Went to le movies lol #janky #real #real #random #radical #realfriends #punk #pastel #poppunk #poppunks #kool #cool #me #mcr #bands #backgrounds #bringmethehorizon #amazing #awesome #lanadelrey #letsgetcreative #coolkidsdontdie #internet #iminmemumscar #movietheater
real - backgrounds - lanadelrey - bands - kool - poppunks - radical - awesome - random - poppunk - mcr - iminmemumscar - cool - me - pastel - letsgetcreative - realfriends - bringmethehorizon - amazing - coolkidsdontdie - internet - movietheater - punk - janky -
mychemicalsara : Mind liking my most recent post?โค
bobbythedino : Pretty!
mychemicalsara - mariielanger - lanawantsmyd - 5_sos_forever_and_ever_ -
Ouch! #janky #thetruthHurts #loyaltyaNlove #theresAdifference
janky - thetruthhurts - loyaltyanlove - theresadifference -
caponebmls - johnqgator - d_cutty - dee_73014 -
Reasons to let one of your best friends do a photoshoot of you: he will end up breaking everything in the end. The most #janky light fixture out there still made for some pretty awesome pictures ๐Ÿ‘Œ
janky -
turbo_cycles - kayleighrae23 - paigeyvane - emschmitt3 -
A little Friday night canvas action.. Some of these paint markets is bobo as hell #janky #FuckNaw
janky - fucknaw -
ralphgarcia305 : I need to go mobbin'
frankviduris : Let's ride out in the rustang!
adrianniagudelo - rxunltd - frankviduris - super27 -
When you feel fly in dinkles. #iknowilookgood #janky #footballgame
iknowilookgood - janky - footballgame -
lindsey_brock10 : ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
taylor.n_c : ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘โœŒ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’…๐Ÿ‘‘๐ŸŽ€๐Ÿ’„
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Hey @audio1 can you hook me up with something like this!! Jk!! #janky #speakerBox
speakerbox - janky -
audio1 : @mrsrobbied I got yA!
kylee_raye_ -
Somebody is going to have a hella of a time installing a #GasMeter on this #service #riser. #crooked #janky #GasManProblems #WTF #SupervisorNotified #DistributionNotified
supervisornotified - gasmanproblems - service - gasmeter - crooked - janky - distributionnotified - wtf - riser -
thatchevykid : You should have just bent it back! That's what distribution will do. Lol jk
patricia_kates007 - phillipsstephanie77a7e - kyaa_ion - ariellerespress -
#throwbackthursday to when I got to live my dream of being blonde with this jank wig. #tbt #neverforget #blonde #janky #dreamscometrue
neverforget - blonde - throwbackthursday - dreamscometrue - janky - tbt -
daaku_harry : Hi follow for follow?
_capoferri : Hilarious
stevenamos87 : I love a janky wig.
mosesjo : lololol il
hashbrowwn - ksgaustad - wndycity13 - radiantly_rae -
University of Michigan bathrooms...... #janky
janky -
aqelh96 - tee_dog96 - alexandra_victouria - loveable18 -
Too poor to afford an easel.... An overturned bucket on my knees will have to do. #bucket #artschool #collegelife #art #artist #poor #student #artstudent #academyofart #homework #janky
poor - collegelife - art - artist - academyofart - janky - bucket - student - artschool - artstudent - homework -
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Old times #banjolele #soundwaves #old #film #janky #sounds #music
old - banjolele - music - janky - sounds - film - soundwaves -
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Latest design. #bear #cello #bearcello #janky
bearcello - janky - cello - bear -
ya_boi_topher : Make me a tshirt
jtofano : Make me one too
theminsukchun - celloduquesne - ya_boi_topher - ckenziie -
Ain't nobody have time for ......OH WAIT! .....yes I have time #sweetbrown #YesIhavetime #janky @lambslee @palomares27
sweetbrown - janky - yesihavetime -
nunisgirl : Bahahahahahahaha yessiirrr
checkoutmymelody310 : Stoooooopid! Lol
adrianna.montoya291 - 1tigerlily38 - glamorouslyounique - nunisgirl -
Frantz family conference call. Mom holds up Ruth on her iPad and Dad holds up me on his iPad and we all talk. #janky #parentsfrantz
parentsfrantz - janky -
jknappcasting : Are we making #parentsfrantz happen? I'm all for it!
