Me at the bus stop today. #scaryfriend #scary_friend #illustration #windy #autumn2015
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gramell666 : Jag med😁
elinaallwin : Vad är det för bok?
scary_friend : Det var helt galet vad det blåste. Det är verkligen höst nu @gramell666 ☔️☔️☔️
scary_friend : Det är #människohamn av #johnajvidelindqvist @elinaallwin Den lockade till illustration tydligen...
elinaallwin : Hua vad läskigt. den har jag bara börjat på
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The weirdest book ever but also beyond brilliant 🌹 Ignore the fact you can see my reflection :') #lettherightonein #letmein #johnajvidelindqvist #secretbookgarden
secretbookgarden - johnajvidelindqvist - letmein - lettherightonein -
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John Ajvide Lindqvists nya roman Rörelsen har kommit! Det är nästan som julafton på förlaget. #johnajvidelindqvist #rörelsen #ordfrontforlag #johnsvärld
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galago_forlag : Alltså den här! 💕💖💕
norrakvarken : Hurra!
bibblo1 : Jaaa! När finns den i handeln?
nadjaannabel : Åh, bokgasm 😀
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The hug from 'Let The Right One In' by Tomas Alfredson, based on the novel by John Ajvide Lundqvist. Not only one of my favourite vampire movies, but also one of my favourite films. I remember seeing it in the cinema, and a woman let out a little cry when Oskar hugged Eli after she had been ill trying to do a normal child thing; eating sweets. Such great acting from the young cast, and an excellent bleak setting of 1970s Sweden. #lettherightonein #vampire #vampires #vampiremovie #sweden #hug #bleak #johnajvidelindqvist #tomasalfredson #horrormovies #horror
hug - vampires - tomasalfredson - johnajvidelindqvist - horror - vampire - sweden - vampiremovie - lettherightonein - bleak - horrormovies -
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#bokutmaningseptember #läserjustnu #stephenhawking #minhistoria #johnajvidelindqvist #himmelstrand #jkrowling #harrypotterandtheorderofthephoenix + lite kurslitteratur vid sidan av 😉
johnajvidelindqvist - läserjustnu - himmelstrand - stephenhawking - bokutmaningseptember - minhistoria - jkrowling - harrypotterandtheorderofthephoenix -
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Almost halfway through #Lettherightonein #johnlindqvist #johnajvidelindqvist #horror #horrornovel #thriller #vampire #books #swedish #foreign
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Nyligen utläst. Kan inte bestämma mig för om jag gillade den jättemycket, eller om den bara var för mycket. Älskar Ajvides första böcker och novellsamlingar, men med Människohamn började hans stjärna dala för min del. Väntar med spänning på uppföljaren till Himmelstrand som förhoppningsvis rätar ut några av alla tusen frågetecken. /Sofia #himmelstrand #johnajvidelindqvist #heartcoreläser
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andzac_ : Jag blev så besviken på den. Del två kommer ut nu i september men jag tror inte jag kommer läsa den. : @andzac_ Tyckte första halvan av boken var riktigt bra men sen flippar den lite väl mycket. Som vanligt har han problem med att knyta ihop det hela, därav två uppföljare gissar jag ... Och husdjurens avsnitt - whyyyy?! Men jag är för nyfiken för att låta bli nästa, hojtar till om den är något att ha 😊
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"Let the Right One In", directed by Tomas Alfredson, is said by some to be one of the greatest horror movies of all time... I would disagree. By this I do not mean that it is not "great",because it absolutely is, but rather I do not think the film is great for its horror, it is great for other reasons. Let me explain. The film tells the story of a young boy named Oskar. Oskar is a troubled boy, and we can see from early on that he has a hard life. First off, he is very lonely. We can see that he has no friends and is bullied relentlessly by kids his age at school. What's worse is that he is extremely shy, and this shyness prevents him from expressing his feelings with his mother whom he lives with. His father lives in another town due to his parent's separation and his mom and dads relationship is less than savory so he spends most of his spare time studying seriel killers and spying on his neighbors with his telescope. But things start to change for him when he befriends a little girl who has moved in to his complex named Eli. But Eli is not what she seems and her story is filled with grief and loneliness. "Let the Right One In" is a masterpiece. It is dark, grim, sad,'s gorgeous. I have never watched a film that expresses so honestly the feelings of loneliness and the saddness that sometimes accompanies growing up during hard times, when parents (and no one really) don't seem to understand how you feel, when good friends are few and far between and bullies are ruthlessly determined. I was brought to tears multiple times during the film, its so honest and real, its so poignant and touching. You see, it is not a horror film about vampires, but a film about an angry, stuck, frustrated boy struggling through adolescence. We all get it because we have all been there and we know... That is why it is great, its honest, its beautiful, and its powerful.
