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dominikwagenmann : :)
dominikwagenmann - liverpool_bh - promosi.terhebat04 - guslucmoore -
@tvision said it best, I'm so grateful to be apart of #blackdeathcrew and its now become a way of life. It all started because of @derrtyrob and his #jsbmayphotochallenge where he posted his favorite feeds and it happened to be @blizzard_force, @darth_hate and @jasterstrikesback (;-)) and so i followed them all and its all history. I've got so much support and made REAL friends here. The stated above @xsithcraft, @ogbossk, @tvision and many others... these are people that I talk to on the regular and consider real friends. I hope we continue to get more awesome people for our family. Its really be awesome. #blackdeathcrew
blackdeathcrew - jsbmayphotochallenge -
whiskeyfett : @tattooedtrooper love jew too ;-)
whiskeyfett : Its da bawmb!! You gotta come @beardedsith1138
sponge_on_ice : You and me are done.....😩
jedi_brah : I missed the bdc draft =\
knawjk : ❤💀❤
brandonf305 : Where's @ze_jaster been at? All is good I hope
tvision : ◼😁◼
gentlemenoftheforce : 👊💢👊👍
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I am sorry for being late for day 31 favorite ig starwars of #jsbmayphotochallenge but I love all of you , bad ass gringos. Crazy Canadians , awesome Aussies , lovely British , and Asian folk , you guys are all my favorite , I really would like to thank sir @ze_jaster for putting this together , and uniting all of us Star Wars familia ! May the force be with you ... Always .
starwars - blackdeathcrew - jsbcrew - jsbmayphotochallenge -
tofero : The German who isn't and the isn't who is. 😝
thedaughterofdarthvader : 😍😍😍😍
siete11 : The isn't who is. Hahaha. @tofero
weaver006 : Im not fucking german. @tofero fuck you lol. May Yoda rape you All
lisa_loo_ : Is there anything wrong with being German?! 😠😏
varu76 : @lisa_loo_ nein !!!! They are jus messing around u are my fav too !!
lisa_loo_ : 😁😁😁 and you are my favorite Venezuelan!!
hulaheather : ❤Love!❤
tattooedtrooper - baby_tauntaun - cheshirehatt -
MAY STAR WARS PHOTO-A-DAY CHALLENGE (DAY 31): FAVORITE IG SW FEED- It's a 6-way split. In no particular order: @figure_it__out, @ogbossk, @vintagestarwars, @respectthefett, @tvision, and @tofero. 👍 This concludes the Star Wars month of May Photo Challenge. That was fun. 😃
maystarwarsphotoaday - maystarwarsphotoadaychallenge - starwarsphotochallenge - starwarsphotoadaychallenge - jsbmayphotochallenge -
vintagestarwars : Thanks bro!
whitesaber : #jsbmayphotochallenge #starwarsphotoadaychallenge #starwarsphotochallenge #maystarwarsphotoaday #maystarwarsphotoadaychallenge
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#jsbmayphotochallenge day 31 favourite star wars IG feed - @republic_trooper for the awesome artworks
jsbmayphotochallenge -
cbgreen18 - i_hunt_rebel_scum -
MAY STAR WARS PHOTO-A-DAY CHALLENGE (DAY 30): WALL DECORATION- These are hanging on my wall. Does that count? Lol
sith - starwars - maystarwarsphotoadaychallenge - walldecoration - omegatoys - maystarwarsphotoaday - darthvader - collection - clometroopers - actionfigures - jedi - starwarscollection - toys - jsbmayphotochallenge - starwarsphotochallenge - starwarsphotoadaychallenge -
robertogrande : @whitesaber awesome collection man
whitesaber : @robertogrande Thanks dude. Wish I had more clones though. Lol
robertogrande : @whitesaber lol well at least some of em survived the war you will get some more
whitesaber : @robertogrande hahaha great point!
