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San Pedro Holiday Parade 2013 #parade #san_pedro_holiday_parade #sanpedro #jrotc #ca956 #afjrotc #tagsforlikes #like4like #likes4likes #colorguard #saberteam #rifleteam #airforce #jrotctalks #jrotclife #picoftheday #
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The two that changed the program forever. A little #MemoryMonday
memorymonday -
tlo_bao : @arrey07 well good luck and yall bouta run out of room
arrey07 : @tlo_bao oh well sir, this is actually all of the ribbons and medals we had received while we were in high school. We graduated in 2005, but we got the chance last year to throw our uniforms back on for the alumni game when asked to do a joint color guard.
tlo_bao : @arrey07 oh
digital_kyle : Kool
izaiahsmomma - ashleygb_ - mizzes.amanda.rose - colie28xo -
Submitted by: @m_gain1776 " Me and my buddy at special forces combative marksmanship course with sea cadets" . **Thanks for submitting! . **Make sure to follow us for more! . **Don't forget to submit in your JROTC Experience (DM us) Also make sure to let your friends know that we're back! :) . . ~πŸ‘ŠTagsπŸ‘Š~ #JROTC #SeaCadets #JROTCTalks #specialforces #marksmanship
specialforces - jrotc - seacadets - jrotctalks - marksmanship -
mikegain1776 : @colemeeke getting us famous bro
mikegain1776 : @hey_arnold98 @chefboyardave_18
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Submission From: @yng_timmy . Winning five years in a row with 11 first place trophies 2 second place trophies and 1 third place trophie😊✌ Field meet . **Thanks for submitting! . **Make sure to follow us for more! . **Don't forget to submit in your JROTC Experience (DM us) Also make sure to let your friends know that we're back! :) . . ~πŸ‘ŠTagsπŸ‘Š~ #Marines #JROTC #MCJROTC #FIELDMEET #JROTCTALKS
fieldmeet - jrotc - marines - jrotctalks - mcjrotc -
yng_timmy : @_kingisvivh_
mikegain1776 : What happened to y'all!?
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Submitted by: @kmart_the_great . **Thanks for submitting! . **Make sure to follow us for more! . **Don't forget to submit in your JROTC Experience (DM us) Also make sure to let your friends know that we're back! :) . . ~πŸ‘ŠTagsπŸ‘Š~ #Marines #JROTC #MCJROTC #JROTCSOCIETY #JROTCTalks
jrotc - marines - jrotctalks - jrotcsociety - mcjrotc -
kevinmartinson1 : The white ones are out of season so we can't wear them until next year @sparkgal
sparkgal : @kmart_the_great okay that makes since cause when daylight savings changes the slacks change. I'm on the Varsity drill team so I have to study more than my fellow first ur cadets
kevinmartinson1 : Same the higher the rank the higher the responsibility at my school and we earn everything. @sparkgal
sparkgal : @kevinmartinson1 no joke
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Okay Cadets, since my last upload of asking if you wanted me to continue to upload I need you cadets to please submit your photos to me through DM. . ~<Tags>~ #JROTC #JROTCSOCIETY #JROTCTALKS #AJROTC #AFJROTC #MCJROTC #NJROTC #DM #Motivate
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Seeing my brother John Cuevas performing at the Homecoming Game brought me a memory of my days in JROTC. I see another leader in him. #bigbrother #jrotcbrothers #CA956 #jrotclife #jrotctalks #airforcejrotc #likeforlike #tagsforlikes #tagsfortags #mondaymemories #followme #havoctv #colorguard #sphsafjrotc #sanpedrohighschool #homecominggame #photography #picoftheday #pictureoftheday #likesforlikes @beka310 @jrotctalks
airforcejrotc - jrotclife - picoftheday - photography - jrotctalks - jrotcbrothers - likesforlikes - tagsfortags - bigbrother - havoctv - mondaymemories - tagsforlikes - ca956 - sanpedrohighschool - pictureoftheday - likeforlike - colorguard - sphsafjrotc - homecominggame - followme -
le_fair_skin : Wow!
