This was one of three photos I have of this weekend this is the only one I got on my phone.... D now weekend was an amazing life changing experience....... I learned a lot more than I thought I would..... One thing that really stood out for was that GOD excepts you for who you are, with what you have to offer.... God excepts you sin and all.. And when he looks upon you if you have been saved and cleansed by his blood he doesn't see sin he sees beauty and Jesus. I realized I can't live the way have been and I have to change... I have to go to God and only other things.... This weekend was what I needed to get back on the right track with God.... This weekend is one I will truly never forget....... Now a little about this pick... These guys were the band played for us at d now.... When we went bowling I wasn't going to bowl because I didn't want to intrude or feel like they had to let me join in.... And I didn't feel like bowling and feeling insecure but, then they asked if I wanted to join their team and it made me realize that Gods love can be shown in something as simple as bowling.... D now also brought me closer to some really good friends and allowed me to meet people... If only it would've lasted longer #dnow #jesusisbetter #grow #gbcstudentmin #godisbetterthanthebadinmylife
dnow - jesusisbetter - godisbetterthanthebadinmylife - gbcstudentmin - grow -
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Enjoying our peanut butter mocha lattes on the square. Taking time to breath and enjoy God's goodness and all the blessings He has given us. Nothing's perfect, but that doesn't change the Goodness of God and the good gifts he has given. #gettinghimtolikecoffee #slowly #coffeeandtea2014 #wind #dentonsquare #focusingonthegoodthings #lifeshard #jesusisbetter
jesusisbetter - focusingonthegoodthings - dentonsquare - coffeeandtea2014 - slowly - gettinghimtolikecoffee - lifeshard - wind -
immersednmusic9 : So kewt
kathy_bennett25 - mikayla.duke - jessisblessed88 - srogersvb_10 -
Some amazing Young Queens! @sophiabryn_ @ashley.santiago @jadennn.chou #Six78 #solideogloria #transformed #Jesusisbetter #theyrereallytinynexttome
six78 - solideogloria - transformed - theyrereallytinynexttome - jesusisbetter -
ashley.santiago : Love u Chang❀️
chloyeeet - cgooding10 - aggymom78 - sweettooth516 -
#jesusisbetter #therock
jesusisbetter - therock -
pachuquenogringuita - tonimromero - hannahfaithhh_ - carole.sadler.b -
Come join us as we make much of Jesus this morning @themountonline #together #worship #jesusisbetter #generousTM #church #kellertx
jesusisbetter - kellertx - church - generoustm - worship - together -
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A little piece of heaven this morning! I love it when starbucks does this! Hallelujah #starbucksislife #jesusisbetter #butstarbucksisaclosesecond #ormaybenot #goodmorning
jesusisbetter - butstarbucksisaclosesecond - goodmorning - starbucksislife - ormaybenot -
golf_43 : Mario and staff says hello from Seneca Creek
_thebeezkneez - softball.76 - ms_aberk - emmy_t96 -
It's always a joy to be with our friends at #thevillagechurch. Enjoyed family worship weekend. #gospelcommunity #jesusisbetter #comeletusadorehim #grace
jesusisbetter - comeletusadorehim - gospelcommunity - grace - thevillagechurch -
jeffcapps : What?? Who knew?
billyschiel : @jeffcapps I know bro! I'll be back the 4th & 5th.
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Don't forget to wear your shirts tomorrow err-body! #transformed #solideogloria #Six78 #Jesusisbetter
solideogloria - six78 - transformed - jesusisbetter -
emiliaalways : Yay! Excited
changdude : Wear your shirt tomorrow @allisons20 πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
allisons20 : Plannin on it Chang-A-Lang!
awesome11vicky : I already wore it but I will again
camillamciver : not possible
camillamciver : because I'm at a sleepover and I didn't bring it )):
changdude : @camillamciver have your sis bring it to church for you if you want πŸ˜‰
camillamciver - calliecogdill__ - awesome11vicky - ellie_cason -
"And all these, though commended through their faith, did not receive what was promised, since God had provided something better for us, that apart from us they should not be made perfect." ‭Hebrews‬ ‭11‬:‭39-40‬ Last chance to get our seniors another win! #toGodbetheGlory #JesusIsBetter
jesusisbetter - togodbetheglory -
emmapascarella - david_tindell - bobbicierra - cdavis013 -
We're in for a long weekend. Please keep our boys in prayer. #fever #sick #JesusIsBetter
jesusisbetter - fever - sick -
anavmoran : Prayers! Do you have a nosefrida @judybeltrez ?
