The beginning.... #secretsocietyartshow #jamieschene @trekell_art_supplies #blackanchorcollective
blackanchorcollective - jamieschene - secretsocietyartshow -
memoes : Wow getting the first comment is such an honor, I would like to thank all my family for supporting me in my quest for the first comment. They have inspired me to be relentless in my pursuit to keep trying and never give up. I would also like to thank all my friends, just kidding I have none. I would like to thank my form of communication, the iPhone 6 for having the cut & paste feature so I don't have to type this every time. The next organisms I'd like to thank are my two dogs, recco and teddy bear for keeping me on my toes and making sure I refresh every 3 seconds ensuring I get the first comment. I would like to thank God for giving me this wonderful life on earth, he has guided me to finally achieve the first comment. Thank you everyone, hold the applause, it was a great honor accomplishing my life long dream. first comment. Thank you. first.
mathurtado : Awesome! Nothing but triangles
pinata562 : The end of the beginning?
gmillsghills : How many triangles?
gerardo150 - matt_pangle - xbenjaminx - xdallasdavex -
Finished, framed, and in the collection of @stevepeace666 Thanks for another killer @calgarytattooshow ! Thanks to Ian and Jeremy from @trekell_art_supplies for making me this amazing frame! Oil on board. #jamieschene #blackanchorcollective #trekellartsupplies
blackanchorcollective - jamieschene - trekellartsupplies -
tattjitsu : πŸ‘πŸ‘
kannakitten : @kacievonvanity
callmeplum3 : @rtsmaxwell
nikkohurtado : Damn that came out crazy
nickpuma : @jevlas_reborn
madelinahorn : In love!
souza1973 : πŸ‘ looks awesome @jamie_schene
ktulxu88 : @midnightrose666
naroyle - mimmiflink - imaybeabitfarnetti - artschegol -
Added this Lilac Breasted Roller to @cdngrrl 's sleeve at the @calgarytattooshow #calgarytattooshow #jamieschene #blackanchorcollective
blackanchorcollective - jamieschene - calgarytattooshow -
april_rounsaville : @myhairfixation πŸ‘
miss_katilici0us : @b_gnett πŸ‘Œ
felipeborbaa : @thatamatuzaki
jenjen418 : @nikkakarli whoa!!
americanvintagedesigns : Just..oh..amazing
stainer75 : Crazy good @jamie_schene
thatamatuzaki : @felipeborbaa muito colorida
mrmike916 : Siq ass colors bro!!
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Great times at the @calgarytattooshow with these fine folks @nickchaboya @ellenchaboya @coryferguson @mathurtado @nicklausparley #calgarytattooshow #jamieschene #blackanchorcollective #Canada #wickedsweet
canada - wickedsweet - blackanchorcollective - jamieschene - calgarytattooshow -
curtisburgess : Nice to see you again Jamie!
jamie_schene : Great seeing you @curtisburgess !
empirekittie : So happy we were able to hang out again! Bring your new friends to Edmonton in May!!!
jamie_schene : Always awesome hanging with you guys! Looking forward to Edmonton @empirekittie @rob__hoskins
rob__hoskins : @jamie_schene hell yeah!! Always a blast seeing you homie!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ—πŸ»
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My gorgeous tattoo #jamieschene @calgarytattooshow #luckygirl
jamieschene - luckygirl -
val_nieboer : Amazing!!!
cdngrrl - jinxi - jen_nay_mac - orgulousbastard -
Finished! My new birdie! I love him - Larry the Lilac-Breasted Roller @jamie_schene did a magnificent job, as always #jamieschene
calgarytattooshow2014 - jamieschene - calgarytattooshow -
jinxi : Ohhh my goodness @cdngrrl !!! It's soooo super gorgeous!! I love it!! So wish we could have included it in the book!! Bravo @jamie_schene!!! With Jamie and @drkturcotte 's work...that's one stellar bird collection @cdngrrl !!!! πŸ₯πŸ’™πŸ₯πŸ’œπŸ₯πŸ’š
orgulousbastard : So beautiful!!!
