Tomorrow's Thanksgiving and i have to say if you look back over your life I bet you will see a lot of ways God was at work. You will see many different things to give God thanks for. It could be His protection. His love. His mercy. His loving kindness. His forgiveness. There is SO MUCH to thank Him for. Even in the bad. Things don't have to be good all the time in order to thank God for being who He is. God has done so much for us so tomorrow and EVERY day we have a real reason to thank God. The Bible says to give thanks to God in ALL circumstances. It may not have been the best circumstance but it has a purpose in God's plans for your life. He always has a reason. He always has a better thing in place for you than what He didn't allow or He took away. It isn't easy to believe it all of the time, no, but it is important to trust Him through it all and remember that God works ALL things out for our GOOD so no matter what it is the absolute best plan God could think of and give you. His plans are for good and not evil or harm. Looking bad we can always find at least one reason to thank our Father. God is good. In every single thing He shows His goodness and faithfulness. His word cannot return to Him void and it doesn't. I hope we all can find things to give our Father God thanks for tomorrow and not just on one day- on every single day of our lives. He is good. He is worthy of our praise. He is always working things together for our good and not harm. #thanksgiving
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Getting stronger every day at this awesome movement!!!!!!!#bethebest #movement #strength #renewyourmind #brazilianjiujitsu #beachampion #bethebestyou #bjj #jiujitsu #stronger #jiujitsulifestyle #bjjlife #bjjlifestyle #jesusfirstbro
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Repost from @godlydating101 . Yes! Our worth should not be in a person or a thing. Some people feel as though they have no worth or no meaning in life if they are without a spouse or without children but our worth should not be found in something that we can lose like a spouse or a boyfriend or girlfriend or a thing. We should place our worth and value in what the Word of God says about us personally. He never said you are worthless if you can't make children. He never said you don't have a place on Earth if you can't find a man or woman. God doesn't place our value in things that we can't take with us. He isn't looking to accept people who are rich and famous. People who are sexy. People who have all the houses or cars or pets or whatever. He wants your heart and that's it. He has a reward for His followers. He wants us to remember that we are not to store up possessions on this Earth where moth and thieves can destroy it or take it. We are to put our treasures up in Heaven. I don't think God wants anyone to think they are no good because of their relationship status. No. There is more to life than having a man or a woman. He can still use you. Find your worth in Jesus Christ alone. Not in someone else. God's opinions of you are stable; they don't change every single day. They aren't based on His emotional feelings towards you. God isn't going to say I'm pleased with you one day and the next day He isn't . God isn't like man. His opinion of you is based on His unfailing love for you that will not change ever. It will always be the same every single day, month, year. He never changes and neither does how much we mean to Him and how valuable we are to Him. Put your value and trust and faith and identity in Him alone. He will never fail you.
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Yes. I know what it is like to really fear things and to allow it to literally cripple me. It isn't easy to overcome a situation like that. It isn't easy to believe that God is capable of delivering you from that but as believers we need to know and believe that God is always with us. We are not alone. He said in His Word that He will never leave you nor forsake you. He will stick by your side at all times and He will be your very present help in the time of need. We don't have to fear because fear is not of God. Of course I still struggle with my various fears myself but God is always with me. He will not allow anything bad to occur to me and He will protect me and lead me even when I can't see or don't know where to go. God can be trusted in every area of your life and at all times. He loves you dearly and His love is PERFECT. So that means He doesn't force you to do anything and it does not include torment. Fear does. You fear the consequence of what may happen if you don't do what Satan doesn't want you to do. Maybe you want to go on a mission trip but are afraid of flying in an airplane. Satan can actually use that fear to torment you or force you to not go about God's work in another country. He uses our fears to his advantage. But when we trust God fully and we know He is right here with us. We know He will never leave us nor forsake us. We know God loves us. We know He desires the best for us. When we know these truths we can step out on faith more and believe that God is going to help us. He loves you. And He doesn't want us consumed by our fears. He wants us to trust Him above all and even if we are afraid to do something God called us to do, He said to do it anyways. Do it afraid. Put your faith to the test. God can be trusted in any area of your life and with anything. He's got this and He promises to not let you down. Won't you trust Him? Repost from @wisdomfeed .
