#happysaturday #Jesusisbetter #amen He is better than #life itself, so #glorify Him #always
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@jackiepires137 gets a shout out for being Follower 666! Hail Satan! \m/ #shoutout #friday #followers #cult #notacult #longisland #artist #JesusIsBetter
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jackiepires137 : Ha! I'm honored
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Starting my day off right! #intelligentsia #coffeeisgood #jesusisbetter
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Praying for @AblazeStudents as they begin their DNOW Weekend tonight! May a revival happen in your hearts and spread in #SanAntonio ! Jesus, come! #JesusIsGreater @dillashaw4 #BringIt #AblazeDnow15
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grant_gallion : ❀️
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#Truth #Believe #JesusIsBetter
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I forgot where i saw this, but it so funny and #spoton haha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ too #blessed to be #stressed #Jesusisbetter #Telltheworld
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#beyou #selfie #thursday #biblestudy #cantstopwontstop #Jesusisbetter #Telltheworld
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#amen #Isaiah #God is always #present #Jesusisbetter #Telltheworld #thankyou
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yoliarmorofgod821 : Yes LORD! Here I am!@warriorprincess232
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#Proof that #Jesusisbetter #Telltheworld #Romans #Yourwelcome be inspired #Jesus loves you #unconditionally #Justsaying
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karloez : @koletrane Then you fly with her. πŸ‘
chefsrwatson : That's what ISIS is doing. It's literally what al qaeda did.
karloez : @chefsrwatson They don't believe in Jesus Christ.
chefsrwatson : @karloez Then you should have been more specific. There are thousands of gods. There are also dozens of versions of Christ, so which one do you mean? No more assumptions please.
karloez : @chefsrwatson There is only one God, the God of the Bible. You can also find people calling God by the name of Yahweh and the version of Jesus Christ that He is my Lord and Savior, the one that loves you and the only one you should believe in. I'm a Christian
chefsrwatson : @karloez I asked for no more assumptions. Also, you are deflecting, as the "god of the bible" ignores that there are different versions of the bible. You are just proving that religion is nothing more than an assumption.
karloez : @chefsrwatson you asked me which version of Christ and i just told you. This is my belief. If you want to understand read the bible.
chefsrwatson : @karloez No you didn't. You are ignoring the different versions as I have said. There is not just one bible. Some Christians condone slavery, some hate gays, some love all people, some protest soldier funerals. All read the bible and belive in Christ. Do you understand?
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{Some of us live in this space — we don't know yet. We are sitting outside a broken dream weeping into our hands and watching the sand fall through tired fingers. It's gone. We can't possibly know how it will get better. It could be that nothing around you gets better. But He is there, extending grace within the swirling mess of a hostile world. It could be that people around you don't change. But He is there, growing you to change when others do not. It could be that you get stuck at the obstacle once more. But He is there, having already removed every obstacle between you and Him at the cross, empowering you for so much better than you think. In your crushed, swollen chest where the hurt pulls in: Christ comes to fill the broken places like so much water in cracked earth, new breath stretching your lungs, so we may thrive and bloom and stand on our shaking feet again. Turn. He is there. — J.S Park from What The Church Won't Talk About} Seriously exactly what I needed from the Lord tonight. Man, God is so good. Even in the midst of our storms. Even when we're walking through the fire. Even when we feel alone. Even when we feel unworthy. HE IS SO GOOD. All the time. That will always remain true. He will always remain faithful! πŸ’™ #GodisGood #Jesusisbetter #foreverfaithful #flowers #simplyamazing
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i will never be afraid because god is always with me πŸ˜€β€πŸ’’β›ͺπŸ“– #godlovesyou #godismystrength #godiswithme #jesusisbetter #christhasrisen #chrisdiedforyoursins
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I struggle with my appearance. I feel bad a lot of the time. Well today I don't care. I will not let the opinions of others dictate my life anymore. #FreedomInChrist #JesusIsBetter
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i love this photo because it shows that i am not ashamed to worship #godlovesyou #godismystrength #ilovejesus #iloveworship #lovesingaboutjesus #chrisdiedforyoursins #christhasrisen #jesusisbetter #christisking πŸ˜€β€πŸŽΌπŸŽ΅πŸŽΆπŸ“–πŸ’’β›ͺ
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Lesson I'm learning the hard way: Humans are discouragement factories. Find your worth in Jesus. Care about what He cares about. Do what He says to do. Discouragement disappears like magic.
