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Up on my blog now! Go check it out. πŸ’• #note3 #teamandroid #teamiphone #ios8 #jailbreak #nenajthemes #jailbreakgoodies #jailbreakthemes
jailbreak - note3 - jailbreakthemes - teamiphone - ios8 - teamandroid - nenajthemes - jailbreakgoodies -
xoxo_love_jackie : Finally!!!!πŸ˜œπŸ˜πŸ˜›
jennyspixelicious : Omg finally 😍😍😍😍
heyy_itsz_vivi : Yesssss ty boo!!!!
soraida.fugon : @nenajthemes There's no clock icon?
smr_1184 - mrsmommyserena - xozdxo - brittsjailbreak24 -
Lockscreen and home screen for a while. 😁 #jailbreak #jailbreakthemes #jailbreakgoodies #cydia #iheartprettypixels
jailbreakthemes - iheartprettypixels - jailbreakgoodies - jailbreak - cydia -
ariesbaybayy : Can you please tell me where you got that pretty iWidget lol @_marialoveeee
ariesbaybayy : And how did you get your icons so close together like that 😁 @_marialoveeee
_marialoveeee : @ariesbaybayy I believe it was from @mommylhey I'm not sure I had it in my Dropbox 😁 and I use homescreen designer
ariesbaybayy : Lol Thankyou soo much ! I'll check her website , cute theme! @_marialoveeee
_marialoveeee : @ariesbaybayy you're welcome and thank you 😊
freesky : Are u on the new jailbreak
_marialoveeee : @freesky yes
jailbreakthemesxo - abriellaaaa__ - jailbreakoverdose.xo - think_ezzy -
No matter how much colour, glitter or prints I have on my icons, always come back to this icon set from @doodledpop πŸ™ˆ love how simple it is and how any wallpaper matches it perfectly! Wallpaper from @girlyjailbreak and icon badge from @Jb_goodies ✌️ #Iphonetheme #geekmode #jailbreak #jailbreaktheme #jailbreakgoodies #ios7 #instapic #instadaily #igdaily #Goodnight
instapic - jailbreak - iphonetheme - goodnight - jailbreakgoodies - jailbreaktheme - igdaily - instadaily - geekmode - ios7 -
mrsmiah_x - essencedelight_x - imperfectscorpio - girlyjailbreak -
Missing my loved one so had to use this pic of CookIslands haha ! Defs staying with this for a while 😊 Icons: snowflake by gabbel Badge: by me Zepp: by me Signal: squarrows Widget: easytime #jailbreak #jailbreakthemes #jailbreakgoodies #cydia #ios7 #iphone5 #cookisland
jailbreakgoodies - cydia - cookisland - jailbreakthemes - iphone5 - jailbreak - ios7 -
ill_jxb : Idk why the end icon is lower than the rest πŸ˜‚
nenajthemes - mommyjade.xo - jailbreakoverdose.xo - vlogfan_ -
#cydia #jailbreakgoodies #jailbreak #iphone6 #iPhone #ios8device #iosjailbreak #ios8jailbreak #pangu #Taig #20likes #50likes #f4f #follow #forever #followme #followme2014 #instagood #instaphoto #instadailey #instafollow #instafamous #instagramers
pangu - followme2014 - iosjailbreak - jailbreak - jailbreakgoodies - instaphoto - instadailey - instafamous - follow - 50likes - cydia - ios8device - forever - iphone6 - instafollow - instagramers - 20likes - instagood - iphone - f4f - taig - ios8jailbreak - followme -
arman_the_shaikh - h3icolourfulworld - charlie2017ezekiel - kingciggy -
today's screen.
jailbreak - ios8jailbreak - jailbreakthemes - jailbreakgoodies -
aaliyah_jailbreaks : #jailbreakthemes #ios8jailbreak #jailbreak #jailbreakgoodies
parkersrose : Where can I find this bow battery? Love it!!!
