Repost from @spiritualword ! Yes! It's easy to begin things like this! Things like I am unlovable or nobody wants me. And it's not true! The enemy wants us to think things like this because he wants to defeat us and put us down. He wants us to be negative and feel like we are doomed. But that is not true. We have our special match. And God took extra time to create that special someone! God wanted to make sure that person was perfect for you. And even so God is taking His time in introducing you two. He wants it to be extra special and at the right time! He doesn't want something rushed or unplanned. He likes to surprise us! He likes to keep us in awe of who He is. And just because someone like your mom or a friend met their spouse in a particular way DOES NOT mean that is God's plan for you! He has a million and more ways to do what He wants to do. You don't have to conform to everyone's way of meeting their spouse because they say that's how it happens. Who is to say how it happens? Only God knows how it will happen! And He is plans our steps. He is creative and He doesn't do things the same way over and over again. It isn't the same old with God. He loves doing things in new ways. If you have been feeling like there is nobody out there, pray! Ask God for His guidance! Allow Him to guide you to that right person and He will. You don't have to try out to every boy or girl you see. You don't have to be in everyone's face! You don't have to go and do things that are clearly outside your comfort zone to find someone. You can rest knowing that when God is ready and He knows it is the right time, you two will meet and you two will marry! It won't always be easy but it's better than trying to find someone on our own who wasn't the person God designed just for you and hating every single day you are with that person. As long as God is the center, everything will fall in line and work out just the way God planned it-for our good! #waitongod
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In the midst of all your problems, just keep calm and call upon the mighty name of Jesus! Nobody can stop a believer from calling upon the matchless name of Jesus. When call on Jesus you are saying, Jesus I trust You! I know You are all powerful and can work in my problem or my situation. Instead of letting people drain you dry or a problem eat away at your mind and happiness, CALL ON JESUS! Only Jesus is able to solve your problems. Worrying will not! Only Jesus' hand in your life can make mountains move out the way! Only Jesus' hand moving in your life can make the devil tuck his tail between his legs and fleeeee! Only Jesus' hand can destroy disease and sickness! No matter what the issue is, when you call on the holy name of Jesus demons tremble! Jesus is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that you could ask of Him! If you would just CALL on His name, you will see Him at work! No matter how dirty it is or how deep it is or how long ago it may seem or how costly it might be or how difficult it is, JESUS is almighty! Nothing is greater than Him. Nothing is HIGHER than He is! Do NOT let your circumstance get the best of you. Jesus says hold on! He will work it out! Call on Him! Give it to Him! And watch Him make ways out of no way for you! Side note: please pray for me Instagrammers! Got a test tomorrow in Cognitive Behavorial Therapy! Praying I can end the semester off well! Thanks loves 😘
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sharonda_mc : Amen! May God continue to richly bless you sis! @bella_doll21
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Repost from @instagodministries . Hope it's ok I post my inspirational post early today! I have lots of studying and schoolwork to catch up on! This is something that I have been trying to remind myself! God's will ALWAYS comes to pass! No matter how long or short it takes, God has to have His way. Some people rush their sons and daughters into relationships but that is not how it should go! Because if God desires they get married, in His timing it will happen. Some people will rush into doing this and that but we should be rushing to wait! Yes. Rushing to wait! God has an amazing plan for our lives and we need to wait. We don't have to be in a huge hurry to do things because God already mapped out our steps and He already ordained certain things to happen. It's us who are in the rush to get married or to get a boyfriend or girlfriend or to have kids. If God wants it to occur, it will! Maybe not on your time schedule but it will. His plan is always better than ours! We can't outsmart our God. He is smarter than us. And even when it comes to planning our lives. He only can plan it out the best because He is smarter and wiser and knows what is best for us. I thank God for His wisdom. And that whatever He wants me to have, I will have! At the right time! I don't have to rush! I don't have to be in a big hurry! I can rest in God's presence knowing that He will guide me and give me what is right for me to have in His time. I have no reason to rush because God has everything under control and my steps are ordered. Praise God!
