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Tough season for #jetsnation and #nygiants!!!! Jeez I need vodka watching NY football!!!
nygiants - jetsnation -
elitejersey : Some nice jerseys on my page if you are interested
elitejersey - cocaineflea718 -
Eff the giants let's go #jets #nyjets #jetsnation
jets - nyjets - jetsnation -
stauffer15 : This is awesome
njdevils08 : @stauffer15 the vagiants are wack
blakout_clothing - stauffer15 - opc_nuchapter -
Rex meets his new weapon. #NYJ #NYJets #JetsNation #PercyHarvin #RexRyan
nyj - percyharvin - rexryan - nyjets - jetsnation -
dmurr014 : We were like the team to beat in 2009 and 2010... WTF has Idzik done #fireIdzik #keeprex
francois1119 : @alexanderyoung23 well the Seahawks are 3-3 so I mean it's not like they where the same dominate team
retro6s : Rex meets his job saver *
patriots.central : @dmurr014 Think of everything terrible that could happen and multiple that by 10. That's Idzik's plan.
farfromdull : if our corners werent injured, this season wouldnt be as bad...we're a solid cb away from being a dominant team
alexanderyoung23 : So u don't think the Seahawks have a better chance of winning a Super Bowl than us common Man U slippen @francois1119
francois1119 : @alexanderyoung23 man, everybody overreacts on here. Where did I say we have a better shot than them? I didn't say that AT ALL. I said the Seahawks aren't the dominate team they where last year man. Chill out.
thesickladypoetry : @veinsofcollin
tr_angels30 - evandavis62 - cero1984 - kyle_carney14 -
Congratulations #ganggreen #nyjets #jetlife #jetsnation #jets
jetlife - nyjets - jets - die - ganggreen - jetsnation -
__chauncey_ : Why the fuck you plugging them wack ass jets in a denver fuck out of here yall bums
flowske : Jet life!!!
brightagram : #die @__chauncey_
illmvttic__ - got_nicekicks - da_mr.achal - iamuzik -
Some team statistics... Rush offense and Rush defense are clearly our strong points. #NYJ #NYJets #JetsNation #Stats
nyj - stats - nyjets - jetsnation -
ay_doubleuu : We're gonna finish the season 10-6 go to the super bowl and lose it #whatitmeanstobegreen
bftdrmucko : @ay_doubleuu why we gotta lose it lol
trevorraynor : Honestly our pass yrds a game for defense is pretty good considering we've played the best QBs in the league
erik.webb : @____kaleb
tgrande13 : @ay_doubleuu my god u just wrote what every real jet fan knows is a real life possibility . It's a hard life being a die hard jet fan 😰
pedrodanger : Good thing that rushing is only like 20% of what constitutes a successful team in today's NFL!
yankigrl : Pitiful stats!
isabellaacatherinee : if we make it to the superbowl that would be great😍🏈
vincent_deleo15 - isabellaacatherinee - matt__silva - jmarcano18 -
The most explosive player in the NFL has arrived on the scene....Welcome to Jetlife NoMercyPercy!!!!! #jetup #ganggreen #Percyharvin #jetsnation #gamechanger #bawse @dalexisb21 @chris_jabo @saraj930
percyharvin - ganggreen - jetsnation - jetup - bawse - gamechanger -
chris_jabo - shairose99 - kylewillis132919 - dalexisb21 -
Welcome to my misery froends and family..... #jetsnation
whodat - jetsnation -
djjimmysurvivor : #whodat
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#WATCH MY JETS TURN THIS SHYT AROUND AND #END #OFF THE #SEASON 10-6 AND #PLAYOFF #SPOT!!!!! #FACTS #JetsLifeStadium #JetsNation #NYJ #newyorkJets #GangGreen #WeGotThis #KeepWatching #Jets
jetslifestadium - end - watch - wegotthis - spot - nyj - keepwatching - playoff - newyorkjets - season - facts - off - ganggreen - jets - jetsnation -
lalalily_allure : Lmfaooooo yea Iight
puchiii726 : Hyt me back.... @panama1124
panama1124 : @puchiii726 got u
powereliteconditioning : Sorry to hear that.
