This adorable Lilly Lobstah Roll fabric is one of our most popular Lilly fabrics and is quickly clawing its way off of our shelves! This is the **LAST CALL** for anyone wanting to order this snappy fabric because we are almost out and when it's done it is done. #JennaBennaCo #lobstah #greek #sorority #sororityapparel #jennabenna
jennabenna - greek - jennabennaco - sororityapparel - sorority - lobstah -
preetanejaa : @morganarndt πŸ˜­πŸ†˜
findingberenice - mianicolle - erikameetsworld - phimuphilambda -
I just found this gem! #Latergram #jennabenna
jennabenna - latergram -
jennainclema : We so cute!! πŸ˜‹ love you πŸ’•
ms_battags : Hehe we are we are!
hannahgouldrick - kimmib10 - jennainclema - vsheppard14 -
#jennabenna #jennabennaco #RMHC #ADPi #alphadeltapi #ronaldmcdonaldhouse #philanthropic #philanthropy
adpi - alphadeltapi - philanthropic - ronaldmcdonaldhouse - rmhc - jennabennaco - jennabenna - philanthropy -
alexigordon3 : YAY! So excited!
kljohn70 : Thank you Jenna Benna for customizing this shirt for my niece! It's on its way to Memphis Tennessee! Love it!! @alexigordon3 @jennabennaco
mandee_cloudninedesignz : Oh my! I need one of these!!!!
kljohn70 : @mandee_cloudninedesignz I know! 😊They are wonderful to work with and the shirts are adorable!πŸ’™
jennabennaco : Super cute!!!
kljohn70 : @jennabennaco I love it! Thank you again! πŸ˜‰
jennabennaco : @kljohn70 your cookies look too delicious and adorable! You are so talented!! Thanks for your purchase :)
kljohn70 : @jennabennaco Thank you..I appreciate that so much! And, I will definitely be placing another order soon! 😊
kelliegreenhill - gordonk64 - suviche - passionforbaking68 -
Check out the exclusive #JennaBennaCo Galaxy #3 fabric made on #DeltaUpsilon #letters! This galaxy fabric is made up with shades of blue and tiny gold toned stars. Looks best on Metallic Gold, Vegas Gold, or Cream twill colors! #fraternity #Greek #gogreek #DU #jennabenna #frat #galaxy #fraternityletters #outofthisworld
jennabennaco - outofthisworld - letters - gogreek - jennabenna - greek - 3 - frat - fraternityletters - fraternity - deltaupsilon - du - galaxy -
teehans : @alexissmithe you need these!
marakrupp : @mharrin04
mharrin04 : The letters look great!!
allcollege : Like it!
lemonaidriana : @lbar85
oliviakrauth - winnterbriyanna - asa_thetalambda - brikabar -
This is the **LAST CALL** for any Lilly - Iris Blue Written In The Sun fabric orders! We are down to the last few pieces left of this fabric and once we are out we are out! We suggest getting your order in as soon as possible for this fabric as it is one of our most popular fabrics! #lilly #Greek #jennabenna #jennabennaco #sororityapparel #sorority
greek - jennabennaco - sororityapparel - sorority - lilly - jennabenna -
nearundergraduates : Sweet!
mynameis_brit : @apes718
patriciaeusta : @melissajaneung !!
inattirbo : @_petitelove_
sewsoutherndesigns : Love it!
a_parrington - unlvagd - middletighe - ebum19 -
The State Flag Fabric Collection is just too adorable with embroidered elements over the double stitched letters. Here is another #California flag in #AlphaXiDelta letters. Thanks @suzy_de for sharing this cute pic showing off your #JennaBennaCo letters! #gogreek #greek #AxiD #CA #Cali #sororityletters #sorority #jennabenna #alphaxi #unlvaxid
jennabennaco - cali - axid - alphaxidelta - ca - sororityletters - unlvaxid - gogreek - jennabenna - greek - california - sorority - alphaxi -
vee_chilin - winnterbriyanna - tridelta_gammazeta - rosiestelling -
Graduation Day. I will miss my second batch of Roses a lot! β™‘ #365daysofhappiness #365milliontears #iwasactuallytheonecrying #jennabenna
iwasactuallytheonecrying - jennabenna - 365daysofhappiness - 365milliontears -
lindseycav - jam1na - lindzmclean88 - april_lynn_amador -
New letters! #jennabenna @jennabennaco #aoii #sororityletters
jennabenna - sororityletters - aoii -
jennabennaco : So cute!!!!
devon107 : Thanks! Although I do wish I would have chose a different sweatshirt color or a different back color @jennabennaco
lizbug13 - jennjennn12 - ainisali - schrammy16 -
Did you know you can get your classic and ever so important lavaliere from us here at #JennaBennaCo?! We offer sterling silver and different gold options as well as the classic vertical & diagonal letter styles! Thanks @tookimmy for sharing this pic of your #OmegaPhiSigma #lavaliere! #gogreek #sorority #greek #jennabenna
jennabenna - greek - jennabennaco - gogreek - sorority - omegaphisigma - lavaliere -
melissanagy1 : @tookimmy looking soo good!
