PRELOVED restocking online tonight at 7pm central! Full preview list can be found on our Facebook page. πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ #itsybitsybums #allinone #allintwo #pocketdiaper #fitted #diapercover #applecheeks #bestbottom #bottombumpers #lalabye #happyheiny #blueberrydiapers #bumgenius #moraki #smartbottoms #totsbots #grovia #amp
smartbottoms - grovia - itsybitsybums - lalabye - bestbottom - bottombumpers - allintwo - amp - totsbots - bumgenius - moraki - pocketdiaper - applecheeks - allinone - blueberrydiapers - diapercover - happyheiny - fitted -
radasr : @de_adentro_hacia_afuera el de camo... πŸ˜€
bottombumpers : @shaneandjenniferchilders looks like a @bottombumpers ;)
tlrobertson : If only this was happening tomorrow! I DESPERATELY want that pirate @bottombumpers. 😞 Payday struggle is real. πŸ˜‚
de_adentro_hacia_afuera : @radasr y el de pirata 😍😍😍
korbyndanae : @hfhurd that mushroom diapπŸ˜πŸ„
hfhurd : @korbyndanae you're right! Perfect mushroom print! I'll have to try to remember!
bbdorton : Love the green scallop you have that new in store as well?
itsybitsybums : @bbdorton sorry, that was a limited edition Bestbottom which is now sold out.
rachaelcanfield118 - planetwiseinc - snamccloy - shaneandjenniferchilders -
First look! Bottombumpers redesigned All-in-Ones are here! Featuring a PUL strip across the inside belly, to help prevent wicking. Waistband elastics also redesigned. πŸ‘‰ Will be up on the website in the next few hours! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ #itsybitsybums #allinone #madeintheusa #bottombumpers
madeintheusa - bottombumpers - allinone - itsybitsybums -
restrictedlist : So, so, so cute!!!! 😍❀️
laurensewell80 : Sized??
restrictedlist - rachaelcanfield118 - emtsmommy1 - blakesmom504 -
Hello cuties. 🍍🍍🍍 #peachygreen #snowandarrow #newborn #infant #toddler #haba #itsybitsybums
newborn - infant - snowandarrow - itsybitsybums - peachygreen - toddler - haba -
my_littleloves : Is the only difference between the solo and regular peachy green that the solo is sized?
my_littleloves : @itsybitsybums
itsybitsybums : @my_littleloves depends on which style you are looking at. For the All-in-Ones there is both a sized and one-size. For the All-in-Twos there is the one-size shell (with the one-size inserts sold separately). Hope that helps! Please let me know if I can answer further. πŸ˜Šβ€οΈπŸ‘
my_littleloves : I was looking at the AIO. Thanks! @itsybitsybums
itsybitsybums : @my_littleloves yup! The one-size just gives that added versatility of growing with baby. Otherwise function and materials are the same. 😊
matinbeigi : Aww!
squirkledoodles : Just ordered those pineapple #snowandarrow to go with the #blueberry pineapple diaper. Double cuteness!
itsybitsybums : @squirkledoodles awesome!! Thanks for your order! 🍍🍍 Please tag us with action shots, if you don't mind sharing! 😘
wovenglobe - christinaleeplusthree - britneyselenanicki - alieddis -
Locals!! Diapers, doublers, liners, woolies and all other clothing items tax free through Sunday! πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ #itsybitsybums #kansascity #missouri #brookside
brookside - kansascity - itsybitsybums - missouri -
_daisypaniagua : @the_real_cpt_america I'm so glad we saved the trip for this weekend!
knruybalid : @itsybitsybums how often do you restock knit slippers? I need 6-12 months in mini Aztec and/or bohemian farmhouse 😁
janemwebb : @terrelynne
aaldkd : Do you have any more of the contrasting snap Lalabye Diapers? Are they still 10% off? Thanks!!
itsybitsybums : @aaldkd we are out right now, but will be getting a couple of colors back in late next week. 😊
itsybitsybums : @knruybalid will be restocking late this month. 😊
tessa_1123 - firsttimemommn - bblmey - kimberkpayne -
Another look at today's Tula release. ✨✨✨ #ibbfirstlook #tula #tulalove #itsybitsybums #ssc #wearallthebabies #glitter
ibbfirstlook - tula - itsybitsybums - tulalove - glitter - ssc - wearallthebabies -
sadieglass : I love it so much 😍 : Wish this was my style!! 😭😭 Tell them to bring back a simple pattern like Spa Scallops!! She's my love but she's getting quite loved!!