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Giants fans be like we still got a chance ..!! πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚..!! #jetsallday #jetsnation #lmfaoo @izzynj88 @tattooed_montague @petenyg973 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
nyj - jetsallday - lmfaoo - jetsnation -
petenyg973 : Ya niggas only got 1 win cause the raiders ass if ya would've never played them ya be owen 6 lmfao @mercad.o @the_gawd_be_knowing fuck the airplanes ya not even consider jets anymore lol united airline ass niggas
mercad.o : Ohhhh but you got a so called 2 time super bowl champ qb right? FOH hoe!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜©
mercad.o : @petenyg973
mercad.o : Im dancing Salsa on ya niggas!!!!
the_gawd_be_knowing : Ya only got 3 win cuz ya played booty ass teams cuz.. Look what happen when ya played 2 real teams in a role ..?? Loss and a loss real talk lmaoo @petenyg973 @nunnygatillo
petenyg973 : Yup, thats right mvp both times too bad geno will never get there lol you mad bro its all love, newark airport ass niggas @mercad.o ya whole squad got ebola
petenyg973 : We played the texans thats a team ya will never beat, we played falcons another team ya cant beat lol talk to me when ya win another game other than that watch us losr and still have a better record than ya lol
nunnygatillo : Jets fans secretly rooting for the cowgirls that's some homo ass shit !!!!you love my team we the most hated and loved cuz ya love to hate . some of yall just started watching foot ball about three years agooooo🎢🎢🎢 ,three years ago 🎀🎀🎢🎢lmao . @mercad.o @the_gawd_be_knowing three year ago niggas ain't even know wat a 2 min warning was lol πŸ˜‚beef!!!!!! @petenyg973
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Best WR in the league right now!!! #DezBryant #DallasCowboys #CowboysNation #CowboysVsGiants #NowPlaying
dezbryant - cowboysnation - dallascowboys - nowplaying - cowboysvsgiants - jetsnation -
jay43_gifted : @n3wflam3 yea man, Dallas got this!
marcbarryslife : #dallasnation??? Wtff
jay43_gifted : @marcbarryslife chill out GUY! It's only a hash tag I'm a #JetsNation all the way IDIOTA
marcbarryslife : Lol
jay43_gifted : @marcbarryslife don't worry about the hash tag worry about this FG cowboys bout to hit lmao
marcbarryslife : Lmfao
marcbarryslife : I hate bedrock and the Cowboys!!!
jay43_gifted : @marcbarryslife word he's lighting FB on fire πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
6cee - marcbarryslife - n3wflam3 - that.22 -
Percy Harvin meeting with Rex Ryan and John Idzik. Probably the most frequently asked question I've seen so far, what number will Harvin wear? It hasn't been decided yet but I think he'll wear #16... #12 and #13 are obviously retired by Namath and Maynard, and I don't see him getting #11 from Kerley. We'll find out soon. #NYJ #NYJets #JetsNation #PercyHarvin @nomercypercy
11 - 13 - 12 - 16 - percyharvin - nyj - nyjets - jetsnation -
tmoranz_inverse : @thor916 he's getting signed back 100%
thor916 : How do you know @tmoranz_inverse?
tmoranz_inverse : @thor916 he's too good to give up the Jets aren't THAT stupid
thor916 : @tmoranz_inverse who's our GM John Idzik knowing Idzik he's gonna release Kerkey
bringer_of_rain5858 : Dude if your 15 how do you get these pictures? Whos your father Neil Glatt?
