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Great workoutS today. To achieve my goals I normally workout twice a day. Workout 1 was a whole compilation of bicep movements. Workout 2 was a back work out with deadlifts, pull ups, seated cable rows, lat pull downs, and lat pull backs. And lastly, even though I normally don't train 3 times per day to prevent injury, workout 3 was a cardio and ab session to help advance the cut. God bless everyone.
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Just finished my last class at Ashland Theological Seminary for my Masters Degree Whooo, Thank you God!! Now I'm headed to West Virginia tonight until Sunday...preaching and teaching down there right in the heart of the revival that's broken out in the counties surrounding the city of Williamson. Thousands of young people are getting saved healed and delivered daily in the high schools and middle schools and now their parents are too. They are filling high school stadiums, field houses and auditoriums like crazy. Teachers, principals and other leaders in the communities are joining Pastors and ministry leaders to see the people turn to God! Can't wait to witness it and bring something back to Ohio! If you wanna follow what's happening in WV follow #JesusIsBetter on social media! Thanks for your prayers! Revival is Now!
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fella32 : @gerald_damurphy proud of you
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You have to remember.. #selfcheck #fillupontherightthings #holythings Most times God has something to tell us that we simply miss all because we are more preoccupied with Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter than spending time in His word. I had to remind myself today that whatever I feed my mind is what it will want. Time to get back into the Good Book. #noshame #Jesusisbetter
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Be equipped to make disciples who make disciples. Become a member to access every resource!
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howimetmystyle : Fab!
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Love praising Jesus with my best friend #jesusisbetter #lifeisbetterwithJesus
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susannpreece : Aw love you both!!😍😍
payton_copley98 : Aww love you too @susannpreece😍😍
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#LastNightAtVIVE @richwilkersonjr brought the word, 175 Dream Team Adults volunteered, 1,684 Students from 7 locations were in the house, and 120 of them accepted Jesus! #VIVEnight #JesusIsBetter #WeAreWorshipLeaders #WeArePeopleBringers
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HALP. In other news, I have a guest post today over at @throwingpinecones! Go check out her page! This momma is doing awesome things for the kingdom through the ministry she's created - I'm honored to join her! Head to her page and click the #linkinbio, and join the #agodlylady movement by using that hashtag. Preview below 👇🏼 . . . "The earth has it’s beauty, and I anxiously await the day when the King restores it to all it’s majesty, but it is frail. It is empty without Jesus. Each day that ticks by, each natural disaster that destroys a city, each child who grows up without a father, each mother who weeps over a dying baby, each time my flesh overcomes my weak-willed spirit, each woman who is vandalized for pleasure, makes me long deeper for Jesus’ return, and I finally realized there’s a balance. There’s a balance between being present and joyful while hoping in the promise of God’s return for His people."
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mrsmelissakeck : The face 😂 this just totally made my day!!
alliekay_5 : LOVED your blog post!! ❤️ @fallondanae
fallondanae : @brittleeallen and @alliekay_5 aw thanks gals! 😊
caramahler : Looooove!!!! 😂
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Sola Fide ~ by faith alone. Sola Scriptura ~ by Scripture alone. Solus Christus ~ through Christ alone. Sola Gratia ~ by grace alone. Soli Deo Gloria ~ glory to God alone May my words and life always reflect one of gospel rooted truth! #jesusisbetter #allihaveischrist
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Listen to last week's message online by clicking the link in our bio. #ChristFollowingUnedited #CounttheCost #jesuslove #JesusIsBetter
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#nationaldayofprayer with @franklin_graham #jesusisbetter #theKingishere #wvrevival #appalachianawakening
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wildrosesunrise : Love this
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On our way to Charleston again today @foxbusiness interview at 10! Then #nationaldayofprayer at the capital and then to the @realdonaldtrump rally. #minerbo #jesusisbetter
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insta_jordan33 : ♥️♥️♥️♥️ you two are so cute💙💙
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#lastnightatvive 175 Dream Teamers served 1684 students from 7 campuses. We saw 120 decisions because #jesusisbetter than chicken biscuits. So thankful for so many. #weliketoparty
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allanssancho : 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
chipluter : That's dynamic bro! To God be the glory! Keep it up!
eddyvperez : Awesome man!
thatyouthguy06 : @ryanmcdermott awesome awesome
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❤️ #jesusisbetter
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maddie591 : @madisonmaynardd ily more💗
_.a.l.y.s.s.a.3_ : Ily sissy❤️ @maddie591
maddie591 : @_.a.l.y.s.s.a.3_ ily too❤️❤️
_sarah_bic : ❤️
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See those hands? Those are the hands of 1600 students declaring their love for a God that loves them in spite of them. Tonight was crazy good...these #VIVEnight are becoming my favorite. Thankful to be a part of what God is doing with our @cfstudent's. They get it. This will never get old. This is the church of today, folks! #JesusISBetter #BESTNIGHTOFTHEMONTH
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bklivingston : This is awesome!
