...if you haven't figured it out by now, Karkles is my favorite troll. #karkat #karkatvantas #karkathomestuck #homestuck
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I love it when Karkat smiles, only I'm so used to seeing him without one that it looks weird to me now. #karkat #karkatvantas #karkathomestuck #homestuck
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Crabdad and Karcrab <3 #karkat #karkatvantas #karkathomestuck #crabdad #lusus #karkatslusus #homestuck
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Troll teletubbies! #gamzee #gamzeemakara #gamzeehomestuck #nepeta #nepetaleijon #nepetahomestuck #solluxcaptor #sollux #solluxhomestuck #karkat #karkatvantas #karkathomestuck #homestuck
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I honestly have no comment. Other than Kanaya and Porrim would probably kill them. #kankri #karkat #kankrivantas #karkatvantas #kankrihomestuck #karkathomestuck #homestuck
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*snorts* I love these guys. #karkat #karkatvantas #kankri #kankrivantas #karkathomestuck #kankrihomestuck #homestuck
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Kargrub! #karkat #karkatvantas #karkathomestuck #homestuck #kargrub #grubs
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qurikycancer : OH MY GOD, YES JUST YES.
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This is so them. I love these idiots. #sollux #solluxcaptor #karkat #karkatvantas #homestuck #solluxhomestuck #karkathomestuck
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D'awww!!! I love him. #karkat #homestuck #karkathomestuck
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I've started Homestuck and I already love this grumpy, insulting, rom-com loving troll. #homestuck #karkat #karkathomestuck
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This deep antag9nizing feeling I have cann9t be ign9red any l9nger. The mutant 6l99d that runs deep thr9ugh my veins needs t9 6e sh9wn. Y9u never wanted t9 listen t9 me, y9u always t9ld me t9 6e quiet. Well n9w, y9u have me screaming 9ut. // #kankrivantas #karkatvantas #kankrivantascosplay #homestuck #homestuckcosplay #cosplay #fangs //
cancer - cronkri - fangs - trolls - homestuck - kankricosplay - cosplay - kankrivantascosplay - karkatvantas - karkathomestuck - homestuckcosplay - kankrivantas -
2tupiid : Thank y9u, ❤ @puppetprince
xxthe_disciplexx : I
xxthe_disciplexx : LOVE
xxthe_disciplexx : THIS
2tupiid : #kankricosplay #kankrivantas #homestuck #karkatvantas #karkathomestuck #cronkri #homestuckcosplay #trolls #cancer
mafifysan : WOW.... That is perfect good job.
2tupiid : Thank you thank you c: @mafifysan
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Well might as well say goodnight! Love all my followers! #karkat #karkatvantas #karkathomestuck #karkatvantashomestuck #homestuck
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_sun._.shine_ : ,)
_paige.ampora_ : KARKAT!!!
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I finished him! Karkat god! His hair is so complicated (for me)! Hope you guys like it! Its not that well. #karkat #vantas #karkatvantas #karkathomestuck #homestuck #karkatvantashomestuck #horrible #drawing #anime
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official.bocchan : That's really good!
____miss_draw_it_all____ : Sorry no @rapunzelxprincess
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Outlined how is so far? #karkat #wip #workinprogress#homestuck #karkathomestuck
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I'm trying to draw karkat but its not working to well... I'll finish it anyway. #karkat #homestuck #karkathomestuck
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official.bocchan : It's goooooddd
homestuckvoiceacting : Looking good!
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My baby Karkat being the supermodel bitch she is <3 #karkathomestuck #homestuck #karkat #kittens #cats #meow #blackcats #cutestuck #witches #magic
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kayceeissuicidal : Damn supermodel
scenekid.wonderland : She's so beautiful doe
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ĸeep sϻɪʟɪɴɢ, ĸeep sʜɪɴɪɴɢ ĸɴowɪɴɢ ʏou cɑɴ ɑʟwɑʏs couɴт oɴ ϻe ғoʀ suʀe; тʜɑтs wʜɑт 'ʀɑɪʟs ɑʀe ғoʀ ғoʀ ɢood тɪϻes, ɑɴd вɑd тɪϻes ɪ'ʟʟ вe oɴ ʏouʀ sɪde ғoʀeveʀ ϻoʀe ♢ [#aradiamegido #megidoaradia #aradiahomestuck #homestuck #karkatvantas #vantaskarkat #karkathomestuck #arakat #katara #homestuckshipping #pale #andrewhussie]
homestuckshipping - katara - aradiamegido - andrewhussie - karkatvantas - aradiahomestuck - karkathomestuck - arakat - moirails - pale - megidoaradia - homestuck - vantaskarkat -
timemaidx : #moirails
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[{my edit}] #karkat #vantas #karkatvantas #homestuck #troll #homestucktroll #karkathomestuck #anime #manga #otaku #death #edit #myedit #kawaii #skull #effect
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/ #karkat #karkatvantas #karkathomestuck #homestuck #homestuckrp /
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you_cant_fight_the_homo : "You little bitch." He mutters, his face bright red. Of course, he had his hands over his face. He didn't want his blood colour out. @sirmixiejulzs_fandom_house
sirmixiejujujulz : She giggled smirking walking towards him getting close to his face
you_cant_fight_the_homo : He took a step back. "..." @sirmixiejulzs_fandom_house
sirmixiejujujulz : "Wha7s up" she tilted her head "I go7 a horror movie"
you_cant_fight_the_homo : He nodded slowly. @sirmixiejulzs_fandom_house
sirmixiejujujulz : She put the DVD in and made it really dark.