mohallo94 : I wonder if Percy took a swing at Idzik yet? Lol
bftdrmucko : ^^ Really don't want to lose Kerley, one of my favorite Jets. But I got a feeling, Idzik would... :/
_lstephens22_ : Idzik will cut kerely just for his number lmao
njzfinest19 - iamjak_mosaic - yahyatheg.o.a.t - _lstephens22_ -
Big Mo edit I made. Tell me what u guys think. #Jets #JetsNation #BigMo #MuhammadWilkerson #JetUp
jets - muhammadwilkerson - bigmo - jetup - jetsnation -
ganggreenreport : Pretty sick
joeyr2001 : Thx! @ganggreenreport
real_big_z - vin_cirisano - brian_fiore - thomas_calto13 -
#SundayFunday #JetsNation
re2pect - sundayfunday - jetsnation -
11__likes : #Re2pect
itstjayyok - christiananthonyrivera - phill_da_madvillain - unapologetic_bipolarsnob -
Looks like the begining of a bad "who walks into a bar" joke #jetsnation #teamspirit #footballseason
footballseason - teamspirit - jetsnation -
danalee91 : @cepiscopio @liddlebiddy ❀🏈
taliamichelina : I was gonna go there!
goldiloxx___ - teekutz - stephyybabiee22 - inkked_henny -
The AFC East Standings as of Week 7... #AFCEast #NYJ #BUF #MIA #NE #JetsNation
nyj - mia - buf - afceast - ne - jetsnation -
patriots.central : @raidershighlights πŸ‘
raidershighlights : I know @patriots.central seems like I cant comment on another team page smh.. XD
patriots.central : @raidershighlights I like and respect the Jets. Lol. I'm a football fan.
nickkpantelidis : How are the jets 1-6😭😭😭 were not even a bad team its really just our secondary. If we could of picked up Brandon Flowers and Darrel Revis we would be leading our Division. Also if we could of gotten a better fuckin schedule. Thanks @nfl
marcolojacono : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ jets nation more like #billsnation #billsmafia
awad314 : @marcolojacono jets only account cheer accordingly or get the fuck out
aubreymadkins : Bills got a lucky ass win tho
evanator15 : Go Dolphins!!!!!
dylanmeehan37 - chris_ricciardi - a.faughnan - -
Hell yeah welcome to the Jets Mr Harvin. Its time for a change. Good pick up. #Jets #JetsNation
jets - jetsnation -
aidan.07 - babesofnewyork - ganggreenreport -
Not really anything to post, and I haven't done a skin for a while so here's an Eric Decker Skin. #JetsNation #ErickDecker #AllApps
allapps - erickdecker - jetsnation -
nygiants_news : What skin do you use
alexf54 : Don't tell the Giants fan.
mattcastillo_54 : Get out of here @nygiants_news no giants fans allowed. Boo
_coach_johnson_ : Can u send that to me I like tht
nygiants_news : I am good friends with @nyjets_highlights
nygiants_news : @mattcastillo_54 @alexf54 ^^
nyjetsnewss : *Eric
bigcarm10312 - dt_krug8 - noah_jones53 - ganggreenreport -
I honestly look forward too thanksgiving more than my own bday smfh #scorpio #food #mmmm #thanksgiving #hurryup #lmao
mmmm - food - lmao - scorpio - hurryup - thanksgiving - jetsnation -
jaydpl227_157 : Thanksgiving falls on my bday this year lol
jaydpl227_157 : #DoubleTrouble
the_gawd_be_knowing : Damn the best of both worlds ... Lmaoo God bless my boy ... @jaydpl227_157 btw #jetsnation
jaydpl227_157 : Good looking my boy #HowDidYouLikeThatBlockedFieldGoal #PatsNation
the_gawd_be_knowing : Lmaoo bastard ... Two words for you December 21st
the_gawd_be_knowing : @jaydpl227_157
jaydpl227_157 : #CantWait
_damaris_10_ - _independent_25 - _carolina_zapata_ - killingzombie85 -
Pretty much sums our Quarterback situation the past 2 seasons Although Geno Played Great Thursday #JetsNation #Jetup #Jetlife #InGenoWeTrust
jetlife - jetup - ingenowetrust - jetsnation -
samkrumme - hello_brando1 - mr_brooks81 - ganggreenreport -
Get familiar with him!! #Jets #Green #NFL #JetsNation #GangGreen #Nyc #PercyHarvin
percyharvin - football - green - jets - nyc - newyorkjets - nfl - jetsnation - ganggreen -
fab_123 : #NewYorkJets
fab_123 : #football
jerrymrm - pedrroos - bp.edits - sportshistoria -
There is literally no Jets news that's not Percy Harvin related right now, so not a lot to post. I guess I'll show you guys Harvin's career stats via Jets Twitter lol... #NYJ #NYJets #JetsNation #NotGameday
nyj - notgameday - nyjets - jetsnation -
cdubb_2 : Spiller got hurt last week too. @jordanburke63098
johnyancey98 : We need to sign champ I know he is old but he is better then allen
justinnunes22 : Looks like he got out of there just in time
raidershighlights : Check DM @nyjetsfansonly
thor916 : Lots of teams are interested in trading for Vincent Jackson imagine of we make the trade if we do we're going 10-6 this season
patriots.central : @thor916 Jets are already looking good at WR. Decker, Harvin, Kerley, and Salas is pretty good. CB is definitely lacking though. That would be my #1 priority if I was Idzik. He's an idiot though so he won't do anything.
