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"Some athletes stand for more than gold". Inspiring but not exactly uplifting documentary on #NetflixUS about LGBT life before, during and after Sochi. Uggghh. 😢 #ToRussiaWithLove #JohnnyWeir #JaneLynch #Gay #Instagay #IreenWüstIsEenStommeKut
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Гли, что ты делаешь 😂 #Glee #JohnnyWeir P.S. И почему я всегда заболеваю в самый не подходящий момент?😢
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gieeek : f4f🎀
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@johnnygweir did his own signature moves on ice! #johnnyweir #bitstrips #bitmoji #comics #signature #skatingmoves
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Army of Me - a clip from the beginning. JGW at Bryant Park 2/24/15 #nyc #bryantpark #johnnyweir #figureskating
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thetooththief : I love him so much
sightofstars : He's the best! @thetooththief
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#maximtrankov #johnnyweir #sergeivoronov
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#bryantpark #NewYork #iceskating #johnnyweir #wintervillage I didn't even know this was going to happen haha!
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vahanavagyan : Ahhh!
mandiferous17 : Omg Johnny Weir!!!
mandiferous17 : I don't know how I recognized him before I saw your hashtag. XD
featsocks : cool!
geoffroy_preston : Superb!
sofiaastrom : Lovely!
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My idol & me. Best #TutuTuesday ever! 🌟🙏 #JohnnyWeir
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0palnera : Omg!
midnight_kurage : How beautiful!💕😃💕
datethiscity : 👌
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Johnny Weir in dramatic pose from the Bank of America Winter Village Special Olympics Skating Showcase at Bryant Park. #johnnyweir #figureskater #figureskating #iceskater #iceskating #icerink #specialolympicsshowcase #bryantparkicerink #therink #wintervillage #bryantpark #nyc #newyorkcity
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sonjalessley : Did you take this picture? Super fab.
istillheartnewyork : @sonjalessley Yep! And aww, thanks!
sonjalessley : @istillheartnewyork Uhhhh duhhhh, hell yeah! You really capture the magic. I almost can't believe it. But I do cuz you rock it with your cam!
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Johnny Weir performed a show stopping number at tonight's Bank of America Special Olympics Skating Showcase. #johnnyweir #figureskater #figureskating #iceskater #iceskating #icerink #specialolympicsshowcase #bryantparkicerink #therink #wintervillage #bryantpark #nyc #newyorkcity
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sonjalessley : Skating routine + passion really speaks to me. The competitive skating world needs to take notes here and kick it up ten thousand notches with costumes. They need to take notes for Johnny. Who wears white skates anymore? Boring competitive skaters. Not Johnny! This photo really showcases what a pioneer he is in the sensuous and tittilating world of fire and ice. Nice job @istillheartnewyork 💓💎🐩🌈🌠 shizzniz
istillheartnewyork : @sonjalessley He definitely did not phone it in tonight. It was an Olympics worthy performance and the costume added to the joy of it. Too bad he only performed once since he was also the co-host.
sonjalessley : @istillheartnewyork WOAH!!!!! I ❤️all your photos; but this is one of my fave series to date! Omg. I can't get enough. I'm gonna work on my costumes. . Thanks for bringing magic to instragram. #blessed. Lol #feelinginspired #diamondsareforever #fireandice #jesuschrist
istillheartnewyork : @sonjalessley What costumes? Are you secretly an Olympic skater in your secret life?? 😜
sonjalessley : @istillheartnewyork Yes. Maybe. Or maybe I am in this life. In my head. And in front of my mirror. I have a great audience. And I'm working on some Johnny inspired fashions as I write this. Watch out world, this Shizzle is FurShizzle. Thanks @istillheartnewyork
istillheartnewyork : @sonjalessley L😝L
aleizquierdopons : @johnnygweir look what I found! 😘
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& sometimes Johnny Weir shows up @ the Rink #Johnnyweir #BryantPark #Frozen #SkateitOff #SpecialOlympics #NYC @johnnygweir
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@johnnygweir so happy to see you in NYC!!! Love you and see you in China next time!!! Your performance is gorgeous !!! #johnnyweir
johnnyweir -
jovetaleo : sofá!thank you,thank you thank you thank you
vanilla_f : @jovetaleo 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
jovetaleo : @vanilla_f 🐑^_^
cutechooo : 👍👍
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Johnny Weir. Bryant Park. New York-Mutha-Fuckin-City. #olympicskating #johnnyweir #bryantpark #iwishhewaswearinghisfurhat
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ljro : What?!?! Jealous!!!
tanisparenteau : No way!!!!
feste25 : @ljro and @tanisparenteau yep. A skating exhibition in the park. I was at the bar above the rink for an event. It was a lovely surprise.
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Supporting the Special Olympics #bryantpark #johnnyweir #nyclife
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beansdanceparty : Cool slo-mo!
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#JohnnyWeir practicing at #BryantPark #itsreallycold #NYC #figureskating
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Outside faucet broke over the weekend. Still waiting on the plumber. Until then, we're holding Olympic tryouts on our driveway. #ice #flood #johnnyweir #winterolympics #figureskating #thistotallyblows #bummer
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Вот уж точно! Самые настоящие короли льда! Особенно - один из них! Самый-самый крутой король! И да, вы угадали, это #JohnnyWeir 😻😻😻 #Repost @zebra_swan with @repostapp.