aaliyah_jailbreaks : It came with the theme 😊 @parkersrose its cool by @gabbell_iphonemizee
kiahloujb - cadariusmommy_ - ijailbreak_ios8.1 - cchloe.xo -
| in the meantime 😊 waiting for my snowflake theme 😁 #jailbreak #jailbreakthemes #jailbreakgoodies #beyonce #beyhive
jailbreakthemes - jailbreakgoodies - jailbreak - beyhive - beyonce -
inmyopenarms - hannachan_8 - mm.richh - stoner_jailbreak -
#CYDIAtheme called #soft #for your #IOSDEVICE #ios8device #iphone6 #iPhone #ios8jailbreak #pangu #Taig #ios812 #ios811 #jailbreakgoodies #instagood #instadailey #instafamous #instagramers
pangu - cydiatheme - jailbreakgoodies - instadailey - instafamous - ios8device - ios812 - iosdevice - for - iphone6 - instagramers - ios811 - instagood - iphone - taig - ios8jailbreak - soft -
atl_fire21 : What Is that widget called
coast2coastjailbreaktweaks : @atl_fire21 widget pack by June
larryanu - shoutouts_equal_fame - karbalai_arif - diditadya -
Hey! I'm on #Kik - my username is '1G0bl1n' kik.me/1G0bl1n. Im #coast2coastcydiatweaks and @1G0BL1N ON #TWITTER #follow4follow for all the latest #CYDIAthemes #jailbreak #jailbreakgoodies #tweakvideos #tweaks for your #ios8 #ios8device #ios8jailbreak #iosjailbreak news across the lands and for some #dopephotos as well #f4f #20likes #50likes #followme #followme2014 #follow4follow #instaphoto #instafamous #instafollow #instagramers
followme2014 - iosjailbreak - twitter - f4f - jailbreak - 20likes - kik - ios8 - jailbreakgoodies - instaphoto - follow4follow - 50likes - ios8device - cydiathemes - tweaks - instafollow - dopephotos - instagramers - coast2coastcydiatweaks - tweakvideos - instafamous - ios8jailbreak - followme -
atl_fire21 : @coast2coastjailbreaktweaks do you know any good Xmas widgets
coast2coastjailbreaktweaks : @atl_fire21 IWIDGET pack 8 by June
coast2coastjailbreaktweaks : @atl_fire21 check out some of my screen shots and you will see some were I posted them
ghyeithabdelhedi - soccer_girl_8877 - kayla_co9 - xo_kaikandy_xo -
#lockscreenthemes #mylockscreen #Lovecydia #iphone6 #iPhone #jailbreak #jailbreakgoodies #screenshotlove #f4f #followme2014 #follow4follow #20likes #50likes #instagood #instaphoto #instadailey #instafamous #instafollow #instagramers
followme2014 - follow4follow - jailbreak - screenshotlove - jailbreakgoodies - instaphoto - instadailey - lovecydia - 50likes - lockscreenthemes - iphone6 - instafollow - mylockscreen - instagramers - 20likes - instagood - iphone - f4f - instafamous -
_iitsjpbaby_ : Yea we def gotta talk on kik so you can help me on theming my lock screens 😍
coast2coastjailbreaktweaks : @_iitsjpbaby_ okay I will help you no problem
zaahraxx : Amazing!
nova_musik_ - s0cialmediazzz - hannachan_8 - michaelmagdy122 -
Winter Perfection #frozen #ios8jailbreak #ios8 #jailbreak #jailbreakjunkie #jailbreakgoodies
ios8 - jailbreakjunkie - jailbreakgoodies - frozen - ios8jailbreak - jailbreak -
mckenziendme : @iamtashamck what software u on
iamtashamck : 8.1.2
mckenziendme : @iamtashamck look up on google for 8.1.2 jailbreak and download taig
iamtashamck : From my computer right
mckenziendme : @iamtashamck yea
baby_taytay202 : What theme is this
mckenziendme : @baby_taytay202 it's called vanilla twilight
baby_taytay202 : Thank u
ill_jxb - domi325_mycutescreens - swissboybenziler - __madisonnnnn__ -
#Newtweak called #reachweather it adds weather location in the spot that's blank when reach ability is activated #jailbreak #jailbreakgoodies #CYDIAtweak #iphone6 #iPhone #IOSDEVICE #ios8jailbreak #f4f #20likes #50likes #instagood #instaphoto #instadailey #instafamous #instafollow #instagramers #muchlove #thanks4follows #ifollowback #followme2014
newtweak - ifollowback - jailbreak - muchlove - instaphoto - instadailey - thanks4follows - followme2014 - 50likes - iosdevice - reachweather - cydiatweak - iphone6 - instafollow - instagramers - 20likes - instagood - jailbreakgoodies - iphone - f4f - instafamous - ios8jailbreak -
kmplng : Nice!
