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Repost from @godlydating101 . So true! Let us not become so obsessed with things we want that we lose sight of what God wants for us. It's perfectly fine to want and desire companionship. That's how God made us after all, but to become so wrapped up in it we settle with people who were never made to be our lover then we have the problems. It's important to engage God in the relationship. It's important to allow God to be a major part of your life. Pray for yourself, pray for your relationship. Pray for the other person too. Tell God what your concerns are and ask Him to show you if this relationship wasn't meant for you or anything that you need to see for yourself. God wants us in Godly relationships. He wants us with people who will lead us closer to Him and not further from Him. Someone may be a church goer, but that has nothing to do with him or her being your soulmate. There are devils in church too. God is the only person who is capable of making the perfect match. If we do it on our own, we will ALWAYS fail. We need to incorporate Him in every single part of our lives. That's the way we will find true love-through Him. It won't be a one night fling! It won't be a five month marriage on cloud nine and then all Hell breaks lose! It won't be we loved each other for what we could get and other than that we can't stand each other. We don't even talk. So sad! Don't settle! Don't get something that was never for you. Trust God even in your search for a future mate and believe me, He will never fail you. He will always give you exactly what you deserve!
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Yes! When I am afraid I want to put my trust in my Lord and Savior. It's easy to let the troubles and trials of this life weigh us down! It's easy to let it destroy our faith in Jesus. It's easy to become spiritually dead. But when troubles come and trials come our way, our best bet is to put our trust in our Savior. It can be hard to do that but it as we continue to exercise our faith in Jesus, it becomes increasingly easier to trust Him when we are afraid or troubles come our way. I know for a fact that is it is not easy for myself to always trust in The Lord. I have struggled so many times and in so many ways to trust my God fully. Sometimes we are going through the craziest things. And it looks like it's impossible to trust Him with that issue but it is imperative that we show Him our faith in the worse situations. God is still God and He is still capable of bringing you though that rough situation. The more we give God our problems and watch Him come through for us, the more we have something to build our faith on. The more we activate faith instead of worry, the more we will be able to attest to God's grace or power or wisdom in a situation! If we never do those things that help us grow in faith, we will never grow. We'll be stagnant. We'll stay where we are and that's not how God wants us to be. He wants us to grow stronger. He wants us to sprout in faith. He wants us to rooted and grounded in Him and have strong roots of faith. Troubles don't have to weigh you down! Stress doesn't have burn you out! We all have problems. Nobody has a perfect life. And those who make their life seem perfect have plenty of issues going on that they are hiding from others. One thing is common-we all need a supernatural God to solve our problems and make everything right in the end for us. And guess what? He will! Put your trust in Him and watch Him work it out for you! πŸ™
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beachgirl.florida : Trust Him He will never let you fall πŸ˜‡
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Don't give up! #jesusfirstbro #rockwithjesus #helovesme
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Repost from @biblelockscreens . Yes! Yes! Help me Lord to love others the way You do. Sometimes I will admit it is hard to love people. People do some of the cruelest and nastiest and meanest things to one another and it can be a challenge to adopt a lifestyle of loving people despite their shortcomings or faults. In reality, we will never be perfect until Jesus comes again but that shouldn't stop us from reaching out and displaying the most important thing we can to others-love! When I first came to know Jesus as my Savior I frequently wondered why there was such an emphasis on this one word love? I saw it throughout the Bible everywhere! And I eventually figured it out! The reason why love and loving others is such a big deal to God is because He is love and He wants us to implement the same characteristics He has. We are His ambassadors after all. He wants us to lift the oppressed, to be a beacon of light in someone's dark life. He doesn't want us to be mean or hurtful or nasty to others. Everything about God has to do with love. Jesus said the greatest of these is love. He is putting much emphasis on loving people. He came here to show others what God is like and ultimately what true love is as well. God's whole Bible rings with the essence of love and shows us what love is all about. Even all the way down to the 10 commandments, God has love strung right through it. The first few has to do with our love for God Himself and the second half has to do with our love for our fellow man; our neighbors. God wants us to be lovers of others; not lovers of self. And also lovers of Him as well. We can't possibly love others if we don't love Him first. I do struggle with loving people sometimes. It's hard. This world is cruel. It's hard to believer people would want to hurt other people in the ways they do but it happens. We're all sinners. We will all fall at some point in our lives. All we can do is pray for one another and show that love that God wants us to show. No, we won't love just exactly like our God loves but we can try to the best of our ability to. It's God's theme! And if we want to be like Him, we've got to make love the theme of our lives too!
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mrs_salazar33 : This one is sometimes so Hard to do but I know it is Something we have to do Not only for other people but for ourselves
christianclothing : Amen!
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in_him_is_hope : Romans 5:5. God's love is shed abroad our hearts by His Holy Spirit β™‘
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Repost from @dailybibleshaker . I love this verse! It's true! Our God knows what plans He has for us. Sometimes we are so undecided about what we want to do in life or where we want to live or who we want to marry. Maybe you've dated a couple of guys or girls and don't know exactly who is right. Perhaps you feel as though you never will find the right person, but I assure you, God knows! He knows everything! He knows everything about us. He knows the beginning from the end. Before God laid down the foundation of this Earth, He ordered the steps of us. He made the plans He desired for our lives. We don't have to walk around wondering, but trusting that God will lead us but we have to ask Him! And we have to be willing to let go of our plans (a hard task I know!) and let His plans be number one! You can trust that when you let go of your plans, you will get better plans because God's plans are to prosper us, not to harm us, to give us a hope and future! Only He knows the right path for us to take. Only He knows what we should be doing that we will enjoy. Only He can give us the joy in life we are looking for. Nothing else can. And nobody else can. That's why when we are looking for joy and happiness etc in a PERSON we end up empty or at a loss. A person can't fill your gap! Only God is capable of doing that! Our God is a good God! He promises to lead us on paths of righteousness. Not to lead us to temptation. God's got this! Don't despair! Keep the faith! Allow God to give you His best in the right time and at the right moment. Let Him be the pilot and you just come along for the ride. Let Him show you His amazing plans for your life. You may just be surprised what He has in store for you!