whitesaber : #starwars #collection #starwarscollection #jedi #sith #darthvader #clometroopers #walldecoration
whitesaber : #actionfigures #toys #omegatoys
whitesaber : #jsbmayphotochallenge #starwarsphotoadaychallenge #starwarsphotochallenge #maystarwarsphotoaday #maystarwarsphotoadaychallenge
vegasbaby98 : 👍👍👍
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Day 31 of #jsbmayphotochallenge
jsbmayphotochallenge -
knawjk - chuckd_up_in_texas_ - darth_misfit - manuelj_x -
Hurray for blurred photos. xD #jsbmayphotochallenge Wall decoration. I've got quite a few things hanging up in my room, but I really love these OT posters by @funk_master_stuck. They're so... Basic, I guess the word I'm looking for is, but they're extremely awesome.
starwars - art - awesome - deathstar - returnofthejedi - tatooine - anewhope - episodev - yavin - posters - theempirestrikesback - atat - tampa - awesomeness - jsbcrew - episodeiv - florida - jsbmayphotochallenge - xwing - episodevi - tiefighter - endor - epic - millenniumfalcon - hoth -
chewbacoon : Are those still available? They look sick
manbrolorian : #starwars #episodeiv #anewhope #episodev #theempirestrikesback #episodevi #returnofthejedi #posters #art #awesomeness #xwing #tiefighter #atat #millenniumfalcon #deathstar #tatooine #hoth #endor #yavin #jsbcrew #awesome #epic #tampa #florida
manbrolorian : You'll have to ask Michael, @chewbacoon. And yes, they are sick.
littleladyjay_ - jorremo -
Day31- favorite IG SW feed goes to @fett_up !!! A big shout out all the way to Australia from 'Murica! #starwars #fettupsmayphotochallenge #jsbmayphotochallenge #jsbcrew #photoaday
photoaday - starwars - jsbcrew - fettupsmayswphotochallenge - fettupsmayphotochallenge - jsbmayphotochallenge -
marthvaderrr : #fettupsmayswphotochallenge ***
fett_up : Aww thank you 😊 you are far too kind
fett_up - emm_o - dulcejflores -
May 31st: favorite IG Star Wars feed. Same as for the other photo challenge, the BDC feed. I can't pick just one, and most of my favorites are on here. #jsbmayphotochallenge.
jsbmayphotochallenge -
cbgreen18 - dougd27 - mr_patches -
Day 31: Favorite IG SW Feed. So many good ones out there, but @republic_trooper gets another vote. She's consistently posting some great SW art. #jsbmayphotochallenge #starwarsphotoaday #starwarsart
starwarsphotoaday - starwarsart - jsbmayphotochallenge -
republic_trooper : Thank you^_^
republic_trooper - xjoshxsxe - fett_up -
The last day :'( day 31 favorite IG SW Feed #jsbmayphotochallenge #starwars #yoda #darthvader #skywalker #hansolo #esb #ROTS #rotj #millenniumfalcon @republic_trooper
starwars - rots - skywalker - darthvader - jsbmayphotochallenge - millenniumfalcon - rotj - esb - yoda - hansolo -
republic_trooper : Thank you! ^_^
jessie_durban - -
#jsbmayphotochallenge fave feeds. Last one, sorry if you've been spammed up with my recommendations, but I stand by the fact that each feed deserved its own post from me. Last and by no means least is @theblackdeathcrew the bucket wearing, star wars loving family I joined a few months back, I've made some good friends through the bdc, everyone of them is borderline mental, but I quite like that! Thanks to @ze_jaster for the #jsbmayphotochallenge its been a lot of fun taking part, and following the tag over the month.
jsbmayphotochallenge -
internet_police - mrufuf -
#jsbmayphotochallenge fave star wars feed. @avanaut should win an award or two, his photography blows my mind! Absolutely jaw dropping images, he doesn't post very regularly, but when he does its absolute gold.
jsbmayphotochallenge -
paul6 : I did not know this feed... Great stuff @avanaut
avanaut : Thank you for the kind words! I am posting irregularly because of my work, it's... well, irregular. :) But when there's free time I'm happy to hang around with you guys and enjoy the stuff you come up with. It's golden! Cheers!
darthvalkyria - micha_mcfly - waynerodger - black__jedi -
#jsbmayphotochallenge fave feed. I love creativity and I love humour, @darrylljones has both in abundance. A fantastic photographer and artist, bit also hilariously funny. The only feed that has reduced me to tears of laughter. Check out the dude's feed straight away.
jsbmayphotochallenge -
looloojen : And an amazing guy!!! Lots of love to @darrylljones
davesanderson : @looloojen if he wasn't so funny I'd be jealous of all his talents!
darrylljones : 😳😳😳 aw shucks !!!! Many thank you's!!!! Lots of love to you both !!! @davesanderson and @looloojen !!!
