I come out here everyday on my lunch break and stare at the Sky talking to God asking him to heal Jahi and to give my sister strength. Hope & faith is the only thing that keeps me smiling and keeps me going. Jahi is still alive & fighting. Please continue to pray for her and my family. #PrayForJahi #JahiWillRise #TeamJahi #Jahi #JahiMcMath
prayforjahi - jahiwillrise - jahi - jahimcmath - teamjahi -
khiyen_mommy : I will continue to pray for her and your family stay strong and stay blessed @iamomari
kasey1love : Strength.
chrisgem521 : My family and I will continue to pray for Jahi and family.πŸ’œπŸ™
ashleybrookewaller : Can I get an update on her?
kasey1love : I am the one who ran into you an hour ago at the buritto shop. I don't believe it was by happenstance. Was going through my own emotional battle today and running into you reminded me to stay STRONG, that someone else's struggles may be far greater than my own and too never give up. You have been an inspiration beyond your knowledge I'm sure. Thank you @iamomari and continued blessings too Jahi & your entire family. Much love β™‘
iamomari : @kasey1love Thank you for your continued prayers. I feel honored to have been an inspiration to you. Just always remember that God walks with you in the best times, and carries you in the worst times. But he is always with you.
alinafaaola : Praying for her still!!!
revillis2014 : Praying for Jahi! She will rise!
radiant_faith124 - rude_ho - noremac_916 - revillis2014 -
#jahimcmath family you're not alone. #prayforjahi
prayforjahi - jahimcmath -
mainebec - revillis2014 - jaquee.smith -
#prayersforjahi #prayforjahi #teamjahi #risejahi #jahimcmath #prayers #godisgood
godisgood - prayersforjahi - teamjahi - prayforjahi - jahimcmath - prayers - risejahi -
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For #jahimcmath and her #family #prayforjahi #teamjahi #prayers #support πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
teamjahi - family - prayers - prayforjahi - support - jahimcmath -
rhapsody1913 - jahy_koe500 - lorettaarnnette -
#Teamjahi #jahimcmath #prayersforjahi #prayers
prayersforjahi - jahimcmath - prayers - teamjahi -
#jahimcmath #teamjahi #prayforjahi #risejahi #prayers #god πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
teamjahi - prayers - prayforjahi - god - jahimcmath - risejahi -
asbarros74 - _simply_lashae - l8w8 - king.shxlly -
#teamjahi #jahimcmath #prayforjahi #jahi and her #mum πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
prayforjahi - teamjahi - jahimcmath - mum - jahi -
gabbinator - lexdowdell_ - king.shxlly - trt31314 -
#loving #caring #family but missing one person #jahimcmath #teamjahi #prayforjahi ...... Wake up sweetheart your family is missing you πŸ’œπŸ’œ
caring - teamjahi - family - prayforjahi - jahimcmath - loving -
monstalilsis__ - dcg7ngcl7pblk - rhapsody1913 - king.shxlly -
#prayersforjahi #teamjahi #jahimcmath
prayersforjahi - jahimcmath - teamjahi -
jaquee.smith -
#teamjahi #prsyforjahi #jahimcmath πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
teamjahi - prsyforjahi - jahimcmath -
#morning #prayers for #jahimcmath #teamjahi #prayforjahi ....... Listen to the lord jahi and open your eyes. Your mum has been waiting along time for you to wake up. Come one sweetie πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
prayforjahi - teamjahi - jahimcmath - prayers - morning -
monicamarie1999 -
God bless #jahimcmath as night sets in and keep her safe #teamjahi #prayforjahi
prayforjahi - teamjahi - jahimcmath -
I love πŸ’– this photo #jahimcmath #prayforjahi #teamjahi #prayersforjahi
prayforjahi - teamjahi - jahimcmath - prayersforjahi -
deliciac - terri523 - trt31314 -
#prayforjahi #teamjahi #jahimcmath #god #prayers god is good prayers will be answered πŸ’œ
prayforjahi - teamjahi - jahimcmath - prayers - god -
treasureher26 -
So fascinated with the word RISE! To move from a lower position to a higher one; come or go up. #Rise #TalithaKoum
talithakoum - rise - jahimcmath -
shahtiaesq : #jahimcmath
stephaniwitno_e - grannybell - ressiecup22 - mz2determined -
Amen #JahiMcMath
jahimcmath -
brandididit : #loveher
mz.bourgeois - danyacorey - bleez_rseg - trilltitan -
Remember when this Oakland hospital tried to force this family to pull the plug on #JahiMcMath after they almost killed her during a tonsil surgery? Remember they said she was already DEAD?!? Remember when I say there is nothing you could ever have that is greater than God and a praying mother!!!!!!! #ButGod
jahimcmath - butgod -
misspigletcooks : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
nikcllc : Who they requested tests from?
