FIVE ENCORES LATER I FUCKING LOVE YOU #jeffmangum @jeffmangum #neutralmilkhotel #nmh #thebeacham
jeffmangum - nmh - neutralmilkhotel - thebeacham -
ausclaire : There was only 1 encore haha
coastlandsmusic -
At #TheBeacham getting ready to see #JeffMangum of #NeutralMilkHotel for the 7th time! Still remember the first time in DC in Jan 2012 when we were just friends who barely knew each other (but yet it was like we knew each other forever.) #SomethingsNeverChange #InLove #TrueLove #Married #cutecouple #husbandandwife #bestfriends #mylove #love #ilovemyhusband #Orlando #datenight #Orlandodatenight #Orlandofl #iloveflorida #iloveorlando
love - somethingsneverchange - datenight - iloveflorida - truelove - neutralmilkhotel - cutecouple - orlandofl - orlandodatenight - jeffmangum - married - orlando - mylove - husbandandwife - bestfriends - thebeacham - iloveorlando - ilovemyhusband - inlove -
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5pm and already a huge line for GA to the sold out Neutral Milk Hotel show at The Beacham! #NeutralMilkHotel #concert #NMH #JeffMangum #thebeacham #orlando #Orlandolife #orlandodatenight #iloveorlando #Iloveflorida #downtown #downtownorlando #downtownotown #beacham #venue #generaladmission #waitinginline
concert - iloveflorida - downtown - neutralmilkhotel - nmh - waitinginline - orlandodatenight - jeffmangum - iloveorlando - orlandolife - orlando - venue - beacham - thebeacham - downtownotown - generaladmission - downtownorlando -
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Now Listening! This Wednesday! #NeutralMilkHotel May 6 w. #MindBrains at #OlympiaTheater at #GusmanCenter #Miami #OrangeTwinRecords #HappyHappyBirthdayToMe #CrashingThruPublicity #ElephantSix #NMH #JeffMangum #JeremyBarnes #JulianKoster #ScottSpillane #inanaeroplaneoverthesea #OnAveryIsland #oliviatremorcontrol #ofmontreal #twoheadedboy #purehoney #purehoneymagazine #aeglive #aeg #aeglivese
inanaeroplaneoverthesea - gusmancenter - olympiatheater - aeglivese - aeglive - oliviatremorcontrol - neutralmilkhotel - juliankoster - twoheadedboy - happyhappybirthdaytome - jeremybarnes - nmh - orangetwinrecords - purehoneymagazine - ofmontreal - miami - crashingthrupublicity - mindbrains - jeffmangum - purehoney - aeg - scottspillane - onaveryisland - elephantsix -
babydarlingdollface : Neutral milk is sex!
arielamour - salmonellafitzgerald666 - peemonster - brussell_sprouts_ -
Nights off are for brinner and concerts with your friends. I had such a great time at Neutral Milk Hotel last night with these two. #neutralmilkhotel #jeffmangum #fakedevin
fakedevin - jeffmangum - neutralmilkhotel -
markat97x : Such a good show!!!
epicboxingfl : Love it :)
itmustbemiriam : @markat97x It was great!
thetheatreguy - torturedoctor - coastlandsmusic - phene888 -
I want to send out a HUGE thank you to @tjtlovejoy for sticking around and getting my Neutral Milk Hotel albums that I bought at @daddykoolrecords signed after their show at @rutheckerdhall. The show was absolutely incredible! #NeutralMilkHotel #RuthEckerdHall #JeffMangum #ScottSpillane #JeremyBarnes #JulianKoster #OnAveryIsland #InTheAeroplaneOverTheSea #SecondRow #Setlist #Autograph #StraightInAFrame #NotForSale #Vinyl
jeffmangum - onaveryisland - straightinaframe - intheaeroplaneoverthesea - setlist - secondrow - vinyl - neutralmilkhotel - scottspillane - juliankoster - rutheckerdhall - notforsale - jeremybarnes - autograph -
bri_brokaw : So jealous @markat97x
epicboxingfl : That looks awesome!
babyfratelli : WAT
markat97x : @babyfratelli My buddy @tjtlovejoy said they all came out after the show. They didn't take any photos but signed autographs for everyone who was there, which was about 40 people.