devinederek : Praying!
celysrn : πŸ˜”
teacheryaneri : Oh no 😷
rubia_morenita : My goodess pray you get better soon baby Lucas God bless 😘
ambergentry : Poor buddy :(. We are praying!!!
esmylovegil : Pobrecito so sorry God bless him
jrock184 - yuby02 - ericabellorn - sitbaknwatch -
One -Verse review this Sunday young kings and queens. Be there, let's learn how to share the Gospel! #Six78 #solideogloria #Jesussaves #emptychair #Jesusisbetter #transformed
emptychair - jesusisbetter - jesussaves - transformed - six78 - solideogloria -
william_kang94 - sweettooth516 - awesome11vicky - rachelbrownell37 -
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jzetrouer : #coatofmanycolors
michelledunn : My friend, rainbow brite 🌈#thecoatdidntmakejoseph #josephmadethecoat #youworkthoserainbowstripes #freeeedoom πŸ™Œ
hannahrcagle : Hey! This got more likes than your toast! 😁
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This is the face of someone who might have gotten a bit too fired up & sweaty while talking to moms about being brave. I want my kids to see a mom that does brave things not because she's awesome, but because Jesus is awesome, he equips her & he's better than everything else. #JesusIsBetter #brave #hillcountybiblechurch
jesusisbetter - brave - hillcountybiblechurch -
sarahfmartin : Whew! Yes!
mrsemilybsmith : Brave can take all forms - like cleaning up vomit in the closet, which he somehow confused for the bathroom. I found myself saying "be brave momma, be brave!"
jamieivey : @mrsemilybsmith ugh. I hate cleaning up throw up!!!! Way to go!
mrsemilybsmith : @jamieivey thanks sister! ☝️
oneplumtree : I need that talk....that fired up, sweaty brave talk.
katiejshannon : Thanks for bringing light to foster care with Becca & Maris!!
fionagard : Go @jamieivey! I give that talk to myself (and other women) most days πŸ˜œπŸ˜πŸ‘
brokenmadebeautiful : Oh @jamieivey! We would love to feature this on our account @brokenmadebeautiful, with your permission. Bravo! 🌸
fabfostermom - shawnahss - fionagard - katjoyc -
Paige and me twinning with our new #Jesusisbetter shirts! #rsmfbce @radiance.student.ministry
jesusisbetter - rsmfbce -
alec.ig : Tbh: you know I could spend a good time on this. I love you more than anything bestie and I miss your beautiful self.😘
madiigoo : D'awh! love you!😘 @alec.ig
alec.ig : I love you too!😌😘 @madiigoo
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#advent #jesusisbetter #hebrews
jesusisbetter - advent - hebrews -
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Today during T's therapy I was almost brought to tears. Not long ago we went to see a doctor about getting botox in Titus's arms for his tightness. The doctor sent us home with braces for him to wear at night. She wanted to try this first before trying botox. To be honest I wasn't much of a believer and was preparing myself to go back for botox shots. Well Jesus is better. Not only has his arms improved they have improved in a MAJOR WAY. His therapist said she has NEVER seen a child respond like this to these arm braces. She said she has had lots of kids over the years use them and no one has had improvement like this. Amazing isn't it?? Thankful the Lord is so much bigger than my little mind. Overwhelmed with the Lord's goodness. #Jesusisbetter #tituspraise #miracles
tituspraise - jesusisbetter - miracles -
christyr70 : Amazing! God is good all the time ❀️
zandmmiller7 : Oh that's so amazing! God rocks :)
codyeweaver : So awesome! πŸ™Œ
jendub1215 : This makes me overwhelmingly happy!!!!!!!
ndoland : Love, love, love this song. God is good, always!
ndoland - nancyy_22 - purplegirl5186 - kellywatkins1 -
Let everything we do in private or public be to glorify him. #Jesusisbetter #unashamedchristian
jesusisbetter - unashamedchristian -
mikeph4 : Amen!
