Loved being with @cf_gardens students last night! Best part? 5 @cfstudent's said YES to Jesus! #JesusISBetter #cfMarchMadness
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Game day!!! It's here!!!! #extreme15 #extremerevival Its going down tonight!!! BRING A BROOM STICK FOR #quidditch #chikfila #jesus #r12 #jesusisbetter
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Yesterday was the LAUNCH of onedesireministries.com. Go there and discover what One Desire Ministries is all about. #jesusisbetter Video by: @hellocraigharris
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Would like to go out and measure, but I don't want to leave tracks in the snow and ruin such a lovely scenery. #snowlover #lastdaysofwinter #springcometh #Jesusisbetter #sockjunkieday
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Would love your prayers as I speak at #extreme15 tonight, Friday, & Saturday. Pray for the Holy Spirit's work in the student's lives & for everyone leading them over the next few days #extremerevival #Jesusisbetter #r12
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While visiting the temples a few days ago Lana got to witness to this boy and share the gospel some. He took us into that temple and told us that is where Buddah died. I am so thankful that I have a savior that is real and eternal. God loves us so much that He sent His only perfect and sinless son to die on a cross for our sins, rose him up from the grave on the third day, and then seated him to the right of Him in Heaven. And then left us with the most precious and gracious gift of the Holy Spirit, which is living inside of anyone who will just accept Jesus into their own heart. Jesus will never die, He will never leave you, and most importantly He will always love you. #throwback #thankful #grace #hope #love #unashamedchristian #Jesusisbetter #Jesuslives #Jesussaves
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detimepieces : super cool..
sav_age21 : #Cambodia #SiemReap #temples
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#worshipJesus #Jesusisbetter #unashamed
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mixed_child09 : GoingπŸ‘ŒπŸ™Œβ€
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#Repost @jglymph1
We are 24 hours away from the greatest weekend if you life.... AND...there's still room!! #extreme15 #extremerevival #r12 #jesusisbetter @hankmurphy63 @ncarnes @fruitcovehs @christcollage @garnerdrew @stephenhandley1 @joseph_merritt 24hours away!!!
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We are 24 hours away from the greatest weekend if you life.... AND...there's still room!! #extreme15 #extremerevival #r12 #jesusisbetter @hankmurphy63 @ncarnes @fruitcovehs @christcollage @garnerdrew @stephenhandley1 @joseph_merritt 24hours away!!!
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Doors open in 20 minutes at FBC Sandersville. Start at 6:30 Come and worship with us. You'll get to see all of @thebenanderson and not just his arm. #JesusIsBetter #InviteTheWorld
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hnicolelacey : on my way
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Rather than making ourselves miserable by wishing for tomorrow, let's instead choose to enjoy today because the truth is beauty can be found in every season. _ Ladies, don't forget to sign up this evening at the Lounge for Girls Retreat 2015 at Lake Tomahawk. We are super excited about this retreat and can't wait to see how The Lord works through you. The cost is $50. #makingHimknown #jesusisbetter #lovedandknown
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Purity-- even in your makeup drawer. #makeup #purity #holiness #Ulta #sephora #nars #toofaced #benefit #urbandecay #beauty #mua #christian #jesusisbetter #beautifywithholiness #lunchtime
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I straight up love me some Dr. Pepper! But rather than worship the 23 flavors that make #DrPepper the delicious beverage it is, I'll worship the God who created each of those 23 flavors because #JesusIsBetter.
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drpepper : Great photo!
refillinger : Thanks! @drpepper
calebgreen15 : Could not have said it better myself
sa_castilho : @maueski uma dessa vc ia curtir né?!?! Hehehhee
maueski : @sa_castilho meu sonho é entrar no mercado e ver isso na prateleira
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Schedule for DNOW. You can still go!! Repost this pic and tell all your friends. #rsmfbce #JesusIsBetter
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My favorite bible verse. Luke 10:38-42. Martha gets caught up in life while Mary is sitting next to Jesus learning from him. This reminds me that Jesus is better and that I can't get caught up in life. I must always keep my mind and eyes on Jesus. I nominate the people I tagged. #jesusisbetter #mygodisgreater #youcanttopmyjesus #2life
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photographybysarahcrail : Very convicting! I for one, get caught up in "doing" instead of quiet time. Great reminder!
