$36,500 Worth of Pendants sitting on a Burgandy Alligator Hide. Conservative Estimate. Time to Vegas like a High Roller. πŸ‘‘πŸ’²πŸŽ†πŸŽ‘πŸŽ’πŸ—Ό #rumpyhighroller #jasonburruss #dylanwallace #kondo #roseroads #inij1 #blessed #serjewelry #preciousgems #talismanicidols #rumpwax #shatter #dabs #slabs #710 #dablife #highsociety #kusharmy #woig #oilofig #dabbersdaily #rumpcrew #fueledbythc #bayareadabbers #rumpelstiltskinextracts #hayintogold #831dabbers #dabbers_unite #rumpshots #vegas
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friedman94 : @jimmy_bradley if @danbilzerian dabbed
dabbledore : Byzantine for days! πŸ‘Œ
dekovicious661 : I bet rick from pawn stars would offer 500 each lmao fuckin scumbag
msmedicatedvermont : Killing it
count2k3 : @dekovicious661 Hahaha
phillyoilslick : This is 10 levels above boss status. πŸ‘‘ king shit.
partyinpeep : ^
jewdoggydogg : #icy
tl_extractx - the_waterboy420 - javi_geee - cubin710 -
@roseroadskojima x @jasonburruss. @glass_orbits has tons of heaters, if your at age come by 2310 they helped me score my akm, some of the nicest people in the game give them a follow #glassorbits #roseroads #jasonburruss #age
jasonburruss - age - glassorbits - roseroads -
420stonerclover - effinchopsticks - bluebuddha_bullykennels - majintaco -
Love my girls Handa! The flowers blow my miiind! #roseroads #handa #teamjapan #jasonburruss #happywensday
jasonburruss - happywensday - teamjapan - handa - roseroads -
misstboro : 😍✨🌸❀️lavvv youu
bhoilgarchy : Bangers
jamesslabd : @bhoilgarchy thanks boss
globbing_errls - jay_yeps - mr_dabalina7i0 - psychocityjewcer -
The Jason Burruss hats are out now and made with our ballistic material. Super fresh. Find them at #GRC #grassroots #grassrootscalifornia #grassrootshats #stashhats #fresh #fitteds #ballistic #jasonburruss #design #love @jasonburruss
jasonburruss - grassrootscalifornia - love - grassroots - grassrootshats - design - grc - ballistic - stashhats - fresh - fitteds -
nomelinderp : Got mine at the emerald cup!(:
jonnymcmillan : @b_poteracki
dewdrop_wraps : @overthemoonclothingcompany i need one of these homie. Can you swoop one on the next order
grassrootscalifornia : @elise__cami what size?
grassrootscalifornia : Every size instock now 😊
theman_mulcahy : @joseph.oreilly need a replacement or not about that lyfe no more?
psychedelikitty : @trippykid27 They got these at Whomp
jamaldante : Re release the maroon!!! These colors do not do it for me...
i_n_i_j1 - dragonxxdick - adam420marshall - holysmoke694 -
Gonna get stoned #botsesh #joepetersglass #jop #designerdrugs #dewaxed #shatter #jasonburruss #sdryno
jop - jasonburruss - dewaxed - botsesh - shatter - sdryno - designerdrugs - joepetersglass -
shatterbadger : Bring that sexy bitch down to cali already FAM I wanna rip her
dvonfrazel : #gundam
thoroughbred85 : I will hit you up im in Mi right now turning lights on again
thoroughbred85 : @shatterbadger πŸ‘†
neblund : Such a cool rig dude
nick_0404 - fieldddduh - th1bo - georgewaxhingtonxtracts -
πŸ”ΈπŸ”ΆCheck out our JBD milli pendant wraps by jewelry-maker extraordinaire Jason Burruss. πŸ’«These one of a kind custom pieces will be featured as the center pieces for our JBD BAKERBOT booth at CHAMPS tradeshow next week! Stop by and show us some love!!
