kellyandmichael - disney - tinkerbell - actually25 - kellyripa -
socabag6 : 150 likes on Facebook Disney facebook and counting for your Tinkerbell award.
superjude71 : Kelly...Just so adorable!
tnvolinfl : SO DESERVED. LOVED THE ENTIRE SHOW. So lovely for @kellyripa to stay there for pics w/ entire audience. Shows her character.
pbrown20002 : I love Kelly 's dress!
tacrn83 : Loved the Sweet 15 show! Kelly & Mike you are great hosts!
ttremble58 : Congrats to you both
mmlovebam : Congratulations Kelly!! Short, sweet, and really sassy! Watch you guys every morning and thank you for bringing a smile to my face every morning.
caflaim : Congrats Kelly, love you & the show❣
people_famus - facialnikkib - granny_cass43 - e.selvidge -
#KellyRipa got emotional from her SURPRISE #KellysSweet15. #kellyandmichael #😭 WATCH the entire show on our website (link in bio)
😭 - kellyssweet15 - kellyandmichael - kellyripa -
missmiranda : Love you Kelly!! ❤️
tnvolinfl : Amazingly beautiful & so real. Congrats. Well deserved.
contrario_rosario : We love Kelly
t_lo_yo : We absolutely love you Kelly! So gracious and one of a kind!
annmarieggg : Kelly you are the real deal!
kay868 : Great job Kelly we love you!
ludri45 : You were destined to be famous and loved!
lauren.spoon : @prettyapollo awwww!
julianne.farrell - randomgirl177 - brooklyn_tonn - noelle2703 -
The set from @kellyandmichael that we worked on for Kelly Ripa's 15th Anniversary! #kellyandmichael #kellyripa #michaelstrahan #channel7 #kellysweet15 #candybuffets #njeventplanner #candy #pink #anniversary #cookies #cakepops
pink - cookies - kellyandmichael - anniversary - kellyripa - cakepops - njeventplanner - channel7 - candy - michaelstrahan - kellysweet15 - candybuffets -
joannwicker : I wish I would have known I would have taped the show. How did it go ?
joannwicker - goaliemom3212 - dmd1220 - sweetdreamdolly -
#cakeecakecakecakecakecakecakecakecake 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 I mean Yasss bish yassssss! Life is the best gift you could ever have!!!! You'll remember the day you went into total sadness and the day you hopped out that shit like "fuck you sadness what are you doing for me?" S/o to #KellyRipa cause she the best! You can learn a few pointers or two on happiness from her! 💋💗😍🙌👯 wayyyyy up I AM BLESSED! #veggie #eatclean #cleaneating
kellyripa - cakeecakecakecakecakecakecakecakecake - eatclean - cleaneating - veggie -
islafenway - laurramayy - jennylovesfitness - donkormotivation -
I ❤️this photo. Kelly Ripa took photos with everyone after her 15th anniversary show on Live!! She's such a sweetheart! ❤️ Had so much fun at the show with my mom. #kellyripa #kellyandmichael #ilovenewyork #inspiration #abc #talkshow #kellysquinceañera #ladyboss
kellysquinceañera - abc - kellyandmichael - talkshow - kellyripa - ilovenewyork - ladyboss - inspiration -
rhaine86 : Awesome!!!
heather138 - sboys11 - whitneywils - _elisheba -
Happy 15 years at Live! (& 25 at the walt disney company!) to this awesome and special lady. 💖💖💖 She has always been an inspiration to me. She goes above and beyond and I'll never forget her infinite generosity she gives to everyone. I need a new picture with her don't you think? 😉 Happy Anniversary @kellyripa 🎈🎉🎈 #KellyRipa @kellyandmichael
kellyripa -
brittsbhudson : @jillstrif you need a new picture, I need a picture! 😲 @kellyripa
kathryn_was_here - gracie.sparkles - frankj_09 - ddaliesio -
One last congrats and hurrah to our girl @kellyripa ! She! #KellysSweet15 #KellyRipa #kellyandmichael @kellyandmichael #celebration #family
kellyssweet15 - kellyandmichael - family - kellyripa - celebration -
lizdeno : No Regis??
lakandela : I wonder what's up with Regis not being there
kaybirdie : I know...I kept waiting for him to be a guest too!! Congrats Kelly!! You are such a joy!! Love you all!!♡♡
shari_hol : I was expecting Regis???
joannelapc : I don't think they keep in touch, but would have been a nice surprise
shari_hol : I know Kelly rarely talks about Regis, I hope they are still friends ?
