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Jenna Roberts, you were right, now I know who the real Carolina is...#Gamecocks #GoUSC
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eedelacr : Easy, did you get hacked?!?! #Blasphemy
jtgoing : Sadly no, it was a friendly wager and the boys let me down tonight. #dangitbobby
jentah : @jtgoing it's ok. You win some and you lose some.
jentah : @jtgoing too far... Sorry for the extra comment. #linecrossed
jtgoing : @jentah 😂😂😢😢😢no worries your team took care of business tonight! To the winners go the spoils! Anyway we both know #JesusIsBetter
jentah : #preach
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Pinning with slim shady😛🎓 #JesusIsBetter
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brandon__proske : Yeszirrrr
be_beautiful_think_positive : Godemmmm
valerie_trujillo : Slim shady lmfao
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It blows my mind when I look back on little things that seemed insignificant at the time that God was using in my life to mold me into who He created me to be and for His glorification! As you follow His steps, you begin to unravel the purpose for all of the things that has happened along the way, and it's this long, mysterious but oh so beautiful journey that never gets old or boring! God will always challenge you, leave you in awe, and reveal His love to you in all sorts of ways! It's a never ending walk and journey with Jesus that is freely given! He paid the price for us to experience this journey, and it gets better....He walks with you and wants a personal relationship with you along the way! Wait. A free journey AND a friend? Now why would anyone reject this adventure that brings purpose to your life, a relationship with your Creator, and to reach the greatest destination there is, heaven? Satan is why. He will find your weaknesses very quickly and tempt you with other paths that seem just as good as the one Jesus offers except you can feed your sinful flesh on this path, but what he doesn't remind you of is the destination of his paths..right beside him! He is always seeking to bring us down with him, while Jesus seeks to lift us up! The Christian walk is far from easy, but once you make the decision to start it, you will eventually be running because of the unexplainable joy that it brings you along the way that only Jesus can provide. During the good parts, Jesus is there with you celebrating, and during the rocky parts, He is still right there holding your hand, even carrying you! Life is hard, but when you have a purpose and choose to do life with Jesus, you are promised a forever friend, guide, counselor, father, peace giver, and hand to hold all the way to the end! Let go of whatever is holding you back from pursuing a relationship with Him and just accept His invitation to join Him in the ONLY journey that will ever fully satisfy you! Venture off with Jesus! It was the best decision I've ever made! #1peter2:21 #col2:6 #walkwithhim #yourjourneyawaits #Jesusisbetter
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lexiej90 : So beautifully written ❤️
janainae1227 : Thank you for this @tnwarhawk. I needed to hear it. 💚
tnwarhawk : Thank you @lexiej90 and I am glad it was written at the right time ☺️ @janainae1227 Miss seeing you and hope you are doing well this semester! Let me know when you're free and we can grab lunch one day!
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#jesusisbetter #innocentuntilprovenguilty #savedbygrace #racewar #raceisnottheissue
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Oh, if we can grasp the concept of GRACE! Grace saves not so that we can learn a list of things we should and shouldn't do as believers, but so that we can have something better. Grace always affirms, and never criticizes. Grace gives hope, life, confidence, reassurance, and it doesn't leave anyone that receives it in guilt, shame, regret or left out. God's will is not about do's and don'ts under grace, but the center of God's will is Jesus. #BeautifulGrace #NoMoreEffort #NoMoreGuilt #NoMoreWalkingOnEggShells #JesusIsBetter
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Do some thing today that your future self will thank you for.
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Be real...its freeing, we are all sinners! Be compassionate...known by love. Give've been given so much. Have hope...Jesus is better. #JesusIsBetter #grace #gospel #hope
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lara.cazden0 : ... 🙌
counseling4hope : @lara.cazden0 ❤️
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1 Peter 2:5 "Jesus is building His house... We're looking for owners not renters" #2020paoh #2020students #Jesusisbetter
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Fun view as everything was wrapping up tonight... #2020students #2020paoh #Jesusisbetter
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Do you ever think back on past decisions and think, "that was just stupid. No lesson was learned, I was just a right, foul idiot" or is it just me? In Hosea 2, it is promised that He will turn our darkest moments into our door of hope which is beyond gracious and loving, but what do you do when some memories keep you trapped in the darkness? I've been contemplating and blogging (link in bio as per usual) about the power of prayer and I think that it is so weighty how much of my mental health relies on me putting off the former self and praying for strength to continue to seek Jesus. There is so much murky water that I have been wading through lately and I think at the root of it all is that while I believe and adhere to Christ's forgiveness of me, I haven't forgiven myself for so many things. Tonight, I am thankful for a Savior who is perfect, a sanctification process that rests upon endless grace, the promise that tomorrow's mercies are new and sufficient, and that the victory has already been won.
