Finally put my new poster up! #justinfurstenfeld #blueoctober
blueoctober - justinfurstenfeld -
One of my bucket list amazing moments has finally been immortalized on my skin and will be with me for as long as I live. Over the course of a very rough two years between heartbreak, loss, and homesickness. The truth and honesty in the words written, spoken, and sung by Justin Furstenfeld have clawed their way under my skin into my soul and to my heart. His songs were my lifeline in times of need, struggle, and hurt. His word drew parallels for me and made me realize that I wasn't alone and that no matter what challenge came before me I could overcome it. I know some people in a public eye can get upset when others ask for help or advice. It's happened to me on a rare occasion that I don't have an answer someone's looking for I and it frustrates me to no end. But respectfully saying, I don't look for any new advice I don't look for any personal message. Just keep writing and performing your music with the raw emotion you do and that is therapy enough for me. I finally got the opportunity to meet @blueoctoberband and @alskinator back in May in flint Michigan. I flew 1200 miles from Florida to share the moment with my sister in a much more intimate setting of the machine shop venue rather than the big stage environment of their show here in Florida. I had the opportunity to tell justin a little bit about my life and the struggles I've encountered and the help his music provided to me. I asked for a simple message something I could look back on to remember this moment and share with others the impact blue October has made on my life. His message to me was these lyrics from his song #thesoundofpullingheavendown thank you once again for giving me a strong message that reminds me that I can continue on and stay strong and overcome the odds as long as I reach farther than I ever have before. #blueoctober #blueoctoberband #justinfurstenfeld #swaytour #sway #bluemeanies #tattoo #tattooed #lyrics #ink #freshink @jasonkearnstattoos
tattoo - bluemeanies - lyrics - freshink - tattooed - blueoctoberband - thesoundofpullingheavendown - justinfurstenfeld - swaytour - ink - blueoctober - sway -
keepgracefuldancing : Beautiful πŸ’™
jude138 : Forgot to mention or specify the message is written from his hands which makes it all the more meaningful that he took the time to do so for me
wiljack86 : Powerful stuff man #poignant
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Best. Phone. Case. Ever. <3 thank you StephyJean, I absolutely love it. #BlueOctober #JustinFurstenfeld
blueoctober - justinfurstenfeld -
cee0428 : I want it
arryyonnaa_ - seedsandbeans - 074_curran - emmabirney_ -
:-) #bluedoes #blueoctober #bleedout #justinfurstenfeld
bleedout - bluedoes - justinfurstenfeld - blueoctober -
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#tuesday #babylon #berlin #blueoctober #justinfurstenfeld #autograph #nice πŸ˜‹πŸ‘Œ
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zehnter_dezember : #followme @TagsForLikes #like4like #TagsForLikes #TFLers #liker #likes #l4l #likes4likes #photooftheday #love #likeforlike #likesforlikes #liketeam #likeback #likebackteam #instagood #likeall #likealways #liking
__tbzrc : Like back pls ??
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Last show of the open book tour . It's been amazing everyone. We've gone from Los Angeles California to dussel dorf Germany . So blessed , grateful , humbled and honored. #beardlife #openbooktour #justinfurstenfeld
justinfurstenfeld - beardlife - openbooktour -
helenjanina : See you tonight 😍😍
gallifreyan_animegirl : Would love to see you in Scotland ! Thank you for being an inspiration πŸ’™
tripsixx : Beard game πŸ’―
namastebodily : The beauty from within that you radiate is amazing!! πŸ’™
riverottersrule : Have you made amends brother? @blueoctoberband much love
andyeffect : Handsome man
bluesunshine24 : In case no one has told you lately...your beard is the shhhiiiizzzz!!! You wear it well! πŸ‘πŸ˜
laurasbr9 : I was there last night. It was amazing. Thank you for the great evening ❀️
julesfranklin19 - leetrey - laineywill - laurasbr9 -
#justinfurstenfeld #blueoctober so wonderful <3
blueoctober - justinfurstenfeld -
deine_mutter_ist_katja_ebstein - _darya_bell_ -
I wanna be just like you. #justinfurstenfeld #blueoctober #beardlife #tattoos #wow #idol #blackandwhite #vsco #vscocam #vscophile #vscoartist #vscocanada #igers #igersto #instagood #Instalike #instadaily
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typhoidandswans : @blueoctoberband
adammyke : Definitely a very inspiring person to say the least
shoesboozeandtvttoos1 : Dope tattoos at @tvttooedgirls :)
riverottersrule : Pooh, Frankenfeld! @blueoctoberband
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Thanks for Thema great evening yesterday #blueoctober #anopenbook#justinfurstenfel
nuremberg - justinfurstenfel - justinfurstenfeld - anopenbook - meistersingerhalle - blueoctober -
pix_l_isa : #justinfurstenfeld #meistersingerhalle #nuremberg @blueoctoberband
danibutterflyfish : Love it!
