Dawan Landry, 4th in AFC in total tackles with 59. #NYJ #NYJets #JetsNation #DawanLandry
nyj - dawanlandry - nyjets - jetsnation -
adamostrowski_ : sick edit @nyjetsfansonly
nyjetsfansonly : Thanks @adamostrowski_
tristan6bravo : Who's 3 2 and 1 do you know?
nyjetsfansonly : 1. Paul Posluszny (69), 2. Lawrence Timmons (63), 3 CJ Mosley (63). Landry isn't far behind them @tristan6bravo
tristan6bravo : Oh ok. Thanks
rjohann50 : Ooo 4th in afc in tackles @typicalnyer
nyjetsfansonly : And for those wondering, he's 7th in the league
flyingsauceralienman : ^Wow didnt realize mosley was killin it like that already
mattbennie23 - mccanna_23 - doctorgoldfarb - jaicob6_ovoxo -
TJ Graham. (He had a flag thrown at him on this play lol). #NYJ #NYJets #JetsNation #Jets @doit4thegraham
nyj - jets - nyjets - jetsnation -
nyjetsdan16 : I felt like Salas could have played this game but I think sanjay Lal and MM think TJ has better upside.
thor916 : We should get rid of Greg Salas next year
johnyancey98 : I like how Geno's in the background
lloyd_hughart : I didn't even see that that is pretty bad ass @johnyancey98
danielroach23 - joe_avm - kingkarl3 - murphy_25 -
Rep your team with #URBANELLEGANCE #handmade #Quality #wristwear & #armcandy Please email if your team is not on the site!!! urbanellegance@gmail.com #jewelry #bracelets #forsale #likethis #lovethis #sharethis #igers #cowboysnation #steelernation #Ninersnation #whodatnation #giantsnation #gmen #cheeseheads #packersnation #bearsnation #seahawksnation #bengalsnation #ravensnation #eaglesnation #raidersnation #patriotsnation #pats #skinsnation #jetsnation
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504cherise - romoandbryant - dc_flagrunner - tuscanroad -
The official Pro Bowl ballot was released today, I just got done voting. There is a few Jets that have played well enough this year to make it but we all know fans vote for this and the majority of them just ignore the Jets completely, especially last year when Mo Wilkerson was snubbed... It's more of a popularity contest now in my opinion, but is cool to see some of our guys there every year. Who do you think should go to the Pro-Bowl this year? Make sure to head over to NFL.com and vote! Let's get some Jets in Hawaii! #NYJ #NYJets #JetsNation #ProBowl #NFL
nyj - probowl - nfl - nyjets - jetsnation -
anthony_nacc : Sheldon Richardson
k_rad_356 : Sheldon and Mohammed
davontecorbin : Nick mangold Sheldon and Mohammed
josh__nyyankees : Wilkerson ivory(backup) and Sheldon
minime0716 : Mo Sheldon mangold and nick folk
coleslaw_ler : Nick folk
rami_sumaida : Mangold dbrikishaw mo Sheldon and snacks
rami_sumaida : And folk
willforget_inrealife - 7aaron_jets84 - jakemagliola - mchiaino6 -
♥_♥ #NY #Jets #JetsNation #TheBest #Nfl
jets - ny - nfl - thebest - jetsnation -
ju_yis - krista_kimberly - jessi_g_celis -
Our prediction for Sundays game! Thinking Ivory and Geno will have a solid game. #jets #nyjets #letsgojets #nyjetsnation #jetsnation #jetup #beatthebills #billsvsjets #jetlife #newyorkjets #metlifestadium
nyjetsnation - metlifestadium - jetlife - newyorkjets - nyjets - letsgojets - jets - jetup - billsvsjets - beatthebills - jetsnation -
thetwannation : 31-17
nothing_like_earl_sweatshirt : 31jets to 7 bills
najizaidi : Jets 24 bills 21 it
najizaidi : Ot
angieri28 : 31-14 jets
tizzlec8 : 30 - 17 Jets
_mr_mudkip : Gonna be at that game
travastat : Let's go Jets!, need a W!!!!
papabearolee - blackbeast501 - j_pagel_22 - justinroslak -
Is #Yahoo trying to be funny with this caption on its latest #FantasyFootball app update? #Jets #NYJ #JetsNation #NYJets
nyj - nyjets - jets - yahoo - fantasyfootball - jetsnation -
fantasyfootballjunkie1611 : Come check out my fantasy football page!