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#jsbmayphotochallenge fave feed. You should check out @ubertwigg his vinyls are phenomenal, I'm lucky to own a few that other IGers have sent me, and I'll be purchasing a few for my shed when the time is right. I enjoy his feed for the artwork, but he also makes me want to be a better daddy. We've never spoken, but he seems like a top bloke.
jsbmayphotochallenge -
mrufuf - internet_police - tan_aka_yuki -
#jsbmayphotochallenge fave feed. @tofero Check this guy's feed out, his images always make me chuckle, he's funny AND Canadian. Who'd have thought it huh?!
jsbmayphotochallenge -
xxsjc : The best feed! @tofero
tofero : @davesanderson Thanks, eh?!? 🍁😄🍁 P.S. Canadians do have a funny bunch, but they usually move Stateside.
tofero : @xxsjc That means a TONNE coming from a Lego Goddess, Shelly! #justsayin
xxsjc : @tofero You're so sweet. Going to Vancouver tomorrow. Bring my Lego.
mrufuf - kept_in_danger -
#jsbmayphotochallenge more fave feeds, @imperialgrunt master of the imperialcabana, a fantastic artist, check out his work and Feel free to buy me a print while you're on his website!
jsbmayphotochallenge -
omegaxiiv - the__zac - llain -
MAY STAR WARS PHOTO-A-DAY CHALLENGE (DAY 29): FAVORITE PLANET- *I'm gonna have to go with Kashyyyk on this one; home world of the Wookies. Kinda looks like a resort, don't you think? Lol
starwars - wookies - kashyyyk - jsbmayphotochallenge - planet - maystarwarsphotoadaychallenge - maystarwarsphotoaday - starwarsphotochallenge - starwarsphotoadaychallenge -
whitesaber : #kashyyyk #planet #starwars #wookies
whitesaber : #jsbmayphotochallenge #starwarsphotoadaychallenge #starwarsphotochallenge #maystarwarsphotoaday #maystarwarsphotoadaychallenge
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#jsbmayphotochallenge day 31. favorite ig sw feed: there are far too many amazing photographers, toyographers, starwargraphers, collectors and just all around rad folks to pick one. I've Internet met a huge amount of people that inspire my bullshit, and drain my wallet. thank you BLACKDEATHCREW you're my favorite ◼💀◼
starwars - blackdeathcrew - jsbcrew - jsbmayphotochallenge -
yeahthatskot : #blackdeathcrew #jsbcrew #starwars
davesanderson - joelifeline - eidos101 -
#jsbmayphotochallenge favourite star wars feed. Second on my list of fave feeds is this chap @fett_up the guy is a total artist, fantastic photography, another dude with a wonderful sense of humour, great bucket shots, his kids are so cute, and he takes on some brilliant projects. I don't know how he finds the time, but I'm glad he does! Check him out folks.
jsbmayphotochallenge -
fett_up : Much love 😊 thanks dude, you are far too kind
mrufuf - kept_in_danger - internet_police -
#jsbmayphotochallenge favourite star wars feed. As a lot of folks have said, I can't narrow it down to just one, and I don't want to do a montage, so I'm gonna post a few for this theme. In no particular order, I'm gonna start with @darthcorleone great toy photography with a fantastic sense of humour, check him out if you haven't already.
jsbmayphotochallenge -
mrmojorisin : Agreed!
