TONIGHT 6pm - WEAR WHITE!!! #FUSE #r12 #collage #jesusisbetter DO NOT COME ALONE!
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_kat_trina_ - dalton_rusty - kyle_goodman - amanda_fleck -
our song eternal, Jesus IS better #sealedhearts #Jesusisbetter #austinstoneworship #eternalperspective
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Fight the good fight for the faith; take hold of eternal life that you were called to and have made a good confession about in the presence of many witnesses. (‭1 Timothy‬ ‭6‬:‭12‬ HCSB)
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lemasters93 : #hiking #hike #sociality #washingtonexplored #pnw #pnwisbest #adventure #adventurertime #jesusisbetter #repthepnw #thewellcollective #upperleftusa #getoutandexplore #godisgood #progress #exploreoregon #exploregon #explore #oregonexplored
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There is no other so sure and steady. My hope is held in Your hand.
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tiffdianewalker : #vsco #vscocam #socality #vancouver #liveauthentic #JesusIsBetter
____nickolas : Great pic, saw this when I was in Canada
tiffdianewalker : @____nickolas this was one of my favorite spots. Biking around Stanley Park 🚴🏻
irtara : My lighthouse.....
vynienguyen - originalbum87 - pray4mra - kianaaghaei -
Dude.... Dude... #r12 Class of 2015 is THE BEST! THE JAM!! THE COOLEST!!! What a vid, what a gift. Love you guys and so grateful to know you all. Thank you for the privilege of sharing the gospel and worshipping #JESUS with you. #proud #jesusisbetter
jesusisbetter - proud - r12 - jesus -
chase_spangler3 : Class of 2016 is better
kelseyabbey_ : lies @chase_spangler3
travisneal_ : Someone get my signature on there too!
lsisson09 : look at the very bottom @travisneal_
travisneal_ : @lsisson09 I'll take it
jglymph1 : @travisneal_ I appreciate you signing it all the way from Texas 👊🏻
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He Himself bore our sins in His body on the tree, so that, having died to sins, we might live for righteousness; you have been healed by His wounds. (‭1 Peter‬ ‭2‬:‭24‬ HCSB)
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lemasters93 : #hike #hiking #pnwisbest #explore #exploregon #exploreoregon #adventurertime #adventure #oregonexplored #repthepnw #pdx #jesusisbetter #thewellcollective #upperleftusa #pnwisbest #pnw #getoutandexplore #sociality
blue_ann23 : Always such beautiful pics and scripture!
lemasters93 : @blue_ann23 thanks!
blue_ann23 : Ur welcome!
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Their is no other like him #mysaviorlives #iamseekingiamstrivingiaminitwithallmyheart #jesusisbetter #godiswithme #godlovesyou 😀❤📖
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Believe in yourself and believe in others! Be a shining light today! #jesusisbetter #bethehandsandfeet
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_mikayyyyy : 🙌🙌🙌
tkkincanon : 😌🙏
eligrant11 : Great word brother.
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I know it's late but this was too goo! I couldn't miss #mannamonday #Jesusisbetter #truth #TheWord
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prestonforlife : It's still Monday in the work world. When there is an extended weekend, we get Monday still. Just no Tuesdaylol.
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Today marks the one year anniversary of me giving my life to the Lord! I was living a life of hypocrisy and legalism and the Lord gripped my heart and saved me! I realized what grace was and that it didn't matter what I did or what I knew, it was about accepting grace and living for Jesus Christ! I am thankful that Jesus never gave up on me and kept pursuing me! Thank you Jesus! I love you! #JesusisBETTER
jesusisbetter -
emilygoldston : So awesome! I love you 😊
bforshee3 : @emilygoldston I love you too! ☺️
kylelmarcus : Love you, bro. Proud of you. Can't wait till you're on campus at SWBTS
bforshee3 : Yessssss @kylelmarcus
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This is Jeffery. I've been so thankful for this dude this past year. He was in my room non-stop this semester and I loved it. We struggled hard. We talked it out; we prayed it out; we got sanctified together. Jesus is at work in this dude, and I'm so thankful for him. Welcome home from South Dakota bro! #wolfpak #Jesusisbetter
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For y'all doing the charlie charlie thing 💀🙅🏻#charliecharlie #jesusisbetter
jesusisbetter - charliecharlie -
vicsnostrils : What's the Charlie Charlie thing?
becadsanchez_ : @vicsnostrils look at the hashtag and watch the videos
vicsnostrils : @becadsanchez_ that's stupid af
becadsanchez_ : @vicsnostrils it really is lmfao
luz_pink_ : Rebeca is Jesus asf
luz_pink_ : @kayleexx94
kayleexx94 : Jesus is my savior
ebgc.xo : mE
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Home-movie with mom cuz I love her. But #jesusisbetter #mammaslove #ussie #sundayfunday
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Take me back to sitting around a campfire singing with my best friends #SpringRetreat15 #JesusIsBetter
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Today we're continuing our #jesusisbetter series and celebrating our graduates! There's still time to join us for our 10:30 service! #loxleychurch
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#Repost @kristinschmucker with @repostapp. #jesusisbetter ・・・ Jesus is better...that is the theme of the book of Hebrews. Over and over again in the past few weeks as I have studied this book, I have been reminded that Jesus is better. He is better than this world, better than my plan, better than sin, better than the law. He is better. Nothing in this world compares with Him. #lampandlight
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Good morning and this is the scripture of the day. Learn it, use it , believe it. #faith #JesusisGod #jesuschrist #Jesusislord #Jesusisbetter #lord #lord #King #mylord #nothingisimpossible #believe #Redeemer #pray #King #savior #spirit #scripture #God #Gospel #GodisGood #Godisbetter #Christ #church #christen #witness #Christianity
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#jesusisbetter we are a new creation in Christ.
