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scienceresearch : @moshijuan @threetree @gladsheim PIE FIGHT!!!!!!!!
photoeng_archive : Yes sir!! 
manders05 : Your all a bit batty 
muenchner_kindl : I'm hungry ... but iWill survive 
iheckman : #NOpie!!!
jjohnson : #getfat
scienceresearch : #leaveabadlookingcorpse @jjohnson @iheckman @muenchner_kindl @manders05 @photoeng
muenchner_kindl : no exercising
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#diamonds #minipod1 #IGresearch #IGpod #IXIbreakfasts
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scarlett69 : WHAU  i wan't this -breakfast to!!  big hug & -kiSses to you 
instagoner : Diamond fry up best way to start the day 
scarlett69 : lol  #virtualigpodphotowalk 
scarlett69 : i have to stop once more on your pic.. the portal is open... jump in! all in all mind... magic is in the air! wahnsinn!!
scienceresearch : @hazeman @scarlett69 I always have a hearty diamonds fry-up before a #virtualigpodphotowalk  
scienceresearch : @bbarbosa1 we're not supposed to talk about anal on here
writerinflorida : Oh 
gladsheim : AHHperfectBREAKFAST
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#Smiley #ashtray for the #koinster weekend... While #EverybodyWasKungFuFighting at #TheFursAndBootsClub I was exhausted still from pretty gnarly #IXIkungFU that had been going on since my #WakeAndBake... Gosh darn it, #PunkLoveWars are Hell! I had everything I needed right there in the lab, to make money and make art and make #ShivaPuja, except: a) I had to go to the bank, and b) I had to buy #tobacco. Well the clock was ticking with regards both situations. Unfortunately for the bank however, in the end it turned out that the banks working day finished before my tobacco did, and so by the time that my #addiction had completed its cycle of keeping me indoors and driving me outdoors, I arrived at the bank to find nothing but locked doors (that will remain locked until after the #BankHoliday). #AhNuts. Oh well #NeverMind, the day's arduous #KungFuTraingSession had equipped me with the #AuraControlSkills to cope somehow with this potentially distressing in a #CompletelyUnDistressedStyle. Ha! A less #ChilledOut person than myself would have really let that kind of thing put a heavy on their day. Sitting here now in the #DiamondsBar of the Furs and Boots Club, and listening to my favourite #Diamonds tunes, I can paint a little picture in your mind. It's something about #Koinster_UK - part of a project by @koinster to map #drugs and alcohol use on the #SocialWeb this weekend. *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'*・゜゚・*:.(((o(*゚ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ *)o))).:*・゜゚・*'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*#smile to myself #gently: #TheresNoThingToWorryAbout: It's just another one of those #IXIstories, and like it says on the #ResearchPod, i'm just #LivingTheDream. (c) #CopyPlease #03__21_am #28_05_11 #TakeThatAndSmokeIt
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scienceresearch : (^_^)・*☆@lottie_7 @photoeng @gladsheim @scarlett69 @hazeman
lottie_7 : Tea ?  @moshijuan 
lottie_7 : I like fudge ALOT ! @moshijuan So soft and dreamy 
lottie_7 : You got it going on @moshijuan  more tea ? 
muenchner_kindl : 
scienceresearch : @muenchner_kindl (⌒▽⌒) thx for dropping by, just gave you a shout on incloco.tumblr x
muenchner_kindl : @scienceresearch  u r everywhere 
uxrockabilly : That reminds me of the Gerty smiley :-)
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