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Filter Free Throwback Sunday #GodBlessEVERYONE #tinytimstyle #jesusfirstbro
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adani_98 : That tats dope af bro
xpiratexsurfx : πŸ–• Jesus is dope'r than
brawdcast : @xpiratexsurfx AMEN. GOD BLESS U AND UR FAM
brawdcast : He was and is a G , hands down
xpiratexsurfx : Yessir
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Repost from @godlydating101 . It's funny but it is how our attitude should be when it comes to someone who walks into our life thinking they have to have it their way or they will leave you. So what? Bye πŸ‘‹πŸΎ Nobody should have to feel forced to do something. If you are not comfortable doing whatever your boyfriend or girlfriend asks, you don't have to. You have a right as a human being and they are intruding on your rights. If they really truly do love you then they will WAIT for you. Period. They won't try and force you engage in something you aren't ok with either. No matter what the situation is- doesn't have to be sex. Could be they want you to drink or smoke with them. Maybe they want you to rob a bank with them. I'm just thinking outside the box here but if that individual really loves you then they will be understanding and RESPECTFUL of your personal decisions and choices for yourself. Love isn't pushy. It isn't about its own agenda. So if they want to leave let them. They aren't the one God has for you. And besides they will have more fun with someone who will do what they are asking for as opposed to the opposite. Our God is awesome in that we don't have to settle for something that is not for us. We don't have to lower our expectations or standards because all men and women are not the same. Everybody is different. God has that special someone waiting for you. He has someone who will respect you. Someone who will be patient with you. Someone who shares the same interests as you do. Someone who cares deeply about you and who you are as a person. Let them go. Don't give in. Sin will never make a relationship better. Sex and babies isn't going to make that person stay either. What does is Jesus Christ at the center of the relationship. Don't let someone make you lose your salvation because they can't wait or respect you. Let them go and let God lead you to who He has for you. God is able to match you up with someone who loves you deeply and wants the best for you. Trust Him even with your love lifeπŸ’‘πŸ’πŸ‘«
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"Greater is He who is in me, than He who is in the world." "I have told you these things, so that in me you have have peace. In this world you will have trouble, but take heart! For I have overcome the world" Sometimes you just gotta grab every verse applicable and speak it over and over and over and over. Even though you don't believe it! Our words are life and death! #davidvsgoliath #awomenafterGodsheart #scripture #fightingofffear #fightingoffanxiety #fihhtingoffinsecurities #goingbacktoGod #jesusfirstbro
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With everything going on in this crazy world we live in, I will try to remain focused on the Lord and to live life for him because he has given me life and blessed me in many ways. I'm going to try not to fear the ones who are trying to destroy this world because as Luke 12:4-5 says, "And I say to you, My friends, do not be afraid of those who kill the body, and after that have no more that they can do. But I will show you whom you should fear: Fear Him who, after He has killed, has power to cast into hell." So today I remind myself that only God can destroy the physical body and the soul (life). No man can do both. I remind myself to continue living for him and to continue loving him because in the end, it's he and I and his final judgment. Life on earth is temporary. "So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal." 2 Corinthians 4:18 #jesusfirstbro #faithandtrust #iliveforhim #fearhimmotman
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zac_rose77 : Awesome post baby!