esraksnk - fanskaufeneu - waaaaaaatson - charls_plawka -
Such passion. #JustinFurstenfeld #BlueOctober
blueoctober - justinfurstenfeld -
The man himself. #JustinFurstenfeld #BlueOctober
blueoctober - justinfurstenfeld -
patty_924 - helenjanina -
#JustinFurstenfeld #BlueOctober
blueoctober - justinfurstenfeld -
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Such a powerful song it's one of my favorites on this album. #JustinFurstenfeld #Fear #SongsfromanOpenBook
fear - justinfurstenfeld - songsfromanopenbook -
epicpoet -
Just one month away, until i see my man!!!!! #justinfurstenfeld #blueoctober #icantwait #iBleedBlue
ibleedblue - blueoctober - justinfurstenfeld - icantwait -
blue_october_girl : πŸ’™
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Germany is so beautiful. I am blessed today to be able to walk here . Thank you everyone for this life and second chance. #justinfurstenfeld #beardlife #blueoctober #germany
germany - blueoctober - justinfurstenfeld - beardlife -
wheely90 : Please come to Australia :)
diegohund : Nuremberg show was amazing again. Thanks Justin!!!
ddschulze : My brother got married in Germany. The place is beautiful!
youtellme73 : You earned it, with hard work and honesty :)
laddin13 : U made it happen Justin! We're just here to support you. @blueoctoberband πŸ’™
blueignisdivine : Awesome picture! Blessings to you and your company! πŸ’™
audcaron : That pic has charm written all over it
jademart : You look like you're on a Harry Potter set.
suzygoodwin - ninaluvsrock - aenriq39 - jenny_curiel -
πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜#hamburg #reeperbahn #imperialtheatre #justinfurstenfeld
imperialtheatre - justinfurstenfeld - reeperbahn - hamburg -
rebecca_hofmann - q_tinka - helenjanina -
Yesterday I met #justinfurstenfeld it was absolutely fantastic. I showed him my illustration of him! He loved it and took a picture of it! I'm so honored! He's such a lovely person!!! #blueoctober #concert #hamburg #imperialtheater
imperialtheater - blueoctober - justinfurstenfeld - concert - hamburg -
triedro_bicubico - deine_mutter_ist_katja_ebstein - _darya_bell_ - pafi_ -
Incredible night, thanks to @JustinFurstenfeld from @BlueOctober ! ♧ #openbooktour #justinfurstenfeld #blueoctober #music #anymaninamerica #america #usa #texas #beard #fashion #songwriter #gitarre #sway #fear #imperialtheatre #hamburg #germany
gitarre - fashion - openbooktour - songwriter - imperialtheatre - justinfurstenfeld - hamburg - fear - blueoctober - america - usa - anymaninamerica - music - germany - sway - texas - beard -
verena.hartmann : Heeey :D Du bist ja lieb! Danke!!! War das nicht toll gestern? :)
xbianka__ : Mega! Weiß nicht ob du's mitgekriegt hast, bin ja irgendwann in die erste Reihe geschlichen :D
xbianka__ : @verena.hartmann
verena.hartmann : Oh echt? Nee irgendwie nicht. Hatte nur gesehen das du weg warst. Ach man jetzt bin ich neidisch ^^
xbianka__ : @verena.hartmann Jaa das war echt cool, hatte auch oft echt Mühe nicht loszuweinen :D
verena.hartmann : Oh ja ich auch!!! Bleed Out am Ende hat mich so berührt! :') übrigens hatte ich dir bei fb ne nachricht geschickt. X)
