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Κατεδάφιση τώρα!!Λιγο έμεινε.!!#coming#soon#new#project#new#start#something #big#is#coming #get#ready#ios#island #foodporn#instafood#work#kati#kanoume #kai#emeis#ta #apla#mageiria#
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Markieren? [#dner #kati #katner #kingjoongedner #spielkind]
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Como amo a estas hermosuras 😍 ojala recorran toda argentina y mas allá cantando sus bellas coplas 🎤🎸🎶 son tan hermosos.. los extraño.. #minano #kati #yony 😍😍💕💕💞❤
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อ่อนเพลียตลอดเวลา ร้อนด้วย น่านสาน #kati
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🐓 unda chicken kati roll + cilantro chutney 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 || #kati #undachicken #halal #eggs #indianfood #food #foodstagram #먹스타그램 #nyc #뉴욕맛집
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funkytuesday : Shit! That is cool 🙇
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i was tagged sooo 😊✨ - okay so i found out about him at school, there was this girl and she had gazillions of videos& pictures of ken and basically she would go around and ask people if he's hot & etc 😂 so she asked me once & i was like "who's that?" & she explained everything to me and how he's her "bæ" 🌚 i started watching his dance videos and then i was SWOONED 1!!1 😂 so yeaah! i knew about him during like september of 2015. - i love him mainly because of how he inspired me to get up and dance, and what make things even better is that he was only dancing for like two years i guess and he's already an amazing dancer who's inspired a lot of people. i also love him bc of how sweet he is. he takes time to follow his fans and to reply to them, and nope thats not all. i've heard a lot of people who said kenny is such a good friend and a respectful kid etc... & honestly theres not many boys like that in this world so thats why i admire him sooo much 💜 + he's obviously hot & cute & all that but his personality is what struck me the most and his talent as well. ily @kensanjose ! tysm for inspiring me 💜
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kennethsanjosefanpage : THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL 😭😭💗💗 @kensanjose READ THIS YO
kennethyounot : @kennethsanjosefanpage THANK YOU 💜
sofi_dollete12 : that was touching and sweet @kennethyounot same with the personality
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Enjoying her first plane ride #firstplaneride #babysfirst #offtomiamiflorida #happybaby #vacation2016 #southbeachmiami #kati's first
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Friends# birthday #saeed#kati#reza###
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Oktoberfest 🍻 2013 #2013#likethispic#oktoberfestkleve#oktoberfest#kleve#nrw#ohzopftis#me#girl#kati#dirndl#longhair#oldbutgold
likethispic - oktoberfest - kati - dirndl - oldbutgold - ohzopftis - kleve - me - oktoberfestkleve - girl - nrw - longhair - 2013 -
trachten_drescher : ☀😄
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Cara de loca #kati 😍❤😸
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Love Conquers All | S01E01 | @kensanjose @baileysok1 My name is Bailey Sok. I'm just a typical school girl, I'm already in the ninth grade and too bad I'm in the last section of our batch with my bestfriends, Boogie and Marielle. For me it's really bad because the person I love is in the highest section, his name is Kenneth, Kenneth San Jose. He is a monster when it comes to academics, he's always NUMBER ONE. Everything about him is perfect, he's good looking and intelligent. That's why the school considered him as the campus heartthrob. A lot of girls are trying to confess to him but all of them got rejected. He is also the leader of the most well-known group in our school, the "BoySquad". The group composed of the most good looking and intelligent guys. They are five members of the group: Kenneth as the leader, Sean Lew as the right hand, Gabe de Guzman, Will Simmons and Josh Price. I liked him for almost 2 years already, the first time I saw him was the first day of school when we're still in the seventh grade, he's just a cute little guy running around the hall bc I guess he's already late and I didn't see him that's why we bumped to each other ... Ken: I'm sorry, are you okay? And I just stared at his face for a long time, love at first sight maybe? Ken: Hello? Are you all right? Bailey: Oh yeah, I'm okay. (stuttering) Ken: Cool, but I need to go now bc I'm already late. Bailey: Yeah you should go now. Ken: Bye. I didn't get the chance to get his name. Liking him for me was the greatest motivation in my life, for these past few years, I've been doing a lot of crazy stuff just to see him everyday. I even joined the math club just for me to be with him, too bad I got kicked out of the club bc I'm not good in Math, it was my least favorite subject tbh. I always volunteer to bring the papers to his teacher in order for me to see him there, and there's a lot more. But everything changed when ... continuation below 👎 #baiken #kati #kennethbailey #kenneth #kennethsanjose #kensanjose #baileysok #boysquad #fanfic #seanlew #gabedeguzman #willsimmons #joshprice #boogie #mariellecaldwell
