The New Encyclopædia Britannica mentions: “Christians who had some training in Greek philosophy began to feel the need to express their faith in its terms, both for their own intellectual satisfaction and in order to convert educated pagans.” For example, the Bible calls him the Son of God; the lovers of Greek philosophy insisted that he is God. The question was debated at a number of church councils. The issue could have been settled quite easily had the delegates given appropriate weight to the Scriptures, but most did not. In fact, the majority had made up their minds even before they arrived at the councils, and they left more deeply entrenched than ever in their positions. Scholar Charles Freeman mentions that those who believed that Jesus is God “found it difficult to refute the many sayings of Jesus that suggested he was subordinate to God the Father.” As a result, church tradition and opinions of later authorities were substituted for the Gospels. To this day, many of the clergy elevate the uninspired sayings of so-called Church Fathers to a plane higher than the Word of God! While church dignitaries found it difficult to determine the exact identity of Jesus Christ, many of the common people had no such problem. Since they were not interested in lining their purses with the emperor’s gold or in furthering their careers in the church hierarchy, they were able to view matters more objectively, in the light of the Scriptures. A theologian of the period, Gregory of Nyssa, made this derisive comment regarding the common people: “Clothes dealers, money changers, and grocers are all theologians. If you inquire about the value of your money, some philosopher explains wherein the Son differs from the Father. If you ask the price of bread, your answer is the Father is greater than the Son. If you should want to know whether the bath is ready, you get the pronouncement that the Son was created out of nothing.” Yes, unlike the members of the hierarchy, many of the common people were supporting their conclusions by using God’s Word.
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jw_united_in_truth : Source: w12 1/15 pgs. 6-7
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Repost from my old IG account: Can anybody relate? #foreveralone #jk #jwlaugh #jwmeme #sistersbelike #brothersbelike
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I love the face 😂 hey everyone please go follow this awesome page called @jw_keep_calm 👈👍 lol @gcracker94 #jw#jws#jdub#jwonly#jwmeme#jwmemes#jwhumor#jwhumour#jwfunny#Jehovahswitnesses#jwlolz#jwsonly
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leighnrichmond : @chrisnrobbie I know they weren't arguing as such but very much how I was looking when they tried explaining the Trinity haha
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True #jw #jwhumor #jwmeme
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mewpx : True😂😂😂
niqua_g91 : Lol that's So true! But some of them sisters love the cold
livin_on_lainatime : I love it cold! I'm ALWAYS too hot! LOL
livin_on_lainatime : My hall is always too warm lol
lorpyloo : I obviously was never normal then - (my husband, @jonconjaycee would agree!) - as i've always felt too warm in the K.Hall. Other sisters with their coats & comments 'it's cold in here' & I think I definitely must be the odd one!;)
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Maybe I'm the only one that this has happened to... If you can't relate to this meme, I'm fine with 'pity' likes.. :D
jw_fun : @autumn_spice_ Time is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer you get to the end, the faster it goes... :)
marthas001 : @nery_g2010 reminded me of us trying to figure out what the ministery said to do this month lol
autumn_spice_ : @jw_fun I hadn't thought of it like that, but yeah 😏
yuknowjack : Can't relate
jokesforjws : I can relate to this meme. Sooo much, too.
jokesforjws : 😂 😂 😂
suseelaponniah : I too don't know where to put my head - when asked 4 experiences - time flies too fast!