xbianka__ - verena.hartmann - eliasdahlgren - mamitaro2424 -
#JustinFurstenfeld #songsfromanopenbook
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ocglassware -
Handwritten set list signed by #JustinFurstenfeld #BlueOctober #Sway
sway - blueoctober - justinfurstenfeld -
lngo128 - ctean84 - chango217 - hannnywho -
I want to go back, and to watch you perform your heart out again. The emotion in you reverberated through every vein in my being. I was not left with dry eyes that night. Your story is so admirable, and I can't wait to hear more of your music and share more of your stories. This is what makes music, and why I love musicians and artists. The emotion is real. And experiences are not taken for granted. #blueoctober #justinfurstenfeld
blueoctober - justinfurstenfeld -
joestufff - johntwloha - michellfish18 - kassoro -
You have to be brave and be bold- crazy enough to live it up. #zeale #invisibleprisons ft. #justinfurstenfeld #blueoctoberband #inspiration
justinfurstenfeld - blueoctoberband - inspiration - zeale - invisibleprisons -
kassysnordicsweater -
Blue October. .. screw baseball
5591 - blue - matt - jeremy - cb - ryan - baseball - justinfurstenfeld - blueoctober -
wynsworld : #BlueOctober #JustinFurstenfeld #baseball
wynsworld : #5591 #blue #CB #Ryan #jeremy #matt
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This fucking song I swear ❀️ #blueoctober #hateme #justinfurstenfeld #ryandelahoussaye #jeremyfurstenfeld #mattnoveskey #cbhudson #bands #bandoms #bandaccount #bandomaccount #fandoms #fanpage #fanaccount #fandomaccount #ilovemybandoms #ilovemyfandoms
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briesxxpurple : Argo f*** love M
ariana_beck : Gah, I agree wholeheartedly @justanotherrecklesskilljoy
justanotherrecklesskilljoy : *gross sobbing* @ariana_beck
theperksofbeing_brandi : @chickencoop1998 this brought back back emotional memories.
ariana_beck : @justanotherrecklesskilljoy no, no please, don't, it's okay, don't cry 😭 lol
justanotherrecklesskilljoy : It's such a sad song 😒 @ariana_beck
ariana_beck : @justanotherrecklesskilljoy I know... And then the music video makes it worse πŸ˜“ such a sad/angry song directed towards his mom πŸ˜”
chickencoop1998 : @theperksofbeing_brandi TOO SOON!!!
xoshelby0_0 - nysamy23 - julseybear12 - kidninja12 -
Backstage in I'm Hamburg . Max , @alskinator , Paul , Olivia , and me . Oh the fun you can have when you just let it happen. #openbooktour #justinfurstenfeld #blueoctober #beardlife
blueoctober - justinfurstenfeld - openbooktour - beardlife -
celinaannie : Your wig and Alan's face. Fucking priceless.
ambi_bambi28 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ u totally pull off the Red head look! Great pic! Thanks for sharing!!πŸŽ€πŸŽΈπŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
ddschulze : Hahaha!
riverottersrule : 🌟oh behave!!! πŸŒ€
trilster : F'ing awesome! Never be too cool for school! (Wow that was lame) You know what I meant. The best times are when you just let the fun happen... Looks like you all had a blast. Good Times Good Times 😜
staycismom : I would so have a mad hatter party with that lol
ginaconcotilli : You look good as a redhead 😜
helenpkroll : Lol!