glassforsale - newschool - custommade - pendants - 710 - boro - glassart - medicinal - oldschool - jeroil - glassporn - wirewrap - jasonburruss - glasspipe - legalize - jeromebaker - medicate - heady - glassofig - jbd - champstradeshow - milli - boroglass - 420 -
jerome_baker : @jasonburruss @jasonburruss
jerome_baker : #jeromebaker #jbd #jeroil #oldschool #newschool #glassofig #glassart #glasspipe #glassporn #glassforsale #milli #heady #boro #boroglass #jasonburruss #wirewrap #custommade #champstradeshow #pendants #medicate #medicinal #legalize #420 #710
tinyytokerr : Those are some sick pendantsπŸ‘Œ
onlymiketaylor : @bensick
sonofahippy420 : @hellllooojelllo
erinskypilot : Very familiar with Jason's work. Nice collabo ~ well done
mikemike8806 - hollybrownbear - jennydaisylove - akadruss -
Things got a bit #Heady last night with the good homie @TheMagicClover #Akm #AkmGlass #ETR #ElksThatRun #Elbo #JasonBurruss #JasonBurrussDesigns #HeadyBoys #ThousandDollarSmoke #FueledByTHC #WeedPrayLove #CertifiedSmoker #StayLifted #2Stroke #GetInWhereYaFitIn #VaBoys #804 #Dabbers_Unite #DabStars #Dope_As_Yola #High_Larry_US #TheHighSociety #ElboGlass #DinoDabs #HoneyHole #SkullGang #Dab_Easy #Dabaholic #FadedCartel @pipemaker @jasonburruss @elksthatrun @2_stroke_glass @elboglass
etr - elboglass - fadedcartel - dabstars - 2stroke - dab_easy - dabaholic - staylifted - skullgang - dope_as_yola - honeyhole - certifiedsmoker - fueledbythc - jasonburruss - thousanddollarsmoke - getinwhereyafitin - elksthatrun - akmglass - dabbers_unite - high_larry_us - elbo - thehighsociety - vaboys - heady - weedpraylove - jasonburrussdesigns - akm - dinodabs - headyboys - 804 -
themagicclover : We'll be raging that torch this week brotha!
themagicclover : Good havin you over!
stay_lifted710 : @themagicclover Man I am so stoked to be learning basics and work my way up to creating some art, also the hospitality is greatly appreciated brother !
discontentgws - dabbers_unite - bigtime_smokeshop - kalle_398 -
Finally getting to wear my @sakibombhackysacky x @jasonburruss colab #sakibomb #jasonburruss #headyglassofig
sakibomb - jasonburruss - headyglassofig -
annie_montana : Perf😘
kittiesandkisses : It looks so pretty & you look so pretty in it πŸ’—
abigailm13 : Aw thanks @kittiesandkisses 😻😻
sweetdreamsgallery : πŸ™
sleepypanda17 - smokingcannabinoids - juanlz78 - papacrum -
Creators: @jasonburruss x @purcellglass #wirewrap #winter #goodness #pendantsofig #banger
banger - pendantsofig - winter - goodness - wirewrap -
deadly_nightshade88 : So beautiful!
stevierosebud : @jgs412 ahhh I love it!!!
pineal.projects - idaballday - wizzieball - shatteredrootsglass -
~~ Last night's neck deets ~~ πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’™ #nastygal #nastygalsdoitbettter #jasonburruss #jasonburrussdesigns #accessoryjunkie
accessoryjunkie - nastygalsdoitbettter - jasonburrussdesigns - nastygal - jasonburruss -
imnuggin : Lol love the hashtags
visualyst : Amazing!
nicktaney - miraclenhikers - dgutti808bass - twotitties -
So stoked I finally joined the #jasonburruss club and bought myself a mini pendi of green #tourmaline πŸ’š haha I know it's not much, but it's something pretty and shiny #geology #gem #nerd must be silly face day 😜
tourmaline - jasonburruss - nerd - gem - geology -
felinecatty : BABE πŸ˜πŸ’‹πŸ’˜
casey_gonna_costya : Smokin!! 😍πŸ”₯
aldreens : πŸ‘Œ
suwan_x : πŸ‘
kittygizmeow : Awe! You're so cute! I wish I could zoom in.
fyrmedic - eric9noel3 - welsh_geologist - intuitiveorganics -
@jasonburruss Ring Citrine (John Dyer Cut) 14K Gold Wire 925 Sterling Silver Wire 14.2 grams Size 8 Not for sale.
jasonburruss - crearecollective - johndyer - handmade - wirewrap - oneofakind - jewelryofig - citrine - gemporn -
crearecollective : #jasonburruss #johndyer #citrine #handmade #oneofakind #jewelryofig #wirewrap #gemporn #crearecollective
coiledconsciousness : Yehhhhh
dab_oregon : That citrine is nice
melissasrocknbeads : That's beautiful πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜
audreey_brd - _mells_star_ - __jack_walsh__ - kimbomcslice -
@jasonburruss x @yoshinorikondo x @sirenapparatus x @adambglass some major players making some next level art! Check out these guys feeds if you haven't they do amazing work! #siren #sirenaparatus #jasonburruss #kondo #wrapped #adamb
jasonburruss - siren - adamb - wrapped - sirenaparatus - kondo -
dabsquadclothing : Like it!
