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OMG! πŸ˜‚ I'm actually having a convo with my first rockstar crush! πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ When I was 13 I had the greatest crush on him. Aand I may still love him! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ™Š I never got to me him through. 😞 Maybe I will soon! 😁😘❀ #JasonDunn
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Tears of freaking joy!!! Congrats @jasonclaydunn on the title Ink Master! Cheered for you since day 1 πŸ‘πŸ™ŒπŸ‘Œβ­οΈ #inkjason #jasonclaydunn #jasondunn #inkmaster #hedeservesit
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patd_love_ : ikr!!
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Not many times have i seen a tattoo and been speechless.... But holy shit!!! #inkmasters #ink #jasondunn #tattoo #backpiece #newschool #color #beautiful #tatted #guyswithink
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fitnessrocks777 : Good shot!
plusmodelalitaylor : Watched ink master all night and fell asleep before the winner was revealed.. that is the the most amazing tattoo! Did Jay win?
richiepipes : @plusmodelalitaylor yepp!! His tattoo kicked everyones ass by a mile, plus that guy cleans a cocky jerkoff i didnt want him to win
plusmodelalitaylor : Rock on! They made a big mistake giving him musical. . He rocked that shit!!
plusmodelalitaylor : And Jays strategy giving the other 2 color realism.. perfectly planned!
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Amazing new school Japanese piece by @jasonclaydunn for the Ink Master Live Finale! @spiketv @spikeinkmaster #Ink #Art #Sun #Live #Tiger #Bonsai #Tattoo #Canvas #Artist #Finale #Tattoos #InkLive #SpikeTV #InkJason #TeamDunn #JasonDunn #InkMaster #LiveFinale #NewSchool #Japanese #Grasshopper #BackPiece #BackTattoo #JasonClayDunn #InkMasterFinale #InkMasterRivals
bonsai - tattoos - finale - art - inkjason - spiketv - inkmaster - inkmasterfinale - grasshopper - japanese - tiger - inklive - ink - jasonclaydunn - teamdunn - tattoo - canvas - artist - sun - newschool - backtattoo - jasondunn - backpiece - livefinale - live - inkmasterrivals -
i.seriously.like : Good day 2 u
_kensoul : Good shot!
nevada_jeep_girl : Sooooo happy with my winning piece!!! Jason you are talented!
michaelfisher_flw : That's Legit!
beverlydrobinsonvxc : :) @gimmenut
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My artist Jason Dunn won Ink Master! I'm glad I got to be his winning canvas! #ink #inked #inkedmag #inkmaster #winningpiece #liveink #jasondunn
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nevada_jeep_girl : @ezell_74 that's exactly what my girlfriend told me! Thanks πŸ’ž
gmoneymozart : You have a masterpiece on your back!
charmed_byjenn : It is amazing!! Love it so much!!
mighty_ducks9 : It's so nice!
makeupdivine : I cant believe that other girl that started this had MORE tattoos and couldnt even hang! You are a badass! Congrats on having a sick tattoo!!
nevada_jeep_girl : @makeupdivine DUDE! RIGHT? That's what I'm saying....I'm a little bit twisted in the head though so that always helps with tattoo session. #ilovepain
_tkroldart : That's for real a sick tattoo! Jason done an amazing job.
fynearttattoos : @eepitsdanii
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The Comeback Kid @jasonclaydunn wins Ink Master. πŸ‘ŠπŸ’₯πŸ’―πŸ˜Ž#inkmaster #inkjason #inklive #inkmasterrivals #inkmasterlive #jasonclaydunn #jasondunn #winner #inkwinner #tattooalchemy #socal #inlandempire #montclair #cali #california #westcoast #startedfromthebottom
inkjason - inkmaster - socal - startedfromthebottom - california - inklive - westcoast - inkmasterrivals - winner - jasondunn - cali - jasonclaydunn - inkwinner - tattooalchemy - inlandempire - montclair - inkmasterlive -
jdeehring : You totally deserve this!!!
