Le boy in the smalk lambskin. So many cool styles on the le boy ! Checkout my vip website #jessyvip #instafashion #chanel #chanelbag #Fall #fallfashion #instagood #leboy #handbags #purses #jessyjade #jessyjadebag #fashion #designerbags #labels #shopping #forsale #instaseller #collection
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kate739 : @jessyjadebag I sent you an email requesting the VIP password so I could order a chanel double flap! I look forward to hearing back from you <3
nisthat1 - angelagarcia248 - applewojcicki - tatianatoomer -
#Fall in love with something #orange this #october to see more #louisvuitton and #louisvuittonwallets #handbags #instafashion #lv #lvoe #fallfashion #monogram #TagsForLikes #jessyjadebag #jessyjade #zippywallet #forsale #shopping
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Next spring im for sure bringing back the furla candy bags! So fun!! #furla #furlacandy #beach #handbags #armcandy #jessyjade #jessyjadebag #instafashion #instagood #photooftheday #forsale #designerbags #queenofbags #love #beach #fall #ocean #view
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i_am_tabitha : @jessyjadebag ordering Céline bag soon
jessyjadebag : @i_am_tabitha ill be honored to work with you miss tabitha!! ♡
stuffforsaleapp - mrs.ruschhaupt - sexiiv72 - jenram105 -
Balenciaga city bag #balenciagacity #balenciaga #instafashion #instagood #sacs #jessyjade #jessyjadebag #fashion #shopping #citybag #lovethis
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Balenciaga and coffee somethings just are meant to be enjoyed together♡♡ #coffee #balenciaga #citybag #queenofbags #parttime #jessyjadebag #jessyjade #instagood #instafashion #love #lovethis
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So many new chanel bags for this fall. Isnt this sample we made so pretty? Look for new chanle fall bags in 2 weeks on my site #jessyvip #armcandy #jessyjade #jessyjadebag #instafashion #instagood #purse #chanel #chanelbag #fall #fashion #cute #lovethis #shopping
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nisthat1 : Password plz ☺️
jessyjadebag : @nisthat1 hey pretty lady!!!! You can always email me i cant post it publicly talk soon xoox
nisthat1 : Ohhh I'm sorry ☺️☺️I'll email u
mitrahofgaard - chiloveroro - chatsaamm -
Love the speedy emprenite! newly added to my site #speedy #emprenite #TagsForLikes #jessyjade #jessyjadebag #louisvuitton #lv #lvoe #armcandy #fashion #purse #queenofbags #instafashion #bags #seller #forsale
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allthingsclassy19 : Hey Jess! <3 It's Charlotte. :) I was just wondering if my e-mails got through to you? I haven't heard back from you in a while - I really wanna know the cost of that LV laptop sleeve we talked about :) <3
maryrapisardi : Omg yes!!! 😍😍😍
leighton.lucia - lelapinuk - gudnysig67 - lvoe_1 -
My Beautiful saint laurent sac du jour!! This week i will be adding new colors to #jessyjade #jessyjadebag #saintlaurent #ysl #sacdujour #handbags #purse #instafashion #fashion #armcandy #lovethis #ootd #forsale
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style_in_profile : Amazing!
wtfab1 - mrs.ruschhaupt - b2stdjfanfan -
I spy the louis vuitton epi eden bag!! Workinf hard ladies to always be sure yours are the same as the real ones Order yours for wayyy less$¥£€ on my website #edenbag #louisvuitton #love #epi #edenbag #armcandy #jessyjade #jessyjadebag #forsale #dreambag #purse
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katie_lynn_weiss - applewojcicki - ayamaica - sexiiv72 -
What do we think of the new epi marly bag? I jusg added them about a week ago to identical ofcourse to these i spy right now hehe #love #epi #jessyjadebag #ispy #louisvuitton #lv #lvoe #new #2014 #handbags #epimarley #marley #ootd #shopping #armcandy
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fabiolavictoria : @jessyjadebag use whatsapp ? Need
jessyjadebag : @fabiolavictoria hey!! Sorry no i dont use whats app however you can always reach me via my email address.