maldonadoamber - marissabotelho - dani_j19 - melissanagy1 -
St. Patrick's Day is less than a month away so get lucky this holiday with an adorable JennaBenna & Co St. Paddy's Day Tee for only $20.95!! You will be sure to have the "luck of the Irish" with letters made from this fabric covered in playful clovers with a White twill background. #stpatricksday #stpatricks #stpaddys #lucky #luckoftheirish #jennabenna #gogreek #sorority
stpatricks - luckoftheirish - stpatricksday - lucky - gogreek - jennabenna - sorority - stpaddys -
jillsull22 : @bri.orourke for our trip!
poulomi222 : @jacqueeeclark13?
jacqueeeclark13 : @poulomi222 I LOVE YOU
misslizzielane : @atart336
jessieetaylor : @megafly25
megafly25 : @jessieetaylor OMG do we get it
abcdetrane : @atuohy612 I feel like this is right up your alley
mcryan93 : @clareyateem you can get letters now!
blaufield - fma_osu - ___s_v__ -
@ashleybert hit the jackpot with this stash of #JennaBennaCo letter shirts! These #KappaAlphaTheta letters are all so adorable ! #chevrons #theta #KAT #sororityletters #greek #sorority #jennabenna
jennabennaco - kappaalphatheta - chevrons - sororityletters - greek - jennabenna - kat - sorority - theta -
vines08 : @jennabennaco what print is the black and pink in front???
ashleybert : @jennabennaco thank you guys so much! they all look amazing, and shipped so quickly! 😊
beta_phi_sigma - christawis - asa_thetalambda - utkaxo -
latest @jennabennaco haul 😻 @brigiacchet @rothmackenzie #kappaalphatheta #jennabenna
jennabenna - kappaalphatheta -
brigiacchet : Omg!! Sooo pretty. I'm so excited😍😍
rothmackenzie : πŸ˜πŸ‘ Yay!
ashleybert : they all turned out sooo well πŸ™Œ I'll make sure to bring them for Monday! @brigiacchet
jennmentanko : Luv2sorority
ashleybert : its tru 😏 @jennmentanko
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Alpha Omericon Pi. Coincidence, I think not. #aoii #murica #jennabenna
aoii - murica - jennabenna -
katiebelll - aoiiuchicago - heatherlynn345 - ruthie2014 -
I finally got to make a trip home and open my letters! I'm in love 😍❀️ #jennabenna #JennaBennaCo #sorority #lovethem #ΚΔΒ #kappadeltabeta
jennabennaco - sorority - κδβ - jennabenna - lovethem - kappadeltabeta -
mandaaraujo__ - alyshha_25 - taymariematt - samantharosedonaldson -
Don't you just love @amacc_andcheese's combos that she put together! These #AlphaXiDelta letters are just perfect for all occasions in these fabrics: Top - Lilly Jellies Be Jammin, Middle - Amy Butler Hapi Heart Oasis Azure, Bottom - Indie Stella Ikat Orange. #AXiD #jennabenna #JennaBennaCo #sorority #greeklife #gogreek
gogreek - jennabennaco - sorority - axid - alphaxidelta - greeklife - jennabenna -
amacc_andcheese : Love my letters!!!! Thank you!
toryjill - ebum19 - kkg_jcu - emiweezuna -
Who needs diamonds when these #glitter flake letters is so sparkly!!! #JennaBennaCo loves all that glitters and these letters will be sure to catch the eyes of that special someone this #valentines. #AlphaGammaDelta #AlphaGam #AGD #AlphaSigmaAlpha #ASA #jennabenna #sorority #greek #gogreek
jennabennaco - valentines - gogreek - alphasigmaalpha - agd - alphagam - greek - jennabenna - alphagammadelta - asa - sorority - glitter -
michellemarchfitness : Love it :)
greek_rush : Nice pic!
jackiewoo : @thebonnie37 😍😍
thebonnie37 : @jackiewoo ❀️😍
journeyappstore : Please help us out and come tag a friend in my last post. It is for a amazing cause. Thank you :)
xoxokim_ : @priss_10
priss_10 : @xoxokim_ sooooo cute!!!
sarabotter : @rachelhagebush I looove the top??!!!
blaufield - ohheypaigee - 12cheyk - mermaidgames -
These #AlphaSigmaTau Lilly letters from #JennaBennaCo are super adorable! Top: Jellies Be Jammin, Bottom: Multi Elephant Ears. Thanks for sharing @anna_cooney :) #AST #jennabenna #gogreek #greek #sorority
alphasigmatau - gogreek - jennabennaco - greek - ast - sorority - jennabenna -
cookiesbydesign : Beautiful!