dustinbl : SPOILER ALERT. good thing I was pulling for him. Proud of JCD @jasonclaydunn
sugarandspiiice : 😍😍😍yay!!
izulloa : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘woo hoo!!!!
hemifatcat : @jasonclaydunn nice dudes do finish first. Well dunn!!!!! Well dunn!!
salbreceda : The Best was in the West.... I'm proud to of meet Jason way back, he's a Great guy. And like I've always said You have Talent in Art. #WestCoast #SoCal #SpikeTv #INkMasTer #TattooAlchemy #JasonClayDunn #DunnFineArt
_hollywud : 😌
jrvegan909 : Proud of all of you #JasonClayDunn #PeachyTattoo #TattooAlchemy sorry #CleenRockTwo #CleenRock2 Jason's number One, Winner Winner Vegan Dinner....
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Congratulations Jason! Awesome Tattoo!! You Did Have What It Takes To Be Ink Master!! #inkmaster #jasondunn @jasonclaydunn
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Yes sir!!! That's what I'm talking about. @jasonclaydunn wins. I called it since the beginning. Best artist there is.πŸ‘πŸ‘ awesome!! #inkmaster #jasondunn #theinkmaster #awesome #tattoos #ink #gingerpower
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heck yea!! i knew he would do a bada** tattoo. naaiilllled it!! congratulations #JasonDunn winner of #InkMaster #InkRivals
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#inkmaster #inkmasterfinale #jasondunn
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dunnnj7392 : I find it truly amazing that Dave Navarro is a judge for a tattoo competition when he has some of the worst tattoos I've ever seen @chiqaleenda @krystalmarie2020
chiqaleenda : Yesss
chiqaleenda : Soo agreed
hot_wasabii : I wanted to see him cry πŸ˜’ Jason got LUCKY, he was in bottom ALL season
dunnnj7392 : Right dude, total bullshit @hot_wasabii
hot_wasabii : But this was my first time watching ink masters, this show is dope asf, but now Jason is on my death list, fat bastard cried n screwed up all season. They gave it to him kz he's pitiful πŸ˜’
oubobcat_swede : Ugh now im sad
mrsincognito13 : @mrkitsune13 @redqueeen haha
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The Ink Master Live Finale is almost here! Who's excited! #teamdunn #ink #inkmaster #inkmasterfinale #inkmasters #livefinale #inklive #tattoo #tattoos #top3 #art #jasonclaydunn #jasondunn
tattoos - art - tattoo - top3 - inkmaster - inkmasterfinale - jasondunn - livefinale - jasonclaydunn - inkmasters - inklive - ink - teamdunn -
bree_powell : Congrats @jasonclaydunn you deserved the win tonight!!
bluemmgirl02 : @jasonclaydunn Congratulations!!!!!!! Well deserved and earned!! So happy for you. Now you'll be so busy I'll never get to sit in your chair. You'll be booked til the end of time…… 😒😒😒 but I'm still gonna try! You rock!!!!!
dirty_banana : @jasonclaydunn congrats my man good job
brittanyfasho : Way to go man!
__prince45 : bro i want to thank you again for me making me and my girl @karina_kayx3 feel like family!! you're a true champ and thanks for being so humble and nothing but love thanks bro! a night ill never forget!! #inkmasterchamp
bobbiez_worldz : @jasonclaydunn don't doubt youreself! You let the other artist get in you'r head.
glenn_gomez : Congrats!!!! INK MASTER!!!! Was rooting for you since season 3!!! Happy to see you take the tittle!! I've always wanted a sleeve and have always said it would be great to have you do one!!! Congrats again!
inhuman_gurgles : Congrats!!!