paromaghosh : Hi jessy emailed u for Pwd but I guess it went to spam. Sending u another email. Mine starts with par
jessyjadebag : @paromaghosh hey!! Just wrote you back♡♡♡☆
jessyjadebag : @paromaghosh hey !! Happy friday!! Did you get my email? ♡
jessyjadebag : @adkeefe and yes i can make the lockit in most colors.. i just dont have them all on the site. you can always email me with any questions links or pics of what you love talk soon
paromaghosh : Yes jessy did receive your Friday email thanks!
jessyjadebag : @paromaghosh thanks once again for ordering with me ! We are going to have a great time working on your dream bag☆☆☆
mrs.ruschhaupt - kendratown - lvoe_1 - lisah54 -
As your dream bag maker im always checking the real boutiques for you ladies... today i spy some pretty almas at thw lv boutique... identical to mine ofcourse #lv #lvoe #handbag #purse #shopping #jessyjadebag #jessyjade #instafashion #instagood #louisvuitton #forsale #alma #epi
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fitlady21 - nathachaj - kendratown - jusaggio -
Love this color miumiu loafers in suded #jessyjadeshoes #shoes #shoelover #miumiu #instafashion #instagood #love #jessyjadebag #jessyjade
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ayeshea - susannejonsson - uzma_261 - emeliawddirkse -
what do we think of the new neo neverfull? im now offering the pouch for u ladies who were asking <3 #lvoe #lv #neverfull #2014 #newhandbag #armcandy #louisvuitton #neverfullneo #monogram #jessyjadebag
monogram - louisvuitton - lvoe - newhandbag - armcandy - lv - neverfullneo - jessyjadebag - neverfull - 2014 -
maryrapisardi : I need this! 💝
jessyjadebag : @maryrapisardi lol i love your blue neverfull you ordered.. its so pretty! have a nice weekend!
violetlvoe : 👍👜
jessyjadebag : @cleo.vio nice to meet you !
marymimosa - lucie.divisova - morefuninandie - pa_trisha_83 -
love these rene caovilla's #renecaovilla #glassslipper #shoeaholic #lovethis #blue #beach #lv #louisvuitton #shoes #queenofbags #jessyjadebag #jessyjadeshoes #renecaovillaflats #bluerenecaovillaflats #glam #shopping #instaphoto #onlineshopping #seller
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jessyjadebag : @stephanie_bello_ hey.. i dont even know what to say. you have sent me 84 emails since january 6th!! i answered all 84 of them and promptly... and you never once ordered.. i cant imagine what more we could possibly have to discuss. i have real clients that need my assistance with processing their order i really feel i did my very best to assist you . please dont be surprised if after 7 months and 84 emails of asstance that i cant get back to you with your ¨¨inquires¨¨ its nothing personal thanks and best wishes
daniella_leoanderson1723 : @jessyjadebag.... hiiiii jessy...I emailed u sweetu!
daniella_leoanderson1723 : Sweety!
jessyjadebag : @daniella_leoanderson1723 i always reply to emails but not on instram as much as it only works out side of my office hehe and lets be real how often do i go out of my office.. i live for bags! haha talk sook via my email
jessyjadebag : @briannadmorris hey! i havent heard from you in a long long time if you would like to email me you are welcome to email me at my email address, you know where to find me thanks xoox
jessyjadebag : @briannadmorris you can always check out on my website, or email me directly, im not an instagram seller some clients seem confused about that and i always reply asap via email thanks!
mrs.ruschhaupt : 👍💕love this!!!
consignemt_luxury : Do you make mini speedy?
katie_lynn_weiss - daniella_leoanderson1723 - chenikaleblanc - myrian1 -
multicolor for summer speedy yay! also checkout my review on youtube for this beauty #speedy #multicolor #handbags #jessyjadebag #queenofbags #jessyjade #muticolorspeedy #lv #louisvuitton #summer #beach #holiday #vacation
summer - handbags - louisvuitton - vacation - lv - jessyjade - multicolor - queenofbags - speedy - jessyjadebag - holiday - beach - muticolorspeedy -
jessyjadebag : @nancyabr hey nancy! hope your weekend is going well i will have your tracking info this afternoon talk soon missy!
