Good morning! Open until 5 today. Online 24/7. πŸ”†πŸ”†πŸ”† #itsybitsybums #brookside #kansascity #6213oak
6213oak - brookside - kansascity - itsybitsybums -
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Country Save: great detergent, fantastic doorstop. πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ #itsybitsybums #clothdiapering #clothdiapers #6213oak
6213oak - clothdiapers - itsybitsybums - clothdiapering -
randivw : Can't find it anywhere these days
keprenger : @mylilsweetpea has it in Canada @randivw 😊
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Good morning! 🐣🐣🐣 #itsybitsybums #6213oak #kansascity #brookside #adenandanais #lifefactory #chewbeads
adenandanais - kansascity - itsybitsybums - lifefactory - 6213oak - brookside - chewbeads -
kimmarshall07 : Heaven!!!
theleakyboob : I think I would enjoy an afternoon on your shop.
enelson0912 : @brittanyhill08 could you imagine?!
itsybitsybums : @ceakins sure! If you'd like, feel free to email photos as well if that is easier.
itsybitsybums : @theleakyboob next time you are in KC! 😊
strawberrysunshinediapers : Beautiful! I need to pay another visit soon, it's been too long!
monicardrake : @theleakyboob, IBB is like baby Disneyland :0)
butifulteeth : Beautiful shop! Can't wait to check it out when we get back to KC sometime!
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Gorgeous day here in Brookside. Open 10a-5p. 6213 Oak St KCMO 64113.πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ #6213oak #kansascity #brookside #itsybitsybums #baby
6213oak - brookside - kansascity - itsybitsybums - baby -
cattmurzyn : Wish I lived there so I could come visit your store :) love #itsybitsybums only place I shop now for baby stuff β™‘
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Carrier Demos all in a row. Which will you try first? πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹ #itsybitsybums #babywearing #baby #carrier #ssc #ringsling #sakurabloom #tula #lillebaby #beco #boba #meitai #catbirdbaby #pikkolo #tulalove #wearallthebabies
itsybitsybums - catbirdbaby - boba - wearallthebabies - ringsling - meitai - beco - baby - pikkolo - tulalove - ssc - lillebaby - tula - babywearing - sakurabloom - carrier -
aaronsmomma2013 : I love that you have demos! I live in a super small town and have to order my carriers online πŸ˜” I don't even get to actually see them before ordering so actually trying one on and feeling it before buying seems like a dream come true! πŸ™€
lauralew83 : The baby up there scared me for a second...had to remind myself that's for demos, too. :)
a_byrne8 : Tula! Tula! Tula!
charlieandmima : I want black billow Tula! sold out everywhere πŸ˜”
itsybitsybums : @aaronsmomma2013 that would be so challenging! If you are ever in KC, come try them allll! 😁
itsybitsybums : @lauralew83 our poor demo baby ('Fake Baby' as he's been named, as it was the only name that stuck) - no matter where we put him it seems wrong. Shelf, demo bin, box. So, he rotates his perch. πŸƒ
itsybitsybums : @charlieandmima yes, one of my favorites as well. Unfortunately they rotate prints so quickly we don't know when they will be gone. Definitely would have hoarded one for myself.
bex627 : So excited I ordered my first Tula for when we go to the beach! :) can't wait for it to arrive from you! :)
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Open until 5 today. Come on by!πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ#itsybitsybums #brookside #kansascity #6213oak
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Last-minute prep for tomorrow morning. @sloomb stocking at 9am ct! Underwoolies, soakers and armwoolies. πŸ’ŒπŸ’ŒπŸ’Œ #sloomb #sbish #wool #armwoolies #itsybitsybums #fluff #fluffymail
armwoolies - fluff - fluffymail - sloomb - itsybitsybums - wool - sbish -
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Oh you know. Just taking my unicorns out for a walk. πŸ‘‰ @tulababycarriers Unicorny stocked in Standard and Toddler. 🌈🌈🌈 #itsybitsybums #tula #tulacarrer #wearallthebabies #babywearing #unicorn #unicorny
tula - unicorny - itsybitsybums - tulacarrer - babywearing - unicorn - wearallthebabies -
christiap7 : Unicorny!!!