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Repost from @wisdomfeed . I have forgiven plenty of people and moved on from them as well but I can't say I trust them fully like I did before. Sometimes when someone shows you their true colors, you just got to let go of some aspects of the relationship. I have been hurt by some of these individuals so much I can possibly confide in them like I did before or rely on them like I once did. There is a difference between forgiving and trust. You don't have to go back to the same person who walked all over you and beat up you emotionally or mentally if you forgive them. There is a big difference. You aren't obligated to be close to someone who hurt you just because you forgave them. Forgiving isn't saying that that person was correct in what they did either. You are just saying I refuse to let what this individual did control me for the rest of my life. I'm moving on. I'm letting it go. I won't let it get me irate or upset anymore. It is not saying that they were correct and now I have to be their best buddy again. That's not what it's all about. It is good when you can become friends again but I'm sure it depends on the circumstance too. You are not obligated to give them your private information. You can keep your distance and love them at a distance. Some people just do not belong in your life and it's good when you can realize that. It's good when you can move on, make new friendships or start a new relationship with a guy or girl. Letting the hurt or pain or anger control your life is not worth it. It will kill you inside, possibly separate you further from God, and it has effects on your health to let anger just build up (heart problems can start for example). Even if that person doesn't want to acknowledge their faults or say 'I'm sorry', you forgive and let it go! Give it to God and let Him take care of that individual. Vengeance is His after all. He will make everything right in the end! He promises to! Don't let some person who isn't even worth your energy control you and your emotions. Forgive, move on. Life is too short to let somebody take your joy away and smiles πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜Š
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elle_eff247 : I so needed to read this today--God always knows--He's using you to bless us @sharonda_mc
rockbyter : Exactly, even God's word says, and I don't remember exact scripture, at some point we will need to rid ourselves of people who just bring us down all the time and that includes family. Blood is not thicker than God's love. The question I have is, how do we know it's time to move on because I want to try and help those people, and try to encourage them to turn on the right path. Even though they hurt their loved ones, it's hard to abandon them. I just pray to God every night that He helps me to love and forgive unconditionally yet know when it's time to break ties.
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Repost from @dailybibleshaker . Today I went to my capstone meeting. Next semester, Lord's willing, I will be taking my Capstone Advanced Internship in which I will go to a human services agency and intern there learning and even building and advancing my skills I obtained in the Bachelor program at my college. I got so pumped for next semester. It's the last and final class before I finally graduate and go on to my graduate studies. I wanted to RUN with endurance to the finish line! I wanted to make sure I step up my game in all my classes I'm currently enrolled in to make next semester a reality! To ensure I will walk across the stage in May 2015 proud of what I accomplished. I want the prize! And I'm not just referring to a degree-I'm referring to the prize that God has stored up in Heaven for me. I'm doing this for Jesus. He called me to this major and He has a plan for my life. I want to please Him. If it means getting up early in the morning to study so I can pass my classes, I will do it. If it means letting go of social time and study more often than I talk to friends or hang out, I will have to implement that. I just want to obtain the prize. I just want to run my race so that I can get it. I want to make my Jesus happy. I want to make Him proud of my willingness to do whatever He told me to. The end result is a glorious prize in a place where moths can't eat it and it can't rust or get old! It will be worth more than money will ever be worth. If we really want that prize, we will run like we have never ran before to accomplish our live's purpose. We will not allow other things to distract us on the race lest we lose our focus and lose the race! I tell you, after the meeting I was more empowered! I felt more energy being pumped into my spirit to finish this race and to make it to the finish line. And even when we can't find the energy or strength, God will be right there cheering us on. If we ask Him He will provide what we need to do the task set before us to the absolute best of our ability! I can't wait to get 1 step closer to becoming all that Christ wants me to be. Just knowing He will be right there with me every step of the way is exciting enough
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2god_be_da_glory : AmenπŸ‘πŸ™πŸ‘†GBU keep up the good work glory to GodπŸ™Œ
new_creation_ministries : Amen sis! Keep up the good workπŸ™
sharonda_mc : @new_creation_ministries Thanks!
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β‚²Κ˜ΖŠ needs more l͟i͞g͞h͟t͟ h͟o͞u͞s͞e͞s͞ meaning; he needs people to stay firm in their faith, to stay true to him, obey him for he is the K I N G of K I N G S [a b o v e a l l] constantly, people believe in Jesus and the next thing you know, they are rebelling against Jesus. N O. Jesus wants the complete opposite of this! "Seek the Lord and his strength; seek his presence continually" • 1 Chronicles 16:11 • bΝ‘e͜ bΝ‘lΝ‘e͜s͜s͜e͜dΝ‘! 😊 #wordsofwisdom #jesus #jesusfirstbro #God #Christianity #christ #Christian #love #bible #scriptures
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Sorry I haven't posted last night. Wasn't feeling too good yesterday. But I'm back! And here is tonight's post! Sin is like a credit card. You can do whatever you feel like, buying everything you feel free to buy, but guess what? You still have to pay for it later. And many times many people can't afford to pay for the credit card bill. Sin is similar. You can enjoy it now, but you will be payin later. You probably won't be able to pay for this bill later though. You see, Jesus died on the cross for us. He didn't die so we could enjoy our lives any old way we please. We can't afford to even attempt to pay the price for our sins because we wouldn't be able to pay for them anyways. Only Jesus could do that. He wasn't saying I am your free pass to sin and do it as you please. He was saying I died for you so you could be FREE! Free of debt! Free of sin! Free of the horrible reality that if you die in sin, you won't be making it to Heaven. That's God's plan. His plan wasn't to allow you to pay for it later. This life isn't ours to go clubbing or partying or drinking or smoking or cursing people out as we please. It belongs to Him. So if we really are His people, we will exhibit that with our entire life. Not parts or just pick and choose what we want to follow and ignore the rest. It is ALL relevant. A credit card can be trouble! Especially for those who may not be so good at their finances. And likewise it will be trouble for us if we don't stop racking up charges that we can't pay for later. Cut the card, shred the card. It's not worth the pain later.