tammyyahh : @nikcllc the hospital. They did before and the ppl they requested still sided with the hospital. They just requested the same test be ran by the New Jersey hospital since Jahi brain isn't swollen & she's moved
nikcllc : They full of shit. If they believe in God for her healing unplug her. God is God all by himself he don't need no help. He can't breathe life back into her if that's his will.
tammyyahh : @nikcllc I believe in God but I don't know that they said that's their reason (God)
tammyyahh : @nikcllc they mighta just said no they won't do it lol
nikcllc : They did. That's her whole platform she said "her faith in god" is keeping Hahi alive....I ain't got half ass faith. Either u gon trust god or u ain't.
stillivng : This is a touching situation, jahi and her family still receive threats even from black people # sad people # GOD'S a healer
jamarakeller - misspigletcooks - brownsuga_94 - salutemeimkissy -
illestartist - jahi - jahimcmath - prayerworks -
muffy_porter : You did a wonderful job. You're truly a blessing. Her mom @marvsmisses loved it.
lele0916 : Good stuff!
ryanrobin_ : Brad u are soo talented god blessed you with such an anazing talent and ur doing so good with it !!! @illestartist
shayshaylovinme : Awesome my friend !! @illestartist
5hanel0404 : Beautiful
muffy_porter : @marvsmisses
illestartist : @marvsmisses This message just touched my heart even more! Im glad I could use my gift to give a gift. My prayers are still with Jahi and you all!
muffy_porter : I'm so proud. You 2 mean a lot to me. Very sweet and geniune ppl. I'm truly glad I got the chance...@marvsmisses and @illestartist
gregnixonjr - justbeing_angie - gemuneye - my5_4life -
πŸƒπŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’™ Missing my lil cousin more and more each day. So ready for you to wake up. Everyone misses you! I love you and I can't wait for you to rise! πŸ™ŒπŸŒ„ from your big cousin ! πŸ™‹ I'm holding back so many tears #Fighting4Jahi #PrayersForMycousinJahi #Love&Prayers&Family #JahiMcMath #EssenceMagazine pg.80
love - jahimcmath - essencemagazine - prayersformycousinjahi - fighting4jahi -
jenjoed : Hope she is restored back to full health, Rachel! I couldn't imagine if that was my younger cousin.
thatsrica - xoxaquarius - greek_bitchimamazing - kajanaenae -
Thirsty like woah #cantsleepwithoutit #bedtime #thirstynhot #sleepproblems #zzzzzz #mymommytable #iwasthirsty #stillam
duh - love - rivercity - mymommytable - cantsleepwithoutit - myrtlebeach - dasani - rivercitycafe - bedtime - thirstynhot - zzzzzz - stillam - sleepproblems - jahimcmath - iwasthirsty -
brandididit : #jahimcmath #love #dasani #duh
brandididit : #rivercitycafe #rivercity #myrtlebeach
My night table #books #homesweethome #bulletinboard #jahimcmath #love #mymommytable #treasurechest #lamp #itswhatido #hubbyrightnexttome #ilovehome #followme #ifollowback
highheels - piggybank - love - mymommytable - itswhatido - treasurechest - lamp - followme - hubbyrightnexttome - bulletinboard - books - ringholder - ifollowback - jahimcmath - sleeping - ilovehome - homesweethome -
brandididit : #highheels #piggybank #ringholder #sleeping
mz.bourgeois : Awwwwwww you're an angel
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WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Remember the story of Jahi McMath, a 13yr old 8th grade student who died after having tonsil surgery in December of 2013? Jahi was declared medically brain dead and was scheduled to be taken off of life support but her mom eventually moved her to an undisclosed facility to keep her on breathing machines and feeding tubes. Jahi is STILL on life support as her mom refuses to give up and believes her child is getting better with each day. Doctors say once a person is declared dead, even if on life support, the body slowly deteriorates. Now, the family is asking Jahi's old school to honor Jahi with an honorary diploma. Is this mom only making things harder for herself by not letting go? Those without kids may not be able to relate but if a person is declared brain dead what's the purpose of keeping them alive via a machine? Should Jahi's mom let go or keep holding on? #JahiMcMath #SipTheTea #SipTheTeaAsks
sipthetea - jahimcmath - siptheteaasks -
that_mrs : Take her of the machines, if God has intended for her to live..She will. Otherwise, she will go on to a bettertt world.