mikeph4 - ladybiel - suitsx5 - laurenkploghoft -
[Come out of hiding You're safe here with Me There's no need to cover What I already see You've got your reasons But I hold your peace You've been on lockdown And I hold the key Because I loved you before you knew it was love And I saw it all, still I chose the Cross And you were the one I was thinking of When I rose from the grave Now rid of the shackles, My Victory's yours I tore the veil for you to come close There's no reason to stand at a distance anymore You're not far from home I'll be your lighthouse When you're lost at sea And I will illuminate everything No need to be frightened by intimacy No, just throw off your fear And come running to Me And oh, as you run What hindered love Will only become Part of the story You're almost home now Please don't quit now You're almost home to Me] This song's lyrics have touched my heart and I can't express the breakthrough it allowed to happen in my life in this moment. His love for us is deeper than the ocean. It's beautiful to me.β™‘ #love #Jesusisbetter
jesusisbetter - love -
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Come on out and let's see where our faith fits in or doesn't fit in with others. #anomalysm #beabringer #jesusisbetter
jesusisbetter - anomalysm - beabringer -
ray_leigh_bennett - jamspiritsitesofficial -
Christmas by the Bridge #comingsoon #3Dchalk #cbtb #kirribilli #jesusisbetter
cbtb - comingsoon - jesusisbetter - 3dchalk - kirribilli -
agichristine : @beingtomfarrelly actually looks really cool on a photo
beingtomfarrelly : Oh wow you're right!!! @agichristine : Nice pic!
jonez_82 - d_m_moore - dv2005 - -
The different emotions you will experience at #r12 TOMORROW NIGHT!!!! #r12 #jesusisbetter Tomorrow Night is the last week of our FRIENDZONE series... "My family member" - how do I share the gospel with them? #r12
jesusisbetter - r12 -
lsisson09 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚im literally laughing out loud right now
shelbypando : holy crap my hatred for you right now is SOOOOOO large
joseph_merritt : Good ole Verne
tyler_cason_ : I'm crying haha @shelbypando @lsisson09 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
jglymph1 : @shelbypando if you didn't say - they wouldn't know...
kelseyabbey_ : i LUV this
carolinefarris : Omg poor Shelby I hate josh for you lololol
shanepadgett : Bottom left looks like den boys when they win a hand at spades
shelfie_has_arrived - dalton_rusty - jenna.1116 - joshzaiter116 -
An old photo or painting of someone is actually a younger version of that person. #bibliophile #oscarwilde #worldlyinsight #jesusisbetter #nocustomers
bibliophile - jesusisbetter - nocustomers - worldlyinsight - oscarwilde -
kkevnn - butteroppa100 - noelialugosi - jshnoww -
i miss this place. this life doesn't always give us what we want or expect from it. yet above all, i trust my Savior. He will work all things together for my good. Romans 8:28 "Your greatest challenge isn’t achieving greatness. It’s realizing the greatness in what God is accomplishing in you where you are and being consistently faithful right there."
jesusisbetter - younglife - pnw - exploregon - washingtonfamilyranch - ythelnot - vscocam - upperleftusa -
popcornhannah : #vscocam #YtheLnot #washingtonfamilyranch #pnw #upperleftusa #exploregon #jesusisbetter #younglife
clairefaucher : Love you girlie.
sarahgillihan : ❀️
mandyschmidt93 : Needed this today. Thank you!
megangaraas : Yes.
kmastropaolo : Miss you sweet friend!
theoriginaldill : Miss ya momma Hannah!🏊
toyererica - lindyweddel - jannna_wagner - pattycakehughes -
I'm loving this book so far. Sometimes I forget the power of prayer is incredible. God wants us to come to Him and ask Him for our needs, our dreams, and more. He wants us to fully rely on Him and become dependent on Him for He loves us and is willing to give us everything we need and fulfill our biggest dreams. #VSCOcam #thecirclemaker #jesusisbetter #purpose #lifeonpurpose #powerofprayer
powerofprayer - jesusisbetter - purpose - lifeonpurpose - vscocam - thecirclemaker -
mandyandconner : Love that book!
