In this day and age, sex out of wedlock is looked at as "a norm". Everyone supposedly is doing it and others feel pressured to engage in it too in order to look "cool" or to have a man in their life period. Some women are so hooked on having a boyfriend that they are willing to do anything to keep that guy in their life. From what my Bible says, sex outside of being married is called a sin. I'm not afraid to call sin by its name. Too many young adults are walking around with children they had outside of marriage and this has effects on their life in one way or another. Some people thought that having kids would make the man love them so they willing gave birth to their babies only to find out the guy didn't really love her. Maybe they were "thinking about marriage" and the plans never came about. Whatever the case is, God's plan is that you get married first and then you worry about everything else after that. He never told us to have sex as we please. He wants you to have a committed partner to engage in that with because sex is a serious thing. You are connecting with the other person on a spiritual, emotional and physical level. You are tied emotionally to that other person. God created it so He must know why He is telling you to not do it before you are connected with someone who truly loves you and wants to stay with you until death do you part. And yes, marriage doesn't mean someone will stay but I honestly believe that if we are seeking God and keep Him at the center of the relationship, that woman or man will stay because Jesus is the glue! And when you dismiss Him from the relationship, your relationship will begin to fail! We have to stop finding ways to cover up our sins or condoning every single one of them. Condoning a sin doesn't make it right because God still calls it sin. I don't believe in mistakes or mistake pregnancies. You two knew what you guys were doing. I don't even think "things happen". Because if you weren't disobeying God in the first place and having sex out of wedlock you wouldn't have to worry about that now. Our God is clear on what He asks of us. It's us who need to understand that sin is sin and there is no grey area.
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sharonda_mc : But it's your opinion.
punisherhodge : Ohhh ok understandable , however that was what i used to question myself about if sex is bad before marriage. Some say its a sin and some say its not a sin at all and that its a normal thing
punisherhodge : But then again i have my own beliefs
sharonda_mc : @punisherhodge Well it depends on what you believe. If you are a follower of Christ, then doing anything outside of the Word of God is a sin and separates you from God. I don't encourage anyone Christian or not to have sex outside of wedlock but the decision is ultimately yours. There are many benefits I can tell you to waiting for marriage to have your first sexual experience. It's not a bad thing or something to be ashamed of to save yourself for your future spouse. I'm waiting and I have no problem with it! I'm very happy to be able to save myself and give myself only to one man and have saved everything for him and him alone.
sharonda_mc : @punisherhodge If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to send me a direct message or comment on my pics and I'll talk with you. I'm always here if you need me. Don't hesitate to contact me! Thanks for your questions. It was nice speaking with you!
punisherhodge : Thanks you too @sharonda_mc : @krissroma
sharonda_mc : @he_sustains_me
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#iLove my #church so much. I remember tearing up the first time iHeard multiple races crying out and singing praises to God in #unison. That BLEW my mind! It was a small glimpse into #heaven. The #youth are not ashamed of falling on their knees, or going to the #alter to #praise. #Men do the same. That's prob not a #bigdeal for many, but that was a heavenly culture shock for me. And Pastor Diego is definitely Romans 1:16! It's hard to find preachers who preach the whole truth (too many are afraid to offend), but... He doesn't care honey 😂! He also acknowledges when he isn't perfect. The people I've met here, iLove & appreciate. I was told not to move to #Cali because it was too #wayward... What happened to being a #light on top of a hill? Glad iFound a place that proves them wrong. #AbundantLivingFamilyChurch #ALFC #California #RanchoCucamonga #JesusFirstBro
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the_perfect_heart : The most amazing service!
skiddleebeebop : @the_perfect_heart yerp! 😍
skiddleebeebop : You did good today @aida_the_boss !!