chejswarm : You guys are so cute.
a_m0 - kpendlet - hijean14 - mattnielsen -
Just saw yours and thought I needed to share that this exact same fucking thing happened to me yesterday! @amgh66 #janky
janky -
amgh66 : Love you, too, hamie @iavora_v
genniebrummel - alannapiranha - rita_kathleen - ilikethingsforsure -
Smile!! We are opening for Kings of Leon at The MGM in Vegas at The Blvd Brew Fest on The 27th of Sep. More info at Photo by @kzsebe Kimberly Zsebe #thejanks #thejankster #jank #janks #janky
thejankster - janks - thejanks - janky - jank -
lmfneubecker : @lifeofsmitty we would have tickets for another concert when something this awesome happens. #nexttime
alenaadamss : That's amazing!!!
27blackbirds : ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜‚ (that audience is going to implode from all of the sexiness)
eduardoamaral : that's awesome!!
chelsyswish : ๐Ÿ’™
magic_milk : @thesareuhh
lifeofsmitty : @sarahmmedley17
kzsebe - kyleboomer - kantorious - toneingeorgia -
Time to pull down, got kicked out my damn garage fml @jeffie_boddiedon4s #janky #2linknothing @nfamus send me that 3link!
2linknothing - janky -
slamdsilvy99 : Nfamus 3 is awesome, glad I chose it!
bodied02silvy : Love my 3 link from them!
rcviii93 : Someone else lower in your own garage lol @low_02sierra had to get you. @severedties_bodiedcrew hasnt made a body drop comment in awhile
severedties_bodiedcrew : Hahahah!!! Thanks for for picking up my slack @rcviii93 bodydrop get priority in the garage! @low_02sierra lol
matt478t : @tanner_crupper
brcc21 - lowrado - menudopsk - elsancho_1105 -
@dcyoungfly funny asl #janky
janky -
fazooolha93 - omed_afghaner - blissful_sara - viktoriatomcheva -
Leaving on scraps of hummus or any food should be a crime. I was so excited too :( #janky #food #depression #theives #robbed #notcool
robbed - notcool - food - janky - theives - depression -
savannahsky93 - damagedguy - lindseyelizabeth0701 - liamkayy -
My rollable kitchen island! Only way to get it home! #needatruck #praying #janky
janky - praying - needatruck -
truckplease -
GM ig #pittsburghpromotersbelike #jellyrollent #janky
jellyrollent - janky - pittsburghpromotersbelike -
naw_not_gan : Hope u feeling a Lil bit better
wildtiggy : Thx gan @naw_not_gan appreciate it
illylilmonster - cherondaj - king_renzo1600 - 4me_mines -
Only 2 more months... #janky #nolliepoppin
nolliepoppin - janky -
brazilian_boy57 : Hey look, it's the college kid
ed_maxs_ : How did you know I was going to college? @brazilian_boy57
grace_kirscher : Max for search are we suppose to do 3 tone words or 3 examples!?
hastings.noah : What a gaper
paytonbokowy - erintheskier - _chloeedwards_ - logan_buckhout -
Hahahahaha SOMEONE HELP๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ซ๐Ÿ˜‚ #janky #butterflypullups #idontevenwannatagemeraldcoastcrossfitcausethisisembarrasing ๐Ÿ˜น๐Ÿ˜น๐Ÿ˜น #crossfit #crossfitgirl #humptheair #somedayillgetem #likeagirl at least my #liftheavyoftenasineveryday tank is awesome ๐Ÿ’ช๐ŸŽ‰
likeagirl - humptheair - crossfit - janky - somedayillgetem - idontevenwannatagemeraldcoastcrossfitcausethisisembarrasing - butterflypullups - crossfitgirl - liftheavyoftenasineveryday -
elockcin : Just try to think about kicking harder and immediate pulling tour legs back behind you where your heals are on your but ready to swing down and kick up again!
