I have set myself a challenge... I have just realised I own well over 200 sewing patterns and I have only made about 30 of them. So my challenge is to make at least one item from every pattern I own before I can buy any new ones. Feel free to join in on my challenge just use #makeallthepatterns Here is my first pattern completed... #challenge #handmade #ainsleefox #discodress #KaiLey #alittlebitofkailey #patternchallenge #pattern1
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I totally didn't regret anything!! You get it now?! Now I don't have to explain this edit here I love this song 'Goes up to you and puts your cheek against mine before stroking your hair' Listen to the song.. The most precious song ever 'Whispers in your ear' Listen to itttt!!!!!! #dipper #pines #dipperpines #kai #kailey #gravityfalls #gravityfallsedits #gravityfallsstuff #regrettingnothing #toomanyfeelings #likeugh
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You guys are going to love/hate me for this. Maybe. Idk. lol. So story time! I was just going through YouTube looking at Starco music videos when I heard an amazing song. I looked it up and watched a video. An animation that went along with the song. And boom! I fell in love with it. I listened to that same song for three days straight, I didn't listen to anything else! And now, I have the perfect reason to use it on this account 😈😍 I'm so excited!!! Why this edit?: Well. The top is young dipper and the bottom is teenage-almost-going-to-college dipper. If you listen to the song, or soon will know what I mean. You'll get it #dipperpines #pinesfamily #dipper #pines #kai #kailey #gravityfalls #gravityfallsedits #gravityfallsstuff
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Mwahahahaha!! I is posting the emotional stuff cause I feel like it And it's about dippy and Kai No like? To bad! #gravityfalls #gravityfallsedits #gravityfallsstuff #kai #kailey #dipper #pinesfamily #dipperpines
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Me and me baby, Kai. UGHHHHH. I have so many emotional edits that I want to post but idk if people want me to post it Someone comment and give me an answer!!!!!! #gravityfalls #gravityfallsrp #gravityfallsedits #gravityfallsstuff #kai #kailey #dipperpines #dipper #stanpines #stanleypines #stanfordpines #mabelpines #mysteryshack
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Stanford Pines were sitting in the living room, reading one of his journals when Kai walked in with Dipper and Mabel. She looked up as Mabel was sticking to the wall "Mabel. You should get down. You're going to get hurt" "Nahhhhh pssshhhh I'm perfectly fine Kai. Woah!" She fell on the floor and the three laughed. Ford looked up and gasped. His eyes looking directing at the necklace that bore around Kai's neck. Stan came in and saw his face. Ford rushed to him and poked his chest "Why. Didn't. You. Tell. Me. That. She. Was. Here?!" "It didn't come up Stanford. Besides, you should know now that Kai's a family friend and she comes over a lot of times" Ford went up to Kai and grabbed her face "How old is she? When she get her necklace? When did the kids find her?" Kai gave a confused and disturbed look. "I must know more about her!" He started to reach for Kai until dipper got in the way "You back off Uncle Stanford! She's not a mystery! She's a friend! A really good one!" Ford was shocked that the necklace keeper was actually liked. He did write in his journal that she was dangerous and pure powerful. He left the room to calm down. That was the first Ford and Kai moment. Could there be more? Or was this the only time? #stanleypines #mabelpines #stanpines #dipperpines #stanfordpines #kai #kailey #gravityfalls #gravityfallsedits
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Queen Of The Mississippi is at the river today!!! #wasfun #bigboat #kailey #cousin
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Here's the genderbender of Kai His name is Kenny. His nickname is Ken. He likes playing guitar and dancing. He has no care for money but he's always dreaming of finding his beloved to stay with him forever. He is a merman and befriends sharks. He's the cutest kid in town and grows up to be handsome. Yep. That's the genderbend of Kai! Hope you enjoyed it! I will allow people to Rp with Kenny. BUT ONLY GENDERBENDS OF GRAVITY FALLS CHARACTERS!!! #gravityfalls #gravityfallsedits #gravityfallsgenderbends #kai #kailey #kenny #ken
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Kailey Street Style back in 2014πŸ’™πŸ’™ #kendalljenner #haileybaldwin #kennyhails #friendshipgoals #supermodels #justinbieber #kuwtk #KardashianJenner #kendallhailey #kailey #bffsfoevaevaaa #bbfs #coachella #coachella2015 #KaileyCoachellaSnapchatSpam #kaileyjaldwin #kailey #jaldwin #gigi #gigihadid #codysimpson #fashion #bellahadid #haileybisboring #kaileysnapchat #haileysnapchat #kendallsnapchat
kendallsnapchat - fashion - kaileyjaldwin - bbfs - kardashianjenner - coachella - gigihadid - kendallhailey - haileybisboring - kaileysnapchat - kennyhails - kaileycoachellasnapchatspam - haileysnapchat - justinbieber - kuwtk - bellahadid - kendalljenner - haileybaldwin - supermodels - friendshipgoals - jaldwin - coachella2015 - codysimpson - bffsfoevaevaaa - gigi - kailey -