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Yessss! I don't think we should walk around looking at what other people's love life is like and compare to that or desire what they have. The reality is that you have no clue what is really going on behind closed doors. Behind the scenes they might not really be happily married. They might not be that loving and caring to the other person. You don't what mess they have to live in every single day or what chaos unfolds in that household. It is important for us as believers to let God lead. We shouldn't rush because so and so looks like she is living the life with her boyfriend or husband. We should wait on the Lord's perfect timing. What it looks like on the outside or on Facebook posts and pictures is sometimes not exactly what is going on for real. I want a long lasting relationship. I don't want to have to fake it to make it with someone who hates my guts or I can't stand him. I want to paired up with a guy who God Himself prepared just for me. It won't be perfect but I know that if God is in the picture it will always work out. Don't let other mislead you. It is so easy to say how wonderful your marriage is or how loving your husband or wife is. It is easy to post pictures all day and post statuses of your love but the real deal is when they have to go back home to reality. I don't want to lie to make it seem like we have it all together and we really don't. I desire to have God's hand leading me each day. Whoever He has for me will come at the right time. Never late. We won't be faking anything if we put God in the center. I encourage you all to do the same. Do not let others distract you with what they say. Follow God and allow Him to bless you with the woman or man He created specifically for you. No need for a rush when you know exactly who that blessing is coming from. His timing is perfect. You will end up in the right marriage and with the right person when you put it in God's hands and let Him guide you in this life. Repost from @godlydating101 .
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saintjack : Wonderful :)
lu_nandjembo : True @lim_esteria
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This is so true, there's too many things we tend to hold onto, things that have us bound and trapped. We ask God to help us, over and over again, but the truth is we're doing the holding onto. You'll have such a heaviness lifted, you'll experience peace like never before. Release it to God, step forward, move on. #stayencouraged #trustingod #tryjesus #jesusfirstbro #surrender #love #withgodallthingsarepossible
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Getting stronger at this #movement can't wait to have it perfect.@junglebothersmoment #rings#mattime #bjj #strong #beachampion #bethebestyou #jesusfirstbro #mates #bjj4life #jiujitsu #jiujitsulifestyle #perfect#trainhard #bjj4life #staystrong #strengthtraining @diego_syd
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diego_syd : Oh yeaaah stevie!!!!!! #corepower
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When we pray over something or about something it is DONE ALREADY from the moment we spoke that prayer to God. We don't have to wait a hour or until next year for Him to have heard it and processed it. He has ALREADY fulfilled your request from the moment you lift up your heart to pray to Him. It's like when you ask Him for forgiveness of sins. That doesn't take years-the moment you ask Him and yo admit to Him you are a sinner and you have sinned against Him He hears and He forgives. It was DONE in that moment. So I try to remember God is already working on my behalf and He is already answering my prayer requests. He is already coming up with the best possible solutions for my requests and He already has worked it out. I don't have to keep worrying, I don't have to keep trying to figure it out. God has it worked out for my good. Every time. So I don't have to worry about the spouse God has for me. If he is in a relationship now God will cause that not to work out so me and him can meet and get to know each other. Or I don't have to get flustered when a test is coming up. I can go to Him in prayer and He will help me to do well on the test. We don't have to get burdened down. We have a prayer answering God. No matter what the concern is, give it over to God and let Him come into your situation and work it out. He is more than able to make it all ok. He wants to help you. We can't do it on our own. We need Him. We can't find a spouse on our own. We can't pass a test on our own. We can't even get up in the morning without God's help. We need to give these concerns over to the only One who is capable of solving them and working it out. Instead of holding onto them and being weighed down, release it to God. He knows what is best for you personally and promises to give you the best every single time. It won't always be what you would choose but it is what He chose and what He knows will work out for you. Repost from @jesuspostsbro .
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Anything, as long as we give him everything! #restore #marriages #lovedones #selfworth #god #listen #obedience #tryjesus #jesusfirstbro #surrender #love
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Yes! Happy Monday. Start your day off positive and happy. There's nothing wrong with some Jesus in your life. Have a blessed week, decree and declare favor! #tryjesus #jesusfirstbro #trustjesus #encouragement #god #listen #obedience #scripture #stayingfaithful
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Back into competition after taking a couple of years off, a massive thank you to Dave for being in my corner and to all the boys at the #dojo for your support and training time.. Also a huge thank you to all my trainers at @junglebrothersmovement for always pushing me that little bit extra it really paid off .It doesn't matter how many times I get knocked down I will always get back up, go back to my game pull it apart, asses it and put it back together.. I don't believe in failure I didn't fail I was touted a valuable lesson and it is the lessons in life that make you stronger smarter and sharper! When I fall I shall arise.. #bethebestyou #beachampion #brazilianjiujitsu #jiujitsulifestyle #staystrong #bjj #jiujitsu #competition #backtotraining #train #trainhard #mattime #mates #jesusfirstbro #bjj4life
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He split the rocks in the wilderness and gave them abundant drink like the ocean depths.-PSALM 78:15 #godisgood #jesussaves #jesusfirstbro #godbless #ocean #santacruz #afterthestorm #oceanbeach #sunday
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projectcereal : Wow like it!