cdngrrl : Thanks @orgulousbastard Jamie is amazing - 7 hr sit for this guy.
cdngrrl : @jinxi I'm one fortunate girl to have had these artists work on my. I love all my work πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ¦πŸ€πŸ₯πŸŒΈπŸŒΉπŸ’
jinxi : You deserve it @cdngrrl !! You're so wonderful!! πŸ₯πŸ’™πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ
kingcaide : Amazing detail. Gorgeous. πŸ’—
cdngrrl : Thanks @kingcaide. I can't wait for it to be healed
kingcaide : I bet! @cdngrrl
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Work in progress! Have to wait to get it finished. #calgarytattooconvention #albertaboundtattooconvention #jamieschene #tattoo
tattoo - albertaboundtattooconvention - jamieschene - calgarytattooconvention -
barryjamesmccarthy : There's a dermo patch over this, hence the shine, it doesn't do it justice.
mikethomasschmidt : Love it!
tkimery - 5agoat - kpaaterson - shiggidy69 -
And so it begins. #calgarytattooconvention #albertaboundtattooconvention #jamieschene #tattoo
tattoo - albertaboundtattooconvention - jamieschene - calgarytattooconvention -
cdngrrl : Brilliant!!!!!!
barryjamesmccarthy : Can't wait to see it finished @cdngrrl xxxx
jclynlrch : There's a finding captain nemo joke in here somewhere.....love it
mikethomasschmidt : @jclynlrch Nemo cat with a fish shaped nautilus sub!
barryjamesmccarthy : @jclynlrch @mikethomasschmidt Nothing to do with Finding Nemo, haven't even seen it. It's an artist who does cats in period costume. http://m.animalnewyork.com/2013/cats-get-royal-portrait-treatment-for-the-hermitage-museum
jclynlrch : Yes I've seen it, just being a nard :)
cdngrrl - cheydry - breees - kpaaterson -
#calgarytattooconvention #albertaboundtattooconvention #tattoo #jamieschene
tattoo - albertaboundtattooconvention - jamieschene - calgarytattooconvention -
paulhumphreystattoo - kpaaterson - victoriatattooartist - p_allan1986 -
Daniel's chest. Next session we start the background. #jamieschene #blackanchorcollective @fusionink_ca
blackanchorcollective - jamieschene -
maestroskitten : @dalek_todd
c_murder88 : Awesome πŸ‘
_ze_r0_to_100_ : Badass! πŸ’€
odoyle_romero : @_tonypah_
bigstim32 : Love this!
bela_hey : Love your work! Do you have any spots available tomorrow or anytime this weekend at the Calgary Tattoo convention? I'd like to book an appointment immediately @jamie_schene
ariasena15 : @giftaarvianda
manuel_andres_mendoza : @yoshi_tmato
bobberbri - yoshi_tmato - reefahydro - peptential -
Ran into Ricardo outside Super Target today. In progress pic #jamieschene #blackanchorcollective @fusionink_ca
blackanchorcollective - jamieschene -
mathurtado : Badass
staygold_ish : You're gonna have to do some work on me someday brotha. Too legit πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘
jojoackermann : Good stuff
santos_ayala1 : Hey that's my husband πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
jose_m1800 : @ricardo_ayala1 hahahaha badass bro.
ricardo_ayala1 : That looks familiar
aric_taylor : Rad Jamie, always on point !!
blackanchorcollective - nikkohurtado - therealhellrel - jnvbecerra -
Almost finished with Courtney's roses. #jamieschene #blackanchorcollective @fusionink_ca
blackanchorcollective - jamieschene -
robl3s_0929 : @ray_b3b07
c_murder88 : Awesome πŸ‘
mrs_vince : Stunning!
kendawgmiagi : @pamlotso
pandoness : Absolutely stunning
oldmose : I want one... Now!!
