Ok so I know I haven't been on lately and its because Ive have my phone taken away and I don't know what to post. Comment below what you think I should post. I'll see you later my penguins. Comment πŸ‘‘ if you read this #bajancanadian#mitch#mitchellhughes#skydoesminecraft#sky#adam#jeromeasf#jerome#youtube#jasonuniverse#jasonprobst#deadlox#tysleftfoot
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aimee11eggington : f4f? x
spookyender_girlgamer : πŸ‘‘
aimee11eggington - _jazziebae_ - therealaddie_ - paula.ann26 -
Can you guys please tag her? #minecraft #bajancanadian #Mitch #mitchellhughes #asfjerome #Jerome #ty #deadlox #trueMU #Jason #Jasonuniverse #ashelymarieegaming #ashleymariee #gaming #amesia #pewdiepie #notthebarrels
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lachlan.muir : No @ashleymarieenottagged
satans_left_testicle : Lol @lachlan.muir πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
cordilgames : <3
tony_castle19 : @ashleymarieegaming
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Jason✨ Tag him maybe? #jasonuniverse #jasonprobst #jason #minecraft #youtube
jasonuniverse - jason - minecraft - jasonprobst - youtube -
that_super_crazy_fangirl123 : Fire
that_super_crazy_fangirl123 : Starfire
james_deschene - seuscraft - mitchislovemitchislife - ___minecraft__official_ -
Going to school today✌️ im loving the ios 8! #teamcrafted #skydoesminecraft #asfjerome #bajancandian #jasonuniverse #xrpmx13 πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’šβ€οΈπŸ’™πŸ’•πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’˜πŸ’žπŸ’–πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’›
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maggie_basketball12 : Hey Maddie
justsomaddie : Hey @maggie_basketball12 kik?
colleen0309 : No school
justsomaddie : Lucky!!!! @colleen0309
colleen0309 : Or on Monday
justsomaddie : I domt have school on monday either @colleen0309
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XD Qotd: what's your name? #fandom #bajancanadian #jasonuniverse #skydoesminecraft #munchingbrotato #huskymudkipz #ssundee #asfjerome #minecraft #youtube
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youtuber_library : Alexa
loganstaffordxoxo : Omg I found u without even trying!!
loganstaffordxoxo - mark_eh_plier - _loops4242_ - james_deschene -
One of my favorite pics of Jason <3 #jasonuniverse #jasonprobst #jason #minecraft #youtube #ily
jasonuniverse - jason - minecraft - youtube - jasonprobst - ily -
hashbrown.hashton : Jason is amazing tbh omf
_.maxie._ : Same
zianyia_cortes - spookyender_girlgamer - james_deschene - leahmcgraww -
{my audio} πŸ’˜ It was a bit short but I like how it turned out :'3
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spaceaccountjacob : Awesome:D { @Jacob_Edwards99 }
tillyandtwink : That looks amazing damn
lillyannelanghorst : ECHO❀
deaduniversers : @tillyandtwink thanks πŸ™ˆ
flamingtroyler : That was amaze oh ;o πŸ’•
deaduniversers : @flames_universe thaaanks 😚
e.k.a.n.e : E C H O OH MY GOD
sarahh.robinson : TREVOR YAS😍
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I know they might not read this but, they have always made me laugh through sad times and I wanted to say thank you for all you've done <3 #skydoesminecraft #sky #bajancanadian #mitchellhughes #mitch #jasonuniverse #jasonprobst #jason #huskymudkipz #quentin #deadlox #ty #tysleftfoot #tbnrfrags #minecraft #youtube #ssundee #ian
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spookyender_girlgamer : Same with me πŸ’•πŸ’•
sp00kyfan126 - miki_dc_123 - simsgamer_girl - ghost.hound26 -
So don't judge me now ok? But I and this really strange dream a few nights ago. So it started like this; I was coming home from school one day. Everything was as usual, my sisters fighting & screaming. My dad was mad at me and my mum was doing whatever she does. Then I was going in my room, closed the door and put my headphones in. And this is the strange thing. After one hour I was going out from my room to make some tea, I then see my family dead in the living room. I just stared. It was blood everywhere. I saw someone that pulled a axe out from my oldest little sisters head (she's 6). That someone turned around, and I realized it was me. I had blood all over my clothes and that bloody axe in my hand. I smiled. I laughed. I was happy. I was finally happy. And then I woke up and felt like this wasn't a nightmare. I smiled, like I did in my dream. Why? Idk. I feel like something is really fucking wrong with me.... (More happened in the dream but i don't remember everything).