babyfratelli : Well im jealous cx Im happy for you tho c:
jraindavis : Wow
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Front row for Neutral Milk Hotel was incredible. 😍🎺🎢#jeffmangum #neutralmilkhotel #rutheckerdhall #inanaeroplaneoverthesea
inanaeroplaneoverthesea - rutheckerdhall - jeffmangum - neutralmilkhotel -
joshdstover : πŸ‘πŸŽ»πŸŽΊπŸŽΈ
epicboxingfl : This is amzing!
mars_rover_ - bigboypimphands - jeffreysincich - babyfratelli -
#neutralmilkhotel #rutheckerdhall
juliankoster - rutheckerdhall - jeffmangum - neutralmilkhotel -
shanefish2000 : #juliankoster #jeffmangum
supermodelsdontdrinkc0lt45 : Shit ruled
shanefish2000 : @supermodelsdontdrinkc0lt45 agreed
tmorganic : Wish I had run into you @shanefish2000. Emily and I went up. Amazing show.
shanefish2000 : It sure was amazing!!! Such great music! I love the saw!!! @tmorganic would have been cool to see you
vladtschumi - seoulyearth - tmorganic - krystynwalsh -
yes...those are saws...and a nativity sheep #neutralmilkhotel #rutheckardhall #jeffmangum #aprilludgate @aubreyplaza
aprilludgate - jeffmangum - rutheckardhall - neutralmilkhotel -
novicelunasea : amazing show!!! just phenomenal!
jasonhassett - black1grape - baileyburnsred -
#NeutralMilkHotel repress of In the Aeroplane Over the Sea. 180 gram black vinyl. Needed this. #Vinyl #ElephantSix #NMH #vinyl #JeffMangum #Indie #LowFi #Record
lowfi - jeffmangum - indie - record - vinyl - neutralmilkhotel - elephantsix - nmh -
freeformpdx : πŸ’œ
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Jeff Mangum | Live at Jittery Joe's A birthday gift from an old friend! Sounds so good #jeffmangum #neutralmilkhotel #nowspinning #vinyl #vinylme #vinyligclub #vinyljunkie #VinylMePlease #vinylcommunity #vinylcollection #instavinyl #lp #uturnaudio #onmyturntable
instavinyl - jeffmangum - lp - nowspinning - vinyljunkie - onmyturntable - vinyligclub - vinyl - neutralmilkhotel - uturnaudio - vinylcommunity - vinylcollection - vinylmeplease - vinylme -
grizz_edwards : Awesome! Saw Mangum solo a couple years back. Sooo good πŸ‘πŸ»
boybunting : @grizz_edwards I think we saw him on the same orbit a couple years ago in some museum in middle MA. Was I the one with just him, but then the little dude with the saw joined him?
grizz_edwards : Yea he had a saw guy, a bass drum player and a couple horns at one point I think. Good stuff.
boybunting : @boybunting It was a neat night. People knew all the words and shit and even supplied some of the bits, like at one point the voice at the end of a song that pops in with, "Ok". It was our daughters first concert!
emmericha - baileyburnsred - vinylyorkies - grizz_edwards -
Finally a picture with #juliankoster in his trademark #paragonpark tee. Unfortunately, of course, I wasn't able to get any pics when I met #jeffmangum twice on Friday. Who cares about pics... I met Jeff! #neutralmilkhotel #nmh @halandmals
juliankoster - jeffmangum - nmh - neutralmilkhotel - paragonpark -
salingergirl : this is so cute!! omg
rickymendozaorg : That's so cool!
laceykaysem : @salingergirl @rickymendozaorg I love how Scott is in the background!
rickymendozaorg : That's true. Hadn't noticed Scott there... So, is Jeff normal?! He reminds of JD Salinger
laceykaysem : @rickymendozaorg The most important thing I walked away with Friday night is the realization that Jeff IS normal. I always try my hardest to treat my fav musicians like any other normal person if I am lucky enough to meet them instead of fangirl out. But it's hard. Jeff was so nice. We talked to his sister Caroline for like 15-30 minutes, and she was incredibly nice and very normal.
rickymendozaorg : Very very cool!! I'll be seeing them in June!
