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Long fluted skirt with tight waisted top ...something different than the typical short dress. Can't remember the last time I put makeup on and dressed up... #Xmas2015 #countryclub #party #wonderwhatfoodwillbethere #keepingitreal
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#rp from @curvyyoga ......you can actually subscribe to get her daily love notes⚫️⚫️⚫️ the only challenge I am gonna finish this month is #decemburrrbasics. After that maybe a challenge a month...... & handstand every fucking day until I can drop into one while walking down the street & then there will still be more handstands. Most ️️️hosts of these challenges have no clue that I am even doing them. I never hear from them in the form of a like or a comment. #decemberrrbasics was different, a few of the ️️️hosts keep in touch and leave a kind word. I appreciate that a lot. I am not gonna neglect my instinct to go from ️forward fold one day to grasshopper the next. Not happening. #keepingitreal
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#VideofortheHATERS #iwatchedthistoomanytimes #hahahahaha #toofunny #keepingitreal #fuckthehaters #amra #amrezy #glamrezy💋💋💋💋💋
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amrezy_fan_1 : @amrezy
misstiffnicole : This is awesome!!
hajerrrrrrr : هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه
gracielagonzalez9 : LOVE YOUUUUUUUU @amrezy
glammodelaje : She's beautiful 😍💅👠💄 @amrezy
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Tanks are SOLD OUT. Get your hoodies while quantities last . Independent contractor OPEN WHEN THE MALL IS CLOSED. Every woman should own a piece of Fit and Fly apparel #keepingitreal #imjustsaying
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😄😈 #worldstar#realnigga#keepingit100#swag#smoke#keepingitreal
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vic.tm : Thought you stopped lmfao
loco_smoove : Lmfaoo @vic.tm
vic.tm : Lying ass nigga
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And birds... ☁️🐦 #keepingitreal
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#dinner #spanish #pizza #wine #auckland #newzealand #friday #keepingitreal _________________________________
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My weekday wardrobe roundup is live #ontheblog #thelamourcollection #keepingitreal #whatiwore
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jyered : Love these ones! Especially the forever 21 top outfit! @thelamourcollection
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This is how I wrap presents lol I don't fool around. #keepingitreal #stayingsane #goingcrazy #wrapping #christmas #hohoho #holidays #lotsofwork #wineneeded #mallomars 😂😂😂🎁🎅
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stacey_stubba : Good idea
beverlyfink : Yum by fav I could eat both boxes at once so I don't dare buy them
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Day 10. | it was such a beautiful hot summers day today, beersies after work hit the spot. | #mmnz100happydays #100happydays #100happydaysdospanteras | #beer #summer #keepingitreal _________________________________
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I may have said I was studying in Milano but the truth is I was here modelling. This is me and some of my model friends. #vogueitalia #keepingitreal
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I feel like everyone has always made comments how great and natural I'll be after working with newborns. Not going to lie today has been hard. My milk came in last night, she fed for a half hour or more every hour, I haven't slept more then a couple hours the past week, my emotions are so crazy, I cry at the drop of anything, I'm a nervous wreck, everything has made me nervous. But this face, she needs me. And just staring at her the love I feel is something fierce. ❤️ remember god is guiding me and helping me along the way. #keepingitreal #myrosiejane
myrosiejane - keepingitreal -
whitneynorko : From what you just said sounds like your doing it perfectly.
hegraves : Don't beat yourself up! It's totally different when it's your own baby, same way with nursery nurses :) It will get easier and yall will fall into your own perfect routine ❤️ Hugs!
leahfontaine : I felt like I was in a fog for the first three weeks with Isaac. The milk situation, the sleep deprivation, and the bodily fluids. I remember crying because I didn't feel loved, in a house full of family and friends! It's such a trying time, but you'll get through it!
kelsilin3 : You probably don't know me... but I have followed your amazing story and I want to let you know from a mother of 2 now.. it will get easier I promise! I was a total wreck with my last one (he is now 5 months) I broke into tears over nothing... that is the hormones all out of wack. Also, days melted into each other... But you will figure out your baby girl's schedule and after that.. you will be getting more sleep and your hormones will go back to normal and no more break downs! Being a mommy is the greatest blessing..as you already know... she will make it all worth it just to see her beautiful face every day! Hang in there! :)
katie_drew : This is normal!💕it gets easier!!