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hello Instagram.😊 I'm back! God should be #1 in your life and if he isn't, make him your #1πŸ™ { ℐⅇsʊs } IS amazing he IS your necessity he IS your { ℘roΫ·Δ±Υͺer } WITHOUT him you ARE nothing...y͞o͞u͞ n͟e͞e͞d͟ j͟e͞s͞u͞s͞ ❀️ #jesus #jesusfirstbro #savior #christian #christianlife #Christianity
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This weekend at my church, we had a breast cancer awareness weekend! It was beautiful! It was extravagant! It was inspiring! We had survivors and people going through breast cancer and treatments come and speak to us. We had music and fun. There was a fashion show and musical extravaganza! It was a beautiful weekend! I enjoyed it. It's so sad. Not just breast cancer, but ANY cancer is. It kills so many souls every day. The need to raise awareness of them all is so great. They all do so much damage not only to the person who is diagnosed but to families' and friends' lives as well that knew the person so well. I lost my cousin to cancer of the bone. She is missed dearly. I also lost a church me member to pancreatic cancer and she is likewise missed much! So tonight I will say a prayer for all those who have been effected by this dreaded disease! Dear Lord Jesus, I just want to thank You for yet another day! I thank You for Your many blessings over each and every one of us. I want to pray sincerely for those who have been diagnosed with cancer. Any kind and any form. It is ALL bad! All kinds and forms hurt many every single year! And I just want to lift up those individuals Jesus! Please grant them the strength to keep fightin on! Please give the faith Jesus to stay strong in You and believe that You are powerful enough to knock out cancer! Help them to not be upset about the cancer because bad things happen every day. It might not be cancer but bad things we don't like do occur and we only can have faith in Your ability Jesus to change situations. Help them to find the strength to be happy that they are still alive and there is still the chance out there for them to come out ok with a clean bill of health! Jesus, we pray for those who are mourning because of the loss of a loved one. There are so many out there who have been effected by this horrible, nasty disease. They need You! Please go by their bedside and comfort them. Give them strength! Give them the assurance of Your continual presence with them and that You will allow us to see them again Jesus in Heaven one day. Jesus please ease their pain. Thank You for hearing and answering prayers! Amen πŸ™πŸ’—πŸŽ€
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Amen! If God is for you, it doesn't matter who doesn't like you, wishes bad for you, who pretends to care, who can't stand you for no reason. It only matters who is for you and the Word of God says that our God is on our side. He is for us. Man will sell you out in a second but it is God who will stick by your side through thick and thin! God will get you to your destination. God will line up the right people to step in your life at the right moment so you can get to the next level. Nobody can refuse to do what God tells them to do. People will hate you and reject you for reasons that are not true or are very superficial, but God doesn't hate and He doesn't reject anybody. He loves all infinitely. There may be multiple people who are opposed to seeing you succeed in your studies or in your career or in life in general but that doesn't matter. Because the Go of the universe has the final say! Those same people who wished bad on you will be in awe when they see where your God got you and allowed you to accomplish! Hey! It really doesn't matter who it is. When God has a calling over your life and a plan for you, there is no one that can stop it! No one who can block it! No one who can corrupt it! No one who can be an obstacle. They may hate you with an intense passion, but I assure you God is greater than any man on the face of this planet. His will must be done and it will come to pass. Whatever God has placed on your heart or spoken to you, trust that it is already done. He will get you where you are destined to be. Don't let the naysayers distract you! Don't let the negative minded individuals bring you down. Don't let anyone ever talk you out of God's best for your life. Just turn around and say to yourself, "Just watch me!" Watch me accomplish my dreams! Watch me enjoy my life! Watch me become what I know God has told me I will become. Watch me graduate from high school or college! Watch me get my Ph.D! Watch me obtain the highest position at my workplace! Watch me do big things and become someone great! Speak it into existence and BELIEVE what God said. All God is asking for is your FAITH and He will do what He said He would do! Repost from @biblelockscreens
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Repost from @godlydating101 ! So true! This doesn't just apply to dating though! It can apply to others areas of your life. Sometimes you have to just do what you feel is the right thing to do. I can give so many different examples. You don't have to listen to what everyone tells you is "right" or what you "should do". My personal example would be that I don't drink. I never have and I don't have any desire to drink any kind of alcoholic beverage. I'm sure that drinking must be nice but it's not something I choose to do. I tell others that and my reasons why and they still try to change my choices and beliefs. I'm not going to go on a drinking spree because of their opinions, but like I was saying earlier you don't have to listen to what everyone says. They may tell you, 'You're still working on that college degree? Why don't you just give up? Find a nice little vocation job.' Do you have to follow through? No. If that's not what you feel is what is right for you, you have the option to decline and do what you need to do. Not everyone gives sound advice. And you don't have to be their dumping ground for their advice and feel obligated to accept it as truth. Some people are perfectly okay with doing things their way in life and not necessarily the way God would want them to. If you feel convicted on a certain thing and someone tells you it isn't true, that's ok. It's how they feel but don't let someone's idea of what God wants out of you personally stop your walk with Him or make you take a complete 360 degrees and change. We are not doing this to please man. We are here to please God. If God didn't tell you it, you don't have to do it. You don't have to feel victim to changing your behaviors. This is why it is a personal walk with Jesus; not a personal walk with your friend, your sibling, your co-worker, and etc. Not everyone is in this for God I'm sorry to say but it is the truth. It's ok for others to give their opinion and choices for their life, but you don't have to model after them because the only model that we are to be like is Jesus Christ. So when people try to change what I choose to do, I just brush it off. I choose to be who God wants me to be.