great - greatmovie - angst - loveit - vampire - foriegn - johnajvidelindqvist - movie - lettherightonein -
_filmislife : P.S. Forgot to mention it is based on a book by John Ajvide Lindqvist! Aleays wnted to read it. Ibown it but just haven't gotten around to it! #johnajvidelindqvist #great #movie #greatmovie #lettherightonein #vampire #angst #loveit #foriegn
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Comecei a ler faz cinco segundos, e que pena sinto do Oskar 😢😢 #lettherightonein #deixaelaentrar #johnajvidelindqvist #lindqvist #sweden #svenska #love #livros #instabookstore #instabooks #instabook #amoliteratura #literatura #amoler #books #bookhaul #bookshelf #bookwings
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Har läst ut den här skiten idag. Hatar honom för att jag slaviskt tvingas läsa fortsättningen. Så meningslöst, så spännande. I övrigt har jag nakenbadat i Malmö, blivit supportad av kvinnligt systerskap, blivit arg, gråtit en skvätt, mediterat, solat, ätit ute och tänkt i en positiv spiral. #livet #johnajvidelindqvist
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fannygartz : Du är fin!
kennervajakenner : @fannygartz 💜
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Något nytt att läsa , #låtdenrättekommain #killboxfactory #nybok #newbook #reading #relaxful #vampyr #reading #johnajvidelindqvist
reading - killboxfactory - newbook - johnajvidelindqvist - vampyr - nybok - låtdenrättekommain - relaxful -
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Öppnar första sidan. Ryser redan på armarna och ryggen. #himmelstrand #skräck #johnajvidelindqvist
himmelstrand - johnajvidelindqvist - skräck -
kennervajakenner : Han är den enda som får skrämma mig.
fannygartz : Jag också 😇
kennervajakenner : @fannygartz 👹
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Walk a mile...👞 Edit @uniballah #LetTheRightOneIn #Oskar #Eli #JohnAjvideLindqvist #swedish#literature #vampires #love #empathy #compassion #world#onthecusp #4d #5D
swedish - oskar - eli - love - vampires - empathy - compassion - johnajvidelindqvist - literature - onthecusp - 5d - world - 4d - lettherightonein -
uniballah : @xnumber33x I can't say it more poignantly than that!💞💦
xnumber33x : I think you'd like and appreciate Pieces of Talent. It's a favorite movie of mine. The link is in my bio and you can check out the trailer. It's shot beautifully and has so much heart in it. It took several years to make and the love, pain and heartache come out in the characters in the film. Let me know what you think of the trailer.
uniballah : @xnumber33x hey, thanks! Always welcome great rec's. Where is the film available at present for viewing?
xnumber33x : It's available for digital download for four dollars at the online store. We also have blu rays and DVDs there too. Did you like the trailer? It's got a great indie soundtrack too
uniballah : @xnumber33x I did. It's got solid visual appeal and looks to have done extraordinarily well with horror critics. Is this a film you are attached to professionally?
xnumber33x : Well I head promoting and the street team for shutter blade media, the company who did the movie. I'm also going to be doing distribution soon as well. As far as working on the film itself, no. Thank you for watching the trailer ☺️
xnumber33x : And yes, it's won several awards and has been very well received.
uniballah : @xnumber33x ah, very cool. Most definitely looks straight Netflix's alley, so good on you for getting it distributed! Hey, do you know about @telluridehorrorshow in Oct.? Speaking of alley-straights😁
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Dagens rysarbonansa på akademibokhandeln. #erikaxlsund #stefanspjut #johantheorin #johnajvidelindqvist #jagsägeringentingsåharjagingentingsagt
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Até o momento esse foi o melhor livro que li esse ano. Aos fãs do filme, não deixem de comprar se tiverem a oportunidade. Tudo que fica meio vago no filme é contado em detalhes aqui. A história do homem que cuida de Eli, a descrição de quando ele joga ácido no próprio rosto, a transformação de Virgínia e toda a história de Oskar (senti vários "nós" durante a leitura). Me apaixonei ainda mais pela história! 💜 Livro: Deixa Ela Entrar - John Ajvide Lindqvist, 2004. #deixaelaentrar #latdenrattekommain #johnajvidelindqvist #vampire #horror #literaturaecinema
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I have a crazy awful cold! So I'm ignoring all emails, all messengers and all things that "have to be done". And spending the day out in the #sun instead. With #johnajvidelindqvist. ☀️ If you're waiting for a reply from me.. Just wait a little longer. 😂 #thingsyoudowhenyouaresick #photographersdayoff
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arathinmodel : Feel better soon! ❤️
hannafredholmphotography : @arathinmodel Thanks sweetie. 😘
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My Stephen King collection so far... Plus my Sherlock collection which was £2 from a car boot sale 👍 Noticed the clapper board "Bat cave" @jura_whisky #JuraUnbound #JuraShelfie Don't worry I'm 24 I just love Toy Story. 😋
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fairytalegottwisted : #stephenking #theshining #redrum #carrie #bookshelf #books #jura #whiskey #malt #jurawhisky
fairytalegottwisted : #lordoftherings #sherlockholmes #batcave #batman #clapperboard #johnajvidelindqvist #toystory #buzzlighyear #woody
behindthescenes10 : great!!
