@thebenanderson and @carons_2 are read for #FBCStudentMinistry...are you??? #50Minutes #jesusisbetter
fbcstudentministry - 50minutes - jesusisbetter -
jakehagan01 : I'm ready
parker_johnson30 : ^
hnicolelacey : When will live stream be available?
bsheppard014 : Seriously IKR @hnicolelacey
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This hope is Jesus, He is better than all things! #hebrews #SheReadsTruth #Jesusisbetter #anchor πŸ’—βš“οΈ
shereadstruth - jesusisbetter - anchor - hebrews -
guene_kris : Amen
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Become friends with God, for He's already a friend with you! He cares for you when you don't even care. He loves us when there's nothing to be loved. #jesusisbetter
jesusisbetter -
ybscraze : Yess lord!!
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He first wowed Simon Cowell, then he wowed Austin, Texas with his voice that stirs your soul, but if you know him, he will wow you with how big his heart is. If you're looking for new music, you have to check out my friend @jimmymcneal's new album. You won't regret it! #JESUSisBetter
jesusisbetter -
shelleygiglio : hey I know him!
nickbrandt15 : @shelleygiglio he's a good dude!
shepmartin : Is that biggie's long lost brother?
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As the thunder rolls I barely hear your whisper through the rain "I'm with you", and as your mercy falls I raise my hands and praise the God that gives and takes away. I'll praise you in this storm #faith #jesusisbetter #oklahome #myoklahoma #thunderrolls
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Cleanness equals power. It matters what we set our eyes upon. It matters what we listen to. It can be an idol. It's life can get in you. As a lover of music, it is critical that I discern and judge what comes through the ear gate. It doesn't come out of religion, it comes out of a relationship with the One who has created me. If it would insult Him, I don't want part of it. If the words go against His word, I'm not in agreement. #power #holiness #righteousness #itmatters #empoweredprayer #getsassy #truth #love #jesusisbetter #worship Designed in @WordSwag. #WordSwagApp
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@gordonbydand just laying it on. #Jesus #Jesusisbetter #truth #new #killingit #jackedup #terranovachurch #Togetherforthegospel
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Selfies are not really my thing unless I'm making a dumb face and there's a little kid involved.. But tonight I'm posting a picture of me at 3 months shy of 28. In the last few months Jesus has shaped my life in directions I wouldn't have guessed but in exactly the way I needed. He has taught me about peace, about appreciating the beauty of my exact position in life in this precise moment, and he's shown me that I am capable of all things when I allow him to be my strength. Sometimes disappointing things still happen, sometimes pieces of hope are lost but this life I am living is not for me. The purpose of the life I have been given is to proclaim the name of Jesus in times of plenty and times of famine. So in this moment.. My body is tired and weak, maybe a little disappointed. But it's all with purpose. I am being molded by the most talented artist and He is not finished yet.
jesusisbetter -
jenn_iferc : #jesusisbetter
abbyheck : Yes. It's all purposeful. I feel like we are a million miles away. Thanks for sharing.
abbyheck : P.s. I like your selfie.
ojnopulp : So beautiful. All of it and you
mrsjots : Choked me up! Precious and beautiful jenn_iferc
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Yeaaah!! It's finally Friday! This week was too long!πŸ˜‚ #TGIF #finally #jesusisbetter
jesusisbetter - tgif - finally -
huggiethevampireslayer : U know what else was long? Haha😏
sebamos10 : Hahaha! The guitar chord I boughtπŸ˜‚ @huggiethevampireslayer
huggiethevampireslayer : Haha oh Ok!!
kimibev : πŸ’—
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Flashback Friday!!! This is when we first began 2 years ago! August 2012!!! God you are too awesome!! He is in control!!! Let's keep running! #runnersunited #allin #godskids #jesusisbetter #beautifulpeople
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I'm playing along with #fridayintroductions today that @jessaconnolly & @thetinytwig host each week. That's me with a picture that my friend @wife2jimmie little girl Veda gave me! I'm momma to four & husband to @aaroniveyatx --- question for today is what is your favorite book of the bible. Right now HEBREWS because #JesusIsBetter - join the fun & introduce yourself!!
jesusisbetter - fridayintroductions -
wife2jimmie : :-)
thepiechick : Ur amazing!! #lovethepodcast keep doin what your doin gurl!!!
thepiechick : Ps.... Come visit @royerspiehavenatx !!!
jamieivey : Thanks @thepiechick - I will visit soon!!!!
