Today I recalled why I am on the journey I am on. It's not to please people. It's not because I want all the attention and praise for myself from others. I am doing what I am doing because God Himself told me what He wants me to do and I am only following. The problem I have encountered recently that I feel has pulled me away from my journey's purpose is all these people who are tryin to distract me. They may have good intentions I'm sure but they are so pushy with their beliefs. I guess because they married young and had kids young and did this in their life and that, they have influenced me. I forget that I am not here to fulfill my selfish desires; I am here to fulfill my destiny on planet earth! And if that includes waiting until God shows me the right guy to marry-even if I am 50 years old-that's what it includes! The problem is we get too caught up in this life and what WE want! Not what HE wants. There is no problem with looking for lover but if that is the focus of your life and Christ is second, you have something twisted there! Jesus is FIRST and foremost! He is the center. Not your husband and not your wife! It's ok to want to love someone but if that is more important than seeking Jesus then it will never work out! Jesus clearly said in the Bible that if you love anything or anyone more than Him He is not pleased. He wants to be first. And everything else comes last. The Bible also says to seek first the kingdom of Heaven and all other things will be added to you! If I am about my Father's business He will be about mine and lead me to the right mate at the right time. I remember the sadness that came over me when I remembered that God called me to what He wants me to do in life and my purpose is to fulfill it. Not to run down a marriage or to "find" my mate. All these things come when I have everything in perspective! When I am seeking God's kingdom first my desires will then follow. It's the same for us all. God has something specific He wants you to do and you've been busy doin your own thing and indulging in life's pleasures, neglecting God's mission and calling He has placed over your life. Be about His business 1st n watch how God will bless u!
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Post church selfie as we wait for our fries. 😁 #church #filledspiritually #filledphysically #weloveJesus #Jesusfirstbro #whyaremyfriestakingtoolong #whatever #ineedmorepatienceJesus
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Did you know that God has told us what to think about? Philippians 4:8 tells us exactly what God wants His people to think about. Good things! Healthy things! Lovely things! Uplifting things! Pure things! Anything noble and of good report! He doesn't want us thinking things outside of these contexts listed in Philippians 4:8 because those thoughts could lead us astray or lead us to thinking things about our fellow brothers and sisters that God doesn't condone. He wants us to also be HEALTHY MENTALLY! Mental health is an important topic that needs to be addressed. We tend to skip over someone's mental health status but that is important too. And if we think on those things in the Scripture, we can have a good mental health! Because we aren't worrying constantly or overly concerned with things that aren't profiting to us or the body of Christ. God has already told us to think on certain things. He didn't tell us to find for ourselves what we want to think about. He gave us instructions in His Holy Word. Notice it doesn't say something that harms your brother or sister. It doesn't say something negative. It doesn't say think about sins or committing a sin. It is things that God would ask us to do and think. The more we think what God wants the healthier we will be mentally and socially as well. Physically too because if all you think is how much you hate your sister cause she got good hair then all that negative feelings can have a negative effect on your health over time. It's true. God knows why He told us what He told us to think on these things. He has His reasons. And He is looking out for all of His people. Think God's way!
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So true! God knows it all so I don't let others put me off when people push me to marriage. I don't allow others to discourage me when it comes to my dreams. I don't allow people to tell me my dreams won't happen or anything like that. I know WHAT GOD CAN DO! I may not know when but I know God does! I may not know how but God does. God has a specific plan for allowing everything to happen that He wants to happen in our lives. He has a special timing. I may not know why I'm still here where I am, at the college I am at, working the type of job I am, etc but GOD does know why and my current situIon DOES NOT define my future. He is still able to take me where He wants me and needs me and He can and wi use me at the places He takes me. I am confident that my dreams will come to pass. My goals will be reached. My life will be a blessing to others! God has a reason and season. It may not be my season yet but at the right time every thing will fall into place. I encourage you all! Don't give up! Don't say God has forgotten about me! Don't say it's over for me. Your current situation has nothing to do with what God has for you. It may not occur on your time but on God's time-the best time. God knows why something didn't occur in your life or why He hasn't brought you to the point in your life you'd like to be at right now. But trust Him. He has the best plans for you. Only He can write it perfectly. Don't let others talk you out of your dreams, your calling in God, your career choice, your major in college, etc. If God wants you to do something DO IT. Follow Him wholeheartedly and watch Him be faithful to you every single step of the way. He knows when to give you that husband. He know how to bring him to you. And he definitely knows where. It doesn't have to be that in particular. Whatever you are waiting on or hoping for. It could be a new job or acceptance into graduate school or a job to call you back and say You are hired! Whatever it is, don't give up on God! Let Him lead you ms guide you. Only He knows it all!
