All previously posted themes are part of this sale, they are originally ranging from $3.50 to $4.00. Please make sure you use the button from the sale to get the discounted price, clicking on the separate buy buttons on previous posts aren't credited as part of the sale. Please keep that in mind. Grab yours now! 😊 #jailbreak #jailbreakthemes #jailbreakgoodies
jailbreakthemes - jailbreakgoodies - jailbreak -
_wwl__ - meems_crutchfield - dramaa_queennn - maysmile96 -
#typestatus is a cool tweak that allows you to see when a person iMessages you in your status bar. Choose from two styles! #cydia #jailbreak #jailbreakfein #jailbreakqueen #jailbreakjunkie #jailbreakgoodies #tweaks #cydiatweaks #pangu
pangu - jailbreak - cydiatweaks - tweaks - jailbreakjunkie - jailbreakgoodies - typestatus - jailbreakqueen - jailbreakfein - cydia -
iruuuby : Omg i want that theme
dazzlemydroid - _melissacasimiro - mm.richh - iprettiedfonts -
Simple tweak to change status bar color! 😘👋#jailbreak #jailbreakfein #jailbreakqueen #jailbreakjunkie #jailbreakgoodies #cydia
jailbreakjunkie - jailbreakgoodies - jailbreakqueen - jailbreakfein - cydia - jailbreak -
_xxarshanxx_ - ty_badass103 -
Change up📱💋 #jailbreakgoodies #bytafont2 #cydia #winterboard #jailbreakthemes #tweaks #teamiphone #truejailbreak #iphone5s #iphonejunkie #girlyiphone
truejailbreak - bytafont2 - iphonejunkie - jailbreakthemes - teamiphone - tweaks - jailbreakgoodies - winterboard - girlyiphone - cydia - iphone5s -
_melissacasimiro : how did you put the date and time on the status bar?
cowleee : 😍i love ur themeee! Where did you get it?
renee_marie82 : @_melissacasimiro tweak in cydia called clokay.
renee_marie82 : @cowleee this theme is from @mommylhey called so not you.
cowleee : Thank you! 😁
debbiehan_pink - _melissacasimiro - tucherry_xo - harbir_singh -
Loving this font!! #jailbreak #jailbreakfein #jailbreakqueen #jailbreakjunkie #jailbreakgoodies #customfonts #hearts #girly #cydia #pangu #ifile #ios #iphone5 theme is by @ianime_themes open notifiers are by @thatsloutoyou I'm using note creator from cydia and app tint for custom color. font is from @iprettiedfonts 😘
pangu - ifile - girly - ios - customfonts - iphone5 - jailbreak - jailbreakjunkie - jailbreakgoodies - jailbreakqueen - hearts - jailbreakfein - cydia -
iprettiedfonts : Not mine lol, cute tho!
anjanettekxochitl - _melissacasimiro - arribella_ - purpleunicorn___ -
I used message customiser to get a background behind my theme !! You can you your own image customize bubbles and whatever else!! Also if anyone knows how to get a custom image behind the conversation list in bitesms please let me know!! #jailbreak #jailbreakfein #jailbreakqueen #jailbreakjunkie #jailbreakgoodies #bitesmsthemes #bitesms #iphone5
bitesms - iphone5 - jailbreak - bitesmsthemes - jailbreakjunkie - jailbreakgoodies - jailbreakqueen - jailbreakfein -
_melissacasimiro : isnt that what you have right now? a custom image behind the convo? thats what i see inthat pic
_melissacasimiro : oh nvm
_melissacasimiro : i read it wrong 😁
iphoej : @_melissacasimiro 😜
psychobeautyy : How'd you get the pic in the corner where it says Contact?
iphoej : @psychobeautyy it's bite sms and message customiser combined .
psychobeautyy : oh okaay, thanks.