lizzles2013 : LOL @cartoonfeet
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Lol 😂😂😂 #jwhumor #jwmeme
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La imagen lo dice todo. #august #campaign #jw #jwinternational #jwservice #jwinspirational #jwmeme #jworg #jwwebsite #tj #campaña #agosto #jwchile
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"If you ask the Father for anything, he will give it to you in my name. Until now you have not asked for a single thing in my name." (John 16:23, 24) One reference work describes this as “the turning-point in the history of prayer.” Of course, Jesus never was, and is not, Almighty God for he acknowledged that previously prayer to God was not 'in his name.' Furthermore, Jesus did not intend that prayer should be diverted from God to him. Instead, he was opening up a new way of access to Jehovah God. Granted, God has always listened to the prayers of his faithful servants. (1 Samuel 1:9-19; Psalm 65:2) However, from the time Israel became God’s covenant people, those who wanted their prayers to be heard had to acknowledge that Israel was God’s chosen nation. And later, from the time of Solomon, they had to recognize the temple as God’s chosen place for sacrifice. (Deuteronomy 9:29; 2 Chronicles 6:32, 33) Yet, this system of worship was only temporary. The Bible says that the Law given to Israel and the sacrifices offered at the temple were “a shadow of the good things to come.” (Hebrews 10:1, 2) The shadow had to give way to the reality. (Colossians 2:17) Therefore, since 33 C.E., an individual’s relationship with Jehovah no longer depends on adherence to the Mosaic Law. Instead, it is founded on obedience to the one to whom the Law pointed, Christ Jesus. (John 15:14-16; Galatians 3:24, 25) Hence, when we pray in Jesus’ name, we are expressing faith in at least three facets of his role in the outworking of God’s purpose: (1) He is “the Lamb of God,” whose sacrifice provides the basis for forgiveness of sin. (2) He was resurrected by Jehovah and now acts as “high priest” in administering the benefits of the ransom. (3) He alone is “the way” of approach to Jehovah in prayer. (John 1:29; 14:6; Hebrews 4:14, 15) Jehovah’s will is that “in the name of Jesus every knee should bend. . .and every tongue should openly acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father.” (Philippians 2:10, 11) So, prayer in Jesus’ name appropiately honors him. More importantly, prayer in Jesus' name glorifies Jehovah, who gave his Son for our benefit. (John 3:16)
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jw_united_in_truth : Source: w08 2/1 pgs. 11-14
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In case it wasn't obvious with the handcuffs, I intended yesterday's meme to refer to authorities telling us to stop preaching. lol
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danafigus : That's always when I realize I have to go to the bathroom!
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Challege accepted ! Have a blessed days of the last 2013-2014 service year. #jw #jwlove #jwlife #jwforeternity #jwforlife #alljw #fun4jwonly #jw4life #jwbrotherhood #jws #jwhappy #jwstuff #jwamazing #jw_all_around_jw #jw_encouragement #jwservicepics #jw_funnies #jwfunny #jwlol #jwlolz #jwlols #jwlaugh #jwlaughs #jwmeme #jwmemes #jwhilarious #jwhumor #jwcomedy #jwcomics #jwforever
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Lol #jw #jwmeme #jwhumor
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Thats so true #jw #jwhumor #jwmeme
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whohadmylastrolo : @jw_intertaiment Widen-out bros!
ashieoptimistic : But widen out the friends are all around you. I met a really good friend at the convention in 2011 when they mixed up the circuits and we haven't had the same convention since and we talk all of the time.
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Hope everyone had a great convention! #jw #jws #jwmeme #jwmemes #jwfunny #jwlol @antoinejackson916
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Ok, I may have done this. A very good friend shared with me a new illustration he came up with, and was just waiting for a chance to use. At the very next meeting, he was walking to the back of the Hall to get ready to conduct the second school, when he heard me from the platform use the illustration in the Bible Highlights. His head whipped around like the guy in the pic. :D Are we still good friends? Absolutely! Does he still share illustrations with me? Not a chance! I know... I'm a monster! Lol
mslenamo : @riahhoney
oh_waitwhat_ : OMG THE DOCTOR!!!!!
oh_waitwhat_ : Me too! @pack_o_wski
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thecer2s : You bad.... As long as everyone benefited from it.