abandonedkid : Fight the good fight...
lionesslo : I wouldnt listen to doctors, or ppl who havent had to make that decision in their life..
mz_pinkstrawberry : I say KEEP FIGHTING!!!!! GOD WORKS if her mother don't feel like its her time to go, KEEP HOLDIN ON nd talkin to her doctors r wrong a lot of the time
gkmaadcity : You get the update that she's making signs of improvement.. 1 name GOD
appolonia_302 : As hard as it may be and as harsh as this may sound I think this mother should listen to the doctors. I am a mother of 3 and I completely understand why and how its hard to let go of anything pertaining to your child, but my sister went through a traumatic event on December 12 2013 she had a asthma attack and was in a coma and on a ventilator for 22 days her brain was only without oxygen for 4 minutes until she was revived and those 4 minutes changed my whole familys life. She had to learn to talk all over again and she still speaks with a slur. She still can't walk but shes trying, she is a mother herself and its a process for everything and everyone. It will be hard for these parents but I think its time to let this baby be at peace. Just my opinion
finay : #NeverGiveUp
adivaforthedon - princessnyla - c_stringer77 - _msprettie -
#WITW Translation - what in the world?! I'm not a swearer. But fa real y'all! What gives? Today is an in the bed day and I'm reading the July issue of #EssenceMagazine that I got in the mall today. I had never heard of this story and I don't know why. This little girl #JahiMcMath Jahi McMath got a tinsillectomy on 12/9/13 and has was declared brain dead two days later and has yet to wake up!! From a tonsillectomy!!! Witw! I'd death really supposed to be a possible side effect of having your tonsils removed? Come on now. -_- I'm so upset that I can't even finish reading the article. #icantdeal
icantdeal - jahimcmath - witw - essencemagazine -
kittyspeaks : It's messed up that I can't edit that gibberish. Autocorrect sucks butt big time!
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The day after we got Jahi out of Children's hospital. I miss her again already & I just saw her :-( #TBT #ThrowBackThursday #TeamJahi #JahiMcMath #PrayForJahi #PrayersForJahi
teamjahi - throwbackthursday - prayersforjahi - prayforjahi - jahimcmath - tbt -
hp825 : How is she doing @iamomari ?
nyclover925 : Yah how is she??
missalb321 : My prayers are with you all !
taasha3826 - tierrra_____ - mothatdude - hisfirstladywilloughby -
SEE MORE: at NewzzCafe.net #themosthigh #blessings #prayer #life #livelife #hope #newbornarrival #bestfriends #jahimcmath #jahi #savior #holyspirit
livelife - life - holyspirit - newbornarrival - themosthigh - jahi - bestfriends - blessings - savior - prayer - jahimcmath - hope -
koi_0822 : God is good!
racquelmesheher : Praise GOD
_misty_purple : Awesome
homelessinlosangeles : Hi!
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Pre Photos during cocktail hour. Its so nice to be around so many positive people. Proud to be a recipient of the 2014 Life & Hope Award. #TeamJahi #JahiMcMath #PrayersForJahi #PrayForJahi
prayforjahi - teamjahi - jahimcmath - prayersforjahi -
drfil - missalb321 - lisadesantaana - lovelydelite -
I honestly don't know what to say. I can't even say its bitter sweet because at the end of the day what was the most sweetest most innocent thing to me was hurt badly and is still battling. Im very grateful for the honor I just wish it was because of a different reason.
prayforjahi - prayersforjahi - jahimcmath - jahi - teamjahi -
postmydeals : I agree!! So well put!!