you_cant_fight_the_homo : He plopped down on the couch. "What movie?" @sirmixiejulzs_fandom_house
sirmixiejujujulz : "Halloween" she smiled "i7's no7 7ha7 scary"
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I know I screwed up the horns and eyes T.T #karkat #anime #homestuck #karkitty #trolls #karkathomestuck
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| ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ༻ Omegel ༺ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Welp! I met these amazing people tonight on Omegel. - I really couldn't believe it! - I had so much fun talking to them! - I just wanted to say that your guys cosplay is just hella! - Ten out of ten!!!! - I love it! - So people go and follow these flawless people! - ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ༻ #Karkat #KarkatVantas #Vantas #Homestuck #KarkatHomestuck #Mituna #Captor #MitunaCaptor #Kankri #KankriVantas #Anime #Manga #Fangirl #Omegle #OmegleStuck #Vriska #VriskaSerket #Serket #Cosplay #HomestuckCosplay ༺ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
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melodicakind : oh gosh I think i saw you briefly last night :o I was the god tier rose C:
thug.uke.gang : ༻ @melodicakind ༺ Oh!!!! I remember you!!! You were hella cute!!! So sorry if I hung up on you. Good cosplayers scare me. >~<
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| ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ༻ Omegel ༺ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ So am going to go on Omegle! - Under the Homestuck and Hetalia tag. - I'm torn between going on as Vriska and Karkat. - Who do you think I should go on as? - And would any of you want to find me? - I'll be on in half an hour. - So ya! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ༻ #Karkat #KarkatVantas #Vantas #Homestuck #KarkatHomestuck #KarkatVantasHomestuck #VantasHomestuck #HomestuckKarkat #HomestuckKarkatVantas #HomestuckVantas #Anime #Manga #Fangirl #Omegle #OmegleStuck #Vriska #VriskaSerket #Serket #Cosplay #HomestuckCosplay ༺ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
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horusszahhaks : VRISKA!! ::::)
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•| Open Roleplay |• Karkat laid wide awake in his bed, unable to sleep at all. It was terrible. Karkat had a nightmare early on in the night and was unable to fall asleep again in fear. He didn't want his dreams to come back. He sighed, sitting up. Karkat glanced around his room. He loathed the darkness right now.. Finally his eyes situated on one thing.. Of course! Karkat scooted towards his Husktop, opening it up. He logged onto Trollian and went to see if [ Your Character ] was online. Thank god they were. He opened up a chat and started to type: CG: UH.. HEY. CG: I KNOW IT'S REALLY FUCKING LATE, BUT UM. CG: I SAW THAT YOU WERE ONLINE, AND I HOPE THAT MEANS YOU'RE AWAKE. CG: IF YOU ARE, AND IT'S NOT TOO MUCH OF A HASSLE.. CG: COULD YOU COME OVER TO MY HIVE? CG: I CAN'T REALLY.. FALL ASLEEP, BECAUSE OF UM.. YOU KNOW. CG: MAYBE YOU DON'T BUT WHATEVER, CAN YOU JUST GET HERE AND SLEEP WITH ME? CG: NOT LIKE THAT JUST.. UGH CG: I'M TOO TIRED FOR THIS, JUST PLEASE COME. Karkat sat in front of the computer, practically begging for them to respond. He needed them. Sure it might be a little embarrassing to ask someone to come cuddle you to sleep, but he was afraid. He would rather be embarrassed as fuck and sleep soundly, than he terrified and not be able to make it through a night. •| Preference of John, Dave, Sollux, or Eridan (no particular order) |•
openroleplay - homestuckroleplay - roleplay - openhomestuckroleplay - karkatvantas - karkathomestuck - karkat - karkatvantasroleplay - homestuckopenroleplay - homestuck - openrp - rp - homestuckkarkat -
thecatandtheasshat : Karkat held tightly onto John, practically like life support. His arms stayed securely around him, and that wasn't going to change any time soon. If John moved, Karkat would move along with him, that was just how it was going to be. Karkat stayed tightly closed to John as he moved about. He slightly loosened his grip however as the door shut. "Uh.. Welcome. I guess.." He mumbled, leaning on him. He wasn't really sure if John got the point of why he came here, but he guessed that was alright. As long as someone was close to him at all times.. He'd be alright. "Uh.." He started up. How exactly was he supposed to say this? It's not like he was going to drag him up to his bed and make them cuddle. That just.. Didn't make sense. It's not like he was going to give him that look of: you me bed now. Because that's not what he meant. Hopefully John just understood and would take matters into his own hands. If not.. Dear god It'd be interesting. •| @anime_stuckstuff |•
