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mitmuniv : Esa huevada es 9am?
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gonzalovalnav : @mitmuniv con todo y ceviche csmr 😏👊🏻 la máxima ya
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The River Spey is the second longest river in Scotland. It’s also the water supply for Cardhu Distillery, the brand home of Johnnie Walker.
johnniewalker : @jdalonso @missmscandyboutique @aramat1 @jelfixsaputra Thank you all - Keep Walking
franmarcanog : HOLLY WATER
franckgoldwood : Magnifique !!!!
den_dude : Beautyfu river👱
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One last shot of The Striding Man at the JOHNNIE WALKER House. Keep Walking. Photo by @awnoom
reinaventurini : Hello need marketing (miami) contact #JW thanks 📧
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johnniewalker : Hi @reinaventurini. Could you please email your request to Thank you!
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As the VOYAGER journeys through Asia Pacific, leading authors, photographers and illustrators from around the region will capture the progress of each port-of-call from the 1920s till present day. Photo by @awnoom
voyager - athipanwongsuebyut - jw - igersthailand - 4weeks4stories - journey - jwwhisky - helm - igersshanghai - whisky - behindthescenes - johnniewalker - scotchwhisky - shanghai - yacht - asia - keepwalking - johnwalkerandsons -
johnniewalker : #JohnnieWalker, #JW, #4weeks4stories #whisky, #scotchwhisky #KeepWalking #JWwhisky #Shanghai #igersshanghai #igersthailand #athipanwongsuebyut #journey #voyager #johnwalkerandsons #yacht #Asia #helm #behindthescenes
heymunst_desativado : Beautty
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It was once written that ‘All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking.’ This monk looked to be pondering great thoughts on his journey outside the Jing’an Temple. Keep Walking. Photo by @awnoom
shaou77 : 字反了
fantianmin : 中国
auza_onuma : Wow
jonnyhaha : Love this shot. Such simplicity with a powerful message. Keep Walking.
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My view before walking into the 1910 room at the Johnnie Walker House in Shanghai. In this room, visitors can experience the heritage and story behind Johnnie Walker. Photo by @awnoom
johnniewalker - scotchwhisky - jw - igersthailand - 4weeks4stories - keepwalking - shanghai - johnniewalkerhouse - jwwhisky - igersshanghai - athipanwongsuebyut - journey - whisky -
johnniewalker : #JohnnieWalker, #JW, #4weeks4stories #whisky, #scotchwhisky #KeepWalking #JWwhisky #Shanghai #igersshanghai #igersthailand #athipanwongsuebyut #journey #johnniewalkerhouse
jimjosef : they pay you to take pictures and #keepwalking ? nice job
franckgoldwood : Ooooo jadoooore cette photo
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Rin Shen, the General Manager of the Johnnie Walker House explained the features of the different whisky used to blend Johnnie Walker using an interactive blending table. You can place a bottle in the middle of the table, and it provides a multi-sensory blending experience. Photo by @awnoom
keepin_itsimple : @jay_burd badass
cassandraericson : the backlighting is beautiful shining through that liquid gold #spirits
johnniewalker : @cmichellee Beautifully put, thank you.
cassandraericson : I can write poetry about @johnniewalker all day long 
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Inspired by Sir Alexander’s original notes, JOHN WALKER & SONS ODYSSEY is an extraordinary triple malt, carefully blended and married in European oak casks to combine many of the flavours seen in this picture, and offer an exceptional smoothness. Photo by @awnoom
sharla_cameron : @johnniewalker where can I get it?!?
inesbarreto : @lucasvelho olha isso!
lucasvelho : @inesbarreto se adiantasse falar que eu quero e conseguir isso adiantasse alguma coisa... #xatiado :/
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JOHNNIE WALKER King George V displayed at the Striding Man bar at the JOHNNIE WALKER House. King George V was the British monarch that first granted JOHNNIE WALKER its Royal Warrant in 1934 – and this special blend honors him by recreating the JOHNNIE WALKER blending style from King George V era. Photo by @awnoom
andresdazaardila : Quieres esta de regalo @baguerrang
guerrangarita : @andresdazaardila viiirrg
jamartoshan : @majinsmoothe
darcio_vital : De todos o melhor é esse King George V @raidel_teixeira
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Do you know which JOHNNIE WALKER blend is topped with this monogram? Keep Walking. Photo by @awnoom
bluelabel -
jorge0512 : @johnniewalker Johnnie Walker Blue
donnol : beautiful Blue Label of course
mscatwalker : #bluelabel #keepwalking #alwayswalking 🚶
johnniewalker : Well done to everyone, you all said #bluelabel. Keep Walking
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It seems like the view of Pudong during my journey through Shanghai from JOHNNIE WALKER was always changing. Photo by @awnoom
aaldere1 : Incredible.
rencyleung : 上海?
mecoi : Do you like Pudong?
desaparecii : Shanghai!