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Repost from @instagodministries ! So I wasn't going to post tonight. I tried earlier and Instagram deleted all the words I had in my post before I got around to posting the post but I think God may have something else He wants me to tell you guys! So here is a nice quick post before I head to my bed! God will NOT hold back anything that is good for His people! I am awaiting God's blessing in the car department over here and I can't wait for God to bless me with a new car! It doesn't have to be like 2015 brand new you know? But a newer and much much much better car than what I got right now. I need something more reliable so I can get to grad school next year and around the town or city I will be staying in. I don't want to have to depend on people and I don't want my dreams on hold because of a car situation. You know, it is so difficult for me to actually believe that God will not hold anything good from His people! sometimes I struggle with this! Because my situation LOOKS so bad! But the more I grow in Christ and the more I witness who God is every single day it becomes a little but easier to believe that God will bless me. At the right time of course! He will provide! He is more than able to give us the desires of our hearts and He knows how important it is I receive that new car! He knows that it would it ten times harder for me to accomplish my dreams and the calling He has over my life if I don't have a vehicle to do it in. As hard as it is for me to keep believing sometimes this right here encourages me! God knowing that if I am patient God will give me what I need. Same with a husband! Right now it is needed. I just need to get my education finished-and that's my goal really. To get married AFTER I complete my education. Education comes first! If God doesn't withhold any good thing, He will give me that special someone AT THE RIGHT TIME! All we have to do is be patient! Trust God! He isn't trying to hide anything from us or ruin our fun! He is trying to prevent us from getting hurt! He has a unique plan for each and every one of us. Me just need to focus on the task at hand and in the right moment, that which He promised will come to pass!
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πŸ™ˆsorry for being supper inactiveπŸ™ˆ 😁we'll try to post more😁 ❀️love y'all❀️
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@centralmia kids & @peacelove_tiffy no type of mercy just hacked me like crazy over 100 pics in my phone kids worship was awesome and had the privelage to kick it with the coolest kids in the Mia #centralkidsmia yessir!! #jesusfirstbro #GODFIRST
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"Every great prince needs a princess on his arm and that princess got to understand the mission that he on"...son and daughter of "KING JESUS" #royalty #jesusfirstbro #manonamission #manwithavision #GODFIRST
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@centralmia #thisisourtime series continues tommorow 9am|11am|1pm see you there! #youbelonghere #GODFIRST #jesusfirstbro
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I wanted to speak on 2 Corinthians 11:14. We have to beware of other Christians who come in the name of The Lord or people who claim to be Christians and in actuality their life is a different story. We have to be on our toes when we encounter different people that preach a different story than what thus says The Lord preaches. There are plenty of false Christians out there! There are plenty of wolves in sheep's clothing. If we examine what people do and say and engage in, we can tell if they really are on God's side or not. Some people have a facade on and hide their true feelings or true self from everyone except God of course. Some people knowingly lead God's people astray misquoting scripture and taking everything out of context. They sugar coat it and fit it to match what they want the Bible to say. Some people love a double life. A saint at church and a devil all other 6 days of the week. It's real! And if Satan can pretend to be an angel of light, what can we do? We can do damage! There are so many people who are not truly living for God that we cannot let their title, 'Christian, Pastor, Spiritual Leader, Youth Leader, Worship Leader' and etc get us lost and twisted and confused when you see the other side of them or they tell you something that you know isn't how God operates. There are too many wolves in sheep's clothing out there. If we are to be God's choose people we have to make our stand to live by God's word and His word alone. Not what we think it should say. Not what the world says it should say. Buy what we have read for ourselves. Don't get lost following the blind! You'll get nowhere. By following God's words, we have a guaranteed spot in Heaven with our name on it!
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biblical_truth_revealed : Amen so true sis
instaencourager : 1John4v1
sharonda_mc : @rockbyter @msministries
sharonda_mc : Yes! @instaencourager That's it right there!
msministries : Amen. Pray for discernment
rockbyter : Amen! Too many have been misled by false teachers.