sarapurcell : Love it! ;-)
sheilariannon : @cheynebow
butlermama : I love this! If only Abe could appreciate its cuteness...
meriah : I so need that #tula
britth4 : @birthwithoutfear
meriah - chels_donaldson - shealafileccia - kimmarshall07 -
For the squish. Isn't everything just all the more cute in miniature? πŸ‘‰ Woollybottoms slippers restocking 7pm ct tomorrow! Complete preview album on our Facebook page. πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯ #itsybitsybums #woollybottoms #newbaby #newborn #baby #clothdiapering #clothdiapers #blueberrydiapers #allinone
itsybitsybums - clothdiapering - clothdiapers - newborn - allinone - blueberrydiapers - baby - newbaby - woollybottoms -
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Pretty pretties. πŸ‘‰ From Blueberry - Maui and Paisley - pictured here in their Simplex One-Size All-in-One style. Also available in Covers. Pockets coming soon. 🐬🐬🐬 #ibbrecs #simplex #madeintheusa #onesizediaper #allinone #clothdiapering #clothdiapers #itsybitsybums #blueberrydiapers
onesizediaper - madeintheusa - itsybitsybums - clothdiapering - clothdiapers - allinone - simplex - blueberrydiapers - ibbrecs -
earlkatie : Omg so beautiful! Do you ship to APO?!
maxwell_designs : πŸ’™
zkranch : Love the paisley! How much??? And what's the All in one? Not a pocket diaper?
ashley_marie_shelton : 😍😍
itsybitsybums : @earlkatie we do. Free on orders $35+
itsybitsybums : @zkranch an All-in-One means the insert is attached (versus a pocket style where you restuff each time). Loads more pros/cons and info on our website, by type. The OS Simplex is $25.95.
itsybitsybums : @sarapurcell 😊
sarapurcell : Hehehe. I love!
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#cardinals #chewbeads #itsybitsybums
chewbeads - itsybitsybums - cardinals -
5remsbergs : No!!
5remsbergs : 😜😜
sarapurcell : Yes!!#
unforgettaballs - sole_champs -
#royals #itsybitsybums #chewbeads
chewbeads - itsybitsybums - royals -
5remsbergs : Love them!
itsybitsybums - sole_champs - 5remsbergs - petersonboys -
What we are just so excited about this afternoon. Tots Bots One-Size All-in-Ones. πŸ‘‰ Easy to use. Durable hook&loop. All around fantastic! Oh, and crazy cute. 😎😎😎 #ibbrecs #totsbots #allinone #clothdiapering #clothdiapers #fluffymail #fluff #onesizediaper #itsybitsybums
onesizediaper - fluff - itsybitsybums - clothdiapering - clothdiapers - fluffymail - allinone - totsbots - ibbrecs -
itsybitsybums : @alexscoville fab, thanks for your order. 😊
itsybitsybums : @lilmarmama thanks for your order! 😊
beckmommy : No snaps?
itsybitsybums : @beckmommy so few people opted for the snapping option when they offered it on the V3 style that they didn't bring back with the rollout of V4.
beckmommy : What??? This is devastating!! I love my minky easyfits and have been wanting to purchase a few more. I only like snaps though! Boooo!!
itsybitsybums : @beckmommy shoot, sorry.
ecase42 : @myownskye
myownskye : Yes! So pretty!
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Tots Bots have arrived!!!!!! Stocking today at 5pm central. πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™† #itsybitsybums #clothdiapers #clothdiapering #fluff #fluffymail #totsbots #allinone #ibbrecs
fluff - itsybitsybums - clothdiapering - youhearditherefirst - clothdiapers - fluffymail - allinone - totsbots - ibbrecs -
raisingthomas : Omg omg !!!
megan61910 : OMG OMG
itsybitsybums : @raisingthomas @megan61910 right!!! Pretty sure the DHL guy thinks I'm bonkers but I don't mind. 😎
muggletrixie : Got mine :) and a poppy fields too :)
itsybitsybums : @muggletrixie thanks for your order! 😘 some great fluff headed your way!
muggletrixie : @itsybitsybums gotta support my fav kc store :) (and apparently seek help for my diaper addiction) although supper excited to try the bamboo cotton tb's!
