Back in a hello kitty mood lol, so I made a HK peace/love zepp and badge that I'm using with my current set up 😊. Thought I'd share with u guys if you'd like. Just kik me (name in bio). 😘 #jailbreak #jailbreakthemes #jailbreakgoodies #taig #ios8 #iphone5s #iluhv #iphonethemes #iphoneaddict
iphonethemes - jailbreakthemes - jailbreak - iphoneaddict - ios8 - jailbreakgoodies - taig - iluhv - iphone5s -
iluhv - vee208 - littlepink82 - jodylynn2821 -
My #lockscreen for the day!! So cuteπŸ’› #Cydia #custom #iphone6 #hellokitty #jailbreak ##ios8 #jailbreakthemes #jailbreakgoodies #ifile #glitter #jennifer
custom - ifile - iphone6 - jailbreak - hellokitty - jailbreakthemes - jennifer - ios8 - lockscreen - cydia - glitter - jailbreakgoodies -
quoiababii : What's that circle with the heart?
jennlove143 : @quoiababii is called lock's a tweak for your finger scanner.
jennlove143 : It's *
kensi__ : Do you mind telling me how did you change the lockglyph icon ?
jennlove143 : @kensi__ of course 😊 go to Cydia and download heart theme lockglyph. After you do that go in to your lockglyph settings and turn on heart themeπŸ‘Œ there's a lot of other lockglyph themes in Cydia.
quoiababii : @jennlove143 im not finding many lock glyphs
jennlove143 : @quoiababii did u find the heart one? There's about maybe 20/25 but the heart one Is the cutest to me.
quoiababii : I found that one. Out of the ones I've seen it is the cutest!
mss_keti - terryhadow - - kayeekeish -
I love this skin for my phone!!!!😍😍😍 #iphone6plus #jailbreak #jailbreakthemes #jailbreakgoodies #InstaSize
jailbreak - jailbreakgoodies - jailbreakthemes - iphone6plus - instasize -
kidraarnea - jb_goodies - lilmolly__ - madeindubai__ -
Cant decide for a theme πŸ˜” but i like this setup. Wall will be added in my DOPE wall box. #jailbreak#jailbreakgoodies
jailbreakgoodies - jailbreak -
xoprincessk : whats the name of this icons?
clarij14 : What icons are these? : theme?
jb_goodies : It's vooper from @clarij14
clarij14 : Thank you @jb_goodies
aaliyah_jailbreaks - sunflxwered - - lululuv77 -
Plain & Simple! #Jailbreak #Jailbreakthemes #jailbreakgoodies #iphonethemes #iphonegoodies #bytafont #instapic #instadaily #igpic
jailbreakthemes - instapic - jailbreak - iphonegoodies - iphonethemes - jailbreakgoodies - igpic - instadaily - bytafont -
reece_heski - rosiecolliergent - ly_srong - teasecake -
In reference to the shelf dock that I sent u guys! It's a png that I use via PS. It can't be set in winterboard. If anyone knows if u can set docks via winterboard like u could on the older ios let me kno! Sorry for not specifying!! #jailbreak #jailbreakthemes #jailbreakgoodies
jailbreakthemes - jailbreakgoodies - jailbreak -
_samanthaajones_ : Thank you.
iluhv : @_samanthaajones_ no prob!! :)
jennlove143 - princessaa24 - chikako_31 - tanyajeanne -
Screen for today. Shake it theme. Font is DP BreadTalk. #jailbreak #jailbreakgoodies
jailbreakgoodies - jailbreak -
glitter.rainbowz - brujitablack - emi.ilx - mzjoce_03 -
#RetricalLove by @berriegoyumfonts 😍😍😍 #jailbreak #jailbreakgoodies #jailbreakthemes #iphone6plus
jailbreakthemes - jailbreakgoodies - iphone6plus - retricallove - jailbreak -
jb_goodies - nah.seriously - alexisspagee - brujitablack -
Everyone is tagged #ios8jailbreak #jailbreak #jailbreakthemes #jailbreakgoodies
jailbreakthemes - ios8jailbreak - jailbreak - jailbreakgoodies -
pooya123 : Nice !
lysandramarieee : What theme are you using? If I may ask.