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Yesssss!!!!! What is going on right now in your life will soon be something that occurred "back then"! Praise God! Our problems are not here forever! It's temporary! It's a relief for myself! I haven't been having a perfect life. And it sometimes seems like these problems are going on and on and on. Sometimes it seems like the people who are not for me but are against me will be bothering me forever. It feels like they will never leave me alone-as if they will always be in my life tormenting me! But God says no! These trials and tribulations are temporary! These problems and issues are only for a moment! I thank God! Better is coming! Better is around the block! Don't blink! Your breakthrough-your testimony is right at your doorstep! If you blink, you may miss it! Hey! God has something amazing for you and me! And whatever that is occurring right now that is not right in God's eyes, I promise you it will be something that happened "back then". People who cause chaos in our life do not cause chaos forever! Trouble does not last always! God has a way of removing people who do not belong in your life! Trust me! Your "right now" is going to be "back then" very soon! Keep trusting! Keep holding on! Keep the faith! It won't be much longer and your brighter day will be here and here to stay! How encouraging is that? Praise be to God! πŸ™Œ
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Amen to this! Repost from @instagodministries . Sometimes God has to remove certain things or people from our lives because He has something greater in store. And He knows that person, place or thing cannot possibly get you to the next level. They will hold you back or ruin your future. At times it is a struggle to actually believe that God has something better for us but He does! He does want us to be successful. And He knows who may hinder your success. God knows the heart of man! He can tell you every single thing about someone even your best friend. And when He sees something in somebody that will harm you, He stops it! He removes the obstacle. God doesn't want anyone to ruin our lives. He doesn't want anyone to try to stop us from becoming all He wants us to be. He will personally step in and take care of things like that. He will work it out so we can have the best chance of experiencing that greater thing He has at work. God is so good! He doesn't let people stop us or ruin us. When God's people have a task to complete, He makes sure our path is absolutely clear so we can do the work He has set forth for us to do!
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sharonda_mc : Lol! God bless you Hun! @dmarajoanne
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biblical_truth_revealed : So true sis!
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Dear Lord, I just want to pray that You will personally visit with each and every one of us. Whatever issues we may be going through I just want to pray You will be in it and work it out. Please continue to strengthen us. Please help us to remember that You are on top of every circumstance that we go through. There is nothing to great for our God to fix and work out. Please Lord work in out lives. No matter what it is or how bad the circumstance hurts, please help us to cling to You. We don't want to stray! We don't want to loose our focus! We want to focus on You and Your amazing ability to work out and fix and mend broken hearts or situations. You can do it God! And we want to see Your mighty hand at work in our lives! When You work in our lives, we are never the same! And we are mended! We are healed! We can walk forward in victory! God, thank You for already working in our lives and helping us to feel better, have renewed hope and strength! We thank You Lord Jesus. We thank You for hearing and answering our prayers! In Your wonderful name I pray, amen ❀️
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2antwan8 : @sharonda_mc Smh that was powerful. I enjoy reading your prayers you post that are uplifting and powerful. Amen.
sharonda_mc : @2antwan8 God bless you!
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I have read this verse many times before and I still remember the first time I read it. It really encouraged me knowing that I can rejoice when I run into various trials. It's one hard thing to do. To actually rejoice when we go through problems. The default thing to do is to complain or doubt or give up. But God want us to know that His purpose for allowing us to endure trials is to build us up into the person He created us to be. The Bible says that trials produce endurance, and endurance, character, and character, hope! We will have sure hope at the end of all of this craziness! It does seem impossible at times. And it does seem like God isn't here or He doesn't have a plan but rest assured! He already knows that if we didn't go through this problem we wouldn't be a stronger person or a wiser person or a more dedicated Christian that is devoted to Him and Him alone. I know for a fact when I go through my trials it isn't a walk in the park and I don't always take it the way I should but this Scripture encourages me every time. My God will see me through! My God will strengthen me! My God will work it all out! My God will allow me to be the child He wants me to be! The process is not always fun or comfortable! But the END PRODUCT is worth it all. We don't beg for this stuff but God knows what He is doing and we can trust Him. Even in painful trials or circumstances. We will be able to endure later on! We will have the character of God later! We will have HOPE! The best part! Having hope in God. God will see you and me through! We just have to hold on and keep going. Our trials are not here to stay! It's only temporary! God's got you! He will make everything better in the end!
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thedailyfaith : Worship the lord!
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xniece : Amen!