wynn2323 : Was looking for Regis myself especially when they showed so many memories with him in the videos 😐
marioncic : It was a GOOD show.. It would have been better if #Regis made an appearance but I do love all her gay male friends.. They are my favorites, I enjoy there shows especially @bravoandy 😉
pamabell8 - fojuvote - heidifernandez1 - dmueldener -
So fun being part of the audience @kellyandmichael celebrating Kelly Ripa's 15 years on the show. She is such sweetheart in person too! ❤️ #kellyripa #abc #newyorkcity #tv
tv - abc - newyorkcity - kellyripa -
straightfromdivorcesmouth : Ahh, Kelly Ripa is my spirit animal.
bemybee_nyc : @straightfromdivorcesmouth Kelly Ripa is seriously amazing! She even took pictures with the entire audience after the show.
stevenaaronrltr : Magnificent 😃
kayla_rae_22 - showandtales - harleyjaysmom - asignofsuccess -
Love you #KellyRipa!!! 💕 Happy 15 Years Live!!! 📽🌟#MyIdol #love #beautiful #TelevisionHost #KellyandMichael #KellysSweet15 #WaltDisneyCompany #MarkConsuelos #MichaelStrahan
beautiful - waltdisneycompany - myidol - kellyssweet15 - kellyandmichael - kellyripa - televisionhost - markconsuelos - michaelstrahan - love -
elly.gemini - xiv80_ - vedant_61 - nana_so_fly -
Another one. #NPH #neilpatrickharris #kellyripa #kellyandmichael #michaelstrahan @nph
michaelstrahan - kellyandmichael - nph - neilpatrickharris - kellyripa -
taha_aref - romi_156 - himym.nph.db - stefania_biancone -
On point. 👌🏼 #NPH #neilpatrickharris #kellyripa #kellyandmichael #michaelstrahan
michaelstrahan - kellyandmichael - nph - neilpatrickharris - kellyripa -
jkaciupski : Ummmmm. Miss u guys
stefania_biancone - romi_156 - himym.nph.db - neilcobie -
Congratulations Kelly Ripa on your 15th Anniversary on "Live" ❤️ @kellyandmichael #kellyripa #livewithkellyandmichael
instagramdogs - cutepetclub - dogsofinstagram - bestwoof - ruffpost - worldofcutepets - houndsbazaar - instadog - weeklyfluff - fbf - happy_pet - excellent_dogs - instagram - dogstagram - tv - barkpost - tgif - dog - kellyripa - worldtopdogs - dogsandpals - topdogphoto - dogsofinstaworld - showcasing_pets - livewithkellyandmichael - dogoftheday - dog_features - petsmart -
the_finny_project : #dog #dogsofinstagram #petsmart #barkpost #bestwoof #happy_pet #dogsandpals #houndsbazaar #dog_features #weeklyfluff #showcasing_pets #excellent_dogs #topdogphoto #dogsofinstaworld #ruffpost #instagram #instadog #cutepetclub #dogoftheday #dogstagram #tgif #instagramdogs #worldtopdogs #worldofcutepets #fbf #tv
wishing4puppies : I saw the episode today. It was good. - 2tot2handle - cinnamonthepomchi - theemarvelman -
Holly mother of roses! #kellyripasweet15 anniversary show ended with #MichaelStrahan giving #KellyRipa 4ft 100ct long stem #pinkroses from the fabulous @latelierrouge 💞💘
pinkroses - michaelstrahan - kellyripa - kellyripasweet15 -
instanoahwilson - joeldaviddd - mayitooo93 - abigailcarnevale -
Kelly favorite dance partner! So incredibly happy for @kellyripa on 15 years at LIVE! You're an inspiration. I love you, spirit animal. 😘 _______________________________________________________ #NYC #kellyandmichael #KellyRipa #KellysSweet15 #TV #TVlife #livewithkellyandmichael #anniversary #celebration #party #work
kellyssweet15 - kellyandmichael - tv - work - anniversary - kellyripa - tvlife - party - nyc - livewithkellyandmichael - celebration -
kellyripa : I love you @joeldaviddd 😍😍💋👫
joeldaviddd : @kellyripa 🤗👯
baseballbrae_10 : Wish I was there🤔
rosaivettevalentin : Omg love her!!!
docvegas - thecubiclecollections - yea722 - aidanmfinn -
#fbf to last year when @MichaelStrahan channeled his best #Zoolander in front of Derek himself when we went to the the #KellyAndMichaelShow! #fierce #walkoff #duckface #catwalk #model #hansel #benstiller #kellyripa #mariamenunos #abc #morning #talkshow #ny #nyc #movie #premiere #Zoolander2
zoolander2 - walkoff - premiere - fbf - hansel - fierce - mariamenunos - catwalk - abc - benstiller - duckface - movie - kellyripa - morning - talkshow - ny - zoolander - nyc - model - kellyandmichaelshow -
lovesther3 : Love Michael Strahan he is so cute 😘
jjennifferr425 : @lovesther3 : he's the whole package!