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I really liked this picture the old me always thought very differently about relationships and we'll now as I grow in the spirit and as I am molded by the Lord my mind has changed and transformed and tbh I think if a lot more marriages had their eyes on the Lord the divorce rate would be a lot lower.#jesusfirstbro#youneedgodsgrace#respecteachother
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#seekingthekingdom #jesusfirstbro #whoscomingwithme πŸ™πŸ’œπŸ˜Š #stayonthestraightandnarrow
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Dear Lord Jesus, I just want to lift up my brothers and sisters on Instagram. But not only them, I struggle with this personally myself too. I want to pray that You will help us all to learn how to release our worries and our fears and our struggles and our concerns and our stress over to You our God Almighty. Help us to not sit here and worry over little or even big things we have absolutely no control over changing. We can't control anything. We need You to be in control of our life. We need You to take over Lord Jesus. We need You to work everything out for our good God. We need You to come into our minds and hearts Lord and work inside of us. Helping us to see that we cannot do anything on our own. It can only be done when we call upon the name of the Lord and allow You to be in complete control of whatever is happening in our lives today and forever. We don't want to burdened down with worry or regret or fear. We want to be delivered God and I pray that You will deliver Your people and that You will work in each of our lives and that You will give us faith that goes beyond what it looks like in the natural realm so that we can see what You are capable of doing in the SPIRITUAL realm. Help us Lord to be strong and trust You in everything. Not one part of our life; in every single aspect of it. Help us to know You are always with us. Even if we do not feel You there-the truth is You are always here and have never left. Help us to keep following You no matter what and to never give up on what we believe in. We know You are real and You are faithful. Please help us to witness Your great faithfulness in each and every one of our lives. Thank You so much for all of Your blessings and Your peace and Your perfect timing. Thank You for hearing this prayer and that it is already DONE in Your name I pray, AMEN β€οΈπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ˜˜
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biochemist1 : Amen
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πŸ™πŸŽΆ @itsbrittnicole @officialtobymac #thisisnotatest #tobymac #brittnicole #jesusfirstbro
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Amen!! πŸŽΆπŸ™πŸ‘Œ @coltondixonmusic #thisisnotatest #tobymac #coltondixon #preachit #weare1 #jesusfirstbro
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Everything I own, my children will inherit, but the inheritance I am most proud to leave them is the knowledge and wisdom I have about Brazilian jiu-jitsu and above all that Jesus Christ is their lord and saviour and through him life has meaning.. #mattime #beachampion #bethebestyou #brazilianjiujitsu #bjj #inheritance #wisdom #dowhatyoulove #jesusfirstbro #jiujitsulifestyle #bjjkids #bjj4life #trainhard #train
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Repost from . Do you know how often this has occurred for me? I know personally people have done that to me. They have disliked me for the simple reason I choose not to be like this world. Even people who say they are Christians will dislike me for my choices. This is what happens when you truly are running after God's heart! This is what happens when you truly want to be a follower of Jesus Christ- you will have others dislike you and treat you badly. What did Jesus say? He said if this world hates you remember it hated me first. We have to offer Jesus and they hate Him so we will be hated as well. Or we won't be understood. Or mocked. Whatever they did to Jesus they can and will do to us. When we choose to obey our Lord with all our heart people will hate and they will be mad and they will say some unkind things. Our standards seem so weird and odd to this world. We don't curse or we don't engage in sex outside of marriage or we don't club. These things seem so strange but it's how we are to live as a born again Bible believing Christian. We are to live how Jesus lived. He wasn't sleeping around. He wasn't in the club all night. He was not cursing either. He was a light and an example. It doesn't matter what they say or how they treat you or how much rejection you receive. Do not let someone cause you to lose your eternal salvation because they don't approve of what you do. They don't belong in your life. The only approval you need is that which comes from God. If people don't like you, so what? We live for God alone. Not man. God will provide you with the people you need in this life who will lead you the right way and be a good example for you. Let them go. Yes. People won't like what our choices are but it isn't about them. It is about God and what He commands we do. Rejection is what Jesus got from His own people the Jews. We will be rejected from family members and friends. These things will happen when we get wrapped up in God. It won't be easy but God's way is number one. I'd rather have God's approval than man's. In any area of my life. We are to follow God through it all and in it all. Never turning back. Are you willing to do it?