aw.no - michael_perle - mrpick6nation - tristan6bravo -
CJ... I thought he played well against the Patriots, especially that last drive. Not just running the ball, he was doing a great job of protecting Geno with his pass blocking. #NYJ #NYJets #JetsNation #CJ @chrisjohnsontwo8
nyj - cj - nyjets - jetsnation -
thor916 : Would you be the owner if Woody Johnson asked you to @nyjetsfansonly?
maloney__ : @thor916 what are you talking about? Owner? How is that even possible πŸ˜‚
nyjetsfansonly : Definitely, but I doubt he'd ever ask me lol @thor916
thor916 : My friend is getting his degree in college to become a GM he wants to be the Jets GM @nyjetsfansonly hope he does
1__gmoney__1 : If u were the owner of the jets would u fire Idzik and/or Rex??
tmoranz_inverse : @1__gmoney__1 Idzik #keeprex
mr_dbishop : Fire idzik!
devin_16_16 : Bbbbooooo jetsπŸ˜›
xarianrodriguez - _robscott - julian_aenlle - rubenvazquez54 -
If interested let me know v its a great price #jets #jetsnation
jets - jetsnation -
nicoooonava : Yo u still got them? @_jaydraper_
_jaydraper_ : Yes I do you interested text or call me 973917728
nicoooonava : Missing a digit homes @_jaydraper_
_jaydraper_ : @nicoooonava 9177286175
nicoooonava : Nigga that's wrong number wtf I wanna buy them hit me up 862 222 3736
nicoooonava : @_jaydraper_
krista_kimberly -
#nfl #football #femalefans #nflbabes #nfldimes #nyjets #newyorkjets #JetsFan #JetsGirl #JetsNation
jetsgirl - nflbabes - femalefans - football - jetsfan - nfl - newyorkjets - nyjets - nfldimes - jetsnation -
nfldreamz : follow us for some of the best football pictures! comment and like!
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Oh #yahoo...you so funny #jetsnation
yahoo - jetsnation -
podjohnnyringo - robynofloxly - aj0nes85 - krista_kimberly -
Anybody see #jetsnation I'm looking for them #BILLSMAFIA we here 1 more day n we in that ass
heybutthatsnoneofmybusiness - tryme - billsmafia - jetsnation -
kissofdeath85 : @_illwillz_ I got one for u too saving it till tomorrow no jet fan is safe
steviezapp : There's nothing but loyalty for jet fans kiss .... if ur a jet fan ur LOYAL ... Jus like u bills fans ur used to losing and ur still a bills fan Smh @kissofdeath85 @zboy_1534 @abernik @scottie_tissues @acetin24 @_chris3186_
steviezapp : @lordysheen
kissofdeath85 : @steviezapp tell that shit to Rex ryan we owned yall for years see u tomorrow don't make me file a missing person report
scottie_tissues : I think someone has a crush on jets fans @kissofdeath85 @acetin24 @steviezapp @zboy_1534
_chris3186_ : LoL @scottie_tissues
daywalker0207lozo : Lmfaooo
el_negro148 : Oh ok I see you nigga ok!!
bri2boogie - therealcamillew - nickrome138 - eli2966 -
#nyjets #jetsnation
nyjets - jetsnation -
spaceman_27 : Go Bills!! πŸ‘
prenike30 : Let's go BUFFALO
nfljerseys4u : Very cool!
ganggreenreport - nfljerseys4u - victoriaaalynn__ - chris_dziengiel -
#FlashbackFriday... Vinny Testaverde. In the 1999 season (when I was born lol), QB Vinny Testaverde ruptured his Achilles in the opening game and was lost for the season. The Jets went on to use to use three different QBs that year, including Punter Tom Tupa who originally began his career as a QB. Ray Lucas played the majority of the time though, Tupa only played in the game that Vinny got hurt in. The Jets began that season going 1-6, they won 7 of their last 9 to finish 8-8. They were considered "the team nobody wanted to play if they made the playoffs." Bill Parcells was the coach that year, Bill Belichick was the Jets Defensive Coordinator. Belichick went on to become the Jets next Head Coach but then resigned from the position the next day saying he wasn't ready. He eventually became the Head Coach of the New England Patriots. Yeah, I know. Bill Belichick was almost never a Patriot and a Jet instead. Boy I wonder would it be like now. But anyway, I'm not saying the Jets will turn the season around and get to .500 like they did in 1999. I'm just saying anything is possible, that's it. The only downside of going 8-8 is that we'd have another mid round draft pick instead of the top 10. I just wanna see this team win games, I hate losing. Always gonna stay loyal no matter what though. #NYJ #NYJets #JetsNation #FBF #VinnyTestaverde #1999 #Comeback
1999 - vinnytestaverde - nyj - nyjets - fbf - comeback - flashbackfriday - jetsnation -
eroch : This year was supposed be our year to win it all I cried after watching Keyshawn Johnson interview
sheila_wedge_rodriguez : Fuck the #patriots
crossfitchihuahua : Chingon πŸ‘
huge_nuge : The jets suck
theprexpress : So why are you on a jets page you dick rider @huge_nuge
brallen1993 : @jclapperton they did it before, they can do it again #9-7
dizzyfiasco25 : Lol all I get out of all that is that your young as hell but kudos on your knowledge on the greatest team in nfl
nyjetsfansonly : Lol thanks man @dizzyfiasco25
junasiagray - joey_nickname_ - _natethegreat_25_ - a.faughnan -
@everythingnyjets is having a Mike Vick autographed jersey give away! All you gotta do is #5kGiveAwayV1 and repost this pic! I guess this means I'm entered now lol. #NYJ #NYJets #JetsNation #MikeVick #Throwback
nyj - 5kgiveawayv1 - nyjets - mikevick - throwback - jetsnation -
francois1119 : @everythingnyjets I'm not hating man. Read my comment!