smorodynka : Too sufficient(
mysty83 : #auuchhh
lauren2fair - blackanchorcollective - arkelly83 - breezymig -
It's been fun to watch this come together. I can't wait to continue this project :)) #jamieschene #blackanchorcollective #awesomeartist #spacesleeve #galaxytattoo #spacetattoo
spacesleeve - galaxytattoo - spacetattoo - blackanchorcollective - jamieschene - awesomeartist -
high_im_tyy : Obsessed!!
macivoorhees : Thanks Ty 😘 @tyyreynolds
brettorious : so cool!!
macivoorhees : Thanks Brett πŸ˜„ @brettorious
jinniwild : πŸ‘βœ¨
macivoorhees : Thanks πŸ˜„πŸ‘ @jinniwild
officer_kris : I am in awe
macivoorhees : Thank you 😊 @officer_kris
skinnycharlie - trentmcintyre - zombiesforsale - officer_kris -
I want this tatted on my chest with the word Creature under it. I want Jamie Schene to be the artist. #batman #dc #dope #art #jamieschene
batman - dope - art - dc - jamieschene -
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Finished Maci's #astronaut yesterday. Can't wait to continue this project. #jamieschene #blackanchorcollective @fusionink_ca @fusion_ink
blackanchorcollective - astronaut - jamieschene -
kryzzly : Mentallll
vertikul : @kenzdix holy shit look
00wildechild00 : Holy shit
__adjie : It's so cool.....
hansumhustles : Where u located
gnat_grizzle : @jenferx whatttttt!!
jenferx : @gnat_grizzle WOW!
xmochavibesx : You're exactly what I'm looking for in an artist! Can not wait to see you!
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Worked on @jessbasham 's #Dahlia sleeve today. #jamieschene #blackanchorcollective #fusionink
dahlia - blackanchorcollective - jamieschene - fusionink -
ericarruiz : Beautiful work
celinaghoulinacupcake : @jessbasham looks rad!'
kryzzly : Gorgeous πŸ‘Œ
miss_katilici0us : @b_gnett
stephaa17aaaanie : @yasalm have him cover up your tat
yasalm : Yeah it's nice but is that a cover up?? @stephaa17aaaanie
yasalm : Donde esta? @stephaa17aaaanie
case79 : How do I get an appointment?
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Few more days until we open our next exhibit 'Foundation' featuring under painting works by- Joseph Martinez ( @josephmrtnz ) Bryan Bancroft ( @bryanbancroft ) Teodor Dumitrescu ( @teodormd ) Jeff McMillan ( @jeffmcmillanart ) Linsey Levendall ( @linsey_levendall ) Steven Daily ( @stevendailyart ) Jasmine Worth ( @jasmineworth ) Jason Limon ( @jasonlimon ) Jonathan Bergeron (@johnnycrap ) Julia Sonmi Heglund ( @sonmisonmi ) Scott Holloway ( @scottholloway ) Mat Hurtado ( @mathurtado ) Stephen Cefal ( @stephencefalo ) Jamie Schene ( @jamie_schene ) Thomas Garner #josephmartinez #bryanbancroft #teodorDumitrescu #JeffMcMillan #linseylevendall #stevendaily #jasmineworth #jasonlimon #jonathanBergeron #juliasonmiheglund #scottholloway #mathurtado #stephencefal #jamieschene #thomasgarner #santana #foundationshow #dtsa #eastendsantaana #juxtapoz #contemporaryart #underpainting #marcasgallery #artinoc #ocart
bryanbancroft - marcasgallery - artinoc - scottholloway - linseylevendall - eastendsantaana - dtsa - stevendaily - jamieschene - josephmartinez - juliasonmiheglund - jasonlimon - santana - jasmineworth - foundationshow - jonathanbergeron - ocart - contemporaryart - jeffmcmillan - stephencefal - mathurtado - thomasgarner - teodordumitrescu - juxtapoz - underpainting -
prohibitiongallery : πŸ™Œ
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This piece says it all. Not sure who the artist is unfortunately. #jamieschene #london2014 @londontattooconvention
london2014 - jamieschene -
sxesonofthunder : It says something in the bottom right
sxesonofthunder : Loretto
lararabbit3 : Love it!