hudson_xoxo69 : Great!
pineapple725 - alenapsun - 3way_boi - ezekiel2019charlie -
New Small theme!!! Freebie Pastel&colorful. Has 2 keyboard skins, 30+ icons, 7 wallpapers, 1 cute badge and battery πŸ’œ. #jailbreak#jailbreakgoodies#cute#theme#ios
cute - theme - jailbreakgoodies - jailbreak - ios -
zhaphyre : It's not on your blog
y0ungkanye : is it working on ios8 ?
jb_goodies : I don't know hun, It's fully compatible with iOS 7, maybe you can try, I could help you to rename icons that won't work @y0ungkanye
y0ungkanye : @jb_goodies i tried. It works πŸ’•
mm.richh : Thankk Youuu !
deeruniverse : Super!
kiahloujb - aurie_jenee - zok0la - illest_jailbreak -
Pastel&colorful theme 🌈, just include: icons,wallpapers, badge and battery, I'll try to add more things for tomorrow #jailbreakgoodies #jailbreak#theme#winterboard#ios
ios - theme - jailbreakgoodies - jailbreak - winterboard -
kawaiifonts : Cute 😍😍😍
mss.midnight : Too cute 😍 can u share?
jb_goodies : @mss.midnight It's free in My blog hun!
_nirvannaz.mama : very cute! @jb_goodies
mss.midnight : @jb_goodies okay thz q hun πŸ˜šπŸ˜—
jailbreakqueenxo - pinkaddict26 - cchloe.xo - jailbreakgalxo -
It's Monday again!! 😊 today's screen. Icons from mommylhey"s theme. Wall by me 😘 Widget from iheartprettypixels blog. #jailbreak #jailbreakthemes #jailbreakgoodies #ios7 #iphoneaddict #iphone5s #iluhv #iphonethemes #mommylhey
jailbreakthemes - jailbreak - iphoneaddict - iphonethemes - jailbreakgoodies - iluhv - mommylhey - ios7 - iphone5s -
krazzi_beautiful : @iluhv i love the wall!
makbeezy_ : I love that clip art, nice job on pairing it up with your wall😁
krazzi_beautiful : Can u share love? @iluhv p
iphone_themer89 : Love ur themes
iphone_themer89 : U theme iPhone
jailbreakprincessxo : That wallpaper 😍 I want one lol
___claudiia___ : Love your wall πŸ‘Œ
teasecake : Love this wall
domi325_mycutescreens - teasecake - i_love_my_iphone6 - illest_jailbreak -
jailbreakgoodies - jailbreak -
our.heartbeats : What theme are you using? Maybe it didn't come with it?
jb_goodies : It's from ifansland.com, yes it came with dialer @our.heartbeats
samsjbaccount : You have a 4s, different file names
jb_goodies : :0 really? How can I know the correct file names? @samsjbaccount
samsjbaccount : I can send them to you, email?
imablackhat : @jb_goodies font name ?