cailey.vishney : Wow Amanda that's a great dream...
deaduniversers : @cailey.3 ... hehe ikr
blockbread : I wrote an entire paragraph (and then instagram crashed before I pressed send) on how your emotions are sewed into your dreams and that they're still so mysterious to us, that dreams are psychological. Don't worry about it.
blockbread : ^ it happens to everyone
ruthielibby : I had a dream that Mitch was brother for 13 years and on his 20th bday, my dad killed him. But, MunchingBrotato became my boyfriend
faith_adamo : I had a dream last night that there was a birthday party at Mitch's house and me and a bunch of kids were playing with soap on a stair case. Then they left and I was snooping around Mitch's room when he fell out of the roof. I screamed and tried to run but I was going really slow. Then we watched a movie and cuddled then he was trying to teach me how to play with tech dechs (the skate board toys) and yea.
itsalexcraft : I had a nightmare... Instagram was gone.
bodilhds961_fangirl : I had a nightmare last night at school (cause where else would a nightmare take place?) also dollhouse is my fav song!
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dear haters:
mrs_bajancanadian : XD @_team_crafted_girls
creepycake.tbh : Just stop.... I freakin need this in my life @bands_youtube_oh_mcr
50shadesof.spookyfrerard : @_team_crafted_girls 🌞🌞🌞🌞
jaesa.omam : @adam.alesa excuse me while I laugh intensely
spooky.adam.alesa : @jaesa.a jason makes it sO MUCH BETTER OFJFJF
kaitlyn_ftw : @5sexually you are...
5sexually : @kaitlyn_ftw kms and come back to the Skype call.
so_many_ships : Heheh @daejha_champion
__benjas_bacca__ - gummiez.x - so_many_ships - wolfitup -
jason is so swegπŸ™Œ #minecraft#mcyoutubers#minecraftyoutubers#truemu#jasonprobst#jasonuniverse#skydoesminecraft#deadlox#ssundee#truelox#skymu
jasonuniverse - mcyoutubers - minecraft - skymu - deadlox - truelox - ssundee - minecraftyoutubers - truemu - skydoesminecraft - jasonprobst -
kanon_nakajima : H ot dang
ishipsomuch - cb45g - x__enderlight__x - maddi_the_muffin -
Wasn't suppose to post today but I'm feeling a little bit better, although I've been sad a lot today.. But music, xbox and your comments cheered me up a bit πŸ’•
grinesalt : @just._.that._.fangirl
just._.that._.fangirl : Adam
grinesalt : Adam and Tyler
maddyz.here : Jerome!
cashmo204 : Mitch
ayediane0k : Adam and Tyler
doctor_who_ftw : Tyler
fuzzymalik04 : Mitch
2f._.4u - gummiez.x - carrie.whitee - wolfitup -
7 days clean... πŸ™Œ γ€°γ€° I'm in school rn and I won't see if you comment/like something so that's why I might not answer any comments.. πŸŽ­πŸ’œ
januclaus : Awesome!! We love you!
meromesuniverse : wonderful baby!πŸ’˜
barbara_roleplays : Ashleyyyyyyy
girly_minecraft_lover : So proud of you!!!♥πŸ™Œ :D
spo0kypanda_butt : Proud of you!! ❀️
1_books.4.life_1 : I'm so proud of you!! ❀️❀️
flamingtroyler : Yayayy super proudπŸ’–πŸ’–
sociallyhemmings : UAYAYAYAYAYAYA! Proud proud! πŸ‘
noshame_in_being_crazy - slim__shady0 - wolfitup - gummiez.x -
What grade are y'all in? I'm in 9th grade.. πŸ’‹
1_books.4.life_1 : 7th ~Zoey
endergirlbynight : 7th
flamingtroyler : 8th ^-^
infinite_miranda : 8th
tumblr_girl_jacleen : 6th I'm starting middle school tomorrow any tips
mitchs_burger : 8Th ;)
take.puglyfe.seriously : 8th
cashmo204 : FRESHMAN
__benjas_bacca__ - noshame_in_being_crazy - wolfitup - gummiez.x -
Goodnight guyss <3 #youtube #minecraft #bajancanadian #jasonuniverse #skydoesminecraft #deadlox #munchingbrotato #ssundee
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ragejacob : For a 10K shoutout check @Jacob_Edwards99's newest picture
steamascom : Cool! :)
paula.ann26 - damnmitch - youtuber___fangirl -
Follow my personal account? 🌚 < @thedarkestdeath >
grinesalt : @just._.that._.fangirl
grinesalt : Adam and Jerome
just._.that._.fangirl : Tyler and Adam
dreamofbajancanadian : Jerome or mitch <3
cashmo204 : Jerome or Jason
fuzzymalik04 : Tyler
icedwolfgaming : Mitch!!!