aida_the_boss : Thank you!!!! @skiddleebeebop
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На улице опять пасмурно...но я не отчаиваюсь) и надеюсь, что весна всё же придет к началу лета!) Ну а если солнышко не светит, тогда светите вы ☀️ Ну а я бегу на малую группку!) бегу за самой лучшей и правильной порцией света для моей жизни!) Бог есть свет!) Он заряжает меня!) #Библия #всемсвета #всемсолнца #счастьевБоге #jesusfirstbro
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alicelovejesus : Какая красоткааа <3
iradessa : @alicelovejesus спасибо моя любимая!!❤️
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How true is this? Some people honestly are not on your side. It is a hard statement to digest but it is very true. Not everyone really cares and not everyone really wants you to succeed in life. Some people hide behind a facade. They are faking it to make it. They are not serious. Some people only want to see one person succeed in this life and that person is themselves. They wanna crush everyone under their foot and be the one with their name in lights or receiving all attention from everyone. It's so sad some people are like this but there are people out there who are like this. Sometimes it can be a real challenge to accept the fact that not everyone really cares or really wants the best. Some people will purposely give you bad advice just to attempt to throw you off track. Some people will attempt to set you up for failure. Some people will pretend for the longest to like you, to be for you, to have your best interest in mind and then BOOM! They change in an instant. It's sad when we come across these people but it is a constant reminder that we cannot trust everyone. Some people do not want what's best. Some people aren't on your side. Some people just don't care about you and your plans. That's ok. When we come across these types of people we can always pray for that person. We can't change them but God can. We should pray for them and ask God to work on their hearts so that they won't be this way towards others; but be more loving, kind, and selfless when it comes to others. These people exist. And they can really hurt you in multiple ways. But when we give this to God He is more than capable of changing that person's heart and healing and strengthening yours. Don't let these people get to you. Remember God's plans for you are bigger than their attempts to hold you back. God will get you where He wants you to be.
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Репетируют) обожаю наших ребят! обожаю славить и благодарить Бога в песне! #группапрославления совсем скоро акустический вечер хвалы и поклонения "Откровение"...это будет потрясающее время с Богом! Приходите! 23 мая в 19.00, Чайковского,39 #happinessinGod #jesusfirstbro #счастьевБоге #минск #worship #worshipband
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lerika_silchenko : Очень жду!..
dreamingann : ох, люблю их! совершенно особенные
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Всем весны! #счастьевБоге #минск #весна #happinessinGod #jesusfirstbro
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alex_slychenyuk : Ну красава хаб
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Repost from @trustgodbro . Yes! If you are a part time Christian, don't expect God to be a full time Savior. So what is a part time Christian? Someone who doesn't follow God all the way. On the weekends they are all about Jesus and following Him. Perhaps they are crying and screaming and shouting and jumping up and down in church but as soon as that's over they are cursing and drinking and partying and beating people up. They may steal and smoke and engage in all kinds of ungodly lifestyles. That is a part time Christian. They aren't fully on the wagon for Jesus; they still have one foot in the church and the other in the world. God isn't going to give you full time benefits if you are only serving Him part time or you don't have your act together. He want someone who is dedicated to Him. Someone who is fully on His side. God is not a part time God. He is there for you ALL the time and He deserves full time followers. He doesn't want someone who can't decide which way he wants to go! He said He would rather you be either hot or cold; not lukewarm that He might spew you out of His mouth. He wants someone with a made up mind. A heart sold for Him. A spirit that is willing to go where He sends and does what He says to do no matter the cost! Out God is a good God! Our God is a powerful God! Our God is a full time God but you can't expect all of His blessings if you don't live according to His protocol! If you want to be part time you won't see what others see in their life. You won't get what others get. If our God who knows all our sins and mistakes and failures and mess ups can still love us and want to do good for us, what can we not do for Him? He isn't throwing you away and giving up on you because you can't do it right and live for Him. Why can't we give Him a chance and live for Him? Be solely lost in Him? What's holding you back?