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elle_eff247 : "Don't tell God how big your problems are, tell your problems how big your God is!" -Unknown @sharonda_mc πŸ˜ƒ
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;: it's not about being perfect, because if it was we would all fail... It's just about truly understanding and knowing him. Without Him we are nothing ;: #jesusfirstbro #love #live #church #canada #vscocam
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Repost from @spiritualword . This right here is something I do not want to do. It is more than easy to get comfortable where you are and I don't want that. I want to grow. I want to expand my horizons and stretch my wings and soar. I don't want to become complacent living in poverty-working 12 different jobs just to get by or living paycheck to paycheck. I don't want to settle for living in the small town I grew up stricken with poverty and gang violence. I want to live in a more secure environment and meet new people as well. I want to find new contacts. I do not want to be comfortable only having my Bachelor degree when there is so much more out there for me to obtain and accomplish. I want to obtain the highest degree I can and feel comfortable doing. It's so easy to sit down and become complacent. Thinking that more education is not important or obtaining more money is obsolete. I can get by living off of my paychecks. No! That's not what I want for myself. And I don't think others should be like this either. This world is full of opportunity! More than there has ever been. So there is no excuse in my opinion for why someone should be complacent unless there is an extenuating circumstance. I encourage you all today to not become stagnant! Don't just settle. Don't assume that all the odds are against you! Don't give up and don't give in on your dreams! There is so much more you can achieve. There is so much more for you out there. I encourage you to go for it all. Learn all you can. Do all you can. Experience all that you can. So much more awaits you and all you have to do is go for it!
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Repost from @instagodministries . This is very true! We may not always understand God's wisdom but we have to learn to trust His will. God knows so much more than we ever will about everything. There is nothing God knows less than we do about. And sometimes God does do things that make no sense whatsoever. But we have to learn to trust Him. In all the craziness, trust Him! In all the chaos, trust Him. God's ways are higher than our ways. And His thoughts are higher too. God has a way to do something that can mean so many different GOOD things than we will ever understand. Only He knows what's right. Only He can write the perfect life story for us. And even though we can't always fathom what He does or understand why, it's no excuse as to why we can't trust Him or allow Him to have His way. Whatever God wants, He has a divine plan and reason for it. And we have to just learn to let Him have His way. No matter what we may think of His decision, it's our job to just allow Him to do whatever He needs to do and trust Him each and every day and in every way.
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What a good word of advice! We shouldn't respond to everything we hear. Some people are just here to put you down and bring you down with their foolishness. Some people just live off of drama! But we can ignore things that make no sense whatsoever to us. We don't have to respond. We don't have to engage in an argument and feed the fire. Our best bet is to ignore and leave it alone. We don't need to walk around every day with our backs slumped over with stress and negativity someone else brought on us. We need to be able to have a bright, vibrant smile and a bounce in our step! Sometimes we just have to stop talking to that person on a regular basis if they are that toxic to our life. Or we may need to find a new person to hang around. You are not someone's punching bag. You don't have to let someone punch you around with their negative comments or messages about you. Even if it is concerning other people. If you don't like it, you don't have to listen to it. As people of God we have better things to do other than focus on the negative and have our spirits burdened down. We can't be effective if we are hunkered down with negativity and all that! In order to be effective as Christians, we have to be positive. We have to be able to give our burdens over to God and allow Him to handle it. We can't be overly negative or overly worried. We have to be able to give our worries over to The Lord and watch Him work it out. Being negative minded is not what we are called to and what God expects of us. He has better for us. A life that's easier. A life that's healthier. A life that's more optimistic.
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Yes! This is should scare you! God can only judge you-correct. But you still continue to do whatever you please and God judging you doesn't scare you or at least discourage that behavior? God's judgement isn't to make sins ok to do. If anything it should be scaring you from doing sins. A human doesn't have the right to judge anyone but that is NOT an excuse to go around doing whatever you please! God will be judging every person who has lived and had the ability to discern right from wrong. It won't be a nice judgement if you lived by this saying and took it as your free pass to have your fun right here on Earth. God is having a judgement to see who really is on His side and He bases that on the life He gave you to live. If it doesn't match up, well what other proof can you give that actually shows that you really loved Jesus? None. The real message behind Only God Can Judge Me should be, because only God can judge me I need to get my life right and so whatever He would want me to do with the only chance He has given me to get it right. It shouldn't be Oh! Let me use this to get others off my back so I can enjoy my life here the way I want to enjoy it. That is NOT the purpose of that message. And it shouldn't be the theme of anybody's life that is a Bible believing Christian. If we are really following Jesus we will live it. End of the story. There is no other way to prove it but to show it. And if you can't prove it to people here on Earth you can fool God either.
