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biggimorris : :)
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makinglovebettr : @scandalcollection YESSSSSS! These are definitely #MakingLoveBetterTwoGether shoes right here!
scandalcollection : @transformwithtequita
scandalcollection : #scandal #ScandalLook #ScandalABC
scandalcollection : lol thanks @makinglovebettr
mommytechdiary : Nice!
scandalcollection : Thanks @mommytechdiary you need to get yours
danichateau : Blue!
cherrajoseph : Blue! !!!
phylissiymaccallum - mommytechdiary - factory_keithslight - cameliafb -
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scandalcollection : #scandalcollection
scandalcollection : #kaotic_von
scandalcollection : #scandal #thelimited
scandalcollection : @lovemyhair_
makeuptohappiness - tasty_tac0 - cr_theceopundit - lorena.lovely -
No slacking... It's coming ladies... Have patience with me... How my lovely ladies doingπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ comment below, how your day going.....
kaotic_von - kaoticvon - kaoticdetox -
nrt1969 : I got order. Thanks
biggsexyred : @kaotic_von I ordered the jesse pkg n I sent u a email several times that I wanted a 2xlg buttlifter cause I cant do nothing with this what am I to do? Haven't took it out the pkg. But I did want the kia corset n a lg.
perfectlee_me : I emailed on the 23rd and recieved the automated reply.. it has been more than 14 business days and I have recieved no type of notification of any kind..
hardhiter7 : Wats up von
mstellison11 : Never got a tracking number and my 14 days been up
kaotic_von : #kaoticvon #kaotic_von #kaoticdetox
kaotic_von : @shephoenixlike stop telling what I should do.. Run your business and let me run mines... Good day
romeos_lela : Ordered on 9/12 @ 1:32pm EST..received invoice right away was shipped on 9/16 and package arrived today 9/18 @ 11:45am EST taste AMAZING!! YAY MANGO!!
chaneljonesmua - svndrawest - prophetessbuckner - _mrz_yae_yae7287 -
Corset Difference!!!
kaotic_von - kaoticvon - kaoticdetox -
kaotic_von : #kaoticvon #kaotic_von #kaoticdetox
goodgollymissmolly84 : @manyaeliza
racineadanna18 : @fi_sh_87
bitesizehoneylove : @mslopez_88 steelbone aka dolly
fu_bumlifeb : What is the password to view ur site @kaotic_von
yall_lovenia : You buy a size smaller than you ?
bellablue_stylez : Please check your dm please
bellablue_stylez : @kaotic_von please check your dm
swaggiskillin - tweetycb09 - katt_creal -
Detox tea will regulate your bowels, weight loss supplement, guaranteed to lose 10 pounds in 7 days. Various Flavors available.. Such as Mango, Blueberry, Rasplemon, Strawberry, Watermelon... 7 bottles for 29.99 or various flavor 7 for 32.99... Shipping 1-3 business days for US.. 7-10 business days for international, IF YOURE A INTERNATIONAL BUYER, don't waste your shipping cost for 7 bottles, purchase at least 14 bottles... You will thank me later!!! All orders inquiries please email please allow up to 24 hours for a reply. Make sure to leave your phone number when email. Phone Contact 407-300-1302 4pm-9pm Monday-Friday Please leave number thru text if no one answer, allow up to 24hour for call back. Please allow 24 hours before texting again. Thank You KV!
all.eyesonme : @slimtastiq
quoia30 : @only1beautie
_darkskinnedbeauty_ : @jaimeellee
lavishlaviee : @x__velour.i
x__velour.i : I ain't gone do iy. @lavishlaviee
mykidsaremylife12 : How long does it have you going to the bathroom @kaotic_von
zsaree_ivorn_ms : @dam_right_
shibraidsnlocs : Also the next thing I will be ordering @crownroyaltruth
pinkbutterfly0404 - suonia - enigmatic_rah - smokeahontas26 -
I feel happy now... Y'all talk that shit now.... THANK GOD FOR JESUS... They are here ladies!!!!πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ IM OVERLY EXCITED!!!
kaotic_von - kaoticvon - kaoticdetox -
the.donna : I just love you πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚!