njdevils08 : @everythingnyjets not hating I just don't like Vick?
everythingnyjets : @francois1119 I saw you're second comment I might do another giveaway after this one that's actually a good idea. I just realized I'm kinda glad to get feedback from fans actually because it shows how I could improve things like giveaways.
francois1119 : @everythingnyjets yeah man. No disrespect toward your account. I'm actually a diehard jets fan. But the Vick verses wasn't the best idea in my opinion as a fan lol, love what you're doing though.
everythingnyjets : @francois1119 thanks man you should give me a follow seems like you're a loyal fan
ryancann : Á
samori_b : Mike Vick should have taken over the jets quarterback spot WEEKS ago when Jets had a chance to still salvage the season. Bastids!
joey_nickname_ : It's a good id about the Vick Jersey.. people r just haters.. ik I'm not hater on vick.. I like sense he was on the falcons...
primetime2128 - huntingtontoyota - avatebs123 - ttorkos626 -
Amazing day picking the brain of the Jets Merch Director. It's mind blowing the scale that they do business on. Training/office facility is kick ass for players & staff. #nyjets #merchlife #jetsnation #bronxnation
bronxnation - nyjets - merchlife - jetsnation -
nfljerseys4u : Cool!
emmajane_84 - bizarreframing - azzanagas07 - sammie_jayne_reid -
36 hours till kickoff 🏈🏈🍻🍻 #looksbetteringreen #jetlife #gonnawinoutandmakethewildcard #jetup #nyjets #jetsnation #BUFvsNYJ
jetlife - bufvsnyj - nyjets - jetup - gonnawinoutandmakethewildcard - looksbetteringreen - jetsnation -
everythingnyjets - _3rica_g - merry.maryh - ditz91 -
TAG: @bigdame900 @jus_callme5 @mowilkerson @q_ceasar #nyjets#dline#defensiveline#ny#jets#newyork#newyorkjets#jetsnation#ganggreen#mowilkerson#muhammedwilkerson#wilkerson#sheldonrichardson#richardson#damonharrison#harrison#quintincoples#coples#nfl#nflfootball#nflplayoffs#superbowl#allapps#appsonly#follow#nysportsgrafixx * entire edit done by me
nflfootball - wilkerson - superbowl - nysportsgrafixx - newyork - newyorkjets - harrison - mowilkerson - jets - follow - sheldonrichardson - dline - allapps - damonharrison - defensiveline - jetsnation - nfl - coples - nflplayoffs - ny - muhammedwilkerson - appsonly - quintincoples - richardson - ganggreen - nyjets -
nysportsgrafixx : @jus_callme_5
mellymaygirl : Amazing!
skiss128 : ❀
nysportsgrafixx : @mowilkerson
skiss128 - nysole55 - niquettacarolin - kylec74 -
Hopefully Chris Ivory and Johnson can carry us to a win(pun intended). We will destroy Buffalo on Sunday. Btw Join the Kewl Kidz #chrisivory #jetsnation #kewlkidz
chrisivory - kewlkidz - jetsnation -
ganggreenreport - will_da_beast8 - mfowler_21 - c_maida -
#FlashbackFriday... Shoeless Brad Smith. Awesome 90 Yard Return, SHOELESS. #NYJ #NYJets #JetsNation #BradSmith
nyj - jetsnation - nyjets - bradsmith - flashbackfriday -
14haakon14 : That's the kind of player the jets need. Hopefully that's percy harvin
jjjohnson74jr : @s_johnson46
malloy2 : We were there @tciswavy @dr51 @dkulka @sardellij
joephis : Man I miss him!