itsybitsybums : @muggletrixie appreciate it. 😊 and, #youhearditherefirst we are starting a club for addicts. Details to come next month!
muggletrixie : Oh lord. Just what I need. :)
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Here at #6213oak 😊😊😊 #itsybitsybums #kansascity #brookside
6213oak - brookside - kansascity - itsybitsybums -
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Newest Green Toys have arrived! $12.99. Light for small hands. Made in the USA. So darn charming! Choose from: Pig, Elephant and Frog. 🐷🐷🐷 #itsybitsybums #ibbrecs #madeintheusa #greentoys #newbaby
newbaby - greentoys - madeintheusa - itsybitsybums - ibbrecs -
coppersiegel : Cuuuute!
brandalionsboutique : That looks like a turtle... Did you mean turtle?
itsybitsybums : @brandalionsboutique oh gosh, you can tell how tired we all are here today! We've all been calling him a frog today! 🐸
brandalionsboutique : Is love to see a frog though!
brandalionsboutique : I'd
cassharwood21 - united50 - kmdavey11 - ajtrout -
Tula Rainbow Gems! Stocking tonight at 7pm ct. πŸŽπŸŠπŸ‹πŸπŸ’™ #itsybitsybums #tula #wearallthebabies #ssc #carrier #babywearing #kansascity #brookside
tula - kansascity - itsybitsybums - brookside - wearallthebabies - babywearing - carrier - ssc -
gypsyjedi : Oh my! Its gorgeous!
oh_miss_jackie : Gah OMG!
super_brook : So perfect! This is the one that will finally get me to but a Tula after debating for months. So excited for 7.
amkempflo : Someone hurry and buy my boba listed on clothdiaper trader!!!!
aggieinsta - rockingreennz - oh_terry - caterenfro -
Hello Softbums! Newest release contained safely within. Reveal on the 16th! PS. They are FAB! πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹ #itsybitsybums #softbums #clothdiapering #clothdiapers #fluffymail #fluff #allintwo #madeintheusa #pocket #jcrewaddict
fluff - madeintheusa - itsybitsybums - clothdiapering - clothdiapers - pocket - fluffymail - allintwo - jcrewaddict - softbums -
meaghanblood : Yay!
amkempflo : Gray? There are gray diapers showing up everywhere !
regina03072010 : Could you post a comparison with riptide and puddle?
itsybitsybums : @regina03072010 posted! 🎈
itsybitsybums : @meaghanblood always anxious to hear if you loved. Thoughts?
itsybitsybums : @amkempflo good guess! I was wintering myself if they might do a grey.
regina03072010 : Thank you (:
meaghanblood : @itsybitsybums haha I feel so honored now! :) yes, I LOVE puddle! So much better than owls/aliens! Ha! I'm planning my next field trip down to see y'all and buy a couple!
christelelliott - one2onek - lauralew83 - meghpen -
Need a cloth-safe rash cream that will survive hot summer days in the diaper bag? Look no further! CJ's BUTTer Spritz ready and waiting. β˜€οΈβ˜€οΈβ˜€οΈ #itsybitsybums #ibbrecs #cjsbutter #clothdiapering #clothdiapers #baby #diaperbag
itsybitsybums - clothdiapering - baby - cjsbutter - clothdiapers - diaperbag - ibbrecs -
autumnmichael : A must-have for me!
heatherjamison18 : The spritz is my favorite!
a_byrne8 : Love the spritz too!
strawberrysunshinediapers : Coconut lime dream is my favorite!
wishingwillowmetalarts - kabirdwell - hallie.c - sarapurcell -
So many toys perfect for your busy bee. 🐝🐝🐝 #itsybitsybums #kansascity #brookside #newborn #newbabygifts
newborn - brookside - kansascity - itsybitsybums - newbabygifts -
lamamadecharlotte : What is that? I can't read the print. I want one of those balls
itsybitsybums : @lamamadecharlotte they are from 'rubabu.' Great sensory toys!!
lamamadecharlotte : Thanks!! I will check out your website. I'm not local but I love your store! I'm glad your not local or I would go broke hahaha!