http.karmainperson - james.c.chen - riotredbeard - beyonces_homeboy -
#KellyRipa #congratulations #15 #25 #youareloved #livekellyandmichael
youareloved - 25 - congratulations - 15 - livekellyandmichael - kellyripa -
flop24 - joeldaviddd - dogsnseashells - nikkipenna -
Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger congratulates Kelly Ripa on her 'Sweet 15' and 25 years with The Walt Disney Company. #Disney #disneydoll #disneyland #disneyparks #disneyworld #disneyprincess #disneystore #15 #Chairman #CEO #bobiger #kellyripa #25 #waltdisney #walt #disneycompany #waltdisneycompany #doll #dolls #dollnews #dollphoto #dollcollection #dollcollector #tinkerbell #d23 (news d23 page) #sweet #sweet15
disneydoll - doll - tinkerbell - sweet - sweet15 - waltdisney - walt - disneystore - disneyland - dollnews - waltdisneycompany - 25 - disneyprincess - 15 - bobiger - disneyparks - d23 - kellyripa - disneyworld - ceo - dollphoto - chairman - dollcollection - disneycompany - dollcollector - disney - dolls -
andry_chiari - katja302 - my_ever_after - bethany_and_others -
#MichaelStrahan got #KellyRipa these 4ft stem roses for her #KellysSweet15 from @latelierrouge! #kellyandmichael #🌹 #ArtMoore #MarkConsuelos #TheBachelor
thebachelor - kellyssweet15 - kellyandmichael - kellyripa - markconsuelos - michaelstrahan - 🌹 - artmoore -
gmta1022 : Congratulations Kelly you are awesome
thesha88 : How come Regis was not at this celebration. Please talk about it on Monday.
dwiggim05 : Michael those roses are the bomb! Well deserved Kelly! Love you guys!
kjhanrahan : @sjanehaumesser those babies were 4 ft tall! 🌹
lemonjuicecleanse : Aw!! Love michael! !!!! Fun show!
charlotte.yoder : What a fun show. You both start my day with laughs. Love you both. You are both very special people.
socabag6 : Posted your Tinkerbell statue on the Disneyland facebook 150 likes and counting.
roselarosa_024 : Well deserved🍷🍷🍷
a_photo_harazin_ - deriehefter - jenny_coutts_ - pena6695 -
I guess I was on @kellyandmichael this morning! I remember that time #kellyripa and I spent together at The Winter Garden Theater on #Broadway being silly Sisters for #whitechristmas. She was so sweet! We also share the same soap opera! @allmychildren. Pine Valley fo evah! #awesome #Hollywood #dreambig #memories 💋
dreambig - broadway - memories - awesome - hollywood - kellyripa - whitechristmas -
martigcummings : @merpatterson I'm In la next week!!! Must see u
dierblessed - reacts13169 - rawleighm1 - teresaalberts -
Check out our #photobooth capturing the action at #KellysSweet15 this AM #Repost @kellyandmichael ・・・ After our SURPRISE #KellysSweet15.. #KellyRipa took pictures with the ENTIRE audience of 235 people! Thanks to @MVSstudio for taking all these impromptu pics. #kellyandmichael
kellyssweet15 - kellyandmichael - kellyripa - photobooth - repost -
joeldaviddd - sarahbianchetti - rubysbowtique - pennybin -
@kellyripa is simply the best! #Repost @kellyandmichael After #KellysSweet15 #KellyRipa took pictures with the ENTIRE audience of 235 people! Thanks to @MVSstudio for taking all these impromptu pics. #kellyandmichael
kellyssweet15 - kellyandmichael - kellyripa - repost -
vaguilarrr : Reason #346 why she'll forever be my role model! 😘😩😍
danellh5 : Totally jealous! Was there in December to celebrate my 40th birthday with a first time trip to NYC & was totally bummed with seats, however it was a really fun show 😊
ajenkins64 : She made cry at the end of the show! I can't believe it's been 15 years!!
karenbonora : She IS the best. Such a sweet kind soul 💝
shari_hol : Great show !
sweetdestiny51 : I cried and cried and cried some more. It was beautiful! I'm so happy with everyone's success! Countless blessings.
lvr2cats : She is the best! Along with an amazing team including you!
kaybirdie : Best show on tv!!! Love you all!!!