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elle_eff247 : Good for you @sharonda_mc! The only two opinions that matter are yours and God's! πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’ͺπŸ’—
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miissmariela : Amen. God bless you.
sharonda_mc : @miissmariela God bless you too :)
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Everything that happens to us is based on a choice. God gives you something called freedom of choice. So whatever occurs as a result is based on your decisions. Be it good or bad, a consequence always follows a choice. Now some people go around blaming others for their personal decisions. They may even go as far as to blame the God they serve. Now God has nothing to do with what you made up in your mind. He doesn't dictate our lives. He gives you the option to do the right thing or the wrong thing. So if you end up pregnant out of wedlock or with an STD, that is NOT God's fault. It's yours! You didn't have to decide to lay down with that man or woman. God didn't make you pregnant-you did when you made the choice to do whatever you pleased to. It's the same in any case. Perhaps you never decided to get to know the guy or gal you wanted to marry. You guys spent a year or two together and don't know a single thing about each other, what you guys like or dislike, what parenting styles you guys are willing to work out, if you guys even want to have kids...and when turmoil occurs later on down the line, why do you think that happened? The choice was made to not get to know each other before all that to avoid the problems. Every thing that occurs we make that decision for it to occur. We can avoid some things and some things, well, we just can't no matter what decision we make. We could make the best informed decision and bad things still occur. But the idea of my post is that when things occur that we don't like, like you didn't study for your test and you ended up failing the class or you never came to class so you missed the material and that effected your grade, when things like that happen, it's not anybody else's fault but YOURS! It's not your mom's, it's not your dad's, it's not your sibling's, it is not God's. We have the option to choose what we want to occur and if we don't change those choices, things we don't like will continue to happen. It's up to you! Change isn't always easy but it's necessary and can help improve your life in many significant ways! If you want to see improvement in your life, start with your choices and work from there.
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notw_traytray : @sharonda_mc Amen preach, this is a nice sermon , this also help me too with some of my issues my God continue to bless you with the gift of preaching
2god_be_da_glory : Glory to GodπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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AMEN, AMEN and AMEN! To me, the way I see it, sometimes, some people act as if the only thing God created us to do is to get married and have kids and that's it. Like that's all life has meaning for. But I don't think that's all God meant life for and people actually get mad at me when I say that that's not my only purpose. I believe that I and we as humans were created for so much more than having children and marrying as many men or women we can find. It's much more than that. It's nice to have kids. It's nice to marry. But when that is your focus, it's like it's your God. And worshipping two masters ain't easy. I feel as though, for some individuals, marrying is number one to them. They are in a huge RUSH to get hitched that they are willing to stop going to school, stop working a job, they will leave the church, etc just to marry that person. I don't know, maybe I'm the only one who thinks like this, but marriage isn't easy and it is not always fun. Why run into something that can be a lifetime of torment? If you rush to marry the wrong person, it won't necessarily be a walk in the park every day. I can't see why people are in a huge rush for marriage. There are more important things in life and one of them being glorifying God with your life. If He never called you to marriage at this particular time in your life, you are not giving Him glory-you are defying His wisdom. God has greater things in store. It isn't all about how many babies you can have and how fast you can have them. It is not about how quickly can you rush into a marriage after high school. It's about GOD. And following His plans for your life. Declaring His glory over your life. You can't possibly be the influence you may want to be on others when other things are more important and take up more of your time than God does. That's just my view. I really wish more people thought like @godlydating101 does. Life has so much more to it than running after boys or girls and hunting down kids. There is more and I'm determined to get more out of life than just that. Repost from @godlydating101 πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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in_him_is_hope : Hey, not sure why you tagged me in this. What's up?
sharonda_mc : I just wanted you to look at it. Thought you would like it. @in_him_is_hope
in_him_is_hope : Oh, okay. Yeah I do agree a person should never rush, should always wait on the Lord. I waited 2 yrs and ppl started prophesying and all this 'nonsense' that I was gunna meet the one....and I was fooled by someone I met in church. And he turned out to be a complete pyscho. Even when a person waits, he/she needs to be super careful. Even we who have been waiting and are actively serving God can get deceived so we def gta be aware and discern. God bless you sis. #GodFirst
elle_eff247 : Totally agree @sharonda_mc! My son once asked me in a worried little voice if he HAD to get married and have children. The answer is absolutely not! Which is better: being married and unhappy or being single and happy? Consider the pain you would inflict on yourself, your spouse, and worst of all, the innocent children born into the family that you never wanted in the first place. If you don't think marriage and family are for you, then they aren't. Period.
sharonda_mc : @in_him_is_hope Amen! I couldn't agree more! You are correct! Sorry to hear that happened to you sis. I honestly dislike when people push others into marriage and this and that. Some people can't handle being single and apparently they can't handle others being happily single either. It's sad but like we are saying, in God's timing always!
sharonda_mc : @elle_eff247 AMEN
in_him_is_hope : Amen sis :) be blessed, stay encouraged!