sherleysevm - jb_overdose_ - psychobeautyy -
This is the bitesms app I use it didn't cost me a dime from #biteyourapple the source is add that to your sources and you should be set to go!! #jailbreak #jailbreakfein #jailbreakqueen #jailbreakjunkie #jailbreakgoodies #cydia #iphone5
biteyourapple - iphone5 - jailbreak - jailbreakjunkie - jailbreakgoodies - jailbreakqueen - jailbreakfein - cydia -
iphoej : @mocity_nae
mocity_nae : Dropbox? No I don't
mocity_nae : Ok i made one
iphoej : @mocity_nae go to my page press link
iphoej : Download to your Dropbox @mocity_nae
iphoej : Tell me when your done so I can take this down @mocity_nae
mocity_nae : I'm done
mayomis_ : Omg thanks for sharing this!! It works 😊
featurepoints221 - pinkstarsx - parkmarianelafzms -
I love bitesms but sometimes the popups are overwhelming. With this theme you are still able to see the background! Clear cut and simple. Your theme will still be applied this only affects quick popups and quick replies!!! #nativeglass #cydia #iphone5 #jailbreak #jailbreakfein #jailbreakqueen #jailbreakjunkie #jailbreakgoodies themer is tagged in photo for icons and interface and font is by unknown there are sosnt similar porters who cares lol I have link!!
iphone5 - jailbreak - nativeglass - jailbreakjunkie - jailbreakgoodies - jailbreakqueen - jailbreakfein - cydia -
iphoej : @_melissacasimiro iOS 7.1.2
iphoej : Go to cydia search for native glass there will be one called native 7 but it's not as transparent so go look for native glass and install once you install go to bite sms it will be under themes apply and voila!! @_melissacasimiro
_melissacasimiro : i did that but then it does disable the theme
_melissacasimiro : it does not only affect quick popups and quick replies
_melissacasimiro : it disabled the whole theme
iphoej : It shouldn't disable your theme at all
iphoej : Take a pic send it to me @_melissacasimiro
iphoej : I'll show you mine
mcrayweipibm -
Loving my diamond zeppelin I'm not sure where it came from I downloaded the link but if anyone knows please give the themer credit 😘 #jailbreak #jailbreakfein #jailbreakqueen #jailbreakjunkie #jailbreakgoodies #cydia #iphone5 #zeppelin
iphone5 - jailbreak - jailbreakjunkie - jailbreakgoodies - zeppelin - jailbreakqueen - jailbreakfein - cydia -
iphoej : @thaas.kay I don't have any social sites I barely had ig It got deleted at 5k last year so I was like forget it lol I cN dm it or email it to you
iphoej : @francolalog unfortunately right now that's one of the glitches when it comes to the jailbreak on 7.1+ the ck is only halfway working until someone can get it fully working I will let you know
francolalog : This is so sad! :( ty
francolalog : I"d purchase it if i need it to but saddd
iphoej : @francolalog idk if purchasing it will make difference? If it does please let me know?
francolalog : I din't purchase it cause i can't
francolalog : Do you how to get bitesms forfree? I find $7 for an sms tweak is way to expensive.
francolalog : Know*
thaas.kay - niicotinecx - mikirtiy -
Kitty instagram for iphone for sale, kik me to purchase. 😚😚 #jailbreak #jailbreakgoodies #iphone
jailbreakgoodies - jailbreak - iphone -
hellokitty2782 : What your kik name? @my_cute_fonts
my_cute_fonts : missfissyfussy @hellokitty2782
clarij14 : @my_cute_fonts how to you keep the Instagram navigation bars on the profile to stay the same color with the unitint?
clarij14 : Do*
elliehg88 : @my_cute_fonts omg this is so freaking Cute Hun ♡♡♥♥ is this for android??
my_cute_fonts : no hun this is for iphone @elliehg88
elliehg88 : @my_cute_fonts aweee ok 😞😔
xxiwufan_ - cherryelys - chibilolita_ - clarij14 -
That last one was too colorful 😭 lol PLAIN JANE . Oops 🙊 #jailbreak #jailbreakthemes #jailbreakgoodies
jailbreakthemes - jailbreakgoodies - jailbreak -
jailbreak.themes : from cydia?
ana_jx : @jailbreak.themes yes
prettyicreations : What's your Kik ?
ana_jx : @prettyicreations anaa_xox
spooky.scary : Love it!
spooky.scary : Which theme did you choose out of all the ones included in patience?
ana_jx : Glyphs @spooky.scary
spooky.scary : Thanks!
ana_jx - j_d_sxt - heal_meow - willyhotrod -
Really loving the minimalist look lately. Lockscreen wallpaper: tumblr Widgets: iWidgets pack sch 3 from Cydia Icons: Origami from Cydia Font: Are You Freakin Serious from Cydia Badges: @jailbreakqueenxo What do you guys think about me making a similar colorful icon set? #jailbreak #jailbroken #jailbreaker #jailbreaktheme #jailbreakthemes #jailbreakgoodies
jailbreakgoodies - jailbreaker - jailbreakthemes - jailbreak - jailbroken - jailbreaktheme -
keepinupwithashxo : what do you use for your lock screen?