leithandhaydees - whycouldntyousaveme - jillianbat - jwoolaver19 -
Loved this show. He had such a powerful set. Can't stop listening to his album now. . If you have a chance go see him live while he's on tour, do it. #blueoctober #justinfurstenfeld #openbook #raw #heartfelt #expressing #depressing #addiction #redemption #f***yolamp #higherpower #burningbush #inspiring #liveyourlife #loveyourlife #justcantgetenough
heartfelt - depressing - raw - justinfurstenfeld - justcantgetenough - blueoctober - inspiring - redemption - f - burningbush - liveyourlife - expressing - openbook - addiction - loveyourlife - higherpower -
happinessuntangled : βœ¨πŸ’–πŸ‘ŒπŸ’–βœ¨
edmedmedmedm123 - michellemone - mooney.n - downtoearthministries -
Casually spelling out Blue October songs with my name. I love them so much. πŸ’™
intotheocean - notbrokenanymore - everything - letitgo - band - eighteenthfloorbalcony - music - angelsineverything - justinfurstenfeld - dirtroom - blueoctober - lightyouup -
danni_lynn24 : #blueoctober #band #music #justinfurstenfeld #dirtroom #angelsineverything #notbrokenanymore #intotheocean #eighteenthfloorbalcony #lightyouup #letitgo #everything
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Stole from a lovely inspiration @sleep_will_carry_us πŸ˜‰ Great symbology to use for people who have picked up the pieces and mended, they are more beautiful and worth so much more. #blueoctober #pickinguppieces #justinfurstenfeld #notbrokenanymore #beautifulsoul
pickinguppieces - beautifulsoul - blueoctober - justinfurstenfeld - notbrokenanymore -
sleep_will_carry_us : Love the blue October reference to it! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜πŸ˜„
b_r4n_d : It's what I thought of when I saw it on your page 😊 my favourite band, my muse. It's gotten me through so much. @sleep_will_carry_us
sleep_will_carry_us : Well I love it! And their songs are so beautiful and meaningful! I've been hooked on chameleon boy and worry list at the moment but picking up the pieces is another great one πŸ˜„
b_r4n_d : I've been hooked on them for 7 years now and everyday my favourite song changes but it's almost alway a blue october song! @sleep_will_carry_us
sleep_will_carry_us : Wow! That's a long time haha. I found foiled on my moms computer about a year ago when I was burning CDs and I fell in love with them! And by the way I checked out your page and your kids are so cute 😍
b_r4n_d : Aww thanks! @sleep_will_carry_us
pdalink - tim_christopher - sleep_will_carry_us - juicymarie93 -
One of the funniest #concerts I have ever been to.:) #acoustic #AnOpenBook #tour #JustinFurstenfeld #music
tour - justinfurstenfeld - music - anopenbook - acoustic - concerts -
kaeojeannetta - youtellme73 - 24ourmusic -
I've said it once and I'll say it again. I have the best boyfriend in the world. He knows how much I love Blue October and how much I wanted this new CD so he downloaded it and then bought me the CD so I dont have to open it. Hes so slick I had no idea what he was up to. Im so lucky to be blessed with such an amazing man. I love him. β™‘β™‘β™‘ #myboyfriendisbetterthanyours #ilovehim #blessed #BlueOctober #songsfromanopenbook #favoriteband #justinfurstenfeld
blueoctober - justinfurstenfeld - favoriteband - ilovehim - songsfromanopenbook - blessed - myboyfriendisbetterthanyours -
hanna_steeg - krystalmarie2020 - onceuponabarry - eskaybullet1 -
Skeleton onesie on and some bed time reading @blueoctoberband #justinfurstenfeld #blueoctober #crazymaking #mentalhealth
crazymaking - justinfurstenfeld - mentalhealth - blueoctober -
ailisa109 - zombiemelly - rachael.graham.e - ftw_revolution -
Tonight's entertainment. #JustinFurstenfeld #OpenBook #Berlin #Babylon #concert #livemusic
livemusic - justinfurstenfeld - concert - openbook - babylon - berlin -
youtellme73 - tiaanclarke - allentaylorphotography - jolienigraninie -
Love Ryan in the background.. #blueoctober #sway #justinfurstenfeld
justinfurstenfeld - blueoctober - sway -
b_bowens - beverley8575 - rika32 - katiebryant14 -
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