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PNG dancers at our Harmony Day. They did such a great job!!! #jets #jets #jbombing #ipswich #jbombing #pnghunters #jetsnation #dancers #png #harmonyday #harmony
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What A Year For Mr.Touchdown! #NYJets #JetUp #JetsNation #EricDecker @edeck87 @jessiejamesdecker
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chrismassood : @edeck87 amazing year man, red zone killa!!!
cam_lebson : @r.chambers1012
r.chambers1012 : It was a good year no doubt @cam_lebson
answerdstewartart : Had his best game ever with Geno as his qb.
cdlowden_ - ferrarod530 - king_jingles_the1st - therealryanjarvis -
Who doesn't love ice cream !!! Come on down to the North Ipswich Reserve and have a delicious gelato from @dolceicecreamery while watching the @pnghunters! #chancetowinicecream #CompetitionTime!!! #likeforachancetowin #sendthemalike #gelato #hunters #thingstodo #ipswich #foodstalls #food #northipswich #ipswich #yummo #jbombing #jets #jetsnation
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Today marked 16 Saturdays until opening day! In honor of that I will begin my weekly predictions that will end on September 10th, the day before the season starts. Week 1 the New York Jets host the Cincinnati Bengals. I can see this one being a tough game for the Jets, but they are able to win a close game by the score of 20-14. This would make the Jets 1-0. #jets #nyj #nyjets #JetUp #JetsNation #Predictions SIDE NOTE: Predictions will be made as if Ryan Fitzpatrick is our starter.
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nyjets_flight_loyalty : @0331_4life I'd still say we'd win it but the game would be ls
nyjets_flight_loyalty : @0331_4life **16-14 with 3 field goals
0331_4life : Honestly I'd love to see Fitz under center this year but you know what Geno is there. If not for him getting punched in the mouth I don't think Fitzpatrick would have the success he had. But at this point the man went from all these teams as a BACKUP and was most likely going to be a BACKUP to Smith last year. Got lucky and did fairly well. One good year don't mean you deserve tons on money. It really means prove it again and then talk.
dmny34 : 27-14 Jets
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Ryan Fitzpatrick hit free agency on March 9 after he and the New York Jets were unable to agree to a contract extension the Jets' offer is for three years with $12 million coming in the first year.the deal has "been on the table since March."
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sportsclipsz : #jets #ryanfitzpatrick #nfl #nflnews #newyork #newyorkjets #jetsnation
starter_europe : Cool!
borntobeglamorous : Best of the month ?
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In Week 3, Jets continue their road trip and head to Kansas City to face the Cheifs. #NYJets #JetUp #JetsNation #NYJvsKC #Week3 #BilalPowell
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_ryanenright : *chiefs
dem_jets_doe : Pretty close I say 24/21 jets
john_cannata : Tough game
thejasonhayden : Oh were gonna get fucking creamed by them we dont have an oline hell even if we did we have geno marcus peters gonna get 4 ints
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Quincy Enunwa🗽🏈 #jets #nyjets #jetsnation #like4like #follow4follow #likesforlikes #likethis #like #likeforlikealways #summer #quincyenunwa @quincyenunwa
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genohockey10 : dm
ltl.edits : 10 likes for 10 likes
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Juston Burris @jdotburris11 #NYJ #NYJets #JetsNation #NCState #JustonBurris #Jets
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nicociancioo : @bciasulli35
veegee1213 : We all know @jeremy_kerley11 is the original 11
brodnywilson : @veegee1213, it kind of feels like Kerley only had about 11 catches in the 5 years that he was here...
veegee1213 : @brodnywilson google his stats he was there when nobody wasnt almost had 1000 yards
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These are the Top 8 team I think have a chance at making the Super Bowl this Year. 1 @panthers , 2. @patriots , 3. @packers , 4. @azcardinals , 5. @steelers , 6. @ravens , 7. @nyjets , 8. @vikings . #Panthers #Patriots #Packers #Cardinals #Steelers #Ravens #Jets #Vikings #PanthersNation #PatriotsNation #PackersNation #CardinalsNation #SteelerNation #RavensNation #JetsNation #VikingsNation #nfl #nflnews #nflscores
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gustave.lachal : @maxgray_
maxgray_ : @gustave.lachal this dude obviously has not clue
a_nelson54 : Steelers over Chiefs
joeywhat : @e_p3trooo @blazin_bea no Giants @ziyadawad_
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#perfectcapture #nyjets #jetsnation #jets
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mighty_supreme_apparel : Always love to see this, tag us in the future.