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"Bad pic of me partyin with @sarahmillertattoo #inkmasterfinale #inkmaster #tattoos #tattoo #jasonclaydunn #jasondunn" #Regram from @jasonclaydunn Tonight, stick around after #InkLive for #InkShrinks with @sarahmillertattoo from @spikeinkmaster S02!
regram - tattoos - inkmaster - inkmasterfinale - jasondunn - tattoo - jasonclaydunn - inklive - inkshrinks -
sirmartinsen : Cool Photo! :)
jimbolazz : I love @sarahmillertattoo
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Bad pic of me partyin with @sarahmillertattoo #inkmasterfinale #inkmaster #tattoos #tattoo #jasonclaydunn #jasondunn
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pask79 : @jasonclaydunn
melissakiely76 : @sarahmiller still can't believe you came and met us. You inspire me
thegirlwithkaleidoscopeyes : Awww!!!! :DD
mrdylanbrown : Congrats homie!!!!
briemarcell : Love you so much, Jason!!! Can't wait to schedule my appointment with you! You are a huge inspiration and nobody deserved this win more than you!
zenabuddysgirl : good pic! <3
reina_cruz415 : Well deserved! And I agree that no matter how someone does throughout the season it comes down to the Super Bowl! Congrats Jason!
inkmom22 : πŸ’™
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Dragon Tattoo I worked on today. #orientaldragon #chinesedragon #japanesedragon #tattoo #dragontattoo #tattooartist #tattoos #inkmasters #inkmasters #ink #green #gold #wind #armtattoo #inlandempire #california #909 #japaneseart #colortattoo #bodyart #jasonclaydunn #jasondunn #montclair #tattooalchemy
tattoos - 909 - gold - bodyart - dragontattoo - ink - inkmasters - california - japaneseart - tattoo - tattooartist - japanesedragon - colortattoo - orientaldragon - armtattoo - jasondunn - jasonclaydunn - green - chinesedragon - inlandempire - montclair - wind - tattooalchemy -
blur17 : Hey man, I think I'm in the same situation you're in with anxiety, it's really impacting my life, stressed out everyday. Like it really sucks, doctors didn't really do anything about it, just waiting on my phycologist appointment and hope they can do something about it, I watch you on the show and see that I might be going thru the same thing as you. But anyways, good luck on Ink Master, routing for you dude! @jasonclaydunn
the_best_tattoos_magazine : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
mjkmjk1234 : Bad ass bro
tommyboi420 : Amazing !!!!!!!!!!
sb517 : I'm so happy for you! And so proud of you for overcoming your obstacles with anxiety. You came such a LONG way since the beginning of your journey with Ink Master! Love you!!!!! πŸ‘Šβ€οΈ
samirasimpson : @paulkevinjack
paulkevinjack : @samirasimpson I'm coming
dminus12 : #wherestheclaws
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Ha ha love this lil Doodle of me by my homie @tat_man10 Thanks Steve! Give this up n comer a follow and be wowed by his talent and super positive outlook. His attitude is infectious! Much love n Respect. #jasonclaydunn #jasondunn #tattoos #tattoo #art #sketch #drawing #doodle #pipe #givindabirdyall #fedora #happy #inkmaster
tattoos - sketch - art - fedora - tattoo - doodle - inkmaster - jasondunn - pipe - jasonclaydunn - drawing - givindabirdyall - happy -
michellelynn129 : Awesome
cindij42 : Love IT!! Shows that devious lil smile of yours @jasonclaydunn that I JUST ADORE πŸ’–πŸ˜πŸ’–
suesmoores : He got your cheeks spot on!
hbk_jordan23 : You have time to doodle. Draw a pic of Michael Jordan. Scottie pippen and Dennis rodman I wanna get that tattoo. Like a head and chest pic.
dan12con : Lol I thought that was Bray Wyatt
dwizzleb : @naturallyaly here is your homeboy
naturallyaly : Yeah he is going to win @dwizzleb
sincal_wifey : I'm so happy you won @jasonclaydunn you are an absolute amazing artist, I have been rooting for you since day one!!! ❀️❀️❀️
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My bee eater bird from Ink Master. I still love it! #beeeater #bird #colorfulbird #realism #branch #jasondunn #jasonclaydunn #jason #inkmasters #inkmaster #ink #inkmasterrivals #tattoo #legtattoo #top3
tattoo - beeeater - jason - inkmaster - legtattoo - colorfulbird - top3 - jasondunn - jasonclaydunn - inkmasters - inkmasterrivals - branch - ink - bird - realism -
erikalrn : @jasonclaydunn Good luck, you're so talented! I've been cheering for you since day one! Love seeing the behind the scenes of you guys all getting along!