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Next time we are nervous about a meeting part, remember... - It could be worse. :)
jnsochoa : That was the English international, we had a peak attendance of 56,000
barisicisabel : What means pimple free?
nu_system : What state was this convention this in?
jw_fun : @nu_system Dallas AT&T Stadium
nu_system : Thanks! @jw_fun huge! Lol
carlos.jw : I'll have this in mind for my next part!!
jw_fun : :) @carlos.jw
mabelsoup : @mafiu07
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What do we want? TO PRAISE JAH. When do we want it? ALL THE TIME. #jw #jws #jwonly #jwmenes #jwmeme #ICannotBe #TheOnlyOne #FeelingLikeThis #OnADailyBasis
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the_inkingscrawl : #jwmemes .....my finguh slipped yo. xD
starfiredavis : ♥♥♥
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_uneedmorefollowers_ : I did on thursday last week
derekdiaz1993 : It's only happened to me once...it bothered me at the moment because I was younger...wouldn't imagine it would bother me now though
yourgotoguy : Just remember that soon Jehovah will once again be the one who will be closing the door. Stay strong my worldwide brotherhood : )
strayhorn98 : @traybands
djr5958 : Remember - the person is rejecting Jehovah - not us personally - the don't know us.
sparkie3108 : Ave not had there door slamed in my face but been shouted at for ten mins
carla_serece : Ah..my day in service today lol
sushlyia_sei_dc_t_i02 : I got a door slamed 2,,👌
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Lol! Follow my other account @FunnyJWJokes ! #JW #Jehovah #JWSisters #JWBrothers #JWElders #JWJokes #JWJoke #JWHumor #JWFunny #FunnyJW #Funny #JWMemes #JWMeme
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daniella_rapalo : @eelizamma
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alisha6868 : Haha! Yup! @cjsiga
saramrkalj : @_lexivaughn_
takamakamori : Aww!! Yay!!! I'm so excited!!! :DDD
nikki_uknow17 : Yess! I'm gone look just like him!
jolenecobleigh : @locob @trevorjjohnson2010
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Follow my other account if you want to! I will be posting different picture then I have on here! @jw.jokes ! #JW #JWJokes #JWJoke #JWHumor #FunnyJW #JWFunny #Funny #JWMemes #JWMeme
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After two weeks of vacation and our Convention, I think I have about 20 pounds to burn. Back to dieting. 😂
missraquel7 : Haha oh yeah!! @abbychester08
cinluf : Only when Jehovah tells us to stop !
tht_guy_benji : Great way to show that using superman
gingerica : Lol real talk @amberthepreciousgemstone
nelsonbranly : @purple_butterfly_24 lol no veo nada!
mila_kerr_fox : @mikeb_h2b
mikeb_h2b : @mila_kerr_fox no bueno
jokesforjws : @tiatodope I meant by governments. That's why I picked a picture where he was handcuffed and being interrogated.
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My first post on this account! #JW #Jehovah #JWSisters #JWBrothers #JWElders #JWJokes #JWJoke #JWHumor #JWFunny #FunnyJW #Funny #JWMemes #JWMeme
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Had to repost this from @funnyjwjokes #JW #JWJokes #JWJoke #JWHumor #FunnyJW #JWFunny #Funny #JWMemes #JWMeme #JWAugust
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thewindybrees : 'Visite'? Hmmm...must be Spanish! 😂😄
obviouslogic : I know right @thewindybrees 😎
foghornleg : Good advice. I'm on my way!