tabithahallam : Sounds like every Mamas first experience. You are doing a great job!
morganfisher : Your doing great!!! I was the same way! Milk came in and the second third day was the worst!!!! Most awful emotions ever!!! But she needs you that's big! That's the best feeling ever!!! At 13 months my daughter has yet to sleep through the night... She needs me lol! I keep telling myself one day!!
angela.doran : Mama, it's hard. But you're still doing great. Just know that YOU are the very best thing for her right now and always. ❤️
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And sometimes all the filters in the world can't help someone! 😂 #JustSaying #SorryNotSorry #KeepingItReal #FiltersAreAGirlsBestFriend #BeforeAndAfter #NotAllMyPicsAreFiltered #Promise
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Spend the last day with my squad ❤❤❤ @diaannaa.g @anthony_guzmann couldn't have asked for a better day 😛❤💕✊👌 #besties #blackandwhite #beautiful #forever&ever #squad #keepingitreal #cymera
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skyy__queenn : Okay Okay we get it you love her 😳😳 lol 😂😂👌👌 @anthony_guzmann
diaannaa.g : lmao 😂😂😂😂 @childishmadbino hi girl ✌️💗
childishmadbino : Hi 😘💖 @diaannaa.g @skyy__queenn said I'm not apart of your squad 😪
diaannaa.g : @childishmadbino you are 👊☺️
skyy__queenn : You like the main baee 💯💯💯 @childishmadbino
childishmadbino : Truuuu 😚💗 @skyy__queenn
childishmadbino : Awww thanks 🙈😭 @diaannaa.g
skyy__queenn : 😁😍 @childishmadbino
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Sorry I'm post crazy today, sometimes you just have a lot to say 😝 Here's a full body pic and a real #ootd 😊 Going out for sushi with my friends tonight! 🍱🍣🍚 Also, #nsv - I haven't worn a skinny belt in forever because I didn't want to draw attention to my waist and now I'm posting for everybody to see 😊 PS. I didn't skinnify or whatever this pic, I just cropped out my laundry 😉 #keepingitreal #21dayfix #21dayfixapproved #beachbody #healthyhabits #healthyliving #itsalifestylenotadiet #fitfam #shakeology #cleaneating #eatclean #healthy #motivation #onehealthychoice #myportionsarefixed
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Spinster wino cat lady set? #playmobil #keepingitreal #toys
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☝For all the Fakes and Lames that changed up on me and switched sides when shiit got REAL👊 #Day1Fakes #FuckAFakeFriend #FakeFlockTogether #DoneWithTheFakes #On2TheReal #RideOrDie #LaFamilia #Loyalty #KeepingItREAL #GameTooStrong #Hood #LosVerasEmpire #Fashion #StreetGear #RepYourCityBruh #StreetWear #CEOtalk #Realest #KaasiLife #Lifestyle #NoMediocre #ImJustHonest #UndeniableTruth #OneUp #AboveAverageLifestyle #OnFleek #RealRecognizeReal #WeInTheMainStream #NowFuxWitDaLV-Team #Salute 💯
fakeflocktogether - fashion - aboveaveragelifestyle - oneup - weinthemainstream - undeniabletruth - streetgear - keepingitreal - nomediocre - ceotalk - loyalty - donewiththefakes - kaasilife - lafamilia - day1fakes - on2thereal - lifestyle - nowfuxwitdalv - gametoostrong - realrecognizereal - realest - fuckafakefriend - repyourcitybruh - losverasempire - imjusthonest - hood - onfleek - streetwear - rideordie - salute -
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After a hard day's work, nothing better than to just kick back and jam FIFA 13 #keepingitreal #tripleog #og #youknowwhattimeitis #thelastbestfifa #digipad #directionalbutton #stopl1triangle #finesse #fifa13
directionalbutton - fifa13 - finesse - og - keepingitreal - tripleog - thelastbestfifa - stopl1triangle - digipad - youknowwhattimeitis -
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#loyal #loyalgirl #love #girl #boy #ourbusiness #keepingitreal #unofficial
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just trying out some cool makeup ideas for the concert on sunday. And seeking for attention from strangers #keepingitreal #trustmeyoudontwanttoseetheotherside
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We all have to keep warm somehow. #pigeonfire #babyitscoldoutside #birds #chicago #holidays #keepingitreal #smart
holidays - chicago - keepingitreal - pigeonfire - birds - smart - babyitscoldoutside -
leannegotcher - purminerals - kamilgphotography - livflores -
@recordgirl024 @markalan_77 #bff #bestfriends #yep #truth #dontfuckwiththebestfriend #keepingitreal #goodmemories #goodvibes
bff - dontfuckwiththebestfriend - keepingitreal - goodmemories - bestfriends - goodvibes - truth - yep -
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Here's my version of the Day 19 pose for the @aloyoga #justbepresent challenge. I attempted the arm balance and let's just say it was comical. #nowaynohow Hopefully my lovely pose {snort} distracts you from the shoes, backpacks and laundry baskets in the background. #keepingitreal #andmessy Challenge hosted by @kinoyoga and @beachyogagirl
andmessy - keepingitreal - justbepresent - nowaynohow -
momtocoolkidsontw : I watch a few funny face plant attempts- precious!! 👍👍💗🙏Miss you!!
