chip Kelly is an absolute idiot πŸ˜‚ #hadtogotothebills #shady #jetsnation
hadtogotothebills - shady - jetsnation -
frankie_settecasi : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
michaelriccardelli : Bills run game is so good
joe_impellizzeri : No spiller is a fa it's just got an upgrade @michaelriccardelli
aydin.gursoy1 - victoria__cipriano - sal.daniele - angelina_salmonese -
Trying to find a good format for my Free Agency posts... Left or right? #NYJ #NYJets #JetsNation #FreeAgency
nyj - freeagency - nyjets - jetsnation -
mattcastillo_54 : Right
arufo20 : Right
corey_d12 : Right
stsrva21 : RIGHT
christian_appel44 : Right
jake_scottyy : Right
ben_lasher : Right
jperez2_ : Right
jccrusher1012 - cjc56 - tevs_weow - steven_simms -
jetsnation -
nyjetsfansonly -
TJ Graham @doit4thegraham #jets #nyj #news #ny #cb #football #jetlife #metlifestadium #gangreennation #jetup #newyorkjets #tnf #mnf #snf #jetnation #jetsnation #gangreen #jetlife #nfl #football #flightcrew #nyjets #jetsflightcrew #gamedaygreen #jetforlife #jet4life #letsgojets #jetsallday #nyjallday
snf - jetsallday - cb - jetforlife - metlifestadium - football - jetsflightcrew - newyorkjets - news - jets - jet4life - mnf - jetlife - gangreen - jetnation - flightcrew - gangreennation - nfl - nyj - ny - tnf - nyjets - letsgojets - nyjallday - jetup - gamedaygreen - jetsnation -
thefootballpanel - prscianna15 - kenishakinsley - sportsblog -
The Packers have decided not to franchise tag WR Randall Cobb, he will hit the open market March 10th. #jets #NYJ #nyjets #jetsnation #jetlife #newyorkjets
nyj - jetlife - newyorkjets - nyjets - jets - jetsnation -
jjburke98 : wouldn't really help. Jordy Nelson would tho
nick.florio71 : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ™
mike_goldenn : @jjburke98 what are u high?
rocksizzle083 : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
ethanc11 : @eitanschkolnick we were talking about this in school
eitanschkolnick : Ik @ethanc11
_akanak : Please get himπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
guess_theplayer : Yes yes yes yes
sanicola.11 - jaredvenegas99 - bradymcnulty - stick201124 -
Message for season ticket holders from Woody. #NYJ #NYJets #JetsNation #WoodyJohnson #Owner
nyj - woodyjohnson - nyjets - owner - jetsnation - : i like it
_jimmeh__ : Any news on Snacks @nyjetsfansonly
donuts3000 : The pats don't pay greedy players and other teams need to follow I am a die hard jet fan let's move on from players that left. This is a new chapter
k_post : @nyjetsfansonly did they raise ticket prices? R u in the upper level or have a PSL?
scottypotsnpans : Not interested in Revis or Cro time to move on
jakefarrell77 : If the jets only get revis back this off season ill be happy haha
j_e_t_s_forlife : Where is the letter to the real loyal fans such as myself who can only afford maybe 1 to 2 games a year because of the jacked up prices that are, just cause they season ticket holders don't make them the real fans half of the holders are probably companies and rich politicians remember the little got squeezed out when met life was built, anyway let's go jets forever!
jaypda1 : @robbie11509
29vano - iam_lb20 - _sam_witkowski_ - chazzmon -
Woody Johnson and Mike McCagnan are pushing to get Revis back. I think we could be able to get him considering we have 55 million dollars in cap room. Also Revis even said that he wanted to come home. This is a great opportunity to build up a great defense again and help this team win more games. #Jets #JetUp #JetsNation #NYJ
jets - nyj - jetup - jetsnation -
aaron_w_roman : Great blow all the cap on him ........ What's next Sanchez reunion ?