jam_esrey_es : Banksy
c_murda_ : @timboe_tha_barberian
hellastella87 : @clorindaconcepcion
laceyraelee : Incredible piece// πŸ‘ Rad as fuck//
lady_sadie_and_sir_jack_jones : #banksy
teeg23scar - calculating_infinity - hannes0612 - brad323kota -
Marcas Contemporary's ( @marcasgallery ) in Santa Ana is opening two new exhibitions this Saturday. 'Foundation' features under painting works by 20+ artists. The show focuses on a technique that helps define colour values for over painting. When beginning is the end. 'Allegories of an Exile' and exhibit in chocolate Polaroids by Paul Kaiser. The exhibit documents 2 years of Polaroids, costume design and props from countless shoots across Southern California. #paulkaiser #marcasgallery #asissued #foundationshow #chocolatepolaroids #polaroid #photigraphy #underpainting #artinoc #ocart #eastendsantaana #josephmartinez #bryanbancroft #teodordumitrescu #jessmcmillan #linseylevendallart #stevendaily #jasmineworth #jasonlimon #jonathanbergeron #juliasonmiheglund #scottholloway #mathurtado #stephencefal #jamieschene #thomasgarner
bryanbancroft - marcasgallery - artinoc - linseylevendallart - mathurtado - scottholloway - eastendsantaana - chocolatepolaroids - paulkaiser - stevendaily - jamieschene - juliasonmiheglund - jasonlimon - josephmartinez - jasmineworth - foundationshow - jonathanbergeron - ocart - polaroid - stephencefal - photigraphy - jessmcmillan - asissued - thomasgarner - teodordumitrescu - underpainting -
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This was crazy to see today at the convention....First time I've ever seen one of my tattoos copied in person. People are a trip #jamieschene #blackanchorcollective
blackanchorcollective - jamieschene -
jessesart : Lol damn! Thats crazy!
anya_vorobkalo : .....People have not respect to the art!!!!!
pchdez : @silly_viv
westcoast_tbars : @mskristabunni
pumpkinfig : I found it. Lol @tommy_gunnz24
dnoodletattoo : I think they were going for a "vintage" looking tattoo lol
gnat_grizzle : #nailedit
karlamichelle_x3 : @1misso
robotzon3 - paulnavasca.id - jennifer._.elvira - jeaneth0820 -
Artist Jamie Schene’s ( @jamie_schene ) work for our upcoming exhibit 'Foundation' featuring under painting works from 20+ artists. This show focuses on a technique that helps define colour values for over painting. When the beginning is the end. Opening reception Saturday, October 4th 8-11pm. On display October 4th to November 2nd. #foundation #marcasgallery #jamieschene #underpainting #grisaille #monochromatic #santaana #dtsa #eastendsantaana #marcascontemporary #artinoc #ocart #orangecounty #trekell #blackanchorcollective #wip
monochromatic - foundation - marcasgallery - artinoc - trekell - eastendsantaana - dtsa - wip - santaana - jamieschene - blackanchorcollective - orangecounty - marcascontemporary - ocart - grisaille - underpainting -
dickdidit : @pacoakadeath
mathurtado : He killed it
stevendailyart : Killed it.
jefferypage : @jamie_schene awesome
xrayvisiondesigns - jonluce - denisdalesioart - gladis_alejandre -
We made it! @blackanchorcollective is at the @londontattooconvention ! Come by our booth and say hi! We are in the Great Gallery. @nikkohurtado @crojasart #jamieschene #blackanchorcollective
blackanchorcollective - jamieschene -
mathurtado : Badass! You guys have fun and be safe
ianplenty84 : Thx for the tee @jamie_schene your a true gent n a awesome artist. ✌️enjoy ya stay in London
sonicalifornia : Champs!!!
souza1973 : πŸ‘ awesome @jamie_schene
sonicalifornia : @jamie_schene you look super happy to be there, you're glowing man...