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Thanks for the tip (: #Jesusfirstbro
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Repost from @1dyrfully_made ! I know I have done this so many times and it is good to know that this is NONE OF MY BUSINESS! God WILL work it out! God WILL SURPRISE ME! God will HAVE HIS WAY! We don't need to know everything or WHY God is allowing some things to occur in our life. We JUST NEED TO TRUST HIM. He is Sovereign! He is ALL KNOWING! He has us in the Palm of His hands! I know I have personally fighted worrying thoughts and feelings regarding the next big step in my life-transferring to graduate school. I worry about getting a new car or even getting accepted at a school. Or how am I going to pay for my expenses so I may even begin worrying over if God will help me to find a job wherever I go? And you know what? That's none of my business! He will show me the way! He will lead me to the right job for me! He will bless me with a new vehicle! ALL IN HIS PERFECT TIMING! Not a moment too soon and not a moment too late! Hey! Next time you are worryin over your problems and you may feel inclined to ask God how are you going to fix it just tell yourself it is none of your business! God doesn't answer up to humans and neither does He have to! It's His prerogative whatever He decides to do in and with your life! It's not ours and it is not in your control! Let the God of all creation take complete and full control of your life! Let Him have His way. Relinquish your desire to be in control and to control everything that happens to you. Because the reality is that you can't control every single thing that happens to you. Allow God to lead you and have His way. And watch Him SURPRISE you when you least expect it. When you think God forgot about you and forgot about your problem and doesn't care that my friend is when He will show up and show out and surprise you beyond what you are capable of thinking is possible! Praise God!
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2god_be_da_glory : Praise The Lord !!!! Thank you sis for sharing GBU :) much love xoxoxo <3
sharonda_mc : @2god_be_da_glory Thanks! God bless you so much more than He blesses me!
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ohyeajacks : I constantly need to remind myself that God has it all figured out already and to just stopppp!!! Worrying and wanting to know what's next is one of my problem areas! I'm gonna start telling myself it's none of my business though lol.
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If this is true, then our life ought to reflect what this Scripture says. So if you are not alive but it is Christ, you wont backstab. You won't intentionally hurt others and others are also children of God too whether they believe in Him or not. You won't talk behind someone's back. You won't spread lies or slander or gossip. You won't want to break God's commandments. You won't find joy in sinning. A person who has died to self is a sacrificed soul to doing whatever God has asked of them. A person who is truly lost in Jesus will love others intentionally. Will forgive others even those who don't deserve it or will admit their wrong. A person who has truly surrendered their life will not see the fun in living for this world and sinning but the joy that awaits them in Heaven. If we are to be a true light, the world has to see Jesus in us. It's impossible to be a Christian and be worldly at the same time. Like Jesus said you can't serve two masters. So don't even try! You are bound to fail every time. If this Scripture is your motto, live it! Don't just say it, make it your lifestyle and see just how many people come to see a difference in you and come to know Jesus through your light.
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andygcl : Sharonda, it's good to encourage people to be more committed to Jesus. I fail to give every second of my day to God, but I think most of us do. But please be wary of deciding who is and isn't a real Christian. Let God judge that. If I own a car am I too worldly? Where do you draw the line? Surely only Jesus truly knows our hearts..
sharonda_mc : @andygcl true but it is something we need to strive towards. Being complacent in our life isn't something God called us to....
andygcl : Amen
sharonda_mc : And I am in no way trying to judge someone. I am only giving Godly advice....I don't know how this post can be seen as a judgin post... @andygcl
aprilnicole2014 : Amennnn!!!!!
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Lord Jesus, I just want to pray Your will be done in my life and the life of all of my wonderful followers and over anyone's life who is reading this post and is not following. God we want Your will in our workplace. We want Your will in classes. We want Your will in our career choices. We want Your will in our marriage! We want Your will in our churches! We want Your will in every single area of our lives. God please allow us to be humble enough to surrender our will and our desires and our lives and our wants-everything- to You! Please help us to see the importance behind our decision. Today we are deciding between life and death not not for ourselves but for millions of others that You desire that we touch if we change and do what You want us to do. We can't make this big change and follow Your will Lord unless You show us what You want us to do. So I pray You will personally visit each and every one of us and help us to know what You want. I pray You will show it to us. I pray You will guide us to the path of righteousness. I pray we will no longer walk around aimlessly, not knowin the way in which to go. But that You will go before us, clear the path and lead us. Give us clear direction Jesus! Jesus thank You that You have ALREADY answered this prayer! Thank You that Your will will be done! Thank You that You will have Your good and perfect way! Thank You that we will be humble and follow You to our true destinies. Grant us a soft heart toward where You are taking us and what You have for us to do. And please have Your way, whatever that may be-good or bad-in each area of our lives. Help us to be pleased with whatever pleases You. Thank You Jesus! I pray these things and so much more in Your precious name, Amen β€οΈπŸ™
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_trulovebeauty : Amen Amen Amen!