607design : Agree with this guy tbh^
nyjetsfootball : Not really. We have a ton of cap room. 55 million is a ton of money. Also we will be gaining more cap over the next couple years due to cutting players and other stuff. And besides its worth it. We need the help. But if he is asking for too much then there are other options @aaron_w_roman
aaron_w_roman : @nyjetsfootball most likely he will ask for a lot especially coming off a SB win
noamryc - mrutigzzz - chrismassood - jihonationalpark -
Bernard Pollard has been released by the Titans. I think the Jets should get him. He is a great player and can help with Calvin Pryors development. Tell me what you guys think on Bernard Pollard #Jets #JetUp #JetsNation #NYJ
jets - nyj - jetup - jetsnation -
remiraldi3 : Yes me too #jetup
c_gill12 : If we can't get McCourty then Pillars should be plan B
kgermano57 : The patriot killer! Let's get him
aisold9 - djandres808 - 1aaron_polkie11 - jihonationalpark -
Shipless since the third, ride out regardless. #Jetsnation | Jets Hat via @tagoescloset .
jetsnation -
tagoescloset : Very nic sir! @malcolmdouglasbrown
tagoescloset : Nice*
jwebs9 : Shipless forever! Sorry couldn't resist
malcolmdouglasbrown : @jwebs9 it's aite, you still top 5 white boys dead or alive breh.
malcolmdouglasbrown : And odell beckaham on my fantasy team, I'll save the talking till next December @jwebs9
infamous2_ - above_the_risen_noise - chocolala19_ - grownmansport -
Stay warm and hibernate until Football season starts again! #NFL #September2015 #StayWarm #Offseason #Football #Sports #SportsFans #NFLFans #JetsNation #GangGreen #PanthersPride #KeepPounding #FreeAgency #17MoreDaysUntilSpring #184MoreDaysUntilNFLSeason #Fireplace #MSMG
17moredaysuntilspring - ganggreen - 184moredaysuntilnflseason - football - offseason - fireplace - sportsfans - pantherspride - keeppounding - nflfans - nfl - sports - msmg - staywarm - freeagency - september2015 - jetsnation -
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Could he a New York jet again comment if u want him back on the jets #nyjets #jetup #jetlife #JETSNATION #ny_jetsfans
jetlife - ny_jetsfans - jetup - nyjets - jetsnation -
jakescimone7 : How can anybody say no?
ny_jetsfans : That's true
newyorkjetsfansnews : I kinda wanna him. He's a traitor tho... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - dillon.engle21 - hale.y3 - jakescimone7 -
The #Jets are hosting former #Packers WR, Kevin Dorsey for a workout today. He'll visit the #49ers and #Chiefs next. (Via Aaron Wilson, Twitter). #NYJ #NYJets #JetsNation #KevinDorsey #Workout
nyj - workout - chiefs - 49ers - nyjets - jets - kevindorsey - packers - jetsnation -
crisdal142 : Should I make a jets account
z_nathaniel_z : We should go after Randall Cobb this offseason
tyler_thatcher_8 : @crisdal142 yes bro, I'll follow you, and during the offseason everyone will follow you
chesterd_ : Bro today is Santonio Holmes bday... You should really post a pic for his birthday... Do you remember how much he meant to the team in 2010 and how he had three game winning TD's which is the reason why we went to the AFC Championship @nyjetsfansonly @nyjetsfansonly @nyjetsfansonly
crisdal142 : Please shout out my jets account @jetswillwinit
shoops.15 : U know they are planning to resign Bilal Powell right @nyjetsfansonly
nyjetsfansonly : It's just a workout people geez....