kaylaguett : Will you get lillebaby seahorses?
itsybitsybums : @kaylaguett we will! 😊
fithappy_mama - ncbramson - cottonbottomdiaperservice - jazzma_h -
Carousel stocked!πŸ‘‰ On the website? Search item '789' for Standard and '865' for Toddler. πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’ #tula #tulalove #ssc #wearallthebabies #itsybitsybums #online #instore #limitededition
tula - itsybitsybums - instore - limitededition - online - wearallthebabies - tulalove - ssc -
beckmommy : @alonnam I just want a tula. It could almost be covered in dog turd print...
emileegeldart : This is so cute.
fjandnoribugs_mommy : I want this!
mrs_alyssa_sanchez : @itsybitsybums do you have standard road trip in stock?
itsybitsybums : @mrs_alyssa_sanchez we do! πŸš—
misskitty_foxpaws : It's ok I got my foxes oh...hey I need to come in and clam my prize from the birthday party still....whoops
cemetree80 : I love this so much and have a 3 mo girl but if our next was a boy is feel pretty bad lol
alonnam : @beckmommy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
beadsandbabies - foreverchanging_prayerwarrior - toastybabycloth - thebentelbowshop -
Stocked!!! πŸ‘‰ On the website? Search item '789' for Standard and '865' for Toddler. ✈️✈️✈️ #tula #tulalove #ssc #wearallthebabies #itsybitsybums #online #instore
tula - itsybitsybums - online - wearallthebabies - tulalove - ssc - instore -
kesullivan1982 : @brittharlow - this pattern 😍
mrsemilye : @kelly014 I need this now! One kid but two tullas is reasonable right? - happymommyhomemaker - cottonbottomdiaperservice - moremilkcookies -
So, so much fun tonight with Jen from Spray Pal and Joanna from Sloomb!! Also featuring our fabulous manager Amanda and baby Wren. So honored we were one of their stops on their Midwest tour! More event photos on Facebook. πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• #itsybitsybums #ibbssbl #sloomb #spraypal #SmallBizBigLove
ibbssbl - sloomb - spraypal - itsybitsybums - smallbizbiglove -
sloomb : πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž
sarapurcell : Darn! I missed the foot shot!
sarapurcell : 😭😭😭
spraypal : We had so much fun with you guys 😍
measamommy : I love the baby feet. 😍
jessicakaiser715 : So much fun!!
kyndalcostello : Joanna I love her shoes, so glad I was gone before the shoe shot, my flip flops wouldn't have matched ;)
alvehamns - uponthehilldiapers - cottonbottomdiaperservice - melindagrimpo -
How I left my sleepy little guy this morning. There's a story as to why we are all sleep deprived today, and I shared it on our latest #periscope broadcast. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚ If you are on Periscope, be sure to follow Spray Pal as we'll be doing a quick live broadcast from our #SmallBizBigLove event tonight at @itsybitsybums! Can't wait to see everyone with our friends from @sloomb πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ #clothdiapers #clothatnight #sloomb #sbish #itsybitsybums #kansascity #makeclothmainstream
kansascity - weloveourretailers - shoplocal - smallbizbiglove - itsybitsybums - clothdiapers - clothatnight - makeclothmainstream - supportsmallbusiness - periscope - sloomb - shopsmall - spraypalretailers - sbish -
spraypaluk : #shoplocal #shopsmall #weloveourretailers #spraypalretailers #supportsmallbusiness
itsybitsybums : Safe travels!! ✈️ See you soon!! 😘
sloomb : ❀️❀️❀️❀️
guiltlessshijie12 - danetashima - balmbaby - mccartneypayton -
One of those mornings where all the devices come out to play. Stalking the newest and latest and greatest goodies and needed backup. PS. Check out my poor keyboard. Bessie has seen a lot of action.πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ #itsybitsybums #gettingtoknowibb
itsybitsybums - gettingtoknowibb -
mindbodybirth - bekahmariie - loviebard - ladydemonte -