missyduplechain - salingergirl - coastlandsmusic - thespeelz -
So yesterday I saw Neutral Milk Hotel. They put on a great set playing all but one song from In The Aeroplane Over the Sea as well as several songs from On Avery Island and some of their b sides. For some reason, I was anticipating Jeff Mangum to be a bit standoffish, but despite his apparent frustration with Natural Milk Hotel's success, he's actually a pretty warm and friendly guy. The best person to watch during their live show is banjo/bass/saw etc. player Julian Koster. He dresses and acts like a kid and really gets into the shows, spending significant portion spinning and jumping around. His accordion playing got noticeably sloppy while he was jumping around, but his sheer enthusiasm more than made up for the imperfections. The best part of the show was the variety of emotions that can be experienced watching them play. On one hand, the untitled instrumental song off of Aeroplane was one of the most fun times I've had jamming out to a live band. Then there's songs like Two-Headed Boy Part 2 which is purely awe inspiring to see live. #neutralmilkhotel #jeffmangum #neutralmilkhotellive #jacksonmississippi #halandmals #liveshows #liveshowreview #neutralmilkhoteljackson
jacksonmississippi - jeffmangum - liveshowreview - halandmals - neutralmilkhotel - neutralmilkhoteljackson - neutralmilkhotellive - liveshows -
waake : Can't wait to see them!
modestvinyladdict : Did they play Communist Daughter? Ghost?
claytonwh : @modestvinyladdict they didn't play Communist Daughter, but they played the rest of Aeroplane.
giancarluu - vladtschumi - lemonartery - modestvinyladdict -
May 1, 2015 | #Jackson, #Mississippi Though #JeffMangum would not approve of me taking this photo - he respectively asks before every show not to record videos or take pictures - I couldn't pass up taking a photo of one of the best bands to come out of #Ruston. #NeutralMilkHotel performed one of the best shows I've ever seen, and I've been to a lot of great shows. #VSCOcam #PhotGrid #OnAssignment #Music #MusicJournalism #MusicJournalist #Journalism #Journalist #PhotoJournalism #PhotoJournalist #Multimedia #SocialMedia
onassignment - multimedia - photojournalism - socialmedia - photgrid - neutralmilkhotel - jackson - photojournalist - mississippi - musicjournalism - jeffmangum - ruston - journalism - music - journalist - vscocam - musicjournalist -
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So much yes #jeffmangum #neutralmilkhotel #stupidkids #kidsthesedays #AREYOURECORDINGME???
stupidkids - kidsthesedays - jeffmangum - neutralmilkhotel - areyourecordingme -
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Having #jeffmangum withdrawals #neutralmilkhotel #nerdgasm #beard #marryme #iloveyoujesuschrist #ohcomely
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dkilfeather : beautiful gallery
lowrentdan - photodariya - vladtschumi - dkilfeather -
Set list in #JeffMangum's handwriting #neutralmilkhotel #nmh
jeffmangum - nmh - neutralmilkhotel -
laynemadrid - vladtschumi - _ashisland - endsprings -
One of my fave pictures #oliviatremorcontrol #nmh #neutralmilkhotel #otc #jeffmangum #billdoss
oliviatremorcontrol - jeffmangum - billdoss - neutralmilkhotel - otc - nmh -
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Of course my stupid phone dies as soon as they started but #jeffmangum #neutralmilkhotel
jeffmangum - neutralmilkhotel -
sarajaneswisher : Ahhhh I'm jelly
lunablu_ : It was the second time I saw them, it was wonderful.
_abrya - jessica_haworth - coastlandsmusic - thedrifterscloset -
Tonight! #neutralmilkhotel #jeffmangum #parksandrecreation #aprilandandy #knowyourboo
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My newest, biggest, best addition. #nmh #kingofcarrotflowers #jeffmangum #tattoo #diytattoo
tattoo - kingofcarrotflowers - jeffmangum - nmh - diytattoo -
thekingofcarrotflower : why didn't you get a tattoo of carrot flowers?
andrewcoltonfox.mp3 : Those are much harder to draw.... and I did this myself. Haha @thekingofcarrotflower
thekingofcarrotflower : gotcha, still cool though. is it for pt1 or 2&3?
alainamargaret_ : You tattooed yourself?