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2god_be_da_glory : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘β˜β˜glory to God thank you father!!!
msministries : Glory to GOD \O/ thank you dear sister @sharonda_mc I pray the same. GOD bless you and your family abundantly
boogie6584 : πŸ™Amen!!
rockbyter : Amen!
ohyeajacks : This!!!!!!! πŸ™Œ Thanking Him in advance for my future and for the strength He will provide. I pray that this touches lives tonight!
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Recently I have had people attempting to rush me off to marriage. And it's nice that people think you are a nice person who deserves to be married but I am very quick to remind these people that it only will occur in God's timing for me! I am not in a rush! I want to enjoy my life being single. And I want to enjoy my life with another individual of the opposite sex. I don't want to run into a marriage relationship. I'm sure marriage and nice and fun but this is not something to rush into! It is not something that you have to have to live. You can survive waiting on God! It's better to take it slow. When you find someone you are interested in, slowly get to know them. Even if that means talking and dating for four yrs or more. Building trust in that person is vital! If you want a successful relationship then you will need to build a trusting relationship! A relationship without trust is bound to fail. Friendship is key too! I have heard that people have married their best friend! That is important because a real marriage includes two people who are very close and can share anything with each other. Even intimate details about themselves and their lives. And of course love! You can't have a relationship of any sorts if you don't love yourself first and then the other person. You can't possibly love someone if you don't know how to first love you. And if there is no love, then there can't be a real relationship because it is a necessity! These are the ground you build any great and successful relationship on. Without these, it's not going to work out. And guess what? This doesn't take a little bit of time to develop. It takes a lot of time. A few months of talking can't give you that! It takes a great deal of time and a great deal of dedication on both parties! This is why I'm not in a rush. I don't want to marry just anybody and I want to be able to take the time to know the person I'm thinking of dating in a deep way. A relationship requires that. I can't imagine marrying someone I never knew. And I don't want to do that. A real long lasting relationship means you were dedicated enough to ensure it will last through thick and thin!
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new_creation_ministries : Amen
yjhx86 : I cannot agree with you more! Thank you so much for this post!
nayy_soul : Yep!!
lapassionn : That is a Very inspirational You Should Post More inspiring Pictures Like This I Know You Will Help Somebody One Day :)
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So trueeeeee! If we focus on our problems, we will stumble! It's important to remember to focus on our God! It is so EASY to get stuck and caught up in all the MESS that is going on around us. Too much! God knows we can't handle it all by ourselves. That's why He is our helper and our Savior and our deliverer! That's why God is everything for us and to us. Because we are incapable of taking complete care of ourselves on our own! We need to trust God enough to allow our problems to stumble. Our problems have no power over us once we surrender them to God. If we decide to keep them and worry and stress and cry and moan and groan, we will start stumbling. We are giving Satan power over us. We are allowing satan to control us. We need God's interception in our problems. And He is the only one who is capable of solving our problems. We need to pray. Give it to God. Let go! Do NOT hold on to it! We need to remember what God's promises are. He will supply your needs, He will grant you strength, He didn't give you fear, etc. Trust God enough to take control of your problems! Trust Him enough to make your problems stumble. Don't let them have control over you! Surrender them to the omnipotent and omniscient God that we serve and allow Him to work it all out in His perfect way that only He can do!
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bella_doll21 : that's my battle right now but we have to be strong and keep our eyes on our Father πŸ™β€οΈπŸ˜Š
sharonda_mc : @bella_doll21 Amen sis! I will keep you in my prayers if that is ok with you
bella_doll21 : Of course you can :) and I will do the same!
sharonda_mc : @bella_doll21 thanks!
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This is true. Everyone will have an opinion about you. But not everyone's opinion counts. Some people you don't even have to waste your time listening to. Because it is clear that their opinion is not true. We don't have to try and live up to what everyone demands us to be like. Our parents may want us to be clones of them-doing everything their way and the way they perceive to be the "correct" way to do things. Some people don't want us to be a unique individual-that's what God created you to be. So they will try and get you to change your uniqueness, your individuality. Some people don't like the way you think and want to try to manipulate you into thinking their way. Whatever the case, it is important to not focus on what someone thinks about you. It is important to focus on what God thinks. He is our King. He is our judge. He alone vindicates us. So don't let what one person say get to you. Everyone you met and sometimes people who have never met you will have an opinion of you. But not everything you have to listen to. You know what is fact from fiction. If it's true you can acknowledge it. If not, ignore it. Don't let it drag you down or make you consider changing yourself. Be yourself! Be your own persona! Be whoever God created you to be.
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acehoodbaby : Amen!