2f._.4u - carrie.whitee - icedwolfgaming - minecraftyfangurl -
#skydoesminecraft #vanossgaming #ashleymareegaming #Jasonuniverse #deadloxmc #munchingburrito #muskymudkipz #asfjerome #YouTube
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I haven't been nominated for the ALS ice bucket challenge (I think it's called that) and I'm really happy about it 🌚 Have you done it or been nominated to do it? πŸ™†πŸ’ž
jasonuniverse - jason - minecraftuniverse - teamcrafted - sky - mitchellhughes - deadlox - deadloxmc - ssundee - skylox - bajancandian - merome - youtubers - huskymudkipz - mitch - truemu - asfjerome - youtube - minecraftyoutubers - myedit - jeromeasf - jeromeaceti - minecraft - skydoesminecraft - bajan -
_teamcrafted_ : hehe, i haven't been nominated yet.. someone says they want to nominate me though.. 😬
spooky.jazzy_kit : I want to, I feel so left out.....
kaceylouise_ : My friend nominated me but I can't do it because my mom said it's too cold now because it's nearly autumn :/
deaduniversers : @andiee5050 oh so it's your picture? πŸŒšπŸ˜‚ I saw it from another Fanpage and he looked adorable so I saved it πŸ™† well now I know it's your picture, so photo credits to you πŸ™ˆπŸ’œ
andiee5050 : @deaduniversers yeah it's okay ☺️ lots of people reposted it cx I just like see my stuff in other peoples pages cx
flamingtroyler : Nominated and did it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ its actually fun c:
deaduniversers : @flames_universe I got nominated a few hours ago and I really don't wanna do it 😭
flamingtroyler : IT'S FUN πŸ˜‚ tbh it could just be me that thinks that.... its really not that bad either way c:
cashmo204 - the_name_is_derpy596 - ruthio21 - xendyleighx -
I don't really watch so many mcyt anymore. I mostly just watch Adam & Tyler. πŸŒ΄βœ–οΈπŸ˜ͺ
maddie.pizza : jerome
__benjas_betty__ : Jason
grinesalt : @just._.that._.fangirl
grinesalt : Mitch and Jerome
just._.that._.fangirl : MITCH OR TYLER
the_name_is_derpy596 : @xx.the_queen.xx I want the birdy ^-^
daff223 : Jason
o2l___life : Tyler and Jason!! πŸ’™
2f._.4u - gummiez.x - so_many_ships - hippobottomless -
2.5k.. wHAT omg ily guys I can't even explain how much πŸ’•πŸ’• I'm working on a video edit that I'm probably are going to post on YouTube ^w^ I think I'm going to post it this week, not sure yet 🐯 But thanks again ily so much ❀️
samtys_siupelys : For real congrads and my name is Nerida
viamerome : my name's juliaπŸ’Ž i think my name looks good with the diamond by it idkπŸ˜‚
viamerome : oh, and congrats🌸
deaduniversers : @mitchxjerome thanks πŸ’žπŸ’ž
minecraft_is_life999 : My names Emma
wonder._.wall : @minecraft_is_life999 My names Enma too :P
computer.addict : Anna
icecream_121 : Karli
the_name_is_derpy596 - icecream_121 - hello_beautyful - fangirling_ismyjob -
Comment a inside joke you have with your friends? πŸ˜βœ–οΈπŸ’ƒ
ashh.tyn : Eggplants @sophsoph13
alexis_loves_youtubers : Oh jesus, @gamingyoutubers_fangirl
good_mythical_fangirling : YES @alexis_loves_youtubers YES
faith_adamo : I can't get over someone I've never datedπŸ˜₯
ashleymariee_alesa_fanpage : @liseecrafted @giorgious_ DICKS
fukingstyles : i love ur acc bae check out my acc?? thanks, love!! xx
dashies_drawings : AMEEEEEEBBBBAAAA
mitchsbabee : Da fish
the_name_is_derpy596 - xendyleighx - ruthio21 - what_if_mitch -
I'm going to make these edits again, yay \^w^/ I really miss making them and I guess you liked them so why not? πŸƒβœ–οΈπŸŒš