Summer Sidewalk Sale started this morning!!! Save 20-75%. πŸ‘‰Find a link to all the offerings on our website, in the left-hand navigation column. πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ #itsybitsybums #fluffymail #fluff #sloomb #sbish #allinone #allintwo #bumgenius #moraki #bottombumpers #bummis #diapercover #instore #online #totsbots
fluff - bumgenius - itsybitsybums - online - moraki - instore - bottombumpers - fluffymail - sloomb - allintwo - diapercover - allinone - totsbots - bummis - sbish -
deiza1 : @belleview_cottage πŸ‘†πŸ»πŸ‘†πŸ»πŸ‘†πŸ»
sara_houser - msuttles_781 - danielleshuck - breezy_bb -
Birthday present to myself! (Of course the teether is for my son lol) Thanks to @itsybitsybums for making it even better with their birthday bash giveaways! Free ring sling & I won the glamour wash drawing! #birthdays #mamamail #itsybitsybums #adenandanais #mantrabands
mamamail - birthdays - mantrabands - itsybitsybums - adenandanais -
adenandanais - mantraband - jazzminecetinbag - vilfabiana -
#Repost @itsybitsybums with @repostapp. ・・・ Boingo diaper fasteners restocked! New to these? Similar to a Snappi, in that they use teeth to grip the fabric. Different in that you use two, one at each hip. Newborn? One across the belly works. The two-piece design makes them especially great for babies with reflux, who cannot tolerate pressure against their tummies, or babies who have almost outgrown their prefold's rise. #itsybitsybums #clothdiapering #clothdiapers #fluff #fluffymail #prefolds #fitteddiapers #boingo #boingobaby #snappi
fluff - snappi - boingo - itsybitsybums - clothdiapering - clothdiapers - makeclothmainstream - choosecloth - fitteddiapers - fluffymail - prefolds - clothnappies - boingobaby - clothnappy - repost -
boingobaby : #ChooseCloth #MakeClothMainstream #ClothNappy #ClothNappies
healthy_mom_of_many : πŸ‘
healthy_mom_of_many - amandaelabell - misssanchez1011 - fill_your_pants -
Newest Lalabye solids stock tonight at 11pm central. Local? Will have some set aside for you to buy tomorrow in store! PS. Lalabye fan? Don't miss - all contrast-snap solids on sale! No coupon needed. In-store and online. 🐘🍊🐘 #itsybitsybums #makeclothmainstream #clothdiapering #lalabye #allinone #fluff
makeclothmainstream - allinone - itsybitsybums - clothdiapering - lalabye - fluff -
healthy_mom_of_many - tablefor09 - restrictedlist - rachelcahoon -
Picked up my free Sweet Pea gift set I won from ibb 5th birthday party!!! Thank you so much!!! #sweetpea #clothdiapering #ibbturnsfive #itsybitsybums
sweetpea - ibbturnsfive - itsybitsybums - clothdiapering -
_angiemarie_79 - mommyof4wa - mahbear_ - asmith1518 -
When your diaper wearing kid has a birthday they get diaper(s). Supported our localish, it isn't just right up the street about a 2hr round trip which is good but they ship speedy fast so they are easy to buy from, #itsybitsybums and bought one of their @blueberrydiapers exclusives. #diapershops #summerofcloth
summerofcloth - diapershops - itsybitsybums -
plo101 -
So my tula carrier just came on the mail with some bonus freebie baby swag. #alpacathiskidaround #tulacarriers #itsybitsybums
itsybitsybums - alpacathiskidaround - tulacarriers -
emileegeldart : I loooove it!! (And the hashtag! Ha!
emileegeldart -
I wonder if my mizzou fan hubby realized 2 of our new diapers are Jayhawk colors??!?!#smartbottoms #ibb #itsybitsybums #clothdiapering #makeclothmainstream
smartbottoms - ibb - makeclothmainstream - itsybitsybums - clothdiapering -
fllowery : 1 is UGA colors
mrseibenfitness : So cute!!!!!
mrseibenfitness - healthy_mom_of_many - mommyof4wa - _angiemarie_79 -
Just the neatest surprise from one of our vendors. 🌳🌳🌳 #6213oak #itsybitsybums
6213oak - itsybitsybums -
jennielyn30 - danielleshuck - greenbodydeo - j_manke -
It's like a giant woolly Sloomb sandwich. 🍞🍞🍞 #itsybitsybums #woolalwaysloveyou #sloomb #sbish #clothdiapering #clothdiapers #wool
woolalwaysloveyou - itsybitsybums - clothdiapering - sloomb - clothdiapers - wool - sbish -
mylifewith4kids : It's the light purple at the top in stock??