dj_doug_bddjs : He left us and did exactly nothing lol
chrismassood : @michaelmassood
james_jross : @markparker45
gavyncesarino : @mikeces84
dill_tom - there.is.only.one - ttorkos626 - gavyncesarino -
#FlashbackFriday... Brad Smith was so deadly on these end arounds. One more video coming up, from this same game. #ShoeLessBradSmith #NYJ #NYJets #JetsNation
nyj - nyjets - jetsnation - flashbackfriday - shoelessbradsmith -
nyjetsfansonly : idk i just do lol @luke.hughes
ovonovs : Brad smith....the good ole days!
trehendo : @mrrobinsonnn
jwm_10 : I was at this game
julian_aenlle : Man whyd he have to leave
jjjohnson74jr : @s_johnson46
james_jross : @markparker45
gavyncesarino : @mikeces84
there.is.only.one - notredame_dreamer - ttorkos626 - gavyncesarino -
#FlashbackFriday... WR/KR/QB/RB Brad Smith. This dude was a playmaker, I'll probably post a vid of him later. #NYJ #NYJets #JetsNation #BradSmith
nyj - jetsnation - nyjets - bradsmith - flashbackfriday -
_dthrash : @stephen_lee220
taylorrebels : He also fizzled once he left the jets too so no hard feelings
solodacannon : Our new 16 is super saiyan brad smith
isaacabravanel : He was good. Underrated.
stephen_lee220 : @_dthrash I love Brad. Liked him with y'all, but he's such a contributor for us.
nyjetsfansonly : Lol @solodacannon
ppatterson11_ : How do u get the videos U post ??
depressedwilkerson : @nyjetsfansonly fun fact I got his signature and then he left the team
there.is.only.one - thelegacy786 - huntingtontoyota - ttorkos626 -
New style. @genosmith7 #NYJ #JetsNation #NYJets #QB
nyj - qb - nyjets - jetsnation -
ipkrish : My dude Geno! I'm loving your edits. You're getting better rapidly.
irseto : I like it. It would be cool if you added the green from the uniform. I wonder how it will look with color
nyjetsfansonly : Thanks man, always trying to get better @ipkrish
nyjetsfanbase : Basic edit
stsrva21 : @nyjetsfanbase your edits are terrible @nyjetsfansonly got u by a long shot!! Quit hating on the guy
nyjetsfanbase : Lol I'm not hating! He's really good probably the best editor. I'm just saying this edit is more simple than others @stsrva21
wtf_sterl : @nyjetsfansonly yo can we see a Vick in a jets 7 jesery"? No disrespect to Geno though
mjdanza23 : #TheFuture @tony_bendetti @rwillix42
d_lynn125 - marty_larry - fishtale030101 - c___way -
My boy Bad News is my boy for real for real πŸ“· New #JetsNation pics up: #DonNewYork.com/blog πŸ‰
donnewyork - jetsnation -
digginss - ebsollis - tarinskillets - iancogneato -
#rp @ganggreengarments I'm gonna need to pick some up. Real cool designs. #Jets #JetsNation
jets - rp - jetsnation -
atlcomputerdude : Superb!
steve_schaum : Stealing this sir.
bigeddie_85 : @steve_schaum their designs look pretty cool
pjofdon - ganggreengarments - uniqueforex - _ricangoddess_ -
Really hoping Percy Harvin will have a great first game with the #Jets Sunday when they face the #Bills. #NYJ #NYJets #jetsnation #letsgojets #beatthebills #ganggreen #jetlife #jetup #percyharvin #harvin #jetnation
jetlife - percyharvin - jetup - ganggreen - nyj - jetnation - harvin - nyjets - letsgojets - jets - bills - beatthebills - jetsnation -
friholes : I say 6 catches for 700 yards lol
hod_cannon : Rushing , receiving and return yards leader the rest of season πŸ‘ŒπŸ’¨
phamdesigns : Jets fans are one of the best (coming from a pats fan), but thats just crazy. @hod_cannon
nyjetsdan16 : @friholes that's what I as thinkin
diehardbronco7 : Seahawks were obviously desperate to get his ass away from them. He landed in an unfortunate spot, no offense. You guys really need a solid QB. If you find a QB, Harvin will be great along with the other pick ups like Decker and your RBs
markmooney : @bettercallpisano
andrewgolden17 - blackbeast501 - c_gill12 - tjkap02 -
QB Kerley... JK has a career QBR of 109.7, 2-3 83 Yards. He also has 14 Carries for 84 Yards, very versatile guy. He was originally a QB but was converted to WR at TCU. #NYJ #JetsNation #NYJets #JeremyKerley #JetLife #QB
nyj - jetlife - qb - nyjets - jeremykerley - jetsnation -
thor916 : One thing we don't want of or Percy Harvin to end up like Santonio Holmes did when Holmes didn't stay healthy and always got injured
pat_tully : Yeah. And exactly @thor916
thor916 : I hope we go 10-6 @pat_tully
pat_tully : I think we'll probably go 8-8
ralphydeee : @thor916 10-6 I like that!!!! #9Straight πŸ™
thor916 : Yeah @ralphydeee and then go to the playoff and then win the Super Bowl and make history
ro_the_raj331 : @thor916 lol. Well we have an easy schedule...
