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Why do people use these sites Amazon has this stuff #kaotic_von #fraud #makemoneythehonestway #sickofeveryonebeing ripped off
sickofeveryonebeing - makemoneythehonestway - kaotic_von - fraud - strugglesofpeopleonacomeup -
tncuvrgurl : @dallasthamav lol it's a long story but not worth talking about #strugglesofpeopleonacomeup
dallasthamav : Mess with me you think Dallas ain't got more then one legal hustle?
rawtalentmua : I just DM you that freaking Sheba package. She is making like 4 times the profit when you order off eBay and $8 and be through. Scratch a lie find a thief. With her PVC pipe booty and warped misplaced navel. Only reason why she sell so much is cause she be on here naked like she in a fitting room. *sips tea* @tncuvrgurl
rawtalentmua : I sent you a DM. Please check it chicka! @tncuvrgurl
femaledragon_fly : Ok, so I purchased the Sheba package as well as the Kia from kat... And this is being sold on eBay/Amazon?! I thought this was like some exclusive shit. lol but fa real tho! Shipping appears to be awful and customer service is makes you wanna cancel your order. smh
femaledragon_fly : I am really pissed the fuck off! EVERYTHING that I purchased from Kat is on Amazon! Like right there! The Dolly, the butt lifter, the Kia, etc... The worse part is that even with the $25 off I received when I placed my order, it's STILL almost $30 cheaper & my shit gonna be here by next week. smh, like for real!!
sweet_nothings784 : Smh, with her fake bought booty and tits
thedivaquisha : It's a different brand. All products ain't equal. It's sad how black folks sit up and hate on each other @kaotic_von
femaledragon_fly - evelynn_monroe - rawtalentmua - crystaalizee -
Ok I'm done waisting my time on this rinky dinky trying to make a come up #kaotic_von wanna be doing business website #dobetterwithothers they spending bank 😜
kaotic_von - dobetterwithothers -
dallasthamav : Yeah you trying the wrong service homeskillet.
rawtalentmua : #salute!! ✊✊✊✊✊✊ don't worry she won't be around long. Damn trainers are like bundles n lace fronts. She will fade trust cause she janky selling them dam eBay corsets and butt lifters made in China! @tncuvrgurl
mrjmoet - rawtalentmua -
It ain't nothing to cut them off. she ain't really bout that money!
kaotic_von -
tncuvrgurl : Kaotic_von is a fraud
tncuvrgurl : #kaotic_von
rawtalentmua : What's the next step chica? She blocked my ass I don't care. Mad cause now your customers know you getting they shapers on eBay for 8 reselling them for 40. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚ @tncuvrgurl
mrjmoet - tammie614 - rawtalentmua -
My client look so lovely in her Black girl bodysuit... #kaotic_von... Shop www.kaoticvon.com up to a size 3X available
kaotic_von -
kingjones316 : Cute pic
m3_plus3 : Im over in St. Pete, how do I contact?
mimidamasterpiece : @iloveweaventhings
tvonsha - lalabereal - sweetmizzmarie - chasingchar -
#selfie #kaotic_von
selfie - kaotic_von -
cinchedbynik : ❀️❀️❀️
mscuba_bcs : Super cute! 😍
lala_red84 : Now that hair style I love
so_unpredictable36 : That HAIR.com.. @kaotic_von
i_am_who_i_am83 : Damn Luvin the hair Boo... @kaotic_von
cr0wned_legaci : BeeeeeeeeUtiful
gghomemaker - myblkizbeauty10 - mzscorpion2618 -
Rep #kaotic_von today.... Hey y'all....
kaotic_von -
kaotic_von : @_1chinon_ ok, I'll be home at 2pm can you come by....
kaotic_von : @_1chinon_ text me
lolamonae__ : How much for the shirt ?
kaotic_von : @lolamonae__ shirts discontinue...
teet6 : @kaotic_von are you go put this back on the website?
nicole_theehairextraordinare - crown_holder4eva - tvonsha - londoncosway -
@4dione rocking her #kaotic_von lace.. Colored by me installed by @veeperfecto
kaotic_von -
chills_will : Yesssss my fav & fav color
drunkinlove34 : @kaotic_von so you didn't get my text???? This Joy
kaotic_von : @imdatchick33 text my personal phone
keyda_cole : Do you sell this...
_iamshanette_ : Is mines ready yet?
kaotic_von : @1_shanette you want purple at the end???