aaliyah_jailbreaks : Vooper by @abriellee_ @lysandramarieee
aaliyah_jailbreaks : thanks! @pooya123
lysandramarieee : Thank you:)
abriellee_ - lilmolly__ - alexisspagee - littlepink82 -
#jailbreak #jailbreakthemes #jailbreakgoodies #ios8 #iluhv #taig #iphoneaddict #iphonethemes
iphonethemes - jailbreakthemes - jailbreak - iphoneaddict - ios8 - jailbreakgoodies - taig - iluhv -
_samanthaajones_ :
bismell_ : mee pleasee kik - bismelx3
misty_henderson : thank you
shoppeddesigns : good pic
iluhv : @jailbreakoverdose.xo hi. It's an old font from superpinkerbell. Decker flowers.
crystallizerain : thank you😊
heyy_there_beautifull : KIK please - iluvbeinmee
heyy_there_beautifull : @iluhv
_samanthaajones_ - minnie.lanier.b - littlepink82 - illest_jailbreak -
❀️Love this theme glam from #tiffanydujoiethemes #homescreen #jailbreakgoodies
tiffanydujoiethemes - homescreen - jailbreakgoodies -
glitter.rainbowz - jules91666 - mss_keti - littlepink82 -
My new custom wallpaper and zeppelin by @tiffanydujoiethemes πŸ’› love it!! Thank you!! #jailbreak #jailbreakthemes #jailbreakgoodies #ios8 #iphone6 #wallpaper #hellokitty #Cydia #screenshot #homepage #dailyscreenshot #ifile #love #custom #tiffanydujoiethemes
ifile - hellokitty - love - screenshot - iphone6 - jailbreak - wallpaper - jailbreakthemes - custom - ios8 - tiffanydujoiethemes - jailbreakgoodies - dailyscreenshot - cydia - homepage -
hisonlyhisqueen146 : I was just playing around with it and figured that out. Thank you sooo much love. Yes I do and this will def make them look wayyyy better☺️😘
jennlove143 : @hisonlyhisqueen146 your welcome!! I love it lol had to share haha
bklegacy : @jennlove143 how do u jailbreak ur iPhone plus can tell me
v12chocolate : What app is this for the screenshots in the actual iphone?
jennlove143 : @v12chocolate it's called screenshot maker pro
v12chocolate : thank u!
jennlove143 : @bklegacy I don't have a plus..,..I have a 6. I would go on YouTube and look at videos because it's hard to explain.
jennlove143 : @v12chocolate you're welcome!!!
chikako_31 - hisonlyhisqueen146 - littlepink82 - l.winn2015 -
Cydget is not working for me, so i use PriorityHub tweak which is really awesome, and NoBlur in my lockscreen πŸ’… wall is in my DOPE walls box, check my blog to get it ♥️ #jailbreak#jailbreakgoodies
jailbreakgoodies - jailbreak -
jennlove143 : Do you know a good status bar tweak that allows you to change the Location symbol? And to rearrange your status bar icons?
jb_goodies : Arrangestatusbar, protean, rasberry... @jennlove143
nonalomii - krstnyta - cuzitradestuff - yari795 -
Sunday's screen 😊. Cute and simple!! Hope you guys are having a lovely day 😘 #jailbreak #jailbreakgoodies #jailbreakthemes #ios8 #iluhv #iphone5s #iphonethemes #iphoneaddict #taig
iphonethemes - jailbreakthemes - jailbreak - iphoneaddict - ios8 - jailbreakgoodies - taig - iluhv - iphone5s -
iluhv : @tiffanydujoiethemes hi! Sure! Just let me know your email!
tiffanydujoiethemes : @iluhv thanks! 😁 it's
_samanthaajones_ : @iluhv can you send it to me also?
missbranlynn : @iluhv and me?
microant_ch : please...and me.? Thank you very much...