anna_cooney : My letters!! 😍😊
rayymccord : #ΑΣΤ πŸ’›βš“οΈπŸ’š
akindler819 : @emmamurray17
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#Timehop my favorite picture of #JennaBenna
jennabenna - timehop -
My new #jennabenna block letters with my favorite #lillypulitzer prints. #AlphaSigmaTau #ΑΣΤ #ImInLove πŸ˜πŸ’•βš“οΈπŸŒ΄
lillypulitzer - alphasigmatau - jennabenna - iminlove - αστ -
ana.lillpopp : I totally want these!
jennabennaco : Love 😍😍
southernlillylady - graham_noelleeeee - shelbh_7 - _____ultraviolence -
If you don't Instagram it did you even go to Dutch Bros? πŸ’ #dutchbros #dutchbroscorvallis #jennabenna #basicbitch #basic #sororitygirl #chithetaphi #osu_chithetaphi #oregonstate #sorority
basicbitch - dutchbroscorvallis - osu_chithetaphi - sororitygirl - jennabenna - dutchbros - basic - sorority - chithetaphi - oregonstate -
pinto_750 : Omg!!! We just have that to you! Lol hope you enjoy it!! πŸ˜‹
pinto_750 : Gave*
madseyeview : Absolutely love it @pinto_750 :) enjoying the relaxing vibe here as always ❀️
theretreatcorvallis - ebtprivacycover - kkara_rae - timesk1p -
Are you feeling lucky?? LAST DAY to enter the sorority sugar • JennaBenna HAPPY $100 GIVEAWAY!!! Enter on the SS blog now or never! @jennabennaco πŸŽ€πŸ’•πŸŒ· #jennabenna #jennabennaco #sorority #sororitysugar #sororitysugarsweets #greekletters #greekfashion #teeshirt #panhellenic #sweatshirt #alphaomicronpi #alphaphi #deltazeta #chiomega #zetataualpha #giveaway #biglittle
sororitysugar - zetataualpha - deltazeta - biglittle - jennabenna - greekfashion - giveaway - sweatshirt - alphaomicronpi - jennabennaco - chiomega - sororitysugarsweets - teeshirt - greekletters - alphaphi - panhellenic - sorority -
retiredlifenow : nice!
inertiatoursspringbreak : Cool!
chadwilliamhart - cc_5a - katie_wilber - tacenwins -
Here is another AWESOME State Flag letter shirt from #JennaBennaCo! This Colorado Flag has a beautiful red C embroidered over the first letter to give it that extra pop! Show your state pride off in these fantastic letters! #PiBetaPhi #PiPhi #PBPhi #RingChing #BoomBoom #Colorado #jennabenna #sorority #greek
jennabennaco - ringching - colorado - piphi - pbphi - pibetaphi - jennabenna - greek - boomboom - sorority -
nataliepic21 : Need new jersey!
caseysohyda : Can you do Maryland 😍😍
amacc_andcheese : PA!
madseyeview : Do Oregon :)
ast_lasalle - phisig_wcu - ___s_v__ - walter_party -
We just adore these Lilly Pink Fish letters & lavender twill on our Classic Fit Short Sleeve Tee in Antique Irish Green! #JennaBennaCo loves #AlphaOmicronPi too! #AOPi #AOII #fish #greek #lilly #gogreek #jennabenna
jennabennaco - gogreek - fish - aopi - jennabenna - greek - lilly - aoii - alphaomicronpi -
emmamurray17 : @akindler819 oo
d_bostdorf : @amoorex588 @kels_amidon
chadwilliamhart : Beautiful!
teegan_kay - katieemoyer - captainmorganheinrich - nnesci -
Have you entered the amazing sorority sugar • JennaBenna HAPPY $100 GIVEAWAY yet?? Treat yourself to FREE Greek letter sugar!!! Enter on the SS blog today. πŸŒ»πŸ’›πŸŒ»πŸ’š @jennabennaco #jennabennaco #jennabenna #giveaway #greekletters #sorority #sororitysugar #sororitysugarsweets #panhellenic #teeshirt #sweatshirt #biglittle #kappaalphatheta #zetataualpha #deltadeltadelta #deltaphiepsilon #alphaepsilonphi
sororitysugar - zetataualpha - biglittle - deltaphiepsilon - jennabenna - giveaway - sweatshirt - deltadeltadelta - jennabennaco - kappaalphatheta - sororitysugarsweets - teeshirt - greekletters - panhellenic - alphaepsilonphi - sorority -
biggestdeliver : nice pic i like it! β˜€
officialladytank : @sororitysugarsweets Check out all the different tank top styles and colors we offer! We would love to email you a wholesale catalog!
tacenwins : Nice pic!