andrewcoltonfox.mp3 : Yes' m. Right thur. ^^ haha @alainamargaret_
alainamargaret_ : Ahhhhhh! Be careful, you can get a disease!
andrewcoltonfox.mp3 : I know the risks! Haha But thank you for your concern. Lol :) @alainamargaret_
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Thank you NMH , Julian Koster, Scott Spillane, Jeremy Barnes, & Jeff Mangum. Tonight was unforgettable. You are an inspiration to many. #neutralmilkhotel #neutral #indie #indierock #kingofcarrotflowers #jeffmangum #intheaeroplaneoverthesea #onaveryisland #vinyl #juliankoster #ohcomely #nmh #love
love - onaveryisland - indie - intheaeroplaneoverthesea - kingofcarrotflowers - jeffmangum - neutral - vinyl - neutralmilkhotel - juliankoster - indierock - ohcomely - nmh -
themasen68 : Jeff had this beard at Roo when I witnessed his presence. Badass beard.
ron_swansons_stache_ - black1grape - _trollhattan - michael_cooke94 -
There's a crazy guy on the bus talking complete gibberish to himself, thank Christ for earphones. #NeutralMilkHotel #JeffMangum #DrownOutTheLoudMouth
drownouttheloudmouth - jeffmangum - neutralmilkhotel -
calummilne - vladtschumi - saucedonkey - vilmamat -
Wanted to see the man #jeffmangum for like ten years now. Shit just happened. Was a good night.
jeffmangum -
thatoneguy26 : Fuck yes
medievalknievel : @thatoneguy26 that's right. Fuck yes. Haha
jessicamurphco - chefbentley1 - autumnrbee - ovlovliv -
πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ This night was as close to perfection as I'll probably ever be. #neutralmilkhotel #jeffmangum
jeffmangum - neutralmilkhotel -
brooklynprance : Ooo I loved it too- Wish we would have collided!
bearstiles - thiinkbubble - datiekonovan - elis_muneshyne -
#onaveryisland #birdcity #nmh #neutralmilkhotel #jeffmangum #averyisland
beautifulday - birdcity - neutralmilkhotel - onaveryisland - averyisland - jeffmangum - nofilter - louisianalivin - nmh -
laceykaysem : @atticus_floyd no questions are weird when related to elephant 6 dear lavender child. Of course I am! Did you just recently join us? I've only seen you post on the recent past.
laceykaysem : In*
atticus_floyd : I've been member for a while but I never posted, I only really got into elephant 6 stuff about 3 months ago but ever since I've been in love with the music and everything about it. I really only found out about it because my friend told me about neutral milk hotel and I fell in love with the music and then I found out about of Montreal, olivia tremor control, apples in stereo, ect. I actually met Julian Koster I few weeks ago which was awesome
laceykaysem : @atticus_floyd I saw your posts in the e6 group and followed you on here shortly after you began following me
laceykaysem : @atticus_floyd I wasn't done sorry... Anyway, I'm like you. I went to an e6 Holiday Surprise show in 2011 because I heard it had something to do with NMH. And it opened my eyes to the wide world of elephant 6. Julian and Scott were walking around the venue during the show (when they weren't playing), and I had drank too much wine while waiting for them (they arrived late). So I was just drunkenly asking them if Jeff was gonna show up and if they were gonna play any NMH songs.
laceykaysem : @atticus_floyd that's the one might I wish I could have a do-over!
laceykaysem : @atticus_floyd if I knew then what I know now...
atticus_floyd : Haha when I met Julian I was so tired and cold and I kept asking him the same questions am telling him about my band haha it was a great night tho. I told him about my musi collective and we talked for a while
aguidry91 - y0c0e - bekstud - jesselw -
Fourth times the charm. #neutralmilkhotel #jeffmangum #music
music - jeffmangum - neutralmilkhotel -
graywuff - letstalkaboutitmedia - dearcaro - thedrifterscloset -
Tonight I will experience for the second time since Bonnaroo my favorite indie rock band, Neutral Milk Hotel, along with Jeff the load vocalist that is bright & bubbly #neutral #neutralmilkhotel #jeffmangum #indie #rock #indierock #aeroplaneoverthesea #vinyl #yes #yes #yes
aeroplaneoverthesea - jeffmangum - indie - neutral - vinyl - neutralmilkhotel - rock - yes - indierock -
alantaylorwest : cool! <(0_0)>
lemonartery : In Springfield? My Dad is going to be at that show!