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Or natural ice light.... #nattylight #nattyice #bryanchrist #coorslight #thesilverbullet #jesusfirstbro
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Dear Lord, I just want to thank You for all of Your many, many, many blessings! Thank You for Your protection and guidance and forgiveness and loving kindness. Thank You for being so patient with us and understanding. I want to pray Lord Jesus that You will grant our needs tonight. Not what we want or desire. What we need. You know what we need. And at the right time You promised to provide. So I pray that You will provide for us. You will grant our requests if they are according to Your will and are in line with Your holy word. Please Lord work in each and every one of our lives. Do what we cannot do for ourselves. Whatever we stand in need of we pray You will work it out and You will mix up the situation. You will change it. You will give us beauty for our ashes. We pray we will see Your mighty hand at work in every problem, issue and concern. No matter how big or small it is. How complex or simple it is. You care about every little detail of our life. We know You are in control of every thing Lord. We know only You can work out our problems. Please have Your way which is always good and right. Please help us to let You take full control and allow us to trust You completely. Please release us of fear, anger, defeat, hurt, pain and anything else that does not belong inside of Your child's mind or body. Please put in us a mind the is like Yours and a heart that is like Yours. Allow us to be able to know that our Heavenly Father cares deeply about us. He understands our concerns so deeply. We can let go and let You have Your way and will. Thank You so much for Heath g and answering prayers. Thank You for Your great love for us fallen creatures. I pray You will forgive us of any sins we may have committed and help us to live closer to You. Amen πŸ™πŸΎβ€οΈ
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You're attitude and mindset will change the direction of your day. Don't let the negativity ruin what God has in store for you! Have a blessed day! #encouragement #beencouraged #keepyourheadup #smile #trustgod #walkwithjesus #god #listen #obedience #tryjesus #jesusfirstbro
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Purity is not "out of style". It is not old fashion. It isn't old school. It is the way a born again Bible believing Christian lives. Jesus never called us to live like the world. If that were the case He would have been living exactly like this world as well. Our lifestyle is to reflect the life of Jesus. He never slept with every woman He met. So we shouldn't walk around sleeping with every man or woman that smiles at us or has nice words to say. It doesn't matter how long you may have waited and you are so tired of waiting or how much peer pressure is being applied to you. God is the only person you answer up to. You don't need man's opinion of you and your choices. Just like everything else purity is a personal decision you have to make. Your mom can't make it for you. Your dad can't. Your sister or brother can't. It's up to you to make choices for your life individually. Someone can influence you but it's up to you to choose God or the world. Sex out of wedlock is not God's standard. Sexting is not God's standard. Lying in bed naked with someone who is not your spouse is NOT God's standard for you. Don't make up excuses for your behavior and choices. Don't try to make it acceptable because God has not changed and He never will. He still stands by us waiting for ONE man or woman to have sex with; not more than one person. We don't "test waters out" to see if this is a person we want to be with forever. We don't look at them naked to see if they hold up physically to what we want. You are opening the door for Satan to walk in and cause you to trip up. What we do is practice abstinence and we wait for our husband or wife and then we commit to them. Purity is beautiful. Purity is to be praised. Purity is what Jesus wants us to exemplify to this lost world. It is beautiful to be able to wait for someone your whole life and give them your all. You become connected physically, spiritually, and emotionally with that person. I don't want to be connected with just everybody. Only that special guy God has reserved for me. I don't know about you but I want to live for God. I want my lifestyle to reflect what I preach. I want to encourage you all. Wait on God.