jenram105 : I have to have this in black for fall! My dream bag!
jessyjadebag : @jenram105 oh gosh! for me the mulitcolor speedy is like the ultimate dream bag! its on of the best lv ever made in my opinion.. look forward to working with you on your speedy! xoox jessy
jessyjadebag : @jenram105 hey !! oh i see you are going for your dream mulitcolor! im going to email you now to confirm! so excited for you!
jenram105 : Thanks Jessy! So excited!
nisthat1 - meganmiller1 - ctleen - rachaelruddick -
chanel summer camellia flowers my shoe website #jessyvip #jessyjadebag #chanel #chanelshoes #chanelcamellia
chanel - chanelshoes - chanelcamellia - jessyjadebag - jessyvip -
jessyjadebag : @quaintrelle27 oh ok nice to see u here on instagam we will talk about ur order today via email thanks so much <3 jesst
jessyjadebag : @mshoulders oh its workibg sometimes it get too much traffic when 1000s of u ladies are on at the same moment. ithink i will upgrade the server again ;-) <3 jessy
bizzybsbe12 : Inlove with this bag. Need it in both black and silver hardware very soon. They are beautiful. Please get back to me as soon as u can thanks. @jessyjadebag
londondi : Sent to ure email . Done thks
reecek76 : Oh Jessie ♡ the chanel canellia flowers shoe ! Divine. Actually I adore all of your beautiful bags and accesories. Ive been pouring over your youtube channel for about a week now since I have found you and might I say so happy ive found you hehe
reecek76 : However, I cant subscribe to your channel, Error 404 :( I will email you and chat. Take care !
jessyjadebag : @reecek76 what a lovely note! I shall look d
jessyjadebag : I shall look forward to reading ur email! Your comment made my day <3
armcandypty - mrs.ruschhaupt - princessryx28 - luxegurlluv -
visit my new shoe website ! #jessyjadeshoes #chanel #chanelshoes #summerfashion #beach #jessyjadebag #queenofbags
jessyjadebag - queenofbags - chanelshoes - jessyjadeshoes - summerfashion - beach - chanel -
jessyjadebag : @princessryx28 hey !! oh yes i replied! i was filming new videos all morning for you ladies! im excited for you to see your beautiful bag and thank you once again for ordering with me
princessryx28 : @jessyjadebag thank you again am soooooo excited !!!!!
jessyjadebag : @princessryx28 eeeee what a lovely email i just got from you! thank you once again we will have a great time together working on your dream chanel. i will contact you soon with preship pics so just hang in there for me.
princessryx28 : @jessyjadebag I will!!!and I am already looking for some future purchase👜😊👜☺️
mrs.ruschhaupt : I need these in my life lol and the matching backpack 💕💕
lily0627 : @jessyjadebag I check website but I couldn't find them(((( it's still available ? I want on black leather
lily0627 : @jessyjadebag also I email you about password you never respond please email me honeychka8@gmail.сon
lily0627 : Com
auriaaana - mrs.ruschhaupt - quaintrelle27 - meganmiller1 -
ysl cabas chyc mini! too cute 4 summer <3 #saintlaurent #ysl #red #handbags #summer #polkadots #fashion #mini #purses #jessyjadebag #queenofbags
mini - fashion - handbags - ysl - saintlaurent - purses - queenofbags - summer - jessyjadebag - polkadots - red -
z.n.h.m : Still waiting? Comments got deleted...
jessyjadebag : @z.n.h.m excuse me? i dont think thats a respectful way to talk to me. if you have a question you can find a polite way of expressing it. thanks
z.n.h.m : I had made a comment and you responded and it randomly got deleted. It wasn't meant to be taken that way. I just wanted help with the emails I've sent and resent and still haven't gotten a response to...