149am : Yes! & once you're married you need to be even deeper into God! Marriage is not easyπŸ˜„
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Psalm 1:1-4 " Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the wicked, nor stands in the way of sinners, nor sits in the seat of scoffers; but his delight is in the law of the Lord, and on his law he meditates day and night. He is like a tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit in its season, and it's leaf does not wither. In all that he does, he prospers. The wicked are not so, but are like chaff that wind drives away." Thank you for caring about my spiritual growth, My walk with Christ is one of your top priorities. Yes I'm hard to handle...sometimes, but there is always a lesson to be learned , a moment where I can grow. We sharpen each other and I'm so thankful for that. Our future is in God's hands and I'm so glad you respect me, trust me, and protect my purity. I'm glad that my best friend can pinpoint the areas I need work on because we have our blind spots. I follow Christ in my life, but he has blessed a great person to walk this life with. Yes, we're not married therefore he is not mine, but if God ever chooses to bless me with a husband someday, this man taught me what a real brother in Christ looks like and loves me like Christ does. I'm really glad that everyday is a new day and God permits us new seasons. We're here on this earth to serve God and obey him to the best we can. In order for this relationship to flourish we must always put HIM first. #MCM #manaftergodsheart #creativeman #thoughtful #caring #loving #jesusfirstbro #Godsgood #hardworker #fisherman #hesingsallthetime #myrapper #singscountryprettygood #loveyou
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I actually had someone tell me that the days of the weeks was not created by God. I can't see how that statement could be true if the Bible clearly says that everything that has been created and exists today was made by God Himself. He set up the seven day week. We didn't do that. Only God knew that we could only handle something as long as seven days and nothing longer. He knew seven days was enough to get our work done as well. I can't believer there are people out there who claim to be followers but have all these ideas about things that are pretty clear in God's word. We can always give glory to God because everything was made by Him. There is nothing that exists today that He didn't create. Evolution didn't make it-God did. A Big Bang didn't just bang everything into existence. God spoke it and He created it. He got His fingernails dirty when He knelt down on the ground and sculpted man. God's Word is pretty clear. Even things we can't see is made by Him. You can't see Satan but he had a Creator too. He doesn't want to acknowledge it, but he does. You can't see Satan's angels or demons, but they are very much real. And they had to be created. They don't exist on their own and they didn't just pop out of the blue! The only person who doesn't need a creator is the Creator Himself. He exists all by Himself. He didn't have to be created. He just exists and always did. Everything that God created was for a purpose. He doesn't waste His time! He always has a reason for what He does. I think God created us and everything else to give glory to Him. He deserves the praise and all the enemy wants to do is steal the praise God deserves. That's why he is trying to trick everyone into thinking God didn't create this and God didn't do that. It's not true. Evolution is a lie and the Big Bang is only a theory-something unproven. We have proof that our God is Creator. We don't have to wonder what created me? What created all the beautiful things we see on plant earth? Because we all know the answer and we can give the ultimate Creator King our praise, honor and glory!
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xniece : I love this
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instanoblety : God bless
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Repost from @biblelockscreens . I know where my help comes from. When I'm struggling with a difficult time in life, or maybe having trouble in my classes, or perhaps it could be something else my help comes from The Lord. He created this world and the universe. All the other universes that exist He made that too! Our God is so awesome and if He can create all this with just a single word and even if He didn't speak it, He doesn't have to. He can just think what He wants to happen and it happens. If He could do that, then tell me what He can't do. He did all you see in seven days including making us. He didn't need a year. He didn't need extended time. He only needed seven days. And if you are going to tell me that my God can't move mountains or do things that blow my mind, you haven't witnessed the amazing power of God. God can do some crazy good things. People can get into a deadly roll over accident and come out alive! Nothing wrong with them. People can be infected with a deadly disease and God can bring them out ok. People can go in with cancer and come out healthy, alive and cancer free! Our help comes from God Almighty! Man can say one thing but when God is in the picture, it's another story. I don't let people tell me that I can't do something anymore. I used to but when I realized who God is and what He is able to help me do, I don't accept that. God is more than capable of doing whatever my hearts desire is. He more than able to blow my mind! He is more than able to do the same things naysayers just said wouldn't happen. I don't have to worry about what they think. It is insignificant! God has the final say! If we really believe, we ought to show it. Don't let our circumstances bring us down! God is our help! Don't let someone tell you what you can't do and are not capable of doing! God is our help! Don't let someone distract you from whatever God told you and revealed to you. If God said you will be a doctor, a lawyer, a nurse or whatever don't let someone talk you out of it or distract you from it. Trust that God will get you there! Trust that He more than able to do whatever He said. Trust that He is your help and He will get you need to be.
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new_creation_ministries : Amen
kiingdom_rus89 : Wow!
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Repost from @biblelockscreens and @goodnewsfeed . Have you ever felt lost? Didn't know where to go? Who to go to? What to do? As humans, we frequently have those moments where we may be lost. It could in your studies. You don't know what you want to do. So many things reach out to you. You are interested in many things. Or it could be finding a job. Maybe you like a lot of different companies and you aren't sure which one you want to apply to and begin your career. Or it could be in finding a mate. Guess what? In any situation and so many others, God will direct your paths. He will show you what you need to know if you ask Him first and trust that He will do that. It's easy to think we got this! We know it all! We can do this all by ourselves. But that's not God's plan for us. He wants us to be confident in His ability to lead us and direct us. To match us to the right person. To give us the job of our dreams. To help us find the major we will fall in love with and excel in. God is perfectly capable of guiding you and me to our destiny. Only He knows who and what is right for us. We can guess but we won't be right. If you want true joy in life, ask God to lead you and guide you. Relinquish your desire to take control of your life and watch God give you exactly what you need exactly when you need it. Follow @biblelockscreens and @goodnewsfeed for more inspiration πŸ‘
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new_creation_ministries : Amen
vonquixotic : @tricia_m02 Hi, sorry I just came across this post on my Instagram as I was exploring and I just want to say I understand what it is like to struggle letting go and letting God. So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. (Romans 10:17 NKJV) just keep listening to songs/sermons that speaks of Jesus' love for you, how much He really cares for you and wants to bless you or reading devotions that unveils the person of Jesus! Just keep listening and faith will come easily. God bless and Jesus really really loves you!
sharonda_mc : @tricia_m02 And also start trusting God with little things. Like His promises in the Bible. So if He promised to provide for you, maybe ask God for something you need and cannot get for yourself or on your own. And see Him provide. That's a promise He made in the Bible. And as you keep seeing Him prove faithful to you in the little things, it helps to increase your faith when it comes to bigger things as well. I hope I helped answer your question and the person who posted above as well. Please do let me know if you have any other questions. I am happy to help you!