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#nfl #nflbabe #nflbabes #nfldimes #nflgirls #nflhottie #nflgirlygirlfans #football #femalefans #fineassgirls #truefans #sexyNFLfans #girlsinfootballgear #hotgirlswholovesports #girlswholovesports #femalefansrock #femalesportsfans #Jets #Jetsbabe #JetsNation #NewYorkJets #JetsFan
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Update on the Fitzpatrick contract talks: It was reported yesterday that the Jets had offered Fitz a 3 year deal which would pay him $12 million this year. This offer has been on the table since March. Years 2 and 3 of the contract are reportedly only worth $12 million total, making it a 3 year deal worth $24 million. It looks like Fitz wants more than what the Jets are offering him in his 2nd and 3rd year, and that is why he has yet to agree to the deal. #NYJ #NYJets #JetsNation #RyanFitzpatrick #Jets
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spaeth_eli : Totally agree @inkmeupdre
spaeth_eli : Fitz doesn't deserve 24 million$ he thinks he like a Brady he had 1 good season he's not a all pro Qaurter back give him 10mill$ 3years and if he says no then FUCK him
_king.james31 : The Jets are so depressing
jamesdepalmaa : @anthony_mangi44
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It's up Matt Forte welcome to New York link in bio #highlights #Jets #jetsnation
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Good Saturday Morning Jetsnation.Say hello to your fellow Jets fan. Jetta @rach_saags 🌞😍✈🔥 We are reaching out to potential SPONSORS right now for our 2016 JETTA OF THE YEAR CONTEST. Looking for a BIG WEBSITE To hold the Voting on. If you are looking for a lot of hits on your website when fans come vote. DM Us. Any sites that would like to give a prize to the winning Jetta or Jettas if we decide to pay more than one place. Please DM us. Or email #jetta#jetsgirl #jetsfan #jetsbabe #jetsfanforlife #newyorkjets #nfldimes #pinupgirl #sportsbabes #jetsnation#ganggreen #nyjets #jets #contest #beauty #fashion #2016jettaoftheyear
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newyorkjettas : Of you think any sites might be interested tag them on this pic please.
capricorncoffee : @stushi_co
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Jets Green Heathered Gray 2016 NFL Draft On Stage Snapback Adjustable Hat available for you,Check your favorite team on www(dot)perfectjerseys(dot)ru WhatsApp:+8618050563987[Link in bio to save] #newyorkjets #jets #jetski #jetsetter #jetset #jetskis #jetsnation #jetsetting #jetsetters #jetstream #jetsetbrand #jetssuck #getsgo #jetsons #jetsfans #gojets #nfl #nflnew #footballgame #game #nflsunday #nflnetwork #Jetsdraft #nfljersey #jetsjersey #jersey #jerseys#cap
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hayleygripp_official : Your feed caught my eye. I'm impressed. #theorganicginger
dj_uki_ : Great photo! Keep up the great posts! : 🌟
theminjicho : Gorgeous! Love it!
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According to reports, the Jets latest offer to Fitz includes 12 million$ in first year of deal. "my take" on this is if he doesn't accept this offer he is just being an incredibly delusional, greedy human being and I wouldn't want him playing for this organization at all! Let's get this deal done and play some NEW YORK JET FOOTBALL! #NYJ #JETSNATION #JETFANS
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jonny_tobes : I agree with your assessment. If the reports are accurate then that is a great deal. Being that the major money is in the first year and given his age it incentivizes him to win now.
king_tut00 : Wtf is wrong with this guy. First of all that is more than he should be making. He is a career backup who has never mad the playoffs and blew out shot last year. With our weapons on offense we would be perfectly fine with Geno at QB and we would save all this money. I really hope we go no higher than this
noahjoly33 : He thinks he's worth more than he really is and he's worth between 9-12 mil not 17 like he wants. This year we have a shot of going to the super bowl or at least deep into the playoffs. Also why does he care how much he gets he's already rich af and is still making millions in the NFL.
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The Last Ryan Fitzpatrick Report that he has just been recently offered 12 million. Is false. That was the offer the Jets made when the FIRST offered a deal back in march. So I guess we haven't heard the last false report regarding this situation. #ryanfitzpatrick #fitzpatrickoffer #jetsqb #jetsfreeagency #newyorkjets #jetsnation #nfl #nflrumors #jetsrumors
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tommyreilly : @nyjetsfansonly
tommyreilly : @loyalnyjetfans
tommyreilly : @nyjetsera
newyorkjetsscoop : @tommyreilly we are going to be hearing a lot of these. Lol so batchen down the trailer. NY writers are just looking to sell papers bto. Only one you can trust . I would say the an Rappaport. Once he confirms it. Then it's a done deal.