thor916 : Yes we do @ro_the_raj331 so we can go 10-6 but the point is that Percy Harvin had to stay healthy
larrycaruso6583 - d_lynn125 - _kylev7_ - dominicdavidwert -
Get behind your local nhl team and show why we have sold out 5 years in a row! Winnipeg jets SnapBack and fitted hats & toques all available at Afc streetwear garden city mall! #mitchellandness #newera #snapback #fitted #whiteandblue #jetsnation #204
whiteandblue - 204 - fitted - mitchellandness - snapback - newera - jetsnation -
frozen_spitta - karlitaemcee - 1n23_celo - riquelme1990 -
WR Greg Salas will be inactive for the 2nd straight game this Sunday against the Bills. He did practice fully throughout the week bedsides today in which he was limited, but you can see in this picture that he's wearing a brace on his wrist still. I thought he'd be go to go but I was wrong, but it's likely he'll be back next game. LB Trevor Reilly will also not play, everyone was is healthy and set to go. #NYJ #NYJets #JetsNation #InjuryReport
nyj - injuryreport - nyjets - jetsnation -
robhef : Guy has a handful of good, not even great plays. Time to give up on him.
nyjetsfansonly : Not saying he's gonna be an elite WR, but he's been solid and has earned a reputation of one of the more underrated guys on the Jets. We need him for depth, there's virtually nothing behind him. @robhef
le_maingre : Ignorance of our fans kills me sometimes
robhef : Fine, keep him on the practice squad. Nothing more. He's shown us what he has, and it's nothing.
jamesnapoleon15 : I think salas is a great receiver he just doesn't get the ball enough
5.chris : Good he's so bad
mark_koning : Go #17
bosskidd310 : 😭😭😭😭
_kylev7_ - d_lynn125 - axsobeck - schultz12 -
πŸ’šβœˆοΈ #nyjets #jetsnation #halloween #pumpkin #fuckbuffalo
fuckbuffalo - pumpkin - halloween - nyjets - jetsnation -
pjofdon - tanyatownley - dillonfire - o_danielmendoza -
@genosmith7 and the NY Jets will be pulling off the big win against the division rival Buffalo Bills this Saturday. Here is a picture of Geno BELIEVING while wearing our BelieveWristband. #NFL #nyjets #newyorkjets #football #tnf #mnf #snf #jetup #jets #jetsflightcrew #flightcrew #jetsnation #jetnation #nyj #ganggreen #ganggreennation #jetlife #metlifestadium #jetforlife #letsgojets #believe #believewristbands #motivation #motivational #motivate #buffalobills #bills #genosmith. Reposted from NFL.com.
snf - motivation - motivate - motivational - jetforlife - metlifestadium - football - believewristbands - ganggreennation - buffalobills - jets - believe - mnf - jetsnation - jetlife - jetsflightcrew - genosmith - flightcrew - bills - nfl - nyj - jetnation - tnf - nyjets - letsgojets - newyorkjets - jetup - ganggreen -
all_nfl_ : Want us to advertise for you? Sent us a DM and we'll work something out!
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#jetsnation #fuckBuffalo
fuckbuffalo - jetsnation -
pjofdon - gregd84 - briggsy_caine83 - aintme_shebvick -
The banter here is strong #jetsnation @darianfurner @dstone6 @bursill93 @shaun_greentree @boodinator @nathanjloveday
jetsnation -
shaun_greentree : Up the jets ✈️
darianfurner : Yewwww
shaun_greentree - willow3747 - boodinator - bursill93 -
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