fnagirling : tyler and jerome are cute Dx
grinesalt : @just._.that._.fangirl
just._.that._.fangirl : MITCHHHG
grinesalt : Jerome and Mitch
just._.that._.fangirl : MITCHHH
januclaus : πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œlove them all
cashmo204 : Jason
ayediane0k : Jerome mitch and Tyler
2f._.4u - gummiez.x - sp0oky_loves_levi_heicho - so_many_ships -
Forgot the watermark on the other photo.. /: so don't steal it m'kay. So QOTD: Favorite youtuber except for mcyt? πŸƒπŸ― AOTD: I have a lot actually... But I like Troye Sivan, Tyler Oakly, Zoella, Pewdiepie & a few people in FaZe ^w^ I have a lot more but I'm too lazy to write all of them πŸ™ˆπŸ’œ
kaceylouise_ : Pewdiepie, Ksi, behzinga, wrotetoshaw and a load others
kenny.glvz : pewdiepie
kenny.glvz : smosh
undeadxahead_ : CaptainSparklez or markiplier
firebreather4life : Dan, Phil, Pewds, Sky, and Double :3
elizabeth_1242 : Pewds and Bethany Mota
manthyann : Pewds, Smosh, Jenna Marbles, Shane Dawson, and Tyler Oakley
skydoesyoutubers : Dan, Phil, Troye, and Pewds
the_name_is_derpy596 - icecream_121 - toxicangel15 -
So this is going to be a part of my new theme ^w^ Do you like it? πŸ’• So school tomorrow :c noo please
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caught_fangirling : @smaski23
smaski23 : Haha @caught_fangirling red ribbons biyotchhhh
teamcraftedofficial : I love it πŸ’•
thebutterrecruit : Love it tenouttaten perf amaxing ♥β™‘♥ :D
thebutterrecruit : Amazing* xD
januclaus : Love it!
shippin.dem.youtubers : Omg ily bb this is amaze 😍
deaduniversers : @shippin.dem.youtubers thanks bae πŸ’‹πŸ™ˆπŸ―
what_if_mitch - autumn_avery - imagineblocks - gummiez.x -
I'm actually proud of this \^w^/ When do you start school again? :] I start on Monday :c
kaitlyn_ftw : What song?
galaxy_unicorn16 : song ?
itsalexcraft : Caramel dancing? I think. @kaitlyn_ftw @galaxy_unicorn16
galaxy_unicorn16 : @itsalexcraft tanks ヽ(*≧ω≦)οΎ‰
bodilhds961_fangirl : What app?! I'm trying to gong good apps!
claire.albers : @daphne_roberts
sarahh.robinson : @galaxy_unicorn16 @kaitlyn_ftw it's called carameldansen Idk how to spell it xD
gummiez.x - sp0oky_loves_levi_heicho - daphne_roberts - inthepocketofyourhoodie -
I really wanted to do one of these so excuse my voice πŸ™ˆ More of these, yes or no? πŸ™†πŸ’ž
faith_adamo : I know lol I don't usually read the bioπŸ˜‚
glitchedpsycho : how do u do this
blossomfur11 : Yes
xcraftingblue : You love him, its true. And he loves you, he loves me and he loves all of his fans dood!
omgmerome : Yea… my feels died. Cause this is so true. AND YOUR VOICE IS SO CUTE
deaduniversers : @omgmerome aw thank you πŸ™ˆπŸ’•
bloodcoateddzaster : What app?! So amazing!
cashmo204 : YES
attackonwaffles - autumn_avery - omgmerome - youtube__paradise -
so i don't know if anyone knows this but a great man died named robin williams i cried when i heard he died he was a awesome actor im just gonna leave that there well tonight my plans are youtube skype and mc k bye πŸ˜‚β€οΈ [tags] #mitch #mitch #minecraft #mitchhughes #mitchellhughes #youtuber #youtube #jasonuniverse #jasonuniverseimagines #jasonuniverseisfrikinamazing #skydoesminecraft
jasonuniverse - jasonuniverseisfrikinamazing - mitch - mitchhughes - youtube - mitchellhughes - jasonuniverseimagines - youtuber - minecraft - skydoesminecraft -
attack.on.jeromes.dick : Yea :;
youtuberz.are.my.life : Ya ik ;-; he did the genies voice in alladin
spookyadesa : im crying.. ;-; ..