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Matt Forte highlight video coming soon. #jetsnation #MattForte
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Top 5 Plays of Bilal Powell in the 2015-16 Season! #NYJets #JetUp #JetsNation #BilalPowell
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tkhanvict : How many champion ships you got boy?!? @loyalnyjetfans
itsyaboyshawn_ : he was very good this year. came in clutch when we needed him most!! cant wait to see him and forte out of the backfield! @loyalnyjetfans
jackcrowley18 : YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! TYTYTYTYTYTYT
tylerpetitt : I subscribed to your YouTube channel
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According to reports the New York Jets have offered QB Ryan Fitzpatrick a 3-year deal. The first year of the deal will reportedly be worth $12 million guaranteed. #jets #nyj #nyjets #JetUp #JetsNation
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valston_stewart : Lets see if that greedy bastard takes it
newyorkjetsscoop : False false false
abelsoares_14 : @newyorkjetsscoop that's not false!
newyorkjetsscoop : @abelsoares_14 what I'm saying it's false as in the Jets have just sent this deal to Fitzpatrick. This deal was the first one that the Jets offered back in march that he turned down. It's not a deal that is still out there.
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Jets have offered QB Ryan Fitzpatrick a 3-year deal worth $12M in 2016. It's a good deal that reflects what he deserves. Honestly if he doesn't take this it's time we move on. #Jets #NYJets #NYJ #JetsNation #JetUp #PlayLikeAJet #GangGreen #BleedGangGreen #RyanFitzpatrick #QB #
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dsacco98 : fitzpatricks number (516) 661-1610
nastafunk : A starting QB who threw for 3,900 and 31 TD's is worth 4 a year??? No way. Much much more he deserves, but won't get unfortunately
bleedganggreen : @nastafunk it's not 4 million a year. It's 12 million dollars in yeR one of the contract and the rest of the years is unknown
nastafunk : Ok got it that's more like it. He did well last yeah I just didn't read it right!!! Good for Fitzy
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Jetted up all day every day #JetsNation #NewYorkJets #Revis #Cromartie #Pats #Draft #Dolphins #Jets #NYJ #PlayLikeAJet #Patriots #NewEngland @nyjets @nyjetsfansonly @loyalnyjetfans @newyorkjetsfanclub @nyjets_news @jetserious #JetsFan #JetsNation #JetsLife
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Calvin Pryor on the maturation of Geno Smith: "He's always on time. He's always doing the right things. At first in previous years, I saw that Geno really didn't talk to too many people. But now he speaks and he goes about things the right way. That's what you have to do when you want guys to believe in you. You have to make sure you talk with everyone. You have to have everybody's trust, everybody believing in you. Because we're only going to go as far as you're going to take us, along with this defense. Every great team, you have to see great quarterback play." #NYJ #NYJets #JetsNation #GenoSmith #Jets @genosmith7
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tikho11 : Suck geno. Must cut him
dubroyovicz : now he has talent around him, lets hope that talent can encourage him to keep working hard
method_2_my_manliness : Lets Go Jets!!!!
andylyman : If we could put Fitz Brain on Geno's body. We would be set
simongrimback - coalminersofficial - asvpmatt11 - nystateofmind023 -
With the Jets not getting the deal done yet with Ryan Fitzpatrick, Geno Smith is doing whatever he can to win his trust from his teammates and get his career back on track. SS Calvin Pryor has noticed a big change in QB Geno Smith. Pryor said that Geno is doing a better job by reaching out to his teammates around the team's facility. Pryor said, "That's what you have to do when you want guys to believe in you. You have to make sure you talk with everyone. You have to have everybody's trust, everybody believing in you. Because we're only going to go as far as you're going to take us, along with this defense. Every great team, you have to see great quarterback play." Pryor and many of his other teammates feel the same way. And than added, "He learned from that moment. And I think he's better. Guys are confident that he can get the job done. He just has to be confident in himself, and I think he is. So far, I'm happy with the results." Geno is showing some signs of leadership and improvement. #NYJets #JetsNation #JetUp #GenoSmith #CalvinPryor
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joeyd0825 : Please sign Fitz !!! Geno is horrible
eric_spangler : GENO
rio.b : I say give my dude a chance our team wasn't the greatest in his first years and he was thrown into the fire. We have a totally improved team on both sides of the ball and I haven't given up on him yet.
elliotisreal : We need fitz. Don't ever play yourself.