jb_goodies : @samsjbaccount yossy317@hotmail.com thank you so much! πŸ™πŸ˜Š
jb_goodies : @imablackhat BB gummy love from @baked.blush
alyy_ciaa - omq.cute - ms_pit.a.pat -
Working on this theme, pastel colors, fresh icons. I'm working in this because i can't port fonts πŸ˜₯ #jailbreak#jailbreakgoodies
jailbreakgoodies - jailbreak -
sammileeeeee : what photo editing software do u use? (:
kvng.zz : @sammileeeeee I believe Adobe Photoshop
jb_goodies : Adobe Ideas hun @sammileeeeee
sammileeeeee : thanks hun hehe :) @jb_goodies
_marialoveeee - our.heartbeats - omgjaiilbreak - mzjoce_03 -
Today's screen 😍 #jailbreak#jailbreakgoodies#themes
themes - jailbreakgoodies - jailbreak -
oohthatszooe : Make A YouTube Channel And Make Alot Of Tutorials Of The Tweaks
oohthatszooe : @jb_goodies
ill_jxb - alyy_ciaa - our.heartbeats - deli_annette -
#coast2coastcydiatweaks #iPhone #iphonenews #iphonethemes #iphonetweaks #iphoneartists #follow #f4f #follow4follow #followme #20likes #50likes #Lovecydia #lovethemes #jailbreakgoodies #jailbreak #ios8jailbreak #iosjailbreak #ios8device #IOSDEVICE #ios8 #pangu #Taig
pangu - iosjailbreak - iphonetweaks - lovecydia - jailbreak - 20likes - ios8 - jailbreakgoodies - follow4follow - follow - 50likes - lovethemes - ios8device - iosdevice - iphonenews - iphoneartists - coast2coastcydiatweaks - iphonethemes - iphone - f4f - taig - ios8jailbreak - followme -
valemadrigaal - ceci0330 - lilray2011 - nx.ck -
I think I'm keeping this setup for a while...well hopefully #jailbreak #jailbreakthemes #jailbreakgoodies #realjailbreak #jailbreakios8 #jailbrokeniphone #cydia #taylormadethemesxo #tiffanydujoie
jailbrokeniphone - jailbreakthemes - tiffanydujoie - jailbreak - jailbreakgoodies - taylormadethemesxo - jailbreakios8 - cydia - realjailbreak -
n0.name_ : Do you know how to make icons??
ladypelangi : Love this icon😻😻😻
kay_karess : Hey hun, what tweak did you use to get your icons lIke that? please share.
_marialoveeee : @kay_karess to make the icons I used iconmaker and to place them like that I used homescreendesigner
kay_karess : Is it from Cydia iconmaker?
kay_karess : Do I apply through Winterboard
_marialoveeee : @kay_karess yes it is from cydia and for homescreendesigner it has its own app
jailbreakqueenxo - abe_dmgz14 - xellahx - rougeamour_ -
Today's screen. Theme by @brittsjailbreak24 (can someone tell me why my signal's color's arent showing?)
jailbreakthemes - ios8jailbreak - jailbreak - jailbreakgoodies -
princess_khloee : My signals colors aren't showing either! 😩
aaliyah_jailbreaks : @princess_khloee I downloaded the tweaks she said to but when i changed the colors they went back to white 😣
princess_khloee : Yeah, I have those tweaks installed & they still show up white. 😭
hers4eva_ : If u Kik me @aaliyah_jailbreaks n @princess_khloee I can give yall my settings so they can show color my Kik in my bio
aaliyah_jailbreaks : I'll kik you now @hers4eva_
jessicafandino : @aaliyah_jailbreaks hey 😊 just wondering if u would be able to tell me how u got ur status icons to show? I have both tweaks but they're still not showing πŸ˜”
aaliyah_jailbreaks : I never got mine to work either, I ended up deleting them. and getting protean, the notifiers will just be white @jessicafandino
jessicafandino : Ohhhh okay thanks
microant_ch - cmamom76 - our.heartbeats - cydia.tweaks_ -
Before and After #ios8 #ios8jailbreak #jailbreak #jailbreakgoodies #jailbreakjunkie
ios8 - jailbreakjunkie - ios8jailbreak - jailbreak - jailbreakgoodies -
dezzyaxo : How did you fix it . Please help !
mckenziendme : @dezzyaxo I used ifile to rename the icons in bundles and copied the image of the file and pasted it to "IconBundles" ex. com.apple.Maps will be changed to com.apple.Maps@2x.png
dezzyaxo : So do I need to download icon bundles?
dezzyaxo : Do you have a KIK . So I won't e under your picture
mckenziendme : @dezzyaxo yes I do it's in my bio Hun
hers4eva_ - kyana84 - mz_hersheyboo29 - iprettied -
Today's screen. Icons\theme from tiffanydujoie. Wall and badges by me 😘😊. Have a great weekend! #jailbreak #jailbreakthemes #jailbreakgoodies #ios7 #iluhv #iphone5s #iphonethemes #iphoneaddict #squidward #spongebob
spongebob - jailbreakthemes - jailbreak - iphoneaddict - iphonethemes - jailbreakgoodies - iluhv - squidward - ios7 - iphone5s -
makbeezy_ : Love this one!πŸ˜‚
teasecake : Haha very cute
jb_goodies : What tweak are you using for the mirrored Dock?