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oh.maya.g0sh : idk you & ive never seen you a day in my life or even seen your page, but i just typed in #JesusFreak hoping id see something encouraging & i feel like i was literally LEAD to read this & i truly thank you for putting this up because i needed to read this. I'm currently in a situation right now & I'm feeling terrible about the way things turned out ^^ but this .. this message gives me life & hope .. thank you
sharonda_mc : @delovely_anna @bible_is_truth_777 @rockbyter @2god_be_da_glory @msministries
rockbyter : Amen!
sharonda_mc : Oh wow! Praise God that He led you to my post. I'm happy to hear that it has touched you. I hope it's ok if I lift you up in prayer tonight. Praying your problems will be solved tonight in Jesus name!
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Grace will meet you in the Valley, and her Song will carry you Home on the Wind to another Sky filled with ethereal Beauty unfolding and everlasting Love.βœ‹πŸŒ…β˜πŸŽΆ Quote:#ShannonAlder ************************************************************** Location:🌎Sunrise at #MonumentValley #NavajoTribalPark - #ArizonaUtah USA Photography By Β©Jared Marshall . Great Morning to you All.πŸ˜ŒπŸ˜˜βœ¨πŸ’• ******************************************************** #Picturequote#phototag_nature#landscapes_Styles#landscapeHunter#tgif_nature#humbleplaces#World_Shotz#skymasters_family#rsa_sky#rsa_nature#reflection_shotz#splendid_horizon#Nature#VisualHeaven#Jesusfirstbro#Horizon#Wordstoliveby#Instamood#Instanaturefriends_#WorldHeritageSite#Unesco#quotesgram#HappyMonday 21/07/2014 07:51am
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My #life may not be #perfect but I am #blessed❀️x #quote #truth #jesusfirstbro #christian #christianity #blessed #thankful #happiness #instagood #instalike #likes4likes #followme
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Thanks @johnramd @willpalavicini @realz_mccoy for supporting me today meant a lot to me my vivid/central fam @vividculture @centralmia #jesusfirstbro #GODFIRST
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Christmas in July first concert will remember this It was a blessing to a blessing to others thank you @rescuemiamioutreach for believing in GOD's vision for my life #GODFIRST #jesusfirstbro
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jessyrn : You blessed a lot of people!! Thank you! #rescuemiamioutreach
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"The Christmas in July " concert was awesome at the last minute my homie @realz_mccoy came to the back and said hand me the mic! & a lady came to the back and said I gave her hope for her young teenager lost that meant more to me then the concert all that to say this today was a success!! #jesusfirstbro #GODFIRST
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jaybatistamusic : So proud of you!
jessyrn : #rescuemiamioutreach amazing!!πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
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jermainedurham : Believe me when I say they are the future love them both @___yarilend @thed0n_ love to help serve them some of the greatest birth right out of @centralmia @vividculture #vividculture #centralmia #fridaynight #jesusfirstbro #GODFIRST
thed0n_ : Love you bro. Truly one of a kind
jermainedurham : @thed0n_ love you too bro
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Then He said to his Followers β€œThe Harvest is plentiful, but the Workers are few. Ask the Lord of the Harvest, therefore, to send out more Workers into his Harvest Field. 🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾 Quote:#Luke10:2 #Matthew9:37 ******************************************************** Location:🌏Unknown Photography Credits by Dear @Halzaim Please check his Feed out for more.πŸ’• . Good Afternoon to you All. πŸŒπŸŒΏπŸŒΎπŸβœ¨πŸ’« ********************************************************* #Picturequote#quoteoftheday#phototag_nature#landscapes_Styles#landscapeHunter#tgif_nature#humbleplaces#Harvest#HarvestTime#Prayers#Field#Workers#JesusfirstBro#World_Shotz#Splendid_Horizon#Skywatchers#skymasters_family#BlueSky##wordstoliveby#Instanaturefriends_reflection_shotz#quotesgram#Qotd#Instamood#GoodAfternoon 18/07/2014 15:43hrs
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jermainedurham : #freecofeefriday was a success again hands down it wouldn't be the same without @stephowilliamson his passion for people blows me away every Friday!!!! @centralmia #centralmia #fiu #servanthood #lovemiami #lovethecity #lovethepeople #jesusfirstbro