justin_dusch : Looking good dude
baronesseast : #jamieschene
rebelgirl : !!
bengadz - rob__hoskins - ciscosys80 - prettydamrandom -
On my way to the @londontattooconvention to meet up with @nikkohurtado and @crojasart . Looking forward to a rad show! @blackanchorcollective #jamieschene #blackanchorcollective
blackanchorcollective - jamieschene -
dpuppi : @jamie_schene let's tattoo that
johnnysmithart : Awesome! See you there
jamie_schene : See you there! @johnnysmithart
lioneldeluy : @jamie_schene. Love this guys . They are so Nice and Sooo good
davidcastanedaarts : Safe travels man
brettschwindt : I'll be seeing you there!
thesparkster : Aaaagh... I work in London but cant make convention. Hows that for unlucky? :-(
oldmose : Wow, u might be on the same flight as my parents. They flew out 2 london last nite too
crystiles - broflex - red_tsar1 - imaybeabitfarnetti -
My piece for the foundation "When the beginning is the end" show @marcasgallery . Opening reception: Saturday, October 4th, 7pm-11pm. @stevendailyart @mathurtado @trekell_art_supplies #jamieschene #blackanchorcollective
blackanchorcollective - jamieschene -
ezfunshine : @xrayvisiondesigns Wow my mind just got blown did you hear it? ?????POOF lol
xrayvisiondesigns : @ezfunshine this is my friend and one of my tattoo artist's @jamie_schene . He's pretty much amazing.
ezfunshine : @xrayvisiondesigns I just looked at his feed beautiful work! !!!!!! I also love how you said ONE of your tattoo artists YOU wild women you! !!! So sexy lol
nikkohurtado : Looks sick
dreamingofnothing : @deezareyougeeez in πŸ’œ w this
deezareyougeeez : Really fucking cool @dreamingofnothing
tommyxedge : @brittneytaylor13
loekhi : @general_lucifer
brittneytaylor13 - flores757 - pittmancharles - horchatachica -
The start of Courtney's side. #jamieschene #blackanchorcollective #fusionink
fusionink - blackanchorcollective - jamieschene -
c_ferris : I love it so much Jamie thank you 😊😊😊
nrkreate : Those leaves are spot on. Nice work!
mzforza : GORG!!!!!
lime_ink : WOW
apymichelle - jojob__ - freddydc2 - blackanchorcollective -
Finished this skull/Kevlar piece today. #jamieschene #blackanchorcollective #fusionink
fusionink - blackanchorcollective - jamieschene -
king_rocco42 : @don_stazaleone
inga_hurley : Love it
sara_giarratano : @amj494
c_murder88 : Rad piece!
katiebrunacini : @christopherlizarraga
gypsycarol : Niceeeeeee color blend....
baronesseast : #jamieschene
nikkohurtado : Crazy
tatjew77 - leeftwisted - rainydaze614 - bob3lee -
#workinprogress #gettingthere #diadelosmuertos #dayofthedead #tattoos #tattoo #fusionink #jamieschene #slevee #tattosofinstagram #skull #amazing #help #cashflow #barcelona
tattoo - gettingthere - slevee - help - skull - tattoos - jamieschene - barcelona - tattosofinstagram - fusionink - amazing - dayofthedead - diadelosmuertos - sugarskull - workinprogress - cashflow -
veesunrise : Where at?
gunners_ink : Sickkkk
inkjb : πŸ‘Œ
aurorayae : Very nice!!
zanderthorn : stella
walt_84 : That color is really. Good bro!! Very nice
le_elso : #SugarSkull
sgmtakeova - angelcityarts - cloehakakian - gregory_goyo22 -
Elso's #SugarSkull in progress. #jamieschene #blackanchorcollective #fusionink #wip
blackanchorcollective - fusionink - sugarskull - jamieschene - wip -
gypsycarol : Sweet stuff...
mikeecmikeydo : @growl_mobes that is sick!