againstallodds25 - oldsouthapparel - jchrist15 - tacenwins -
Check out these AMAZING new State Flag fabrics that we are offering at #JennaBennaCo! This one is a California Flag with the bear embroidered over the letters, #AlphaSigmaAlpha! We are in LOVE!!! #gogreek #asa #California #sorority #jennabenna #sorority #bear
jennabennaco - asa - bear - gogreek - jennabenna - california - sorority - alphasigmaalpha -
mermaidmeaghan : How much is it
haleyregine : @haleyyoung21
clairee_06 : This makes me wish I lived in California
maurina_scott : @brianarusso I want!!!
sassykassy28 : Is there a Michigan fabric??
ayyo_anahi : I made these 3 years ago, but I would love a shirt to match! : @brybrandy : @lisaaaaapatel
beta_phi_sigma - manderspanders - magwitch75 - utkaxo -
Visiting bestfriend at work! Love my Jennabenna😘😘 @c_three_po #khabs #jennabenna 😜
khabs - jennabenna -
c_three_po : πŸ˜˜πŸ‘Œ
johnprestenberg - c_three_po - gabbyszewczyk -
Valentine's Day is around the corner but it is not to late to get your favorite Big or Little Sis that extra special set of JennaBenna & Co letters! Check out these super adorable Valentine's Day themed fabrics that we are currently offering! Also, don't forget about our special Valentine's Day Holiday Shirt for only $19.95! #valentines #jennabenna #sorority #gogreek #greek #heart #love #sweetheart **Top Left: Lilly Pulitzer - Lucky In Love** **Top Right: Symbols: Hearts** **Bottom Left: Holiday Valentine's Sweethearts** **Bottom Right: Lilly Pulitzer - Bright Navy Loves Me**
heart - sweetheart - love - greek - valentines - gogreek - jennabenna - sorority -
realityshowauditions : :)
hettieguyon : @jennabennaco awesome page ! . Head over to .get more likes !!! see ya !
blaufield - jcupanhel - asa_thetalambda - faithchammy -
Today's a Celebration πŸ’₯πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽπŸ’ this be the baby girl! #eleven #jennabenna #almostbiggerthanme #birthday #shesalover
eleven - jennabenna - almostbiggerthanme - shesalover - birthday -
melamelodic : Yay! Happy Birthday
raydogg13 : My Babies#Love you #
michellina0120 - brandileeanne - ann_tastic - gigi_rs08 -
@mckenzieleem thanks for sharing your adorable #DeltaGamma photo in #JennaBennaCo letters! We love the combos you selected! #JennaBenna #gogreek #greek #sorority #deegee #dg #deltagam
jennabennaco - greek - dg - gogreek - jennabenna - deltagam - deegee - sorority - deltagamma -
mckenzieleem : @jennabennaco 😍😍 Thanks so much! Our entire chapter did Jenna Benna V-necks for recruitment this year and they were a huge hit!
mermaidgames : @michaylahope this is where you need to get your sweatshirt! 😊😊
axoluc - magwitch75 - litcollegetour - kkg_jcu -
We don't hate you because you're fat, you're fat because we hate you @jai_mariee #ily #jennabenna #sister
jennabenna - sister - ily -
jai_mariee : Most random vcapation
jai_mariee : I love you
jai_mariee : Let's go out again soon you're my favorite
gillardstacy : I love you toooo ❀️❀️❀️
gillardstacy : YES
gillardstacy : All night next time!
princess_alexandra_02 - jbuukes - jai_mariee - _gookin34 -
Look what came in the mail today! 😁 So in love with these! #ΑΣΑ #alphasigmalpha #letters #jennabenna #asawcu
ασα - asawcu - letters - jennabenna - alphasigmalpha -
lissy_richards - _ellyjanneee - jchrist15 - krysta_stefanosky -
Early WCW to this dime :) #JennaBenna
jennabenna -
cap5194 : Snapchat me cap5194
madisonnnhahn - madisonjosephine - lguck04 - badassangus -
Valentine's Day is around the corner, so now is the time to get your hands on the JennaBenna & Co Holiday Shirt! Order your very own fabulous holiday shirt for only $19.95! You will get this classic sweetheart conversation heart candies fabric on your choice of twill color (5 perfect matches to choose from) on a white classic fit short sleeve tee! The link below will take you directly to this sweet product on our website... #jennabenna #jennabennaco #valentines #valentinesday #sweethearts
valentinesday - sweethearts - jennabenna - valentines - jennabennaco -
samanthameganhopkins : Is the shirt a unisex shirt, men's fit, or women's fit?
samanthameganhopkins : @jennabennaco
jennabennaco : @samanthameganhopkins it is a Unisex Fit!
jbtenfour : The necklace I just made would go perfectly with a shirt like this!
blaufield - ast_lasalle - theji2007 - faithchammy -
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