kawaiifonts : I can't find the badges
prettynpinkithemes : Maybe that's the wrong person. I'm sorry. @kawaiifonts
prettynpinkithemes : I use LockHTML for the widget and to hide stuff and Springtomize 3 @kawaiifonts
kawaiifonts : That's okay
prettynpinkithemes : @kawaiifonts kik me and I'll send you the link.
jailbreakqueenxo - clarij14 - kawaiifonts - ms_ambitiouschick -
Gabbell has me hooked on her walls! 😍 •Custom wall by @iphonemizee• •Signals & icons part of her Karma theme• •Dock from @crazataly• •Fader original and quote iwidget in my Dropbox• •Weather icon by @miss_cathy_s• •Battery, zeppelin, and badge by me• •Font by bby @love.denae• #jailbreak #jailbreakthemes #jailbreakgoodies #truejailbreak #realjailbreak #iphone #customs #ios6 #iphonemizee #signals #dock #wallpaper #bytafont #iwidgets #prettypixeled
truejailbreak - signals - jailbreakthemes - wallpaper - jailbreak - customs - iphonemizee - dock - jailbreakgoodies - iphone - iwidgets - realjailbreak - bytafont - prettypixeled - ios6 -
jailbreakqueenxo : @girlyiphone Lol. 😂 Thank you, I try. 🙆
jailbreakqueenxo : @marag01 Lmao, Ikr. It's usually like 109-111 here. 😒
vanities : Yes please ! Hustlerella @gmail !
jailbreakqueenxo : @vanities Sent.
kamransjailbreak : How can I get the kik open notifier
adele.lau : hey where did you get the open notifiers ?
alinadeee : What's the name of your font?
francolalog : How you made open notifier, battery on right?
crystalcleared_ - vyaicibiabii - ms_socali - evehdz88 -
FINALLY got these open notifiers working!!!💃💃💃 🎊🎉 #jailbreak #jailbreakgoodies #jailbreakthemes #opennotifiers
jailbreakthemes - jailbreakgoodies - jailbreak - opennotifiers -
meauxmoneyx : Thank you hun, I've tried using the same tutorial and open Notifiers but it's just not working for me @mm.richh
crissy.drew : Where did u get the openers @worldoftara
tachana_26 : @worldoftara how u got open notifiers to work
worldoftara : @crissy.drew I got these from @thatsloutoyou. But I still have the ones that I got from u too.
worldoftara : @tachana_26 check out @thatsloutoyou blog for the tutorial
crissy.drew : I didn't. See them on her page @worldoftara
worldoftara : @crissy.drew check the blog. It should be her most recent post
lizza300 : @worldoftara thankyou
abriellaaaa__ - meauxmoneyx - mzclaudiia - lizza300 -
So this used to be the Bling (without weather) widget. But I modified it to match my font and now I'm loving the look of it!!!😍😍😍 #jailbreak #jailbreakthemes #jailbreakgoodies #iwidget #lockscreen
jailbreakthemes - jailbreakgoodies - jailbreak - iwidget - lockscreen -
aurie_jenee - ma_keco_brown - lizza300 - mindlessxbreezy -
Screen. 🌺🌈☀ •Custom wall from @iphonemizee• •Icons, badges, and signals by #iPhantomThemes• •Zeppelin & battery by me• •Font by my boopie @love.denae• #jailbreak #jailbreakthemes #jailbreakgoodies #truejailbreak #realjailbreak #prettypixeled #font #custom #icons #springui #butterflies #colorful #zeppelin #iphonethemes #cydia #cutejailbreak
truejailbreak - iphantomthemes - colorful - jailbreakthemes - jailbreak - jailbreakgoodies - zeppelin - font - prettypixeled - cydia - icons - springui - cutejailbreak - custom - iphonethemes - butterflies - realjailbreak -
jailbreakoverdosexo : I like your screen 😍 and your face 😋
moonlight385g : @jailbreakqueenxo can plz help with #iphantomthemes web link?
jailbreakqueenxo : @jailbreakoverdosexo I love your screen, your face, and your butt. 😊
jailbreakqueenxo : @moonlight385g iPhantomThemes is no longer a themer. So there is no website.
jailbreakoverdosexo : Woah mama 😻 I love you
moonlight385g : @jailbreakqueenxo ooh, so is there any way to get #iphantomthemes ?