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#ArabellaElaineRodriguez #elliebellas #AnnEliseSandra #kailey :) they had a super fun sleepover
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Choosing day was getting closer and closer by the second. It was only days away as of now. Kai's family returned to their mansion as they prepared for the day. Kai let her family meet Dipper and Mabel. But her father didn't like Dipper being close to Kai. So they argued. He told her that he told her to not go outside and he asked her to come back with him home as Kai was staying at the Mystery Shack. Kai argued with him about how he was the worst day and dipper was a better guy to take of her and help her. She ran off to the shack before her father soon talked to himself about everything he did for her and how Dipper took his little girl from him And that put the pines family on thin ice with the Victoria Family. Thankfully, Kai was behind them to make sure nothing would happen to the Pines family. But was her father planning something? | I used Frollo as her father since in Beautiful Creatures, her father had grey hair. Lol I tried!| #kai #kailey #mysteryshack #gravityfalls #gravityfallsstuff #dipperpines #pinesfamily #kaisfamily #familyissues
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Sure. We've all got our demons. But Bill would come back to use Dipper as a puppet. He feared for his family and friends. He would push away Kai when he felt like he had his demon within his mind. But Kai told him about her demon "Yours isn't that bad dip. Mine... Mine has no heart nor soul. She's just... Pure evil. They call me devil for a reason" They both sighed "I guess we are more alike than we thought" Kai giggled softly before looking at him "I guess. I mean, we've both our our demons within ourselves and we've both got issues" "Yeah... I guess we do" They both blushed and looked away "W-what if we made a promise to each other?" "What kind of promise" "Well, if our demons come out. We'll stick together. So that we can help each other out" Kai turned her head and nodded. Putting her hand out "It's a deal" Dipper smiled before shaking her hand Best friends don't ever break promises. They both knew they would have to be ready when their demons come out. But what they didn't know was that their demons would want each other. It's painful to have a demon, but if you're not alone. It's not that bad. It's always better to have a friend by your side whenever you're scared, mad, or terrified. Kai and dipper would help each other even if would kill them. But that's friendship Or is it something more? 😏 #gravityfalls #gravityfallsrp #gravityfallsstuff #dipperpines #mysteryshack #kailey #kai
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The 3 sisters actually got a picture together! πŸ˜ƒ ❀️ #sisters #wedontlookalike #hanna #yasmeen #visiting #kailey #goodnight
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Our Facebook Giveaway winners prizes ready to be collected. Set of four 8x8" KaiLey Wall Art and a matching elephant vinyl decal. #alittlebitofkailey #KaiLey #albok #handcrafted #fabricprint #wallart #giveaway #competition #winner #igers #igersmelbourne #elephant #nursery #decal #walldecal #decor
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Should this be the new Kai's Faceclaim? Or keep Lena from Beautiful Creatures? #gravityfalls #gravityfallsrp #gravityfallsstuff #faceclaim #faceclaimhelp #kai #kailey
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@kaileycornwell and me at fun city yay! #Kailey#me#bestfriends#best#friends#funcity#fun#city#yay#
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πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Me and Emmy πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ πŸβ˜€Summer 2k15β˜€πŸ πŸ‘πŸ‘†like it upπŸ‘†πŸ‘ πŸ‘‹MmmmmmkbyeπŸ‘‹ #summer#2k15#july#2015#likeitup#f4f#l4l#fashion#selfie#selfiestick#cousins#happy#emma#kailey#shaeffer#cobbett#mmmmmkbye
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Fanfic(Amor Infinito) Cap.31 Na sala: #Levyrroni: Contar oq ? #AnaBrenda: May eu estou gravida ! #Maite: Que maravilha Ana ! #William: Meus parabéns a vcs, ter filhos é uma maravilha ! #BrecoArenas: Obg 😊. #Maite: Gente,aqui na sala esta muito abafado,pq nós não vamos lá para o jardim ? #William: Ótima ideia amor ! #Maite: Amor,poderia me fazer um favor ? #William: Claro.Tudo oq VC quiser ! #Maite: Enquanto eu levo a Ana,o Daniel e as crianças lá para o jardim,teria como VC pegar os bebes confortos do Nicholas e da Nicolly no quarto deles ? #William: Claro ! #Maite: Obg. Will sobe vai no quarto dos gêmeos pega os bebes confortos e May vai com as visitas para o jardim. No jardim: #William: Ó amor os bebes confortos. #Maite: Ai amor obg. Já q eles já estão cochilando vou colocar eles ai, segura a Nicolly q eu vou colocar o Nicholas e depois coloco a Nicolly. May coloca os gêmeos nos bebes confortos e depois volta a conversar com a Ana e o Daniel. Enquanto isso Tophy e Kailey estavam brincando com a Princesa um pouco mais a frente onde estava May e Will. #Christopher: Kailey vamos ver se o papai deixa a gente entrar na piscina ? #Kailey: Vamos. Eles saem correndo para pedir para o Will. #Christopher/#Kailey: Papai. #William: Fala meus amores. #Kailey: Podemos entrar na piscina ? #Christopher: Por favor !? #William: Podem,mas só um pouquinho ! #Christopher/#Kailey: Ebaa. Obg. Eles vão se trocar e entram na piscina e ficam nadando e brincando. Enquanto os casais ainda estavam conversando. #William: Mas nos conte mais da lua de mel de vcs. #BrecoArenas: ... #Para ou #Continua - #FanficAmorInfinito