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You will never fade away Your love is here to stay.. 🎶🎶💃🏻 #thisishowweroll
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mariannecab : @oa_ignite
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What works for someone won't always work for you. We don't live in a one shoe fits all world. Everyone is not a cookie cut person. Meaning we are all different and no one is exactly like someone else in every aspect. I know what it's like for others to tell me things or give advice to me as if it will always apply to me or it is definitely going to work for me. People will tell me everything from when I should have kids to who I should date and how I should date to what I should do in my life or how to live my life. Maybe what they did in their life worked for them but it won't necessarily work out for me. Everyone has a different experience in life so just because someone may have dropped out of college and they seem to be well off right now does not mean that the next person will have that experience. I think it is imperative to acknowledge God first and His plans for our life. If God isn't ok with doing whatever that other person is telling you to do, don't do it! It isn't going to go so well for you. I've had people who had kids before going to college and they tell me all these things about how easy it is to balance taking care of kids while in college or that I have to have kids but in reality I don't have to do anything. And it's the same for you too. People will always have something to say or advice to give but you do not have to listen to it! If you and God are not okay with it, you don't have to take the advice. For some people having kids and finishing college is an easy balance and for others it's a struggle and that person may need to drop out in order to be able to take care of their kids. Everyone's situation is different and not the same as someone else. It's okay to not take someone's advice if that's not what you want. I know for a fact I need to wait until I'm finished with college to think about marriage and children. It's not for me right now and you need to know what's for you in this season. If you don't know, ask God! He's there for you and He wants you to know His will for your life. Don't be afraid to trust Him and follow Him. When we put God first in all we do, He directs our way and makes our paths straight. It all works out!
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themetamorphosisofgipsy : Shabbat Shalum dear sis!
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I couldn't agree more with this statement. Anything that is meant to be and is in the will of God Almighty you won't have to force it to occur. It just will! And you won't have to worry about being in chaos or feeling like it isn't right. Those feelings are not from God. He is not a God of chaos. But peace. And when you feel that peace about something you know it is. So recently I've been shopping for cars. I'll need a new car for graduate school that's reliable and won't have to be in the shop every two minutes. I've definitely seen some cars I really liked and some I really don't but every time I have felt this uncertainty about the cars I like. Especially after my mechanic checks them out and then he tells me what he thinks is wrong with them and if thy are good cars and how much money it will cost me to fix it up. I feel so uncertain about the car. I feel like those cars just aren't right or something about them doesn't feel right if I do choose to buy them. Something in my spirit just isn't feeling right and that could be because those cars aren't God's will for me. He probably doesn't want me to buy a car that may cost me more to fix than to buy it. He may want me to have a better vehicle. He probably just has better in store. I don't know what but I'm praying He will guide me and show it to me. And I'm 100% sure that when I see that car and sit inside it and test drive it, I'll have PEACE! I'll know for a fact that is the right car for me because that was God's will. That's just an example and I could give a million more but honestly you will know when it is God's will. Because you won't feel uncertainty. You won't feel like there may be a better option. You won't feel as though it just isn't what is for you. God has better in store. And you can trust Him on that. It never hurts to put our faith in Him completely. I'm learning more and more how to trust Him. It's a hard process but I can grow in that area too. But I encourage you all to continue to trust the Lord. Put your faith in Him. You will know without the shadow of a doubt if something is made for you and is for you. God will confirm that to you too. Just watch and see.
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kris_kidd19 : Amen!!! Praise God.
sharonda_mc : God bless you! @kris_kidd19
plgb4 : Good Lord Have Mercy...
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Friday morning pics before we get to work. #Blessed #Fellowship #JesusFirstBro #ServantsOfGod #IEDJYOUTHRETREAT2015 #TheBoard
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#jesus #whereisthelove #howcaniprayforyou #doyouneedprayer #jesuslovesyou #jesusfirstbro
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katherineinspired : Awesome!