itsybitsybums : @mylifewith4kids it is! On the chance it isn't appearing on the website, feel free to call the shop in the morning and they can't give you a hand. 😊
mylifewith4kids : It wasn't! I will definitely give a call. I'm expecting a baby girl in December 😊 I just ordered koala but that purple is so pretty!!
lifewithhop - thatpaladinmom - cottonbottomdiaperservice - edgarundfrieda -
Yay!!!! I love love IBB!!!!! I have received such amazing help from them this week starting our cloth diapers. And I love winning awesome products from them!!! #ibbturnsfive #itsybitsybums #clothdiapering #amazingcustomerservice
clothdiapering - amazingcustomerservice - itsybitsybums - ibbturnsfive -
_angiemarie_79 -
Charlotte's 1st pair of shoes! Thank you @itsybitsybums! You are my new obsession 😜 #newlife #babycharlotte #itsybitsybums
babycharlotte - newlife - itsybitsybums -
samcaul : 😍
sarahperryphotography : @samcaul I think Anna needs a pair too!
sarahperryphotography : @samcaul and maybe swarley😜
itsybitsybums : Love!!! πŸ’•πŸ’•
stephaniekaitlynd - itsybitsybums - hopealynn - girlcarrot -
Such a cute bum!! #clothdiapering #itsybitsybums #smartbottoms #eloise #turningcrunchy
smartbottoms - turningcrunchy - eloise - itsybitsybums - clothdiapering -
mrseibenfitness : Too cute!!! I love your hashtag turning crunchy! That's what I'm doing too lol!!! Im just starting to get into cloth!
arogers27 : Lol we never baby wore., cloth diapered or anything with my first! Now with our second, we have 3 tulas, starting cloth diapering!! Good luck!! @mrseibenfitness
healthy_mom_of_many : Like it!
healthy_mom_of_many - msprink - andiegal1214 - _angiemarie_79 -
Fluff!! #smartbottoms #peachygreen #blueberry #clothdiapering #fluff #turningcrunchy #itsybitsybums
smartbottoms - fluff - itsybitsybums - clothdiapering - peachygreen - turningcrunchy - blueberry -
mrseibenfitness - itsybitsybums - mahbear_ - _angiemarie_79 -
Fingers crossed I was the only Ash G and that I won the Peachy Green Prize Pack!! #peachygreen #itsybitsybums #ibbturnsfive
peachygreen - itsybitsybums - ibbturnsfive -
ddufour0994 - lmorgan350 -
So many awesome prizes today! Online? Stay tuned Wed Jul 22 when we hold the online party!! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• #ibbturnsfive #itsybitsybums
itsybitsybums - ibbturnsfive -
theresemarie414 : What! If I come into the shop this week can I partake, or just online now?
allishih - hope_and_hunter - danielleshuck - rachelcahoon -
My Pinky Pony!! Fuchsia and lilac come together in this ultra-girly pairing! Throw in a dash of eighties My Little Pony for good measure. πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• #itsybitsybums #ibbrecs #diapercover #newborn #allinone #online #instore #mypinkypony #sweetpea
sweetpea - itsybitsybums - online - instore - newborn - allinone - diapercover - mypinkypony - ibbrecs -
allishih - csw_love_11 - selliematadamas - mrzmccarty -
Here goes nothing!! Thanks to Abby at IBB for all her help!! And Happy 5th Birthday IBB!!! #itsybitsybums #birthday #clothdiapering #heregoesnothing @itsybitsybums
heregoesnothing - birthday - itsybitsybums - clothdiapering -
mackenziemcknight : You are brave!! @arogers27
arogers27 : Lol I'm excited to try! And since I'm now a SAHM, why not?!?
hillwilson : If I can do it you can do it! I actually really like it and I am so surprised by that! Let me know how it goes!
itsybitsybums : Yay!! So good to meet you this morning! Can't wait to hear your favorites! 😊
arogers27 : I may be emailing you @hillwilson !! Thank you so much for your help @itsybitsybums we will be back in soon I'm sure!!!