hunter___morris : I had to start doing them one at a time, then I progressed and got faster and faster! It all comes with time
allieeisele : Thank you @elockcin & @hunter___morris very soon I won't look like a flailing octopus๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ™
pcguitarwzrd : That's the only kind I can do! Can't do a "normal" kip.
allieeisele : @pcguitarwzrd I've adopted some sort of kip/butterfly mutation as my pull up๐Ÿ˜‚
elijahezmuhammad : Nice tank! #hardworkpaysoff
allieeisele : Hopefully sooner than later with these dang things!!!! @elijahezmuhammad ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜
onedayuwill - pcguitarwzrd - yeti17 - apippers -
Worked on the ramp today with @austin_cesarec. Can't wait till we get this pile back up and ready to shred. #janky #goona #be #dope #ac #bigb #littlec #bmx #ridaz #bmxlife #
be - ac - goona - ridaz - littlec - janky - bmxlife - bigb - bmx - dope -
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ASU late night parking garage filming and long boarding #janky #bokeh @alexuoeno @thenameispablito
janky - bokeh -
ajbluesox : Is that beautiful eulogy?
alecstermccalister : @ajbluesox yes it is!
no_wah - brentcalisphotography - skmaegdlin - legendarypoet -
Credit to whoever posted this to tumblr. #bb16 #janky #fakie
janky - bb16 - fakie -
all.bigbrother : YASSS I LOVE THIS
all.bigbrother : he just takes his sisters money
zankieislife : @all.bigbrother right.....he totally doesn't dance, sing, act in theater, and have youtube account that he gets paid for......
caitlyn_countrygirl : @zankieislife agree with u he doesn't just take his sister money and btw if u watch his u tube bids he is really nice it is just the house that is making if that way
grace_676 : People are so fucking rude. They say Frankie is rude....okay then.
hannah.long : @grace_676 @zankieislife he is rude. If you don't consider the fact that he told Jocasta to go kill herself right after she held a ceremony for his grandfather, then that's fucked up! He also not to mention talked about practically raping Victoria. He's called nicole a cunt, and also talked about euthanizing zach. Euthanize means murder FYI. Look up the videos, you'll find them! He needs some help! Like seriously!! Rant over
zankieislife : All I said was that he's not a freeloader.....@hannah.long
zankieislife : And the 'euthanize' was a hyperbole. He was talking about it in a game sense. And while it was a distasteful joke, it was not a rape joke. I may not of support some of the things he's said but I still like him and accept that were all human and say distasteful things. people blow the things he's said way out of proportion. Saying rude things about Frankie doesn't make you better, it makes you a hypocrite. @hannah.long
animallover0202 - forever_cheraaa - caitie.zimm - just_stalking_by -
77 anni e non sentirli. Arrivo a casa sua e sta tagliando la legna con la motosega. Aggiustiamo insieme la lavatrice. Prepara il caffe. Beviamo un po' di liquore allo Zabaglione. Gli anni passano, ma non energia e tenacia. - 77 years and don't feel the years. I arrive at his home and he is cutting wood with a chainsaw. We fix together the washing machine. Prepare coffee. We drink a little zabaglione liquor. Energy and tenacity. #friend #janky #jw #jwfriend #boscolo
boscolo - jw - janky - friend - jwfriend -
july_cola : Boscoletto il numero uno!!:)
lelyvale : @piccolodaniele Buon sangue non mente! W El Boscolo! !
carlitoslocal : Forza Giancarlo te volemo ben! !!!
vintage_atheart : How lovely!
jcline75 : Brothers like that is what keeps us going.
keziolina : This is to be framed!!