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Come out and worship with us this Saturday at 5. That's right we are moving it up to 5:00 this weekend so that it doesn't interfere with the Sectional Championship at Danville. So join us this Saturday at 5 for some awesome worship and fellowship. #2Life #jesusisbetter #acts232 #5not7
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The Gospel of Jesus Christ: The Ultimate Day-Maker #JesusISbetter For real y'all, the only thing that turns the worst days into the best days! #Heturnedmywailingintodancing #literally
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Really trying to remember this right now. Please pray for my mom, pappa, and Aunt Mildred. πŸ’” #JesusIsBetter
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"Every person the Father gives Me eventually comes running to Me. And once that person is with Me, I hold on and don’t let go." This is why the runaway can have hope. There's so many scriptures that can give someone who has trouble staying, hope.. but this one is probably the best one of them all. If we are truly children of God, Jesus has us. He holds onto us, and He says He will not let go. Now, I can tell you one thing.. Jesus has never ever lied to me before and I don't think He's going to start now. He keeps His promises. Which means when He says He's holding onto you and never letting go.. He means that. I don't care how bad your sin looks, how messed up you think you are--Jesus loves you. He holds onto you. And because of that, you can carry on in the grace and love that cannot be found in any other place than in the Presence of the King of Kings. This is beautiful truth and good news today! Runaway, you're being held onto.. no matter how far you run. β™‘ #hope #dontholdonjustbeheld #Jesusisbetter
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baileehhh : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
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Hot button topics... πŸ”₯ see you tomorrow night! Don't miss this :) #nfcaz #nfcazyouth #gettinreal #worldreligions #Jesusisbetter
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2 days away... #extreme15 #extremerevival Tag folks to invite. -Make Plans -Bring Friends -Join Us #r12 #jesusisbetter
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"And this is the confidence that we have toward him, that if we ask anything according to his will he hears us." 1 John 5:14 :) #favorite #hehearsus #oldpicture #selfie #weird #imcrazy #jesusisbetter #polkadots #blackandwhite #vscocam #vsco #afterlight #scripture #christian #notashamed #iamsecond
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tayla.maford : 😍 wowzeroni
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A good word from 5 yrs ago #timehop #Jesusisbetter
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sammyjammy22 : Preach
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Oh, I like this so much! #truth #Jesusisbetter
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I really enjoy listening to music by my favorite band, but #JesusIsBetter! #WorshipGod #anberlin
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flashmylashes : I like this!
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I love my Ignite middle schoolers, but #JesusIsBetter! #worshipGod #hashtag
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I like dr pepper #jesusisbetter
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Opened up this chocolate box to find my truffle surrounded by scriptures. Thank you, Abs -- melted my heart! ______________________________________________ Because He bends down to listen, I will pray as long as I have breath. Ps 116:2 ______________________________________________ Pour your heart out to Him, for God is our refuge. Ps 62:8 ______________________________________________ #chocolateisgood #jesusisbetter
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princesslibbs : #chocolate #Jesus #fbcl #avl #truffle #avl #gift #love #scripture #poetry #vsco #vscocam
abigailmae77 : 😻😻❀️❀️
n_corbin06 : Love!
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oops two posts in a day but #mypctc has the best smoothies tbh { #pctc2015 #jesusisbetter }
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leahinla : Great!
avonleatrobiano : I love them 😍
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blurry but throwback to this weekend with the best hosttt #mypctc #jesusisbetter #pctc2015
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It is so good to be home although I miss pctc already #pctc #jesusisbetter
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Because he brought Austin to this world and he's ameezy πŸ˜ŒπŸ™Œ #Repost #JesusIsBetter
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lovesmusic804 : πŸ˜ƒ
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Because Jesus is my savior πŸ™Œ #JesusIsBetter #Repost
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