jessyjadebag : @z.n.h.m hey! im not sure if my last note on here went thorugh i think not.. please let me know which is your email address or what it starts with . yes if a client posts personal things on here like their email ect i delete it right after so no worries. look forward to your reply. thx
quaintrelle27 : I can't remember if my comment went through or was deleted bc I put my personal info, I'm ready to buy just waiting on a response from my emails, thank you and happy for the winners @jessyjadebag
z.n.h.m : Oh, well That makes sense. Ok thanks my email starts with the word "stronger" thanks for your help. I will be waiting for your reply.
jessyjadebag : @z.n.h.m oh yay !! i just found you !!!!!!!! you were lost! but now you are found ! lol im so excited! i will email you right now thanks for reaching out to me on here you were lost in spam which ofcourse you are way too cool to be in there!
mrs.ruschhaupt : You look stunning as always!! Miss you bunches!!!
katie_lynn_weiss - nisthat1 - mrs_creed - quaintrelle27 -
red day! #vivianwestwood #jellies #shoes #saintlaurent #red #jessyjadebag #jessyjadeshoes #cabaschyc #handbags #fashion #lovethis #love #heats
love - fashion - lovethis - shoes - handbags - saintlaurent - jellies - heats - jessyjadebag - jessyjadeshoes - cabaschyc - vivianwestwood - red -
jetgirl1219 : Love the red!!
jessyjadebag : i heart red too!! @jetgirl1219 haha you get it? hope u r having a silly sunday xoox
katie_lynn_weiss - nisthat1 - quaintrelle27 - sontstyle -
#halfmoonwoc fits all the essentials for the evening keys, phone, few makup items ect. #jessyvip #chanel #chanelbag #crossbodybag #whatsinmybag #wimb #handbags #jessyjadebag #queenofbags #chanelcaviar
whatsinmybag - chanelbag - handbags - halfmoonwoc - chanelcaviar - wimb - crossbodybag - queenofbags - jessyjadebag - jessyvip - chanel -
sharifuddinh : @jessyjadebag could you please review on youtube your chanel classic wallet on chain plzzzz :) xoxo
jessyjadebag : @sharifuddinh what a lovely suggestion! will do! xoox <3 jessy
alexamaraviglia - vanessaaameoww - sontstyle - arycka -
weekend WOC chanel halfmoon black caviar silver hw can be worn 3 ways! as a clutch over the shoulder or cross body to order #jessyvip #jessyjadebag #queenofbags #woc #chanel #chanelbag #chanelwoc #halfmoonwoc #chanelcaviar #chanelclutch #fashion #handbags
chanelclutch - fashion - chanelbag - handbags - halfmoonwoc - chanelcaviar - chanelwoc - queenofbags - jessyjadebag - jessyvip - chanel - woc -
nafi.b : Password pls
jessyjadebag : @mademoisellenafi hey!!!! hanks for ur interest i cant post it publicly we can talk more via email thanks!!
mrs.ruschhaupt : Omg this is my moms FAVORITE bag from you 💕 it's so gorgeous.
katie_lynn_weiss - aprilwans - jetgirl1219 - meganmiller1 -
omg gelato AND YSL cabas chyc i have a sweet tooth! hehe #jessyjadebag #jessyjade #ysl #cabaschyc #saintlaurent #mini #red #handbags #queenofbags #gelato #icecream #sweettooth
mini - sweettooth - handbags - ysl - gelato - icecream - saintlaurent - jessyjade - queenofbags - jessyjadebag - cabaschyc - red -
ibzaro91 : Finally a new color !!! :D
jessyjadebag : @ibzaro91 i know right? im like pink obsessed i will try to post some more bags soon, im just always busy working haha
adkeefe : @jessyjadebag is this the small or medium?
