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Say it again. #janellemonae #loveyourself
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On repeatπŸ’•πŸ’žπŸŽΆ#music#miguel#Janellemonae
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my follower count depresses me im too sad to look at it
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zaynsperfections : {#brunomars #janellemonae #hooligan #moonshinejungletour #arianagrande #onedirection #fifthharmony #selenagomez #justinbieber #5sos #taylorswift #austinmahone #katyperry #demilovato #ladygaga #music #love}
hearteyehazza : I had 3.9k. now 1.6k. it disgusts me
zaynsperfections : 2.4k to 1.8k like why :'( @hearteyehazza
hearteyehazza : ik. I was pissed bc I got 3.9k the night before Ig started deleting.
zaynsperfections : fr like i worked my ass off to gain these followers and just like that it's gone @hearteyehazza
hearteyehazza : Ik me too. :/
brunosbeanie : your account is so colorful with all your pictures and omfg I love it πŸ˜‚πŸ™ŒπŸ˜
zaynsperfections : tysm i needed to hear that πŸ˜ͺπŸ’–πŸ˜… @brunosbeanie
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#CurrentRotations #CrypticPost #JanelleMonae
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πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸŽΆπŸŽΌπŸŽ€πŸ˜’ "This song tho" @janellemonae #heat#fire #lovethis#music#realmusic #musiclives#woman#cantlive #janellemonae
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stupidwildtez : My song! 😁
de11even : Everybody knows music all of a sudden
mrqflyguy : @stupidwildtez naw homey I wrote this 😜
mrqflyguy : @de11even Boy Stop ... #ibeenON 😏
stupidwildtez : Lol I doubt it.. But this is the only song I vibe to off that album
mrqflyguy : @stupidwildtez man you gotta get into it.. That Rock n Roll song goes hard too
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#music πŸ‘ #azealiabanks #jcole #jamesblake #nickiminaj #janellemonae #inc. #woodkid
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#SheIsBack..... I love my hair like this!!!!! #JanelleMonae
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My Motto Has Always Been Flashy ✨ But Classy πŸ’…πŸ‘‘. #JanelleMonae
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amourr.nae : πŸ˜»πŸ˜»πŸ˜»πŸ’•
kassycutedoee : Mezamii😻😻😻πŸ”₯
xx_shaam : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Since When You Speak Creol? @kassycutedoee
pwettie_redd : 😍😍😍
kassycutedoee : @xx_shaam since a long time
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#flashbackfriday Christmas in Washington πŸŽ„ #JanelleMonae #SherylCrow #CharlesBarkley  #HughJackman #AnnaKendrick #Christmasinwashington #fbf
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heathers_awesomely_awesome : Can we just cut Barkley out lbvs
heathers_awesomely_awesome : Lol
wendybangs : @heathers_awesomely_awesome βœ‚ βœ‚ βœ‚ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
_ibreakbacks : Could you post janelle monae when she was on 106 and park the video since 106 not coming on anymore ??
wendybangs : @_ibreakbacks I'll try
janellemonaelovers : Idk y but she always gawg
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"Beauty is about enhancing what you have. Let yourself shine through!" #janellemonae ✌️#loveyourself #beyourself #live #laugh #love #dance
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sara_wyse : Gorgeous. 😍
megs_b91 : @sara_wyse thanks love! 😘
dynaedyne : 🌴
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Xmas is coming closer πŸŽ… HA! You remember #JanelleMonae's #fakesleep in her red #domo onsie ? #ChristmasInWondaland Jane #PlayingSleep πŸ’€
playingsleep - christmasinwondaland - domo - fakesleep - janellemonae -
ohmygoditsgil : Oh god those pictures ruined me because of how adorable she looked.
