Sons are a blessing. Especially mine !! 😘 #itsmommyslife#myboys#myworld
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The baby is sleeping.... BuahahaπŸ˜ˆπŸ‘Œ #cremebrule #wine #itsmommyslife
cremebrule - itsmommyslife - wine -
chasingcolourfull : Yuuuummmmmmyyyyy!!
juliaarizona : Oh yaaaaaaaaas
federicadesandro - chasingcolourfull - grape_galore - onceuponawine_ -
Quality time with big sister #juliannaBear. #itsjudyslife #itsMommyslife @benjimanfood πŸ’ž
itsjudyslife - juliannabear - itsmommyslife -
nicolemb709 : @christinamhx LETS MAKE A MONTAGE WITH ZOEY AND TYRONE
christinamhx : OF COURSE @nicolemb709
rachel.kayyy : @dom_unique76 top right. Me everyday :P
hello_kitty10024 : Juilanna is growing up so fast
dom_unique76 : @rachel.kayyy lol
rylie_gamit : Is that julliana
rylie_gamit : I am a big fan
rylie_gamit : I love your videos
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I introduce to you ITSJUDYSLIFE!!!! This week's family vloggers!!! #itsjudyslife #itsjudytime #judy #benjimanfoodtv #benji #Julianna #food #organic #kiera #myiabear #myia #kierabear #juliannabear #rhino #nommy #dood #filipino #Japanese #babies #twins #itsmommyslife #youtube #youtubers #family #familyvloggers #vlogs #vloggers
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99.98k : Enter my account giveaway maybe?
vip_vegas : Amazing!
youtube_queen101 : @vip_vegas thank youπŸ˜„
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Mi vida!! <3 #baby #itsmommyslife #loveyou
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Driving Miss MK. #miyabear #keirabear #twins #itsmommyslife @benjimanfood
keirabear - miyabear - twins - itsmommyslife -
naina_horan : too cute can't handle the cuteness OMG 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
atetchi : 😍😍😍😘😘😘
masuhh : @stacey_da_queen looks similar to the jacket and hat I got javy
stillycaitlin : There birthday is a day before mine
hartlove7 : 😘
xoangi3 : My birthday is march 7❀❀ @stillycaitlin
fatimazahra.bh : Omg they look like old Russian ladies πŸ˜…πŸ˜… so cuute!!
rakeira0404 : This is the first time I've seen the name Keira spelt similar to mine lol
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Me everyday πŸ˜‚
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fanpageofitsjudyslife : #jb #julianna #juliannabear #juliannatravis #jbear
fanpageofitsjudyslife : #itsjudyslife #itsmommyslife #itsjudytime #benjimanfood #benjimantv
fanpageofitsjudyslife : @itsjudytime @benjimanfood #cute #toddler #summerbody #fitness
ohhnaancy_ : @genesisbolanos πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
madisongordondietplan : Nice pic!
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Last spring with JB. She amazes me every single day and is an instant pick me up ☺️ #juliannabear #itsmommyslife
juliannabear - itsmommyslife -
mind.ov.a.gee : @lil_ms_ruthy
mind.ov.a.gee : @brooke_avendano
166r : 😘😘
rox1995 : Judy you could try waist training ancherry 😊it's amazing
aathenaaa : @itsjudytime Judy, we would love for you to check out our collection! πŸ’œ
juju1aaa : @itsjudytime hi judy i like you and your children also i have q?how julianna learn fast since my daughter at the same age but she did not talk yat
prettymoon66 : @itsjudytime so pretty 😍
latifasaeedm1983 : JB looks so much cuter and neater here... A good haircut makes all the difference πŸ‘
bregettederlee - mariya0213 - gabby_kirby_2 - _cinndygao -
#itsjudytime #itsjudyslife #miyabear #keirabear #juliannabear #itsmommyslife
itsjudytime - keirabear - itsmommyslife - miyabear - itsjudyslife - juliannabear -
itscutiebears : such a sweet moment
crisjoyosa - yasitslyna - mouseydo - pearlypakarang -
Smiles :) #itsjudyslife #itsmommyslife
itsjudyslife - itsmommyslife -
mahnoor_imran01 : @mahnoorsaeedd ahhhh 😍😍
__rxhi : @sxdia._
rnelsin01 : like ultima na hora !