_angiemarie_79 - yourfriendjeni - hillwilson - asmith1518 -
Getting tomorrow morning's door prizes ready to go! First sixty people in the door get some goodies. Then of course the Sweet Pea grand reveal and over $1300 in vendor donations to be raffled. (Online? Your party is coming next Wednesday, Jul 22!)πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ #ibbturnsfive #itsybitsybums #clothdiapers #clothdiapering #brookside #kansascity #sweetpea
sweetpea - itsybitsybums - clothdiapering - brookside - clothdiapers - ibbturnsfive - kansascity -
aaldkd : Doors open at 10am right?
itsybitsybums : @aaldkd yup! For our last two Saturday parties we had folks starting to line up around nine. Not sure what tomorrow will look like. 😁
allishih - couponing_wit_jay - crazycurmudgeon - danielleshuck -
Saturday's exclusive Sweet Pea reveal carefully hiding behind that B&W filter. Can't wait!! πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™† #ibbturnsfive #sweetpea #itsybitsybums #allinone #diapercover #onesize #instore #online
sweetpea - itsybitsybums - ibbturnsfive - instore - allinone - online - diapercover - onesize -
latchonsa - elena_browning - christyortiz155 - tabbarrett -
A huge thank you to GroVia for the awesome contribution to Saturday's celebration!! 😘😘😘 #itsybitsybums #grovia #ibbturnsfive
grovia - itsybitsybums - ibbturnsfive -
thursa_g : New peachy green solids? 😜
meadebio457 : Has it really been 5 years??? Wowzer. Congrats, Abby!
itsybitsybums : @thursa_g soon!! But not this weekend. That will be another celebration. πŸ‘πŸ˜Š
itsybitsybums : @meadebio457 thanks lady!! Doesn't the thought of the way back beginnings take you back to BBC? πŸ™†
thursa_g : @itsybitsybums you made my day. I'm looking forward to that celebration!! HBD IBB! πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸ»
meadebio457 : @itsybitsybums Yes! I remember choosing your logo and everything. #timeflies πŸŽ‚
itsybitsybums : @thursa_g yay! 😊
mommaissy : 5 already?! I remember when it was a dream. Happy birthday @itsybitsybums I'm so happy for all that you've accomplished!
laurapgmartinez - danielleshuck - balmbaby - ladydemonte -
Prepping for Saturday's SWEET surprise. Hope you can join us! πŸ‘‰ Release will also be online for those not able to attend. Event details can be found on our Facebook page. 🎁🎁🎁 #ibbturnsfive #itsybitsybums #sweetpea #allinone #diapercover #newborn #makeclothmainstream
newborn - sweetpea - allinone - itsybitsybums - diapercover - ibbturnsfive - makeclothmainstream -
welcomebabykc - bewasiuk23 - brittney_marie123 - amkempflo -
So much PRELOVED! Just stocked on the website. All remaining items will be available in-store tomorrow.πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ#itsybitsybums #clothdiapering #clothdiapers #fluff #fluffymail #applecheeksdipes #bumgenius #smartbottoms #softbums #blueberrydiapers #grovia #happyheiny #sweetpea #sloomb #sbish #thirsties #allinone #allintwo #pocketdiaper #fitted #prefold
smartbottoms - grovia - itsybitsybums - clothdiapering - clothdiapers - bumgenius - applecheeksdipes - sloomb - allintwo - sbish - sweetpea - fluff - happyheiny - pocketdiaper - fluffymail - allinone - blueberrydiapers - thirsties - prefold - fitted - softbums -
br_lomb : Do you sell pre-loved in store? I might need Woof for a friend (she doesn't use cloth, but a cover would be perfect for photos)
br_lomb : Oh, just found preloved on your website! Woohoo!
itsybitsybums : @br_lomb awesome! Yup, everything online is also in store and vice-versa.
br_lomb : Smart bottoms must have all sold then? 😒
itsybitsybums : @br_lomb sorry I haven't seen the most up to date inventory, but the website will reflect the what's still available.
br_lomb : It's okay, now that I know, I'll watch like a hawk ;)
daniellefrick : @itsybitsybums ETA on next preloved sale?
itsybitsybums : @daniellefrick aiming for next week! Will be Tuesday if all goes as planned.
ishtar_ixaya - thatpaladinmom - crochetingbysarah - thehappywifelife_ -
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