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During my visit to the JOHNNIE WALKER House, I noticed this wallpaper that is made of Chinese advertisements for JOHNNIE WALKER, which date back to 1938. Photo by @awnoom
johnniewalker - scotchwhisky - jw - igersthailand - 4weeks4stories - keepwalking - shanghai - johnniewalkerhouse - jwwhisky - igersshanghai - athipanwongsuebyut - journey - whisky -
johnniewalker : #JohnnieWalker, #JW, #4weeks4stories #whisky, #scotchwhisky #KeepWalking #JWwhisky #Shanghai #igersshanghai #igersthailand #athipanwongsuebyut #journey #johnniewalkerhouse
sprinkles111 : What r they?
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While at lunch with Alexander and George Walker, cartoonist Tom Browne drew the first Striding Man image, the story is either on a napkin or the back of menu card. The Striding Man Bar at the JOHNNIE WALKER HOUSE in Shanghai is a modern version of where this icon was created. Photo by @awnoom
lylylowz : cool :-)
stonedraider45 : place to relax
imtyazkhan : Hmm nice
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Behind the scenes: A view of Shanghai through an etching of the symbol for JOHNNIE WALKER’S newest blend, JOHN WALKER & SONS ODYSSEY. Photo by @awnoom
fancychung : shanghai
ken___tong : Shanghai!!!
taqimunassar : The most beautiful city, awesome pic.
ernestolago : 501!
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This ceiling in the JOHNNIE WALKER House immediately caught my eye – the moving pattern is actually made of whisky glasses! Photo by @awnoom
poppyissocoollike : Brilliant
sprinkles111 : Cool
bestharry : Nice texture
nicogazzo : @juliecopter
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Our JOHNNIE WALKER Instagrammer @awnoom was one of the first to experience the JOHN WALKER & SONS VOYAGER. Visit our Facebook page at and press refresh to walk through his story on our Timeline cover photo.
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Behind the scenes: A first look of the helm of JOHN WALKER & SONS Voyager while docked in Shanghai before her mighty voyage across Asia Pacific. Photo by @awnoom
voyager - athipanwongsuebyut - jw - igersthailand - 4weeks4stories - journey - jwwhisky - helm - igersshanghai - whisky - behindthescenes - johnniewalker - scotchwhisky - shanghai - yacht - asia - keepwalking - johnwalkerandsons -
johnniewalker : #JohnnieWalker, #JW, #4weeks4stories #whisky, #scotchwhisky #KeepWalking #JWwhisky #Shanghai #igersshanghai #igersthailand #athipanwongsuebyut #journey #voyager #johnwalkerandsons #yacht #Asia #helm #behindthescenes
emily_thomas1166 : Snazy
davidgnad : mediocre shot. you can do way better.
jenlaucirica : Tag #loveisintheatmosphere in your photography and ill feature you :))
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l loved this etching on the wall in the JOHNNIE WALKER BLUE LABEL Game Changers Lounge in partnership with Alfred Dunhill. It brings a little piece of the distilling process to Asia Pacific. Photo by @awnoom
voyager - athipanwongsuebyut - jw - igersthailand - 4weeks4stories - journey - jwwhisky - igersshanghai - whisky - johnniewalker - scotchwhisky - shanghai - yacht - asia - keepwalking - johnwalkerandsons -
johnniewalker : #JohnnieWalker, #JW, #4weeks4stories #whisky, #scotchwhisky #KeepWalking #JWwhisky #Shanghai #igersshanghai #igersthailand #athipanwongsuebyut #journey #voyager #johnwalkerandsons #yacht #Asia
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The JOHN WALKER & SONS VOYAGER pays tribute to the origins of the Walker family and three generations of game changers – whose journeys began in Scotland and spread across the four corners of the modern world. Photo by @awnoom
___goodlife___ : Check out my pictures!
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At each port, John Walker & Sons Voyager will be the setting for a series of once-in-a-lifetime experiences for some of the most progressive individuals in Asia Pacific. Photo by @awnoom
alexaa_s : That is beautiful !!
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The custom-designed JOHNNIE WALKER BLUE LABEL Game Changers Lounge in partnership with Alfred Dunhill celebrates some of the most progressive individuals in Asia Pacific who are changing the game for themselves and the world around them - like the men of the Walker family. Photo by @awnoom
morgie858 : To nice oo
kingofmongols : Ok, but Where in the city?, I'd like to tell my friends to go.
stewtong : Its on the johnnie walker boat. Look at the other pics ine the series.
avephoenix : Fetching!
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Only 100 years after beginning his family business, John Walker’s whiskies were being sold in 120 countries. An achievement summed up by the strap line of the Walker family’s 1920 travel guide – Around the World: ‘We sailed wherever ships could sail.’ Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing first look images of an exciting announcement from Johnnie Walker, so stick around! Photo by @awnoom
mafundi : Great work
davidgnad : nice shot.
rhdjsksjdjdndns : Nice one xx
avephoenix : Cool!