carson.plew : What number is he going to wear?
thor916 : Well said @patriots.central
kingsteven69 - kadennnf - samcolavito4 - perryvacchio -
#NYJ #NYJets #JetsNation
nyj - nyjets - jetsnation -
thor916 : We don't need good defensive backs next year @tmoranz_inverse Dawan Landry,Calvin Pryor, Dee Milliner,and Dexter McDougle will be our staring secondary next year no need to sign or drat any defensive backs when we will be a good secondary next year
natr66 : Thor916 is this a joke. A good secondary next year hahahah. Our pass rush is amazing and they still suck
tmoranz_inverse : @thor916 our secondary is awful hahaha. No need to stack Wrs we already have Kerley he's gonna be the 3
thor916 : Yes he will @tmoranz_inverse bit what disappoints me is that Harvin will be gone next year
nyjetsfansonly : Well his contract has him with us until 2018, if he does well this year the Jets will keep him @thor916
thor916 : I hope we do @nyjetsfansonly and hey maybe we'll stay wiling maybe well win the next 9 remaining games
natr66 : Yea but if one gets hurt @tmoranz_inverse then we got a serious player still out their not some duster running around
agcooney : @natr66 they'll probably add one veteran, a rookie at this point won't help, though milliner and mcdougle need to keep it going. Byron Maxwell from Seattle looks like a great bet to come over
bigcarm10312 - _dthrash - johnny9153 - kjm_567 -
Even though me team don't play today I can't wait to see these guys get to work #nyjets #jetsnation
nyjets - jetsnation -
realyipsy - ganggreenreport - explit_xoxo -
David Harris. #NYJ #NYJets #JetsNation #DavidHarris #NotGameday
nyj - davidharris - notgameday - nyjets - jetsnation -
ro_the_raj331 : #notgameday lol
tristan6bravo : #NotGameday :'(
bella84am : My favorite linebacker πŸ˜‰ love the "Hitman"
nyjetsgfx_ : I miss Bart Scott πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”
wtep : Never lose hope #nystrong @nyjetsfansonly
andyrew___ : Same #CantWait @nyjetsgfx_
michael_david219 : First play of the game against the bills will be a bomb to Percey Harvin!!!