thatsk8rchickashley : I know ill never be as good as you, but can you please check out my art, it's more towards the bottom of my page. It would mean alot to me. Perhaps give me tips if you can. Ive wanted to be a tattoo artist since i was in the 5th grade, and im in college now. Thank you anyways if you can't:)!
thatsk8rchickashley : @jasonclaydunn
omgleenda : My roommates and I are rooting for you on ink master!! This is so beautiful! :)
shaelynnzillaa : I love your show and the work you do!!! Follow me 😍😍😍
greatscottcherry1411 : I've been rootin for you dude
silviasweetheart : Jasonγ•γ‚“γ€γŠγ‚γ§γ¨γ†γ”γ–γ„γΎγ™β€ΌοΈŽ
tepaboy : Bad ass man
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I'm amazed and humbled every time someone draws my likeness or a fun cartoon of me. Who am I really but a man trying to just be good to others and what I do. The fact that I can influence anything positive is overwhelming to me. Please follow this hardworking artist. @erniethefourth #artist #art #portrait #jasonclaydunnportrait #inkmasterrivals #inkmasters #inkmaster #ink #jasondunn #charcoal #pencil #paper
charcoal - art - inkmaster - artist - jasondunn - pencil - paper - inkmasters - ink - portrait - jasonclaydunnportrait - inkmasterrivals -
annielee311 : @jasonclaydunn the title hasn't gone to someone they've brought back yet... #GoodLuck
erniethefourth : Thank you Jason! You're the man!! You do influence people man, that's what I hope to do one day too, you've been playing by the rules without being a prick, go all out this week man, show them what you've got up your sleeve
erniethefourth : @cindij42 @melisandoval26 @lea.shelley thank you all!<3
cindij42 : You're welcome @erniethefourth I couldn't AGREE with you MORE regarding @jasonclaydunn He's awesome!!!! I've LOVED how's he's handled himself throughout the entire show & helped others along the way by inspiring them & showing them what they can accomplish. This drawing is sooooo incredibly beautiful!!!! You should TRULY be PROUD of ALL that you've done & what the future holds in store for you!
havewilltattoo : @jasonclaydunn I still love the one jime did of you. I def need one of the stickers
erniethefourth : @cindij42 exactly he's awesome and thank you for the kind words 😊
npkildoo96 : @jasonclaydunn you're the man! I know that you're going to win Inkmaster! I'll be watchin that live finale rooting for you man!
bruiselikeapeach : Weird
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Three years ago around this time, was the last time I saw @thejasondunn play with @hawknelsonmusic #JasonDunn #HawkNelson #ChristmasPageant #FamilyForce5
christmaspageant - familyforce5 - jasondunn - hawknelson -
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The opinions expressed here do not reflect that of the blog owner.The confessions are submitted by followers on Tumblr This is a fan Insta for TSC #TheStanConfessions #Tumblr #Confession #HawkNelson #JasonDunn
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Come on out to my Ink Master Viewing Party Tomorrow. Join me and the @tattooalchemy crew @limerickstavern to see if i have what it takes to get into the top 3! @david_tattoos @davesimpsontat2 @richiemerritt @peachytattoo #tattooparty #tavern #tattoo #tattoos #art #alchemy #jasondunn #jasonclaydunn #beer #food #friends
tattoo - art - tattooparty - tattoos - tavern - jasondunn - food - beer - alchemy - jasonclaydunn - friends -
benedicted_hiddlestoner : Congrats on getting to the finals πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ hope to see you win the title of ink master
charmed_byjenn : So happy for you!!! You're the favorite in this house!! Hoping to see you win the title! Huge congrats!
listen_145 : Congrats dude!!!!!
tat_man10 : come back kid!! My dude congratulations my brother top 3 your a WInner in my book boss ! Keep killing it!
tat_man10 : @jasonclaydunn
clementsgirl : Congrats @jasonclaydunn
_davidf__ : Great work Jason very proud man ! @jasonclaydunn
nataliaxxavier : Parabens'm @jasonclaydunn and @joshuahibbard ,happy to see you in Ink Master 5 ... I wish Good Luck to You guys because that wins the Best !!!