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#dove #keepingitreal
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crazychef101 : Sorry but still prefer the top one...
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No #InstagramRapture here! You guys are #100percentlegit! Thanks for #keepingitreal
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My best friend 👍💙☺️
keepingitreal -
bevknox : Remember it all too well Gwen, hope you're all good! X
gwen_sutton : @bevknox haha! It's a godsend isn't it! We're doing great, though last couple of nights we've been feeding 8pm-11pm pretty much continuously and then he is quite restless through the night... Not a fart or a burp in sight so presuming it's trapped wind... 😩💨👎xx
kimm2910 : @gwen_sutton this has cracked me up bless ya ur not shy are u 😜
gwen_sutton : @kimm2910 #keepingitreal haha xx
bevknox - emmabrough100 - caraloupringle - sarahmorris505 -
How I feel about the #exhusband 😂😂😂 that's his name on my contact's. . #truestory #facts #lol #keepingitreal
facts - exhusband - keepingitreal - lol - truestory -
coolcarol85 : Lolllolllol!
dianna621 : Lmfaoooooooo! Hilarious! Too You're too funny Comadre!
blessedstrong13 : But I can't help it if it's true... Lmfao!! @dianna621
dianna621 : @blessedstrong13 Bwahhhhaaaa
jenny_lopez__ - ladysv8 - dianna621 - omg_facts -
#az #keepingitreal #croptop #white #love #crazy #me #southgirls #southafrica #follow4follow ❤️
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Funny but true!!! #Dontjudgeme #likes #photooftheday #picoftheday #instadaily #igers #realtalk #ijs #keepingitreal #lmao #friday
ijs - lmao - realtalk - igers - keepingitreal - dontjudgeme - likes - instadaily - friday - picoftheday - photooftheday -
e_brezzy_ : Ugh 😒
iminlovewitcoco : #ChildPlease Dats all y'all b wanting anyways @bobbylight7520
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Chilling. Holding it down #keepingitreal
keepingitreal -
cole.oswald - cottontop10 - sam_sweatshirt - _hbg_44 -
This morning's #exerciseshot #mnb #activeliving Never mind 1,000,000 bugs to skim off the top #keepingitreal #mybackyard
exerciseshot - keepingitreal - mnb - activeliving - mybackyard -
bluemountainlife : It was so warm last night we enjoyed a night dip. Might be more rain on its way @mcarthurteam
2calves : Love your motivation
thologolong : Looks like a infinity pool @mcarthurteam
sarah_connelly98 : Is it a blow up pool?
mcarthurteam : @sarah_connelly98 No, it's just an above ground model but permanent 🏊
mcarthurteam : @thologolong depends on the angle! I certainly love how it takes in the landscape. Good weather for it, my kids are living in there 🏊
mcarthurteam : @2calves Happy weekend 💙
mcarthurteam : @bluemountainlife We love swimming at night too. Dad even hops in then! Hope that follow up comes over the festive break, would be perfect 💙
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