_iamshanette_ : Yea
kaotic_von : @1_shanette I'll do it tomorrow
thestylishbeauty - kissmevon_25 - dontcheck4qb -
I had a blast last night at the playpen.... Seen some fine babies.... Ohhhhh do y'all see @_1chinon_ rocking her #kaotic_von bodysuit....
kaotic_von -
iammisstina : @kaotic_von thanks so much will be ordering it πŸ‘πŸ‘
iamkaydoll : 😻
rodeojadore : ❀
_iamshanette_ : 😘😘😘😘😘
lasbaddest_tampasmosthated : β™₯β™₯β™₯β™‘
deonjelica : You remind me of the lady from vampire in brooklyn...the cousin
cceberhart : Is that bodysuit still available@kaotic_von
kaotic_von : @cceberhart yes if you want it, I'll send invoice for 160.00
di_vasheis - lovely_danieb - bitxch_anit_got2like_me -
My @kemi6969 looking lovely in her #kaotic_von bodysuit.... Shop www.kaoticvon.com to get Kaotic....
kaotic_von -
kekecashingoutt : MY BABY MUUAAHHH
rampage_xxtensions_ - black_american_princess_ - mzseximochachocalate -
I bet your daddy not cook like my Daddy.... Love you Daddy.... Looking good in #kaotic_von denim....
kaotic_von -
simplymoe14 : Those jeans tho!!! @kaotic_von 😍😍😍
my_mirror_imij : Loving them jeans. Did u make those? @kaotic_von
kaotic_von : @my_mirror_imij yes....
wrapsallinbyreme : His jeans are love
_iamshanette_ : Love Love Love u Pops....
chrenbold : :)
kaotic_von : @rickyboy23 yes
justcallmemica_ - che_mack - iamminimayweather - hate_iget_alot_of_dat -
iforgot to post this Leather outfit, Custom made for my Client..... I can't wait to see her rock it.... #100% #leather #madeinitaly #nofakeshit #kaotic_von
leather - 100 - kaotic_von - madeinitaly - nofakeshit -
kaotic_von : @my_mirror_imij whenever you're ready....
kaotic_von : @her_e thank you..,
princessfemmefatale : How much I wear a 0/1
kaotic_von : @princessfemmefatale email for price... This is custom made 100% leather
theequeenizhere : Oooo I want dis @kaotic_von
fashbycash : I love this
fine_nurse2 : @kaotic_von yessssssss I can't wait hunni!!!
thenotoriousshaun : ❀❀❀❀
lailasfirstlove - jamine2k - realpriince - onelifegame -
Shop #kaotic_von bodysuit collection at www.kaoticvin.com.. All sizes xs-3x
kaotic_von -
sierra_dimples0227 : Yesss
sxydrkchoc : I need that n my life!!!!
parisnicolle : I love it
karma518 : That is hot @msssb_89
fly_wooda : That's nice..
valeria_1baddbishh : @truetothagame_
get_like_chardea : @lalahunnie06
lalahunnie06 : This is cute @get_like_chardea
hairbylatise - kissmevon_25 - cr0wned_legaci - big_wett -
How about this one y'all.., #kaotic_von bodysuit collection..,,
kaotic_von -
msnetty12 : Love the colors
ms_passia : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
mzprofessor_dollars : πŸŒŸπŸ‘Œ
_ashleighlarue_ : Love
valeria_1baddbishh : @truetothagame_
derrickswife1 : I love this
ikarma_ : @vonb_sewin_diva @kaotic_von we need this by this wed how much
get_like_chardea : @lalahunnie06
1andonlytosha - leavingoutpurrrrttyyy - _fye_red_tuenchi2 - building_her_brand -
How bout this one y'all..... #kaotic_von bodysuit collection
kaotic_von -
thestylishbeauty : LOVE it!
dark_and_lovely80 : Where is it?? I love it I don't see it on the website!
kaotic_von : @dark_and_lovely80 adding it now....
mylove408 : If i had a ass id rock em all thats fye
brownsuga3460 : I got my leggings in this print.... bad ass
4dione : ❀❀❀
kingjdillard3 : @kaotic_von 10 4 mademoiselle
t_battle904 : That's nice how much is it?
priince.k - thenotoriousshaun - 4dark5khild6 - workzovartnails -
I'm loving this #kaotic_von bodysuit.....
kaotic_von -
kaotic_von : @wigalicious 3x
mrsnacole : πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
jadorebeauty_bar : This is my favorite print
brownsugarcutie : Call me 4057445
valeria_1baddbishh : @truetothagame_
_avenue_aye : Love this Hun!!! @kaotic_von
diamondphatass : Yessssss
get_like_chardea : @lalahunnie06
tina_east - workzovartnails - _fye_red_tuenchi2 - oniquelabelle -
She look so adorable with her #kaotic_von denim.... Love it....