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clarkschofield : #livebetterstories #pnw #seattleaquarium #fish #faith #vsco #northwestisbest #jesusisbetter #nature #water
erockshakur : I like it.
n.kelsoe : Know that we pray for you often man! Discouragement means your identifying with Christ. It ends in hope. Romans 5:3-5
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"Self-reliance is the greatest art." -Well what about #God, Yogi? πŸ˜‚#yogitea #coffeedate #Notreally #tea #Starbucks #TrustGod #Jesusisbetter #Christian #Jesusfreak #realtalk #withtea #iseehimineverything #Christ #holy #King #Queen #Food #Fortune #teabag #natural #relax #Lavender #calm #quiettimeπŸ™πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•πŸ‘‘πŸ’œ
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Shoutout to @jmh2013 for the cake and all of my @compassion_cc Life Group for my birthday surprise #nomorenap #Jesusisbetter #Ilovemychurch
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elovelace72 : Sweet! Happy Birthday dude!
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#morning teach me to Love you Lord in a deeper and more intamate way in order to do your will. #psalms #unfailinglove #Jesusisbetter #Heknows
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yoliarmorofgod821 : Amen! @warriorprincess232
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when all else fails god never will trust in him and he will show you the way #christhasrisen #chrisdiedforyoursins #christisking #jesusisbetter #trustingod #heisthewaythetruthandthelife πŸ˜ƒβ€πŸ’’β›ͺπŸ“–
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Something to #remember #Jesus is the #vine and we are the #branches apart from Him we can not do #nothing. #Jesusisbetter
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#christhasrisen #chrisdiedforyoursins #christisking #jesusisbetter πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€β€β›ͺπŸ’’πŸ“–
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i owe it all to u god u are my everthing #jesusisbetter #christhasrisen #chrisdiedforyoursins #christisking πŸ˜€β€πŸ’’β›ͺπŸ“–
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This is the question that keeps me coming back to Him. Spending time with Him is to know His heart. #thereisnootherthanJesus #Jesusisbetter #shareTheLovechngetheheart
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Because it is a #greatday #selfie #bible #journal #hat #smiles #Jesusisbetter and rocking my #orangetheoryfitness tank top #beencouraged #live #laugh #love #transformationtuesday
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yoliarmorofgod821 : Beautiful and simple @warriorprincess232
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Gift from my oldest brother!#BCAA #aminoacids #fitlife #preworkout #morningworkouts #Jesusisbetter #justsaying
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80 degrees, sitting on the patio with a little green tea, a little sunshine, and a lot of Jesus. #nothinbetter #sunshineisgoodforthesoul #jesusisbetter
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#Alone is the New series kicking off tonight! Don't miss it! Be a great night of connecting with others a with Jesus! #jesusisbetter
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πŸ™ŒπŸΌ Your praise will ever be on my lips.
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popcornhannah : #latergram #vscocam #jesusisbetter
nelsonlacambra : Ughhh
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Nothing like working out the spiritual muscles after some time at the gym. You been taking that time? #getsome #jesusisbetter #medwayyouth #beaverpond
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I'm gonna miss ya Andy! You've had a great impact on my life. You walked what you talked. You taught me that you can never be too young to be a leader. You've shown me how to show grace to others and most importantly, how to show grace to myself. I am thankful for the great friendship that we have had, one that turned into family. I know we have that bro/sis type of thing and it can be annoying and hilarious all the same way. You tease me like a big bro and look out for me like a big bro. I'll never be able to put in words all God has done through you to help me in my walk with Him, but all I'm asking is may He abundantly bless you for the impact and imprint you've left on my life. Go and continue to do great things! Remember God is always proud of you. Show grace to yourself. Don't forget the power you hold inside of you. And may the Message of the Cross never stop humbling you. You've got an army that backs you up and so many people who will never stop looking up to you. God's got you! You are and will be a great man of God, may God challenge you and continue to grow you. And may you always have someone to invest in. Good luck homie! Oh, and don't forget you are forever and always also known as ANDY. #Jesusisbetter #dogreatthings #ibelieveinyou #homies4life #ayo
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andrewbearden89 : Love u so much JCrae... I really do view u like a little sis, and am so proud of who u have become and who u r becoming! Even tho ur sassy, I am so glad u and ur fam came into my life! Let's "live más" soon and chat!
smilejocelyn : Haha love you too! Okay we will!πŸ‘πŸ˜ @andrewbearden89
michmason16 : ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️
bbcoach_janet : Interesting!
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No matter what it is, Jesus is better. But, don't take my word for it... #JesusIsBetter #SpoilerAlert
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There you go. #Yourwelcome #galatians #freedom don't take it for #granted #justsaying #Jesusisbetter
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yoliarmorofgod821 : AMEN!!! I love you @warriorprincess232
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