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"When condemnation grips my heart, and satan tempts me to despair, I hear the voice that scatters fear, the great I am the Lord is here" #boldlyiapproach #jesusisbetter
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Good start to the trip. Evaluations taking place & the gospel being shared. Big shout out to my new friend Sandy who does a great job interpreting. #Honduras15 #jesusisbetter
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#truth #Jesusisbetter #Christian
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cl_anderson1 : Yes. Amen. Thank you.
aqua_teebaby : This is so true
_cares_ - aqua_teebaby - hunburry - annavh2163 -
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Hope tall have a great day! If the weather is good tonight, I will be playing at the Scarlet Rabbit in Round Rock! Hope y'all can come! God bless! #songwriter #bedifferent #Jesusisbetter #thevoice #love #lifesadance #boondocks #Jesus #praiseyou #song #singer #sing
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megmishmont : What time!!!
john_jones_72 : Love it man keep it up God bless
tyler_smith_music : 7:00!
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Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.
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lemasters93 : #hike #pnwisbest #pnw #pdx #explore #washingtonexplored #jesusisbetter #godisgood #explore #getoutandexplore #upperleftusa #repthepnw #friends #work #progress #adventure #adventurertime
thewellcollective : This is amazing!
lemasters93 : #thewellcollective @thewellcollective thank you!!!!
brooklynnoxox : 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
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Best thing ever is laughing all evening with fun friends. Love it. But Jesus is way better than even that. #JesusIsBetter @hcbcaustin
jesusisbetter -
valeriespradling : Absolutely!
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Real life: I'm 25 weeks pregnant. I work full time in the cardiac ICU. I have probably 2-3 loads of laundry to do. There are clean dishes to unload from the dishwasher and dirty dishes to load into it and also hand wash. I slept in way too late today after working two shifts in a row, made myself a late brunch and watched Netflix for a good bit. I showered, but at like 1 pm. 😁 I try to be relaxed about the stuff that's not done around the house & act like it doesn't affect me, but it does. It isn't easy for me to just let that stuff go. So I pray, and I'm given grace to let it go and given strength to do what few chores I can. I don't like the curtains in my bedroom and I can too easily focus on things like that which annoy me (In other words, it's too easy for me to focus on what I'm discontented with). So I ask for more grace and God graciously gives. And somehow He gently convicts my proud and sinful heart to look towards Him and realize He is enough & that I have enough because of who He is. He teaches me to be content with the curtains & the laundry & the dirty dishes. He humbles me in the best way. May I somehow teach my children through my weaknesses that God is all I need and having Jesus is better than having a clean house, a perfectly designed interior, and clean clothes neatly folded and put away. Jesus is better than any material possession. This is what I want to teach you, Charley: Jesus is better.
jesusisbetter - vscocam - honesty - picfx - reallife - pregnant - thankful -
emilylindsey_ : #Picfx #VSCOcam #reallife #thankful #pregnant #honesty #JesusisBetter
aprizzzzle : Did you read my journal this morning haha ❤️🙌
emilylindsey_ : @aprizzzzle 😁🙈👯💕 must be twins today with our heart struggles 😜😘
lindahunt48 : He's preparing you for when Charley is in your arms!
emilylindsey_ : @lindahunt48 No doubt about it!
mteune : What are your go to shows on Netflix? The only channel we get is PBS so mostly watch shows on Netflix. Always curious what others watch 😊
emilylindsey_ : @mteune Haha lately it's been Friends for me ☺️. I also watch Grey's. Those are my marathon shows 😁.
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Approval from man and acceptance from the world always leaves a need for more, but Jesus is the one who can sustain and satisfy! #hebrews1 #john4 #jesusisbetter #hcbc #hcbcya
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#jesusisbetter #hcbcstudents #hcbc.com
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lundstudio : Yes. Yes He is. What sports team do you want to own/run?
thebenhaug : Houston Astros!
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As much as I strive to control my situations & circumstances, I know it is much better to do life with Jesus in control! #jesusisbetter hcbc.com @hcbcbrushycreek
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Living by my own rules only left me in a ditch. Following His way is definitely better. #jesusisbetter
jesusisbetter -
lundstudio : Starting a new series this weekend at www.hcbc.com.
njwilson01 : Love the song by Austin Stone, Jesus is Better
lundstudio : Agree. It is a great song!
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Do all the good you can. By all the means you can. In all the ways you can. In all the places you can. At all the times you can. To all the people you can. As long as ever you can.
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lemasters93 : #hike #hiking #pnwisbest #pnw #pdx #upperleftusa #explore #exploregon #exploremore #exploreoregon #adventuretime #adventure #getoutandexplore #oregon #oregonexplored #westcoast #escapeandexplore #repthepnw #outdoors #outside #socality #summit #sokimi #jesusisbetter #godisgood #godbless #climb #motivation #move #lookup
the.pnw : Nice!
lemasters93 : @the.pnw thank you this is the summit of mount saint helens. What a beautiful day for a hike in the pnw.
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Good morning everyone!! Have an amazing day and remember that in everything we do! Jesus is better! #nootherking #God #love #christian #singer #sing #song #praiseyou #Jesus #thevoice #Jesusisbetter #bedifferent #songwriter
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3rdperson__ : 🔥🔥🔥 on point
katiekate803 : dude, you can sound like most guy bands, compared to what I've heard from you. keep up the good work!!
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