badgal_layla91 : @iluhv do u know what website i could go to to get an untethered jailbreak for iphone 6 ios 8.1.2 for mac
iluhv : @jb_goodies I use classic dock in cydia
iluhv : @badgal_layla91 hi. It's a pangu jailbreak I think but I'm not sure of the official website. In still jb on ios7
iluhv : @makbeezy_ @teasecake thanks!! :)
badgal_layla91 : I tried but they only have a download for windows only not mac
theappleleaf - keykishakey - nikkibsdesignz - aaamillion -
Simple screen. Same wallpaper as last time though. #jailbreak #jailbreakios8 #jailbreakthemes #jailbreakgoodies #jailbrokeniphone #cydia #tweaks #iheartprettypixels
jailbrokeniphone - jailbreakthemes - jailbreak - tweaks - iheartprettypixels - jailbreakgoodies - jailbreakios8 - cydia -
tiffy83 : LOL. That was my next question b
_marialoveeee : @normahollenbeck @tiffy83 rohmer 2
normahollenbeck : Thank you :)
inddianaa : Can i ask u how did u get the widget??
_marialoveeee : @inddianaa I can't remember where I got it from but I edited it
inddianaa : Could u send it to me? & what tweak u use to use it?
inddianaa : Please
_marialoveeee : @inddianaa kik me Mariaa.loveee and I use iwidget for it
jailbreakqueenxo - girlyiphone - callmeevelia - think_ezzy -
I need help with My statusbar, i'm using colorbar and xstatusbar. Please help PS: those icons in white are signals (i applied using winterboard) #jailbreak#jailbreakgoodies
jailbreakgoodies - jailbreak -
_marialoveeee : Colorbar do white and clear and statusbar do white clear white
_marialoveeee : If it doesn't work try black (:
our.heartbeats : With ig and some apps the signals with only be white sadly 😞
cadariusmommy_ : Do you need the settings for it?
jb_goodies : Thank you@itsmaria.love Yes! I tried with black and white and still the same :( i really hate that @our.heartbeats
_marialoveeee : Mine was doing the same earlier and I had appdye installed so once I removed that it worked 😬
jb_goodies : I don't use appdye, I use tinct, and I don't know WTF I did but now everything is working πŸ˜‚ @itsmaria.love
_marialoveeee : @jb_goodies omg πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
rossjbgoodies - oohthatszooe -
🌈Tutorial for making this rainbow widget is in my blog! Check it 🌈 with extras for complete customize 🌈 link in bio. #jailbreak#jailbreakgoodies#ios#iphone#cydia
ios - jailbreakgoodies - jailbreak - iphone - cydia -
jb_goodies : Sorry for not making a video, I didn't have enough time! Feel free to ask anything 😊
illest_jailbreak : I don't see this on your blog.
jb_goodies : Yes, It's there, check again please @illest_jailbreak
princessaa24 - mzjoce_03 - ms_pit.a.pat - foufah -
So i should make a video or tutorial in My blog (with pictures)?? #jailbreak#jailbreakgoodies#ios#iphone#cydia
ios - jailbreakgoodies - jailbreak - iphone - cydia -
calayfornia : πŸ‘‹ video please
be.the.unicorns : Yes 😘
jailbreakoverdose.xo : Yesss
jb_goodies : Ok ladies, later i'll post the video
c_lopz13 - carsntech - mzjoce_03 - jailbreakoverdose.xo -
Well half the icons done πŸ˜‚ to much renaming bruh !!! #jailbreak #jailbreakthemes #jailbreakgoodies #cydia #cydiatweaks
jailbreakthemes - cydiatweaks - jailbreakgoodies - jailbreak - cydia -
ill_jxb : @tffnynicole if only they were actually mine haha thought id try line deco & bundling those first 😊 thanks tho πŸ’•
jailbreakthemesxo : How did you save the icons from line deco?
ill_jxb : @jailbreakthemesxo when you save then to the homescreendesign they come up in iFile in Webclips & I just got them from there and transferred to my laptop 😊 I may have done it the hard way but was only way I knew haha
jailbreakthemesxo : Lol oh okay. I can't seem to get them saved. Thanks love
ill_jxb : @jailbreakthemesxo did you save them to the homescreen ? Gotta do them singly
jailbreakthemesxo : So I would have to make them into the icons first?