digxtvl : Check out my last designπŸ˜‰
basketballcards24 - samcolavito4 - kevsausa - ganggreenreport -
This photo speaks for itself!! #CowboysNation #Jadens9thBirthdayParty #JetsNation #GiantsNation #WeDaBest
jetsnation - wedabest - cowboysnation - giantsnation - jadens9thbirthdayparty -
xxhis_beautiful_trophyxx - jrosas32 - indiana_star - yayo822 -
So Percy Harvin was traded to the Jets a couple days ago and I haven't said much about it but hopefully this picture can express my EXCITEMENT for the trade SMFH #JetsNation #NYJets #NewYorkJets #GangGreen #JetsFansBeLike #PercyHarvin #IsAJet #WeGoinToTheSuperBowl #YouStupid #NoINot #We1And6 #SitTheFuckDown
isajet - percyharvin - noinot - sitthefuckdown - wegointothesuperbowl - nyjets - newyorkjets - we1and6 - jetsfansbelike - jetsnation - youstupid - ganggreen -
tempboogz : Jets trying at least
jay43_gifted : @tempboogz trying my ass primo! Niggaz is trying not to lose their jobs SMFH
lastnamerobins - 13.kjw.13 - honey_bun_66 - boog982 -
A great photo of Demario Davis making the tackle while continuing to stay motivated while wearing BelieveWristbands. #NFL #nyjets #newyorkjets #football #tnf #mnf #snf #jetup #jets #jetsflightcrew #flightcrew #jetsnation #jetnation #nyj #ganggreen #ganggreennation #jetlife #metlifestadium #jetforlife #believe #believewristbands #motivation #motivational #motivate #demariodavis
snf - motivation - motivate - demariodavis - motivational - jetforlife - metlifestadium - football - believewristbands - ganggreennation - jets - believe - mnf - jetsnation - jetlife - jetsflightcrew - flightcrew - nfl - nyj - jetnation - tnf - nyjets - newyorkjets - jetup - ganggreen -
believewristbands_com : Photo reposted courtesy of Yahoo Sports
stephen_peltz_ - serinmayi - _nick_masino_ - mattybindahizzy -
#Jets #JetsNation #NYJ #NYJets #PercyHarvin
jets - nyj - percyharvin - nyjets - jetsnation -
libmagazine : Wow like it!
dillonfire - fein_roth - michael_perle - mikeymetro -
#Jets #JetsNation #NYJ #NYJets #PercyHarvin
jets - nyj - percyharvin - nyjets - jetsnation -
_bacon.bacon : Lmfaooooo really ? REALLY?
lali77 : @pgman2013
libmagazine : Good shot!
cirocc_boyy - dillonfire - mrpick6nation - james_lepage1 -
Husband won't let me go to the gym on his day off because he wants to hangout with me. So I filled his rucksack with heavy things and I shall train legs this way. #nogymnoproblem #fortcampbell #jetsgear #jetsnation #newyorkjets #nyjets #fangear #me #myself #fitness #fitnessaddict #fitfam #rucksack #girlswithmuscles
me - myself - jetsgear - nogymnoproblem - rucksack - fortcampbell - fangear - fitnessaddict - girlswithmuscles - newyorkjets - nyjets - fitness - fitfam - jetsnation -
thepinchaks : I miss you. I'm so happy your happy, I can't believe your a wife. I just wish we could be happy wives together and do wife things, ya know? I know it would be a good time
amyj_fit : Haha I miss you too natti! And me too! Live that happy wife life :P love you xox @thepinchaks
libmagazine : Beautiful!
bolsen0778 - thepinchaks - chapa_pt - nicksford -
Our morning walk..... for a cause of course. #breastcancerawareness #pink #princesseri #prospectparkstyle #nflsunday #mymornings #nyjets #jetsnation
pink - mymornings - prospectparkstyle - breastcancerawareness - nyjets - princesseri - jetsnation - nflsunday -
dougfresh_dds : So cute
smoke2much420 - chrissyros - horhay81 - serendipity02 -
#selfiesunday with my grandfather on our way up to the jets game... #tb #throwback #selfie #selfienation #jetsnation #gangreen #percyharvin #stang #whitegirlprobs #obama
percyharvin - gangreen - selfiesunday - suck4theduck - selfienation - selfie - whitegirlprobs - stang - throwback - obama - tb - jetsnation -
hunter_kaiser : Haha... How Amazing would that be @developing_negative
james_liakakos512 : I would shit brick
hunter_kaiser : I would shit so many more bricks than when they traded 4 Harvin @developing_negative
james_liakakos512 : Loko
sik_delisa : Yess
hunter_kaiser : Haha... How r u feeling? @sik_delisa
sik_delisa : @hunter_kaiser better walked some today
hunter_kaiser : Cool... Feel better @sik_delisa
donna_k_64 - briannecollinsss - brett_pardun - _saracampbell_ -
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