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So I'd say Life in Color was a success. ๐Ÿ˜ #SOMUCHPAINT #itstungalittle
somuchpaint - itstungalittle -
klsicooks : My pretty best friends ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
jackkierae : @klsicooks ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜ we didn't take pictures with the powerpuff girls! ๐Ÿ˜’
klsicooks : I knowww ๐Ÿ˜” I kept trying to find you guys but I couldn't
theonlyrealchrisrock - bbcantseeme - jackieinspace - jesusmena___ -
When I was at the Anderson farms with the family it was fun but I got stung by a wasp at the end haha #itstungalittle #fundaytho
itstungalittle - fundaytho -
jaden_smithmtsfts : Kik me kennyfresh23
morganheil13 : I have snapchat not kik
morganheil13 : @jaden_smithmtsfts
jaden_smithmtsfts : Ok
morganheil13 - samantha_robledo - bearcats21 - thick_nd_lonely -
#bfftattoos #rod #rideordie #norrgrets #itstungalittle
rideordie - rod - norrgrets - bfftattoos - itstungalittle -
meganlaurey : Yeah.... I'm jealous... I'm going to need matching tattoos with you now. @k4cinicole
k4cinicole : We tried to see if you wanted to come to SA with us
vero_the_sparrow - paintedredd - bunnyrocks - mrsgraham822 -
So this is coming in nicely.... ๐Ÿ˜ณโšฝ๏ธ #SoccerBallMark #BruisingNicely #WarWounds #ItStungALittle #IStillScoredThough #CantStopWontStop
bruisingnicely - warwounds - itstungalittle - istillscoredthough - cantstopwontstop - soccerballmark -
kmacneil1 : That's pretty!
dmm225 : Ouch
chegoff - mrsteotonio - lkssully15 - labbruzzi12 -
That moment when chestnut gives you a high five. #HeGotBigAssHsands #ItStungALittle #Ow
ow - itstungalittle - hegotbigasshsands -
taylorgobert - mitch_mullins22 - hayleycooper24 - chest_nutz -
I almost caught on fire guys. My life flashed before my eyes. ๐Ÿ™Ž๐Ÿ”ฅ #HahaALittleSparkFlewMyWay #IGuessICantWearThisTopAnymore #ItStungAlittle #IllBeOkDontWorry #Murica #BeSafe
besafe - murica - hahaalittlesparkflewmyway - itstungalittle - illbeokdontworry - iguessicantwearthistopanymore -
kimmiecakes247 : Quit smoking crack
heyucloud : Crack makes the fireworks look better @kimmiecakes247 haha
jaji87 - simplyurs75 - _mona_q - ashleydlight -
#Stretching #NextStep #6Guage #ItstungALittle #Cruising
nextstep - stretching - cruising - 6guage - itstungalittle -
the_real_pocahontas_ : Don't mess up this time!! Lol
eyecanonlybefe : @phillycakess88 I'm not .... I get si excited for the next stage . . But I'm gonna wait. I Googled some nasty fuckery
the_real_pocahontas_ : Haha oh ok...eeewww I don't wanna know :-/ lol
piercingsbyriley : How's your tragus doing?! And yay for stretching! Be careful :)
eyecanonlybefe : @piercingsbyriley it's okay ... it's was hurting for a while and I didn't know why ... it was my headset at work.. so I took that off and now its getting better .. of course I shall be careful.. no rushing!!
renferno20 - _shv_chel - miacvalenzuela - http.reid -
Nice and Slow // Max Frost ๐ŸŽถ || inspired by a picture i saw somewhere on the internet. My eyes are so dark brown, it's almost black. โ•ฎ(๏ฟฃโ–ฝ๏ฟฃ)โ•ญ #facepaint #closeup #wannabe #itstungalittle #iusednormalpaint #coolerthanyou #justkidding #inassahclan
inassahclan - facepaint - itstungalittle - coolerthanyou - closeup - iusednormalpaint - justkidding - wannabe -
syafiqqsuhaili : I nak tanya you something, got wechat?
sofiahassani : @syafiqqsuhaili ade. >> sofiahassani
aidynazim : Awesome gila!
sofiahassani : @aidynazim haha thank you! :)
qatrunada_ : AWESOME!!
sofiahassani : @shx_wxld thanks :)
qatrunada_ : Adore yaa. May i have a followback?๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ˜‚
sofiahassani : @shx_wxld thanks :) Sure
haniezaty - nfrhnis -
Dat Doctor Who tattoo. #doctorwho #Whovian #tattoo #lesbian #firsttattoo #itstungalittle
tattoo - firsttattoo - whovian - itstungalittle - doctorwho - lesbian -
glidedunicorn : I love it!!
sarasuewalton : Dang guuurl!! The detail is awesome!