smknonkeesha : Yasss
mrsmax_2008 : You sound very excited, I'm happy they came in so these crazy people can shut up, which probably won't happen. GOD BLESS YOU AND CONTINUE TO BE YOU @kaotic_von !πŸ˜€
simplyalfdallas : OMG! OMG! I'm soooo happy this shipment came in bcuz I was sick of these ungrateful ladies complaining all the damn time like they were the only ones waiting for their orders! I ordered on 7/4 and never once complained bcuz I know you were doing all you could to get our orders processed!!
canbreeshaye : @ilycre
mahoganisunset : U silly @kaotic_von I did have to make changes but u always responded to me hope mine get updated correctly so my It can be worth it .. I'm sure it will 😘 #12173
kaotic_von : #kaoticvon #kaotic_von #kaoticdetox
bebediary02 : πŸ‘πŸ‘
smahan85 - keishagenae - rayann410 -
Getting fit is a lifestyle... And it also involved patience... Change don't come over night.. Just stay consistent and it will be worth it.., she look good ladies!!! All orders inquiries please email please allow up to 24 hours for a reply. Make sure to leave your phone number when email. Phone Contact 407-300-1302 4pm-9pm Monday-Friday Please leave number thru text if no one answer, allow up to 24hour for call back. Please allow 24 hours before texting again. Thank You KV!
kaotic_von - kaoticvon - kaoticdetox -
official.indi : Please check your Dm πŸ˜ͺ😩
lisa_visa1 : I just would like a refund please u have been waiting entirely too long I could have ordered elsewhere by now .
ashfelix3 : @kaotic_von does this help tone ya body, or does it just give the illusion??
ynicole_diaz : @melissa_isabell
msbutler_00 : What size is the model wearing?
shes_diddle : Does It Reduce Back Fat?
kaotic_von : #kaoticvon #kaotic_von #kaoticdetox
beautiful_spiritual : What size this one go up to ? @kaotic_von
kneecileann - mizhoneyt20 - idesignlife - chocolate_poison__ -
Rocking the Jill Shaper.. 39.99 up to a 3X available... Fit true to size.. I'm wearing a medium... Corset/ Bodyshaper in one... Instant reduction.. Lose up to 3 inches... NO LINE NO PRINT!! Shop All orders inquiries please email please allow up to 24 hours for a reply. Make sure to leave your phone number when email. Phone Contact 407-300-1302 4pm-9pm Monday-Friday Please leave number thru text if no one answer, allow up to 24hour for call back. Please allow 24 hours before texting again. Thank You KV!
kaotic_von - kaoticvon - kaoticdetox -
ms_alford : I wear xl in shirts what size should I get
beautifuljmt : @msbutler_00
acb746 : How I get one ASAP
marlons_wifey : @jus_sherica
neshia_nicole358 : @exquisite_beautiful_
kaotic_von : #kaoticvon #kaotic_von #kaoticdetox
taki_leelee : @_ovoxoismine
_mrsgettinit2gether : @latoyalatson
smahan85 - maud_blok - salonegalnansu - lindojenner -
WE WORKING!!! I told y'all it's coming... πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ that we can pack 1000 a day!!!!
kaotic_von - kaoticvon - kaoticdetox -
tamarraallen : Ordered July 4th and waiting. Excited for your business hussle please give better customer service updates. Much success we want to support you please take care if your customers.
jusdeon : OMG!! Wow
kaotic_von : #kaoticvon #kaotic_von #kaoticdetox
tattedhotmama21 : Von do u have the one it's snaps on in the front but u can also zip it @kaotic_von
mizzhoneycut : I was gonna order but after seeing these comments I definitely will not.
dhairboutique : @ii_victoria
adidasnurse : This is the business u need to be doing @sandy_is_love_
bebediary02 : YesπŸ‘πŸ‘
jusdeon - mizhoneyt20 - soft.honeyy - jealous_whyno -
Kaotic Corset 24.99.. Up to a 5X available.. Jump on the bus ladies.. Select your shirt size.. Challenge yourself and down size... When you look good you feel good...
