Sharing my desk with our Blueberry exclusive - Sushi! πŸ™πŸŸπŸ£ #itsybitsybums #ibbrecs #sushi #blueberrydiapers #allinone #instore #online #ibbblueberrytreats
itsybitsybums - ibbblueberrytreats - sushi - instore - allinone - blueberrydiapers - online - ibbrecs -
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Tula restocked! πŸ‘‰ Search item '789' for Standard size or '865' for Toddler. πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ #itsybitsybums #ibbfirstlook #tula #tulalove #foxy #deardiary #travelbug #dino #wearallthebabies #ssc
ibbfirstlook - tula - itsybitsybums - dino - wearallthebabies - foxy - deardiary - travelbug - tulalove - ssc -
katiewarszawski : I want a foxy so bad!
fissyreed : Yay! Trying so hard to resist
maurad122 : Dinos! 😍
morgies_mommy : Wish I would have waited for Foxy or Dinos. I got Skipper about a month ago, but I like these better!
itsybitsybums : @morgies_mommy they hold their value so well, I suspect you could sell Skipper for close to retail. If you did want to switch things.
luvlylaugh : I want dear diary so bad!!! Fx that tula restocks you!!
sgssc : πŸ‘
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Sakura Bloom love. πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• #itsybitsybums #ibbrecs #ringsling #wearallthebabies #linen #silk #shabori
ringsling - linen - silk - itsybitsybums - wearallthebabies - ibbrecs - shabori -
lovesakurabloom : Oohhh 😍
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Good thing we are such good secret keepers. πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ #itsybitsybums #applecheeks #applecheeksdipes #acsafari
applecheeksdipes - acsafari - applecheeks - itsybitsybums -
amfrink0914 : Can't wait!!!
deiza1 : @applecheeksdipe Genius marketing campaign πŸ™ˆπŸ‘ŒπŸ»!!!
bobbibratcher : Woohoo! You know I'll be getting mine from IBB! Love you guys!
itsybitsybums : @bobbibratcher thanks lady!!! We appreciate you! 😘⭐️
kewalker09 - thatpaladinmom - theclothway - miracles.take.a.little.time -
Such a lovely day! Thanks for all those who came out! And thank you to Holly for adventuring on through KC! πŸš™πŸš™πŸš™ #itsybitsybums #groviameetsmoms #groviaadventure15 #groviameetsfamilies #ibbshoeaddict
groviameetsfamilies - birks - groviameetsmoms - ibbshoeaddict - itsybitsybums - groviaadventure15 -
hturner036 : Thanks for having me! It was great to see all of you in the store!
mrsclinta : Love the shoes.. What brand?
itsybitsybums : @mrsashleyjbarrett mine are #birks. 😊 @hturner036 what are yours?
mrs_alyssa_sanchez : @itsybitsybums do you have those same sandals in multiple colors or am I crazy?
itsybitsybums : @mrs_alyssa_sanchez not crazy! I have the same Birks in white and silver. 😊
hturner036 : @mrsclinta the are Eric Michael :)
colleeenpeace - hturner036 - myownskye - lara_bryn -
At IBBHQ. ⭐️⭐️⭐️ #itsybitsybums #6213oak #brookside #kansascity
6213oak - brookside - kansascity - itsybitsybums -
monicardrake : Love!
naomibrunner : Cute!
littleantsinc : You and @mr.ibb are too cute.
mrsemilye : You guys are adorable!
jennalrfox - danielleshuck - lbbutler28 - j_manke -
The lovely folks lined up and ready for the GroVia Trunk Show this morning! Thanks to everyone who joined us first thing! Party continues until 5 today. πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹ #groviaadventure15 #groviameetsmoms #groviameetsfamilies #itsybitsybums #kansascity #brookside #6213oak
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bumGenius newest - Patch - stocked! πŸ‘‰ Search '2084' on the website. πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• #itsybitsybums #bumgenius #allinone #allintwo #pocketdiaper #online #instore #patch #bgpatch
bumgenius - itsybitsybums - buyallthediapers - bgpatch - instore - pocketdiaper - allinone - allintwo - online - patch -
christiap7 : Oh! I could use it as a swim diaper!! Done! Ordering for pickup!
malayadee : Adding this to the "maybe our next baby will be a girl" stash. πŸ˜‚ #donttellmyhusband
leighannc1 : These are even more gorgeous in person!