jessyjadebag : @adkeefe hey!! Sorry for the late reply ! This is the medium
vanessaaameoww - quaintrelle27 - the_girl_on_the_run - auriaaana -
size comparison chanel halfmoon woc and chanel classic 2.55 in black caviar ... both are anmazing! #jessyvip #chanel #chanelbag #chanelhalfmoon #woc #chanelwoc #chanelflapbag #chanelcaviar #queenofbags #jessyjadebag
chanelbag - chanelcaviar - chanel - chanelflapbag - queenofbags - chanelhalfmoon - jessyjadebag - jessyvip - chanelwoc - woc -
jessyjadebag : @ejsayre14 its me again! lol i sent you an email again just now hope you got it.
jessyjadebag : @erinloguesmith hey erin! im literally looking at ur email now! nice to see you smiling face on here hehe look for my email in a bit <3 thanks so mich for reaching out to me!
fashion_sinners : Hi jessy, do u ship to europe?
jessyjadebag : @fashion_sinners hey!!!!!! great to meet you! yes i do ship to most eu countries.. some its free express shipping and some need a special shipping email me and we can talk more hope you have a nice evening xoxx jessy
bizzybsbe12 : @jessyjadebag I need both of those please get back to me I can't get through to you
bizzybsbe12 : @if I order those two from you will I get pics of my actual bags before you send them ?
bizzybsbe12 : @jessyjadebag if I order those two bags from you will I get pics of my actual bags before you send? I'm a bit hesitant to purchase from you since there's no return or exchange and i have to pay through western union or bank transfer. It's a lot of money to just throw away which is why I'm asking. Look forward to hearing back thanks.
jessyjadebag : @bizzybsbe12 im surprised that you would write something so naive on my instagram.. and ON a photo of 2 beautful chanel bags that i have VIDEO reviews of on my youtube that everyone enjoys ordering... pretty obvious if you look at my 100 videos, tons of pics here on instagram. 1000s of real pics on my website. 100s and 100s of positive reviews.. i cant image the kind of attitude you have or world you live in but i can tell the glass is half empty with you. but i wouldnt want to even think of working with someone who would be such a skeptic.. and pessimist .. this is my job. my passion which you can see here clearly.. IM a real person and you are doubting and insulting my livelyhood and as such i am ofcourse offended. i work really hard for all my clients. i dont want to do business with you. for the record to real future clients reading this. YES you get preship pics of each item before they are sent. perhaps there is another website who can assist you. so please stop trolling ive answer over 50 of your instagram notes, and emails collectively. thank you
nisthat1 - vanessaaameoww - beautysearching_ash - quaintrelle27 -
small zippy coin size reference to fit in lady dior #jessyjadebag #lvzippycoin #louisvuitton #pink #handbags #jessyjade #queenofbags #ladydior
pink - ladydior - handbags - louisvuitton - jessyjade - lvzippycoin - queenofbags - jessyjadebag -
uzma_261 : Can u please put some pictures of you with the celine luggage thank u
jessyjadebag : @uzma_261 hey!!!!! yes ofcourse! i will try to post that sometime next week! thanks for your suggestion!
jessyjadebag : @shopaholicbarbie_ hey !! great to hear from you! yes please feel free to reach me via email. due to the volume of emails i get often the spam gets full.and clearly you are not spam lol so feel free to contact me. looking forward to working with you!
nathachaj : Hey Jessy, i know you said that you dont make the GM size anymore in Vernis Alma , but i was wondering do you have any that were pre made but never bought? Ive been wanting this red vernis alma in GM size ever since the celebrity, Angela Simmons rocked it.
jessyjadebag : @ejsayre14 hey girlie! im sorry.. im only doing pm, mm and bb on the vernis...
shopaholicbarbie_ : My comments earlier got deleted?:o I still haven't gotten a reply after emailing you again...