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lovely_little_rose : @em.michel thought you would appreciate this caption. Love you girl ❤️
lovely_little_rose : Also, @ashleewalworth you are so dang good at speaking truth. Bless you sweet girl
sjfowler14 : Nope! Not just you 😁 but our God is so gracious 🙌🏼 And you're beautiful and awesome, as usual! 💞
em.michel : @lovely_little_rose this hits on so many levels. Thanks so much mads, this is much needed reassurance that God has the greater plan and we are all worthy of the redemption.
caseykelton : You're right! The victory has already been won!
roamflorida : 🙌🏻
joliefolie : Awesome profile
medvedevaleria : @ashleewalworth , у вас такая чудесная фигура! Наверное, занимаетесь спортом? Загляните сюда @cajubrasill - уверена, найдете для себя что-нибудь интересное!
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Can't wait for tonight at #Illuminate!! #JesusisBetter
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Going down tonight! Party at OUR House! Suprised Party! Everyone is invited! #Jesusisbetter #2020students #2020paoh
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1 Timothy 4:12 #JesusIsBetter Bring your Bible tonight!! #hotdogcentral tonight!
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Youth tonight, 6-7 p.m. We are digging into Daniel 6, playing GAMES,and eating FREE PIZZA. #BETHERE #JESUSISBETTER
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Continuing our study through hebrews tonight! Hunter will be teaching on hebrews 2 telling us about how much better Jesus is! #drawnear #hebrews #jesusisbetter #journeyatnexus
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i_am_a_legna : 😔😔
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Jono...Jono...Jono.... You know how to have a good time.
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codythesinger : 😂😂😂
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One of the great things about what we do is seeing God's masterpieces! Doesn't matter whether you're in a duck blind, tree stand or out on the lake; God will always have a beautiful canvas for us! #jesusisbetter
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Bathroom Stall Poetry #TheShitYouFind #ArgumentsByPissing #ZeusIsGod #JesusIsBetter #JesusWasASocialist
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TSU WE'RE BACK! This time tomorrow night, we will be wrapping up our 1st Campus Meeting for the Fall'15! Come start the semester right: meet new people & hear an encouraging word from @delvinpikes as we consider one of the top questions on campus, "Who is God & Can I know Him?"! 8pm Holland Hall, room 124 #TSU19 #TSU18 #TSU17 #TSU16 #JesusIsBetter
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barryrlee : It's going to be a great year!
jared.cole40 : Let's GOOOOO!!! And what @barryrlee said! ^^^ 😃🔥
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#r12 Tomorow Night Mark 1 630pm #jesusinmyhood #jesusisbetter #r12 Join Us. Bring Friends.
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jaynoffsinger21 : Hamster balls?
paul_pence : Mark 2 or still Mark 1?
jglymph1 : @jaynoffsinger21 2 weeks @paul_pence finishing chapter 1
jaynoffsinger21 : Okay cool
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The crisis of people today is that we try to find our identity I. What society says we should be. Big houses, expensive cars, possession, sexual orientation, race, career, are not what defines who we really are. As long as you are chasing those things you will never find fulfillment. True fulfillment is realizing who God has called you to be in Christ and living in His will for you. True fulfillment comes from knowing who you are in Jesus #JesusIsBetter
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#hell #gay #gaypeople #schnäbichätscher #different #sexuality #jesuslovesyou #grace #nothingtodo #jesusisbetter
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Did you spend time with Jesus today? Here is some truth! #JesusIsBetter
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The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few...Matthew 10:35-37 Don't set your heart on the things of this world but seek 1st God's kingdom! Luke 12:13-34 #truthtuesday #Jesusisbetter Read His words and live by them alone❤
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It's nice to wake up with this kind of coffee cup in the morning. #jesusisbetter #coffee
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I don't think I've ever been so excited to preach a message than I am this one "The Battle Within" Writing this message today has set me FREE and my prayer is that it will do the same to the lives I speak it to. There is a battle going on in our everyday life the flesh•vs•the spirt. We need to know that the battle has already been won at the cross when Jesus gave His life for us. Thank you pastor @realjohngray for inspiring me to write this message. #TheBattleWithin #JesusIsBetter #ThisChangesEverything #Freedom #TheCross #Jesus #Spirit #Flesh #redeemed #Victory #Love #Grace
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brennabean : You are AMAZING!!!
calebkharris : I need the recording of this in my life. #PastorPayne Proud of you DonnieBoy!! Kill it!
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We are supposed to act on our love for Jesus by telling and showing people who He is! #jesusisbetter #shoutitout
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Students you put a smile on my face. Love all of you. God bless
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josiebuchta : When you see snapchats of that 😂 I love it :)
camrynjmiller : ^^^
proofeyewear : 👌
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So thankful today. Jesus is better than my desires, fears, or anxious thoughts. I'm blessed today not because of all the stuff I have or people I know but because Jesus LOVES me with grace that is unending and forgiveness that was poured out on me with his death on the cross. #jesusisbetter #knowjesusknowpeace
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Such an amazing night worshiping and praying with amazing friends! God knew my heart needed this tonight! Feeling refreshed and on fire for what the Lord has in store! #jesusisbetter #evensong #amazingnight #worship
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ellenlogan92 : Photo cred @shelbyjeanburroughs
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Today was such a great way to begin our study of Hebrews. #jesusisbetter
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