itsybitsybums : @christiap7 totally made me smile when your order popped up. Thanks!! πŸ’•
itsybitsybums : @malayadee seriously!! This is definitely one to hoard. #buyallthediapers 😊
itsybitsybums : @leighannc1 agreed!!
christiap7 : See you tomorrow :) or whichever wonderful person is working! Side note/question, any clue when lunette size 2 will be restocked?
itsybitsybums : @christiap7 I'll be there! Huge GroVia party so all hands on deck. Re Lunette - literally reordering Monday so I expect a week-ish? See you tomorrow!
ecofluffymama - dwlbaflbmommy - courtneyk913 - embrown912 -
Getting PRELOVED all set for tonight's restocking. One of our biggest to date - over 125 pieces!! πŸ‘‰ Stocking on our website tonight at 7pm central. πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ #itsybitsybums #clothdiapers #clothdiapering #fluff #fluffymail #fluffybum #grovia #blueberrydiapers #lalabye #thirsties #applecheeks #applecheeksdipes #totsbots #allinone #allintwo #fitteddiaper #bestbottom #happyheiny #funkyfluff #bumgenius
grovia - itsybitsybums - clothdiapering - clothdiapers - bumgenius - happyheiny - applecheeksdipes - fluffybum - funkyfluff - allintwo - totsbots - fluff - lalabye - bestbottom - applecheeks - fluffymail - allinone - blueberrydiapers - fitteddiaper - thirsties -
izzistone : Any smart bottoms?
itsybitsybums : @izzistone sorry, not a single one.
balmbaby : Love this!!!! πŸ’“
catherine1079 : Do you have any pre-loved wool?
itsybitsybums : @catherine1079 sorry, not this round.
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A new favorite product from work! #grapple auctions to table tops and has room to tether 3 toys to keep them from falling on the floor. Perfect for restaurants! #itsybitsybums #toys #clever #apple
grapple - clever - apple - itsybitsybums - toys -
kabirdwell : $19.99 and comes in green or red!
cksumler : That looks so cool!! I would have totally bought this when my girls were younger.
jonmedina08 - itsybitsybums - jellibelly14 - audschmaud -
#itsybitsybums #wearallthebabies #tulalove
tulalove - itsybitsybums - wearallthebabies -
meredith2245 : I need one of those!
sarapurcell : Yay!
sarapurcell : Now you need some cloth diapers like me and we could be twins!
itsybitsybums : What a cutie!!
jenn__goff - itsybitsybums - mlklingler1 - ahastie7 -
It's happening!!!! πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ #groviaadventure15 #groviameetsmoms #groviameetsfamilies #grovia #itsybitsybums #kansascity #brookside #clothdiapers #ovolo #wovenwrap
wovenwrap - groviameetsfamilies - kansascity - grovia - groviameetsmoms - itsybitsybums - ovolo - brookside - clothdiapers - groviaadventure15 -
theresemarie414 : Nooo I'm out of town that day 😭
nnidey - laurapgmartinez - snamccloy - greenbodydeo -
Loving the Navy canvas on Fletcher!! This and Brave stock online at 4pm central. πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• #itsybitsybums #fletcher #tula #tulalove #ssc #wearallthebabies
tula - fletcher - itsybitsybums - tulalove - ssc - wearallthebabies -
mvan82 : Its beautiful!
ritakkir - kassi_jones78 - purdyj_1 - miracles.take.a.little.time -
Newest Ju-Ju-Be online now! Strawberry Stripes, The Countess and The Monarch. πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“ #jujube #itsybitsybums #monarch #countess #hellokitty #diaperbag #momstyle #instore #online
monarch - itsybitsybums - momstyle - hellokitty - instore - online - jujube - countess - diaperbag -
jujube_intl : Looks so good!! πŸ’›πŸ’›
laurapgmartinez - tokidokiclub - deb_mc_ - talldraank -
Oh hey there lovelies!! πŸ‘‰ GroVia O.N.E stocking online at 5:30 central today. 🐳🐳🐳 #itsybitsybums #fluffymail #groviaone #grovia #makeclothmainstream #allinone #onesize #fluff
makeclothmainstream - grovia - itsybitsybums - fluff - groviagamechanger - onesize - fluffymail - allinone - groviaone -
mrsbgtd : @lbbutler28 do I need one?
lilmarmama : Eek! I hope they are as dreamy as everyone says!