_.tothemoondarling._ - creepybud - sarasuewalton - bodyartexpo -
just a reminder that I'm fine being exactly who I am. thank you, @tylerknott #blvdtattoo #itstungalittle #tylerknott #typewriterseries #foreverinink
blvdtattoo - tylerknott - foreverinink - typewriterseries - itstungalittle -
tylerknott : So. Rad.
ktata1225 : @tylerknott I have 6 tattoos and it is my favorite. hands down.
ktata1225 : @tylerknott i don't want to pull a Van Gogh for a print. I'm kind of attached to it. :)
ktata1225 : @gwendolyngraves ^^^
gwendolyngraves : @ktata1225 I love it!!!!!
ktata1225 : @gwendolyngraves thank you! looks crooked in the pic but that's just the way it curved around when my arm was flexed.
megsamillie - photopoetry - robydie - ria_rra -
My first Flu Shot, gettin it wasn't really that bad but hope I don't get any bad symptoms from it later. :/ Arm jus a lil sore right now though. #PrayingToGodIDontGetTheFluOrSymptomsLikeIt #FluShot #BandAid #ItStungALittle #HateNeedlesThough #MyArmsStillSoreRightAboutNow #StayinOnTheSafeSide #StayinPositive
stayinonthesafeside - prayingtogodidontgetthefluorsymptomslikeit - itstungalittle - myarmsstillsorerightaboutnow - flushot - bandaid - hateneedlesthough - stayinpositive -
carolinagirl_18 -
Now my left hand is also tattooed. I'll never be able to get a respectable job! Guess I'll just stick with awesome ones instead. #tattoos #bprd #hellboy #itstungalittle
bprd - tattoos - hellboy - itstungalittle -
orion_neos - comatoasted - happymonkeyshoes - bsykes9989 -
So there's uneven concrete or something under the beach vball courts at uci. #didntevencry #itstungalittle
itstungalittle - didntevencry -
xhawaiiixx : Gg
kellyyygirl - parkdeborah - ayeeekaaate - xhawaiiixx -
@sowle19 hit me with the #superslapper6000 #ouch #itstungalittle
itstungalittle - ouch - superslapper6000 -
aunt_apple : WTH
shelby6186 : It hurt so good.
aunt_apple : There is something wrong with y'all lol.
shelby6186 : Nah son.
deanna_sowle : You have no idea.... @aunt_apple
klipcaman : You all need a chaperone next time. @shelby6186 @sowle19
misspaigejordan : I feel sorry for Deanna . . @dlemley @sowle19 @shelby6186
shelby6186 : We were super awesome. @misspaigejordan @klipcaman @aunt_apple
austinr91 - deanna_sowle - klipcaman -
No tears...a hug and kiss goodbye. #itstungalittle
itstungalittle -
mvrhodes3 : I wanted to ask you this morning how he did but I was afraid maybe that wasn't a good idea! #hopingyouwouldntcry
smcrae628 - andieleemcrae - chasmcrae9 - mvrhodes3 -
First hole put in sock via skating #ItStungALittle #IGoHard #SkatingProbs
itstungalittle - skatingprobs - igohard -
aletejada - gcumms15 - houserunner - lucymegan__ -
One morning, @megs315 and I were running late for work, so we did #creativehair and then @crawson1 told me I looked like a #polygamist .... #itstungalittle #whatarefriendsat #whowantstobeasisterwife #polygamisttwist
pitchslap - twistslap - polygamisttwist - whowantstobeasisterwife - polygamist - whatarefriendsat - itstungalittle - creativehair -
sherra67 : @crawson1 that was like a #pitchslap but it was a #twistslap
mlcoates - crawson1 - sontaranguyen - itsacalling -
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