gabriellaacooke : @duckiezero
abbiekahler : Amen πŸ’—
riddaryt : Amen in Jesus name
_streeteducated : @bretanaa
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I love this verse! It speaks so loudly to me. It's a true statement that has many practical applications in today's world. I have been asked often why I do not have tattoos? And the answer is this verse in the Bible and I also state that God doesn't want us to write on our bodies as the heathens do. Now I am NOT bashing those who do have tattoos. I am just sharing an experience. I don't want to ruin the temple God has given me. Same for putting drugs into my body. Or doing with this body as I please fornicating or indulging in life's pleasures that God told us to abstain from. He told us to not do certain things because this body we have-it isn't yours. It's God's. He made it. He created it. He designed it. And He BOUGHT it with His own precious blood. It isn't ours to do whatever we please. We have to keep it holy and clean so the Holy Spirit will want to dwell inside. He doesn't want to enter a body that's dirty. He doesn't feel comfortable or welcome. God didn't have to give His life for you. He didn't have to go through all that agony so you can take Him for granted and do whatever you want. He did that to show how special and precious we are to Him. He had meaning behind what He did. He wants us to live a clean, holy life. He wants His temple to be clean so He can come in and dwell. He wants the best for us. He doesn't want to see us sick with various diseases or sickness because we decided to disobey and do it our way. That's not what God intended. I think it is imperative we listen to God. It may seem like He is taking our "fun" away but I'd rather live life His way and have fun in Heaven than suffer the consequences down here on Earth. Remember that God's temple must be holy and spotless. He is looking for temples that are taken care of and kept clean. He can then live inside of you and have His way in your life!
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sharonda_mc : @msministries
sharonda_mc : @2god_be_da_glory
msministries : AMEN and AMEN! Well said dear sister @sharonda_mc GOD bless you and your family abundantly for HIS Glory
godiswatchin : Hey would you mind posting one of my pics on your page? I'd be honored!
naomi.noel : Amen!
new_creation_ministries : Amen
jerrymahaney1 : Amen
dapperality : Nice Pic!
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Make time for Jesus before anything else always #jesusfirstbro
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Repost from @spiritualword . Amen to this! This is a concept I had to learn in my life! Not everyone that smiles in your face is your "friend". Some people are enemies in disguise! They don't want to reveal their true identity. Secretly hating you or being jealous of your successes and promotions. Some people you just have to say good bye to. You just have to leave them alone! Some people are not truly for you but against you and you have to know when to draw the line. It's not worth it to let someone run all over your life making you into who they want you to be. Or to allow a negative minded person whose only goals in life are to make themselves high and mighty and push everyone else lower and lower. Sometimes our life is on the line hanging around people who truly hate us. I have had to do this before in my life and I will have to again. A friend doesn't hate you for succeeding and accomplishing your dreams. A friend isn't jealous of every good thing that occurs to you including God's blessings over your life. A friend doesn't put you down just to make themselves feel good. A real friend is not anything like that. I have had plenty of people whom I had to cut off. It's not the thing I want to do but I have to if I want my life to be better. It's painful sometimes but there are plenty of other people who love you and accept you for who you are and are willing to watch you soar! You don't need a weight on your life. You don't need to have their negative cloud hanging over you 24/7 or whenever you speak to them. You don't need someone who speaks death over your dreams and goals and even your self-esteem or self-efficacy. And you don't have to put up with it. Ask God to help you find real friends who have your best in mind. He will weed out the bad ones and replace them with people who are truly on your side and are real friends till the end! Praise be to God!
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trade.stone : Just did thank you!!
new_creation_ministries : Amen that's so true. "Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm." proverbs 13:20
acresofbeauty : I know that's right
rayvenwold : @alexrabbass
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Repost from @wisdomfeed . This is so true. One of the easiest ways to forget about God's thoughts about us to be overly obsessed with the world's opinion of us. People will think the strangest things about us. They will say the nastiest things. Truth be told words do hurt! But we do not have to allow someone's thoughts about us dictate how we feel about ourselves. Why? Because everyone's opinions about us are minuscule to God's thoughts. God's thoughts are superior. We only have to believe what God says about us. People do not truly know us. People don't truly know our hearts. Only God does. God's thoughts of us are truth. They are not a mere opinion. They are life. They are not hurtful. They are not intended to harm us and to make us want to give up on life. God's thoughts are uplifting, heart warming, cheerful, encouraging, sweeter than the honey in the honeycomb 🍯 God knows us inside out and only He is qualified to make a REAL opinion about us and because He knows us so well He doesn't make opinions, He makes FACTS about us. Do not allow someone to put you down one more time. Do not allow someone to discourage you. Do not allow someone's negative thoughts and words about you to resonate deep down inside you. You already know that your Father God knows who you really are and only His opinion counts. There is no person's thoughts or opinion on the face of this planet that is worth you feeling bad for yourself over. Because guess what? In the end, who will be sitting on the throne judging all humanity? Will it be that person who you allowed to negatively affect you or will be The Lord of Lords and Kings of Kings? That's whose opinion matters. Not your supervisor. Not your coworker. Not your brother. Not your sister. Not your mom or dad. It's God's. He will lead you and guide you. He will take you where He wants you to go. He will build you into the Christian He desires you to be. If you will focus on Him and what He thinks and let go of what others say and think, life will be a whole lot easier!
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sharonda_mc : God bless you :) @heisfaithful7
new_creation_ministries : HALLELUAJH sis so true!
londynthelittle : @dylanlaylani
dylanlaylani : @ashliwithonei perfect.
sharonda_mc : @ashliwithonei Thanks for sharing! God bless you!
sharonda_mc : @dylanlaylani Thanks for checking out my photo!
sharonda_mc : @new_creation_ministries :)
londynthelittle : Absolutely ❀️ @sharonda_mc
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That's a real manπŸ‘Œ#JesusFirstBro
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I want to focus on verse 7 tonight. We are to walk by faith not sight alone. If we are to really be believers we can't just not believe because we want to. Yes! There are things in life that seem impossible in the physical realm. But in the spiritual realm, these things are very much possible. It may be hard for you and your husband to have children and it's impossible. But God said that for man it is impossible but for God everything is possible. If you and your spouse really believe and ask God, you will have a child. Maybe it's not a child you aren't having trouble believing God for. Maybe you have been having trouble finding a new job. It may look impossible but when you invite God into the picture, it becomes possible. I have told all my friends who are Christian that when they are sick to speak healing over their bodies and speak that they are already healed. You may not feel it in the physical but in the spiritus you already are freed from that sickness! It's true! All we have to do is believe. That's what this verse is all about. We can see that new car or that new baby or our promotion on the job. But we can claim it NOW as if it was already here cause by faith it IS! Our walk as Christians is by faith. If we go by sight all the time we will never exercise our faith or use it. Because not everything we see. We just have to trust that God will allow what He wants to happen when He wants it to happen. We might be having trouble having kids but God can let it occur when He sees it fit. We may be having trouble believing that God can bless us with a spouse but don't give up and don't give in! Keep the faith! God will lead you to who He has for you who He picked for you before the foundation of the world was laid. Whatever the case is, God has you! All you need to do is let go of what you can see and cling to what is not seen. What is seen is temporary. But what is not seen is forever. That speaks bounds to me! Your problems are temporary! Your issues are temporary! But what we can't see is permanent. Praise God!