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Good morning. #mondaymorning #jrotctalks #ca956 #like4like #likesforlikes #tagsforlikes #follow4follow #havoctv #explore #longbeach #bahboydancer #followforfollow #likeforlikes
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iam_jcuevas528 : Yeah sure @walt_disney_pinocchio
jiminycricketofficial : Have a good day James and "Always Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide"
the_transit_network : #peopleofpublictransit
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Today, I want to say Happy Birthday to the bro on the right @bryan_310. We're brothers and JROTC pals. Hope to hang out soon. #JROTC #ca956 #jrotctalks #throwbacktuesday #like4like #follow4follow #militaryball #militaryprom #tagsforlikes #brothers #AirForceJROTC #jrotclife #bestfriendsforever
militaryprom - bestfriendsforever - airforcejrotc - jrotclife - brothers - jrotctalks - militaryball - tagsforlikes - ca956 - follow4follow - jrotc - throwbacktuesday - like4like -
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Days like these are the best days 😊 (marine corps monday) #mcjrotc #jrotc #jrotctalks #hoco2k15 #homecominggame
jrotc - hoco2k15 - jrotctalks - homecominggame - mcjrotc -
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These people right here are my family #mcjrotc #family #homecominggame #jrotclife #jrotc #jrotctalks
jrotclife - family - jrotc - jrotctalks - homecominggame - mcjrotc -
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National Friend Day #jrotcpals #dancefriends #likeforlikes #natonalfriendday #friends #jrotctalks #iambahboy #tagsforlikes #collage #instadaily #f4f #followforfollow #radioactivedanceteam
likeforlikes - radioactivedanceteam - dancefriends - collage - jrotctalks - natonalfriendday - tagsforlikes - followforfollow - iambahboy - f4f - instadaily - jrotcpals - friends -
beka310 : Uuuhhh were am I jk
iam_jcuevas528 : Sorry lol @beka310
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Day 3. Monday Memories. The days of JROTC. Hope everyone is having a good and safe Memorial Day. #MondayMemories #jrotclife #jrotctalks #likeforlikes #tagsforlikes #bahboy2 #MemorialDay #countdowntomybirthday #bahboyfanpage #smileimbad @badbornadancer @jrotclife #colorguard #saberteam @hbk.fanpage_
smileimbad - likeforlikes - jrotclife - countdowntomybirthday - saberteam - jrotctalks - bahboy2 - mondaymemories - tagsforlikes - colorguard - bahboyfanpage - memorialday -
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**Thanks for all the support over the two years guys. I appreciate it very much, but do us a favor by telling your friends that we are back! Lets get back to our 8k :) Here are the links: #CAPSunday #JROTC #JROTClife #JROTCTALKS #JROTCSociety #AFJROTC #NJROTC #MCJROTC #AJROTC
jrotclife - jrotctalks - mcjrotc - afjrotc - capsunday - njrotc - jrotc - ajrotc - jrotcsociety -
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New shirt design! Check it out at Use the Promo code "JROTCTalks" to recieved free shipping! * We are also looking for submissions, so dont forget to submit to us through DM, als tell your friends about us and help us regain our strength * Thanks for everything #JROTC #JROTCSociety #JT #JTS #JROTCCommunity #AFJROTC #NJROTC #MCJROTC #AJROTC #JROTCTALKS
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jrotctalks : Thanks and okay :) @usaf_haro
haro_manuel : I wonder if using photoshop would help 😏 lol @jrotcsociety only one way to find out xD
jrotctalks : We are looking for our own logo as well @usaf_haro
haro_manuel : I'll try a logo :) that should be fun haha @jrotcsociety then after go for making a design
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If you have any questions, fill free to Direct Message me. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ #JROTCGuide
jrotcguide -
lewis__17__ : @armyofone_ you should follow these people
armyofone_ : @uncle_carl_18 done. Looks like they don't do MCJROTC though
jrotc_guide : @armyofone_ If you have any tips to share please let me know
armyofone_ : @jrotc_guide will do man!
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Since it's Army Tuesday, and I don't have any submissions yet. Ill go first. My name is Austin Lowery. A Former cadet of AFJROTC and as well AJROTC. As you can see Im also Military. I am the founder and creator of JROTCTalks. Ive done 4 years of JROTC. Its a tragedy to see JT gone, after all what was put into it. Peyton and I have different ways of leading, and we never could come together as a team, could never come to an agreement. I cant believe where this road is at. Its been bumpy but I have faith that this page will be rebuilt. Do you? Feel free to contact me through Kik: LyricistOfLove, also dont forget to submit through DM on the appropriate days. Check out our T shirts too ! (Teespring- JROTCTalks, JROTCTalks1) #Faith #JROTC #jrotclife #AJROTC #JROTCSociety #JROTCTALKS #rebuild #strength #ArmyTuesday #transformationtuesday
faith - jrotclife - transformationtuesday - rebuild - jrotctalks - armytuesday - strength - jrotc - ajrotc - jrotcsociety -
kaptainpinky13 : Austinnn :3
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This is so frustrating and its getting ridiculous we've been deleted yet again.. Im sorry guys, this page is for you guys, not me. Im doing my best but this is getting stressful for me. This is our new page, hopefully it doesnt get deleted this time. #JROTC #JROTCTALKS #JROTCSOCIETY #HELPUS
jrotc - jrotctalks - jrotcsociety - helpus -
jrotctalks : Thanks, tell your friends about our new page! :) @lira_1715
andreaorona2 : @jrotcsociety why did the account get deleted?
lifeoflowery : @jrotc_problems having your account get "deleted" with 8k Followers.
