Chaz is very politically minded #blackcats #ivoted #ivotedearly #catsofinstagram #truelove #redwhite&blue
truelove - ivoted - ivotedearly - redwhite - catsofinstagram - blackcats -
siamese_mia - blackcatbandit - 0mgitsrachel - hotmamadukes -
Feels so good voting against a hate-spewing bigot #ivoted #vote #primaryelections #knox #staceycrapfield #obnoxious
ivoted - primaryelections - vote - knox - obnoxious - staceycrapfield -
realcharlottehutson : At first glance I thought this picture was "I voted" underpants...
realcharlottehutson : 👍👍
cbowen711 : @realcharlottehutson I reserve those pics for snap chat
sarahfchilds - codilind21 - wednesdaynichole - erinrichmond1 -
#ivoted #selfie
ivoted - selfie -
alisha_nicolek - smalone06 - caylinmay - emmalee_morris -
#ivoted #selfie #memphis please go and vote during this election
ivoted - selfie - memphis -
treshinab - ddh_88 - djartifacts - brooklyncarter4 -
#tbt to the 2012 elections - Sophie's first time voting, Mara's second (she came with me to see #democracy at work). #ivoted #civicduty #democraticprocess
democraticprocess - ivoted - tbt - democracy - civicduty -
gobluerach - gabijaq - maradownes - joshamann -
ivoted -
connistock : Where?
umstedp : Mt Bethel
mrswaskew - lucidshedreams - memynatt - jaketn92 -
#tbt Vote Tracy SGA V.P. pin found in old boxes from my parents move! #ivoted @tracylyndean
ivoted - tbt -
tracylyndean : I have no memory of that. 😳
rebekah__jayne : To be honest... Me either! Isn't that what memory boxes are for?!😐
rebekah__jayne : @tracylyndean
carymurphy : No way that's the right Tracy. 😂@tracylyndean
tracylyndean : Hush, sister. @carymurphy
rebekah__jayne : I can't think of another Tracy that I would have campaigned for, much less kept the pin for 15 years! I'm gonna go with, it's the right Tracy! ☝️ @carymurphy @tracylyndean
carymurphy : 🇺🇸4 more years! 4 more years!🇺🇸
kdguice - tracylyndean - brooke83 - erinelizabeth38 -
yes i love him💘 and yes i downloaded his song on my phone😍 even though he won't see it congrats on making the finals tonight💜👏😘😍❤️👍👌 #ivoted @migueldakota
ivoted -
mya.jaskolka : @migueldakota @migueldakota @migueldakota @migueldakota @migueldakota
emr_hairstyles : @migueldakota @migueldakota @migueldakota
love_infinityox : @migueldakota
ellabella127 : @migueldakota
renata_palumbo : @migueldakota @migueldakota @migueldakota
alexis.cannon : @migueldakota and he played on Americas got talent I love him to he's a wonderful singer @mya.jaskolka
mya.jaskolka : @alexis.cannon ik I love him more than anything 😍😩💘
alexis.cannon : Right lol we have to hang @mya.jaskolka 💗💙
taryngutleber - livi.xoxoxo - avaloren8803 - lil_dimatteo -
Vote now at the top of the website! Fast and easy to do. #bestdj #EMSentertsinment #ph17dj #bestinsouthjersey #ivoted
ivoted - bestdj - emsentertainment - bestinsouthjersey - ph17dj - emsentertsinment -
6hawk2013 : #EMSentertainment
christinepusateri -
@spyonvegas @wetrepublic #spyonhot100 #cayaukkas #YouHaveMyVote #IVoted #IvotedAgain #beach #Sand #Ocean #niceView #PleaseVote #brunettebeauty #BikiniPerfect #Bikini 👙 #StrikeAPose #AtTheBeach #NiceTan #Legs #LegsForMiles #Gorgeous #Beauty #thatLook #ThatSmile #Instalike
ivoted - beauty - atthebeach - thatsmile - instalike - niceview - legsformiles - thatlook - spyonhot100 - brunettebeauty - pleasevote - repost - nicetan - wcw - youhavemyvote - strikeapose - sand - ivotedagain - ocean - bikini - gorgeous - cayaukkas - legs - beach - bikiniperfect -
enterlionsden : My #WCW is @cayahefner 👍😃👙👌💋
enterlionsden : #repost please
cayahefner : @enterlionsden aww this meant a lot to me! Thank you very much love
enterlionsden : You're so welcome beautiful @cayahefner ! 👍❤
tonsoffun021 - michaelzuniga88 - weightlossathon - cayahefner -
it's a beautiful day to vote! ✔️ exercise your right and hit the polls! (after forming an educated decision, that is..😊) #ivoted
ivoted -
carlya18 - luke_davis17 - zrussell01 - rhinohudson -
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hannn_1993 - stephm_worldtraveller - cry7777 - amccain96 -