anthonys_glass - f3lonsquad - bigtime_smokeshop - khan_da_mon -
I love the way this baby shimmers after I clean it. Thank you so much @jasonburruss & @gemstonealchemy for creating such a beautiful piece of art. I feel like a princess with it on.☺ #high365 #highsociety #higherliving #710kittens #somegirlsgethigh #bongbeauties #wirewrap #topaz #tanzanite #jasonburruss #gemstones #dabbersdaily #dabbers_unite #dablife #topshelflife #ballin #medicalpandas #colorado #colorfulcolorado #denver #303 #stonerfam #stonernation
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nickbraas : @madison_gorecki
mikhaylov_deniska : ---->> @HAVE_102_FOLLOWERS_HERE <<----
gemstonealchemy : πŸ’™πŸ’ŽπŸ’™πŸ’ŽπŸ’™πŸ’ŽπŸ’™
glassbymike : @rykstop
annatixova : ---->> @HAVE_103_FOLLOWERS_HERE <<----
gaechka____ : ---->> @HAVE_104_FOLLOWERS_HERE <<----
renata_sk : ---->> @HAVE_105_FOLLOWERS_HERE <<----
theweedpics : Amazing!
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Visiting @b.o.s.s._gardens #tangiepower #jasonburruss #futurering #myfingerssmelllikejuicyfruit #imahappygirl #badbitchesonly
jasonburruss - imahappygirl - tangiepower - futurering - myfingerssmelllikejuicyfruit - badbitchesonly -
lifeupondeath : Wow
wittovibe : THAT RING
carlstephennnn - immortaltriz - imanol_sensiseedskush - reefissleepy -
Moldavite Future Rings .935 Argentium Silver and 14 kt. Yellow Gold-Filled Sizes 5-7, available. DM for pricing and details or to order a custom ring. Thanks everyone for the support! #jasonburruss #jasonburrussdesigns
jasonburruss - jasonburrussdesigns -
paully31 : @benjaminskeebs
dabanacci : #stupidDOPE
whatdraysay : how can i go about requesting a certain gemstone in a ring for my girlfriend?
shessolventless : @calitrichomes
tobayyyy - julyfly88 - anniestarduster - lovenuggettz -
The "Linear Ascendant" Talisman 50 ct. Green Tourmaline Cab (Himalayan Mine, CA), a 49.5 ct. Moldavite (Czech Republic), and 2 x Blue Tourmaline Crystals .935 Argentium Silver and 14 kt. Yellow Gold-Filled 3,5/8" x 1,3/4" Available, DM for pricing and details. Thanks everyone for the support!
jasonburruss - jasonburrussdesigns -
willfredbean : Oooowee! Beautiful!
jasonburruss : There is a video of this piece I posted a few days ago as well... :)
positive4lauren : Very pretty
nowherenick : Wow. Your work is so tight and clean. Beautiful piece!
bostoncatalano : πŸ‘€πŸ’– I love your work!
barookukuk : Kenny from South Park w rabbit ears!
suchcookieswow : @jhondrw
jhondrw : Siccc @suchcookieswow
ommindsdesigns - jhondrw - find_your_innerself - zeadsdead -
#jdmaplesden #jd #fumegod #fume #jasonburruss #wirewraps #gold #silver #2chainz #pendentsofinstagram #glassofig #glassofinstagram #glassart #subie #subaru #seatbelt #wrx
seatbelt - gold - fume - glassofinstagram - subaru - glassart - jd - silver - jasonburruss - jdmaplesden - fumegod - wirewraps - subie - glassofig - wrx - pendentsofinstagram - 2chainz -
daveth3king : Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. –Martin Luther King Jr. #Motivation
sarody_xtras - car_leader - sammydiesel - ericseid -
So much new new in the store right now! We are fully stoked in multiple hats, hoodies, and flannels so head over to and check the goods! #newnew #newsteeze #fitted #snapback #dopenessforyourdomepiece #jasonburruss #northernlightsglass #ioglass #skytree #tfunkglass #alexgrey
jasonburruss - dopenessforyourdomepiece - ioglass - skytree - newsteeze - alexgrey - northernlightsglass - newnew - tfunkglass - snapback - fitted -
lovevolve : You found my Jason Burress hat!!! I had no idea it came in other colors #freakingout
treesnthings : Need that TFUNK
pokehellasmot : I need this on my crown piece πŸ’—
dr_harry_ballz_phd : Waitin' for that "Colo Fucking Rado" hat!
