Straight from Google #kaoticvon #kaotic_von #scam
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neemavsthem_ : Wow I'm so mad I'm just now finding out about this smh she really took my money! Wtf
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The story many of us have #kaoticvon #kaotic_von #scam
kaotic_von - scam - kaoticvon -
ms_fortune : Same here!
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#kaoticvon #kaotic_von #scam
kaotic_von - scam - kaoticvon -
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Why do people use these sites Amazon has this stuff #kaotic_von #fraud #makemoneythehonestway #sickofeveryonebeing ripped off
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tncuvrgurl : @dallasthamav lol it's a long story but not worth talking about #strugglesofpeopleonacomeup
dallasthamav : Mess with me you think Dallas ain't got more then one legal hustle?
rawtalentmua : I just DM you that freaking Sheba package. She is making like 4 times the profit when you order off eBay and $8 and be through. Scratch a lie find a thief. With her PVC pipe booty and warped misplaced navel. Only reason why she sell so much is cause she be on here naked like she in a fitting room. *sips tea* @tncuvrgurl
rawtalentmua : I sent you a DM. Please check it chicka! @tncuvrgurl
femaledragon_fly : Ok, so I purchased the Sheba package as well as the Kia from kat... And this is being sold on eBay/Amazon?! I thought this was like some exclusive shit. lol but fa real tho! Shipping appears to be awful and customer service is makes you wanna cancel your order. smh
femaledragon_fly : I am really pissed the fuck off! EVERYTHING that I purchased from Kat is on Amazon! Like right there! The Dolly, the butt lifter, the Kia, etc... The worse part is that even with the $25 off I received when I placed my order, it's STILL almost $30 cheaper & my shit gonna be here by next week. smh, like for real!!
sweet_nothings784 : Smh, with her fake bought booty and tits
thedivaquisha : It's a different brand. All products ain't equal. It's sad how black folks sit up and hate on each other @kaotic_von
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Ok I'm done waisting my time on this rinky dinky trying to make a come up #kaotic_von wanna be doing business website #dobetterwithothers they spending bank 😜
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dallasthamav : Yeah you trying the wrong service homeskillet.
rawtalentmua : #salute!! ✊✊✊✊✊✊ don't worry she won't be around long. Damn trainers are like bundles n lace fronts. She will fade trust cause she janky selling them dam eBay corsets and butt lifters made in China! @tncuvrgurl
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It ain't nothing to cut them off. she ain't really bout that money!
kaotic_von -
tncuvrgurl : Kaotic_von is a fraud
tncuvrgurl : #kaotic_von
rawtalentmua : What's the next step chica? She blocked my ass I don't care. Mad cause now your customers know you getting they shapers on eBay for 8 reselling them for 40. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚ @tncuvrgurl
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