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#beautifulpeople #runnersunited #jesusisbetter #godskids I am so thankful for everyone and those that are helping lead this amazing group of people!!! 2 more weeks 2 more weeks and @kat027 back!!!! God bless you guys I love love love you guys God is awesome!
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mlarsen44 : Can't wait to help out again next Thursday love hanging out with you guys @runners_united8
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"He existed before anything else, and he holds all creation together. Christ is also the head of the church, which is his body. He is the beginning, supreme over all who rise from the dead. So he is first in everything." #bible #jesusisbetter #truth #jesusisfirst #iamsecond #itsallaboutjesus #themountonline
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Jesus and Nebraska. πŸ‘πŸ˜‰ #nebraskaisgood #jesusisbetter
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My first solo Sunday, @emarcelle preaching @terranovachurch #Jesus #Jesusisbetter #enjoytroy #tbt #fbf #2011 #boatdreamsfromthehill #newlife #newmercy
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Amazing! These guys are all amazing! I'm thankful to God for bringing them into our youth! And also, thankful to share and talk about Jesus with them! Thank you so much! God bless! πŸ™ #runnersunited #jesusisbetter and tag the people who I didn't so that we can share this with each other! 😊
jesusisbetter - runnersunited -
kalynntkealoha : Aww, it must've been great like always. Good to see everyone back again 😊 can't wait to go back to youth, see you all soon. πŸ™Œ
hannerz_the_bananerz : It was awesome meeting you! :)
sebamos10 : It was awesome to meet you and share Jesus with you! :) @hannerz_the_bananerz
sebamos10 : @kalynntkealoha it was amazing! And we can't wait to have you back, sister! So that we can share how amazing Jesus is! :)
mags_1996 : It was awesome! Can't wait until next week! πŸ˜„
mandylopezz : lol @celly_ahh πŸ˜‚ I LOVE YOU GUYSπŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
celly_ahh : My eyes are always closed😭 I blame @sebamos10 he didn't even ask if we were ready😭 but I still love this pic❀️ @mandylopezz
kimibev : Totally wish I could have been there! πŸ’—πŸ˜”
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#jesusisbetter. Love this song! Beautiful art by @valeriewieners
jesusisbetter -
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Been up since 4:45am... After a long day of football, I like to finish the day with scripture and ice. Today's topic is temptation and the verses are Romans 6:6-13! #JesusIsBetter
jesusisbetter -
king_ram12 : What's tempting you brother?
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Missing the mountains and my girls already! #nofilter #sunset #jesusisbetter #dorksm #raft2k14
jesusisbetter - nofilter - sunset - dorksm - raft2k14 -
hannah_rrosee : Miss you πŸ’œ @steph_fisk
steph_fisk : I miss you too @hannah_rrosee πŸ’•
taylortrapano : I miss my mom :( @steph_fisk
kerrysatchfield : I miss you Stephy
brittayyyee : I miss all of the crusty walruses!
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Something I'm constantly reminded of... #picoftheday #instagramhub #instagood #JesusIsBetter #lifeGoals
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What caption do you even put here! #surfisgood #jesusisbetter
surfisgood - jesusisbetter -
gigrecco : Where's this bro? Sweet!!!
joshuamackenney : @gigrecco Indonesia.
brettleyruggles : I can't wait to hang out with you when you get here! We're #bros.
keilanadams : One of these days man, one of these days.
joshuawarner5 : So so awesome!!!! Man! Would like to be there with you!