peopleforchrist - maaaackenzie_23 - nickkaz23 - guarantee_cash_today -
in all my sorrows, every victory, than any comfort, more than all riches // #JesusisBetter
handlettering - jesusisbetter - austinstone -
alisonbeck : #austinStone #handlettering
chaotickelli - swaffyboy - pinkragamuffin - sabrina_lawlor -
Jennifer and I were talking about where we were a year ago. God is so faithful and loving. CBC was the epitome of the Acts 2 church in our time of need. #solideogloria #Jesusisbetter #Godisgood
solideogloria - jesusisbetter - godisgood -
chloyeeet - emiliaalways - megan.benzel - ben_jones_c -
Finished my Islam paper with 4mins to spare before the deadline! #allthetimeintheworld #Jesusisbetter
jesusisbetter - allthetimeintheworld -
phenmonkey : are you teaching on it or is it going to be a printed article?
mattkottman : @phenmonkey Printed in a sense. It's for a course I'm taking on Islam. I'm a newbie when it comes to Islamic studies so those who are well read will see this as basic.
phenmonkey : oh, sweet @mattkottman ... quite eye opening, eh?
tommyfretwell - kchaddick - phenmonkey - hob_boskins -
When bae is just ballin.
jesusisbetter -
johnsabadoo : Lol
loganlee0813 : #toobasic
brickyd4 : Extremely jealous of this
brianphillips450 : When Bae couldn't handle the NFL tho...
vic_folorin : Bru just killed @brianphillips450
hannahh_mac : @brianphillips450 @vic_folorin hop off bae. He's successful and loves the Lord. #Jesusisbetter
vic_folorin : Hey i said nothing. That was all @brianphillips450 . I actually have great respect for him
hannahh_mac : @vic_folorin Vic you on fleek tho
joshpanos - bnsander17 - pjohnzzz - amandarking18 -
Am I now trying to win the approval of human beings, or of God? Or am I trying to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ. Galatians 1:10 #word #jesusisbetter #yourworth #loved #jesus #servant
jesusisbetter - word - yourworth - loved - servant - jesus -
francesca_manzi - cathybauchst - eutonavida - wonderwomanluv13 -
#VSCOcam #jesusisbetter #praisethelord #purpose #lifeonpurpose
lifeonpurpose - jesusisbetter - vscocam - praisethelord - purpose -
toimarie : I think I must get this book...
makenzieneely : @toimarie I'm only one chapter in and it's really great. I'm very excited about this book!
tay_ashlyn - yokairagp - faithhopelovechaos - stburton88 -
Let me tell you about some of my favorite things...❀️ Jesus, girls and bonfires. #CampWinchester #GirlsMinistry #JesusIsBetter
campwinchester - jesusisbetter - girlsministry -
connor.menefee : had so much fun!
mga_cheer_horses : Found me!
maggie_eliza713 - kayf_01 - llewellyn365 - hannahdawn1992 -
Genesis 3:4-5: But the serpent said to the woman, "You will not surely die. For God knows that you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil." #middleschoolmarination #knowyourenemies #rtk #JesusIsBetter
jesusisbetter - middleschoolmarination - rtk - knowyourenemies -
_.fernanda7 - madiprovost2 - _.karabrooke._ - emmabunta -
What a weekend Young Kings and Queens! I love you all. Live a life of metamorphoo #solideogloria #Six78 #transformed #Jesusisbetter @ellie_cason @chloyeeet @oliviadelaune @emiliamciver_ @camilla.mciver @_sophiedespres_ @sophiabryn_ @sweettooth516 @allisons20 @baylor_is_the_best @hjean91 @ashley.santiago @alysenason @gabriel_santiago57 @tylersgray_2634 @jadennn.chou @lordismypower @mrsdociacason
solideogloria - six78 - transformed - jesusisbetter -
chloyeeet : love you too Chang
ashley.santiago : ❀️❀️❀️
camillamciver : Love u to Chang !
emiliaalways : Love you! Thanks for all the help this weekend
changdude : It's a privilege serve all of you πŸ‘²
lordismypower : 😍 Thanks for taking us❀it was a lot of fun
sweettooth516 - jadennn.chou - sophiabryn_ - megan.benzel -
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