purple_moon_ : God is with you guys. Praying for you
anissamarielopez : @marvsmisses Your love for Jahi spread across the world! Your story touched millions! Congratulations!
putput44 : I'm so proud! God is good.What the devil means for bad, God means for good! I believe with all my heart Jahi will be back with us shortly. unwavering faith is what we have as a family and will always have!! To God be the Glory!
purple_moon_ : @marvsmisses Congratulations! You're an excellent mother & I have been praying for you all. God bless you & your beautiful family.
iamomari : #PrayersForJahi #PrayForJahi #TeamJahi #JahiMcMath #Jahi
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#jahimcmath #prayersforjahimcmath #prayerchangesthings I keep Jahi Mcmath in my prayers everyday
prayerchangesthings - jahimcmath - prayersforjahimcmath -
chrisgem521 : #prayforjahiπŸ™
brooke23013 - chrisgem521 - free.spirit.wild.heartt -
Hustle Mom 14 - Nailah Winkfield is the mother of Jahi McMath, a 13-year-old girl who was declared brain dead at Children's Hospital in Oakland, Calif., on Dec. 12, 2013, three days after she underwent a routine tonsillectomy. Winfield has led her family in a fight to keep Jahi on life support even though doctors testified that she was technically dead. Children's Hospital would not treat Jahi and tried to remove her from a ventilator before her family moved her to an undisclosed care facility on Jan. 6. In an open letter posted to her daughter's Facebook support page last week, Nailah Wakefield wrote, "I can tell you that she is much better physically since she has left Children's Hospital and I see changes that give me hope." While I am not completely in agreement, I'm not in her position and I probably wouldn't want to let go of my child either. Having experienced the loss of my own daughter, I know the emptiness that she must feel. So I say, keep fighting for your baby. #blackhistory #livinghistory #hustlemom #hustlemomchronicles #blackmothers #passion #family #jahimcmath
blackhistory - family - blackmothers - livinghistory - hustlemom - passion - hustlemomchronicles - jahimcmath -
jusjilly : Such a sad story and I'm certain a crushing loss. Their family will stay on my prayer list!
imtaishamonique - hokies77 - jusjilly - beautiful_sol -
No matter how many people are against you, continue to fight for what you believe in. Don't lose sleep over the opinions of sheep. #PrayForJahi #PrayersForJahi #TeamJahi #JahiMcMath #Jahi
prayforjahi - prayersforjahi - jahimcmath - jahi - teamjahi -
tatikahli : Any updates? Is this precious baby getting better? I'm still praying for her and the family
msalexbaby : Well said!
acherilus : How is Jahi doing???
purple_moon_ : Can you please give us an update?
velma815 : God is with you guys!! He never fails us!! #teamjahi
_phresh_kidd : @iamomari stay strong Jahi got this we all praying for you
naebaddass_ : Still praying for this family! I see God all in jahi situation don't give up don't wait til the battle is over just shout now give God your praise && he will see you through πŸ˜‰πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™prayers up prayers said. God bless you && your family handsome
tkayjefferson : We are praying for you and your family @iamomari on The Good Life Gospel Show on WPBradio.com this morning. Be encouraged! God is able!
ox.shantelle - rogervillalta - lovelydelite - stoned_hippy_ -
The story of #jahimcmath touches my heart. The courage of #jahis mom/family is inspiring. Whether you agree or not #there faith to believe God until the end has reached the world. Sending warm thoughts & prayers. πŸ™β€οΈβœŒοΈ
jahimcmath - there - jahis -
moringaworkout : @iamomari
hatingisawasteoftime - reb0318 - vii.xxviii.mmxiv -
#LordHaveMercy Please #PrayForJahi #GodBless So Sad
lifesupport - hollaback - godbless - prayforjahi - peaceloveandblessings - jahimcmath - lordhavemercy - braindead -
shjdav : Hit me up when you get a sec bruh @143_r3tro
143_r3tro : Email'D Ya Preme @shjdav #Hollaback @ang_ela_1214 13yr Old #JahiMcMath was DECLARED #BrainDead but her Family has insisted on keepin Her on #LifeSupport
143_r3tro : Dr's Pronounced 12/12/13 that #JahiMcMath iz #BrainDead Let's ALL send Prayers and ask God for Clarity for her Family
shjdav : @143_r3tro shjdav23@gmail?
