Migraine central!! πŸ˜– #jetsnation
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To all who make the top 5 1-5 that will be the final finish. I suffered broken ribs 2 weeks ago and now just refractured them. So we will just give out the top prizes. 1st picking her prize first - 5th after tomorrow game. I will post the final 5. Good luck! #contest #top5 #jettaofyear #jets #nyj #newyorkjets #jetsnation #jetup #jetsfans #jetsfamily
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jackie.jet : Hope you feel better soon!! Thanks for putting this on for all of us! It was fun! :)
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Jetta creshie everyone. Styling this summer In a official Jets Bathing Suit n Repping. Show her some love. #jetta #jets #jetsgirl #jetsnation #nfl #sexyfans #nflgirls #bathingsuit #summertime #fashion #beauty #nyj #nyjgirls
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chrisdohertyfit : Cool.
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Siga @djcainan nas redes sócias e fiquei por dentro das últimas novidades. #jetsnation #digital2030 #damassaclan
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11 days away from game 1 against the Browns. #jets #nyj #nyjets #jetup #jetsnation #footballiscoming #jetsfansunited
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mr_boom86 : The Browns they no push over no more they got a squad.
trunation6 : who they got? they got unproven quaterbacks, no running game, not a good offensive line, and we will definetly shut down their recivers, @mr_boom86
bdawg631 : @dwight_dm the 🐐
mr_boom86 : Not going back forth with u @trunation6 dude but you'll see.
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2015 NFL PreSeason Week 3: New York Jets 28 - New York Giants 18 Ryan Fitzpatrick- 9/14, 127 yds, 2 TD, 0 Int Bryce Petty - 5/8, 42 yds, 0 TD Zac Stacy - 13 att, 60 yds, 0 TD, 1Rec TD, Chris Ivory - 6 att, 38 yds, 0 TD Eric Decker - 3 Rec, 52 yds, 1 TD Antonio Cromartie- 1 Int TD 59 yds Walter Powell - 54 yd Punt Return Dope Edit ✈✈✈ or Nope πŸ‘Ž If Rp plz tag @Exclusive_gfx or @Trap813 #2015NFLPreSeason #Week3 #NewYorkJets #AFCEast #Sports #JetsNation #LikesForLikes #Espn #Sports #ProFootball #Exclusive #Gfx #Graphic #Edits
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nysportsss : DopeπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
trap813 : Thanks @nysportsss
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Let's go gang green!!!!!! #ny #nyc #nyny #japanese #game #madden16 #jets #nyjets #ganggreen #jetsnation #jetsfanforlife #jetsjetsjets #ps4 #midnightgame #γ‚’γƒ‘γƒ•γƒˆ #ゲームでもjets #γ•γε―γ‚ˆ #ζ“δ½œγŒι›£γ—γ„ #もうすぐ開幕
ζ“δ½œγŒι›£γ—γ„ - jetsfanforlife - γ‚’γƒ‘γƒ•γƒˆ - japanese - midnightgame - jets - game - γ•γε―γ‚ˆ - nyny - もうすぐ開幕 - ps4 - madden16 - ny - ゲームでもjets - nyjets - jetsjetsjets - nyc - jetsnation - ganggreen -
adammcookk : Jets lyf
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http://nypost.com/2015/09/02/four-concussions-not-stopping-this-wr-from-trying-to-make-jets/ #nyjets #ChrisOwusu #newyorkjets #jetsnation #ganggreen #newyorkpost #nfl #sports #football #nypost #photobyJosepheAmaturo #JosepheAmaturo #JEA
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Eric Decker Design/Edit #EricDecker #JetsNation #NYJets #FollowMe #SportsEdits #InstaLike #InstaFollow #Jets
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infamous_sports : Nice edit you should join my contest
dcarmyunited : @infamous_sports hi this is my primary account I'd be glad to join!
hazmatt_60 : Can u follow @mk.graphix I'll follow you back later and I'm following @dcarmyunited
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Born and raised New York, and moved out west, but still stay true to my teams!!! #nyjets #nymets #jetsnation #mets #newyorkfaninidaho #newyorkjets #newyorkjets #lovinglife #weldeverydamnday #weldinglife #welderslife
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lisamarieufl : Then you're gonna love Dylan's baseball team this year πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
jimmyjamesmcp : I'm hoping it's the Mets and not the skankees!!
jimmyjamesmcp : @lisamarieufl
lisamarieufl : @jimmyjamesmcp he's a Met this year! The whole Fam will be happy. My mom was the lone Yankee
jimmyjamesmcp : I'm so proud of him to have the privilege of being a met this year, the family is gonna love it!!! I know she was but still a met fan at heart!! Love ya and miss ya lots cuz!!!