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Join me and the @tattooalchemy crew for an Ink Master Viewing Party! 6 pm @limerickstavern in Upland. CA. Find out who makes it into the top 3. @peachytattoo @davesimpsontat2 @david_tattoos @richiemerritt @spikeinkmaster #tattoos #tattoocontest #inkmasters #inkmaster #inlandempire #inkmasterrivals #jasondunn #jason #jasonclaydunn #ie #funtimes #fuckanxiety
fuckanxiety - tattoos - jason - inkmaster - jasondunn - jasonclaydunn - funtimes - inkmasters - tattoocontest - inlandempire - ie - inkmasterrivals -
xoxo_forever_karyn : Congratulations @jasonclaydunn
namastayyy : @mr_yakuza_benz
joe_welch_1 : Congrats man you deserve it.
crowned.goddess : So wished I lived closer. Hope you win it!
lovely_cyncyn : I'm watching you on tv right now... lol :)
mzlilyz : I don't care what the judges said, I loved your tattoo!! Good luck next week.
mellap1973 : @jasonclaydunn routing for you!!!! Love that you have no ego & are humble. Big egos ruin it for me!!! You got this Jay, cheering from Rhode Island :)
reccamill : You've been my favorite for 2 seasons!!! It's a dream of mine to get tattooed by you :)) you got this my friend! Even if you don't come out as number one you're still the best in my eyes :)
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My man is the cutest πŸ‘±πŸ˜
jasondunn -
alyssalouised : Also, there's #JasonDunn from Ink Master 😜
__viva.hate : Give me him!!! 😍😍😍
junerichmond - __viva.hate - tiggerwannabe - m_swiernik -
Outlines for the kraken leg sleeve. We only got about 4 hours in. #dynamicblack #outlines #lines #blacklines #art #tattoo #tattoos #legtattoo #legsleeve #kraken #deepsea #creature #jasonclaydunn #jasondunn #jason #inkmaster #inlandempire #inkmasters #inkmasterrivals #cali
blacklines - tattoos - art - inkmaster - kraken - inkmasters - jason - outlines - inkmasterrivals - tattoo - legsleeve - legtattoo - lines - jasondunn - cali - jasonclaydunn - deepsea - inlandempire - dynamicblack - creature -
mariajose_marijo : Wow! @-@
jasonclaydunn : Yes we will do this in full color. And yeah only 4 hours. I would have gotten a lot more done but the customer was having a tough time this session. Next time we'll get more done
vi.ii.xixxcvi : @jasonclaydunn bro you don't gotta explain yourself. Best fucking artist ever man I wish to be tattooed by you soon
meehanubaby : Wow!
diegovel20 : Go @jasonclaydunn ! Full support from Colombia! You were great in the third season and you've demonstrated that you've exceeded this season and has shown the great artist you are. Excellent design, excellent tattoo! You will be the next #InkMaster !!
jennybowerssss : @jayemghost sickk
diegovel20 : Master canvas?
grappling_savage : Bad ass, loving it
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Don't say goodbye forever Forever's way too long I'll think of you with photographs Still Hanging on my wall I'm better late than never My heart is in these songs #jasondunn #insecurity
insecurity - jasondunn -
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Biscuit got ahold of my phone again smh! PLEASE GO VOTE FOR MY DAD. BARK BARK. www.inkmaster.spike.com. #inkmasterrivals #inkmasters #inkmaster #ink #jasondunn #jasonclaydunn #pitbull
jasonclaydunn - inkmasters - ink - inkmaster - pitbull - jasondunn - inkmasterrivals -
reaganrn76 : Lmao!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
reaganrn76 : Biscuit needs loving Jason!!!!!