kaotic_von - kaoticvon - kaoticdetox -
hellooo_brooklynn : I need this
sweetnikole : @nihiyah
biancaamarriee__ : @kaotic_von hey does this one cover the back fat too? Cause I have a regular steel boned corset but it pushed up my back from so I'm looking for one that's like a t shirt to cover my back fat as well
2xxbay : @lylbyt40
bigbody122 : @mclup who does this remind you off
mclup : Lol u @bigbody122
te_e1 : @coohyah22 are this one
shateralashawn : @_heeygorgeouss
mclup - badest_lisaprado - 0two100realquick - 22eyecandy22 -
What's your waist looking like??? Jump on the bus ladies!!! Dolly XS-6X available.... Measure your waist before purchase.. Size chart on site....
kaotic_von - kaoticvon - kaoticdetox -
yestokae : @gimmiemokai
jade_monroe_714 : @budapink
jade_monroe_714 : @2scissor_happy
leyoanne : Do I ship to France worldwide???
mrsbeautiful79 : Gm I want to place a order but I'm having problems going on ur web site it's saying it's getting ready can u plz asst thanks
bitesizehoneylove : @mslopez_88 this is mine where I got one
_jenny_wonka : @mariabeltran0416
noordinaryqueen : Does this make your waist slimmer ?
trulylovd - mizhoneyt20 - the_lovely_aesha - smokeesummm -
Stop waiting to reshape your body.. LETS DO IT NOW LADIES.... 14.99 Buttlifter.. Up to 3X available... Size chart on site!!!
prettyyki_ : @neenee_thee_model
cresha143 : @photogenic305
living_4my_3 : @fuq_ya_feelings
hazeystoney : @celinemariedlr
j_latrice919 : @_mr_marcus_214
j_latrice919 : @lexieb22
thechosenone_zahyairmom : @classy_lisha
classy_lisha : @nyquil___
i_am_emonie - domie413 - haitian_monroe - lexieb22 -
Pouch/Clincher 32.99.. Up to a 2X available... Select your legging size or size bigger if you have thick thighs.... Recreate your curve ladies....
kaotic_von - kaoticvon - kaoticdetox -
biancaamarriee__ : @_kimmyykimm this would be better for dresses and skirts no ??
diva_with_favur : Yesss finally something for that lower pouch area!
danielletoosolid : @missbunnz
__urqueen__ : @kryssieb09
reminiscemodel : I just order this I cant wait to get it
prettygifted_aries : @curly_girl_swag
pinklovesgsu : @babydoll216
twinz1982 : @djnash43
simply_royalty_ - tasha__dashbadd - aluvlyrose - biancaamarriee__ -
Corset/Midway package 45.99.. Up to a 3X available... Lets get fine ladies.. Lets start thinking about us!!!
kaotic_von - kaoticvon - kaoticdetox -
_leochic : @gotta_luv_chocolate_ty this is what I order
718uneek : I ordered my black medium spandex but lifter on 7/19/14. U have an idea when it will be shipped? @kaotic_von
kaotic_von : #kaoticvon #kaotic_von #kaoticdetox
la.tinky : Hey I was just wondering how is the delay going .. I'm not going to ask how long it will be for cause that's stupid .. I've called and all my emails get answered right away but when I ask about my order they don't ... I've emailed with questions about products and gotten a response right away ... My order is 15407 my14 days are up .. Don't want a refund just the product lol any idea on the wait time span ??
kaotic_von : @la.tinky it will be ship next by Wednesday!!!
boss_lady618 : My corset rolls up like crazy. Didn't even wear it for a full hour. I was disappointed
sweetnikole : @nihiyah
ms_tiff0406 : @fransaw1
makeupbyayanna - ravenshaircreations - domo_da_shit - rdeborah97 -
Workout and Buttlifter training, perfect combo... All orders inquiries please email please allow up to 24 hours for a reply. Make sure to leave your phone number when email. Phone Contact 407-300-1302 4pm-9pm Monday-Friday Please leave number thru text if no one answer, allow up to 24hour for call back. Please allow 24 hours before texting again. Thank You KV!