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Começando! 📖💕 #deixaelaentrar #johnajvidelindqvist #lendo #livrodavez #leituradavez #livro #euamoler #euamolivros #leia #leréamor #leituras #lerparamudar #literatura #livros #amoler #amolivros #cafécomleiturasce #biblioteca #bibliotecapessoal #ler #bomdia
literatura - euamoler - livro - euamolivros - amoler - livros - ler - bomdia - leréamor - deixaelaentrar - lerparamudar - lendo - cafécomleiturasce - amolivros - bibliotecapessoal - biblioteca - leituras - johnajvidelindqvist - leia - leituradavez - livrodavez -
ritaaraujo74 : Vc terminou as Benevolentes, amiga? 😘😘😘!
nerianarocha : @ritaaraujo74 Ainda não, Ritinha, só em setembro. Programei a quantidade de páginas por semana, pra ler em dois meses. E não tá sendo fácil, apesar de ser um excelente livro. 😢😍😘
daniel_correr_e_ler : Sobre o que é esse livro?
ritaaraujo74 : @nerianarocha ah!!! É melhor mesmo...vai aos poucos.
ariosvaldo_alves : Bem gótico esse livro. Tem umas passagens bem caóticas. Não cheguei a terminar. Achei bem bacana. Baixei a adaptação em Quadrinhos. Boa leitura!
isavichi : Adoooooro ❤❤❤
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I'm ready ;) #iamready #ready #adventuretime #summer #summertime #johnajvidelindqvist #lettherightonein #letmein #book #reading @konyvmolykepzo #strawhat #earphones #bag #travel
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martoncsaba97 : S a napszemcsi hol marad? ;)
norakakasi : Az is lesz majd, @martoncsaba97, nem hagyom el ;)
martoncsaba97 : Nagyon helyes ;)
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Mes préfères ! #book #livre #bibliothèque #JustinCronin #SandrineCollette #NeilGaiman #MorganeCaussarieu #JohnAjvideLindqvist #CaitlinRKiernan #ThomasHarris #StephenKing #SireCédric #MaximeChattam #FranckThilliez #PeterStraub #KôjiSuzuki #JoeHill
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Mes préfères ! #book #livre #bibliothèque #JustinCronin #SandrineCollette #NeilGaiman #MorganeCaussarieu #JohnAjvideLindqvist #CaitlinRKiernan #ThomasHarris #StephenKing #SireCédric #MaximeChattam #FranckThilliez #PeterStraub #KôjiSuzuki #JoeHill
maximechattam - livre - neilgaiman - johnajvidelindqvist - justincronin - joehill - caitlinrkiernan - thomasharris - stephenking - sandrinecollette - morganecaussarieu - sirecédric - peterstraub - kôjisuzuki - book - bibliothèque - franckthilliez -
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Slut. De som gillar #JohnAjvideLindqvist 's mer skruvade sida kommer älska den. De som gillar det mer ... inte skruvade, kommer bli besvikna. Jag har inte riktigt bestämt mig.
johnajvidelindqvist -
direkktorn : Inte lika bra som böckerna innan...
Bilen på verkstaden=upp sjukt tidigt för att ta bussen och lite extra väntan på tåget. Trevlig med solsken, kaffe och en bra bok! ☕😎 #påvägtilljobbet #goingtowork #torsdagnästanfredag #thursdayalmostfriday #kaffe #coffee #contigo #bok #book #himmelstrand #johnajvidelindqvist #morgon #morning #morgonsol #morningsun #hallakavlinge #kävlingestation
coffee - johnajvidelindqvist - goingtowork - thursdayalmostfriday - morgonsol - morningsun - contigo - morgon - påvägtilljobbet - torsdagnästanfredag - kävlingestation - morning - himmelstrand - bok - hallakavlinge - kaffe - book -
elisabeth.elmsen : Härlig morgonbild🌱 Ha en fin Torsdag🌿
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Ooo. Hey, I forgot to share this weeks read. #lettherightonein #johnajvidelindqvist all I can say is, amazing. One of the best reads. #recommend #horror
johnajvidelindqvist - horror - lettherightonein - recommend -
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Reading about bad little girls again - John Ajvide Lindqvist's Little Star.