hemifatcat : Awwwwe tooo funny. Butt scratches biscuit...
d_a_n_a___ : AWWWWW😘😘😘
old_yeller_dog_democrat : @jasonclaydunn I am #RootingForYou #OldBuddy #InkMasterRivals
k_sizzle14 : Ive always rooted for you...but even more so now that i know u have a pitty!!! #lovemypittys #dontbullymybreed #pitbulls #rednose
showstopper16_ : @moe_swin16 lmao
g00dgrlg0nebad : Your pittie is beautiful
somafjs - kaciekay3 - 666allikatt666 - blackeyepits -
Still shot of kraken. #kraken #seamonster #realtattooersdraw #creature #seacreature #jasondunn #jason #jasonclaydunn #inkmasterrivals #inkmaster #calilife #inlandempire #ink #pen #paper
seacreature - jason - inkmaster - realtattooersdraw - ink - kraken - jasondunn - calilife - pen - paper - seamonster - jasonclaydunn - inlandempire - inkmasterrivals - creature -
migflo08 : Pigma microns!
beardedxhannibal : Too raw!
mesaphiliatron : That is fucking awesome, man
tat_man10 : That's rad brotha looks evil twisted !!! Phenomenal! !
steverowes : πŸ‘
stonetiki : Damn
michaeltlucas : Follow me back @jasonclaydunn
fsouzapinto : Fodão
somafjs - valiyon - stevepee_tv - that_kickass_wrestler -
Tbt to one of the best concerts I've ever been to! I got to meet one of my absolute favorite singers Jason Dunn! I can't count how many times Hawk Nelson's music has helped me! #JasonDunn #bestconcertever #tbt
bestconcertever - jasondunn - tbt -
edchacon87 : Awesome
kevenss : Great picture!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
baileybrew00 - lil_evavold - sarahfriday - haileycram6 -
JOIN ME FOR THE LAST VIEWING PARTY OF THE INK MASTER RIVALS SEASON! When: This Tuesday December 9 Where: limericks Tavern @limerickstavern off of Mountain and Foothill in Upland, CA What Time: 6 pm. Come one come all for good food, beer and fun times! Meet the Tattoo Alchemy Crew and talk tattoos! #tattooalchemy #tattoos #tattoo #art #tv #limericks #tavern #beer #irishpub #drinks #food #spirits #inkmasterrivals #inkmasters #inkmaster #jason #jasondunn #jasonclaydunn #rivals #ie #inlandempire #909
tattoos - jason - inkmaster - food - tavern - inkmasters - art - ie - inkmasterrivals - drinks - tattoo - irishpub - spirits - tv - 909 - jasondunn - rivals - beer - tattooalchemy - inlandempire - limericks - jasonclaydunn -
__fozzy__9786 : Mehhh I wish I was there 😩😩
kingrock22 : I'll be there and I'll bring my camera!!
luna_dulce_confectionery : Maybe I will. :P
maygennicole : Ur pictures are the best look how cute the gingey is!
luis_amh : @moisesmgonzalezo aquí esta el hombre
michaeltlucas : Follow me back @jasonclaydunn
danlorenzock : Congrats
katyyost : Soooooo glad you made it! Well deserved!!
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by @jasonclaydunn "Thank you for the compliments on my win. However I would like to refresh everyones memory on some other good work I've done on Ink Master. I keep hearing my grim creeper was the only good tattoo. I've done. Let's not forget my other Wins while you are voting at spike.com. GO VOTE! #inkmaster #tiger #biomechanical #geisha #christ #grimreaper #raven #roses #tattoos #tattoo #jasonclaydunn #jasondunn" via @PhotoRepost_app VOTE ON SPIKE!!
tattoos - christ - inkmaster - geisha - jasondunn - biomechanical - tiger - roses - jasonclaydunn - grimreaper - tattoo - raven -
jasonclaydunn : Xxxooo
lushlifetrills : Amazing
brooklynbeats82481 - shayycessss - johndeputy3 - ewrtiny -
#Repost @jasonclaydunn with @repostapp.