moca_hontas : @mzperfect85
ktwhairs : @shanisanscott
frenchie_babyyyyy : @heeeeey_chill
realkdollaz : @jackson_iz_ballin me
queenestalinda : @takenot3s lol look
briannamommy3 : @adotearl
1badbeaut : @msshaybabe
amandacorey1 : @mooonlitee
imoneoftherealist_ - yrnjoe - prettygirl_ri - right_cierra_love_haters -
Detoxing is the only way... Get health ladies and gents.... This tea is for all humans, not only woman.. We gotta start getting that unwanted waste out our body... This American food is not good for us y'all... Lets get right... #detox #cleanse #detoxontherun All orders inquiries please email please allow up to 24 hours for a reply. Make sure to leave your phone number when email. Phone Contact 407-300-1302 4pm-9pm Monday-Friday Please leave number thru text if no one answer, allow up to 24hour for call back. Please allow 24 hours before texting again. Thank You KV!
kaotic_von - kaoticdetox - detoxontherun - detox - cleanse - kaoticvon -
sotamblue : None on mine I sent you a picture
sotamblue : @kaotic_von
a_nu_me : @ayannawoo
sotamblue : @kaotic_von I sent you a picture can you send a link of where I can find the ingredients? Please
kaotic_von : @sotamblue 100% herbal tea, syrup
nursetreecy : @darqnlovely there it,is lets get this tea
darqnlovely : Yass. I need to get the clincher and stuff from her too..@nursetreecy
olamistik : @kaotic_von is the tea safe for breastfeeding mom?
smahan85 - the_bolden6 - doll_face42 - starrynite408 -
Abella Package.. 43.99.. Up to a 3X available.. Select your shirt size.. We automatically up your Buttlifter size... Lets get fine ladies All orders inquiries please email please allow up to 24 hours for a reply. Make sure to leave your phone number when email. Phone Contact 407-300-1302 4pm-9pm Monday-Friday Please leave number thru text if no one answer, allow up to 24hour for call back. Please allow 24 hours before texting again. Thank You KV!
mz_haitian_phresh : I'm looking for this one can't seem to see it on the website @kaotic_von
make_up_by_lexii : Just ordered this I can't wait
makemeovermegan : I want to order that @kaotic_von
nikknakk_x0 : I can't find this package on ur website @kaotic_von
thebeautiful_kaymarie : Lol okay i need this one @msquiarraplayer
chynadoll_33 : Is this package still available
_thefcknbest : Is this Still in stock also @kaotic_von
luckycharmz88 : How can i get this one... ?
datruth205 - missvicka - lord_selmont - jun.4.15ready -
Lilly Package 64.99 3X-5x.. Thermal Latex in tummy area... Bodyshaper has zipper, easy to wear.. Burn fat faster with this package and Detox Tea... Lets get fine ladies... Jump on the bus!!! All orders inquiries please email please allow up to 24 hours for a reply. Make sure to leave your phone number when email. Phone Contact 407-300-1302 4pm-9pm Monday-Friday Please leave number thru text if no one answer, allow up to 24hour for call back. Please allow 24 hours before texting again. Thank You KV!
kaotic_von - kaoticvon - kaoticdetox -
weavelover_1206 : @bunnyglokkz this is the company I was talking about yesterday!
_toia_ : @nevaeh8411 @nevaeh8411
keshia56 : @chitysim04
vanilla_empress : @optimistic_jae
divacouture : @xoxo__tasha
ejmommii_prettynerra : I want to order but the website wont let me in
delicatedaneen : How is this package ?
mixchick_britt : @kaotic_von "Question" When Wearing the Jill Shaper do you wear your Corset with it? Do you wear the corset on top of the shaper or inside the Shaper?!!!
tayhichichachi1 - smahan85 - __swisher - likewhaaaaaaaat -
She going to be supa fine in 7 days... Drinks her strawberry detox tea and wearing her Dolly... I hope my ladies detoxing today... Lets lose them extra 10 pounds... Please email for all orders concern... Lets get fine ladies😘😘
kaotic_von - kaoticvon - kaoticdetox -
kaotic_von : @missinvonte no diet.. Just eat small portion meal and drink plenty water
its_ashley_s : Hey I'm getting ready to order the tea. If I drink one everyday what time would you suggest if I work everyday from 8-4:30? I don't wanna be on the toilet all day at work lol
its_ashley_s : ?