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I want to focus on John 13:7 for today's post. Jesus was speaking to His disciples when He was washing their feet. They didn't understand at the moment what was going on. I mean, the King I the universe was washing dung and dirt off of His servants' feet. So He let them know that at the current moment, you don't get it but that's ok. Later on, it will all make sense to you. And I want to ask someone today, is there something going on in your life you don't understand? Something that just doesn't make any sense to you? You can't fathom why our magnificent God would allow whatever has occurred to happen? That's ok! The disciples spent day and night with Jesus and they were confused by many things He did. A lot of things didn't make sense to them. We don't have the opportunity to spend day and night physically walking with Jesus like they did. We are just humans. Many things God allows to happen we just can't see why. Our finite minds aren't capable of even understanding His infinite ways! And that's ok. Because we know that just as the disciples did, in time, we will understand it all. We will figure out why this occurred. Or why God didn't allow something to happen. It could be that we didn't get the job we thought we were a good match for. Or a relationship didn't work out. Whatever the case may be, God knows. It's not for us to find out all the details. Our God already knows it all. It's for us to sit down and trust in His will. God will reveal to us in time what we need to know. Right now, hear The Lord say to you, "What I am doing, you don't understand now, but you will know after this." After this pain, you will see what He was protecting you from. After this trouble, you will see why allowed you to go through that. After this headache, you will see what better God had for you. It's not over! Trust God that on the other side you will find out the details and you will understand it too. πŸ™Œ #youversion
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elle_eff247 : Dear@sharonda_mc, ty for once again feeding my spirit here--I πŸ’—InstaChurch! πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘πŸ‘Ό
sharonda_mc : @elle_eff247 @new_creation_ministries God bless you both!
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Repost from @wisdomfeed . Things are working out for your good; not your harm! It's easy to think "God isn't going to do this for me." Or "God's plan for my life will never come to pass" but the reality is that God is working out your problems-even now He is! He is making ways out of no way for you and He is putting all the pieces to the puzzle of life! One thing I can testify that I have learned is how to depend on God. He has NEVER been too far out of reach. He has never been unaware of my needs. He has never not provided for me when I needed it most. And I trust Him as I begin to turn a new page over next year that He will lead me and continue to do all that He has already. He will make ways, He will clear the path, He will be my provider. He will guide me and strengthen me. He will give me what I need. I have personally been worried for my future and I have learned that God see me through because He already has so far in my life. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Because He never changes we can be assured that what God has done in the past He will do it again! He wi not forsake us and He will never fail us. He promises to stay by our side and never ever leave us. Every single step we make to our destiny, we will see God putting the pieces to our puzzle together, one at a time. It might be a slow and long process but rest assured! At God's perfect timing we will reach our destiny! We will make it to where He wants us to make it. So smile! It will be ok! It will turn out alright in the end! God's going to keep aligning things up with His will. You will see breakthroughs! You will see things you never thought you could see and you will go places you never thought you could go! Smile! Relax! Take a breather! God's got this under His divine control.
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elle_eff247 : Amen, Sister! I know God didn't carry me this far just to drop me πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘πŸ’—@sharonda_mc
sharonda_mc : Amen! @elle_eff247
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msministries : Praise the risen LORD \O/ I believe it sister. Shalom
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sharonda_mc : @2god_be_da_glory @msministries @new_creation_ministries Amen! God bless you all! Thanks for liking and supporting 😘😘😘😘
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Today I attended my college's Fall Student Leadership Conference. The top photo is a photo of my college's President, Dr. Edwin Massey! And the bottom is a panel of some of the people in leadership at my college including the Vice President of Student Affairs and the Athletic Director and the head of Minority Affairs. I must say that this was a life changing conference! My life has been touched in a special way. There were so many speakers and they really touched me. I have come back with this crazy PASSION to become a Marriage and Family Therapist. And not just any old therapist, an ethical and competent therapist! I feel this PASSION BURNING deep inside. I can't really explain it. But I can say it feels like a renewed passion! Like the speakers have rekindled it. There was this one speaker, she is in a leadership position at my college too and her story touches my heart every single time (I have heard her speak on many occasions). She said she is a Christian who endured many trials but she never let poverty or struggles or anything stop her from doing what she wanted to in her life including obtaining her Ph.D. After she spoke, it's like my desires have been fueled! I am more motivated! I am so ready! I feel like lister ally RUNNING to graduate school and starting my graduate education RIGHT NOW! I am so eager! This is my passion! This is what I am made for! I desire to go high up on the ladder and to be an example to others through my perservance and my passion and my hard working attitude! The stories that were told were for me! I needed to hear them! And I am so thankful for today! I can't wait to obtain my license and to change lives. I can't wait to help families and couples with their problems and to improve the lives of others. I can't even wait to go on and become a missionary in South America. So ready for that too! Oh my! God has literally fed into my spirit through the words and experiences of these amazing speakers and one event I didn't expect Him to speak to me at. But because of the speakers, I know that I may have difficulties that is out of my reach or circumstances that I cannot change, but that doesn't make my future. Guess what does? I do.