atomicvibes : @dr_harry_ballz_phd it's out, my boy snagged one a couple weeks ago
harrissonnnn : Why can't I don't the first hat on the online page?! @grassrootscalifornia
puffnstuffdallas : @grassrootscalifornia what's up on that t funk? Got a size 8?
joshmade_medoit : @brownhippyyy420
rodrigo_andrs - sumera_glass_evolutions - navidghaeni - murderdoll710 -
girlswholoveglass - highsociety - glassofig - glassart - glassygirls - jasonburruss - pendantsofig -
glassgknee : #pendantsofig
glassgknee : #highsociety
glassgknee : My 2 future pendants by the amazing @jasonburruss #jasonburruss #glassygirls #girlswholoveglass #glassofig #glassart
jasonburruss - theglassenthusiast - keepitglassy_ - dablifeclothing -
CBD dabs have me feelin myselfπŸ’ #studyofshapes #highlyeducated #jasonburruss
jasonburruss - studyofshapes - highlyeducated -
thetreemane : I want some of that πŸ˜‹
justsmokeit215 : Dope ring
rachaelstephanie_ : @justsmokeit215 thank you! @left.covst πŸ’πŸ’¨
globqueen : Feelin myself back offπŸ‘…
tim_dabs710 : πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ™Œ
dabiscuits : Takin zkittlez x cannatonic dabs myself cant beat cbd
rachaelstephanie_ : @globqueen 😘😘😘
anonymousexoticsmoke : What's the high like?
hashboss - dabqueenxo_ - cristalagitana - _katiesdope -
@windybayglass's @jasonburruss on the left and mine with a single sapphire on the right. #JasonBurruss #JasonBurrussDesigns
jasonburruss - jasonburrussdesigns -
stay_lifted710 - the_great_bhombino - turbo_4life - massdabs22 -
The Grounded Warrior by Jason Burruss @jasonburruss #headywraps #wirewraps #burrussdoesitbetter #lot #tour #phishtour #purpleplaidbunkhubbasthaydontweigh #baller #jasonburruss #ommp
jasonburruss - baller - purpleplaidbunkhubbasthaydontweigh - burrussdoesitbetter - headywraps - tour - ommp - lot - phishtour - wirewraps -
powderbozo_art : Oh! Well, very nice buy (: congratulations
dab_oregon : @powderbozo_art thank u
oliversoul : that is BEAUTIFUL!!
oliversoul : love the colors
dab_oregon : @oliversoul thank you
dab_oregon : @oliversoul #jasonburruss kills it
oliversoul : yeah, i follow him on here, but haven't seen that piece before..βœŒοΈπŸ™ŒπŸ‘Œ
dab_oregon : I think I got it in 2009-2010
4twillwraps20 - mollygardnerart - oliversoul - mossburg42 -
Photo edit of a @joepetersglass collab! Thanks to @anniestarduster for the awesome edit! #joepeters #joepetersglass #jasonburruss #jasonburrussdesigns
jasonburruss - jasonburrussdesigns - joepeters - joepetersglass -
sector989 : Make a four way piece
jasonburruss : @sector989 - I kind of have before. My mandala style geometric pieces have hoops from every star point, and are rotational symmetrical... :)
mc_organics : Heady picture frame ahha
elizabethneh27 - mahar_artist - miranda_2_real - roaddogleather -
Photo edit of a recent collab with @alexubatuba Thanks to @anniestarduster for the awesome edit! #oprahsbookclub #warlockhuhters #alexubatuba #jasonburruss #jasonburrussdesigns
warlockhuhters - jasonburruss - oprahsbookclub - jasonburrussdesigns - alexubatuba -
thehurtlocker710 : @stoner_liz
lizerdbreth : Spider?
kingkraus28 : @frolodolo this guy is a monster
papacrum : Killer
chadlee22 : @heidijoy727
luci_fur666 : ^ hahahaha yes, I was thinking intergalactic spider king
exactsciencegallery : So dope
searching_for_earth : SOOO beautiful!!