ashleydaniels26 : @kaotic_von does these drink taste like tea??
kaotic_von : #kaoticvon #kaotic_von #kaoticdetox
bitesizehoneylove : @mslopez_88 these two I do detox and the dolly
muggin2 : @kaotic_von im tryin to order site asking for password ward do dolly come with buttlifter
_iforeignbeauty : How many hooks are on this?
latikaj28 - monikkiii - __x0bianca - so_tiffany_4real -
The wait is over... DETOX TEA HAS ARRIVE... Who's ready to lose weight...πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹... Will be packing detox tea orders tomorrow... Any orders inquires please email We respond within 24 hours.. Exclude weekend... Lets get fineπŸ’‹
kaotic_von - kaoticvon - kaoticdetox -
ladymac32 : @_carmel_kesh
princess_kesh__ : @ladymac32 I AM FINA GET DIS N ITS 7 FOR 29.99 I SEE
icedoll : Do u have to diet with this for the 7 days
dionahandkiaramom_1st : What is the flavor of the tea... it may sound crazy but you know how some teas have different flavors and do you have any instock
ladyvines813 : @bede1015 I'm ordering this detox tea
nickynicole2992 : What are the ingredients of the detox tea
kaotic_von : #kaoticvon #kaotic_von #kaoticdetox
mz_shoeaholic : @kaotic_von is this tea safe to drink while nursing????
mzkeysh311 - novedecor - vilde_elioter1 -
I'm really realizing my detox drink is changing ladies and men lives... Thank you all for supporting my movement... At the end of the day, when you feel good inside, it shows on the outside... Lets get fine y'all.. It's time we get our youth back... Lose 10 pounds in 7 days is guaranteed...
kaotic_von - kaoticvon - kaoticdetox -
simpleeshellz : @kaotic_von are the teas on back order right now? I'm thinking about ordering
kaotic_von : @simpleeshellz no not at the moment
ladymac32 : @kaotic_von hey I plan on making an order tomorrow,,, I work over night how does that tea work? when should I expect it to work? don't wanna be at work in get the BG's. ..... Lol.
everybodiihatesblondii : @loving_my_life_no_matter_what
kisskissb4ngbang : @shakeelahstyleshair
j0di__ : Im in tampa can we meet???? Right off busch dm me if so
thecurvypioneer : Does this tea make you ..... & if so I work a 2-10 schedule would you recommend I drink this at night for over night results?
kaotic_von : #kaoticvon #kaotic_von #kaoticdetox
_kobiesimea - glam_stylesbytrelle_ - xy3llaorgazmx - vilde_elioter1 -
Tied of your bottom pouch area ladies.. I totally recommend the Pouch Clincher 14.99.. Up to a XL, but can fit a 2X woman... Lets get fine ladies.. Shop ALL ORDERS INQUIRIES, please email No reply on IG ladies..
kaotic_von - kaoticvon - kaoticdetox -
luccigal : Just sent u a mail wit ma order number pls check for me txz@kaotiv_von
b4westepout : Hello @kaotic_von my question was skipped
kaotic_von : @naytrice ok... Np
kaotic_von : @b4westepout I can't answer that question at this moment.. If you don't have a tracking number within 2-14 business days email us
nylahrosemommy_ : @his1stlaide im tired of my pouch lol
shesfastwithattitude : Hello can I get a response @kaotic_von
dontbotherme1 : HI!! This is my first time trying to order..May I use a pre paid debit card?@kaotic_von
kaotic_von : #kaoticvon #kaotic_von #kaoticdetox
fabulous_hairweaves - iamminimayweather - lenix_trenae - lethalrunwaybtq -
Love it.. Jump on the bus ladies... All orders inquires, please email We respond fast...
kaotic_von - kaoticvon - kaoticdetox -
kaotic_von : @sexiibrownp email us please
sexiibrownp : I just did @kaotic_von
kaotic_von : @sweet_polly_26 what card you paid with, your name not coming up
ambitious_heartss : Do you have dolly 2x in stock @kaotic_von
kaotic_von : @sweet_polly_26 your order been ship, I'm about to forward you the tracking number
katdatruth : Are the Kia, midway, Kaotic and butt lifter on back order? That's what I ordered, just want to know if I have to wait longer? @kaotic_von
k_brishae : How do I order?