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I was reading my At Risk Youth textbook today and I was put back at the section in chapter 6 that discussed Purpose in Life. Some people feel as though they will never become anything in life. They think they have no purpose. So their actions reflect their thinking. Dropping out of school, having children out of wedlock or very early in their life (teen pregnancy) and etc are examples of what thinking like this can lead to. These children do not see the purpose in saying no to drugs or to the opportunity to have sex or to steal with their friends because they don't believe they have a future anyways. They usually give in and say yes. It is so sad and heartbreaking to know some people really have these thoughts running through their head. They don't think they have a purpose. My heart goes out to those individuals-especially our youth! I wanna encourage them all to go higher and to think higher of themselves. They are not a waste of space or time. They are not stupid. They have a real reason for being here. God doesn't make mistakes. He has a purpose for every single individual He allows to have life. I really wish I had the opportunity to encourage and to empower those people. You dot have to settle for less. Hold yourself to higher standards! Reach for the stats. Who says you can't do what you set your mind to? The only person who controls your future is you! I love to encourage others and to uplift others and challenge people to do the unthinkable. This is why I do this post every night I can on Instagram! It's my niche! This is why I want to go into human services! My calling is in that area. I can't wait to allow God to use me to help others. So many children and adults don't think they can do things because of negative things other people may have said or their parents or maybe a rough childhood but that is NOT the case! You have to ability to do great things! Make those people who discouraged you eat their words! It isn't impossible! Sky's the limit and only you have the power to accept their words as truth or defeat their words and prove it to be a lie from the pits of Hell! I can't wait to encourage my future clients! This is what I am made for! #myniche
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always4jesus7 : @sharonda_mc yes Im going for my bachelors in Human Services :) i just switched into this degree because I've realized I want & need to work with people... and I want to help them... so God led me here! Into this degree! I'm really excited! :)
sharonda_mc : @always4jesus7 Awesome! I'm happy for you. This is an amazing major!
always4jesus7 : :) yayyyy!
sharonda_mc : @always4jesus7 When are you graduating?
always4jesus7 : Prob about 3 yrs from now, because I have extra work since I switched majors
sharonda_mc : Oh wow! That's horrible sis! But you will get it done! Just keep pursuing it and being persistent! @always4jesus7
always4jesus7 : Thanks :)
sharonda_mc : Your welcome Hun! @always4jesus7
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Religion kills Jesus saves! #jesusfirstbro #GODFIRST
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hildamasip : Amen. Big time!
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We used Megan phone for light because It was too dark and I was invisible but it's ok you can see me!!! #bringlighttothedarkness #jesusknewiwouldneedlight #thankgodforlight #lightitup #jesusfirstbro
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boogy__bump : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ "no stop! No stooop" (@___megannn voice lol)!!!! #canyouseehimnow #ifyoublackyoublack @jermainedurham
___megannn : Stooooop! Seriously I hadn't laughed that much in a while. Love you guys! ❀️ @boogy__bump @peacelove_tiffy @jermainedurham
boogy__bump : Hahaha!!!! We had too much laughs last night!πŸ‘ Love you guys too!!πŸ’•
boogy__bump : @___megannn @peacelove_tiffy @jermainedurham
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#thefutureisbright #jesusfirstbro
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Sat back and watched Pastor @davidstockerjr give his all at all 3 services 9am|11am|1pm @centralmia #centralmia #thisisourtime
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jermainedurham : #jesusfirstbro
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This occurs a lot! A lot more than we may be aware of even. Many times people only distract us from God and His plan for our lives but we can't allow them to do that. And some situations can too. We have to be focused. Focused on our calling over our life or our mission in life. Focused on God's ultimate plan for our life. We can't allow people or a certain situation to sidetrack us. What is more important is to do God's will and complete our mission. God's best is better than our temporary concerns. It's better than our problems. It's greater than any man, woman, boy or girl. People can attempt to mess you up but you don't have to give them the place to do that. Just let them roll of your back like water on a duck! God's plan will prevail! God's plan will come to pass! You just keep trusting Him and remaining focused. He will see you through and put your haters and naysayers to shame!