jtoddmullins : from the front to the back
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It is an honor to serve in this house and to have leaders with a vision to do something like #VIVEnight. What's happening is so special and I'm not taking for granted the gift it is to be a part of it. Thank you @jtoddmullins and @jul_mullins for throwing the weight of your leadership behind students. Thank you @kevinwilson23 and @ryanmcdermott for how you lead our team. #inmyfeels #youthministry #cfstudents #WeLikeToParty #wearepeoplebringers #jesusisbetter #VIVE
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dyoung10 : @kevinwilson23 thanks man- so glad I get to learn from you!
ryanmcdermott : @dyoung10 the best is yet to come. Love serving with you guys!
alex.burns_ : Bro! Missed seeing ya tonight... What a night
jul_mullins : So excited for all that God is doing! #favorites #bestisyettocome
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Hey y'all!! I'm #StupidPsyched not just regular #psyched!! #Revival has come to the #USA AND I can't control my joy. Y'all, pls help me pray that it goes further than just #westvirginia and into the USA and floods the whole globe!! The LORD what's to heal our land and move in our lives! (Dont forget to be whearing your armor of GOD when the flood gates break) 😁 2 Chronicles 7:14 “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” #2chronicals714 #jesusisbetter #jesusgotthis #telltheworld #lightoftheworld #spreadthelove
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Let's celebrate. Students gave their heart to Jesus tonight. #ViveNight #Worship #JesusIsBetter
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jayatmos : @micole413 so proud of you sis😊
jenmar1211 : @andreworto Worship with all your heart!!!
andreworto : @jenmar1211 Always!
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"Long before you showed up on this earth God already loved you." Rich Wilkerson Jr #ViveNight #WeArePeopleBringers #JesusIsBetter
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No shame in my game #VIVEnignt #JesusisBetter
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breezymurray : love this ❤️
ciaramartinnn : text men
ciaramartinnn : me
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"This generation is kept by Jesus. It might get lost, might go through some ups and downs, but it has been KEPT and will return to Jesus. God doesn't lose things. He's in the business of keeping things." @richwilkersonjr brought the word tonight. #VIVEnight #JesusIsBetter
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"You have been kept by God." - Rich Wilkerson Jr #ViveNight #JesusIsBetter
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mvidal1072 : ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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We are celebrating with those that raised their hands tonight and opened their hearts to Jesus tonight. #VIVEnight #JesusIsBetter
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Having a blast with these people!!! @cfstudent @cfokeechobee #VIVEnight #jesusisbetter #godswayisthebestway
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I've been super busy with baseball so I've only been able to lift a couple times a week. But when you start lifting again after a break your muscles grow rapidly because the step of adding nuclei is skipped because they're already there, ready to synthesize muscle proteins again, rapidly increasing muscle size #Jesus #Jesusisbetter #RepsforJesus #Fitness #Lifting #Weightlifting #Gains #Lightweight #Lightweightbaby #Yeahbuddylightweight
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fitnessworldofficial : nice
glory.gains : Thanks! @fitnessworldofficial
rocb_fitness : Awesome 💪💪💪
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Leg day this morning was a great workout! Pre-exhausted my legs so a 135 squat actually felt like 255 or so. (1) leg extensions 3x15-20 super-setted with hamstring curls 3x10-15. (2) leg press 3x5 super-setted with dumbbell lunges 3x10. (3) squat 3x10. (4) abs and cardio
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russki1 : Love it
gainsforgod : Thanks! @russki1
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May 3 - So thankful for this incredible team of women who lead our Tuesday Bible Studies. These women are passionately in love with Jesus and it is a joy to serve along side them. 💟 ♠️ #runtherace #studyinghebrews #JesusisBetter #2016known✝ #mbcgals
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Among all this chaos going on in life God shows his sovereignty and glory in the most simple and beautiful of ways. There's nothing to worry about, because my God is bigger than any obstacle in life. #rollchos #jesusisbetter
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meeker.cody : Amen!
meghampton_ : ROLL CHOS
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I am being called upon in so many ways, i'm so glad i'm able to be a man of God and praise his name and spread the gospel with all those around me. If anyone dont know Jesus as your lord and savior or just needs to talk about being called upon or just anything in general, just dm me or text me either or, i'd be glad to help #jesusisbetter #wvrevival
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You're a good, good father #wvrevival #jesusisbetter
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ealexander1970 : I am planning on driving up from NC. Where can I get info on times of the services? That's if you know.
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I believe this is now, this is our time as Christian's to shine our light to others that are in need. #jesusisbetter #theKingishere
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Where are you tonight? #JesusIsBetter
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At an Acts 29 conference in Reno and couldn't be more thankful for this nursing momma's room! I get to enjoy the service just the same behind tinted windows. Being so blessed as we enter into this new season! #acts29 #acts29reno #jesusisbetter #breastfeeding
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