kaotic_von : #kaoticvon #kaotic_von #kaoticdetox
mesha27thickemup - xy3llaorgazmx - vilde_elioter1 - msheavenly -
TIME TO GET FINE LADIES... You determine your weight!! I know you can lose 10 pounds in 7 days... ONLY THING YOU NEED TO DO: eat small portion meals, drink plenty of water, DRINK TEA WARM, best time to drink is your most active time of day.. I suggest noon time!!! DETOX TEA WILL BE SHIP WITHIN 3 days ( with no other purchase) we're fully stock!!! Jump on the bus ladies and gents!! Still a Delay on other items, but we're working night and day, to get these orders out to my ladies.. Thank you for your patience!!!
b0mbshell365 : @tall_mocha_latte girl I'm contact PayPal tomorrw I ain't got time for her and this shit. She send us any old thing cause she ain't got the product and had a damn sale and we fell for it fuk this shit PayPal gone give me my money back and I'll trash this shit !!!
tmy425 : I just ordered the tea on the 10th and it says here that it takes 3 days to ship. And today is the 9th day. @kaotic_von I want to detox. !
tamarraallen : the tea should i not put it in the frig
kaotic_von : @tamarraallen read the back of the label.... Keep frig
tamarraallen : Didnt see
tamarraallen : Lol got it now thanks
prettyblvckc : Is this the type of detox to make you do number 2 ?
divas_handbags2012 : @_sexyntall
spoiled_rotten_101 - smahan85 - rikuhhh - gghomemaker -
Kaotic Detox is the best seller right now... And I thank everyone who believe in my tea... Y'all are amazing.. And I'm so sorry for the Delay.. But never thought in a million years it will sell like this.. But it's a blessing that I'm change my ladies lives.. And I'm so happy to do so... Currently at the moment I'm shipping out 760 orders of tea.. Love y'all...
kaotic_von - kaoticvon - kaoticdetox -
luscious_love93 : @__paraphernalia
walker_wings : Go cuz @missmeko83 u gon b slimthick on Saturday witcha drinking ass. Thx for the referral I got my order n I love it @kaotic_von
kilahcole : @tressesofelegance @kaotic_von I can only imagine how stressful it is to answer the same question a thousand times... If you old enough to need shape wear and corsets you are definitely old enough to comprehend or nah????
latifaa_mohammed : @fa6makamal @yasmeenkamal
rashidajw : Lol @kilahcole I agree
eguevara1987 : @kaotic_von is there any way I could add to my order before it gets shipped out ?
marvinasia : @_candicexo_
kaotic_von : #kaoticvon #kaotic_von #kaoticdetox
mariko_lenae - xy3llaorgazmx - iamminimayweather - domo_da_shit -
Ladies it's time we recreate our curve... Just wear your butifter 8 hours daily... Jump on the bus... Lets get fine... Shop click on shapewear
kaotic_von - kaoticvon - kaoticdetox -
blondiesoamazing : @lalalb01
tamarraallen : @transformwithtequita
kaotic_von : #kaoticvon #kaotic_von #kaoticdetox
goldiexlocks : @ms_leona91
juicygeorgiapeach : You exercise while wearing it or just wear it 8hrs a day ? @kaotic_von .
kaotic_von : @juicygeorgiapeach no luv...