fitzzysart - terril8 - dmsartglass - chris2rire -
Welcome to the 'Chromatic Creator', one of the finest pieces of glass art jewelry ever created. Possibly THE finest. It is a collaboration between @jasonburruss and @roseroadskojima, now available from Glass ORBits. You can go here at to learn more about this legendary piece, and purchase of course: #glassorbits #glassofig #jewelryofig #roseroads #jasonburruss #junichikojima #silver #gold #dotmaster #art #mindblown
jasonburruss - mindblown - glassorbits - dotmaster - gold - glassofig - jewelryofig - junichikojima - art - silver - roseroads -
glass_orbits : Now I've gotta see yours @dabbledore, ha ha!
dabbledore : I linked you to my favorite shot
rollfat : Wow!! Very Cool! #Outstandingartistry
stx__713 : @lifted_research
dansrollinup : @eyeofthedino
popdglassart : #11kcallitaday
bmostankyleg : This is amazing! And no disrespect meant but Tlan's SER x RR x Kondo collab is still my personal favorite
sparks_and_rec : @thousanddollarsmoke this is available
yakk505 - _bunnyling - evis569 - nickatodd -
Welcome to the 'Chromatic Creator', one of the finest pieces of glass art jewelry ever created. Possibly THE finest. It is a collaboration between @jasonburruss and @roseroadskojima, now available from Glass ORBits. You can go here at to learn more about this legendary piece, and purchase of course: #glassorbits #glassofig #jewelryofig #roseroads #jasonburruss #junichikojima #silver #gold #dotmaster #art #mindblown
jasonburruss - mindblown - glassorbits - dotmaster - gold - glassofig - jewelryofig - junichikojima - art - silver - roseroads -
mellow_zen : @dmacglass i know right yo? Like this nigga has got to have hands like a brain surgeon
dmacglass : @mellow_zen I've heard rumors of a very special chunk of cinder block is used as an arm rest lol it's all about keeping stable what's better then cinder block lol
mellow_zen : @dmacglass lol i'd be honored to be that cinder block hahaha
young_towelie : Amazing
chheetoe : @gh3tt0hippi3sk8r
ursadance : Gorgeous.
dmacglass : @mellow_zen hahahha
lovesolailajewelry : @sweettinyme
cte_glass - dab.queeen - brangadang -
Welcome to the 'Chromatic Creator', one of the finest pieces of glass art jewelry ever created. Possibly THE finest. It is a collaboration between @jasonburruss and @roseroadskojima, now available from Glass ORBits. You can go here at to learn more about this legendary piece, and purchase of course: #glassorbits #glassofig #jewelryofig #roseroads #jasonburruss #junichikojima #silver #gold #dotmaster #art #mindblown
jasonburruss - mindblown - glassorbits - dotmaster - gold - glassofig - jewelryofig - junichikojima - art - silver - roseroads -
glitter_monsters : @esa_catfish
stx__713 : @blissett00710 @tommyboi435
blake_broo : @rainbowhippie13
_katierau : @meslos777
253ez - _katierau - theleadermax - bigshern -
The Prosperous Pharaoh, look for this pin and around 200 others in our recently revamped website that should now load much quicker! Give it a whirl and let us know what ya think! Check the blue link in our bio β¬†οΈπŸ‘ŒπŸŽ #phatpins #itswhatshatpinning #seemepinning #hatpins #stepupyourpingame #glowsinthedark #jasonburruss #pendanthatpin #available
available - jasonburruss - seemepinning - phatpins - stepupyourpingame - itswhatshatpinning - glowsinthedark - hatpins - pendanthatpin -
flavor_town : So sixk
flavor_town : Sick
promotions_signup : @phatpins I just placed an $80 order but accidentally ordered the same pendant twice. Can you check your address please
sunshinestell - moonchild16 - kushykingdom - zachproulx420 -
The “Flying Eye” Talisman 6.5 ct. Oval Cut Moldavite (Czech Republic) and a 9.5 ct. Marquise Cut Amethyst .935 Argentium Silver and 14 kt. Yellow Gold-Filled Wire 3” x 2,1/2” Available, DM for pricing and details Thanks everyone for the support! #jasonburrussdesigns #jasonburruss
jasonburruss - jasonburrussdesigns -
wymorekelsie : @wirewrappeduniverse I saw this and thought of you
wirewrappeduniverse : Ooh how pretty thanks !! @wymorekelsie wish i was that good lol i also have a necklace i made for u so i will have to hang with u soon!!