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96 Wilkerson New York Jets 2016 Pro Line Black Gold Collection Jersey for sale, Shop link in bio, #NewYorkJets #gojets #jetsnation #jetsfans #jetsfamily #jetsfaithful #jets #Wilkerson #Wilkerson96 #l4l #f4f #like4like #like #instagood #like4likes #likefortags #likeplease #likeforfollowback #likesback #likemypic
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being_rishabhkapoor : F4f
haranaz : This is great stuff!! Thanks for sharing!! 👍 👍 ❤ 😄
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Happy Memorial day weekend Jetsnation and all. Have fun and Stay safe. Enjoy. Salute to our soldiers ✊ ✈ 🏈 #memorialday #freedom #football #nflfootball #nflfans ##newyorkjets #nyjets #jetsnation #ganggreen #jetsgear #jetsfamily #newyorksports #starsnstripes #beer #beach #beachbabes #tans #sun #sunburn #hungover #jetup #gojets #girls #girlswholovefootball #girlswholovethejets 💚 #flyjettafly ✈ #rep 💪 ✈ 😍 👀 Remember. Jetta contest coming up. So while out there in your bathing suit JETTAS might want to bring some Jets gear to get the pic to win it 😉 Have Fun 😎
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@j_acer22 #newyork #newjersey #eastrutherford #metlifestadium #ny #nyc #nj #jersey #newyorkjets #jets #jetsnation #jetup #gojets #ganggreen #ganggreenforlife #bleedgreen
ganggreenforlife - ganggreen - newyork - metlifestadium - newyorkjets - jets - eastrutherford - nj - bleedgreen - newjersey - ny - gojets - nyc - jetup - jersey - jetsnation -
jetsclips : Great memories you must have @tomtomboiii
tomtomboiii : I have a good feeling about this team in the future
tomtomboiii : I also work with the 1969 running back son at my job who should have been the MVP no knock to Namath
jetsclips : I think we are very talented on both sides, but our window is closing so we need to get the job done soon. @tomtomboiii
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Join GCC for the @nyjets 2016 Home Opener. Outfit contest will be happening. AWESOME prize for the winner. **Get your gameday package at -- @woodyjohnson4 @jetsflightcrew @suzjohnsonnyj @bossman_photography @fanvanpartybus #GCC is #MadeinNewYork #WePrintOurOwnShirts #JetsNation #JetLifeStadium #NewYorkJets #NYJ #NFL #NFLSunday #NYJets #JetUp #JetLife #MetLifeStadium #BossmanPhotography #JetsNation #JetsFans #NewYorkJetsFootball #GangGreen #GangGreenNation #JetsFootball #PlayLikeAJet #JetsFans
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tvcanopy : Hey thanks for liking some of my posts :)
gothamcitycrew : @tvcanopy 👍🏼
fanvanpartybus : Yeah man..!!
dr.leeinthehouse : And Gino is your QB....m
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Jetted up all day every day #JetsNation #NewYorkJets #Revis #Cromartie #Pats #Draft #Dolphins #Jets #NYJ #PlayLikeAJet #Patriots #NewEngland @nyjets @nyjetsfansonly @loyalnyjetfans @newyorkjetsfanclub @nyjets_news @jetserious #JetsFan #JetsNation #JetsLife
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Guess who just registered for the 2016 NY Jets Junior flight Crew..... ME! #nyjets #jets#nfl#football#cheerleaders#jetsnation #teamcheerleaders
teamcheerleaders - cheerleaders - nyjets - jets - nfl - football - jetsnation -
farah_77 : I wanna be there too😁😁😁🙋🏻
gothamcitycrew : That is great parenting right there. Congrats @jetsflightcrew @basicabroad
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How will @busterskrine do in year 2 with the Jets? #NYJ #NYJets #JetsNation #BusterSkrine #OTAs #Jets
nyj - nyjets - busterskrine - jets - otas - jetsnation -
xodreamville : @jahlberg916 Dont Get Me Wrong He's The Best Nickel Corner In The League As Far Efficiency And Production IMO But Playing Outside Is A WHOLE Different Game. He Has Short Arms And Has A Difficult Time With Bigger WRs. Im Hoping Dee Milliner Gets Back In Shape And Takes Over
the_real007 : That's my boy, Milliner needs to be cut complete bust
micheal_torres : Keep him inside and he will be a beast
vinnythebarber631 : Im about to speak the realest truth... Homie was hustling from snap to whistle everyfuking time and was straight bodying ppl taking out dudes 3 times his size @busterskrine is my GUY
t_festivus - patrickkillilea - dannyskup718 - phleprechaun66 -
Not All Brands Print Their Own Stuff....GCC does. Purchase gear: -- You place your order --> We print it --> We ship --> you receive & wear. We don't need to meet a min order requirement to outsource. -- @woodyjohnson4 @jetsflightcrew @suzjohnsonnyj @iloveny @bossmanphotography -- #WePrintOurOwnShirts #JetsNation #JetLifeStadium #NewYorkJets #NYJ #NFL #NFLSunday #NYJets #JetUp #JetLife #MetLifeStadium #BossmanPhotography #JetsNation #JetsFans #NewYorkJetsFootball #GangGreen #GangGreenNation #JetsFootball #PlayLikeAJet #JetsFans
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‘Game of Thrones’ creator George RR Martin is a huge New York Jets fan @starrcards #got #nyjets #jetsnation #nfl
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