ryanmxlo : #wasteoftime
shawnsellers15 - swaggyc___12 - jackmastrocola3 - jadent1027 -
Jets Owner, Woody Johnson has been involved in serious internal discussions with General Manager, Mike Maccagnan about signing soon to be Free Agent CB, Darrelle Revis. Signing Revis will be costly, but it seems as if Woody is willing to do anything to get the star CB back on his team. The Jets won't be his only suitors though, Rex Ryan and the Bills remain interested as well... (Sources: Bleacher Report, New York Daily News). #NYJ #NYJets #JetsNation #Rumors #DarrelleRevis #FreeAgency
nyj - rumors - nyjets - freeagency - darrellerevis - jetsnation -
ryanschillinger8 : @elcartero14 sounds good thanks ...I hope to make it in pro being a QB rather than in sports management lol
the_tylo : He better end up on the jets, i will fuck rex up if his fat ass signs him to the bills
blackhit83 : #lets get this done
dcsupreme3 : This is not a priority we got more holes. Get cro back fuck this overpaid fuck
sal_sanchez13 : Our offseason a gonna be really interesting with this guy
emmamezh : Rather have Cro back but both would be amazing. Anything but Revis signing to the Bills
tim_lan190 : I don't know, maybe we should get someone fresh
ryanmxlo : THANK YOU Woody actually pushing to do something good
that_kid_conner_ - matthewkopsachilis - iam_jbcxxi - future_jet_06 -
Because we Dont want some corner...we want the best corner ...and it looks like revis and cromartie are possible coming back to the jets...i smell playoffs...hoping for that superbowl trophy #nyjets #jetsnation #jetslife #jetsforever
nyjets - jetslife - jetsforever - jetsnation -
bolton_nj - alysezwick -
Darrelle Revis #tb tyke. Revis will test FA so it will be nice if he can come back! #JetsNation #FA #tykes #nfl
fa - nfl - tb - tykes - jetsnation -
cashoutalldayy : Why you messin with money
sean_nitch - littlehef52 - stikks_model - yaslyngarcia -
#opposedsession #gameon #brisbanebroncos #jetsnation #yearofthejets
opposedsession - yearofthejets - jetsnation - brisbanebroncos - gameon -
12roundfitness : Lovely!
dan.gheorghe : Superb!
dousty6 - alex_mcerlean - mspence72 - hut_milo -
#opposedsession #gameon #brisbanebroncos #jetsnation #yearofthejets
opposedsession - yearofthejets - jetsnation - brisbanebroncos - gameon -
benrichardhoward - mspence72 - franouf - hut_milo -
Broncos opposed session. #broncos #yearofthejets #gameon #jetsnation
yearofthejets - jetsnation - broncos - gameon -
dousty6 - benrichardhoward - sharee_bee - hut_milo -
Interception! #madden15 #madden #playstation #playstation4 #newyorkjets #nyj #maddennation #jetsnation
playstation - playstation4 - madden15 - maddennation - madden - nyj - newyorkjets - jetsnation -
stonevscaveman_ : Nice
majinturtle : @stonevscaveman_ Thanks
xboxplaystationcentral - pakiboy29 - nfljersey1 - playstation_4_you247 -
UFC announces the Ray Rice versus Rowdy Ronda Rousey fight #sportsmemes #funnysports #ratchet #ufc #rowdy #mma #nfl #ratchet #gameday #americanfootball #cowboysnation #packersnation #raidersnation #broncosnation #steelersnation #seahawksnation #bearsnation #eaglesnation #patriotsnation #49ersnation #brownsnation #lionsnation #redskinsnation #ravensnation #bengalsnation #coltsnation #jetsnation #nygiants #billsnation #saintsnation
packersnation - ufc - funnysports - coltsnation - eaglesnation - bearsnation - lionsnation - raidersnation - ravensnation - seahawksnation - jetsnation - broncosnation - nfl - mma - americanfootball - 49ersnation - billsnation - nygiants - gameday - rowdy - steelersnation - saintsnation - cowboysnation - redskinsnation - ratchet - patriotsnation - bengalsnation - brownsnation - sportsmemes -
iam_kf52 : Money is on the wifebeater
sha.weezy : @metta_world_ritz
lookingproves : Oh yeah :)
carson_so_trill : @luc_so_trill
r1cody : Idk about this! I don't think she can beat a dude who trains for professional sports like she does!
the_dusty_arnold : @teh_claw
teh_claw : I knowπŸ˜‚ @the_dusty_arnold they have the best account ever
cassjasper : @itsallover00 @tom_tomorrow
driveseasily1992 - 253joseph - hflo_32 - tfedvi -
Caught! #madden15 #madden #playstation #playstation4 #nyj #newyorkjets #jetsnation #gamer #gaming
playstation - playstation4 - gaming - madden - madden15 - nyj - newyorkjets - gamer - jetsnation -
maddennews_ : Dope pic
majinturtle : @maddennews_ Thanks! Now if only it could actually happen in real life. Then it would be really cool.
doit4thegraham - the_dark_daughter - playstation_plus_gift_card - free_playstation_plus_giftcard -
If u want it u have to work for it πŸ’ͺπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ Season is just a few weeks away I can't wait !!!! Shhh #thesunsetsaintsarecoming #sunsetsaints #softballlife #jetsnation #beardgang
sunsetsaints - jetsnation - thesunsetsaintsarecoming - beardgang - softballlife -
inpapitow3trust : πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
greeneyesmonster : J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!!!...LOL
averagebroclothing : @jova14526 Check out our Jets shirt St. patty's day special! 20% off our Jets shirt! A must have for all Jets fans.