zriosll - f_urzo - stephanieeeeeb_ - beth_e_g_s -
After our SURPRISE #KellysSweet15.. #KellyRipa took pictures with the ENTIRE audience of 235 people! Thanks to @MVSstudio for taking all these impromptu pics. #kellyandmichael
kellyssweet15 - kellyandmichael - kellyripa -
dogbitme : Just goes to show why she's considered a great person - what a nice thing to do- made everyone's dream come true
elizabeth.riggs5 : Love @kellyripa. A deserving tribute. Such an inspiration to follow. #WishICouldBeLikeHer
lizzabbott : You've got Heart and Class, @kellyripa !! 😘
zkgdi110 : KELLY that's so cool of you! Wish I was there, I just love everything about you! 😘 @kellyripa
reginadiana121 : How cool!!
mespin12 : @kellyandmichael that's why you have been with us for 15years! Wishing you at lest 15 more!
barbmansfield : So nice of her to do that!
rororo247 : You are awesome 👍🏽
jenny_coutts_ - pattipacker - osmarvieirada - kkarzinjr -
#Repost @gelmanlive: Congratulations Kelly on your 15th Anniversary on "Live"! #kellyandmichael #kellyripa #happyanniversary #timeflies #KellysSweet15 thanks to @mvsstudio for the pics!
kellyssweet15 - kellyandmichael - timeflies - happyanniversary - kellyripa - repost -
angelmac17 : Missed Regis!!
donnalucey : May the two of you have another 15 years entertaining all of us !
hanes_mckinney : One of the best parts of being a teacher is watching #kellyandmichael during the summer! Was able to be the audience this past August of course the week @kellyripa was on vacation! Maybe next time Congrats and love to @kellyripa
chooks53 : Gelman's face tho--"I can't believe I spent THAT much for that necklace!!!"
brooky42 : Congratulations on your 15th. Anniversary❤️ your show...
barbmansfield : Your necklace is beautiful!
chrispie01 : It all began with REGIS!!!!
mary.starling.796 : You know everyone knows if you watch tv .that it started with regis. But really can once a person be happy and celeabrate something without someone being critical.look your birthday is yours . Do you call your parents up front and say it started with them.because you know it did.or do you celebrate your birthday.why can we not let things be.
osmarvieirada - facialnikkib - kkarzinjr - randi200 -
#relaxing #feelsgood #lazyass #kellyripa #15yearanniversary #kellyandmichael #comfy I need to clean but this feels so good 😁
feelsgood - kellyandmichael - relaxing - lazyass - 15yearanniversary - comfy - kellyripa -
ollieorf - voszka - samkit.jain.94 - juanpi_bmx -
In case anyone was wondering for whom those beautiful long stem roses where for... They were for the marvelous @kellyripa #happyanniversary #kellysweet15 #kellyandmicheal #roses #pink #🌹so thankful to be on the show @kellyandmichael #kellyripa #nyc #nycflorist #nomadflorist #floristlife #luxury #luxuryflorist #blooms #bloooms #lovers #romantic #bigflower #flowers #flowermagic #flowerpower #flowerlovers
bloooms - bigflower - flowerlovers - flowers - kellyandmicheal - kellysweet15 - nycflorist - pink - lovers - 🌹so - romantic - flowerpower - kellyripa - nomadflorist - roses - luxury - floristlife - nyc - luxuryflorist - happyanniversary - blooms - flowermagic -
katyflynn13 : Ahhhhh Derek and I saw like 5 minutes and that was the 5 minutes and he asked me if you did those!!!! So cool!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
latelierrouge : Happy Valentine's Day @katyflynn13 @dereksmackwell ❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕
jodieelyachar : L'atelier rouge did the flowers for my daughters wedding four years ago. People are still talking about how magnificent they were! The most gorgeous chuppah I have ever seen! And most importantly the nicest people you'd ever want to work with!!!
jodieelyachar : @rachellicht
latelierrouge : @jodieelyachar xoxo Happy Valentine's Day and thank you again you have a wonderful family ❤️💕❤️💕❤️
2cliche2 : That was beautiful she is so cool
crystalkorobeyko : Love these 2
almerindadawaf : Very nice and deserving of
2cliche2 - asilahblue - seanderoch - k8brainard -
Happy 15th, @kellyripa!!! Here's one of our favorite segments from @kellyandmichael with our #honeywhiskeycake 😊 #bkbarons #kellyandmichael #kellyripa #newyork #newforkcity #newyorkcity #food #foodporn #f52grams #feedfeed #abc #delicious #dessertporn #eeeeeats #epicurious #followme #gay #instagay #jarrytype #love #live #truecooks #yum
love - newyorkcity - gay - foodporn - newyork - bkbarons - delicious - epicurious - kellyandmichael - f52grams - honeywhiskeycake - abc - eeeeeats - instagay - feedfeed - kellyripa - dessertporn - food - live - newforkcity - truecooks - yum - followme - jarrytype -
add.follow.20555 : awesome Check My Bio
bzoppi : This is so exciting. I am so happy for you guys!