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repost from @iam_de3 I'm self made, Selfish w/ my ways, Self employed ‼️ s/o #FutureLegend clothing w/ the πŸ”₯ gear  #NYJets #nfl #football #futurelegend #FACEONTHECORNER #dreambig #aspiretoinspire #jetsnation #gogreen #instarepost20 @paulmalignaggi #apparel #picoftheday #insta
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I'd like to wish my friend Jace Amaro a speedy recovery. We are all praying for you back in San Antonio and know you will do great things!! Keep making us proud. God bless you! Phil 4:13 #JaceAmaro #JetsNation
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andrea_bianca : Tell @j_acer22 to keep his head up and stay positive. I'm wishing him a speedy recovery βœŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ˜Ž
andrewborrego : @andrea_bianca i certainly will! You know we all support him here in SAπŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½
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Tough. Don't worry, we have Cumberland, but praying for him! #JaceAmaro #NewYorkJets #JetsNation #GangGreen
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nicholas27began : Bust!
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#Repost @miss_manae with @repostapp. ・・・ No matter what trial or tribulation, success or glory you come across Jace, we will continue to be here as a family. I wish you a speedy recovery. God will take care of you like he has continued to do so throughout your life. This is just the beginning. We thank you for all your love and support Jet fans! #JetsNation 3:13 ••• This was a fun day for me over the summer, when I got the chance to style both of my little babies.☺️ #signaturepic @j_acer22 @madisonamaro
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December 6,2015 regular season baby, #gmen shall lose twice to us in 1 season , lmao πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #jetsnation #jets
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No matter what trial or tribulation, success or glory you come across Jace, we will continue to be here as a family. I wish you a speedy recovery. God will take care of you like he has continued to do so throughout your life. This is just the beginning. We thank you for all your love and support Jet fans! #JetsNation 3:13 ••• This was a fun day for me over the summer, when I got the chance to style both of my little babies.☺️ #signaturepic @j_acer22 @madisonamaro
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mario_perez_jr : God has a plan for his life ! Keep the faith & speedy recovery
mommasallys : @miss_manae, what happened to Jace??
miss_manae : @mommasallys His shoulder :/
mommasallys : Oh ok I didn't know!! He's going to be alright @miss_manae??
shineslike_amberrr_ : Sending prayers! @miss_manae
miss_manae : Yes he will be but he's out for the season. We need your prayers mama! @mommasallys
mommasallys : @miss_manae yes ma'am we will be praying for a speedy recovery!! Give him a big hug and a kiss for me!!
chelley_chelle8 : Prayers for Jace from Raiderland ❀️ #GunsUp
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#BowtieTuesday with @jeremy_kerley11 πŸ‘Œ #bowtie #Fashion #Jets #JetsNation #JetUp #swag #JK11
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#Bentleyboy Ready J-E-T-S jets jets jets #jetsnation #nyjets #ganggreen #jets
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nyfinest629 : All my work down the drain :( @djjimmygoods @dancindiva22
katrosa5 : Sooo cute!!!
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#Repost @nfl with @repostapp ・・・ It's officially football season. #footballseason #september #mybdaymonth #jetsnation
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http://www.blogtalkradio.com/lets-talk-jets/2015/09/02/new-york-jets-roster-analysis-and-predictions Link to tonights show! Sure to be plenty of talk on Jace Amaro heading to IR, the Snoopy Bowl, roster cuts, and a look to Thursday's preseason finale vs Philly. Be sure to tune in or give us a call with your thoughts 929-477-2651. We are live at 8pm! #Jets #Ganggreen #Jetsnation #NYJ #JetLife #Jetup
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Your 2015 Jets offensive line: C Nick Mangold, LG James Carpenter, RG Willie Colon, LT D'Brickashaw Ferguson, RT Breno Giacomini. #NYJ #NYJets #JetsNation #OffensiveLine #Jets
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hunter_davis27 : Left side is gonna be really good but the right 😁😁😁
stefan_d3152 : @christian_appel44 there's no one better on our roster to replace those two guys those are our starters
raymond_sanchez13_24 : Willie Colon, wadda beast, he still got it
tristan6bravo : I'm so excited to see Breno starting - said no one ever
jonahwilliams25 : #DBrick
anthony_masella : Who were the 3 players who got cut today?
nyjetsfansonly : Only one got cut, CB Dashaun Phillips. The other spots were freed up when they put Jace Amaro and Kevin Vickerson on the IR @anthony_masella
fernando_toledo14 : what happened to amaro? @nyjetsfansonly
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Like if you remember watching him play!!! #LT #ladanliantomlinson #newyorkjets #sandiegochargers #jetsnation #chargersnation #nfl #football
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Veteran Willie Colon has officially been named the team's starting Right Guard. The Jets had competition at the position throughout camp, but in the end nobody was able to challenge Colon for the spot. Offseason acquisition James Carpenter will start at Left Guard. #NYJ #NYJets #JetsNation #WillieColon #Jets
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mmartell2803 : What a class act πŸ’š
steve2smoove : Rooting for him but let's be real guy is getting old
beadle1369 : Willie the penalty machine colon
grny_blaze187 : @fickn12
boomer2727 : Online has looked good in the preseason let's hope it continues
mglavan80 : @mmartell2803
kierantheambulancedriver : he's good when he's not false starting
sammmmmb : Hofstra football in the house!!