javierdeluna_ : Hi Jamie!
javierdeluna_ : Was just talking about the unicorn tattoo you gave me yesterday hahahaha 😁
jamie_schene : Hey bro! That was a unicorn? HaHa. Your tattoos look great! Proud of you! @javierdeluna_
javierdeluna_ : @jamie_schene Yeah! Hahaha thank you man! I will always remember your help and advice you gave to me. πŸ™
sonicalifornia : Looks insane!!!
esteban_pin : @caro26gl
tolmach013 - vika_dove - nikkohurtado - 41bluejay -
Today's rose. #jamieschene #blackanchorcollective #fusionink
fusionink - blackanchorcollective - jamieschene -
philgarcia805 : Good stuff!!
gypsycarol : Beautiful
yeahitsjesse : @kayleiaa siiiiick
nak_reyes : @luis_bettiol
fedetattooitaly : @cattivostefanofabretti @alexdamageink e queste cartucce??? Nn sono quelle che conosco...no?
vixann_xo : @ashafe88 I love it! Looks realistic.
mathurtado : Badass
104libra : Frickin beautiful! I want one!!!
abizyma - mara_marquez - manwell_noriaga - hellochickie -
A great start to @adamglasses back piece. Thanks again Reaper Rotary. Machine runs amazing! @mikepike @jojoackermann #yoshitoshi #jamieschene #blackanchorcollective
blackanchorcollective - jamieschene - yoshitoshi -
miss_hartless : @inside_out805
jojoackermann : Skulls!!!!
mikedee562 : Jesus man, your line work is stupid clean.
tattoosbyjesus : Epic
linstattoosupply : Good
felipeborbaa : @thatamatuzaki
machometroman : @jamie_schene are you taking on new clients in 2015?
emtgrl13 : Wow
anastezzya86 - blacksigma - dremelz - alecornpop -
Finished Jennifer's blue rose today. Red rose and filigree are healed. #jamieschene #blackanchorcollective #fusion
fusion - blackanchorcollective - jamieschene -
bradleyhevans : @wahbajenny
wahbajenny : I want @bradleyhevans
paper_face : @ashhkelly
charmsg : @abe64lincoln these colors πŸ‘
pri_cilla_c : Amazing! Love the roses
hoppinjack : @shayskiii
kare33 : @dannynegrohernandez
dannynegrohernandez : @kare33 nice
danipastran - 41bluejay - bloominkgloom_tattoo - horiyotatt -
Excited to start this piece tonight! On @christinakittie #wip #jamieschene #blackanchorcollective #customframe
wip - blackanchorcollective - customframe - jamieschene -
snakeyes8 : Im excite too
mia_belle23 : That looks like its gonna be awesome!
michaelmoto24 : Your amazing bro
mck071214 : Remind me of beauty and the beast
epicwin2002 : She should hit some squats for a few months first
alteredart_ist : @natemastrudart
sonicalifornia : Bloody Mary!!! Bloody Mary!!! Bloody Mary!!!
anahammel : @hyagocesconetto que massa
ciscosys80 - danipastran - bloominkgloom_tattoo - cjachim29 -
I am taking APPOINTMENTS for THE LONDON CONVENTION. I have 3 spots available. The 26th, 27th, and 28th. Please email Lara at: 4jamie.schene@gmail.com for booking and info. Thanks!!! #jamieschene #londontattooconvention2014 #blackanchorcollective @londontattooconvention
blackanchorcollective - londontattooconvention2014 - jamieschene -
noycoss : Hehe hemde yuzukluu !! @arindirground
skimour : @nicklausparley going to London too!?!?
arindirground : Cok iyi de🎩 @noycoss
voidlingg : @ryancardftd
ryancardftd : @voidlingg that's way too intense holy shit ahahaha
justcallmerosh : I got some tatto designs
barneysfc : @crooked_life
poooohp : @kat_kan_stone
ciscosys80 - inkballcol - shinanigan_wsdmt - susinjp1 -
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