lillastjärna - instabook - horrorbook - johnajvidelindqvist - horror - bookfacefriday - nowreading - horrornovel -
jeaniedeville : Läskig läsning men bra. Men mest såld på hans Människohamn
elin_hansson_ : Haha påminn mig inte!
matsstrandberg_ : @jeaniedeville aha!!! Den är jag inte så förtjust i men vet att jag är i minoritet!
maria_enberg : Little star......, vi bör tala om den....
moralborgen : Sjukt bra bild 😍
nattspinna : Alltså du! Har just sträckläst 6 av dina böcker på 1 månad! Fick upp ögonen för Cirkeln litet sent🙈 Ville bara säga att HERREJÄVLAR vilken bredd i skrivande du besitter!!! Ser fram emot färjan nu!🌟✨👍
matsstrandberg_ : @nattspinna nämen!!!! Åh, tack!!!!!!
matsstrandberg_ : #bookfacefriday
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Nu är jag lycklig!! #katarinawennstam #johantheorin #johnajvidelindqvist #älskarattläsa #böcker #bok #deckare #lycka
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Pausa nos mangás pra Deixa ela entrar... Livro incrível do incrível filme DEIXA ELA ENTRAR... Amando o livro... #deixaelaentrar #letmein #vampiro #filme #instabook #instalike #tagforlike #likeforlike #JohnAjvideLindqvist
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ramonbarreira : As Duas Versões cinematográficas também são ótimas @papelfilosofal 📚🎬✌
papelfilosofal : Sim gostei muito dos dois filmes... E o livro esta me surpreendendo a cada página... @ramonbarreira
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Det här är utan tvekan den läskigaste bok jag någonsin läst. Så läskig att lampan ibland måste vara tänd hela natten. Den får mig att minnas varför man som barn är rädd för vad som finns eller inte finns i mörkret. Varför man fortfarande är rädd för mörker. Fram kommer någon slags primitiv rädsla för det som är okänt och osynligt. Och det är just det som är så jävla läskigt. #johnajvidelindqvist
johnajvidelindqvist -
soramare : Den måste jag läsa!
carinatinaeriksson : Få' låna?
ellenre - soramare - emmlav -
(Excuse my cat, curious little beast) Handling the Undead by John Ajvide Lindqvist, 3.5 stars. Rather than present zombies like a hollywood horror movie, Lindquist presents them as a concept of death. What would a grieving person do if a recently deceased loved one came back to life. Would they let go or would they hold on. #handlingtheundead #johnajvidelindqvist #bookstagram #horrorbooks
johnajvidelindqvist - bookstagram - handlingtheundead - horrorbooks -
hellojennysbooksale - all4oneart - marialuna1816 - jdnetto -
Линдквист один из моих самых любимых писателей-современников. И это учитывая, что я не шибко люблю вампиров, зомбаков и подобное. Но все его книги я прочла с удовольствием. А вот "Звездочка" подкачала. Не увидела я в ней прежнего Линдквиста. До "Блаженны мертвые" ей далеко. 16. Книга твоего любимого автора, которую ты не читала ранее. - Юн Айвиде Линдквист "Звездочка" #книжныйвызов2015 #ЮнАйвидеЛиндквист #Звездочка #bookchallenge2015 #johnajvidelindqvist #lillastjärna
lillastjärna - bookchallenge2015 - звездочка - johnajvidelindqvist - юнайвиделиндквист - книжныйвызов2015 -
ulich86 : Блаженны мертвые я читала (именно потому что люблю про зомбаков). Очень странная сюрреалистичная книга, мне кажется, произойди такое в реальности, общество реагировало бы по-другому. Хотя чёрт их знает, этих шведов.
aldascha - epikgr - danulya2005 - anastasia_gelendzik -
#sfbokhandeln #guiltypleasures #Salvatore #drizzt #johnajvidelindqvist
johnajvidelindqvist - drizzt - sfbokhandeln - salvatore - guiltypleasures -
mathiastillberg - anderssonx - gorillotaur -
#ReadingTime #LetMeIn #JohnAjvideLindqvist #Markers #Baymax #Borreguito #Unravel #TK #TG #TokyoGhoul
johnajvidelindqvist - readingtime - borreguito - baymax - letmein - unravel - markers - tg - tokyoghoul - tk -
conchitageoffrey : #cool
cielo_yareth : Unravel *_*
vero_gca - cielo_yareth - games_princess - frerardie -
#letmein #dejameentrar #johnajvidelindqvist #reto365fotos #day216/365 #vampires
letmein - vampires - dejameentrar - johnajvidelindqvist - day216 - reto365fotos -
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