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Don't be ashamed of your past! You overcame ot by the grace of God. Help someone else get through their pain... #christianwalk #testimony #godsgrace #godslove #getthroughit #jesussaves #keepyourheadup #trustgod #jesusfirstbro
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#majorthrowbackpic But @richarddwhiddon sent me this earlier calling it "Parting of the sea." And I think that's actually a pretty significant thing to call it. Because like I recently have found, that when you find your identity where it should be found, there are NO insecurities. Only POWER. So much power. You realize your value, and want to awaken others to their value. You walk in and operate on a different wavelength, not because you're better than anyone else, but because your eyes have been opened to who you are and your purpose. The seas will part for you and favor will rest upon your shoulders. #inhim #thereispower
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xxlorentoddxx : Good shit Brother. So much respect. Once you understand your worth... Believe in your purpose... Your strength shines... Inside and out, and no judgment is necessary🙏🏻 #SpeakSoftlyHustleHard
ryan_rimas : Amen brotha 🙏 @xxlorentoddxx
toongoodings : Love your Instagram 👍👍
ryan_rimas : Thanks brother! 😊 Always riddin that high energy wave 🌊😆 & Thank you for all your support. Seriously!! Can't wait to shoot again 💪 miss you homie! @richarddwhiddon
ryan_rimas : Thanks dude👊 @toongoodings
richarddwhiddon : Looking forward to seeing you again and yet again be amazed by all the new changing you made and strived and sacrifices you have made for your self and for your dream ! Miss you too my Brotha !! And all the great time 😂😆 ! Shoot📷💥 three is going to be amazing !! Watch out world cuz here comes young Hercules!! 💪😁💪 @ryan_rimas
travbeachboy : I like it! 👱👍
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Repost from @wisdomfeed . God is in control of everything. Everything that will happen in your future and everything that has occurred in your past. He has a reason for it all. Out God never makes a mistake. He knows what He is doing. He has a plan. A master plan. Sometimes it may feel as though our life just doesn't make any sense but I want to encourage you to not give up. Sometimes our greatest journey is filled with winding turns and crooked pathways. Sometimes we find our way and ourselves in these loops and turns and curves and winding roads. It isn't always all laid out in front of us and an easy, smooth road. But if God is your leader and guide you have absolutely nothing to fear. He will get you to were He wants you. Turn over all your fears and worries to God tonight. Give Him it all. And allow Him to work it all out in His way. God is more than capable of making your path smooth. He more than capable of working out all of your issues. He is more than capable of meeting your needs. He is more than capable of causing you to literally soar over all your problems. He is the ultimate problem solver. He can make it alright for you tonight. Don't give up on God and don't give in. Rest and relax. Stop your worrying. God is on top of the issue. He'll never let you down.
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y.tc_ : I'm Taking This Lml 💕
tina_dezz : Lol thief @y.tc_
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Hmm... Listen up!! #FindYourRib #BeHisRib #JesusFirstBro
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Yes! This is important! We have to learn how to tell our STORM how big God is; not tell God how big our storms are. In life we will face some uncertain, trying time. This is a fact. It won't always be a walk in the park. But we can be assured that if we put our total and complete faith in Him He will work out our problems. God wants us to be able to trust Him in the good and the bad. It can get pretty bad sometimes but just know that He is for you and not against you. He wants to see you succeed. He has your best interest in mind always! Our storms can seem huge. They can sometimes seem long. It's cold and dark. The wind is blowing very hard. The rain is falling down hard. You may not be able to even see your way forward; it could be a whiteout condition. But just know that no matter bad the situation may be God is at work in your life. He will not let you fall and He will not allow the enemy to win. God has you in the palm of His hands. And your situation. You are on His mind always and under His watchful care. I know what it's like to go through the fire! To be tested in my faith! To just wanna ask God why? But I know that my God has a reason and a purpose. He is going to come through in every promise He promised me. He will fulfill whatever it is He told me He wants me to do. I know God can do it for you too. Just stand up to your storm and tell it today that it isn't going to win. You are victorious. You are a winner. You are the head and not the tail. God will fulfill His promises. God is able! God will supply! And God will take me to places I have never been today. Tell that storm all about the God the we serve! And watch how God will move on your behalf due to the great amount of faith you have in Him. Repost from @wisdomfeed .