juicygeorgiapeach : I can just wear it ? No exercise @kaotic_von
takeshia1 : @bonita_8907 @missinga10
rockymontana_ - sexiness1986 - living_4my_3 - silent_river -
If you train your butt with my 14.99 Buttlifter, you will see result.. My client after 60 days of wearing her Buttlifter... All orders inquires email
kaotic_von - kaoticvon - kaoticdetox -
kaotic_von : @thakraazii link in bio.. Site re open Monday... Big Sale
thakraazii : Ohh alright thankyou im gon DM you if i have any questions , and keep it up ! U make gud work i really love what you doing
prettyladik23 : @iamdee_your_trophy
cresha143 : @photogenic305
schiavi_jdub : Ooh I trains your butt! @myruh_monroe
musicislove1230 : @kaotic_von what's the difference between the 14.99 and the 9.99 one
babydoll_bunni : @eyessopretty
dolledup90 : @mitchell3030 2 months
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__pinkelite : @lolah_ooolala this is it 😁
ms_pinksky912 : @ashcat27
marshabrown426 : I wear a size 14 in pants and a xl or 1x in shirt depend on the material what sizes am I to get the strapless corset in the butt lifter in thank you
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We work hard... And we're not a machine... And we're not with the Fortune 500 .. We're a Small Business Company Doing are Best... You can choose any other company.. You can talk down on me.. But I will continue to grow and learn.. That's all part of being a new business owner.. It call GROWTH.... My policy is my policy 2-14 business days.. That's Monday -Friday.. Exclude weekends and holidays... Also I WANT ALL MY CRITIC, to become a business owner.. I bet you want last... BUT IM STILL STANDING AND ILL BE HER FOR THE LONG RUN... Sit back and watch... AND IF YOUR ORDER OVER 14 business days. You will have a gift for my delay... And I thank all my ladies who have patience, and not acting immature on my post, LIKE IM A THIEIF IN THE NIGHT... I don't steal and I'll refund anyone money instantly... Y'all have a good day, I'll be working hard all day getting these orders out to my ladies who appreciate my service, and to all the critics, email me, I'll refund you instantly!!! Good Day y'all.... Love you all!!!
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nico_aka_mixdluvlee : No gloves though or hair nets??? Hmmmmmm
kaotic_von : @nico_aka_luxurybags to wrap a container that's sealed?
rashidajw : @sw33tcakesz
iamkouture : Omg seriously what would they need gloves for it's already sealed @nico_aka_luxurybags
eb_desselb : Do you only need one bottle a day or you drink one a meal??
ebonylovinglife : hello I just received my teas Friday...I just wanted to know how long can they stay in the refrigerator before they expires because I wanted to start next week Monday @kaotic_von
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promajor : Awesome. Stay blessed
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All Detox Flavors are added to site.. We have a various package also.. watermelon, strawberry, mango, Rasplemon, blueberry.. all are excellent flavor..
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eguevara1987 : @kaotic_von It taste really good...Thank you for such great service..
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mslaady32926 : Oh ok I'm following her did you get yours yet @sug_datz_me
_anita_vwede : I tried to order and I saw the price for one of the detox tea is 32 dollars does that one mean the one week plan of seven bottles, or it means for one bottle only ?
kaotic_von : @anitabobby 7 bottles for 32.99 luv
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HAVE YOU SHITTING GOODπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’... But that's what we want... Eliminate that unwanted toxin and waste... When you feel good inside, you feel good outside... All orders inquiries please email please allow up to 24 hours for a reply. Make sure to leave your phone number when email. Phone Contact 407-300-1302 4pm-9pm Monday-Friday Please leave number thru text if no one answer, allow up to 24hour for call back. Please allow 24 hours before texting again. Thank You KV! PLEASE DONT LEAVE ORDERS INQUIRES ON POST.. Will be deleted....
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beautyqueen_t_ : Lol oh gosh i didn't even realize i just typed in lynn and clicked lol thanks @lynn_henrius
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_lovetwentytwo : @kaotic_von how often should I dk the tea?
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xiixiii_purebeauty : I'm call the number sent to me yesterday no answer .. You said your assistant will call me in the morning nothing yet @kaotic_von @kaotic_von
xiixiii_purebeauty : Thank you luv for taking care of the problem & the new tracking number boo... I can't wait to start getting fine! @kaotic_von @kaotic_von
simplyalfdallas : @iamsexi_cece I ordered on July 4th and received my tracking number this afternoon.
xx.fanisha.xx : Can you check your DM please @kaotic_von
likasworld16 : @s_joygirl
girlwiththedimples_ : I have a question, do you still have to have a diet or exercise? Or these body shapers a just do the job?
shay_nkia1 : Thank you so much! I ordered my lifter on July 6th and it just got here yesterday plus the extra lifter as a gift! Thanks again the wait was well worth it!
girlwiththedimples_ : ???? I'm just curious
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