stanningforjanelle : Never forget πŸ’œ
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#love #tagsforlikes #tflers #tweetgram #potd #photooftheday #100likes #amazing #smile #follow4follow #f4f #like4like #l4l #look #instalike #igers #instsflow #followme #ifollowback #girl #senegalesetwists #naturalhair #instacool #iphone #android #getyoursassyon #savedandsassystyles #cornrows #janellemonae
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virgo_monique : nice :)
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Hunny... Know your worth It's not that I can't get a man Its that I won't settle for just anyone All I have to offer And you think I'm a give it to a nigga who got a starting 5 roster I come second to no one Yall know the kind of man I like so I need not profess it in this piece Let me touch a little bit on him A king who stimulates me artistically and mentally Because Material things can do nothing for me Especially since I can buy it myself What good is all the cash in the world When you lack mental wealth Dumb as a door knob Yet all his pics is with money Got all the bitches flocking Check out where he lives Roaches are his roommates Im Not even trying to be funny But a mental slave is the only type of humans That can be Controlled by money I don't need a mental slave who is broke and rather look rich Whose only description for his shorty Is deeming her a bitch Now back to you fools Who look for dudes to be financial tools And the make of a sneaker and or car Will let u know if he's a keeper Sweety dig deeper If a man is worth the keeping He'll have more than the sexual and materials to offer you Your worth is more than materialistic offerings Know that your space is a gift from God And everyone should not be allowed in Women we are as delicate as a diamond And As intriguing as sin A diamond is more precious When in its rarest form When no one has touched it And changed its unique shape and cut And as its lifted it still shines without the sun Hunny know your worth These materialistic niggas not gon change for no one I can talk and talk And try to spit to you some knowledge But if you choose to remain a price tag and continue to base your worth on what a nigga has You need to reevaluate what your worth means to you And stop being a dumbass -The KooZ
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yinkymilinky : Amen
keeeeezus : If you ever came out with a book I would die πŸ™Œ
bella.kay_ : πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ™Œ
tribecalledkush : #angelasimmons #revolttv #erykahbadu #poeticjustice #poet #kendricklamar #hiphop #blackgirlsrock #kmichelle #lilkim #defjam #nipseyhussle #yandysmith #wizkhalifa #amberrose #rayj #respectthenext #richhipster #chrisettemichele #floetry #laurynhill #myblackisbeautiful #janellemonae #solange #aliciakeys #angelayee #thelyricistsopus #saintrecords #ericamena #bobbyshmurda
futuristic1pk : lovely photo! β˜€
gfran.ces : Signs I tell you! MeπŸ™‹ @mo_eligh
mo_eligh : Mmmhmm @gfran.ces
temise : @Washington.O
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@janelemonae #lyrics #ElectricLady #ArchAndroid #Wondaland #WondalandArtsSociety #janellemonae
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"Baby whether you're high or low you gotta tip on a tightrope" #JanelleMonae #lyrics #quotes #wisdom they grow wise these days :) I love the message of this song ! http:/m. youtube.com/watch?v=pwnefUaKCbc
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tarynvanwyk : My anthem for my life
monaedroid - mieroglyphs - edubirdy - tarynvanwyk -
#WondalandArtsSociety #thebaddest Team ever! #Real #True #Artist #Bosslady #JanelleMonae #wondaland
real - janellemonae - thebaddest - artist - wondalandartssociety - bosslady - wondaland - true -
renateduboseart : πŸ‘πŸ’“
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Poetry is You me Hennessy on an island naked And the only language we speak is metaphorical transparency Poetry is You Walking on water twice Sinking the first time And through the drowning and suffocating Comes the inspiration That brings you back to life Poetry is A high I never come down from The only drug that I anticipate passing it's test with a positive And the impact that positive brings As my mind sings And my fingers can't stop typing As I take a hit I'm reminded How addicting she is She is poetry Poetry is Being hit by a tractor And loving every faction Having your soul spill And allowing words to heal And interpretation be the wounds seal Poetry is Having your heart break In a million pieces And the only way to fix it Is to never ignore it And let your words be your healing You try to forget it But poetry won't let you She's the tears and the tissue And everything you touch look and see Has become your muse Poetry to me Is a lesson A lesson mixed with a cherished blessing That manifested as an addiction of metaphors That flows and is composed by my feelings Poetry is life It's a breath that if I skip a beat I die twice Poetry is Me -The KooZ
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wiztaylor125 : U are ryte gurl. We all love u because what u write comes from ur soul, its what u feel in your spirit mind. So loving your poetry is same as loving u in person. That's the way I see it
tribecalledkush : #angelasimmons #revolttv #erykahbadu #poeticjustice #poet #kendricklamar #hiphop #blackgirlsrock #kmichelle #lilkim #defjam #nipseyhussle #yandysmith #wizkhalifa #amberrose #rayj #respectthenext #richhipster #chrisettemichele #floetry #laurynhill #myblackisbeautiful #janellemonae #solange #aliciakeys #angelayee #thelyricistsopus #saintrecords #ericamena #bobbyshmurda
itslivinproof : dope!