the__zac - mrufuf - norman_the_slug -
Last day, wow where does a month go? I don't have a single favorite Star Wars feed, anyone that I have come across since I started using IG over a year ago. There are some super rad people who all share the same love. I always felt rather alone in my obsession and then I stumbled upon I believe @carnor_jax and @boba_fettish first. Then over time just kept coming across more feeds that made me feel not so alone. To let my true geek flag fly and to not care. I love that I found a great cause like #trenchrunrebels via @vintagestarwars and have been able to do a small part in helping. Really it's so much fun seeing people from all over the world unified in our love of the movies and beyond. I love seeing the original art, toy shots or just day to day stuff. Thanks @ze_jaster for putting this on last year then it making a comeback this year. One day I'll afford a bucket to be BDC official, in the meantime I'll just enjoy what everyone has to offer via #jsbcrew. May the force be with you all :) #jsbmayphotochallenge #starwars
starwars - jsbmayphotochallenge - jsbcrew - trenchrunrebels -
cheytowne82 - mysha311 - scarlett_fields -
A day late *gasp*. I honestly don't own any wall art :( when I get a house I will. In the meantime I have this rad little road sign made by the lovely @ubertwigg made last summer. AT-ATs <3 #jsbmayphotochallenge #jsbcrew #ATAT #ATST #roadsign #starwars
starwars - atst - jsbcrew - roadsign - atat - jsbmayphotochallenge -
omegaxiiv - davesanderson - derekjasonbell -
Favorite IG Star Wars feed. #jsbmayphotochallenge @bobbysussman does an amazing job of recreating the films using toys and creating the locations. Fantastic work. #starwars #starwarstoys
starwars - starwarstoys - jsbmayphotochallenge -
allancheartsyoda : Secondary fave shoutout to @vaderecoba Lots of cool SW toys.
bobbysussman : Thanks, Allan. I really appreciate the praise! Hopefully I can keep your attention once we land on Tatoonie!
allancheartsyoda : I'm sure you will @bobbysussman
anthony_von_geek - venamis - darc222 - bobbysussman -
#jsbmayphotochallenge Day 31 - Favorite Instagram feed. I don't have one, but two. @mr_fett and his girlfriend @jediwho . Both share great photos! These two rock! If you haven't check out their feeds... Better do it! #jsbmayphotochallenge #favoriteigfeed @jediwho @mr_fett #starwars
starwars - favoriteigfeed - jsbmayphotochallenge -
kristaskywalker - republic_trooper - fett_up - bel_starkwalker -
Day 30: Favorite IG SW feed #starwars #jsbmayphotochallenge My favorite feed is definitely @republic_trooper 's! She finds the most amazing starwars art and I love her!
starwars - jsbmayphotochallenge -
rogue_two : @bobbysussman OMG! Lol
tattooedtrooper : Lmao
republic_trooper : @bobbysussman hey !!! Lolol
bobbysussman : @rogue_two look, Brian, to be fair you should have slept with 3 or 4 more IGers to be sure your vote was fair. Just saying. BTW, I'm an Aries, enjoy long walks thru the Dune Seas, and voted Imperial in the last Galactic Elections. 😉
bel_starkwalker : @bobbysussman 😂😂😂😂
rogue_two : @bobbysussman lmao 😂
fett_up : @bobbysussman 👍😂😂
brandondajedi : @bobbysussman hahahaha 😂😂😂😂
tattooedtrooper - jonfranklin -
Just want to say a big thanks to everyone who participated in this years #jsbmayphotochallenge it was heaps of fun. Got to meet a lot of you and I love that so many of you took the time to comment on my picks as well. One of the things I really love about Star Wars is that it means something different to all of us. Everyone loves different aspects of it and everyone is so passionate. You all rock. I've listed all my selections under a separate hash tag as well #fettupsmayswphotochallenge for those that want to check my selections out and might have missed it the first time around. Peace out. #jsbmayphotochallenge #starwars #jsbcrew #blackdeathcrew
starwars - fettupsmayswphotochallenge - blackdeathcrew - jsbcrew - jsbmayphotochallenge -
andyjamestattoos : :)
bel_starkwalker : 👏👏👏👏👏😢
knawjk : Nice man 👍👍👍 yeah I have really enjoyed the whole month.. A couple of us was saying could do with another challenge .. It's been good seeing a lot of folks liking the same things for the same reasons, and then disliking something and causing controversy which in turn has sparked off some really good conversations 👍👍
fett_up : @knawjk haha I totally agree. So many opinions. And the diversity keeps growing with more tv shows and movies being released as everyone has different entry points into the franchise. I could do with another challenge. Feel a little empty now that its done haha
knawjk : I hear that and second that emotion #somebodysortachallengeoot
gentlemenoftheforce : I missed out on the challenge, huh, must have been busy😏👍👍 I've enjoyed all the pics as well I hope there is another so I may get on on it under @edward_tk421 love your site as always @fett_up
gentlemenoftheforce : Hey Achilles! Why not make yourself into an Action Figure?