namratam11 : @samizwrld16 kitne cute hai :))
krissyferg26 : You look like such a proud mom..these are adorable pictures!
moujhijazi : @afra244
2sweet_25 : @mrs_shields4life
naoellabeauty : They are so cute angels on earth. Judy is it OK if I ask u about how do u differentiate between those cute angels
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The twins then and now ❀️ @itsjudytime @benjimanfood #itsjudyslife #itsjudytime #itsmommyslife #benjimanfood #benjimanfoodtv #greenjucie #amazing #edit #wonderful #crazyinlove #cute #babybears #lovely #stunner #stunning #heartbeat #heartbeats #heartbeatfamily #beautiful #beauty #youtube #youtubers #youtubefamily #youtubefamilys #l4l #f4f
beautiful - cute - beauty - itsmommyslife - benjimanfood - f4f - stunner - youtubefamily - heartbeatfamily - youtubefamilys - benjimanfoodtv - youtubers - itsjudytime - greenjucie - youtube - stunning - babybears - edit - amazing - wonderful - crazyinlove - heartbeat - lovely - itsjudyslife - heartbeats - l4l -
youtube_kids_never_die : F4f,please?I'm new!❀❀❀
loy1997 : Love it!
_zalfie_x.x - isthatjessiejfansxx - harielmorais - moonsmog -
advance birthday gift! #blessed #anotherlilbrat #thankyouLord #happy πŸ™ πŸ‘Ά w/ @fllzr23 #soonateyui #itsmommyslife
soonateyui - itsmommyslife - happy - thankyoulord - blessed - anotherlilbrat -
iamicelc : Congrats gurl!!!!! I'm happy for you!!!! :)))
_cmanusig : thank you gurlash!!! @iamicelc 😊
debbeedi : Congrats claude!! 😘
msmillicent_ : Omg! Congrats claude! 😘
_cmanusig : thanks @debbeedi and @msmillicent_ 😊
msmillicent_ : Nagdilang anghel ako. Hahahaha @_cmanusig
_cmanusig : alam mo yan! anghel ka daw kasi haha.. 😁
lykacornejo - iamicelc - debbeedi - joyz_ann -
Confessions with Shenron xDDDD
aerithita : ERICK ❀️
waryen : Que monada!
antipodass : Mira @Narehop
pontgirly : pa comerselo! no veas como le charloteaba al peluche...en su idioma de grititos de bebe pero vamos no se que le contaria al bicho xDDDDD @antipodass
antipodass : Le diria "sabes que mi madre es una biuti blogger? Si, yo tampoco sé que significa, pero a que mola? Ah y mi padre vuela!"
pontgirly : @antipodass :D
narehop : Que bonita foto y que criatura más simpática! Le estás enseñando buenos referentes xD
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These three products are my life right now! #Triaminic #ChildrensMotrin #GripeWater #itsmommyslife
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Tomorrow bath time w these cuties is going to be #SoMuchMore than just "bath time". I can't wait to reunite w baby bears!!!!! @benjimanfood #miyabear #keirabear #jullianabear #itsMommysLife
somuchmore - keirabear - miyabear - jullianabear - itsmommyslife -
hailey10209 : There the cutest sisters ever
sui.stigma : @no_connectivityy
jhennelove : Soooo cute
bbyblue01 : Omgsh your kids so cute love watching your channel :)
kristinemichelle0127 : Hi guys! :-)
soniayiyanko : @kelvinyeung
suratmarri : Lovely
jlynnwong : @estarkim02 where I learned the infamous eye roll
superultraroyalist - ohwhatupbay - as121_ - rabiatulmr -
Vinilo adorable recién llegado desde Soufflé Madrid, super fácil de colocar y queda genial en el cuarto de Erick junto a su medidor de altura de animalillos :) @beatrizvp #kids #kidstoys #babystuff #deco #vinyl #nursery #PonTgirly #itsmommyslife #blogger
nursery - deco - itsmommyslife - blogger - kidstoys - babystuff - kids - vinyl - pontgirly -
isa_m_rico : Que mono es
beatrizvp : @pontgirly πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ una monada!!!