wymorekelsie : @wirewrappeduniverse omg you made me one! You just made my whole week lol you need to show me how to do this stuff. It's beautiful and you're really good at it
jasonburruss : Now sold, thanks everyone for the support
funkynadajunky : @tylernosongnamecox
easylivingjewelry : @jasonburruss your wraps are so dope. Blows my mind. An the back of this piece is so clean... I dony get it. Makes me want to quit wrapping. But i cant stop, wont stop, rockfella ... Im addicted to wrapping. And i just started. Your stuff inspires though, keep it up.
stickfigurine : whut
thestonedmuggle : @condensedstarstuff
emeraldalchemy - monique_ligons - terril8 - liquidearth_glass -
Got our #artfromjapan together this morning 😊 @glassguru_710 's RR and @trippy_doodle 's Handa πŸ‘ΉπŸ‘Ή @roseroadskojima @yoshinorikondo @jasonburruss #roseroads #kondo #jasonburruss
jasonburruss - kondo - tomomihanda - artfromjapan - roseroads -
_flanderbs : Bangerss
_sittingbull_ : #tomomihanda
dnvrco : Fuck man. You need an @akatsukiglassmovement #kibakiba in your collection.
dnvrco : Heet tho nonetheless. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
lekoozie - adriglobs710 - j_mosk - i_m_light -
The Art of Alex Ubatuba and The Portal Studios Featuring unreleased collaborations with Jason Burruss Designs Opening Party on Thursday, Feb 19th At Cluster Studios - 3881 Steele St., Denver, CO 8 PM - 1:30 AM Live Music by Androcell, Erothyme, and Eukarya Accompanying artworks by Calvin Mickle, Marie Guingona, Brendan Taylor, Kuhns Kuhns, Seven Redbeards, Murdoc Glass, Annie Stardust, and Kelsey Alexandra Tickets are $20, available at the door. Our new website will launch soon allowing tickets to be purchased in advance as well. Come join us for the first event of the year hosted by The Illuminatorium, an art gallery located within Cluster Studios. Enjoy our comfortable venue and sound and witness the premier of a new collection of collaborative works by Alex Ubatuba and Jason Burruss. Also on display will be a variety of paintings, jewelry, and glass art from some of Colorado's finest local artists. Thanks everyone for their continual support! We look forward to unveiling the next chapter in Denver's art history on Feb 19th! Works will stay on display the following two weeks and are available through the gallery during normal business hours. The Illuminatorium is brought to you by Jason Burruss and Annie Philo. A portion of the event proceeds go to support the Nikki Lee Atwell Foundation E-mail with the words "sign up" to receive our newsletters and details on our upcoming bi-monthly events and featured artists! Details on upcoming events coming soon!!!
warlock - jasonburruss - theilluminatorium - oprahsbookclub - warlockhuhters - meanwhileattheportal - jasonburrussdesigns - pendantsofig - alexubatuba -
jasonburruss : E-mail with the words "sign up" to receive our newsletters and details on our upcoming bi-monthly events and featured artists! Details on upcoming events coming soon!!!
jasonburruss : Or drop your e-mail in the comments below! Thanks everyone!
jedihustler : I l will be out of town. Congrats!! This show will be amazing
candacechew :
platonic_designs : @harmonicrefractions we should go for sure
lcpom : Sick!
jasonburruss : #theilluminatorium
gaysherman : @Edipureandie
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The King Ducky by @sdryno and @jasonburruss is still available! Comes with 100% .925 Argentium sterling silver snake chain! Come check out all of our new glass! Open from 12pm-6pm today! #wfayo #w420 #weedstagram #highsociety #pendants #pendantsofig #ryno #jasonburruss #glassofig #thousanddollarsmoke #dabs #buyboro #borolife #glasslife #cannabiscommunity #weshouldsmoke #weedstagram420 #710society #bhombingamerica #bho #shatterday #happy
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bobby_bluntz : Dmed
errlface : Local only?
blvckdiamondboutique : @errlface no we ship priority mail.
errlface : I didn't see it on the site. Is that where i inquire?
blvckdiamondboutique : @errlface we don't have it on the site yet, u can call in to the shop or direct message or kik blackdiamondboutique for inquiries πŸ‘Œ
errlface : Gracias πŸ˜€
lizzicca : @glassgknee lol look!!
lcpom : Daaaamn!
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