fett_up : @gentlemenoftheforce that would be awesome! I'll need to take a full length photo first however 👍
familyoftheforce - starwars.saga - 375inches -
Thank You @ze_jaster for the #jsbmayphotochallenge After long thought (a month to be exact) I have to say my Favorite IG Star Wars feed is the recreation of the movies by @bobbysussman I'm sure I can speak for all who follow you that what your doing is amazing and very entertaining. 👍 #starwars
starwars - jsbmayphotochallenge -
bobbysussman : Thank you, Derek! 😊 I'm honored by your words! Thanks! 👍
bobbysussman : @ogbossk dude, we are called "Trekkers". You sound like a Klingon who has dishonored his family when you say it wrong! KA'PLA!!!
timbeseen - skip72 - thelegendofbetafett - plasticcell -
Day 31 favourite Star Wars feed: my favourite has to be @starwarsdaily I like the photos he puts up #may #starwars #steveandmarcuscelebratestarwarsmonth #jsbmayphotochallenge
may - starwars - jsbmayphotochallenge - steveandmarcuscelebratestarwarsmonth -
girlwiththeflowerinherhair - derekjasonbell - plasticcell -
Day 31: Favorite IG SW feed - Mine is tied between @republic_trooper & @official_darth_vader !!! #starwars #starwarsfan #starwarsnerd #starwarsdaily #starwarsfanatic #starwarseverything #starwarsfanpage #ilovestarwars #ilovebeingageek #maythe4th #maytheforth #maythefourth #maystarwarsphotoaday #jsbmayphotochallenge #day31 #favoriteigswfeed
starwars - starwarsfanatic - ilovestarwars - favoriteigswfeed - day31 - maytheforth - starwarseverything - starwarsfanpage - maythefourth - starwarsdaily - starwarsfan - ilovebeingageek - jsbmayphotochallenge - maystarwarsphotoaday - maythe4th - starwarsnerd -
official_darth_vader : Thanks... @republic_trooper's page is pretty dope as well
starwars_whims - jramos94_ - glfarioli -
Day 31 May Star Wars Photo a Day Fave Feed. I love them all. Keep up the great work everyone!!! Looking forward to next years challenge! #jsbmayphotochallenge #jsbcrew #blackdeathcrew
imperialstormtrooper - starwars - blackdeathcrew - actionfigures - theempire - starwarstoys - imperials - returnofthejedi - imperial - toys - empire - theempirestrikesback - actionfigure - stormtroopers - starwarsactionfigures - jsbcrew - starwarsactionfigure - jsbmayphotochallenge - tk421 - stormtrooper - disneystarwars - disney -
theresonesetforstun : #starwars #theempirestrikesback #returnofthejedi #stormtrooper #stormtroopers #imperialstormtrooper #imperial #imperials #theempire #empire #disney #disneystarwars #starwarstoys #starwarsactionfigure #starwarsactionfigures #actionfigures #actionfigure #toys #tk421
starwars_whims - samantha.harris -
Fave wall decoration #jsbmayphotochallenge My big Yoda poster. I don't currently have a lot on my walls. I haven't the space. I have to have my fave character up though. #yoda #starwars #poster
starwars - yoda - poster - jsbmayphotochallenge -
bobbysussman - teakwoodgallows - robbleeart -
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