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I know many of you are concerned with this recent news that Jace Amaro is out for the season but it's not the end of the world. Enunwa (pictured here) will replace him as the h- back and we won't miss a beat. Chan Gailey is not known for using the tight end anyways. Enunwa himself is a big target and an already good blocker. He'll create some mismatches when he is lined up as an hback and then split wide. #nyj #jetsnation #jets #nyjets
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jayzond : Anyone needs jets tickets to the Eagles game section 101 row 39 with psl parking pass $100
alexespinosa91 : Need to sign Keller Winslow he
alexespinosa91 : Jr
jetsfansunited : @alexespinosa91 no way
alexespinosa91 : He's better then Cumberland he was good when we had him two years ago @jetsfansunited
jetsfansunited : @alexespinosa91 he's washed up. I say we stick with Enunwa as an hback. And we'd sexton as te. If anyone better is available then we sign then
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Willie Colon has been named the starting RG by Head Coach Todd Bowles. I am still a little concerned with the fact that he had 38 total penalties last year (most for any lineman). Overall those I think he is the best player for that position anyway. #NYJ #NewYorkJets #JetUp #JetsNation
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Sorry for being late but I just got out of football practice. Jace Amaro and Kevin Vickerson have been placed on a season ending Injured Reserve list. I had high hopes for Amaro this season and thought that he would be the most improved player on our team going into next season. With those too now on reserve and Dashun Phillips being cut our roster is now down to 75 players. The roster needs to be down to 53 players on September 5th. #NYJ #NewYorkJets #JetUp #JetsNation
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celikjon : Wtf this sucks 😑
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| πŸˆπŸ‘ SEPTEMBER IS • HERE! πŸ˜ƒπŸˆ | ---------------------------------------------------------- πŸ™ #September has arrived and that means #Football Season is back!! I cannot wait to go to #MetLife Stadium again this season and see my #Jets play vs. the #Redskins πŸ‘Š This was taken of me from my friend Jon at Sunday Night Football vs. the Patriots on 11/13/11. That was the last pro game I have been to. #takemebacktuesday #nfl #newyorkjets #nyjets #jetsnation #jersey #newyork @nyjets ----------------------------------------------------------
takemebacktuesday - nfl - september - jetsnation - football - newyork - newyorkjets - nyjets - jets - metlife - jersey - redskins -
lhamamama : Great shotπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
jgray.photos : Thanks! @lhamamama
whoisbro : Amazing absolutely
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Domingo agora tem Flow mc, Tubaina e Dalsin na casa fora do eixo , e nas quadradas eu e meu mano Dj colorado vamos estar soltando as pedradas. Teeeey . #damassaclan #jetsnation
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Willie Colon is now the starting RG! HC Bowles: He wanted it more. Congrats Willie! #WillieColon #NewYorkJets #JetsNation #GangGreen #Football #NFL
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merlinmoonbrooklyn : Extraordinary @merlinmoonmusic
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My photo of Bilal Powell published in today's New York Post page 44 #newyorkpost #newyorkjets #BilalPowell #nyjets #ganggreen #jetsnation #metlifestadium #nfl #sports #football #nypost #photobyJosepheAmaturo #JosepheAmaturo #JEA
metlifestadium - football - bilalpowell - josepheamaturo - nfl - newyorkpost - sports - nypost - jea - photobyjosepheamaturo - nyjets - newyorkjets - ganggreen - jetsnation -
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The New York Jets have placed TE Jace Amaro and D-Lineman Kevin Vickerson on the IR. Amaro is out with Season-Ending Shoulder Surgery. Vickerson had been on and off the field with a Hamstring injury. #NewYorkJets #GangGreen #JetsNation #JetUp
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I guess you can say this edit is... Jaw dropping *ba dim tss* •#jets #jetsnation #genosmith #nyjets
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cashh.reveals : F4f?
galactic.graphics : @cashh.reveals k
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TE Jace Amaro has been placed on IR. This sucks because Amaro has a lot of potential. Hopefully he has a speedy recovery and he can develop into the star TE we expected when we drafted him #Jets #JetUp #JetsNation #NYJ
jets - nyj - jetup - jetsnation -
christianfoley12 : Out for year? @nyjetsfootball
footballcardseller32 : @christianfoley12 yes, it's the same injury Sanchez had when he was out the whole year. Lot of rehab is needed
rschatzel10 : @mad37max
therealfrankrodriguez : @micahjames81 this hurts
micahjames81 : @therealfrankrodriguez wow man, that does hurt. Based off his performance during my Madden Seasons he was set to have an outstanding year, πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
therealfrankrodriguez : @micahjames81 the curse of high ratings on Madden I guess
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