#stephanelambiel #johnnyweir #evgeniplushenko #brianjoubert #kingsonice
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Just chillin' with muh homies...... #kingsonice #stephanelambiel #lambiel #MaximTrankov #Trankov #JohnnyWeir #kingplushenko #Plushenko #kings
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#stephanelambiel #johnnyweir #evgeniplushenko #brianjoubert #kingsonice
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😍😍😍💘💘💘#johnnyweir #stephanelambiel #sergeivoronov
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mossapochi : voronov💕💕💕
lore_beltza : Three beauties
me.xiah924 : sergey😍😍💕
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#johnnyweir #spotted #mink #kidshelleens #fangirling
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aubreydauber : So jealous 😶😒😐
kidshelleens : Great pic - thanks for sharing!
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Beautiful @JohnnyGWeir at rehearsal.... #johnnyweir #Olympian #athlete #artist #icon #legend #rolemodel #lgbt #amazing Photo (c) David Ingogly. Complete photoset: "The Artist in Black-and-White" at www.BinkysJohnnyWeirBlog.com.
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水仙这张好像抖森😂 终于知道第一次看见基妹时的熟悉感从哪来了...#johnnyweir
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@johnnygweir ジョニー欠乏症になりつつある❤️#johnnyweir
johnnyweir -
jovetaleo : 可爱
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How beautiful! Awesome😍 You can watch this video @johnnygweir #ジョニーウィアー #ジョニー #JohnnyWeir #Johnny #figureskating #figureskater #フィギュアスケート #フィギュア #フィギュアスケーター RG @johnnygweir: Spending my Friday night with @katyperry. First time I've been able to practice in over a month. Feels so good! Roar. #regramapp
regramapp - johnnyweir - johnny - フィギュア - フィギュアスケート - ジョニー - フィギュアスケーター - ジョニーウィアー - figureskater - figureskating -
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大好きなジョニーが幕張に来るー行きたいー!行きたいアイスショーが多すぎて困る💦(笑)幕張は豪華すぎるし絶対行きたいよー! そろそろ一緒に入れるお友達欲しいなぁ(基本1人なんです) しかしその前に転職活動です。試験が終わったら始めます。 #ジョニーウィアー #JohnnyWeir #ジョニー #Johnny #フィギュアスケート #フィギュア #figureskating #figureskater #フィギュアスケーター #アイスショー
johnnyweir - フィギュア - johnny - アイスショー - figureskater - ジョニー - フィギュアスケーター - ジョニーウィアー - フィギュアスケート - figureskating -
pikaichi.51 : いいねジョニー♪私も行きたいですが、色々と6月まで日程が入っているので困ります。ちょうどいい日程があれば一緒に行きましょうね😉
mutsu0036 : 日本男子やばしですね。キャンデロロもやばし…😳
dragonsfeather : ジョニーはすばらしいだ。大好きだ!😍❤️
kyana_67 : @pikaichi.51 なんかこれの神戸の方にも出ることが決まったみたいで〜!7月なんですけど、そっちだとジョニーの誕生日が近いからそっちにしようか迷ってます😍 らんさんと入れたら嬉しい💕
kyana_67 : @mutsu0036 なんという豪華メンバーなのか…たまらんです!
kyana_67 : @dragonsfeather 私もジョニー大好きです💕
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Love myself I do. Not everything, but I love the good as well as the bad. I love my crazy lifestyle, and I love my hard discipline. I love my freedom of speech and the way my eyes get dark when I'm tired. I love that I have learned to trust people with my heart, even if it will get broken. I am proud of everything that I am and will become. #JohnnyWeir #morning #quotes
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spin-off The Galaxy express 999(silly ver.) YUZURU has been still traveling in universe. Princess Johnny Was temptation by strawberry ....... This story is fiction ✌️ #yuzuruhanyu #yuzuru #hanyu #goldmedalist #worldchampion #getrecoversoonyuzuru #getwellyuzuru #romeoandjuliette #johnnyweir @johnnygweir おやすみなさい💕✨💕✨💕 バカです😭 I laughed.........pls...... I know I am stupid 👀👀👀💦💦💦
johnnyweir - getrecoversoonyuzuru - worldchampion - romeoandjuliette - goldmedalist - yuzuruhanyu - yuzuru - getwellyuzuru - hanyu -
ai.taromama.9 : るるさん♡面白いですゞ(≧ε≦o)ブッハハハッ!!