fins_and_mutants : John picked up Karkat and laughed "Wow Karkat you're so light" He carried Karkat to his room and sat on the bed, still hugging him. Karkat was small, light and exactly like a cat "Hehe are you my little kitten now Karkat?" He blushed and smiled
thecatandtheasshat : Karkat's eyes widened a little as he was picked up so hastily. His arms tightened back up around John's neck. If he dropped Karkat, John's neck would be going down too. "You don't have to remind me.." He mumbled, pressing his head up against John's shoulder. He was tiny.. He sighed with relief once more as they made it into his bedroom. He was glad to have gotten that human bed installed. "I-wh-what?" A blush dusted over his cheeks. Alright. The name Karkitty bad bad enough.. But now he was being someone's kitten? Dear god. "Your kitten..?" He asked sheepishly. Curse himself, he didn't have his big sweater to hide it. Karkat avoided his glance by staying nuzzled into John's shoulder. He just wanted this night to get over as soon as possible, and hopefully it wouldn't end up being too embarrassing the morning after. •| @anime_stuckstuff |•
fins_and_mutants : "Yeah I mean, you're small and cute like a kitten and I'm cuddling you and you have the word 'Cat' in your name" He swayed them both back and forth as they cuddled "So you're my kitten" He chuckled and smiled "Unless I should call you that"
thecatandtheasshat : "..." He looked down towards his lap, a blush covering his cheeks. God damn it John. Just.. Shut up. This wasn't a time for.. Nice compliments. "Yeah.. I guess." He mumbled, closing his eyes, leaning against him. John was gentle, and soft. He liked that, a lot. "Oh. Uh.." He shrugged lightly, opening his eyes against, enclosed in darkness. "I guess it doesn't really matter.. A name's a name." His grip slightly tightened onto the other male, squeezing his eyes shut again. 'It'll all go away soon, alright Karkat?' He thought to himself, inhaling and exhaling slowly. He sat there for a little, just breathing. Not really thinking, not really moving. Just, breathing. •| @anime_stuckstuff |•
fins_and_mutants : He played with the trolls hair and smiled, kissing his head "Well it's still adorable" He mumbled and held the troll close. He was happy that Karkat wasn't yelling at him
thecatandtheasshat : Karkat rested his head against John's shoulder. His eyes began to close as a small yawn came from his mouth. One of his hands was gripped onto John's other shoulder, well his shirt, on that shoulder. "Whatever you say.." He mumbled as quietly as he could, nuzzling into the crook of his neck. The blush on his cheeks had faded lightly, just giving off a soft pink glow. Karkat's legs had curled up, so he had almost turned into a ball.. Pretty much. The Cancer purred lightly as he began to relax more and more, but he always tried to avoid it by biting his lip, or swallowing hard. There was no way that John would hear him purr, or at least hear him purr and the loudest of his abilities. At least he was comfortable.. And that's all that mattered. •| @anime_stuckstuff |•
fins_and_mutants : He rubbed Karkats back and holds him close nuzzling his neck and smiling. He blushed and smirked, kissing Karkats cheek gently and blushing more
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| ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ༻ Shout Out ༺ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Hey! Guys! - I need to ask you a favor. - My friend is just about to hit 900 followers and I want to help them get there. - They are really cool! And they post a shit tone of funny shit. - Plus they ship Eridan x Karkat. - Meaning a long them we my soul. - Cause OTP. - So Yush! Please follow them! - I'll give you a hug if you do~ - @Prince_Of_Grope @Prince_Of_Grope @Prince_Of_Grope @Prince_Of_Grope @Prince_Of_Grope @Prince_Of_Grope @Prince_Of_Grope @Prince_Of_Grope @Prince_Of_Grope @Prince_Of_Grope @Prince_Of_Grope @Prince_Of_Grope @Prince_Of_Grope @Prince_Of_Grope @Prince_Of_Grope @Prince_Of_Grope - ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ༻ 《 #Homestuck #Karkat #Vantas #Eridan #Ampora #KarkatVantas #EridanAmpora #EriKat #HomestuckKarkat #KarkatHomestuck #KarkatVantasHomestuck #HomestuckKarkatVantas #EridanHomestuck #HomestuckEridan #EridanAmporaHomestuck #HomestuckEridanAmpora #Otp ༺ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
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lil_cosplaying_derp : You should ship uhh
lil_cosplaying_derp : Us
lil_cosplaying_derp : K
puppetprince : I replied
thug.uke.gang : ༻ @puppetprince ༺ OMFG IM SORRY. I NEVER GOT THE NOTIFICATION.