g3tt_f0110w3rz - brokenspokenyc - terezaaaaaaaaa - eatonthedaily -
Today's LIVE! With @kellyandmichael episode was most definitely my favorite. A lot of laughter & emotional moments for me as I was thinking back on the years of when I was a little little kid in elementary school watching Kelly. I got bullied a lot in my elementary school days & I just have to say Kelly could always put a smile on my face, make me laugh, and make me feel better. I think everyone needs a little @KellyRipa in their day. She has inspired me to become a TV host/interviewer & I keep going hard in NoahPOPTV because it's going to be a BIG hit one day...I just know it will be. I just have to continue to work hard as my other sweet friend @instafaithford would say that played with Kelly in the sitcom show "Hope & Faith". I want to mention how sweet of a person Kelly is. She truly cares about her fans & I won't never forget when she invited me to come see her because she wanted to meet me. She made me feel so special on that day. During the first commercial break she came over all happy saying "You Must Be Noah" giving me a hug and turned me around to the audience saying "Everyone meet my friend Noah from Twitter. He tweets me the sweetest things." I want to thank Kelly for making me feel so special, and the LIVE staff for always getting me tickets to the shows. I hope to be back to visit soon in NYC. I love ya Kelly Ripa! Happy sweet 15!! 😘❤️🎈❤️ One of my favorite clips from the special program today is in my bio. #KellysSweet15 #KellyRipa #KellyandMichael
kellyssweet15 - kellyandmichael - kellyripa -
richienuzz : Love it
laurielaplumecrane : Noah you looked so young 😊
instafaithford : Very sweet Noah! ❤️❤️😉
misspattih : Well said! ❤️👍🏻
dorepetrocchi : So sweet
kellyripa : @instanoahwilson YOU are a shining star. Always have been. Thank you for your kindness and overall awesomeness.
kellyripa : Xoxo❤️❤️ hit send too soon.
instanoahwilson : @kellyripa Aww. Thank you my friend. Your just 2 sweet. I miss ya! Hope to visit the show in NYC again soon. xo
freedomfightersworld - zippiewave - marialevina - tattedchick94 -
#Repost @kellyandmichael with @repostapp ・・・ #KellysSweet15 #KellyRipa with her two leading men! #RealHusband #WorkHusband #KellyandMichael #MarkConsuelos #MichaelStrahan Photobooth: @mvsstudio
kellyssweet15 - kellyandmichael - kellyripa - markconsuelos - workhusband - michaelstrahan - realhusband - repost -
rubysbowtique - chris_ivanoff - katedennygonzalez - lou_pdx -
Happy 15th Anniversary @kellyripa 🎈🎉🌹 Thank you for being YOU and making us smile and laugh every day. ❤️ #kellyripa #myspiritanimal #kellyssweet15
kellyssweet15 - myspiritanimal - kellyripa -
rubysbowtique - deanna774 - nicoleboyd68 - becsvegas0924 -
One of my biggest hero's: #KellyRipa. Today, as she celebrates 15 years of hosting Live TV, I can't help but admire someone who has been such an incredible role model in her career, marriage, as a mother and as a public figure. She is quite possibly the most beautiful person on this planet. Congratulations @kellyripa on all of your accomplishments. You inspire me greatly. #kellysSweet15 #livekellyandmichael
livekellyandmichael - kellyssweet15 - kellyripa -
amyevelynp : Lucky lady, lucky lads!
shiney_moon - carleyrb3 - lauryn_christyne - im.a.pepper.22 -
Kelly's got me crying... One of the few shows I like to watch all the time. #kellyripa #pregnancyhormonesmaybe #orshesjustawesome #kellyandmichael
orshesjustawesome - kellyandmichael - pregnancyhormonesmaybe - kellyripa -
shannonoleen : I'm sitting here crying too haha!!!
jeanobird - queenvanna - joeldaviddd - shannonoleen -
HAPPY SWEET 15 KELLY❕❕🎉🎉 Thank you for being part of my EVERYDAY morning coffee & ALWAYS sharing a good laugh❤ #livekellyandmichael #kellyripa
livekellyandmichael - kellyripa -
thesarahahughes : Love these 2
thesarahahughes - shannonoleen -
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