143_r3tro : Imma Hit U @shjdav R3trotg3@gmail
kimberly_realtor1 : Prayers!!
tara.parrish : Omfg really people like u make me sick o bet my whole life of that was ur daughter u would do the samething she is alive and seriously mind ur own god damn business @tattooed_human
143_r3tro : #PeaceLoveAndBlessings @tattooed_human
iamlond0n - badboyriri_25 - 7adyinred - seancarlis -
Many people are scared to discuss death... However- as a nurse- all of us healthcare providers have seen death every day we work- when the brain is gone- the life is gone... Hearing about this tragic case of #jahiMcMath makes me sick.. Someone has given this family false hopes that their daughter has some chance of recovery.. But what is your definition of life? Is it just the presence of a body you can touch and feel? Or is the personality and voice and presence of the "person" you love? Think about it... And think about this as you go about your day... Because You never know what will happen to you, or your loved ones... Death does not discriminate... Discuss these things with those you love... Because we see so often people living off machines and is that really living after all? I think not. Awareness. Make it known.
jahimcmath -
birdloveyou12 : Annabelle-88 u and everyone else need to take the time and educate ur self on the bible and were u and anyone of u all at the hospital when we all saw this beautiful miracle that I received no so don't say what didn't happen I got my baby back from listening to the doctor's say my daughter had died from brain death now my daughter is living and now I don't listen to the doctors they don't have the last say try the power of prayers it works and read the bible be blessed and be a blessing .
michellebsrn : @katieduker very humbling. Thank u hugs
abigaelnonightingale : I had dicussions with friends over this subject - most of their response was "WELL THAT'S easy for you to say , cause you deal with it daily"
thekatieduke : @abigaelnonightingale this is why we must talk about it with our non healthcare folks!! Increase awareness
abigaelnonightingale : Yes and no- it's not ...but my view on life is , WOULD THIS PERSON BE HAPPY?? WOULD I BE HAPPY ? IS this how i want to be remembered ? While im lying there dead (whichever way...) do i want my family to be argueing over what should be done. NO NO NO NO absoltey NO ! My mom (an amazing nurse) had this very convo with my siblings and i through out our lives..... We know exactly what her wishes are and we know what our wishes are.
__kayystyles : The sad thing here is you listen to the doctors ... God is GOD ! The doctors have nothing to do with anything God is a miracle worker and healer. You don't know God apparently because you would know that God has the last say in everything not the doctors. God is the same today yesterday and forever more if he raised the dead back then then he will do it right now stand back and watch GOD WORK ! if it is in his will she will rise!
luvinmyjace : @tattooed_beast I believe n heaven and hell and have never wished anyone go to hell but know there is a place for people like u. GOD forbid that ur ever faced with a problem such as the ones this family is going thru and then maybe u may understand...or maybe u wudnt because u seem like a worthless evil devil-like soulless animal. U r non-human and maybe one day this may happen to u and maybe the genius doctors will give u and ur family a wrong diagnosis and the plug is instantly pulled on u, not really knowing that u could've survived...besides u would still br a worthless piece of shit either way
mia_horwath : Oh my gosh this topic is old but I keep thinking about it.... Please no one fight with me as these are my thoughts and I have freedom of speech here. As it is a fact she is "brain dead" and can never recover from that she didn't get to that state on her own.... Somewhere the doctors messed up. I mean who else's fault would it be? Jahi's? Her parents? NO! The doctors screwed up somewhere and put her in this state. So sad that the doctors were trying to force her off the machines. While many people think that's no way to live it doesn't matter what you think, it shouldn't be anyone's choice but her parents on when they want to pull the plug. No one should ever be forced, it's their child! So sad that the hospital was referring Jahi as a "corpse" and "dead" yes "brain dead" but there is a fine line between "dead" and "brain dead" I'm pretty sure if your "dead" that means you actually have to be no longer moving, responding or your heart beating, Jahi was all of those. I'm thrilled the family found a place for Jahi to be kept and I hope they sue the medical team that cost Jahi her beautiful life. Ok sorry to mark up your photo and I'm fully aware this topic is old but I had to get his out.
jebrewer12 - dsayco01 - bnmeyer10 - kayedash -
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