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The second floor of the Johnnie Walker House tells two inspiring stories of the Johnnie Walker brand – its heritage and its blending. These images remind visitors of the company’s founders and the 190 years of unbroken lineage of Johnnie Walker’s Master Blenders. Photo by @awnoom
athipanwongsuebyut - jw - igersthailand - 4weeks4stories - journey - jwwhisky - blending - 1910 - igersshanghai - whisky - johnniewalker - scotchwhisky - shanghai - keepwalking - johnniewalkerhouse - china - blend -
johnniewalker : #JohnnieWalker, #JW, #4weeks4stories #whisky, #scotchwhisky #KeepWalking #JWwhisky #Shanghai #johnniewalkerhouse #blending #blend #igersshanghai #igersthailand #athipanwongsuebyut #journey #1910 #China
arodra : Then just that
rhdjsksjdjdndns : That's cool
avephoenix : Spectacular!
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I’m excited to share that Johnnie Walker gave me the opportunity to be one of the first to visit their new luxury experience – the JOHN WALKER & SONS VOYAGER. This awe-inspiring yacht is taking an epic journey around Asia to immerse visitors in a world of quality craftsmanship, heritage and modern innovation along the way. Photo by @awnoom
jolsjauco : See you soon voyager!!! @johnniewalker
redjumper3 : Wooww
avephoenix : Stunningly Beautiful!
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Beginning in Shanghai, the JOHN WALKER & SONS VOYAGER will travel to China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and India on a journey which was inspired by the 19th century trading routes of tea clippers, which played a major role in the history of the Johnnie Walker business. Photo by @awnoom
voyager - athipanwongsuebyut - tea - jw - igersthailand - 4weeks4stories - journey - jwwhisky - igersshanghai - whisky - johnniewalker - scotchwhisky - shanghai - yacht - asia - keepwalking - johnwalkerandsons - history -
johnniewalker : #JohnnieWalker, #JW, #4weeks4stories #whisky, #scotchwhisky #KeepWalking #JWwhisky #Shanghai #igersshanghai #igersthailand #athipanwongsuebyut #journey #voyager #johnwalkerandsons #yacht #Asia #tea #history
jonnyhaha : What are the schedules like? When in which country?
philgonzalez : 👍
avephoenix : Astonishing View!
decofrondana - poppyissocoollike - jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjsjwwe - reooman -
Announcing our newest blend – JOHN WALKER & SONS ODYSSEY. Inspired by the vision and entrepreneurial spirit of Sir Alexander Walker, Odyssey commemorates the 80th anniversary of one of Sir Alexander’s most remarkable innovations – a whisky decanter that could move to match the motion of the sea.
abhij33t : How many years old is that @johnniewalker
ari_m_02 : Damn!!!!!
sajays22 : nice one
avephoenix : Outstanding! A Visually Stunning Piece!
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Similarly to JOHNNIE WALKER, China has such a rich heritage story. This building – the Waldorf Astoria on the Bund – where I stayed has over 100 years of history in China, as well. Photo by @awnoom
mikabarbie : Wow!!!
blake.haze : Nice
poppyissocoollike : Awesome
_mphoranko : wow
ericdadas0777 - mikabarbie - gallardo_77 -
Bringing together vibrant and young flavours with older and rare, JOHNNIE WALKER BLUE LABEL changed the game for whisky. This blend, the rarest of the JOHNNIE WALKER range, is at the centre of the VOYAGER’S Game Changers Lounge. Photo by @awnoom
sandroggomes : grande blended
jessikat1220 : I thirst
harleyjose : @talitamjorge é desse Momo !!!
talitamaiajorge : Ok, eu te dou amor! @harleyjose
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The JOHN WALKER & SONS ODYSSEY decanter is exquisitely-crafted to perfectly capture the motion of the sea, and when gently pushed, the bottle is free to swing elegantly to and fro.
rbeard61 : Brautiful
kevins6530 : @bossman954 ...very nice
marwankhalil123 : From where i can buy it ?!
omid_es1994 : @saeed.dayyan
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I finished my journey through the Johnnie Walker House with a whisky dinner and tasting of JOHNNIE WALKER BLUE LABEL. While JOHNNIE WALKER has one of the largest whisky reserves in the world, JOHNNIE WALKER BLUE LABEL is made of only the rarest of these whiskies. Photo by @awnoom
miradatenta : Brst beer tigger avenal
aleks6948 : Very good
arishe_b : Hellow mellow
rmcknight09 : So funny
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The 1910 room at the Johnnie Walker House showcases a collection of items that commemorates that Johnnie Walker Blended Scotch whisky has been enjoyed in China for over 100 years. Keep Walking. Photo by @awnoom
grav1tyx : Stay classy. Drink Johnnie Walker
sabaa85 : classic
ishigakkie : nice classic!!
rhdjsksjdjdndns : Very cool I want t
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Beginning another great day of my journey with Johnnie Walker through Shanghai. Keep Walking. Photo by @awnoom.
mildred47 : Beautiful!
moniquerm : Wow que belleza
sizemore_463 : Hey did you live in el paso
avephoenix : Amazingly Impressive! Love It!
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This amazing copper sculpture at the Johnnie Walker House is a mini 4D distillery that displays the journey the liquid takes from barley and water to become whisky. Photo by @awnoom
princesz_iv : Kreatif
roomzzxx2 : Lol
kolyabuharov : I have never saw this wisky maker.
avephoenix : Epic!
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