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Last night ice breaker #jesusfirstbro #iedjyouthretreat2015
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#iedjyouthretreat2015 #jesusfirstbro
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#RoadTrip #TheGirls #JesusFirstBro #IEDJYOUTHRETREAT2015 @iedj_youth_ministry
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#RoadTrip #JesusFirstBro #ServeTheLord #IEDJYOUTHRETREAT2015
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tina_dezz : @iedj_youth_ministry
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#IEDJYouthBoard ready for #iedjyouthretreat2015 #JesusFirstBro #Bronx #NYC
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I'm going through some stuff-some big stuff. And I'm guilty of not trusting in God. I'm guilty of not letting Him be God in my life and allowing Him to work out things in my life. When we are going through things, it can be a true challenge to put our faith in God and believe that He will work out our problems. But when He surprises us, we often wonder, 'Why did I worry?' Or 'That worked out just fine! I had nothing to worry over.' And that's usually what happens. I should be thinking that way now. Cause I'm more than sure God is going to surprise me but I seem to like trying to walk by sight instead of faith. God is going to surprise me. And I will be in awe of how He'll make everything fall into place. I'm sure I will be. And this is what this post is all about. We have to stop worrying about how and just trust that it will. I sure don't know how a lot of my stuff is going to work out or come to pass but I gotta trust that our God is amazing and He works in mysterious ways. Even when things looks bleak and bland and like there is no other way, God will make a way! God will work! I can't even begin to think that if God led me this far that He would leave me hanging. It doesn't matter what you may be going through. It could be big or small. It could be ongoing or about to end. It could be life altering or not so much. Our God is capable. I'm still waiting to see what He was in store for me, but He is more than capable of meeting our needs and then excelling that! I hope and pray that we all can trust in God more. And that God will work on our behalf. It's not worth it to let go of His hands now! It's not worth it to throw in the towel! We've come this far by faith! We gotta continue on with faith in Jesus Christ. We have to remember that God is faithful. He is not like a man that He should tell a lie. If He promised you something you best believe that He is going to make that happen in your life. Maybe not on your timing but He will! He can't tell a lie because lying is not in His nature. God is full truth. I know what it is like! I'm going through the struggles of living in this world and this life too. But if we hold on God will work it out for your good.
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Yes! This is my prayer as well. I thank God for the dreams He has placed in my heart. I thank Him for the ability to live for Him and do things the way He wants me to. To change the lives of others through His calling over my life to become a Marriage and Family Therapist and a future missionary. I'm thankful we can live our lives to please Jesus. We don't have to perform perfectly in order for Him to be happy with us, we just have to be willing to follow Him and allow Him to use us for His glory. Yes! I have experienced those who try to hide my light or try to stop me from achieving God's best or who may attempt to stand in my way of getting to the next level and completing the task God has called me to but it's good to know that our God is a faithful God! He will see us through! He will make ways out of absolutely no way! And He will make sure we complete His purposes in this world. It is sad and hard to handle sometimes when people do try to hurt us or stand in our way but as long as we have God on our side, we can be absolutely assured that nobody and nothing is capable of separating us from our God and all He wants for us to achieve and obtain! I pray God grants me the focus I need to keep going. I don't want a man to distract me! I don't want being preoccupied with having children to distract me. Nothing is more important right now in this time and season than completing whatever God has told me to do. All of that stuff can always wait until later. After all, if it is God's will for me to get married and have children, it will happen. But I want that to happen at the right time and when I can afford to do so. And if I follow God's plan for my life, it will happen that way. I want God to help me to remember that His way is better than mine. I don't want to disappoint Him and ruin His plans. I want to make Him pleased with me and hear those wonderful words, "Well done my good and faithful servant." That's the focus! That is the goal! Everything is second to God's plans. I live for Him. I work for Him. I want to see Him be glorified in my life and help others to be changed as well through the life I chose to live and the actions I make.