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Look what came in the mail! πŸ“¬βœ‰οΈ I got a letter from Urbana Student Missions Conference! I remember when I went two years ago! I honestly did not think I was going to be attending this conference. It was too far away! It was too expensive! It was going to be too cold! I made up every excuse in the book as to why I didn't want to attend. But God had other plans. Urbana is a student missions conference that occurs every three years and is located in Saint Louis, Missouri. It is put on by @intervarsityusa (InterVarsity USA) a college campus ministry. At this conference I received my calling from The Lord Jesus. I heard Him loud and clear that He wanted me to pursue studies in Human Services and to become a full time missionary as a long term goal. I actually found out at the conference that all my fears concerning attending were obsolete. God proved to be very much so faithful so I had no reason to be afraid. He was going to protect me, carry me, and help me to get there safely and back safely too. I am so happy I attended now. No regrets! God spoke to me! He moved! He changed my heart! I am so grateful for this opportunity! And I hope others consider attending as well! This is a powerful, life changing conference. Knowing God's will for your life is number one. Nothing is more important than following His leading and serving Him with your life! I am so happy I am not living the same way I used to and in a major in college that wasn't for me. Only God knew that Human Services was for me and mission work and boy can I tell you that this truly is my niche! Never been happier in my life to go to school. But when we follow Jesus, this is what happens. Always! Urbana 2015- December 27-31, 2015. Check it out:! #intervarsity
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rockbyter : Awesome testimony and thanks for sharing, God bless
sharonda_mc : Thanks for reading it! I appreciate your love and support! 😘 @rockbyter
myheartbeatslove : How come I didn't get a letter
sharonda_mc : @myheartbeatslove It should be coming in the mail soon!
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This so very true! And I know what this is like first hand! There have been lots of people who have attempted to try to discourage what God has put in my heart. I clearly know The Lord Almighty told me to do something or told me what He will do in and with my life and someone comes and tries to tell me otherwise. I know I can't listen to what everyone has to say. Not everyone is walking my journey. Not everyone is assigned the calling that God has called me to. It's important to remember that not everyone will understand God's calling over your life. They won't understand your journey or walk. That's ok. Don't listen. If The Lord God Almighty told you something you best believe that God has something big for you! You best believe that God's opinion is more important. God's calling is has more weight than what a mere man has to say about you. I know when I changed my major I had a few critics. I didn't want to be a veterinarian anymore and I was following what God placed on my heart-to be a human service worker and a missionary as a long term goal. I had a few people who were distasteful about my choice but I knew that God Himself personally told me what He wanted me to do with my life. I can't afford to ignore God and listen to those who were trying to discourage me. Because following God is more important to me than what any man thinks. God has something wonderful and amazing and inspiring writing with your name engraved all over it. NOBODY ELSE can do it better than you can. Why? Because the promise isn't in somebody else-it is in YOU! And only YOU can fulfill it. Do NOT let someone's idea of how you should be living your life change your course of path! Do NOT let them discourage you! Do NOT allow them to talk you out of your calling in Christ Jesus and your God given destiny! Only one person matters. Only one person is who we serve and that is Jesus. We do what He told us to because He is our king. Not mom, not dad, not brother, not sister, not your supervisor or your pastor. God has something for you that you will enjoy doing. Trust Him above anything. He will never let you down when you place your full trust in Him.
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jasmineanastacia : So true! :)
sharonda_mc : @creation_ministries @ohyeajacks
new_creation_ministries : Yes amen true happy sabbath :)
sharonda_mc : Thanks! Happy Sabbath to you too! @creation_ministries
sharonda_mc : @ritacrazywraps Thank you. May God richly bless you! @jasmineanastacia Amen! @corinna_2u Love ya sis!
speek_liif : Love you too beautiful 😊
sharonda_mc : 😘 @corinna_2u
praiseg3 : Thats a good quote~
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Soooo today I finally got to meet my caseworker from Big Brothers Big Sisters! I got trained today to be a mentor! This is so exciting! I'm so ready to do this! I seriously cannot wait to feed into another young person's life and encourage them and motivate them and point them gently in the right direction! I cannot wait to see God continuing to lead me and shape me and mold me into the Human Service worker He wants me to be! This is going to be a life changing experience not just for my little but for me as well. I think this will show me what being a counselor is like first hand without a therapy session because a lot of things I will be doing in this program is what counselors do on a normal basis! It is so exciting to know that you will be uplifting a child and helping them to obtain a brighter future. It's so amazing to know that you will be a turning point in someone's life. God is so good. I'm so eager! I'm so ready! I can't wait to see my little. This training session encouraged me so much and poured more fuel into my spirit. Our little children need the help! They need direction! Some just need someone in their lives that care and that's all. Whatever their need, God has put us here to uplift and encourage and guide and put a positive influence on others! To be lights in all this darkness! I want to be used! Anyway He can use me! This is so empowering! I pray sincerely for the little child that I will be mentoring. That this experience will leave a lasting mark on their life forever! They will be changed! They will make better decisions and they will go higher in their education! It's official! I'm a volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters!
mrz_kcproduction : When I was in undergrad I too thought about joining them as a mentor. Have fun!
sharonda_mc : Thanks! I can't wait! @mrz_kcproduction
sharonda_mc : @themetamorphosisofgipsy
ggmonique : awesome
kaitshauni : I've been with BBBS since January and I love my little brother <3
sharonda_mc : @kaitshauni Awesome! What's the program like? @ggmonique Thanks!
kaitshauni : @sharonda_mc I visit my little brother once a week for about an hour. I personally bring old maid, go fish and match the picture games along with the material BBBS gives me. We play these games after we're finished reading. All the teachers were very kind and helpful too. I'm happy to see him again this fall.
sharonda_mc : @kaitshauni Aw! Your making me more excited! This sounds like something I will really enjoy! I can't wait!