Thank you for the compliments on my win. However I would like to refresh everyones memory on some other good work I've done on Ink Master. I keep hearing my grim creeper was the only good tattoo. I've done. Let's not forget my other Wins while you are voting at spike.com. GO VOTE! #inkmaster #tiger #biomechanical #geisha #christ #grimreaper #raven #roses #tattoos #tattoo #jasonclaydunn #jasondunn
tattoos - christ - inkmaster - geisha - jasondunn - biomechanical - tiger - roses - jasonclaydunn - grimreaper - raven - tattoo - repost -
broadwaytattoolounge : Make sure you vote for our boy @jasonclaydunn Good Luck man, we love you!!!!
broadwaytattoolounge : Spike.com
jasonclaydunn : Thanks for the love ya'll
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Here's another refresher course on some quality work I've produced on Ink Master Rivals Season 5. #inkmasterrivals #art #airbrush #iwata #inkmaster #rivals #tattoo #tattoos #jasonclaydunn #biomechanical #phoenix #koi #walruspenisbone #glassart #daisydukes #bodyart #jasondunn
tattoos - art - walruspenisbone - inkmaster - biomechanical - daisydukes - glassart - iwata - inkmasterrivals - koi - tattoo - airbrush - phoenix - bodyart - jasondunn - rivals - jasonclaydunn -
hemifatcat : @jasonclaydunn those booty shorts were amazing. The only ones who truly looked realer than real. You definitely know how to work with the body and make things flow.
jessondaigle : Love that koi! @jasonclaydunn
karyllyn04 : I was So Happy you Shut Cleen Down! His arrogance is gonna bite him hard one day! LOL
thugcaillou : I'm gonna request that you take care of my Incubus tattoo
danlorenzock : I've got to get you to try some Formula 23
oliviasafron : Your scrimshaw was the most intricate and beautiful piece that was made. I was shocked when the judges didn't pick it! πŸ™
sportsjunky17 : By far the Daisy Dukes take the cake bro! #splithams #datass
shaelynnzillaa : I love your show and the work you do!! I'm such a tatto fanatic I would love your for you follow me :D!! 😍😍
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Thank you for the compliments on my win. However I would like to refresh everyones memory on some other good work I've done on Ink Master. I keep hearing my grim creeper was the only good tattoo. I've done. Let's not forget my other Wins while you are voting at spike.com. GO VOTE! #inkmaster #tiger #biomechanical #geisha #christ #grimreaper #raven #roses #tattoos #tattoo #jasonclaydunn #jasondunn
tattoos - christ - inkmaster - geisha - jasondunn - biomechanical - tiger - roses - jasonclaydunn - grimreaper - tattoo - raven -
sonalyalbino : That grim reaper is so badass! And I really love that Jesus
ttina639 : You got my vote Jason,love your work!!
ryniebug : U are my fave! U got my vote! Xo
drawing_realistic : Absolutely not true that was the only good tattoo. You are an incredible artist and should have gotten many more wins than you have. Each one of your tattoos are amazing.
dirtydj823 : The grim reaper was sick but that tiger was my favorite u have done on the show so far! Keep up the good work!
goldie_pip : You've been my favorite since season 3!!! I can't wait to see your finale tattoo!!! You rock!!!
suspence85 : You shred bro and your humility really comes through...even on a tv show that prob edits it to make everyone looks worse! Would love to get a tattoo by you someday. Cheers! @jasonclaydunn
a_g_s__ : My name's jeff
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#InkMasterRivals #Jason Killed it πŸ‘πŸ‘ πŸ’€ #Spike πŸ‘πŸ‘ #JasonDunn #GrimReaper πŸ’€πŸ‘ #SpikeTV β˜”οΈβ˜”οΈ#StillRaining #LA
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loveenriqueandcr7 : 😍😍😍😍😍
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