adele.lau : hey are you able to send me the 4G indicator?(:
myscreen_ : Me too please ^^^^
ashhdotcom_ - kpannier - jb_overdose_ - rickmuffinn__ -
Oh just in love with this theme 💞 @thatsloutoyou
themes - love - jailbreakgoodies - jailbreak - springtomize -
teasecake : #jailbreak #jailbreakgoodies #themes #love #springtomize
haileypowell21 : How do you do it?
teasecake : Do wha? @haileypowell21
haileypowell21 : Jail break
teasecake : Oh pangu or evasi0n @haileypowell21
haileypowell21 : Did you pay for that theme?
teasecake : Yes @haileypowell21
jobeybrooke - iprettiedfonts - campuz_boy - zhiyar_zedbagi -
Message background and signals by @ianime_themes Miley Twerk font by @sirenaselkie alkaline battery by @thatsloutoyou zeppelin bundled by me from a component In @ianime_themes theme. Loading screen and color keyboard pieced together by me with components from @ianime_themes #jailbreak #jailbroken #love #theme #jailbreakthemes #jailbreakgoodies #followme #follow #me #cute #bows #ribbons #pretty #pink #lovepink #messagecustomizer #loading #loadingscreen #colorkeyboard
cute - love - jailbreakthemes - jailbreak - pink - loadingscreen - follow - me - loading - lovepink - jailbroken - theme - bows - pretty - colorkeyboard - ribbons - followme - jailbreakgoodies - messagecustomizer -
curly.goddess : I'm having so much trouble how do I use color keyboard?
autumnh0pe - bonitathemes - ay.nn - debbiehan_pink -
Theme and signals by @ianime_themes I just tweaked it a bit and moved signals from another theme of hers to this theme. Miley Twerk font by @sirenaselkie alkaline battery by @thatsloutoyou zeppelin bundled by me from a component In @ianime_themes theme. #jailbreak #jailbroken #love #theme #jailbreakthemes #jailbreakgoodies #followme #follow #me #cute #bows #ribbons #pretty #pink #lovepink
me - cute - love - pink - lovepink - jailbreak - jailbroken - theme - bows - pretty - follow - jailbreakthemes - taptounlock7 - ribbons - followme - jailbreakgoodies -
jailbreak.themes : how'd you do that to your slide? please help & thank you ! ❤️❤️
hollidiane_ : @jailbreak.themes #taptounlock7
jailbreak.themes : thanks!! ❤️❤️ @hollidiane_
hollidiane_ : You're welcome.
ianime_themes - love_vs__ - sirenaselkie - mindlessxbreezy -
Don't know what I love more...the signals & badge(from @tiffanydujoiethemes) or the font (from @superpinkerbellfonts ) 😍😍😍😍 #bytafont2 #jailbreakthemes #jailbreak #jailbreakgoodies #truejailbreak #iwidget #colorkeyboard
truejailbreak - jailbreakgoodies - bytafont2 - jailbreak - jailbreakthemes - iwidget - colorkeyboard -
worldoftara : @danilattimore thanks, girlie!!! I'm bout to KIK u
danilattimore : Kk!
lizza300 : ❤️❤️nice❤️❤️
mm.richh : Song ? ☺️
olefineassguh : Hey, how'd you get tht font ?
worldoftara : @lizza300 thanks!! 😊
worldoftara : @olefineassguh got it from @superpinkerbellfonts
worldoftara : @mm.richh Rich Friday-Future, Nicki Minaj, Juelz Santana, & French Montana
pinkdiamonds617 - simply_sierraaa - iheartcrissie - majinnelly -
These fonts is popping. 💕 Gracias amor @love.denae 😘 Thanks to @my_cute_fonts for allowing PrettyPixeled to convert these to iPhone! #jailbreAk #jailbreakthemes #jailbreakgoodies #truejailbreak #realjailbreak #iphone #prettypixeled #bytafont #hearts #customs
truejailbreak - jailbreakthemes - jailbreak - customs - jailbreakgoodies - iphone - hearts - realjailbreak - bytafont - prettypixeled -
jailbreakqueenxo : @autumnh0pe Thanks lol.
autumnh0pe : @jailbreakqueenxo welcome!