jessyjadebag : @shopaholicbarbie_ hey yes i emailed you several times not sure if we are connecting! lets talk soon
flawednfabulous - myrian1 - lowryhappy -
size refernce lv zippy wallet lady dior requested #jessyjade #ladydior #lvwallet #louisvuitton #verniswallet #lvvernis #queenofbags #jessyjadebag
ladydior - lvwallet - louisvuitton - verniswallet - jessyjade - queenofbags - jessyjadebag - lvvernis -
mrs.ruschhaupt - myrian1 - meganmiller1 -
strap length classic lady dior pink patent leather #ladydior #handbags #purse #pink#jessyjadebag #jessyjade #queenofbags
pink - jessyjade - ladydior - queenofbags - jessyjadebag - handbags - purse -
mrs.ruschhaupt - myrian1 - meganmiller1 -
requested by miss manita how much can the regular size lady dior hold? yes it can fit a large wallet , phone and cosmetics with plenty of space left. it can also fit a ipad2. #jessyjadebag #ladydior #pink #handbags #bag #queenofbags #dior #maccosmetics #sephora #louisvuitton #lvwallet
pink - ladydior - dior - handbags - louisvuitton - bag - queenofbags - jessyjadebag - sephora - maccosmetics - lvwallet -
mrs.ruschhaupt - myrian1 - meganmiller1 -
balenciaga city strap lenght pic requested by marie. fits perfect on the shoulder. <3 #jessyjadebag #queenofbags #bagaholic #purse #handbags #balenciaga #balenciagacity #blue #citybag #weekendcasual #jessyjade
blue - handbags - balenciaga - purse - weekendcasual - jessyjade - citybag - queenofbags - bagaholic - jessyjadebag - balenciagacity -
nathachaj : @briannadmorris okay i will. I want the Chanel Maxi so bad. I remember that she said some of her messages go to spam.
briannadmorris : Yea, I dunno. But I feel ya, I want the jumbo so bad! I considered the maxi too actually. Her website was down for a little and I still can't log in so I'm not sure if it still is or not @nathachaj
jessyjadebag : @briannamorris hey !!! i just emailed you can you let me know if you got my email? thanks!
jessyjadebag : @nathachaj !!!!! yay thanks for reaching out to me via instagram that means so much to me that you took the time. can you email me and in the subject include your instagram name so i know its you? sometimes things go to spam due to the volume of emails thanks agian and hope you are havinga a nice sunday
nathachaj : Thank you. Im going to send an email now. I changed my IG name to EJSayre
jessyjadebag : @ejsayre14 oh i know i saw that and i was like.. am i seeing things! lol i was trippinn! lol
jetgirl1219 : Balenciaga will always be my favorite! -Michelle
mrs.ruschhaupt : You are stunning 💕
maryrapisardi - mrs.ruschhaupt - nathachaj -
balenciaga city bag always the classic go to bag. #jessyjadebag #jessyjade #queenofbags #balbag #balenciaga #balenciagacity #spring #flowers
spring - balenciaga - balbag - jessyjade - queenofbags - jessyjadebag - balenciagacity - flowers -
bbbunnyboo : ❤💗❤💗
nisthat1 - katie_lynn_weiss - nathachaj - iloveme528hz -
you can also wear it top handle or over the crook of your arm #queenofbags #diorissimo #dior #jadore #pink #omg #jessyjadebag #jessyjadebags #fashion #spring #summer #hot
pink - summer - fashion - diorissimo - jessyjadebag - omg - spring - jessyjadebags - hot - queenofbags - dior - jadore -
briannadmorris : By any chance is the VIP website back up yet? My husband is ready to order me a chanel but I haven't been able to log back in.
jessyjadebag : @briannadmorris hey yes i emailed u. hope ur having a nice weekend <3
ctleen : @jessyjadebag what size is this?
jessyjadebag : this size is 38cm long its the old medium size now its called the new large size lol Dior changed the bag sizes recently
katie_lynn_weiss - curtisthirlway - meganmiller1 - mizwoochic -
diorissimo worn both ways largest size silver hw #jessyjade #jessyjadebag #queenofbags #dior #diorissimo #designerbags #fashion #ootd #streetstyle #style
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lushbeaute : Super!
nisthat1 : Oooooo perfect color for summer. Loved it 😍😍
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dark purple #jessyjadebag #purple #violet #prada #pradasaffiano #collection #fashion #handbags #queenofbags
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nathachaj : I love this color.
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