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❀Matthew 6:9-13 In this manner, therefore, pray: Our Father in heaven, Hallowed be Your name. Your kingdom come. Your will be done On earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our debts, As we forgive our debtors. And do not lead us into temptation, But deliver us from the evil one. For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen. #SavedSinner#Pray#prayinghands#daughterofgod#tattedandsaved #savedandtatted #girlswithtattoos #glorybetoGod#Inked#HalfSleeved#Tattoos#tatts#jesusfirstbro#GodFirst#clouds#prayer#prayfirst#Sinner#GodIsGood#tattoostagram#sleeve#Tattoo#jesusfreak
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This couldn't be any simpler. Being a follower of Christ means you have to be different and you WILL look different to other people. Something about you is different. Something about how you talk should be different. Something about your walk should be different. Something about your dress should be different from those who are in the world. A real relationship with Christ means things won't be the same for you. Once you truly meet Christ and surrender your life to Him you will never be the same. You are a changed individual. Jesus makes you new. So your friends may say you don't do the same things you used to do. Or your spouse may say you don't talk to me the way you used to. Jesus changes us. He changes and remakes our heart. We can love others in a different way than we previously did because of what Christ did for us. When we do not have a true relationship with Jesus being different won't come as easily. It is very easy to get caught up in the motions and just do things but it has no effect on us. But when you know Jesus intimately everything you do for Him has a whole new meaning. Something about you will be different without a doubt and others may comment and notice. That's ok. As a true follower of Christ we will stand out in fact we HAVE TO. How are we to preach to the world if we are exactly like the world? It won't work. God is looking for people who aren't afraid to be different for Him. To stand out like a sore thumb. He wants people who are not ashamed of Him and living how He called us to. Jesus was a different person. He stood out. Nothing about Him was like everyone one else except that He looked like a normal person. If Jesus can stand out for us, we should be able to stand out for Him. To be different for Him. It doesn't matter what people think. It only matters what God thinks at the end of the day. He is sitting on the throne; not everyone else. Jesus died for us publicly. We should be able to live for Him publicly as well.
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Repost from @godlydating101 . I think it is important to use discernment in ALL cases or situations. It doesn't have to be just someone who is in ministry. Anyone needs to go through God's approval before we say yes to them. But how many times do we not use discernment? Why is discernment so important? It helps us to test this person and their motives. What are they really after? Are they truly after God's heart or after catching a quick woman or man by using the Gospel or the church as a platform? These people exist! And just because someone claims "I go to church" does not mean they are your soul mate! Going to church is not the same as actually following Jesus and obeying what He tells that person. There are so many people who go to church whose lives tell a different story. You can't go to church to look for a spouse. That's not the purpose of church. The purpose is to give glory, admiration, praise to God Almighty. If your only motive is to find a boyfriend or girlfriend that is not right idea. I say we ought to ask God for His opinion. Ask Him for discernment and to listen to what He is telling us above what we want to believe or are telling ourselves. It isn't easy but what is harder is getting into a horrible relationship and being hurt or perhaps falling into sin because we went on our own tangent. The Bible says that we are to not be wise in our eyes. That means we don't think we have it all together and we don't need God's help. We ask Him for His leading and guidance. We rely on His wisdom and knowledge. Only God is capable of making a match made in Heaven. I say trust in the Lord above all. If He is telling you that is the person for you then it is ok. It is not ok to just say Hey! They go to church and they sing songs in church and they do mission trips so they have to be the right person. Wrong thinking. Let God lead you! Let Him grant you discernment. Not everyone's motives are right in your eyes. God wants you to have His best. The only way we get that is by obeying Him and allowing Him to be the God of our lives. He'll always give you what's yours when you put Him first in everything that you set out to do and in every area of your life.
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Dra meg baklengs inn i fuglekassaπŸ˜πŸ‘ˆπŸ½πŸ˜Žβ˜€οΈπŸŠπŸΌ #borabora #tahiti #krystallklartvann #thisworld #jesuschrist #jesus #godfirst #godfather #jesusfirstbro
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