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This is so true! Do not base your decisions on what someone else says who doesn't have to deal with the results! Not everyone can give you good advice and age doesn't make someone wise either. People will give you advice on all different kinds of things such as when to marry, who to marry, how to raise your kids, what kind of job you should have, what kind of car you should drive, what major you should have in school and so much more. Not every advice is sound advice! Not everyone knows what they are talking about! What works for one person doesn't necessarily work for everyone. One shoe does not fit all! It's important to remember that you do not has to follow what everyone says. They can give their opinion or how it worked for them but stay open. And keep in mind that you don't have to do it their way. There are a million different ways things could happen for you! Keep in mind that not everyone can give good advice-not to speak bad about anyone but this is true! Not everyone can understand your situation either. So you need to be able to decide for yourself if their advice is useful to you in your individual situation. One thing to keep in mind is that God's advice is always worth following. Man can and sometimes will lead us astray but our God will not! Our God will give us clear and right direction! Our God will lead us. He knows and understands everything that is going on in our lives and He will advise us on the correct path to go or the correct thing to do. His advice is never wrong! It's always correct and always has our best interest in mind. It's good to consider what someone says but don't let it make your decisions!
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jaxxschwarcz : Yes aman
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Amen! God totally does this! I was told recently that I'm "closed off" to relationships and I can't find someone if I am not willing to talk to a man. The second part is true. You can't find someone if you won't talk to them. But I don't think that it's my job to go and find someone. It's God's and He already did that! I'm not going to sit around worried if I will find a man or be able to have children one day because if it is God's will, there is not one thing on the face of this planet that can stop it from happening. God will lead me to who is right for me in His perfect timing. I don't have to keep looking. I do not have to talk to every single guy that walks by me trying desperately to find God's match for me. I don't have to be in a rush to get married! Because God's timing is absolutely perfect. God is preparing me and my future husband for each other so when our time comes we are ready for each other and start a lifelong relationship. Hey! I say all of the above just to encourage you all! It's not a RACE! It's not a RUSH! Whatever you are waiting on God for, trust Him to take over and do what He needs to do. It's nice to have the things you are waiting for be it a house or a car or a husband/wife or children, but when we do it outside of the will and timing of God we have some serious issues coming. God told us to not have sex out of wedlock because He knew the problems that would come later! God told us to wait on Him to give us a wife or husband because He already knows how difficult it is to live with another person for the rest of your life and He knows that it is a million times harder to live with someone for the rest of your life who isn't compatible or right for you! God has a way of working things out! He knows right now is not the time for that new car or that home but when it is right the door will open! The locks will be removed! The path will be clear! God's got this! We just are impatient! Let it go! Trust God! And let Him reign in your life! Only He can to give you the desires of your heart that will satisfy you forever.
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msministries : AMEN sister
_bornagain7 : Amen πŸ™Œ
teneasanders : Agreed and <3 it
always4jesus7 : @sharonda_mc Why does this look familiar?? Hmm...