_melissacasimiro : @autumnh0pe oh so notecreator was able to be themed before? o.0;;
autumnh0pe : @_melissacasimiro yeah
my_cute_fonts : perfect😍😍
bella_princiipessa : Ughh i want the second one 😩😩 ! They are cute 😍👏
love.denae : 😘😘
ms_socali : Very cute
kittykatblondie - mommylhey - jennys_jailbreak - babibanksss -
This Summer'lovin theme is perfection. 😍 •Icons,badges,battery,signals part of @tiffanydujoiethemes Summer'Lovin theme, weather Icons also by her• •Bully iWidget is in my dropbox• •Font is a private custom by my boo thang @love.denae• •Open notifiers resiZed and converted by me• #jailbreak #jailbreakthemes #jailbreakgoodies #truejailbreak #realjailbreak #bytafont #iwidgets #ios6 #ios7 #summer #lovin #colorful #cutejailbreak #icons #badges #signals #statusbar #wallpaper #prettypixeled #perfection
truejailbreak - summer - colorful - jailbreak - wallpaper - jailbreakthemes - lovin - iwidgets - jailbreakgoodies - perfection - ios7 - ios6 - prettypixeled - icons - statusbar - cutejailbreak - signals - badges - realjailbreak - bytafont -
jailbreakqueenxo : @tkjailbreak Thanks.
eva_rusdiana : @jailbreakqueenxo thank u so much ❤️❤️
bella_princiipessa : How did you get your weather code to work ? Ever since i changed the code it just doesnt load the location or weather
jailbreakqueenxo : @bella_princiipessa Put your zip code in. 😉
bella_princiipessa : Put it where i would put my weather code ?
jailbreakqueenxo : @bella_princiipessa Yes.
bella_princiipessa : Thank you hun
jailbreakqueenxo : @bella_princiipessa No problem.
dnaikan - princess_khloee - vojy_ - lilmuffin28 -
And lastly, a closer look at some of the icons. :) #jailbreak #jailbreakthemes #jailbreakgoodies #iphonethemes
jailbreakthemes - jailbreakgoodies - jailbreak - iphonethemes -
missestoyou : Are u still going to make a freebie theme for the broke people at the moment lol
stylizedthemes : Lol i'll try to make one when i find another free time. 😉
momo_smch - stockberry - meganbearbi - nitarauhl -
"STAY BEAUTIFUL" #jailbreak #jailbroken #jailbreakthemes #jailbreakgoodies #wall #wallies
wallies - jailbreakgoodies - wall - jailbreakthemes - jailbreak - jailbroken -
cute_wallies - _wendee93 - tucherry_xo - lilmuffin28 -
Thanks to @jb_overdose_ for sharing how to change the passcode text!😊 #jailbreak #jailbreakthemes #jailbreakgoodies #truejailbreak
truejailbreak - jailbreakthemes - jailbreakgoodies - jailbreak - : how do you turn off the blur ??
worldoftara : I used lockify pro
jb_overdose_ : Your welcome Hun 😘
rickmuffinn__ : Font?
shanea_hawk : Hey I just jailbroke my iPhone4s can you help me? @worldoftara
_tivonanicole - jb_overdose_ - its_marilynxx - mindlessxbreezy -
Today's screen. Keeping my jailbreak simple for now. Icons: Mocha from Cydia Widget: iWidgets PackS 5 in Cydia Font: Fiolex Girls Font from Cydia but you must have the source Battery: heyfayehey (eventually I'll find her IG name) #truejailbreak #jailbreak #jailbroken #jailbreaker #jailbreakthemes #jailbreakgoodies #jailbreaktheme
truejailbreak - jailbreakgoodies - jailbreaker - jailbreakthemes - jailbreak - jailbroken - jailbreaktheme -
rickmuffinn__ : How did you get your icons right there ?
jailbreakoverdosexo : What did you use to get your icons like that ?
prettynpinkithemes : Homescreen design @jailbreakoverdosexo @rickmuffinn__
jailbreakoverdosexo : Thank you
hashtags._ : What's the theme for your badges?
prettynpinkithemes : I believe @jailbreakqueenxo but I'm not sure. It used to be @cutestjailbreakxo but she changed her ig name. @hashtags._
nurnablie : How to edit photo like this?
prettynpinkithemes : @nurnablie screenshot pro
jailbreakqueenxo - _lifewithaiden - rickmuffinn__ - c_lopz13 -
#bytafont2 #cydia #jailbreakgoodies #teamiphone #truejailbreak #font
truejailbreak - jailbreakgoodies - bytafont2 - cydia - font - teamiphone -
sweetstar62387 : Are you in 7.1.2? For some reason I can't get my fonts to apply on my keyboard. Even the cydia fonts 😔
renee_marie82 : @sweetstar62387 yes I'm on 7.1.2. I've heard a lot of people having issues with colorkeyboard.