jennlove143 :
jennlove143 : Thanks
bookwormette1 : I'd love this dock too. My Kik bookwormette @iluhv
tanyajeanne - deli_annette - jordandior_ - nonalomii -
New walls will be on my DOPE walls box in a few. Check My blog to get them #wallpaper#teamiphone#art#trill#dope#jailbreak#jailbreakgoodies
jailbreakgoodies - art - trill - dope - wallpaper - jailbreak - teamiphone -
lizza300 : Thank you !!! 😘❀️
jungyouthmusic : #Dope
lululuv77 - krstnyta - ydpb_ - psychhodelice -
Screen for the moment.. Theme Glam from Tiffany font by @iprettiedfonts #jailbreakgoodies #jailbreak
jailbreakgoodies - jailbreak -
elliesjailbreakscreens - _aquamarine_mermaid - ana_jx - lululuv77 -
Loving this setup πŸ‘Œ Icons: @abriellee_ Wallpaper: @mommylhey Font: dp higher #jailbreak #jailbreakhelp #jailbreakthemes #jailbreakgoodies
jailbreakhelp - jailbreakgoodies - jailbreakthemes - jailbreak -
thebella.b : Ima have to copy this soon
aaliyah_jailbreaks - thatsjulia - aurie_jenee - kaylab1104 -
I just made my first #jailbreak #widget πŸ™ŒπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘Œ #yay #wildflowergirl of course lol #wildflowerlove #iphone6 #ios8 #jailbreakgoodies #jailbreakthemes #glamtheme #love #ifile #Cydia !!@wildflowercases #tiffanydujoiethemes
widget - wildflowerlove - yay - iphone6 - jailbreakthemes - jailbreak - ifile - ios8 - tiffanydujoiethemes - glamtheme - love - cydia - wildflowergirl - jailbreakgoodies -
jennlove143 : love my phone!!!
takeyourgirl_ : @jennlove143 my iphone jailbroke just dont no how to download widgets like that one
hisonlyhisqueen146 : I love even tho I can't use it. #wildflowergirls 4 life!!!!✊
jennlove143 : @hisonlyhisqueen146 thanks 😊
mainstream_photographic - hisonlyhisqueen146 - mss_keti - -
Simple setup Lime theme from Cydia #jailbreak #jailbreakgoodies #cydia
jailbreakgoodies - jailbreak - cydia -
jb_goodies : Where are those badges from? 😊
lizza300 : Wich tweak you use to remove the icon labesl ?
aaliyah_jailbreaks : I don't remember specially, i found them in my dropbox @dopekidjayy._ @jb_goodies
aaliyah_jailbreaks : @lizza300 springtomize 😊
lizza300 : I have it but when i want remove the icon labels with springtomize it dont work πŸ˜₯
aaliyah_jailbreaks : springtomize>pages>hide labels. that works just fine for me, hideme8 works well also @lizza300
lizza300 : Thank you πŸ’•
dopekidjayy._ : @aaliyah_jailbreaks oh ok. Were they free can you email me it ?
ill_jxb - dopekidjayy._ - lizza300 - yari795 -
Youtube is lonely πŸ˜‚ . | Love it tho πŸ’• #jailbreak #jailbreakthemes #jailbreakgoodies #gabbell #cydia #cydiatweaks
cydiatweaks - jailbreakgoodies - jailbreakthemes - gabbell - cydia - jailbreak -
_queenruth : I wish you could mentor me on how to get my phone to look like this 😭😭
ill_jxb : @_queenruth haha aw tbh I just sus out themers pages to just get ideas 😊 I love looking at other screens you find so many different things to use 😊
danniexbaby : Where you got the font love? @ill_jxb
ill_jxb : @dandada__ it's just stock font haha , or you mean on the widget ? If so the widget has its own font (:
danniexbaby : Not the widget one lovey I mean the ones under your icons but Thanks 😊 @ill_jxb
chikako_31 - ritaapakileata - lizza300 - madamevil -
Love my screen right now πŸ˜πŸ‰ #jailbreak #jailbreakgoodies
jailbreakgoodies - jailbreak -
jb_goodies : The badges are from the Addiction theme, I just change the color using Springtomize @aaliyah_jailbreaks
aaliyah_jailbreaks : thank you! 😊
goodgalny_ : how did you make the picture like that ? 😍 @jb_goodies
jb_goodies : It's a custom cartoon, is not my artwork @ispy.ny
ppandapetch : What's name of the font on left side? Thx....
jb_goodies : DP Higher from @dpfonts @ppandapetch
quoiababii : Can you add lock screen wall to your box?