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kenkensanjose : @baiken.gati.seaboo_dncr thank you for reading them 😽
kenkensanjose : @bails.kenny.sean yeah and sorry for keeping you wait 😁 i hope you like it 😽
baiken.gati.seaboo_dncr : Thnx 😚💕
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Και μου λεει ο άλλος δε γινεται να κανουμε παρέα έχεις Κωλαρα και ετσι έληξε η φιλία μας ... #me #summer #2016 #sun #sea #miss #you #love #you #dikia #sou #ennoeitai #nomizw #sou #tairiazw #sky #day #party #pali #monh #kati #uperoxo #erxetai🔜🔜 🎩👳🏿❌😂😂😂🙈
summer - love - ennoeitai - pali - kati - nomizw - sea - party - tairiazw - miss - day - erxetai🔜🔜 - me - sun - dikia - sky - monh - uperoxo - sou - you - 2016 -
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Guys if you could go check out my channel it would mean loads🎥💜🙌🏽I've been working really hard on it and I hope you guys like it🙊💖my links in my bio😝🌸💅🏾 Deleting this later xx
desertheartsfestival : awesome
marinebreeze_ : Just watched your vids. I think they're great! Maybe show some love to my new channel sometime ?(: It would mean a lot
baiken.seailey : Yea sure!😂🌸💖💅🏾and please subscribe if you liked them it would mean loads😍 @marinebreeze_
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Si Cinta udh punya pas fhoto buat ngedaftar TK
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szalsabilabia : Usahakan cumlaude qe 😂
nina_susanti71 : @szalsabilabia #kati jk cumlaude kak.Paud magang DO
nina_susanti71 : @sasakirana02 udh dtg kah dek?
nina_susanti71 : @meysha.10
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#selfie #finnishgirl #cat #kati #catlover #catoftheday #catstagram #catsofinstagram
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deniiseas : @_kat.b
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คิดว่ากะทิคงมีความสุขมากๆที่ได้เป็น กระต่ายน้อยสีชมพู 😂😂😂 ขอบคุณนะคะ น้าบุ๋ม สำหรับชุดกระต่ายสวยๆ🐰
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a lonely winner.#lonely #winner #girl #myfriend #photo by #kati
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Guys I'm so sorry for keeping you waiting so long it was unfair but I will try be very frequent from now on. I've been very busy with my new YouTube channel and it would mean loads if you guys could go check it out and you get to see what I look like! The links in my bio💜 anyways with that being said lets hop in! *continuing* Baileys POV- After a long day at school the fucking home bell actually rang. I thought it was broken🤗 I called primble to tell him that I changed my mind and decided I wanted a lift back home. After saying bye to Tati and boogie I just started walking home thinking I would meet primble on the way but instead I meet Mr.Follower. Kenneth: Yo Short hair! I was going to keep walking until he called me 'short hair?' Who the fuck said he could call me that. I stopped and turned around just so I could give out to him. I just stood and he just walked. He didn't run. Didn't pick up his pace. He called me and is expecting me to walk up to him aswell? Not happening😂 when he noticed I wasn't going to pick up my pace, he did. Finally we got a light bulb flickering in his brain!😒 *when he finally caught up with her they both started walking* Bailey: what do you want😒 Kenneth: what makes you think I want something😏 Bailey: idk maybe the fact that you called me😑so why did you call me? and never call me short hair again Kenneth: idk, I was walking and found myself calling you short hair😏 Kenneth's POV- She looked at me with the cute annoyed face and I knew she would think I was just messing with her with my explanation to why I called her, I was actually counting on that, but that was the truth. I just found myself calling her. Bailey: stop staring! Kenneth: no Bailey: oh my god *walks faster* Kenneth:okay okay! I'm sorry😂*catches up with her* Bailey: why are you following me?😶 Kenneth: *looks the house in Front of them* well because I live here😏 Bailey:wait wh- Baileys POV- Before I could even finish he was opening the house door and walking inside with a happy smirk😑 does he...... I looked over at my house which was 3 houses away from his. Omg. Just my luck. TBC💖💖💖