daniele72ranzato : La roccia del boscolo..e pensare che si alza e dalle 5.alle 6 va a correre..poi dalle 6 alle 9 fa un po di arrampicate sul montello..dalle 9.alle 12 nuoto libero...dalle 12 a 14 paracadutismo. Poi ancora..triathlon. .palestra. .e canottaggio. .poi si riposa 5 minuti..un grande๐Ÿ‘
tuialicious : Beautiful๐Ÿ˜Š U r a gd friend #brotherstogether @piccolodaniele
crisranza78 - el_fante - mzgambit - alice_in_wonderland_2000 -
#LaKy i #JaNkY :D
laky - janky -
marincincino - zoricalempic111 - ceca.m_95 - danica_4.4 -
I'll see everyone at H20i in a little over a week. No guarantees that this thing will have a working supercharger or even be green anymore but I'll still be there street sharkin' either way ๐Ÿ’ฅ | #H20iprep #broken #janky #crossfire #srt6
broken - h20iprep - janky - srt6 - crossfire -
dablackhammer : What's wrong with the s/c
osshwa : @dablackhammer Needs a new I/C pump. Don't get paid until Friday, ordering it then and paying for 2 day shipping and saying a prayer Zac can installed it before H20i haha.
brnhn3 : @osshwa what are you at for mileage? Mine just crapped out around 51k haha I feel your pain!
aliang315800 : ไฝ ็š„ไบคๅ‰็ซๅŠ›็œŸๆผ‚ไบฎ๏ผŒ่ฏท้—ฎไธ€ไธ‹ๅบ•่พนไธ€ๅœˆๅŒ…ๅ›ดๅ’Œๅฐพ็ฟผ้‚ฃ้‡Œไนฐ็š„๏ผŸ
c.crossfire.c - mickievulture - jmann9294 - brnhn3 -
Janky. #chinatown #nyc #bike #bicycle #janky
nyc - janky - bike - bicycle - chinatown -
greghigginsart : @brigitta.xo definition....
prpgnd - jaydyer - jplus - augiesimoncini -
๐Ÿ‘ต๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜„ #ctfu #lmao #instafunny #gtfo #toofunny #igmeme #comedy #instacomedy #dead #bruh #laughwave #hilarious #ruthless #ctfu #hellnaw #idgaf #icant #wtf #bitchesbelike #zfg #nochill #realtalk #noneofmybusiness #dirty #janky #teeth
instacomedy - gtfo - realtalk - instafunny - nochill - hilarious - dead - teeth - toofunny - icant - wtf - idgaf - bitchesbelike - ctfu - lmao - ruthless - laughwave - janky - noneofmybusiness - hellnaw - dirty - igmeme - bruh - comedy - zfg -
laken_paige : @yekyram
_ashley_dyanne_ : @emily_whorwell
shelbywroten : @kadin_randall @taylarweeks @mtmitchell33
mtmitchell33 : @shelbywroten ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
hippiee_69 - shakirashakiraaa - just_call_her_boo - chantell_99 -
Excuse the wonkiness. ๐Ÿ˜ถ #Trimmed #trimming #ceramic #ceramics #ceramicstudio #throwing #thrownpieces #cups #jars #janky #wonky
ceramicstudio - throwing - janky - ceramic - wonky - trimmed - thrownpieces - trimming - jars - cups - ceramics -
jessicansd - prettypotteryandglazes - tony_perez08 - jocelym_ -
home alone 4 the week #janky ๐Ÿ‘ณ๐Ÿน
janky -
mathonics : @farrahhrose abs on a skinny dude r like boobs on a fat girl so the answer is no
noirnikky : Lmao ^
ryanxclufff : Oh quit being modest it's from all our gym time;) haha
mathonics : @ryanxclufff my back is fucked remember ... can't work@the abs ๐Ÿ˜‚
farrahhrose : we gotta naturally chiseled god over here ladies hold into your panties he is NOT flexing
secretttt : No flex, zOne @farrahhrose
farrahhrose : @secretttt WAIT. is that what no flex zone means? does wiz sing that?
travislietz : Diiiieum achue;)๐Ÿ’ช
rly7e - ari_cari - victtoriaann - the_melonzsqueeze -
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