http.yxutxbxrs : //crying ;-;
http.yxutxbxrs : i heard he committed suicide ;-;
crazyyoutuberedits : yeah its really sad @ughyoutuberz
http.yxutxbxrs : it kills me because i loved him
http.yxutxbxrs : now hes resting in paradise
jordans_spooky_potato - jemila.macc - the_fault_in_our_mitch - http.yxutxbxrs -
Comment your favorite song atm πŸ™†
faith_adamo : Everybody wants to rule the world by lorde
_isabellalucas : match under water by peirce the veil
good_mythical_fangirling : Anything with Mitch in it is perfect
good_mythical_fangirling : This is my favorite edit of yours
jaesa.omam : @faith_adamo ps it wasn't originally by lorde she covered it for catching fire
fnagirling : teenagers by my chemical romance :3
faith_adamo : Oohh ok @jaesa.a
just._.that._.fangirl : @derp._.crew
the_name_is_derpy596 - attackonwaffles - youtube__paradise - autumn_avery -
so.. I'll stay. BUT, I'm going to change my theme a bit. And I won't post as much like I did before, maybe 1-3 posts a week, maybe more. And school starts next week for me so that means less time on Instagram. But I hope you understand and still want to follow me.. πŸ™ˆπŸ’œ ily all and I hope you have a great day! :)
maddie.pizza : adam
loganstewaart : TYLER TEEN WOLF IS MY LIFE
grinesalt : Jason
just._.that._.fangirl : Jerome
cashmo204 : Jason
daff223 : Tyler
o2l___life : ALL OF THEM!!
sp0oky_loves_levi_heicho : JASON!! YAS
marliz110 - gummiez.x - katy_pizza - imagineblocks -
Hey guys! How is your day? ~ Qotd- what is your favorite animal? #jasonuniverse #jasonprobst #jasonstokes #jason #minecraft #youtube
jasonuniverse - jason - jasonstokes - minecraft - youtube - jasonprobst -
whiterunsthanesgaming : Bobcat! (: but dragons are cool.. ;D
its_meh._.spookytrumpet : Fox :)
zianyia_cortes - who_like_mindcraft - adorable_pandas24 - kim_a_56907 -
i wanna tell my friends who I like but I'm scared :( he's like taking over my mind and he's all I can think of now.. :/
max_berridge : Is he your friend @deaduniversers ?
deaduniversers : @brianb3maxberridge yeah
max_berridge : Ok @deaduniversers
cyberunicornxd : Blä på dig. 🚽
deaduniversers : @cyberunicornxd 😘❀️
deadlox_chick : Lol
anthony248q : Sry @deaduniversers
koala.lizzie : that's cute ;)
the_name_is_derpy596 - what_if_mitch - imagineblocks - gummiez.x -
I want to do video edits like this sometimes, I hope it's okay πŸ™ˆπŸ’œ
jasonuniverse - teamcrafted - cutiepie - minecraftuniverse - felix - mitchellhughes - deadlox - skylox - bajancandian - pewdiepie - merome - youtubers - felixkjellberg - mitch - truemu - sky - youtube - marzia - myedit - cutiepiemarzia - minecraftyoutubers - minecraft - skydoesminecraft - brofist - bajan -
deaduniversers : { #bajancandian #bajan #mitchellhughes #mitch #cutiepiemarzia #marzia #cutiepie #minecraftuniverse #truemu #jasonuniverse #felix #deadlox #brofist #felixkjellberg #pewdiepie #skydoesminecraft #sky #minecraft #minecraftyoutubers #youtube #youtubers #merome #skylox #teamcrafted #myedit }
everythingbajancanadian : 😍
luv5633 : YUS ❀️
girly_minecraft_lover : Love it!😍
xxkilixx : Perfect πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
pixxel.crafter : Qt
cupveronikacake : Perf! <3
the_name_is_derpy596 - youtube__paradise - toxicangel15 - manyaa.chathaa -
So a lot of thing happened today omg. 1: Drama here on IG, I'm not going to say what it was about but I think I made the whole thing start. And I'm sorry for that. 2: I was skyping with @kilithepotato, and I'm really awkward when I have to speak English and yeah πŸ˜‚ 3: I think I'm starting to like someone ;3; But I know that he will never like me back because he likes someone else. And I'm not going to say who it is (this is to my 2 irl friends that follow this account) 🌚 4: I've played gta all day. Not like something big but I wanted y'all to know. ^~^ And that's pretty much it.
youtuber._.bands : OMG I LOVE CHEESE THIS IS PERF!!
youtuber._.bands : Soooo ALL
mustachesareawesome12233221 : Mitch
computer.addict : Tyler
maddie.pizza : jason
just._.that._.fangirl : Tyler and Jason
grinesalt : Tyler and Jason
cashmo204 : Adam, Tyler, and Jason
the_name_is_derpy596 - toxicangel15 - katy_pizza - imagineblocks -
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