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Go read my last scene first and please check out my new YouTube channel! The links in the bio💖💖 *continuing* Baileys POV- I walked to my house annoyed just to find primble sitting in the living room, with is feet up on the table, a plate with lots of different cheeses in his hands and friends playing on the T.V. Bailey: Primble! Why didn't you pick me up🙁 Primble: I was going too! But I saw you on the way so I beeped twice, but you weren't coming. Then I noticed that you were walking with some boy so i thought you wanted to walk and just left🤗 Omg that boy is one big distraction😒 Bailey: oh well sorry for having you drive up for no reason😬 Primble:no it's fine, I mean that is my job isn't it😂 Bailey: yea, yea it is isn't you know where Mam and dad are currently🙄 Primble:I have no idea kiddo Bailey: alright*walks to house elevator* and I'm 15!😑 *doors shut and Primble laughs* When I got to my room I completed my homework all except for the maths of course. I was so stuck and had no idea wth I was doing. I didn't want to call Sean cause that would be too soon. I just tried too tackle it and before I knew it, I was out like a light. *Next morning* Baileys POV- I woke up to the sound of BEEPPP!!! BEEPPP!!! BEEPPP!!! Well at least that how it sounded in my head🤔 after complaining about how school was created and about whoever created homework was the stupidest person who ever lived on this planet in my head, I finally got up. I did my hair, my makeup, got dressed and blah blah blah. While I was packing my bag I noticed that I hadn't completed my maths homework but to be honest I couldn't care less. I mean I have my homework done all the time, get A's in most of my subjects and all so if I get in trouble for not doing my homework once it can't hurt. Besides,it's not like my parents are going ask how schools going. I rushed downstairs so that I didn't miss breakfast and I meet a beautiful French breakfast on the table. Bailey: Primbleee what's the occasion😝😋 Primble: nothing really we just have a guest😊 Bailey: oh wh- I looked over at the table to see Gabe stuffing his face with crossaints. Wtf?! TBC💖💖💖
tjmanou : WOW. Is that you in the photo? I will follow you ;)
baiken.seailey : Yea haha thank you! xx💖 @tjmanou
_danielarafael_ : More
baiken.seailey : Doing one later today🙌🏽😊 @_danielarafael_
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พี่โม้ดกินอารัย ไมนู๋ไม่มี #kati
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เหตุเกิดเมื่อพี่คิตตี้หลับ อยู่ๆนางก็ร้องไห้ เบะปาก ตั้งแต่วันนั้นมา พูดคำว่า "คิตตี้หลับ" ไม่ได้เลย ร้องตลอด #kati n #kitty 😺
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#Good_Morning #Kati ☺
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Tall non fat #Kati Kati #Latte
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jiravadeetazzjang : #starbuckscoffee #starbucks #between #ethiopia #kenya #roast #roasted
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yeah idk im pretty devoted i guess 🌚 tag ken? 😊 @kensanjose
okayygilliann : TODAYS A GREAT DAY !!!! and ty ❤️
ingridrivera184 : @kensanjose
bails.kenny.sean : THIS IS ME😂😂😂
prncssbondoc_ : @okayygilliann yeahhh he is 😁
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@kensanjose ❤ btw i'm going to start my story tomorrow so i hope you'll read them 😽 thanks a lot in advance #kennethbailey #kennethsanjose #kensanjose #baiken #kati
baiken - kati - kennethsanjose - kensanjose - kennethbailey -
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#Счастьеесть 😋😆✌ранним утром перед самой посадкой обнаружить в #Illy смузи - просто #волшебство! Авокадо, банан, сок лимона и апельсина - ох, ну до чего #вкусно! #смузи #smoothie #здороваяеда #люблюсмузи ну и любимый мармелад #Kati от #Kalev в Tax-free это тоже отдельное счастье 🙈🙈🙈
kalev - illy - smoothie - люблюсмузи - волшебство - kati - счастьеесть - здороваяеда - смузи - вкусно -
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Mi felicidad en una foto cuanto las amoo no se imaginan😍#amigas #locas #lasamo #nuncamefalten #lu #kati #cami
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camila.barboza12 : Yo más 😍😍😎
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"Kakatihan" Hahaha #holes #face #kati #skin #holeface #yuck #abovenormal #crazinessoverload #photoshop
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Can't wait for the #gati #kati #sheahani moments 😍😍😍❤ @mytypolife @mariellemondays @tatimcquay @tahani_anderson @kensanjose @sheaden_gabriel @hiphoptdc (TYPO LIKED)
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nah.vieira.393 : Love 😍🇧🇷
justme_1661 : #gati 😍😍
aba.__.leo : ^^^
rubberband.xo : Gati asf😍
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