ill_jxb : @jailbreakthemesxo yeah and then find them in Webclips what's your email ? I'll send you something that says how to do it on the phone , to bundle them withouth doing it on compute
ill_jxb : Computer
jailbreakgoddess - jailbreaknewbee - lady_estilo - yari795 -
So thought id give line deco icons a try to bundle them & shit & omfg I think I'm doing it the hard way πŸ˜‚ oh well . My safari is off gotta resize again but biteSMS is good to go 😁 this is taking ages thooo 😩 only because I'm doing them one by one & checking if they look good as I go πŸ˜‚ #jailbreak #jailbreakthemes #jailbreakgoodies #linedeco
jailbreakthemes - jailbreakgoodies - jailbreak - linedeco -
abriellaaaa__ - _dslimmm - yari795 - aaamillion -
So, i tried to make some alkalines but That's not for me lol πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚ BUT i make these diamond batteries to apply with winterboard, both options are in my blog!! πŸ’Ž link in bio πŸ’Ž #jailbreak#jailbreakgoodies#ios#iphone#theme
ios - theme - jailbreakgoodies - jailbreak - iphone -
ill_jxb : Loveeeeeeee 😍😍😍😍
ill_jxb - ana_jx - ms_pit.a.pat - filedir -
Before nd after #ios8 #ios8jailbreak #8.1.2 #jailbreak #jailbreakjunkie #jailbreakgoodies
ios8 - jailbreakjunkie - jailbreakgoodies - 8 - ios8jailbreak - jailbreak -
kay_karess : Hey hun I never received It 2weeks ago Lol I know I'm late
mckenziendme : @kay_karess ok what was I supposed to be sending u lol I'm sorry
mm.richh : Theme From Who PLease ?
van.ee - our.heartbeats - teasecake - kay_karess -
Before nd After #ios8 #ios8jailbreak #8.1.2 #jailbreak #jailbreakjunkie #jailbreakgoodies
ios8 - jailbreakjunkie - jailbreakgoodies - 8 - ios8jailbreak - jailbreak -
mckenziendme : @gully_empress sure
mckenziendme : What do u need help with @gully_empress
moody.virgo : @mckenziendme how do you change all the icons into the theme?
mckenziendme : @trillassvirgo I manually changed mines
mckenziendme : All I did was made a folder in the theme named IconBundles
moody.virgo : can you kik me & help me if you don't mind? it's ignorethehype_ @mckenziendme
beautiful.t : Where can I get these icons @mckenziendme
mckenziendme : @beautiful.t I don't remember sorry
kyana84 - thekobebryant09 - teasecake - kay_karess -
I really love ChristmasπŸŽ…πŸŽ„β„οΈβ›„οΈ so... Theme is Bora Christmas from @prettylittlethemes 's blog (FREEBIE, THANKS!!😍🎁) Wallpaper is also from the theme widget is McFly Countdown from @prettynpinkithemes 's dropbox (link in her blog) And font is mine: Lovely Julius (in my blog) #jailbreak#jailbreakgoodies#christmas#theme#ios#iphone PS: I resized the wallpaper for iPhone 4/4s, the original is for iphone5 i think. If you like, kik me to get it.
theme - jailbreakgoodies - iphone - ios - jailbreak - christmas -
prettynpinkithemes : Hey this widget is by @ibabyberrygirl ☺️
jb_goodies : Okey hun, I just get it on your blog i think was yours. Sorry πŸ™ˆπŸ™Š @prettynpinkithemes
prettynpinkithemes : Lol it's fine ☺️
_nirvannaz.mama : Where did you find the Zeppelin? @jb_goodies
jb_goodies : @_nirvannaz.mama is not a zeppelin hun, is the christmas tree emoji (looks like that because i'm using "Emoji Twitter theme" from Cydia. So i just change the carrier name whit an emoji using springtomize (also you can use zeppelin tweak).
_nirvannaz.mama : Oh okay lol thank you @jb_goodies
beauty2u2013 : So cute & Christmassy #loveitβ€οΈπŸŽπŸŽ…β„οΈβ›„οΈπŸŽ„πŸ’š
luxboxcase - easy_buy_net - aaamillion - mylands_game -
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