lbbutler28 : @mrsbgtd I really like ours. Even when they are soaked they keep the moisture away from her bum
lbbutler28 : @mrsbgtd doesn't hurt to try πŸ˜‰ you can always sell if you don't like it
itsybitsybums : #GroViaGameChanger
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Introducing Road Trip from Happy Heiny. Currently available at Itsy Bitsy Bums with a wider release coming next week. #themodernclothupdate #clothdiapers #makeclothmainstream #buyallthediapers #happyheiny #itsybitsybums
makeclothmainstream - itsybitsybums - buyallthediapers - clothdiapers - happyheiny - themodernclothupdate -
nerdywithchildren : ⭐️
feliciaurioste - corannamorgan - mama_hawk15 - penyardcrafts -
Happy Heiny ladies have arrived!! Swag bags, double Bitsy Bucks, Mother's Day sales! It's a great day to visit IBB! πŸš™πŸš™πŸš™ #hhroadtrip #itsybitsybums #kansascity #happyheiny
kansascity - hhroadtrip - itsybitsybums - happyheiny -
jessicakaiser715 : Love you guys! You're my favorite store to shop from.
ckcchat : Love the shoes on gal with blue dress... Please share brand of shoes!!!!
itsybitsybums : @jessicakaiser715 thank you!!! We appreciate your support!! 😘😘
itsybitsybums : @ckcchat that would be Katie! I'll tag her. @littleantsinc 😊😊
littleantsinc : Thanks @ckcchat! I do too. They are cracking after many years and it makes me so sad. Love my cute birks.
niallluxury : Well done.
appleparkaustralia - allishih - shaneandjenniferchilders - happyheiny -
Woahhhhhhh. Epic delivery off the FedEx truck this afternoon. Sharing the very first look with you folks. πŸ‘‰ Stocking expected to be Monday, later in the day. Time TBA Monday. πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ #itsybitsybums #ibbfirstlook #grovia #makeclothmainstream #groviaone #onesize #allinone
ibbfirstlook - makeclothmainstream - groviaone - grovia - itsybitsybums - onesize - allinone - groviagamechanger -
ohmistersun : Oooooh maybe a Grovia diaper I will actually like! Tried their hybrid and said forget it. πŸ‘Ž I have heard great things about Grovia diapers and they're within my price range. Maybe I'll have to try their new one.
mrseyecansee : Ohh! Between the "kstate" one and that yellow dandelion I may need to give GroVia a try!
court_e413 : @jesshealthy93 @alanahtripp @ksdoula IBB trip soon? Like say, Monday afternoon? :)
feltenj : I absolutely love everything GroVia makes! So excited to get this diaper!! :)
izzistone : Any updates?
itsybitsybums : @izzistone 5:30 central!
izzistone : Thanks! I got two!
itsybitsybums : #GroViaGameChanger
shaneandjenniferchilders - weorganize - lbbutler28 - purdyj_1 -
Swag, new products, and luggage. Oh and did I say swag?!!! #hhroadtrip #happyheiny #itsybitsybums #kansascity
kansascity - hhroadtrip - itsybitsybums - happyheiny -
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Kansas City here I come!! #hhroadtrip #itsybitsybums
hhroadtrip - itsybitsybums -
happyheiny : Love it! ❀️ @itsybitsybums
itsybitsybums : Yay!! Happy driving!!
dorkybff - itsybitsybums - modernnaturalbaby - aymbera -
Locals!! Join us tomorrow to welcome the fabulous ladies behind the brand Happy Heiny. Swag bags for the first 50 through the door. Story time for the little ones. Prizes. Double Bitsy Bucks for all HH purchases. πŸš™πŸ’¨πŸ’¨ #hhroadtrip #happyheiny #itsybitsybums #kansascity #brookside
brookside - kansascity - hhroadtrip - itsybitsybums - happyheiny -
maurad122 : We should make the drive from Topeka! What time? 😊
amkempflo : Oh does this mean there pocket diapers will be available again?!
itsybitsybums : @maurad122 you should! Starts at 10am. If you are on Facebook we have an event page linked on the IBB main page. Loads of details in there.
itsybitsybums : @amkempflo we won't be stocking them regularly. But always happy to special order them if you want to get some. They ship crazy fast from Indiana so it's a pretty fast process.
amkempflo : Oh great to know @itsybitsybums thank you!