djvip510 : dope
kekewyattforever : Wow
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#JanelleMonae #SLAY FriDAY #slayday #JMoSLAY #myedit
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michellejanayea : Hahaha I love #JMoSlay
stanningforjanelle : This edit tho 😍
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Peace king my brain my heart and my vagina have gathered here today They think you should know that They all feel different about you My brain Is telling me that you're the truth my heart is saying no he'll use us then leave And my vagina is like bring him on in Make sure he wears a cover So we can drown in his sin Peace king It's a hard decision I got 3 entities fighting cuz they think their feelings are right I could go with My brain she got that God sight I mean what does my heart know She says I be in love But love never comes around every person that my heart picks He bangs and my phone never makes a sound I mean she dead be like nah that brotha right there he's the one Then when my heart and brain hit him with the what are we? he's like baby you know we just fun Thank you heart for nothing Job well done my vagina I hate to discuss her but truly She sometimes makes us get a lil too unruly She got my brain so fucked up and my heart caught up in some shit Thinking it was love But love doesn't call you a bitch And sometimes she doesn't allow me to rest She allows pleasure to block out all our sense Brain be like he ain't saving u No S on the chest Heart be like we can't take no more Bullet wounds through our vest heart and brain have to deal with vaginas aftermath We have to deal with the fact that vagina thinks of us last He got his nut and he bounced I fuckin told you vagina i fuckin said it You allow heart and brain to get hurt all cuz he wet it But brain where were you to say let go Where were you to say you just his on call hoe heart you supposed to be the one with a little more sense How is vagina controlling you Allowing penis to diminish your best Your body is peculiar not every one is supposed to be a guest Peace king we come with some extra baggage We come with a lot of repairable damage If you ready build I'm ready to help fix But know if you hurt us like the others we out this shit - The KooZ
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isyss_moon : Enough said
gfran.ces : WordπŸ™Œ
cricketweeks : @hustledollz @dutchessofdallas @jessijunkpunch @blingqueen214
rese_woods : @itsmoniesworld
tribecalledkush : #angelasimmons #revolttv #erykahbadu #poeticjustice #poet #kendricklamar #hiphop #blackgirlsrock #kmichelle #lilkim #defjam #nipseyhussle #yandysmith #wizkhalifa #amberrose #rayj #respectthenext #richhipster #chrisettemichele #floetry #laurynhill #myblackisbeautiful #janellemonae #solange #aliciakeys #angelayee #thelyricistsopus #saintrecords #ericamena #bobbyshmurda
theblackpearlmusic : Very cool!
matida_ : @osezua_x @shem_tgodx I know it's long bit please bear with it.....CAUSE ITS REAL GOOD
jayprezident : Nice πŸ‘Œ
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Chris Loco has hinted at a new collaboration with Kwabs. “Stoodio wit tha nephew @kwabs” he tweeted on Friday (December 19, 2014). The British hitmaker – born Christopher Crowhurst – previously co-wrote and produced “Into You” for Kwabs. The track appears on the artist’s EP “Pray for Love,” now available for download via iTunes. Some of Loco’s other notable credits are “Feels Like” by Etta Bond [Disturbing London], “Easier in Bed” by Emeli Sande [Capitol Records] and “Lullaby” by Professor Green featuring Tori Kelly [Virgin Records]. He also contributed to the next projects by Raleigh Ritchie [Columbia Records], Laura Welsh [Polydor Records], Becky Hill [Parlophone Records], Melissa Steel [Atlantic Records] and Ella Eyre [Virgin EMI Records]. Meanwhile, Kwabs is currently recording his upcoming debut album under Atlantic Records. The Warner Music Group imprint also represents artists including Bruno Mars, Janelle Monae, Trey Songz, and Charli XCX. For the still-untitled LP, Kwabs reportedly teamed with TMS (Olly Murs, Leona Lewis), Al Shux (Alicia Keys, Elle Varner), Fraser T. Smith (Javeon, Bipolar Sunshine) and MNEK (Madonna, Kylie Minogue). #HamadaMania #Kwabs #AtlanticRecords #ChrisLoco #EttaBond #EmeliSande #ProfessorGreen #ToriKelly #RaleighRitchie #LauraWelsh #BeckyHill #MelissaSteel #EllaEyre #BrunoMars #JanelleMonae #TreySongz #CharliXCX #TMS #OllyMurs #LeonaLewis #AlShux #AliciaKeys #ElleVarner #FraserTSmith #Javeon #BipolarSunshine #MNEK #Madonna #KylieMinogue
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tuphan1312014 : Ahhh! I found you through hashtags. And I really like this picture :D
jfcomorales : You should mention that Chris Loco instagram account is a must follow, on its own right hahaha :)
hamadamania : @jfcomorales I've tagged him on the post. He is hilarious and crazy talented! 😊
raymartell : Love your love for music!!