Do this! #ivoted #voteyestwice
ivoted - voteyestwice -
victoria_nelson73 - katiemhenrickson - summerscan - drippsfamily -
@tashapagelockhart DONE! #IVOTED
ivoted -
braceface_sam - msprettyc -
#IVoted #Hawaii #TeamHanabusa
ivoted - hawaii - teamhanabusa -
keylinda - maglibaiv - peterbboylan - carinsavel -
#ivoted #davidandleeman #alemanysweg
alemanysweg - ivoted - davidandleeman -
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BOO! #liciaslastday is upon us 😂👎👎😫❌🍷❌
liciaslastday - ivoted -
davisrachelj : Do you have a work badge clipped on LURD? #nerdalert
tealearia : @omgamb lolz neverrrr, I 💗 Henri's
tealearia : @davisrachelj LURD it was my lunch break. #ivoted
mmmyajes : 💙💕
shheeshaa : Awww!! 💜😘
lillian_brown : @davisrachelj my thoughts exactly. All she needs is a lanyard
juicerob : #memories @dees_grams @aguadepescado
davisrachelj : @lillian_brown she needs to wrap it up. #noexcuses
bravedave11 - aguadepescado - j4ckl - nichojohan -
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cmsmith714 -
Civic duty, complete. Bad news, tyrants, #ivoted #sorryLamar #sorryjudges #sorrynotsorry #beatlamar #rockthevote #elections
ivoted - beatlamar - sorryjudges - sorrylamar - sorrynotsorry - elections - rockthevote -
biodrama : #samehere
c_mozie : Joe Carr?
barrydonegan : @c_mozie I went the Joe Carr route.
c_mozie : @barrydonegan me too :)
priscilla2186 - artbychigger - mrlotfi - youknowjulie -
Alot of people like to bash my dude saying he doesn't do enough or that he's a piece of shit so just to reinforce my belief here it is my man behind the curtain. #practicing #democrat #2terms #rememberthat #Obama #firstofhiskind #givetheguyabreak #bushsucked #gangsta #Ivoted #didyou
2terms - practicing - didyou - ivoted - bushsucked - democrat - rememberthat - firstofhiskind - gangsta - givetheguyabreak - obama -
headbangchild : too bad it won't happen guys, learn to live with it until next election I voted and my guy won @reeseishness @benjimicknal
reeseishness : Your guy one because he cheated. He broke the law.
benjimicknal : He's broken numerous laws. You can deny it all you want but he did.
headbangchild : @reeseishness you mean he won* because he cheated just like how Bush got elected the second time too when they didn't count the votes get real
reeseishness : Are you joking? Bush won fair and square against Kerry. It's just that Kerry is an idiot and no-one wanted to have him in office, except maybe your parents and a few others.
headbangchild : Bush cheated they didn't count the votes @reeseishness go get a GWB cut out and jerk off to it but please get off my dick
benjimicknal : And if you don't believe that, look what he did in the Middle East a few days ago. He proposed a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel that was in Hamas' favor, and he supports Hamas more than Israel.
benjimicknal : By the way I'm talking about Kerry.
youknowab - perugino53 -
#earlyvote #everyvotecounts #ivoted #teachthemyoung
ivoted - earlyvote - teachthemyoung - everyvotecounts -
I want to get a piercing,... Nose or tongue? #vote #ivoted #democracy
vote - ivoted - democracy -
isaahgram : @stefymarie don't tempt me... I'm down :p
2hawt4space : Both
stefymarie : I think I want my septum. I'm seriously down to go 😄😀😍 let's! Lol do they take credit?
devyn_the_dude : Don't do it 😦
moneyymikesss : Nose for the win
isaahgram : @stefymarie I hope so 😘 text me one of these days my love, I miss you
freshupoutdawater : Bull ring
avantsweater : Both, connect them! ➿
devyn_the_dude - _danieltron - hi_imizzy - moneyymikesss -
Cramp because of this #ivoted @angxlhxze #angelhaze
angelhaze - ivoted -
iidaaida : #teamhelsinkivoted
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#citizenship #ivoted #turkishelections #presidentialelections #direntürkiye
direntürkiye - ivoted - turkishelections - citizenship - presidentialelections -
fiji_swimwear : Sen donuse gectin mi bile???? @pelagic
pelagic : @fiji_swimwear @mlsszgnr hayır daha değil ama bir gün kaldı.