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Help me win guys follow @jrotctalks
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jewanjacob101 : #jrotctalks #JROTCTalks10K
jewanjacob101 : Follow @jrotctalks
jewanjacob101 : @lockdown3698 follow @jrotctalks
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#cadetagramofthemonth #afjrotc #jrotc #rotc #usmcjrotc #ajrotc #njrotc #jrotctalks #usafjrotc #flipagram made with @flipagram. See full video at
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jewanjacob101 : Follow @shawty_garcia
shawty_carolina01 : Aw thanks ☺☺☺
jewanjacob101 : @shawty_garcia welcome
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Follow @jrotctalks please guys do so so I can win because it's important to me.
jewanjacob101 : @usmc_devildogs_2828 what are you talking about?
usmc_pride_ : Exactly wat i stated. Fuck them they dnt benefit me at all. They just spamming. Cant believe u actually believe u winning something
youngbui44 : Way ahead of you bro @jewanjacob101
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Only some will know what this means#jrotctalks #jrotclife#alwaysgotmybrothersback#
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euuricaa : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
xukevinh : Didn't even have to read it all
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jrotctalks - tomorrow - pt -
corpsstrength - joerodrigueziii - jasmine_leigh31 - lucio23trophies -
Hey guys! Staff Sergeant Kinney (@irelynnkinney) here once again! Thought I would give you a little bio about me! I am a sophmore at Nixa High school, and am currently a second year cadet in the Nixa Eagle Battalion JROTC program. I am on a ton of teams with JROTC including unarmed exhibition(which i will in command of next year), armed regulation, and color guard...and a couple more... Outside of JROTC i play basketball, and love to work out! Feel free to follow my personal account to get to know me more! πŸ‘žπŸ‘πŸ€πŸ’ͺ #jrotc #exhibition #drill #drillteam #unarmedexhibition #armedexhibition #njrotc #mjrotc #ajrotc #colorgaurd #marksman #riffleteam #jlab #leadership #basketball #drillhard #jrotctalks #jrotcadvice #jrotcproblems #drillislife #1300percent
unarmedexhibition - drillhard - riffleteam - mjrotc - jrotctalks - drillislife - jlab - marksman - njrotc - jrotc - 1300percent - basketball - armedexhibition - jrotcadvice - jrotcproblems - drillteam - leadership - exhibition - drill - ajrotc - colorgaurd -
_briannaal_ : @irelynnkinney no it was a nightmare too! Lol we're in the same boat
irelynnkinney : Ok!hahaha I'm glad we can feel each others pain πŸ˜‚
offical_cassy18 : Unarmed Exhibition Commanders!! I commanded the unarmed exhibition side of my team for 3 years. Sadly my last meet was at AF Regionals:( but have fun with is to all of you soon to be commanders out there! It's an amazing opportunity and you make a great family within your team❀️
irelynnkinney : Thanks for the advice @hackbarth_cassy18 our team actually gives our commander the tittle of "mom" so I'm looking forward to becoming a drill mom next year :D
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Squad #jrotcmilitaryball2015 #jrotctalks #raiders #squad
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saritalynne : Pretty
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Go and follow this page for all JROTC ROTC Military anybody and every body #jrotctalks10k #JROTCTalks #JROTC #Military
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salsmanator_the_gladiator_5.0 : @suedegming
salsmanator_the_gladiator_5.0 -
#JROTCTalks @jrotctalks
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My squad #jrotctalks
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#cadetagramofthemonth #afjrotc #jrotc #rotc #njrotc #usmcjrotc #jrotctalks #ajrotc #cgjrotc #flipagram β™« Music: ASAP Rocky ft. Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bada$$, Yelawolf, Danny Brown & Big K.R.I.T. - 1 Train made with @flipagram
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jewanjacob101 : Follow @freespiritlostsoul & @bil_mejia
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If you want to submit your JROTC pics of yourself, special teams, or whatever follow @jrotctalks
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jewanjacob101 : #jrotctalks
crazy_qbn : Awe thanks hun πŸ’•
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#flipagram #cadetsgramofthemonth #njrotc #jrotc #rotc #jrotctalks β™« Music: Demi Lovato - Neon Lights made with @flipagram
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jewanjacob101 : Follow @suadax33
jewanjacob101 : #cadetagramofthemonth
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#afjrotc #JROTC #ROTC #cadetagramofthemonth #jrotctalks
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Follow my homegirl #jrotctalks #AFJROTC #JROTC #ROTC #cadetagramofthemonth
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estabvn : Are you allowed to wear AF ribbons? Cus I'm thinking about switching but idk @crazy_qbn
crazy_qbn : The try to compensate the ribbons over as best as possible . You can keep national ribbons but otherwise you cant have just AF ribbons they have to be army. You understand? @garcia_xv
estabvn : @crazy_qbn oh, I get it. Thanks 😁
crazy_qbn : Ofc @garcia_xv
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