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Repost from @i2imovement ! I have been in situations where I have experienced this first hand. And sometimes it is hard to determine why someone who you have never done any harm to would treat you so nasty and hate you. There may be a variety of reasons to their behavior but one of the 3 could be the case. A lot of reasons why people have so much hatred is rooted in jealousy or low self esteem. Some people aren't sure of who they are or don't like who they are. They wish they were you. They wish they had your life. Your looks. Your friends. Your self esteem. Whatever. People really need prayer. They need love. We shouldn't let these people who fit those three reasons get to us. They are really cryin out for love. When I was in these situations it was hard to deal with it. Because I didn't understand why someone who I treated better than they were treating me would ever stoop so low. Would ever hate me. Would ever hate me for no reason at all. But what matters more is that we pray for them and we try our hardest to show them the love of Jesus. Don't get so focused in how much they want to be you or they want what you have-that is not important. What's important is showing them what a real Christian would do in a situation like this. If they see you as a threat that could mean that there is something about you they just don't like so strongly it threatens them. Maybe it's your talent or anything really. Maybe they could be afraid of you getting higher than they are in education or on the job. Or you ever becoming more popular than they are can threaten someone. Again the important thing to do in a situation like this is to PRAY! Pray that God will strengthen your heart and give you the right words to say to this person and the right attitude towards them. Pray that He will help you to treat them as He would. And pray for that individual as well! That God will change their heart and help them to find healthier ways to deal with whatever is going on inside of themselves. I really believe that God is able to work on people's hearts and change them. He can help you to also treat them in a Christ-like manner. Don't let the haters get to you! Let them grow you! #pray πŸ™
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elle_eff247 : Girl, take me to CHURCH--again! Do you preach somewhere other than here? I think you should! Thank you, Miss Sharonda, for feeding my spirit again 😌@sharonda_mc
sharonda_mc : @biblical_truth_revealed @rockbyter
sharonda_mc : @elle_eff247 Lol. I'm a professional author. I'm definitely not a preacher! It's not for me Hun. But thank you! Ur welcome :)
new_creation_ministries : True
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Amen to this! Oh my! God is awesome! He is worthy to be praised! Today was so amazing! I think God lifted a burden off of my shoulders and He reminded me and assured me that He will work everything out in my life. I felt it deep down in my spirit and was filled with joy! It's so easy to doubt God and not trust Him. It's so easy to step back and say oh well, the situation looks bad. I don't have the money or I don't have the looks or the ability. But God's favor or blessings or ability is not hinged on what we have! It is hinged on His GREAT AND WONDERFUL AND DEEP AND STRONG AND EVERLASTING love He has for you! God works when we express faith in Him. Not when we doubt. That's what He works on. His power cannot be made known without an individual showing some type of faith in Him and His power. God wants you to know tonight that every single thing He has promised you will fall into place! In His timing! It will work out! It doesn't have to look good or you don't have to have a large amount of money! All you have to do is BELIEVE! And God will allow the right breaks to occur! He will have you meet the right people who will set you in the right path or open doors for you! At the right time, barriers will fall down, chains will be lose and locked doors will open up! God will come through in your darkest moment when you thought He forgot all about you. I'm telling you! Allow God's gracious hand to move in your situation! I have an instance in which I believe God will allow things to fall into place in my life and hope and pray it encourages somebody today! So I was concerned about getting a job after I graduate from my college. I'll have some time in between my graduation and when grad school begins. I will need a new job that's temporary because when I do graduate from my college I will lose my job. I prayed about this one night after worrying all day about it and God gave me a dream that was prophetic. In the dream I applied for jobs after I graduated from my college and I got two jobs. I was so excited and relieved to know God was literally saying to me He will provide the jobs I need. I really felt Him speaking through that dream. Be patient! It's going to be ok!
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sharonda_mc : @awakethee Love you sis! I'm very happy that you have been blessed by the Christian club and by our friendship. Your a blessing to me too.
syllvviaaa : @the_nickstergram
awakethee : @sharonda_mc
awakethee : Love you too! πŸ’—
sharonda_mc : @ohyeajacks @biblical_truth_revealed
sharonda_mc : @awakethee 😘
sharonda_mc : @nayy_soul
nayy_soul : Amen!
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Just invited the owner of "chic berry frozen yogurt" to Sunday service how excited are you really for @centralmia tommorow invite! Invite! Invite! See you 9am|11am|1pm you choose #GODFIRST #jesusfirstbro
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davidstockerjr : Dude. That's so awesome. #thisisourtime
pauly_d85 : Amazing!
___megannn : This just fired me up! So glad to be home!!!!
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It don't matter if your young!!! You ain't missing nothing!! 😜 you can do this!! #encourage the next generation go!!! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜πŸ˜€#GODFIRST #jesusfirstbro
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kdurhamfamily : Amen to that cuz
jermainedurham : @kdurhamfamily love you too
christlys : #Godfirst
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About tonight...??? Yea @stephowilliamson and the rest of central worship killed it with praise and worship Stepho preached the roof "we got the victory SON!!" Lol Stepho wanted to be on that missions trip so he brought NY to us lol just another great night at #vividculture #centralmia #GODFIRST #jesusfirstbro
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lizgarcia67 : It was absolutely Amazing!!!! @janine_elise_ @stephowilliamson amazing message and worship! So happy to be thereβ€οΈπŸ˜πŸ‘
yari__lend : Those drums tho πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Š
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_danielita : Hey I know them!!! :) awesome!