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#Xxx:Oi May aqui é o William Nessa hora meu coração quase saiu pela boca #May:Oi Will #Will:Desculpa eu sei que é tarde mais preciso da sua ajuda por favor-fala com a voz meio falha #May:Calma Will que houve? #Will:A Kailey ta com febre dei remédio mais não abaixa a Elizabeth viajou para Paris e ela quer a mãe não sei o que faço-desesperado #May:Calma to indo para aí me da o endereço-ele diz Maite pega o carro e vai minutos depois chega e toca a campainha e Willl abre #May:Cadê ela?-Ele a conduz ao quarto de Kailey #May:Oi princesa #Kailey:Oi tia May-diz fraca #May:Vamos ver essa temperatura-May toca na testa da menina #May:Está bem quente minha linda quanto tempo faz que ela tomou o remédio? #Will:Já faz um tempo #May:Vamos ver se faz efeito enquanto isso vou dar um banho nela e o Tophy? #Will:Dormindo,te ajudo com o banho #May:Ok Eles pegam Kailey com cuidado a preparam e a colocam na banheira #May:Will me passa o sabonete?-ele pega o sabonete e ao entregar para ela suas mãos se tocam e eles se olham,Maite pega o sabonete e da banho em Kailey quando termina Will pega a toalha para ela que enrola a menina leva para cama dela a troca e a coloca debaixo das cobertas. #May:Ela tem que comer algo vou fazer um chá com bolachas tudo bem? #Will:Claro May faz o chá e pega algumas bolachas para a menina quando termina Will a ajuda a levar ao quarto #May:Vamos comer princesa? #Kailey:Não quero #May:Pf amor #Kailey:Ta-May e Will dão o lanche para ela #Kailey:Tia May? #May:Sim amor? #Kailey:Canta para mim #May:Qual música? #Kailey:A partir de Hoy May senta na cama da menina,Will a seu lado e começa a cantar A partir de Hoy te entrego el corazón mis segredos mi destino y mi ilución… Quando a música termina Kailey havia dormido-May toca em sua testa e vê que está sem febre #Will:Sua voz é linda!-sorri #May:Brigada Will,ela já ta sem febre #Will:Brigado May pela ajuda,não sei como agradecer! #May:Ñ foi nada adoro a Kailey e você também amigos são para isso #Will:Brigado mais uma vez-a abraça que retribui e depois de alguns minutos eles param #May:Bom eu já vou tchau até amanhã na gravação #Will:Até #May:Até-ele se aproxima beija a bochecha dela que sorri e vai embora…
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I love my girlfriend #kailey my queen πŸ‘‘
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_kailey.griffith_ : I love you more fat headπŸ’‹πŸ˜˜πŸ”πŸ’πŸ’˜πŸŒŽ
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My princess dique getting tatted up! #myworld #kailey #daddyslittlegirl #lovehertopieces
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"She was a nightmare dressed as a daydream" Reverse Falls. Sure, you've got your heroes and villains. But you forgot the Gleeful Twins' secret. They had a powerful friend. A demon that turned into the she-devil. Her eyes are blood red, her hair was black as coals. She may seem like an angel with beauty, but she's a dark horse. She will kill whoever she needs to kill to make sure her evil friends don't get harmed #kai #kailey #mabel #mabelpines #dipper #dipperpines #stan #stanpines #gravityfalls #gravityfallsrp #reversefalls #reversefallskai
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nicolas_finkflarp : Be her
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Get ready for some Reverse Falls plus Reverse Kai #gravityfalls #gravityfallsrp #dipper #dipperpines #stan #stanpines #mabelpines #mabel #kailey #kai
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Open Roleplay with Kai. Fandom?: Gravity Falls Rp: Kai pushed her hair away from her face to see a familiar woods in front of her. It hit her, she's back in Gravity falls. It had been a while she was in Gravity Falls, mostly because her necklace problems. She finally made it there, she was happy and worried. She was happy that she got out of the water. Mostly cause she was to date a guy then marry him for the sake of the seas. But she was worried because she already liked someone. A lot. She hated being a teenager for those matters, having feelings towards someone and not being able to show it nor tell cause she had no idea if the other felt the same way towards her. She let out a breathe before standing up and brushing the dirt off of her light blue skirt. "You can do this. Just have fun with your friends" she smiled before walking into the woods. Looking around for a treehouse she built with her friends when they were younger. "Hello? Mabel? Dipper? Waddles? Stan? You guys here?" #open #openroleplay #roleplay #kailey #gravityfalls #gravityfallsrp
gravityfallsrp - openroleplay - gravityfalls - open - roleplay - kailey -
x_dipper_x : Dipper blushed a bit as Kai kissed him. "Ya I guess your right. She is pretty great. And her craziness just adds to her personality... Although I'm not sure how her boyfriend, Will, puts up with her!" He laughed.