itsybitsybums : @amkempflo you're welcome! Happy to help! 😊
kabirdwell - life_with_babykocurek - sdkyork11 - whitney_22713 -
Getting Sloomb lined up and ready. πŸ‘‰ 10% off all Sloomb diapers and accessories Mother's Day sale begins tonight at 11pm central!! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• #itsybitsybums #ibbrecs #sloomb #sbish #sustainablebabyish #wool #fitteddiaper #woolalwaysloveyou
itsybitsybums - sustainablebabyish - woolalwaysloveyou - fitteddiaper - sloomb - wool - sbish - ibbrecs -
mrsemilye : Do you need a sloomb fitted @kelly014 they are pretty awesome!
kelly014 : @mrsemilye No pockets are still working for us far! Thank you though!
welcomebabykc - preciousdrools - silveretteusa - amkempflo -
First look. bumGenius sitting pretty. Seriously, folks, their shipments are always in perfect little rows like this. So much fun to open! πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹ #bumgenius #clothdiapers #fluffymail #fluff #flip #econobum #hempbabies #itsybitsybums #ibbfirstlook
ibbfirstlook - bumgenius - itsybitsybums - clothdiapers - fluff - econobum - flip - hempbabies - fluffymail -
laurenhopson : I just want all of the fluff!!!
befreeandeatclean : This is some pretty β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘ fluff mail!!!!
ecofluffymama - tessa_1123 - bblmey - snamccloy -
GroVia's Little Warrior diapers in-store and ready to go! πŸ‘‰ Little Warriors are limited edition diapers created by GroVia and Spray Pal that feature a gorgeous color combination of deep purple and grey. 10% of the proceeds from sales of Little Warriors will go directly to March of Dimes. πŸ‘‰ Search item '2070' on the website. πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ #ibbrecs #grovia #onesize #allinone #allintwo #clothdiapers #makeclothmainstream #itsybitsybums #littlewarrior #ibbfirstlook
ibbfirstlook - makeclothmainstream - grovia - itsybitsybums - clothdiapers - littlewarrior - allinone - allintwo - onesize - rockchalkforlife - ibbrecs -
mrseyecansee : Ohhh! This would make a great kstate diaper!
itsybitsybums : @mrseyecansee oh and now I can't not see it. You are so right. #rockchalkforlife πŸ˜‰
feltenj - bka_thewildone - emtsmommy1 - piscean.mama -
#blueberrysimplex #blueberrydiapers #clothdiaper #clothbum #realdiapers #reusablediapers #clothnappy #sushi #itsybitsybums
reusablediapers - blueberrysimplex - itsybitsybums - clothbum - sushi - clothdiaper - blueberrydiapers - realdiapers - clothnappy -
eiffelbug : @nflibby oh my god I need this!
nflibby : @eiffelbug yesssss!!!
emesekzy - busybeesbabyboutique - ludatel - lerkov1986 -
Kerrigan loves her new @itsybitsybums exclusive cupcake diaper from @blueberrydiapers ! #itsybitsybums #blueberrydiapers #makeclothmainstream
makeclothmainstream - blueberrydiapers - itsybitsybums -
danifostertx - krt924 - maryannbush - ashleenik -
Playing dress up with the Lassig bags today. We love these! So many pockets, gorgeous style, eco-friendly material. While technically a diaper bag, I'll fully admit, I'm getting one for myself just because I love the look and functionality so much. Just need to decide on a color! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• #ibbrecs #lassig #momstyle #diaperbag #itsybitsybums
momstyle - itsybitsybums - lassig - diaperbag - ibbrecs -
itsybitsybums : @rosiegcl exactly what I'm debating! The black is very black. Gorgeous, modern. The grey has a lovely light shimmer to it. The contrast between the dark strap and the bag really is lovely, making it look so expensive.
rosiegcl : I know, that's what I'm struggling with. Oy. One final obnoxious customer question: will a 22 oz Lifefactory water bottle fit in one of the inside cup holders?
rosiegcl : I went ahead and purchased the grey one! Thanks Abby ;)
itsybitsybums : @rosiegcl awesome! Thanks for your order! Re water bottle - I haven't tried it yet to say for sure. If it doesn't fit, I'm pretty positive it would tuck in one of the outer four pockets (seriously, so many pockets! It's wonderful!).
rosiegcl : Looking forward to it's arrival--I'm glad you posted this--should arrive in time for our kindy field trip to the LA Zoo. Thanks again Abby :)
rosiegcl : The bag arrived today and I LOVE it! Can't wait to use it ;)
itsybitsybums : @rosiegcl oh I'm so glad!! Nice and light, too?