ashhdotcom : Cutee!! 😍 can you share the walls pls?? @jb_goodies
dopekidjayy._ - kayleenkeefer - _keikeimonroe - cuzitradestuff -
Loving my new themeπŸ™ŒπŸ’›πŸ˜ #iphone6 #jailbreak #jailbreakthemes #jailbreakgoodies #ios8 #glamtheme #Cydia #snapshot #love πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’› @tiffanydujoiethemes @eviedoll
love - iphone6 - jailbreakthemes - jailbreak - ios8 - glamtheme - snapshot - cydia - jailbreakgoodies -
jennlove143 : @madysonx3 now I'm addicted to buying phone cases and wallpaper packs and icon themes lol πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ
hisonlyhisqueen146 : Omg can you send me that wallpaper please
hisonlyhisqueen146 : I need it sooo badly
hisonlyhisqueen146 : And if you have any others with the keep calm eat cupcakes/the gold and pink and black. Love those colors
jennlove143 : @hisonlyhisqueen146 that's a widget for jailbroken phones.
jennlove143 : @hisonlyhisqueen146 I can send u the wallpaper tho
hisonlyhisqueen146 : Yea I know hun just the wallpaper please
jennlove143 : @hisonlyhisqueen146 I emailed you some wallpapers.....did you get them?
marcie2185 - cmamom76 - littlepink82 - hisonlyhisqueen146 -
I swear I stalked her page ALL week waiting for her to release this theme lolπŸ˜©πŸ˜‚. But I love it!😍. Theme is Mandala by @gabbell_iphonemizee. Iwidget is by Font is lovers hand by @iprettiedfonts. got the wallpaper from an IG PAGE, can't remember the name. I just wish my signals would show on my home screen because they are soooo pretty in this themeπŸ˜’ #jailbreak #jailbreakthemes #jailbreakgoodies #iphone6plus #InstaSize #belairretro4s
belairretro4s - iphone6plus - jailbreakthemes - jailbreak - jailbreakgoodies - instasize -
___f0reignmvde : Use ekg signals
ilovejailbrk : @___f0reignmvde I have it but it's not working for me for some reason
___f0reignmvde : Use all Blackbeard?
ilovejailbrk : Yes @___f0reignmvde I'm not sure maybe it's another tweak conflicting with it
aurie_jenee - gabbell_iphonemizee - madibbyyy - _samanthaajones_ -
Can someone tell me where this iwidget is from and what the name of it is?! Not the weathericon, just the iwidget. #jailbreak #jailbreaktheme #jailbreakgoodies
jailbreakgoodies - jailbreak - jailbreaktheme -
trading.jb.shit : Is vcloud iwidget
jailbreaklove : Ok @trading.jb.shit thank you!
DOPE WALLS BOX. Check my blog 😝 #jailbreak#jailbreakgoodies
jailbreakgoodies - jailbreak -
jennyspixelicious : Yes plzz do Theirs adorable @jb_goodies
ill_jxb - catsarebrats - dnaikan - sexisdrugs_ -
Screen for today 🌷 #jailbreak#jailbreakgoodies
jailbreakgoodies - jailbreak -
emi.ilx : Theme ? 😩
jb_goodies : It's called "Pure" but i'm not sure if is by Tiffanydujoiethemes or Gabbell @emi.ilx
emi.ilx : Thank you c:
_its__angel__ : It's from Gabbell @emi.ilx @jb_goodies and ur setup is cute btw hun
jb_goodies : @_its__angel__ Thank you πŸ’•
ill_jxb : 😍😍😍
ill_jxb - littlepink82 - cuzitradestuff - eamc30 -
How about this for #ThrowbackThursday! A VERY old screenshot/collage, from my main account, of my jailbroken iPhone 4s (running iOS 6.1) from 2013. Back when Jailbreaking was so simple & drama-free! πŸ˜ŠπŸ“±πŸ’•
old - throwbackthursday - jailbreak - jailbreakthemes - jailbreakgoodies - winterboard - throwback - oldschool - screenies - jailbreaktheme - ios6 -
jailbreak.xoxo : #jailbreak #jailbreakgoodies #jailbreaktheme #jailbreakthemes #winterboard #screenies #throwback #oldschool #ios6 #old
imallhis11 : I know things were so much simpler then, love the setup u hadπŸ’—πŸ’—
jailbreak.xoxo : Thanks and I know! 😊 @imallhis11
lupe.gonzalez21 - carlyma75 - blacktransport - flyingapology -
Today's screen 😊🍩 something sweet πŸ˜‹. #jailbreak #jailbreakthemes #jailbreakgoodies #ios8 #iluhv #iphoneaddict #iphone5s #iphonethemes #taig
iphonethemes - jailbreakthemes - jailbreak - iphoneaddict - ios8 - jailbreakgoodies - taig - iluhv - iphone5s -
loulou_bella__ : gorgeous as always @iluhv 😍
jennlove143 : What tweak do you use to get your status bar icons and wifi/signals to be colored like my themes?