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#JW #JWJokes #JWJoke #JWHumor #FunnyJW #JWFunny #Funny #JWMemes #JWMeme
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daniella_rapalo : @eelizamma yesterday
karliita_soliis : @evelyyn.rojas lol on Saturday
evelyyn.rojas : Haha lol it was a accident lol @karliita_soliis
emyafzal : @dannienj
dannienj : En sand Gentleman er man vel @emyafzal
emyafzal : Ja det kan man jo godt sige @dannienj
samanthadanyalle : Lol
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True! #JW #JWJokes #JWJoke #JWHumor #FunnyJW #JWFunny #Funny #JWMemes #JWMeme
funny - funnyjw - jwmeme - jwhumor - jw - jwmemes - jwjokes - jwfunny - jwjoke -
funnyjokesforjws : Visite lol
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#jw #jwlife #jwmeme #jwmemes #jwfunny #jwfunnys #jwhumor #jwhumour #jwjokes #jwjoke #jwstruggle #jwstruggles
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royal509 : Stop!!!! 😂😅😂
xxace_of_spadesxx : That's real talk, we have have to dive in hard lmbo @royal509 ;P
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A very, long time ago I made this meme. I don't remember if I submitted it to @jw_giggles or my private IG. ... It surprises me in a pleasant way that people still share it! #truestory #jwmeme #myfirstmeme #sistersbelike
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sharpinfestedwaters : That's how we met xP
poppyfieldservice : Haha yeah. ^_^
poppyfieldservice : @sharpinfestedwaters [I keep forgetting to tag]
sharpinfestedwaters : Imperfect much xD jk
poppyfieldservice : Haha geez! Gimme a break! @sharpinfestedwaters
poppyfieldservice : :p
sharpinfestedwaters : Nah
spock97 : @sarajadez @alicialg97
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Haha #JW #JWJokes #JWJoke #JWHumor #FunnyJW #JWFunny #Funny #JWMemes #JWMeme
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richannefrank : K vond t al zo vreemd hahaha @dorpswappy
rody_48 : @martin_51386 @kaleb_melgoza
kaleb_melgoza : Haha @rody_48 you at the assembly bro ahahaha
nodelec : @abramgarcia2013 lol
martin_51386 : 😝😝😝😝
abramgarcia2013 : Lol @nodelec
abramgarcia2013 : @_enkrypted_
abramgarcia2013 : Lol
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#jw #jwfunnypics #jwlife #jwjoke #jwlol #jwmeme
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tinmantoo : @paco112908 @vantay67 😂😂
stacy_amore : @mikkorenee @tnaustill @caitiekat94 true
paco112908 : Lmbo i I know that's right! @tinmantoo
dsaguilar95 : I don't get it... Can someone explain it for me
jwrelatable : They want the best but can't afford it so the get the best cheap stuff. @dsaguilar95
jeffshawn69 : @dsaguilar95 as a pio for 6 years, broke as a joke. Rich in heaven!! Use the world to the full, do Not let it use you.
valfam94 : Yup @nanipoo & remember to top it off before you leave restaurant! 😜
kiesomethingg : @pictureabbeyroad
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Kristie & her son Luke. I think Luke's grown... A lot! :D Thanks for the submission @kristiemae71
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jw_fun : @marcosguioliveira And perhaps the 2ft that Luke has grown, or maybe he's just tricking us by standing on a big box... This is going to require further investigation... :)
marcosguioliveira : I agree @jw_fun ... That PIC needs a, how we tell in Portuguese, uma investigação cabal
valentinavillarroelf : Awww
marcosguioliveira : Loooooool hahahhahaha
kenna_cox : That looks like Belleville.
rosienutbird : Growth spurt!!!!!
rainbows2015 : Vey nice
_q1q1_ : Good Mom! Good son!
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😂😂😂😂😂😂 #jw #jwmeme #jwhumor
jwhumor - jwmeme - jw -
shrt_one : @curlyhairbobo @jdfrenchbeauty1982 @mscinaboo maaaaannn, for real! And sometimes, I think the brother is looking right at me while he's talking! 😄 😳
_most_known_unknown : @knowone215 Exactly😂😂😂😦😟😟
curlyhairbobo : @shrt_one @sharebear126 @mscinaboo @jdfrenchbeauty1982 I be nodding like I'm n Babylon..."yes. Preachhhhh. Hallelujahhhhh' lol
jdfrenchbeauty1982 : @mscinaboo @sharebear126 @shrt_one @curlyhairbobo lol!!!!! I was enjoying the reminders but I wasn't look like steve!!! Lol!!!! 😂 😂 😂
divagalindo87 : @big_g_gunz @g_unit2323 @roxy_mora822 @primetime131 @azdesertratgirl @78knuckles @adriana_evans_
shybrownie21 : Lmbo!!!!!
4ahernandez : @dhanks6
bacon__earthquake : @brockypoo_96
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😬😬 #jw #jwmeme #jwhumor
jwhumor - jwmeme - jw -
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