loulou_josephinne : @mikayuzuruおはようござんすよ😘👍寝起きですみません🙏まだ宇宙から実況中継受信出来てない状態でした(笑)もう少ししますとライブ中継入りますよ〜(笑)乞うご期待を(笑)❤️❤️❤️😘👍😁😁😁💕✨💕
loulou_josephinne : @swallow_2015 おはようござんすよ〜(笑)❤️❤️❤️無理矢理ハッピーエンドをどうするか?ゆづーるはプリンセスジョニ子先生に弱いのでそろそろとロシアの方が登場してくださらないと不安ですね😭(笑)何アップしてるのか?起きて自分でびっくりですよ〜(笑)s😱宇宙から実況中継受信出来次第ジュリエット登場します(笑)ありがとうございます😘😍👍❤️❤️❤️💕✨💕👀😁
loulou_josephinne : @ai.taromama.9 本当にバカですみません(笑)起きて自分で見て愕然でしたよ😁👯👀喜んでいただけて嬉しいです😭宇宙から実況中継受信出来次第ジュリエット登場します(笑)❤️❤️❤️乞うご期待を(笑)👍😘😍👀😊❤️❤️❤️💕✨💕✌️👯
_naomi0322 : えーるるーると別れたのですか?そんな・・・これからどうなるんだろう
loulou_josephinne : @_naomi0322 おこんばんは😘ナオミさん❤️❤️❤️るるーるは金髪のヅラ写真が2枚しかないためにネタ切れになってしまったのですと。。。。なんとも現実的なネタバレですみません🙏るるーるはプリンセスジョニ子先生との対決があるので、今充電中ですよ〜😁😁😁😘😘😘乞うご期待を(笑)バカですみません(笑)🙏❤️❤️❤️👀👀👀👯👯👯
mikayuzuru : @mikayuzuru るるさん不思議でおもしろいです( 〃▽〃)♪♪そして気品も感じられますよ(*^^*)るる~るカムバックです!!
loulou_josephinne : @mikayuzuru ミカユヅルさん💕💕💕なんていい人なんですか?こんな私に😭嬉しいです😭頑張ってるるーる呼び戻しますよ(笑)バカですみません🙏😁😘👍❤️👯👯👯
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A visit from our dear friend @johnnygweir today. Cut and color by #ericAlt #ericaltsalon .. #johnnyWeir always makes our day brighter and we make his hair shinier and higher using #soothe #moisturizingCleanser #Althairproducts #althaircare you can purchase Soothe online at Althairproducts.com along with the entire #alt line.
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kfingado : I wish he would visit the HHK salon , love to meet him !
anika_lee_thompson : I want to thank you, everything your doing right now is making me work on a better me. What doesn't kill us will make us stronger. Good luck in all your endeavors. I'm looking forward to seeing us both on the shelves and we can coexist in harmony instead of trying to hurt each other.
anika_lee_thompson : #althaircare
ericaltsalon : @anika_lee_thompson I also wish you only good things. The fact is that you are using a name that has been trademarked for years. It is unfortunate that you did not do your research before moving forward. Did you look into it? Did you go through the process to get a registered trademark? I believe in your product and look forward to seeing it on the shelves as well but with your name on it, not my name on it.
ericaltsalon : @anika_lee_thompson you need to pick up the phone and call my attorney 201-441-9056 her name is Ms Caputo. This could have all been avoided if you just answered the phone calls and certified letters. The sooner you handle it the quicker we can all move on and avoid a long and costly process for you in the courts. Just to reiterate as a hairstylist I think your work is wonderful and it seems that you have an excellent product it just has to be correctly named. My advice is to call ASAP
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A visit from our dear friend @johnnygweir today. Cut and color by #ericAlt #ericaltsalon .. #johnnyWeir always makes our day brighter and we make his hair shinier and higher using #soothe #moisturizingCleanser #Althairproducts #althaircare you can purchase Soothe online at Althairproducts.com along with the entire #alt line.
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deidrabasso : @johnnygweir we love when you visit us with your beautiful smile 😉
zackandjoycox - maleeonline - decoratingden_interiors - queen.kellyanne -
miss u💜 #snowking#JohnnyWeir#Plushenko#figureskating
snowking - figureskating - johnnyweir - plushenko -
jingshenchun : 不错不错
cekonis : #снежныйкороль 💞
huntaaaah - bettpo - jingshenchun - bxcca.youtubx -
johnnyweir -
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Green room before @johnnygweir's appearance. Found a ❤️ in the pool table
torussiawithlove - viacom - johnnyweir - finditineverything -
apinard : #JohnnyWeir #ToRussiaWithLove #viacom #finditineverything
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Quick decision to sacrifice other half of face for full glory of Johnny's hat :) What a cool job today @johnnygweir #viacom thanks so much @ari507!! @viacom_ogi
torussiawithlove - viacom - johnnyweir -
apinard : #ToRussiaWithLove #JohnnyWeir
thedemisdinosshow : Love him! @johnnygweir
apinard : @thedemisdinosshow he was awesome. How's your skating?
thedemisdinosshow : @apinard haven't skated in almost two weeks due to fashion week, but it's going well. I have a competition next month I'm preparing for in NJ if you wanna come
apinard : @thedemisdinosshow yeah keep me posted!
e_proc : Awesome!!!
sof_manekia : Ahhhh super jealous!! When are u coming to princeton again?! We need to have our sushi date🍣❤️ @apinard
apinard : @sof_manekia as soon as the weather gets nicer I am there!! 👯📷🍣🌟
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