kaotic_von -
breloviee : Khyyyy 😘
only_oneme21 : hey khyla <3 <3
mskim_2you : Just to cute
princessmya_10 : So pretty
theequeenizhere : U should do the kids swag contest thing you were talking about please !!! @kaotic_von
barbie_100 : β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯
realpriince : β™‘β™₯β™‘β™₯
_monet26_ - mrs_gordon03 - brock_2legit - wildgirlz_tiny -
Did you guys check my site out yet, for these #kaotic_von denim legging.... www.kaoticvon.com
kaotic_von -
karmachante : Love these!!
mizzladi77 : Love them
theequeenizhere : Love em @kaotic_von
black_american_princess_ : U forgot all about me. Haven't wore my blues yet. @kaotic_von
28chillen : Loving it!!!!
tha804stallion : where i go 2 get these boo!
kaotic_von : @tha804stallion www.kaoticvon.com
priince.k - bosshogg_13 - shaysoclassyjuicydiamondsweet - derrickswife1 -
Shop these Kaotic denim at www.kaoticvon.com All Sizes.... All denim are Highwaisted.......
kaotic_von -
sherondas81 : How much I love um!!!@kaotic_von
kaotic_von : @sherondas81 www.kaoticvon.com
bossystyles13 : Love them how much hun :)
she_is_sharid : Ugggghhhhh nothin for the real real reallllll petite girls im sad @kaotic_von
kk_strawberry : Loving it
kk_strawberry : What's the smallest size ?
kaotic_von : @im_socov3rgirl @kk_strawberry size start at 0
marleyjane_1326 : 😍😍😍 @kaotic_von I may have found my beats jeans for sure πŸ‘Œ
insecuree_beautyy - pheonajay - msamari08 - youneedtiny -
✈✈✈✈Shit Only.... #kaotic_von men's wear....
kaotic_von -
tru2thishit : Is It Avaibile Online?
daddy2utrina : β™₯
kaotic_von : @tru2thishit tomorrow....
kingchancellor : @kaotic_von no lie , that fit go hard, u got skills
iamkharysma : Dope
king_iam_him : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
tru2thishit : @kaotic_von Is This Ready To Order Off The Website Yet?
priince.k - __kk2xx - workzovartnails - mizzladi77 -
Mommy rock #kaotic_von legging... Love it..... These legging are discontinued
kaotic_von -
the_perfect_brown : Noooo please remake....i want these
get_like_chardea : @lalahunnie06
mssitymosthated : Hey good morning this Nellie I met u at cheesecake factory in Brandon before I lost your number in was tryna see can I meet up with u to grab some more of your items like five
greeneyes999999 - sweeet_aroma - ltr_80 - southtampa -
Now watch me walk..... #kaotic_von bodysuit collection..... #pressplay
kaotic_von - pressplay -
brooklyns_reality : Gtfoh
yasmincandicenenet : @jojo_wb love the body suit
_ketchuphomie_ : Sexy ass @kaotic_von !
perfect_vibezzz : @bluntsoul_
_mypainisbeauty : @_ishinebright1 yess
selfmade7687 : Omg
ronaldoo_king : Omg...dat ass is really big mami 😳😳😳
midwestlegend : @_lakeview_dee
vashoon - melissaford_ah10 - shaedatbaby - sheknowshegoit -
Y'all see this Bad Ass #kaotic_von bodysuit I'm rocking..... I swear to y'all I have the best fabric.... Have you looking great... Better than a corset.....
kaotic_von -
funkycoldkatina : Luv!!
karahair : Nice
parkstreet_t : Yall lookin good
trini_diamon : Ur working that whole look! πŸ‘Œ
touchmuch : Hard wrk pays off
cptdic9 : Yes we see
4dione : My la familia😘😘😘
tamarhollywood : β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯
nickiethastylist - godivabarbie24 - _pistol1 - 6ft_goddess -
To all my divas that received these pants ... Please tag me when you wear them... #kaotic_von
kaotic_von -
1st_ladii_carter : Them are cute
pimptress34 : I need these in my closet ASAP
iamkharysma : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
stallion42 : How can i get these i want them bad
fashionloversblogg : You better WERK bish!!!!! #fashion #Fweago #hairweavekiller #hairFashion #dopeshit
not_2sane2900 : How much??
das3xii : I want these pants how much how can I get them please I need them
kelokimore : @kaotic_von @kaotic_von I need these do you have them still
simplynunu - nolaraquel - melissaford_ah10 - hustlerbyheart_ -
So I decided to send 40 package out to my divas.... I hope you ladies enjoy... And make sure you tag #kaotic_von when you wear your gear..., thank u all...
kaotic_von -
phatsbaby : Hey @kaotic_von my baby won an outfit from you she just received it I want say thank you so much she haven't came home from school yet to open it but she will also send a thanks as well @versace_leezy
kaotic_von : @phatsbaby I hope she enjoy it.... Make sure she tag me....