themasen68 : Yepp!! See your dad there!
laceykaysem : @themasen68 are you a member of the Elephant 6 Enthusiasts group on fb? If not, one of our members posted a pic of her in this sweater holding a chicken. She had her grandmother knit the same sweater. It was great.
themasen68 : No im not, but awesome stuff! I just left the concert in springfield mo, needless to say Im speechless and content for the rest of my life. Their performance was better than I saw at Roo... Jeff Mangum & NMH are an inspiration.
sofiyaknebel1 - arejayismyname - alantaylorwest - nataliekerby -
"We know who our enemies are." From last night's Neutral Milk Hotel show at Liberty Hall in LFK. #jeffmangum #neutralmilkhotel #lfk
jeffmangum - lfk - neutralmilkhotel -
jordanislost : 😍
schedel : You know you're not supposed to take pictures!! #BUSTED!
alta_aydin : Why am I am Taiwan... first Lightning Bolt and now this ><
ayyy_ohhhh : @schedel I know, I'm a dick.
ayyy_ohhhh : At least I wasn't recording audio like one of my friends who also went
schedel : We just saw them here in Cleveland on the 22nd. We were right up front and people kept asking if they could "get in front of you for just one picture." Lol. No one is getting in front of me.
laceykaysem : @ayyy_ohhhh You're lucky. Saw them Friday night for the fourth time, and for the first time, Jeff totally called someone out (politely of course because he's Jeff) for having their phone out taking a pic/video. My second time seeing them I very discretely took a video during Little Birds and a few pics. But I was in the front row in front of Scott, far from Jeff.
jordanislost - lyszee - nataliekerby - chicagosteel1936 -
#neutralmilkhotel starts in 10 hours. Where is everyone?! #jeffmangum
jeffmangum - neutralmilkhotel -
changinator_ - thatonejaredguy - beenus_ - billionaireplayboybrucewayne -
hands in the air everyone. who is going to get the neutral milk hotel set list from last night @libertyhallinc #nmh #jeffmangum #lfk #libertyhall #neutralmilkhotel #latergram
nmh - jeffmangum - latergram - neutralmilkhotel - libertyhall - lfk -
arejayismyname : I did!
up_to_eleven : Congrats @arejayismyname ! Hope u enjoyed the show as much as we did
arejayismyname - pr1ncessdana - cj_hicks_kc - allanandcompany -
What a fond farewell. #neutralmilkhotel #nmh #intheaeroplaneoverthesea #iowacity #scopeproductions #merge #vinyl #jeffmangum #juliankoster #jeremybarnes #scottspillane
jeffmangum - intheaeroplaneoverthesea - iowacity - merge - vinyl - neutralmilkhotel - scottspillane - juliankoster - scopeproductions - jeremybarnes - nmh -
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The anticipation is high for the concert tonight! Pumping up with #LiveAtJitteryJoes. #nowspinning #jeffmangum #neutralmilkhotel #vinylgram #vinylcollective #recordcollector #vinyl
liveatjitteryjoes - vinylgram - nowspinning - vinyl - neutralmilkhotel - recordcollector - jeffmangum - vinylcollective -
rhooman : Whoa! @fatgeorgeclooney that's awesome!! I've always wondered what became of the crying baby.
fatgeorgeclooney : Ha, no telling. It was a long time ago, so I don't remember exactly, but another Elephant 6/Jittery Joe's connection - ol' Bill Doss worked there for a good long while. RIP, Bill. He was probably the nicest dude in that whole bunch.
fatgeorgeclooney : Ha, don't remember if Bill was working there yet, that is. It was some time in that time frame.
rhooman : @fatgeorgeclooney That's so wild, man. What a lucky period for you! Bet you've got some wild stories.
fatgeorgeclooney : It was a magical time.
vinylvision : You're in for a real treat! I've seen them twice now and both times were life altering!
jigpawsuzzle : #elephant
xxpickles : Definitely didn't realize this was on vinyl. I have it on CD with the video of the performance.
gavlegroove_ - ajleece - lemonade.on.mars - dawn.cheeseman.e -
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