puppetprince : I replied SPRRY IT TOOK LONG
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fake_boston : #KarkatVantas #Karkat #karkathomestuck #homestuck #homestuckfanart
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#my#karkat#so#far#does#it#look#ok? @dragon_lover_12344 #karkathomestuck#drawing#draw#homestuck
draw - ok - look - far - it - karkathomestuck - karkat - does - so - my - drawing - homestuck - : :)
ash_horrorfan102 : :)
maddie_and_karkat_123 : Awesome
ash_horrorfan102 : Thanks :) @dragon_lover_12344
yoake_san : I envy you. I could never ever draw Karkat's hair, much less any other troll's hair! Great job!
ash_horrorfan102 : Thanks @yoake_san 😊
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Kawaii karkat :(=~=): #karkalicious #karkathomestuck #karkat #karkatvantas #homestuck #homestucktrolls #cutekarkat #chibikarkat
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This is soo #karkalicious #karkathomestuck #homestuck #karkatvantas #karkat #gamzee #gamzeemakara #karkatandgamzee #moirail #homestuckgamzee #bestmoirail #morails
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sp0ngeth0m : @homestuck_and_faygo_ I'm going to Akon next year :)
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Oh jegus cx if only this were real #karkat #karkatvantas #karkathomestuck #jegus #hellfuckingyes #deargod #homestuck #homestucktrolls #karkles #funnykarkat #bellathorn #twilight #homestuckcrossover
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eridaaamn_ampora : May i post? I will give credit
night_vale_and_homestuck : Sure I don't mind :3
night_vale_and_homestuck : @kismesis_please
tiffany_xd_t : @dancewithmepeasant
_k.a.g.o.m.e._ : Lol
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ALL MY FRIENDS ARE DEAD 0u0 》{ #karkatmegido #karkatvantas #karkat #homestuck #karkathomestuck }《
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totally_normal_person : I can see this being canon
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| ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ༻New Edit Style༺ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ So! I posted a breaker! Those three blank pictures. • I want to change the way I edit my pictures! • I thought this was cute~! • How do you guys like it~!! • Anyways, this picture is to flipping feels. • Like ouch. Right in the feels! • Ugh! • Karkat just gives me so many feels. • Why?! ;n; • But! Comment how you guys like it~! • ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ༻#Karkat #KarkatVantas #Vantas #Homestuck #HomestuckRp #RpHomestuck #OpenRp #KarkatHomestuck #KarkatVantasHomestuck #VantasHomestuck #HomestuckKarkat #HomestuckKarkatVantas #HomestuckVantas #Anime #Manga #Ships #Otaku #OtakuGirl #Anime #Manga #Fangirl #Edit ༺ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
karkatvantas - homestuckvantas - karkat - vantas - openrp - otakugirl - homestuckkarkatvantas - homestuckrp - vantashomestuck - edit - karkatvantashomestuck - ships - karkathomestuck - otaku - homestuck - fangirl - homestuckkarkat - rphomestuck - manga - anime -
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| ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ༻PromStuck Karkat༺ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Okay! I wanted to post this one as well. • I did Karkat too! But decided to go with Dave. • But ya! I still wanna post this. • Because I thought it turned out pretty nice~ • ^~^ • ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ༻ #PromStuck #HumanStuck #EdmontonStuck #Cosplay #HomestuckCosplay #Cosplay Homestuck #Karkat #KarkatVantas #Vantas #Homestuck #KarkatHomestuck #KarkatVantasHomestuck #VantasHomestuck #HomestuckKarkat #HomestuckKarkatVantas #HomestuckVantas #Anime #Manga #Ships ༺ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
karkatvantashomestuck - homestuckvantas - karkat - vantas - homestuckkarkat - edmontonstuck - homestuckkarkatvantas - homestuck - promstuck - cosplay - vantashomestuck - humanstuck - karkatvantas - ships - karkathomestuck - homestuckcosplay - anime - manga -
dorkyshenanigans : Cute cute cutie wow!:>
thug.uke.gang : ༻ @dorkyshenanigans ༺•\\\\\\• Thank you so much!!!!
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