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Coming to #catalystwest while letting God speak to me through "Life is____." @judahsmith #jesusfirstbro
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Yep! We don't live our life for the pleasure of others-we live it for the pleasure of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Honoring God is STILL in style. For many many people it is outdated or it is old school or it is not relevant, but as for me and my house we shall serve the Lord. My life isn't going to be used to make everyone happy. If you can't be happy with the person you see on an every day basis, then perhaps we don't need to connect. Cause I can't change who I am for somebody else. Many people want the attention or the likes or the popularity so much they change completely. It doesn't profit them much. All it does is rob them of the individuality. God doesn't want you to lose your virginity because the people you hang around are pressuring you to do it. If they don't like that you are waiting for your wife or husband to walk down the aisle and say 'I do' then they aren't good friends. God doesn't want us clubbing and smoking and drinking because it will make us look cool. The only cool things is living for God and living like God. God doesn't want us doing all kinds of obscene and ungodly things because man is not happy with your choice. Who do you serve? Jesus Christ or a mortal man? The decision is yours but living for God is still in style and still looks good. Dressing modestly is still beautiful! It's still in style and still what God expects of His children. We live for Jesus and to please Him. When we switch it around and begin to live for man, we have made a huge mistake! God wants people who will serve Him no matter what men may say, do, or what they think about us. That's God's desire for His people. His only desire. When we serve God above all else, He then blesses us with His highest and best gifts. Galatians 1:10(NIV) 'Am I now trying to win the approval of human beings, or of God? Or am I trying to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ.' Repost from @godlydating101 .
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Kml! I'll just trust Jesus timing! Why waste time playing with temporary feelings and mind games? I love myself and my Savior more than that! #focused #determination #goals #JesusFirstBro #AintNobodyGotTimeForThat
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Amen! And no, you do not have to settle for how people want treat you. You don't have to be a doormat and let everyone walk all over you. You have the right to tell them that is not how you treat me. That is not how you address me. Don't call me out of my name! Respect me. You don't have to settle for someone talking to you how they want to or how they feel like they should. Some people will purposefully talk to you a certain way to try to make you feel bad. Or they may say something on purpose with the intention of hurting you or lowering you. Don't let others walk all over you! Don't let others be rude, mean, or anything to you that you don't feel is right. You don't have to be rude or mean back to them but you can assert yourself in an appropriate manner to get your point across. We allow others to be mean or rude to us when we don't say anything to them; we just accept it. That can cause a huge problem in the end. It's important to let them know that you don't appreciate being disrespected or being called out of your name or talking to you in a demeaning manner. It's not a bad thing. It's a good thing. If you don't like something, it's important to mention it. They may not even know you don't like it unless you tell them.
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Spent the whole week working so far, even on my day of God has blessed me with me with a servants heart! Thank to the hard work I was blessed with more money for my Taiwan mission trip! $2000 down $1000 to go #Jesusfirstbro
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If you are dating or courting someone, make sure that the person you're talking to knows that nobody replaces Jesus in your life. Jesus is #1. Jesus is B.A.E. (Before Anyone Else). #abstinc #relationships #christiandating #courting #marriage #JesusFirstBro
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Ever wanted to know what you should do as a follower of Jesus? Ever wondered how you can serve Jesus best and in what ways or areas you can? The Bible is the Book of Instructions Before Leaving Earth. This tells us exactly what we should do and be doing before we are ready to leave here. Before Jesus comes back to take us to Heaven with Him. The Bible actually has all the answers to every problem, every question, every quest-to anything! You can find the answers to every single thing in God's Word. God gives us direction through His word. He tells us what to do, how to act, how to carry ourselves, how to dress, how to treat others-even our enemies. God leads us and guides us through His word. All we need to do read, believe it and apply it to our lives. It isn't always that easy, I know, but through God we are more than capable of doing things His way. If we really want to make gains and accomplishments, we should read His word for ourselves and apply it to our lives. Actually applying it means a lot more to God than just reading it and then disregarding it. The Bible is our message from God. He wants to communicate with you through the Bible. He wants to lead you and guide you through the Bible. He wants to change and transform you through His word. He wants to show you how to follow Him and life for Him daily. His word can do that. It can renew you. It can refresh your mind and spirit. It can encourage you and strengthen you and empower you. You just got to allow God's word to do that for you. And allow God to take you by the hand and lead you through the direction in His word. I love the Bible! The best book I have ever read. And I love having God speak to me through it and transform my mind. God wants us to be completely prepared for kingdom living! His word is exactly what will prepare us for our home up there. Repost from @trustgodbro and @biblelockscreens .
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"I asked Jesus how much do you love me. And Jesus said, this much. then he stretched out his arms and died." #HisKindOfLove #goodfriday #JesusFreak #JesusFirstBro
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