hamadamania : @raymartell πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’œ
dynaedyne : 😍😍
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Never forget the perfection that is Janelle Monáe Robinson. #JanelleMonae
janellemonae -
nikitalaurah : @stanningforjanelle thats cute and lovely
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Just gorgeous! Happy Friday everyone! 😘❀️ #janellemonae
janellemonae -
ronnidear : My girl!!! 😍
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#JanelleMonae #Tightrope . .."Some people get high and then some people get low. Well I’m gonna keep it in the middle so my people can know. Underdogs stand up tall cuz I’m talking to ya’ll. I can't pause, I balance all." -JanelleM.
tightrope - janellemonae -
perfecttye : Loved her for this
earlistic1 : Tip on è tight rope babyyy
tipp52 - dameinoxford - _.herson._ - jaky_deniss -
#LupeFiasco #JanelleMonae #Tightrope ...Welcome to the meeting of the minds. That be thinkin’ all the time, ‘bout defeating all the blind...
tightrope - janellemonae - lupefiasco -
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#BOB #JanelleMonae #Tightrope ...As my merkaba spins I am the anomaly. I love all the haters coz the haters is what got me here. Strangers ‘hey B.O.B’-y me. Groupies try to buddy me, but I’m a different planet so excuse my astrology...
tightrope - bob - janellemonae -
tmpiggybank : Yessir. Self made.
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#nowplaying #BoB ft. #JanelleMonae - The Kids #TheAdventuresOfBobbyRay
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dynaedyne : πŸ‘Œ
wendybangs - vanessaparvin - mr_winrow - jodidareal -
My Woman Crush this week is R&B/Soul/Jazz/Pop/Funk singer, songwriter, composer and record producer - Janelle Monáe. She's had several Grammy nominations and was chosen as the newest addition to the Cover Girl spokeswomen lineup in 2012. I love her unique signature style of wearing black and white tuxedos and her natural hair with the pompadour. 😍 #JanelleMonae #WCW #WomanCrushWednesday #Beautiful #BlackWomenRock #BlackGirlsRock #BlackIsBeautiful #WomenRock #GirlsRock #Talented #CoverGirl #Pompadour #Tuxedo
beautiful - talented - wcw - janellemonae - tuxedo - covergirl - blackisbeautiful - blackwomenrock - womenrock - womancrushwednesday - blackgirlsrock - pompadour - girlsrock -
highheelsnwheels : Nice!
jamaicanbabe10 : Thank you! 😍 @highheelsnwheels
staciijae : Great!
jamaicanbabe10 : Thanks! @staciijae
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This has been my favorite album this year #janellemonae #electriclady
electriclady - janellemonae -
wendybangs - greengrl87 - quiblack - dynaedyne -
Janelle ❀ Ciara #MyFaves #Ciara #JanelleMonae #Rnb #Divas
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theofficialmusicgallery : What a cute pic
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#tbt Jane reading the script for her new cover girl campaign while the talented hairstylist @caprice01 is making sure her hair looks amazing for it πŸ’™ #janellemonae #covergirl #campaign #2012 #throwback #beautiful #hair #naturalhair #caprice #amazinghairstylist
beautiful - caprice - campaign - janellemonae - covergirl - amazinghairstylist - tbt - hair - naturalhair - throwback - 2012 -
stanningforjanelle - _b3_br4ve_ - ms_mahoganyhasan - 20naenae01 -
#tbt still my favorite portrait that I've done. That's about to change during the Christmas break tho. I can't wait to chill and just let my mind go. God is awesome! #janellemonae #itcanonlygetbetter #marilynmonroe next 😁
marilynmonroe - itcanonlygetbetter - tbt - janellemonae -
dynaedyne : 😝
alexrandoms : Lol @dynaedyne
rufarofanadzo - freak_nique34 - actor_robertdean - ourmarilyn -
They're so beautiful ❀️ #JanelleMonae #ErykahBadu #20s #ElectricLadies #Queens
erykahbadu - electricladies - 20s - queens - janellemonae -
nova.lopes : Omgg
maya_ntikinca : ♥♥♥♥♥
teddyisreal : I remember this perfomance!
stanningforjanelle : @teddyisreal Me tew!!!
teddyisreal : @stanningforjanelle did you enjoy it????
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