fridasbrow - aylinika76 - beamyeeupscotty - jtpomona22 -
Two firsts as a voter in one year! This is the first time I exercised my right to vote as a Turkish citizen, and I didn't have to go all the way to Los Angeles for it. This first (as opposed to my first time as an American voter in June's primaries) is much more monumental to me, not to mention important to Turkey. I will be praying that the Turkish people can stop Erdoğan's dictatorial rule. #direntürkiye!
ivoted - haydisandıkbaşına - citizenship - ekmekiçinekmeleddin - direntürkiye - vatandaşlık - cumhurbaşkanlığıseçimi -
pelagic : #Ivoted #citizenship #vatandaşlık #cumhurbaşkanlığıseçimi #haydisandıkbaşına #ekmekiçinekmeleddin
cheting - lostangelina - fridasbrow - joekye -
선거했어요! #ivoted
ivoted -
diana_geuma : 참잘햇어요!
objet_h : 청소하면서 듣기 좋은 일요일의 음악 추천해 주세요 멘토님💜👻(지금 주무시려나요?) 히히
ego_leabin : @objet_h 청소하면서 들으시려면 좀 신나는 것으로 Laura Izibor - Gracefully, The bird and the bee - Heard it on the radio 추천해드려용😍
objet_h : @ego_leabin 오😊 늦은 답글 미안해요! 청소하면서는 못 들었지만 나중에 들었는데 역시 저의 음악 멘토님의 초이스는~ 😊💜 (좋아합니다!!!!!!!)
p_j.h_ - hi.there.y - mooooonjiye - myriamzerai -
Early Tennessee primary voting...the girls went with me! I hope I'm setting a good example that when they are 18, they too can vote!! #365daysofpictures #day204
ivoted - day204 - primary - 365daysofpictures - tennesseeprimaryelections - tn - tennessee - vote - earlyvoting -
lyndsimb : #ivoted #vote #tennessee #tn #primary #tennesseeprimaryelections #earlyvoting
lovemy3littleladies : 👍👍
lyndsimb - grizzzlyb - brandialberts - jennyjenk -
#IVoted #voted #dogsofinstagram #dogs #acd #blueheeler #aussie #australiancattledog
ivoted - dogsofinstagram - acd - blueheeler - voted - aussie - australiancattledog - dogs -
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Peggy Sue is tagged and ready for Vegas. #ThatLyingBitch #Reds #theWho #BuddyHolly #Backdrop #iVoted #monsterseverywhere #yamaha #Scissors #CutThroats
reds - ivoted - cutthroats - yamaha - monsterseverywhere - buddyholly - thatlyingbitch - scissors - thewho - backdrop -
daisy83girl : When are you headed this way
dwd24 : Tuesday
billlisa6 : I'm so glad I'll get to see u before you leave Double D!!!
dwd24 : Me too! Can't wait!
billlisa6 - ooh_stephanie - rovorel - darrenvorel -
ivoted -
digdugredux : #yeezus
rosstheboss420 - digdugredux - drewmountain - itookthisphoto -
Brad Pitt with Jennifer or Angelina. America, you decide!
ivoted - voteclosestomorrow9pm - jolie2014 - angelina - lastdaygotv -
turd_fergusons : #voteclosestomorrow9pm
jazzyjake2 : Clearly contest #proudvoter #teamjennifer
turd_fergusons : #angelina
turd_fergusons : #ivoted #lastdaygotv #jolie2014
jazzyjake2 : #jennifer #voted
delaneylucy : in this instance brad is the electoral college and he has already decided. your votes are meaningless.
turd_fergusons : @delaneylucy I consider that an Angelina vote
delaneylucy : obvi
califabiana - sarasalehi899 - unkl_munky - jazzyjake2 -
I love a hero who can sweep me off my feet #teamsuperman #batmanisjustarichguyinasuit #supermanisarealhero #ivoted @jezeeebel @reubentjoseph
teamsuperman - ivoted - supermanisarealhero - batmanisjustarichguyinasuit -
jezeeebel : It's just a matter of if you wanna date a guy with money or heart hahahha. Batman has brains and money. Clark Kent don't make a lot of money, so he'd have to steal to be as rich as Batman and then he'd become a villian. Can you be with a villian???? I have no idea what I'm talking about :( #cuzbatman
joana_perey : @jezeeebel I love me a bad guy. Lol
joana_perey : @jezeeebel superman works hard for the money at the Daily Planet
reubentjoseph : @joana_perey @jezeeebel batman was born rich, it's not like he earned his money! Sheesh...
jezeeebel : @reubentjoseph but he still has more money than superman hahaha
alexisb22 - msnew007 - timchizmar - obadyo29 -
Please go to this page>> @_4girlzonlyy_ and find this video by @singlecasino and double tap that jant!!! Then head on over to her page >>>> @singlecasino and follow her and her amazing voice!! #ivoted
ivoted -
singlecasino : 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌😊
mousemli -
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