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Sheldon Richardson "Pro Bowl" tyke. First tyke starting all over again. This time I'll do NO tyke swaps, tykes that @mytyke didn't do yet, and my favorite teams tykes. Expect a lot of my fav team tykes. #JetsNation #ProBowl #nfl #tykes
probowl - nfl - tykes - jetsnation -
n8artwork : πŸ‘Œ
angieeex37__ - bbtykes - j.nelson13 - awesome_posts4u -
Many sources have reported that Texans WR Andre Johnson will either be traded or cut this offseason after refusing to take a reduced role and contract. Johnson is a 12 year veteran of the league and has 13,597 receiving yards and 64 TD's. After today's news of both Dez Brant and Demaryius Thomas being franchise tagged, do you think New York is a possible landing sport for Johnson? #jets #jetsnation #nyjets
jets - nyjets - jetsnation -
trunation6 : I love andre johnson and i heard rumors that he would love to play for us
marcmolina1121 : Yes
hammrrd : Better off spending the money on Cobb or Macklin
phillyy_g : All these wr are great to talk about , but who going to throw the ball to them lol. You need an average qb to get the job done
ryanschillinger8 : @hammrrd for once we agree on this lmao
lplanas1969 : I would much rather they go after Cobb or Maclin.
lem_179 : No
pickypicky99 : Would be nice to have a good receiver
alysezwick - adrian_zavala - pickypicky99 - nyjetsblogger -
The first player the Jets sign in Free Agency will be: ________. #NYJ #NYJets #JetsNation #FreeAgency #55Million$ #Jets #Offseason
nyj - offseason - 55million - nyjets - jets - freeagency - jetsnation -
matt_hans3n : Kareem Jackson
john_barjak : @seanbies91 suh is by far the best player in FA why not land someone huge like him, he's definitely better then mo and Sheldon we would have the best d line in the game why not we got the $
seanbies91 : We have a d line that's already great, we need safety's and corners much more than a d line
seanbies91 : ^ @john_barjak
_patty_ice : Cobb, O lineman, McCourty, or Maxwell. Maybe even Suh or a linebacker
brian_get_buckets23 : Revis
eashanm_ : Jets pass on Revis and go with my man MAXWELL
gametimevisuals : Cro
_.salt._ - _matt.rugz_ - j3tsrul3 - krista_kimberly -
Big Snacks @bigdame900 #jets #nyj #news #ny #cb #football #jetlife #metlifestadium #gangreennation #jetup #newyorkjets #tnf #mnf #snf #jetnation #jetsnation #gangreen #jetlife #nfl #football #flightcrew #nyjets #jetsflightcrew #gamedaygreen #jetforlife #jet4life #letsgojets #jetsallday #nyjallday
snf - jetsallday - cb - jetforlife - metlifestadium - football - jetsflightcrew - newyorkjets - news - jets - jet4life - mnf - jetlife - gangreen - jetnation - flightcrew - gangreennation - nfl - nyj - ny - tnf - nyjets - letsgojets - nyjallday - jetup - gamedaygreen - jetsnation -
super_bowl_ready - indicate0point - nfljersey1 - chrissel -
Bowles and Maccagnan just chilling. #55Million #JetsNation #FreeAgency
freeagency - 55million - jetsnation -
hjensh87 : @berdini26
christian_angelucci : I love this
christian_angelucci : pls
christian_angelucci : love
christian_angelucci : gimme more breaking bad
christian_angelucci : 8fufucuc
luke.rein13 : @noah_tru
marqui_15 : Lmao @alexanderyoung23
huongforrest - babyfrank_ - seanbies91 - logan.fudal -
It's official, the Jets will have about 55 million to spend in Free Agency... 8 days away. #NYJ #NYJets #JetsNation #55Million πŸ’°πŸ’°
nyj - 55million - nyjets - jetsnation -
rami_sumaida : That sucks
nyjetsfansonly : Yeah, we don't owe him any guaranteed money so releasing him won't give us much, but we also won't lose anything @rami_sumaida
jnewyork11111 : Revis,cro, suh in free agency. Probably not revis but nyway trade draft pic for foles and take a late round rb like artis-Payne. From there in the draft maybe another safety and o line
rami_sumaida : We don't need suh @jnewyork11111 and he will want a lot of money so there is no point of doing that
cooleymess : @pazzotortuga
rami_sumaida : @nyjetsfansonly then why don't we just keep him then???