iluhv : @jailbreakoverdose.xo it's candy shop weather set.
iluhv : @loulou_bella__ thanks luv πŸ˜ŠπŸ’ž
iluhv : @sallystorme thanks!
iluhv : @jennlove143 I use ekgsignals and xstatuscolor in Cydia.
jennlove143 : Thanks Hun
iluhv : @jennlove143 ur welcome luv!
ilovejailbrk - among8seeking - loulou_bella__ -
Felt like something girly todayπŸŽ€πŸŒ·. Theme is Safari Roses by @gabbell_iphonemizee. Quote widget is from Font is Lovers hand by @iprettiedfonts. Wallpaper was found on Pinterest. #jailbreak #jailbreakthemes #jailbreakgoodies #iphone6plus #InstaSize
jailbreakthemes - jailbreakgoodies - jailbreak - iphone6plus - instasize -
iprettiedfonts - aurie_jenee - teasecake - jodylynn2821 -
Daily #snapshot 😍 #jailbroken #jailbreakthemes #jailbreakgoodies #iphone6 #heart #ios8 #Cydia πŸ’–
heart - iphone6 - jailbreakthemes - jailbroken - ios8 - jailbreakgoodies - snapshot - cydia -
jailbreak.xoxo : If you don't mind me asking, what widgets are using for the search bar & the weather? Cute screen btw 😊😊 @jennlove143
jennlove143 : @jailbreak.xoxo I'm pretty sure it's iwidget and widget weather 😊 Thank you btw both I got in Cydia πŸ‘Œ
jennlove143 : Swee7weather is the name.....for the weather widget 😊 Cydia @jailbreak.xoxo
jailbreak.xoxo : Thank you! 😊 @jennlove143
freesky - ttwilidesign - wolfiewolf_ - jodylynn2821 -
Ofc I had to show off my new wallpaper πŸ’ same theme but change of wallpaper! #theme #iphone #teamiphone #disney #aladdin #princessjasmine #iphonethemes #jailbreakthemes #jailbreakgoodies #jailbreak #iphonetheme#instapic #instadaily #igpic
aladdin - princessjasmine - jailbreakthemes - instapic - jailbreak - teamiphone - iphonetheme - theme - jailbreakgoodies - iphone - igpic - instadaily - iphonethemes - disney -
beautiiworldd : Sure cute icons 😍
alexisspagee : I love princess jasmine ❀️
jb_goodies : What theme is that?
myscreenies : Yep pretty cute! ❀️ @beautiiworldd ... I love her too! @alexisspagee ... Icons are from @crazataly forever theme ☺️ @jb_goodies
brianna277 - jess.jbxo - littlepink82 - dopekidjayy._ -
Ok so the blog is up😊😊.. still working out some stuff but the fonts are up. This one here is free! #jailbreak #bytafont2 #bytafont #iphone #teamiphone #jailbreak #jailbreakfonts #jailbreakgoodies #ifont #android #droidgoodies more to be posted.
ifont - bytafont2 - jailbreak - teamiphone - jailbreakgoodies - iphone - droidgoodies - android - jailbreakfonts - bytafont -
pretty.flawed : @iprettiedfonts okay thank you 😌
samsjbaccount : ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️
ms.persuasion : is this font posted on your blog hun ? I'm wondering if my phone isn't loading it on your page or something.
iprettiedfonts : @ms.persuasion yes, my blog is loading slow at times...that could be the issue.
pretty.flawed : I emailed you love , about the tweak mode fonts
myjailbreakaccount : When I went on your blog there was nothing posted
skyygray : @iprettiedfonts this is not on your blog.
iprettiedfonts : @skyygray it is, under free fonts.
clarij14 - queenj.xo - nikkibsdesignz - ms.persuasion -
Really Apple lol smh. #jailbreak #jailbreakthemes #ios8 #emojis #jailbreakgoodies #iluhv #iphoneaddict #iphone5s
emojis - jailbreakthemes - jailbreak - iphoneaddict - ios8 - jailbreakgoodies - iluhv - iphone5s -
s1mplyamb3r : πŸ˜‚
danniexbaby : I love the ones under the pic sigh wish android ones looked soπŸ˜• - dresl0ver - epicshutterphotography - zok0la -
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