dopechicksincc : @kaotic_von received my package today , thanks:)
u_me_n_she : Thanks received my package today
tommy_daughter_rip_ : Still Waitin On Mines lol.
kaotic_von : @shortshit_zxy email me... So I can check rather you got a mailout...
tommy_daughter_rip_ : Kk
jazzy_pieces : I really sat here n went thru ya page u are motivating and inspirational stay blessed
phatsbaby - tee4pack - neethebeauty - cassandraleshay -
#kaotic_von creation.....
kaotic_von -
mrs_philly_rich : Looking sharp @kaotic_von as always.
keishaonly : That vid and song fly, but u RAW af
trini_diamon : Love ur style!
stallion42 : Von.wats the name of this app u using @kaotic_von
msmelissairish : I'm getting this next week #boom
jazleah : Wat size does ur clothing go up to??
jazleah : @kaotic_von
sabrinathelovely1 - msnetty12 - pheonajay -
#kaotic_von creation..., shop www.kaoticvon.com or email kaoticvon@gmail.com
kaotic_von -
materialgurl84 : Do you have these in blue jean or white?
heels_n_handcuffs92ent : Love those shorts but my friend will kill me..lol thinking about ordering some anyway... <3
kaotic_von : @im_only_human25 girl one thing about a man, if they like you, they will be there regardless
kaotic_von : @materialgurl84 any color
building_her_brand : @kaotic_von call me
tailormade_customfit : That vest @kaotic_von
simply_anti : Love dat vest @kaotic_von
im_only_human87 : @kaotic_von I meannnnnn I was cute
greeneyes999999 - dgabbana7 - _shandra02 - big_wett -
For all who inquire about this outfit.... It's custom Made by #kaotic_von ... It will be on the site soon..... I'm sorry for taking my time with update... I want it all to be right... Have patient with me y'all..... Turning my dreams into reality....
kaotic_von -
mrs_kimmy33421 : Its pretty
ladi_coffee : That hair
blacindian : Beautiful!
retroshanna29 : I love it
simplevero : I swear you Are so beautiful bless you and your family ;)
kaotic_von : @simplevero thank u.... I really appreciate that....
msnetty12 - realyum26 - shaysoclassyjuicydiamondsweet - tee4pack -
Yes he represented #kaotic_von collection so well.... Me love.... #kaotic_von pants and shirt.....
kaotic_von -
materialgurl84 : Yes......he did that!
latoyiab : Represented very well @kaotic_von
swamp813 : I want blue
kaotic_von : @j_fifth kaoticvon@gmail.com
geno93 : Damn I want those pants tho
msjay_4pk : Where can I get that fit!!$$$$$
tgramz : @kaotic_von u should lemme model sum of ya stuff
tgramz : @kaotic_von my nigga ramone
shawnee8732 - crazy_32hunnit - msjuseephatzz -
I'm just chilling in this #kaotic_von dress.... Came out to support the @hbic4242 at her @keyshiakaoir event.....
kaotic_von -
tiny_wynter : Ok!
msamari08 : @β™₯
blacksosa23 : Nice pic homie
_iamshanette_ : Love it
jessica_blonde : Cute
disguisedblondie_dmv : Love your style being diff is always better
pretty_blaque_22 - guwop40 - iam_tmack - crown_holder4eva -
My daughter looking lovely on this beautiful Day.....
kaotic_von -
prettyladyelle : oooh super cute... are these shorts available to purchase??
kaotic_von : #kaotic_von shorts....
wrapmetightki : Awwww too cute
bossladytbaby : Those shorts are cute! You had to have made them.
kaotic_von : Yes..... @prettyladyelle @bossladytbaby
ladyangela21 : She growing to be a lovely lady
pin3_appl3 : Janae:)
boss_bitchh01 - trin_na_te - tweetycb09 - dopechicksincc -
Happy 4th of July.... #tbt #kaotic_von collection.....
kaotic_von - tbt -
juice_cut6 : @kaotic_von cuz i need to tlk to u
msmelissairish : #dopechick πŸ‘
lasbaddest_tampasmosthated : β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯
_loyal2mines_ - dd_bonita -
I love it.... @twhite21boss really represent a real father.... #kaotic_von collection.....
kaotic_von -
onlyonebianca : β™₯
highsocietymaine : Nice @kaotic_von
4dione : Cute
kaotic_von : @heavenleigh_j email me... I'll send invoice
yaya_elady : Yesssss awesome Fatherβ€β€β€β€πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ‘Œ
msmeka5 : Do you have these shirts in baby sizes like 12 months @kaotic_von
asiamflowers : Great job with his kids all the time LOVE
angie_thestylist - _kyyyx2 -
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