jnewyork11111 : @rami_sumaida true we have a great d line then we could save the money.
jnewyork11111 : @rami_sumaida because harvin doesn't want to take a pay cut and may not be worth the money he is getting payed
lin_k629 - anthony_njm - ofwgeorgie - alysezwick -
Jeter over Smith any day of the week lol #DerekJeter #re2pect #newyork #nyyankees #Yankees #nyjets #jetsnation #jetslife
jetslife - derekjeter - newyork - re2pect - nyyankees - nyjets - jetsnation - yankees -
yankspokerfan : Lmao @jonnyj973 funny shiiitz
curdvoncurden : @antokasjohn @oooitsmajik
yankspokerfan - chelseaxmariex3 - gronkbomber8704 -
According to Adam Schefter, Revis is going to hit the open market #NYJets #NewYorkJets #JetsNation #Jets #Offseason
jets - offseason - newyorkjets - nyjets - jetsnation -
jonnyj973 - meetsruns2014 - dylans_world_1127 - vary8minding -
do u guys want Percy harvin to stay on the jets comment what u think #nyjets #jetup #jetlife #JETSNATION #ny_jetsfans
jetlife - ny_jetsfans - jetup - nyjets - jetsnation -
alexespinosa91 : Yes he's a good all around player and have never hear him say he wants to stay with a team I say keep him!
jakescimone7 - alexinzerilli17 - _merlin_1999 - nyjetsblogger -
Decided to look at some old tweets yesterday... It's safe to say these people were wrong. πŸ˜‚ (Follow me on Twitter, Link in Bio). #NYJ #NYJets #JetsNation
nyj - nyjets - jetsnation -
dan_v123 : Haha @nyjetsfansonly we want Sanchez one play ruined his career
tbundlez_ : @jackpalleschi
tylerriccio15 : @joncisario3
joncisario3 : @tylerriccio15 smh who ever says Chris Johnson wasn't good this season is blind
nyjetsfansonly : He wasn't that good... @joncisario3
joncisario3 : He as unbelievable are you kidding @nyjetsfansonly
samicaz : Who even is shariff lloyd πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜­
nyjetsfansonly : Exactly haha @samicaz
asap_chefkarma973 - lin_k629 - bvandervliet7 - alysezwick -
NFL Rumors: Percy Harvin is unwilling to take a pay cut, but he'd like to remain with the Jets. He may be willing to restructure his contract though, which takes money off of the Jets salary cap... (Via Jason Cole of Bleacher Report). ------ In other news, Patriots CB Darrelle Revis is expected to hit the open market, according to Adam Schefter. Free Agency should be fun. #NYJ #NYJets #JetsNation #PercyHarvin #WideReceiver #Jets #FreeAgency #2015Offseason
2015offseason - percyharvin - nyj - nyjets - jets - freeagency - widereceiver - jetsnation -
mike_duartfart : If anything we should draft mariota for competition and on top of that an offensive line and secondary if we get those key positions we will have a great season
real_beast_99 : Percy should stay
ryanschillinger8 : @z_xclusive26 I agree on everything but the geno part
z_xclusive26 : Lol I feel you. @ryanschillinger8 but how would you feel if he starts winning us games? Don't bandwagon like the heat\lebron fans.
z_xclusive26 : Forget Percy until his ass can play 16 games he can continue to watch games at home like he normally does, if that.
jmush27 : Why is no one thinking about how snacks is gonna be a free agent
ryanschillinger8 : @z_xclusive26 listen I'm a jet fan through anything no matter what and I'll admit I'm wrong if he does but I just doubt it and believe me I don't im a die hard cavs fan too lol never stopped loving them even when he left
the_thunder44 : He should stay incase we don't get any one in FA if we do get someone then use him at the deadline
lin_k629 - alysezwick - ofwgeorgie - marquesprior1 -
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