rosiegcl : @itsybitsybums yes!--nice & light and SO MANY POCKETS!! Love it ;)
kayllajenkins - jenniferirey - sweeetascinnamon - sara_houser -
My #fluffmail from @itsybitsybums it is so cute #clothdiaper #sushi #blueberrydiapers #blueberrysimplex #itsybitsybums #fluffmailfriday #reusablediapers #realdiapers #buyallthediapers #clothaddict
reusablediapers - itsybitsybums - blueberrysimplex - buyallthediapers - sushi - clothdiaper - fluffmailfriday - fluffmail - clothaddict - blueberrydiapers - realdiapers -
doulabethy : We got one too ! So excited
ludatel - becky.och - bblmey - bangjacobsen -
First look! Snow&Arrow knit slippers restocking later today. PS. Locals! We are hiring! Head on over to our website for all the details. πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹ #itsybitsybums #snowandarrow #baby #toddler #slippers #ibbfirstlook
ibbfirstlook - snowandarrow - buyallthetoki - itsybitsybums - baby - toddler - slippers -
iheartso : I wish I was local so I could work there! I'd buy all the #tokidoki with my paychecks! Lol
mj7575 : Am I wrong in thinking that you allow your employees to bring their little ones? If that's the case let me count the ways I would love to work there 😍😍
itsybitsybums : @iheartso 😁 yes! #buyallthetoki
itsybitsybums : @mj7575 yup, on a case-by-case basis babes come along! We have interviewees who want to go that route bring baby to the interview, so we can gauge how things would go. Feel free to submit an application and include bringing baby as part of your cover letter. 😊
sweeetascinnamon - laurapgmartinez - shaneandjenniferchilders - koelnkristenreid -
That light. 😊😊😊 #6213oak #itsybitsybums #kansascity #brookside
6213oak - brookside - kansascity - itsybitsybums -
pammythedoublewhammy - brittney_marie123 - amkempflo - rachelcahoon -
Did you order your new Blueberry limited edition prints yet? Sushi and Cupcakes are only available at Itsy Bitsy Bums. #themodernclothupdate #clothdiapers #makeclothmainstream #buyallthediapers #itsybitsybums #blueberry
makeclothmainstream - itsybitsybums - buyallthediapers - clothdiapers - blueberry - themodernclothupdate -
So, so, so many diapers standing by for tonight's stocking!!! All this Blueberry goodness (as well as Sushi!) stocking tonight at 7pm central. πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹ #itsybitsybums #clothdiapers #fluff #ibbblueberrytreats #blueberry #allinone #cover #pocketdiaper #wetbag
fluff - itsybitsybums - clothdiapers - cover - blueberry - wetbag - pocketdiaper - allinone - ibbblueberrytreats -
roadbunner : Got my sushi!
itsybitsybums : @roadbunner awesome! Thanks for your order! πŸ’•
threelittleeees : Had to get one of each!!!
itsybitsybums : @threelittleeees yay! Thanks for your order!
isabellahopeinspired : I can't wait for mine :) I got the sushi simplex one though not cupcakes, and I already got a shipping notification e-mail too
lauracrow : Where can I order?
itsybitsybums : @isabellahopeinspired awesome! Thanks for your order!
itsybitsybums : @lauracrow on our website (link in profile) - search '2065' for sushi and '2067' for cupcakes.
csw_love_11 - rachelcahoon - bblmey - lbbutler28 -
Because Blueberry Exclusives. (Stocking Tuesday 7pm central.) 🍣🍣🍣 #itsybitsybums #ibbblueberrytreats #allinone #cover #pocketdiaper #fluff #fluffybum #fluffymail #blueberry #clothdiapers #ibbbecause
fluff - itsybitsybums - fluffybum - ibbbecause - ibbblueberrytreats - cover - pocketdiaper - fluffymail - allinone - clothdiapers - blueberry -
callmemeredith : Those cupcakes!! Aaa!
vstarr83 : Lovvvvveeee!!!
uponthehilldiapers : Adorable!
bownshan : I would love to see a picture of the covers in those prints. I really love these!
erinvwbug : @jonathanoverall we have to get the sushi diaper!
sarapurcell : 🍨🍣🍨🍣🍨🍣
fitmamasb : So pretty !
jamappel - happyheiny - thatpaladinmom - peacefullyorganic -
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