ianime_themes - jailbreakqueenxo - madamfab20 - sweetstar62387 -
Screen for the night. 😌 •Gorgeous custom wall and Bubble Minnie theme from @iphonemizee• •Battery by me• •Font is Decker Hearts (iOS 6) from @love.denae• #jailbreak #jailbreakgoodies #jailbreakthemes #cutejailbreak #realjailbreak #truejailbreak #iphone #ios6 #ios7 #bytafont #iphonethemes #iphonemizee #minniemouse #mickeymouse #wallpaper #custom #prettypixeled #colorful
truejailbreak - mickeymouse - colorful - jailbreak - wallpaper - jailbreakthemes - jailbreakgoodies - minniemouse - ios7 - ios6 - prettypixeled - cutejailbreak - custom - iphonemizee - iphonethemes - iphone - realjailbreak - bytafont -
x0paigeeee : kik ?
jailbreakoverdosexo : Bruh.😂
jailbreakqueenxo : @jennys_jailbreak Thanks boo. 😘
jailbreakqueenxo : @iphonemizee 😘
jailbreakqueenxo : @rllybella lovelyriaxx3
jailbreakqueenxo : @jailbreakoverdosexo Lmfao. Bish wheeeet?
jailbreakoverdosexo : That's my kik lmao bye
love.denae : Lmfao @jailbreakqueenxo @jailbreakoverdosexo
iphonealicious - ashley108_ - vojy_ - miss_cathy_s -
jailbreakthemes - jailbreakgoodies - jailbreak - jailbroken -
cute_wallies : Soon in my blog #jailbreak #jailbroken #jailbreakthemes #jailbreakgoodies
cute_wallies - jailbreakqueenxo - ttwilidesign - maris_swag -
Soon #jailbreak #jailbroken #jailbreakthemes #jailbreakgoodies #wall #cutewallies StayBeautiful
cutewallies - jailbreakgoodies - wall - jailbreakthemes - jailbreak - jailbroken -
cute_wallies - vivisandroid_ - jailbreakbeauty - maris_swag -
had to get my jailbreak back! 😁 couldn't be happier. theme from: @prettynpinkithemes font - Jasmina BOLD w/hearts. I love it 💜 #jailbreak #jailbreakgoodies #Pangu #Cydia #BiteSms #Cheetalicious #cute #jailbreakthemes 😘😘
pangu - cute - cheetalicious - bitesms - jailbreakthemes - jailbreak - jailbreakgoodies - cydia -
thefabulouslifeof.ash : @_thatsreddd got a laptop !?! it's easy but can get a tad bit difficult adding certain sources & tweaks to get stuff
thefabulouslifeof.ash : @islandofwacici I haven't had any problems 😁 w|my iPhone 4 the lock screen had got real small & I couldn't unlock it so I had to reset my phone & do it again but other than that it was cool
_thatsreddd : My bf did my 4s like two years ago and I loved it, what site did u use?
chuckknjayy : 😂😂😂okay I'm sorry
prettynpinkithemes : Your color keyboard works?
thefabulouslifeof.ash : @prettynpinkithemes yes. I finally got it to work!
thefabulouslifeof.ash : @_thatsreddd Pangu.
thefabulouslifeof.ash : @prettynpinkithemes I think I had the wrong color keyboard installed. bcus the keyboards w| my other themes would never show up. after I removed it & download another, It worked perfectly
millzie999 - fahadal80 - shlomigil17 - anaoliveirav -
instagram themeee 👏😁🎀💕 #jailbreakgoodies #jailbreak
jailbreakgoodies - jailbreak -
hey.gorgeous_cx : Follow me
kikithugginn : come jailbreak mines pls!
ikidnapped_tip : How do you do this?
alicialuvx : what font is this?
ayoobabydoll_ : What's the font plz
onmycourt - casia14 - skyygraffix - aalaysiasus -
kik me if you have this. ill trade 2 fonts/themes in return
jailbreakthemes - jailbreakgoodies - jailbreak -
lovinjailbreak_themetrade : #jailbreak #jailbreakgoodies #jailbreakthemes
aldc_info_and_more -
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