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biblical_truth_revealed : Did you know sis that you can only put a maximum of 30 hashtags very post?
sharonda_mc : I didn't know that. Lol. @bible_is_truth_777
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I know I am excited to see what God has in store for me! It is just as this scripture states! What no man has seen and what no man has heard and what no human heart has conceived! I am feeling very passionate right now and enthusiastic about my classes! God has been so good to me guys! And every day He keeps infusing me with more joy and happiness and passion and desire to fulfill my role on this Earth! I can't wait! God has something special for us all. Something greater than what we can think of. Our God is CREATIVE. And He has different paths for everyone. One shoe doesn't fit all and God knows that very well! He has some very special things for us. And all we have to do is ASK! And He promises to show us the way! That's what I did. And He definitely showed me His path, the path of life. He showed me where I belonged in life. He showed me my niche. If you haven't found your special place, don't despair! God wants to show you! He wants to direct you! He wants to lead you along the path of life! He said ask and you shall receive. So ask it of Him and He guarantees that He will give you an answer and lead you. Only God knows where we belong. Only God know what we will excel in. Only God knows every single detail about us. His will > mine. Let us follow God's leading in every area of our lives so we can experience 1 Corinthians 2:9 for ourselves. God doesn't gives us mediocre-we SETTLE for that. If we follow God, we will never get that because He is NOT a mediocre God. He gives us the best and only the best. What do you want?
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β€œWhen you have something Good.. you don’t play with it! You don’t take chances with it! You don’t take risks with it! When you got something good, you get every single thing you can get out of it! Because When you take care of something good, that something good takes care of you.” ✨πŸ₯🎢✨ Quote:#EricThomas ************************************************************ Location:🌏#KerriTreeForest #WesternAustralia β—ΎPhotography Credits Β©ShasaMichael Please take some time to Check his Feed for more.πŸ’• . Sweet Good Morning!!!πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜˜βœ¨πŸŽΆβ˜€πŸ’› ********************************************************* #Picturequote#quoteoftheday#MorningBuddies#phototag_nature#landscapes_Styles#wow_nature#Birds#Friends#landscapeHunter#tgif_nature#humbleplaces#reflection_shotz#JesusfirstBro#wordstoliveby#dailyinspire#positivevibes#Instanaturefriends#quotesgram#instamood#goodmorning 15/07/2014 08:43am
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As this devotional states, it is important to keep God our number one priority. Things fall out of place when we lose our focus. It's easy for us to start straying and going our own way once we lose our focus on God. It's easy to forget who we are in Christ once we choose to do things our own way. It's easy to settle in situations or relationships when we forget who we are in Christ and we lose our focus. When God is number one, we will always have a clear direction. We lose our way when we stray and find ourselves in all kinds of crazy situations and settling for the craziest and silliest stuff. Things if we weren't lost we wouldn't have ever thought to do! Having our focus is imperative. Without God, we are lost! We are doomed! We cannot do it our way and expect to win! Every single time we will find that we loose. We need our constant guide! We need our companion. We need the Helper (the Holy Spirit). God doesn't have to guide us and keep us on the right path, but He does because He loves us! Let us not be people who stray thinkin we can do life by ourselves or we know better than God. We know absolutely nothing in comparison to what our Father God knows. You will never go wrong when you are under God's care and guidance. You will always be wrong when you try it your way. You may not feel the effects of doing it your way now, but later you sure will! Always ask God FIRST and put Him FIRST. There is nothing else in this world that is more important than following God and obeying God. He's going to get you wherever you need to be.
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I go to Nature to be Soothed and Healed, and to have my senses put in order. 🌍🌎🌏✨ #JohnBurroughs **************************************************** Location:🌎 #EagleCreek at #Sunrise #Oregon USA β–ͺPhotography Credits Β©Greg Stokesbury . Bright Morning Everyone!πŸ˜Œβ˜•πŸπŸ’•βœ¨ ********************************************************* #Picturequote#quoteoftheday#BeautifulDay#phototag_nature#landscapes_Styles#tgif_nature#natgeotravels#nationalgeographic#humbleplaces#Water#nature#Heals#Jesusfirstbro#wordstoliveby#Instanaturefriends#reflection_Shots#quotesgram#Qotd#Instamood#GoodMorning 13/07/2014 08:28am
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psychosomasis : Beautiful..
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gamine_byapples : @_daziamalon @bobbijay @coachdee1 @j_alex__ @_.ayanna follow this page. ..Beautiful ***
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Mais um #lindo #sΓ‘bado com os #christianskatersbrasil #Deusandacomigoeeuandodeskate #JesusFirstBro
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Lari e Matheus... #rumo a #ladeiradomuseu #norole #correria #sk8forlife #JesusFirstBro
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