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Holy Smokes! Thanks Penny Falls! We are so blessed by our wonderful church members! Can't imagine doing life without them. #themountonline #jesusisbetter #dietsoon #loveroastedchicken
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It's only knowing God is absolutely for us that our trials can be considered joy. #jesusisbetter #steadfastness #resonatemovement
resonatemovement - jesusisbetter - steadfastness -
joedotbrown : See you Sunday. James 1:9-15 talks about "Evil Desires".
mr_sheepy : @joedotbrown you're preaching for us again? :D
joedotbrown : Yep. This Sunday.
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Obviously not biblical, but I really needed this. Trusting in God's plan. #Jesusisbetter
jesusisbetter -
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I hung all my favorite verses in the bible all my encouragrams from world changers and some other things I like. #vans #converse #sperrys #joy #bettertogether #jesusisbetter #skyview2k14 #psalm
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abigailgilger : still waiting for my 10 page encouragram mr.
nickbaldwinnn : 5*** and I actually hung your @abigailgilger
abigailgilger : whatever still waiting for mine & I will not rest till I receive it.
stephanieslader : It looks so good!
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Jesus is better. #JesusIsBetter
jesusisbetter -
breanna_1313 - tayahsorsen - isaiahsheerin - littlebluebirdz -
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Janice made this and nope...it's not what it looks like. Haha! But it suddenly reminded me of my old ways. Lol! #13YearsClean #JesusIsBetter
jesusisbetter - 13yearsclean -
nanayas : Jajajajjajaja @roberto_carlos_torres thank God is not what it looks like.
nanayas : @beautifulblemish what is it?
beautifulblemish : @nanayas Kale chips! 😊
lymari_n - yro_yash - alfuentes - an.i.ja -
I cannot find the right words to say goodbye to one of my all-time favorite figures of this lifetime. But, I can say that depression is real, and it hurts, and it takes things that doesn't belong to it. I can also say that we have the opportunity to be set free from depression, and that that freedom's name is Jesus. I don't know for sure if Robin knew that, and I might never know, but I do know that Jesus is better than depression and or suicide, and that if you want Him to, He can set you free. Please stop staring at your phone and call out on His name, because I can truly promise you that He is better.
jesusisbetter - robinwilliams -
its_emmyrenae : #RobinWilliams #JesusIsBetter
tori_warren_101 - larissa2398 - luke_hollin -
Who I am is in You. #redeemed #justified #beingsanctified #maranatha #shereadstruth #jesusisbetter
shereadstruth - jesusisbetter - maranatha - redeemed - justified - beingsanctified -
emilywrig : Are you going to do the Hebrews study?
juliepwright : @emilywrig I am going through the Gospel series now!
emilywrig : Online or in print?
juliepwright : Online. There is an apple app out now, and soon android!
juliepwright : @emilywrig
emilywrig : I know!!
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Nothing like starting your morning off right..who can go wrong with Jesus and some ducks! Love my new mug and devotional #jesusisbetter #oregonducks #duckcommander #happyMonday
happymonday - jesusisbetter - duckcommander - oregonducks -
joyceannkey - hamfarley - katy_jean - kpix05 -
jesusisbetter -
_hal_9000 : @levi_theclean sorry bro im an atheist
levi_theclean : No it's ok
_hal_9000 : @levi_theclean some people go insane when I say that
anime_program : I'm religious so I commented
levi_theclean : @_hal_9000 I don't I respect all relegions and ext
_hal_9000 : @levi_theclean thx
ima_banana_batman : Well @levi_theclean as u know I'm Jewish, and do the holidays and whatnot, but I don't believe in Jesus or God or anything like that. It's just I like logic. Sorry if this offended u. πŸ˜”πŸ˜”
levi_theclean : Ya
hyuni1108 - nick_is_2_cool - t_h_u_g_g_y52 - loser.julia -
Would the world even recognize Him today? John 1:10-13 #Scripture #JesusIsBetter #DoYouKnowHim?
jesusisbetter - scripture - doyouknowhim -
patriceberryy - _faith_smith - caleblamb94 - devotiondot -
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