jermainedurham : One of the homies came to @vividculture from #freecoffeefriday at fiu it was an epic night @centralmia #centralmia #vividculture #thisisourtime #jesusfirstbro #GODFIRST
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The first thing I thought when I read this for the first time was OUCH! And it's true! Very true! Do not be upset if someone doesn't like you or can't stand you or are jealous of you! Hey! You are a valuable and precious creature created in God's image! You have value! You have worth! You are as precious as diamond! So what if someone can't stand you? They can't handle your value. Just ignore them and pray for them. You are a nice creation. A precious one. And people reject nice things all of the time. Do not be put off by those that reject you. They are not aware of who you are which is a child of the most high God! You are the apple of God's eye! You are His valued child and nobody can stop God's love from loving you. And nobody can stop God from being there with you. It doesn't matter who they are or what they said or did. All that matters that you keep it moving. You don't stop because someone hates you for absolutely no reason at all-you never did anything to them but they are just grudge holders and refuse to forgive. You don't stop because somebody doesn't like you or is jealous. You don't stop because they are spreading rumors and acing childish. You keep going and keep pursuing your goals and dreams. You are a prized possession to God! Don't ever let someone take that away from you-your value to God and your identity in Him. Let them reject you. It may be the best thing that has ever happened to you in the end.
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flyhi13 : Well said!
flyhi13 : Repost.
dianadunham : @georgiadunham this is awesome!
elle_eff247 : I needed to see this--thank you and thank God! @sharonda_mc
a_woman_of_purpose_ : Have to #Repost!!πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
a_woman_of_purpose_ : I needed this tonight!
nadiiashapoval : Beautiful!
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Repost from @spiritualword ! Yes! It's easy to begin things like this! Things like I am unlovable or nobody wants me. And it's not true! The enemy wants us to think things like this because he wants to defeat us and put us down. He wants us to be negative and feel like we are doomed. But that is not true. We have our special match. And God took extra time to create that special someone! God wanted to make sure that person was perfect for you. And even so God is taking His time in introducing you two. He wants it to be extra special and at the right time! He doesn't want something rushed or unplanned. He likes to surprise us! He likes to keep us in awe of who He is. And just because someone like your mom or a friend met their spouse in a particular way DOES NOT mean that is God's plan for you! He has a million and more ways to do what He wants to do. You don't have to conform to everyone's way of meeting their spouse because they say that's how it happens. Who is to say how it happens? Only God knows how it will happen! And He is plans our steps. He is creative and He doesn't do things the same way over and over again. It isn't the same old with God. He loves doing things in new ways. If you have been feeling like there is nobody out there, pray! Ask God for His guidance! Allow Him to guide you to that right person and He will. You don't have to try out to every boy or girl you see. You don't have to be in everyone's face! You don't have to go and do things that are clearly outside your comfort zone to find someone. You can rest knowing that when God is ready and He knows it is the right time, you two will meet and you two will marry! It won't always be easy but it's better than trying to find someone on our own who wasn't the person God designed just for you and hating every single day you are with that person. As long as God is the center, everything will fall in line and work out just the way God planned it-for our good! #waitongod
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sharonda_mc : @shannymaranatha33 Amen! God bless you sis!
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always4jesus7 : Yesssss!!!!!!!! Couldn't agree more!! Thanks for the reminder @sharonda_mc <3
sharonda_mc : Love ya sis! @always4jesus7
always4jesus7 : @sharonda_mc Love u too!! <3 and I wish u could be @ the CSF events!!! Ur following the CSF fb page right?
sharonda_mc : @always4jesus7 Yeah. I'm not coming to any of those events though
sharonda_mc : Thanks for the invite tho. Appreciate it. @always4jesus7
always4jesus7 : Ok <3 <3 @sharonda_mc
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In the midst of all your problems, just keep calm and call upon the mighty name of Jesus! Nobody can stop a believer from calling upon the matchless name of Jesus. When call on Jesus you are saying, Jesus I trust You! I know You are all powerful and can work in my problem or my situation. Instead of letting people drain you dry or a problem eat away at your mind and happiness, CALL ON JESUS! Only Jesus is able to solve your problems. Worrying will not! Only Jesus' hand in your life can make mountains move out the way! Only Jesus' hand moving in your life can make the devil tuck his tail between his legs and fleeeee! Only Jesus' hand can destroy disease and sickness! No matter what the issue is, when you call on the holy name of Jesus demons tremble! Jesus is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that you could ask of Him! If you would just CALL on His name, you will see Him at work! No matter how dirty it is or how deep it is or how long ago it may seem or how costly it might be or how difficult it is, JESUS is almighty! Nothing is greater than Him. Nothing is HIGHER than He is! Do NOT let your circumstance get the best of you. Jesus says hold on! He will work it out! Call on Him! Give it to Him! And watch Him make ways out of no way for you! Side note: please pray for me Instagrammers! Got a test tomorrow in Cognitive Behavorial Therapy! Praying I can end the semester off well! Thanks loves 😘
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bella_doll21 : I needed this thank you! πŸ™β€οΈ
sharonda_mc : #amen
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sharonda_mc : Amen! May God continue to richly bless you sis! @bella_doll21
dredregalvan : @ialvarezphotography AMEN!!
ialvarezphotography : Amen @dredregalvan
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