stephensbd21 - lauralew83 - oh_terry - tashebobaby -
Poppy Fields fitteds. Stocking at 6pm ct today! πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ #itsybitsybums #bamboosquishygoodness #fitted #clothdiapering #clothdiapers #fluffymail #fluff #poppyfields
poppyfields - fluff - itsybitsybums - clothdiapering - clothdiapers - bamboosquishygoodness - fluffymail - fitted -
lindseyjo84 : I can't see them. Have they already been posted??
itsybitsybums : @lindseyjo84 did you find them?
jennifer_geyer - codyz_mommy - ashleighlynne - andyinalaska -
JJB coin purse, Pick Your Print! Free with your Ju-Ju-Be purchase of $50 or more. Through Monday, 6/9. πŸ‘‰ Link to claim yours on our homepage. πŸ‘―πŸ‘―πŸ‘― #momstyle #jujube #diaperbag #itsybitsybums #gwp
momstyle - jujube - itsybitsybums - diaperbag - gwp -
kamillepaden : @korbyndanae πŸ‘Œ
jennifer_geyer - zuzu46 - oh_terry - thaliasstyleguide -
Happy National Donut Day! How about a Pebble rattle to top it off? 🍩🍩🍩 #donutday #rattle #pebble #itsybitsybums #fairtrade #glutenfree
fairtrade - itsybitsybums - glutenfree - rattle - donutday - pebble -
kahiniwalla : Lovin' it! #fatfree @samanthamorshed
sassysport : These are so cute🍩🍩🍩
catedinsmore - wildorchidbaby - katieh1230 - tabbarrett -
The meeting of the loves. @tulababycarriers Summer Love!! Stocked and ready to ship in Standard and Toddler sizes. β˜€οΈβ˜€οΈβ˜€οΈ #itsybitsybums #ibbrecs #tula #tulalove #wearallthebabies #babycarriers #babywearing #brookside #momstyle
tula - itsybitsybums - momstyle - brookside - babycarriers - babywearing - wearallthebabies - tulalove - ibbrecs -
alisonguevara1 : @lizzieo099
sarahm808 : Love this print!!!
cjee1073 - toorahloo - emilysarmo - thaliasstyleguide -
@jujube_intl Sea Amo! Print placement album up on Facebook now. Stocking on the website at 7pm ct. 🐠🐠🐠 #itsybitsybums #jujube #seamo #toki #tokidoki #diaperbag
tokidoki - itsybitsybums - jujube - toki - seamo - diaperbag -
lorenagalligan - quinn_lana - songkaili - motherchaos -
By @itsybitsybums "This. Just. Happened. Will be up on the website later tonight!! πŸ‘―πŸ‘―πŸ‘― #itsybitsybums #sloomb #sbish #fitted" via @PhotoRepost_app
sbish - sloomb - fitted - itsybitsybums -
thebottomlinenz : Gorgeous!
perfectpoppet : love these :-)
nappyheaven - canuckjacq - allthingsperiods101 - nappyneedz -
This. Just. Happened. Will be up on the website later tonight!! πŸ‘―πŸ‘―πŸ‘― #itsybitsybums #sloomb #sbish #fitted
sbish - sloomb - fitted - itsybitsybums -
sloomb : πŸ’žπŸ’ž
meganmbost : I'm about to make my potty trained child start wearing diapers again. These are beautiful!
earlkatie : Omg!!!
sagnolin : Stunning! Love dandelions!
tzweier : So...pretty... #doineedmorediapers
mrsladygen : I so don't need more diapers... but I love love love these combos and would totally gift them for a shower!
sarapurcell : @jenzymeenaz
sarapurcell : @meganmbost I almost just snorted out loud as a work meeting, lol.