fandomocs : "Well, maybe he likes her craziness. Plus, she has grown to be a very pretty teenager. " she giggled before smirking at dipper and floating around him before hugging him from behind his back. She floated still though, so he didn't have to carry her @x_dipper_x
x_dipper_x : "She has grown pretty. Sometimes I'm amazed that she's even my sister." Dipper raised an eyebrow and smiled as Kai floated around him. He slightly leaned into her embrace as they walked. It felt nice.
fandomocs : She had her arms around his neck loosely and her chin was resting on his hat. "It's weird. The first summer we three met, she was boy-crazy and always looking for a boyfriend. Now, she's got one! I think that moment of brace freedom has helped her a lot. " once the treehouse was in view, she dropped to the ground and started to run to the rope. Laughing @x_dipper_x
x_dipper_x : "Ya it's weird how much she's changed. But you know who's more beautiful than she? You." He smiled at her. As she dropped to the ground, he ran after her laughing as well. He tugged on the ladder to make sure it was still stable before climbing up. He opened the trapdoor and crawled inside. He looked down, waiting for Kai, his hand out to help her in when she neared the top.
fandomocs : Kai climbed up and grabbed his hand before climbing in and closing the trap door. She giggled before hugging dipper again. Resting her head on his chest and smiling up at him "well, you know who's the most handsome and cutest of everyone in the whole universe? You" she poked your nose when she said 'you'. @x_dipper_x
x_dipper_x : Dipper helped Kai in and stood up. He smiled down at her as she rested on his chest. "Aww thanks." He ran his hand through her silky black hair. He looked up from her and looked around the tree house. "So... What do you want to do?"
fandomocs : "Mostly likely just be with you and talk about the new few days. Especially the dinner. I just want to make sure nothing happens to you. Especially after what happened, I rather not lose control and get all weird with you around" @x_dipper_x
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#kailey #kendalljenner #haileybaldwin
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I love them #kailey #kendalljenner #haileybaldwin
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jaileysgossipcop : @haielybaldwin
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beautiful #kailey #kendalljenner #haileybaldwin
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Poolside with my niece #kailey #loveher #socute #notsolittleanymore 🏊🏻
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Hii all my Wonderful Follower❀️ Please Guys Follow all this Amazing Girl @halieybisboring she made my Day Today she commented somthing very importent on @harryhudson 's last Pic who made me very Happy!!❀️❀️Love you thank you ❀️ #kendalljenner #haileybaldwin #kennyhails #friendshipgoals #supermodels #justinbieber #kuwtk #KardashianJenner #kendallhailey #kailey #bffsfoevaevaaa #bbfs #coachella #coachella2015 #KaileyCoachellaSnapchatSpam #kaileyjaldwin #kailey #jaldwin #gigi #gigihadid #codysimpson #fashion #bellahadid #haileybisboring #kaileysnapchat #haileysnapchat #kendallsnapchat
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Time for a picnic !πŸ˜ƒ #ag#agig#agdolls#dolls#firstpost#doll#kailey#picnic
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I love these 3 girls so much 😻 -Emma #jileyisbetterthanjelena #kendalljenner #kyliejenner #haileybaldwin #baldwiners #jennnators #kylienator #justinbieber #beliebers #kendallandkylie #kailey #hendall #jailey #jylie #jendall #mileycyrus #smilers #demilovato #lovatics #slutena #slutenators #selenagomez #selenators #jiley
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yoventtura : Yeahhhh
yoventtura : Jiley is better
justin.jenners : Same 😍
whorailey : That should get rid of hailey
kyliebieber.grier : OMG OMG THE BEST SQUAAD EVER
rossmerypf : 😍😍
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