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kaitshauni : Yes! Monday after my classes. @sharonda_mc hopefully someone hasn't sold him yet.
sharonda_mc : @kaitshauni Oh! Mr. Watkins is inspiring for real! I work with him over in Student Affairs. He's cool! And ok. Not sure what you mean by 'sold him'.
kaitshauni : I'm selling DECA ads, I asked Rochelle if she wanted to buy one but she said go see Mr. Watkins and ask him because he buys one for the whole student affairs division. I sold one to the Okeechobee campus and they bought if for the whole office. Lol that's what I meant by "sold him". @sharonda_mc
ohyeajacks : Beautiful! I love when God speaks when you least expect Him to. Isn't He an on time God? πŸ™Œ. So glad you feel even more driven now. Keep pushing love. God didn't promise an easy sea, but He did promise He'd be on that boat with you the entire time!!!
ohyeajacks : Do you go to a Christian school?
sharonda_mc : @ohyeajacks Thanks for checking out my photo hun! I do not attend a Christian school. Maybe I will for my Master's. There is a Christian school not too far from where I live. I'm applying to it among others. Amen! Thanks for the beautiful words in your comment! So beautiful and true! God is truly good!
sharonda_mc : @kaitshauni Lol. Oh. I didn't know. But ok! Hopefully he buys one. He's nice! I'm sure he'll do it!
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One week left and we need your help! Head over to Back To Life Ministries on fb for the full write up! (Link in profile: @back_to_life_ministries ) #haiti #ayiti #btlm #orphancare #education #charity #jesusfirstbro #ayiticherie #backtolifeministries
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October is National Domestic Abuse month. Domestic Abuse can take several different forms. It's a tragic thing that occurs in families and I'm pretty sure this is not how God intended for families to grow. He had better things in mind I'm sure than hitting or beating of a spouse. Intimidation. Coercion. Marital rape. This can even go the other way with children doing it to their siblings or parents. It hurts to know these things happen in families and relationships. And the awareness needs to be spread. I am also taking Domestic Abuse and Family Violence class this semester and it truly opens your eyes to what goes on out there! It's shocking and heartbreaking and sad! It's so crazy the stories I am learning in this class! I would have never thought these things occurred but they do. Child abuse is covered as well. It's so sad and it really makes you want to pray. Pray sincerely for our families, for marriages that are occurring every day! I want to raise awareness. This is a trend that needs to have a halt in it's path! Did you know that children who grow up in homes where abuse occurs are more likely than those who don't to marry another abuser OR to perpetrate that abuse on others? It's a cycle of abuse. Most people don't know this. And it keeps repeating itself on other generations down the line as the children witness it. Some children think it's normal, that all families are like that. Some have unsolved anger or pain and don't know how to handle it other than acting it out on others. Some people live in fear for most of their lives because of what occurred in their life. This is not how God created a family. It's sad! It's heartbreaking! The things that occur in any kind of abusive home is not God's plan. It's the enemy's! And we as Christians are out here to help spread the word, educate others and to help those who are in these situations find a way out and on to a brighter future. This hurts me deeply to know these things occur and ruin so many people's lives. So many innocent lives are hurt or even killed every day because of domestic abuse! I'm so passionate about reaching out and attempting to help those who need it. Let's spread the awareness πŸ’œπŸ’œ
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Repost from @i2imovement . This is true! In a marriage relationship, being faithful is easy when you truly love someone. And it's the same when you are in a relationship with God. Being faithful to Him is a lot easier when you are in love with Him. When He is your only focus. It's so easy to allow others and other things to take our focus off of Him and on to other things. It's easy to loose our zeal or passion for Him when we are more consumed by other things. Everything we do, the Bible says, should be for The Lord and we should do everything as if working for God. Even if our current job doesn't look like it can be done for God we should still remember we work for God. Our main purpose is to glorify Him. So we should glorify Him and praise Him for giving us a job period! We should still be true to our beliefs even if they conflict with those of others because we love God that much and we are working for Him. It's easy to get tired of waiting for God. It easy to become weary. But this is not what a person who is truly in love with someone does. They are not impatient. They don't give up on the other person. They wait. They fight for the other person even. And that's what we should be like in our walk with God. Willing to fight to stay close to Him. Willing to wait for His blessings or His best for our life. Willing to not give up or grow weary while we are waiting. A real love relationship displays faithfulness. They don't go behind the other person's back. They don't cheat. They don't violate the other person's trust. Of course we can't go behind God's back, but we wouldn't want to because He is our center. If we truly love our God, being faithful is easy. It isn't a task. It's not a chore. It's not a difficult task. It's one of the easiest things we could ever do.
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This is such a powerful Scripture! Jesus is warning us that we will not know when He will return. He compares it to a thief in the night. The owner of the house would lock his doors and windows. He may have closed the blinds too. He would have his guard dogs outside the door too I'm sure because he knew ahead of time when the thief would come. He would prepare himself for the robbery. Now Jesus is NOT saying that He is a thief. He isn't coming to steal something from you. He is comparing His second coming to a thief. You never know when a thief is coming and you never know when He will return either. Many people I'm sure will be caught off guard! This happens too many times where people get tired of waiting like the Israelites did. They got tired of waiting for Moses to return an what did they do? They went back to their old ways and habits. And many people have done that today! They know for a fact that Jesus is returning but have gotten weary in their wait. They say, 'Oh! He's taking too long! I don't know if He may truly be coming back. He's probably coming back another 100 years from now! Let me have my fun now!' Very incorrect. The worst thing to happen is to be found by God unprepared for His return. To found off guard. To be found lost in the world instead of ready. This will happen to many people. Because we get tired if waiting and discouraged. You may not think that Jesus could come two minutes from now but as He explains in the Bible, He will come at a time when you are not expecting Him. A moment when you are caught off guard. That's why we should always be ready. We should always be focused on Him. We should always live for Him and Him alone. We shouldn't get too caught up in this world and living for it, but be lost in Jesus and live for Him! We have to stay on our guard. We want to be ready. We don't want to be off guard or caught sinning when He finally does come back as He said He would. That wouldn't look good! Just like when you least expect a thief to break in to your home or business and they do, the same occurs for Jesus' imminent return! You least expect Him to return at a certain moment or day or hour but then He comes. ✨
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awakethee : are you going to sonburst??
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