codyz_mommy - lowkey_jeff - sarapurcell - jackandthebean13 -
View from above. ☺️☺️☺️ #itsybitsybums #clothdiapering #clothdiapers #fluffymail #fluff #kansascity #brookside #jujube
kansascity - itsybitsybums - clothdiapering - brookside - clothdiapers - fluff - fluffymail - jujube -
zoeorganics : 😍
kelly_k2 : I would go broke in your store. 😍
kmaxfield : It's like Heaven β˜πŸ™
sarapurcell : @jenzymeenaz
catiebug241125 - alyy_nguyen - kyliepec - bee -
Teeny diapers are just the sweetest. Loads of newborn options ready for your new squish! 🐣🐣🐣 #itsybitsybums #clothdiapering #clothdiapers #fluff #newbabygifts #newborn #bottombumpers #peachygreen #sloomb #sbish #grovia
fluff - grovia - itsybitsybums - clothdiapering - clothdiapers - newborn - bottombumpers - sloomb - sbish - peachygreen - newbabygifts -
itsybitsybums : @britth4 it is one of the new prints from Bottombumpers. 😊 You are seeing the H&L style here.
shaeisdope : I'm new to the cloth diapers, actually we had just finalized our decision to use them (: Now I'm just learning the different types and what will fit our needs.
britth4 : @shaeisdope oooh exciting! Lots to learn, and so so many options!! You'll love it :)
itsybitsybums : @shaeisdope fantastic! Welcome. Have you had a chance to check out our website? And how old is your little one?
shaeisdope : I'm 20 weeks, I''ll be starting out ny first child with them (: and once I'm off work I'll check out the website.
shaeisdope : @britth4 I'm super excited!
itsybitsybums : @shaeisdope fantastic! Congratulations. 😊
shaeisdope : Thank you doll.
chelseatarte - trish4pics - amycaulfield - bowsandbees -
Riptide! πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„ #itsybitsybums #applecheeks #applecheeksdipes #allintwo #pocket #madeincanada #letitriptide
applecheeksdipes - pocket - applecheeks - letitriptide - itsybitsybums - allintwo - madeincanada -
keltwister : Beautiful!
bharris81 : I feel like I "need" this!
directorjewels : Love love love love love!
monicardrake : We love it here!!!
cara_mcmillan : I love mine!!! It's the kind of color that makes you happy just looking at it!
allishih - andyinalaska - sarapurcell - bananatomic -
bumGenius sitting pretty. 😁😁😁 #itsybitsybums #clothdiapering #clothdiapers #bumgenius #fluffymail #fluff #allinone #pocket #albert
fluff - itsybitsybums - clothdiapering - clothdiapers - albert - bumgenius - pocket - fluffymail - allinone -
vivalacloth - meghawd - angieedee - katieh1230 -
By request. Tula 'Tulips' action shot. Available in Toddler. 🌷🌷🌷 #itsybitsybums #tula #tulalove #wearallthebabies #ibbrecs #momstyle
tula - itsybitsybums - momstyle - ibbrecs - tulalove - wearallthebabies -
jaugustin28 : @blessedwith8 I NEED THIS!
blessedwith8 : @jaugustin28 lets get it
monicardrake : Dang, I'd need standard (which I believe a friend just purchased...)! However, in planning mode, teal suck pads and pimped out canvas hood makeover would pull out that fantastic blue!
itsybitsybums : @monicardrake after I took this shot we found a Std! So there is one on the website now. 😊
itsybitsybums : @monicardrake ps. Yes! Sounds lovely! Can't wait to see it come together!
janaleedally - tashebobaby - elephantgrace - alanahtripp -
Armadillos are filling our store! Online and in-store. 🌡🌡🌡 #itsybitsybums #clothdiapering #clothdiapers #fluffymail #fluff #bumgenius #pocket #allinone
bumgenius - itsybitsybums - clothdiapering - clothdiapers - fluff - pocket - fluffymail - allinone -
itsybitsybums : Thanks for your order @lilmarmama 😘
itsybitsybums : @ducky_faith the Flips are still on preorder. No ETA yet.
kelly_k2 : @rvandy I think I need one of these!
ape0110 : It's a used one from a Facebook Buy/sell/trade group. I think I just need to play with the inserts a little and it'll be good. πŸ˜ƒ
itsybitsybums : @ape0110 you should email AC. Their customer service lady is fab and can help troubleshoot.
rvandy : @kelly_k2 yes you do!
mlemarie : @melissaworley gray bum genius!!
ape0110 : Thanks for the heads up. I appreciate it.
angieedee - mommabeartoemmylou - oh_terry - alanahtripp -
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