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How cute is thus giant duckie?! #juliannabear #miyabear #keirabear would love this ^_^ #itsMommysLife #itsjudyslife @johnsonsbaby #SoMuchMore #partner
somuchmore - keirabear - itsmommyslife - partner - miyabear - itsjudyslife - juliannabear -
mrselizabethrichardson : @e_jay_a I can respect that. Just as a parent, it's important to know what companies put in your child's products. They (Johnsons) were completely fine with formaldehyde. Parents shouldn't support them, regardless of the fact they complied when they were made to remove it from products.
adsitemily : @mrselizabethrichardson I don't like their products either. I'm surprised they (the company) haven't become more natural at this point in the game.
mrselizabethrichardson : @e_jay_a Can I just say thank you for talking to me like a human and not attacking me for an opinion? This was the most awesome social media convo with a stranger. Lol.
adsitemily : @mrselizabethrichardson lol thanks. I'm nice, mindful, and get life. I have nothing to rip people's heads off over. :)
theverysuperrandomgirl : Looks like Judy needs to scrub adub ablop!
liemriza : Is she pregnant again?
qossiip : @liemriza no
precioushadley12 : Cute
naomi_warszaw - misshaleyann0121 - greenqueen7793 - xx.lia -
Watch JB'S latest "egg surprise" vid on #itsMommysLife ^_^ ! Http://www.youtube.com/itsmommyslife
itsmommyslife -
3a_a2mandy : Cute little girl
selena_ji_0512 : 😘😘
tinach83 : Cannot believe they are illegal in the statesπŸ˜‚ in Europe you can by them everywhere. Its crazy!!!
suratmarri : so cute n beautifull
nidhis1312 : Those chubby hands @deepalii101
lisiexoxo : @akikochaffe Juliana bear is going to be BEAUTIFUL when she gets older❀️
akikochaffe : I knowww!!! @lisiexoxo
carin_alyssa : Shes cute im telling u! @melissamartin__
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Mommy's girls <3 #Miyabear #KeiraBear #Twins #itsMommysLife @benjimanfood
keirabear - miyabear - twins - itsmommyslife -
anastasiahass : @ohh_g
zafeyro : @k8kyn cute nyerhhh
april.mk : LOL Judy you're so cute! "I love Sandra bull-lock" her name isn't pronounced that way, and idk why I found it so funny and cute, but it adds more cuteness charm to who you are if that makes sense lollll
ohh_g : @anastasiahass can't deal.
lauradenisa17 : Happy Birthday, Judy!πŸ˜˜πŸ’ŸπŸ˜πŸ’•
_fluffygirl_ : Omg Miya is so cute in this picture i love the twins so much i think they are equally as cute
cheeeekyness : Thank you so much for posting up a video on how to get your girls to sleep through the night. I used some of your tips and tried it with my 10 month old baby boy. And as a new parent, I'll take any helpful advice I see or read about. I'm happy to say that it has worked with my son and he sleeps peacefully through the night! Except he hates wet diapers, but other than that he sleeps a good 10hrsπŸ˜„ #happymommy #newparent #motherhood @itsjudytime
chome0502 : ****hiiiguys****
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#juliannabear #JB #kinder #chocolate #eggsurprise #itsmommyslife #itsjudytime #itsjudyslife #cutiebear #nommy #benjimantv #irish #filipino #japanese #toddler @itsjudytime @benjimanfood
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toddlertales : Adorable!
jojosam_ - 99lululiu - dailybumps99 - _fiqxh -
#juliannabear I just love her #bigsmile β™‘ #Julianna's2ndEggSurprise! #itsMommysLife KAWAIIII!(*☻-☻*)
julianna - bigsmile - juliannabear - itsmommyslife -
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Go check out Julianna's Egg Surprise Video #2 !! It's up on #Itsmommyslife ! I guarantee you that it is cuteness overload ! πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž
2 - itsmommyslife -
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Throwingback to the time when the Travis twins were being born. I think Benji is kinda psychic lol. #tbt #itsjudyslife #itsjudytime #vlog #baby #birth #benjiman @benjimanfood @itsjudytime #itsmommyslife #keirabear #miyabear #twins #youtuber
itsjudytime - itsmommyslife - miyabear - vlog - tbt - benjiman - keirabear - twins - birth - baby - youtuber - itsjudyslife -
gabby_shimulunas : @itsjudytime
lydiakrst : @itsjudybears
nvbeauty - leyna1093 - ljvillamor - cutesicle56 -
Yes please!!! Made these for my little guy. These are available in the shop (link in bio) Love how they turned out. #etsy #etsyshop #kidsfashion #trendykids #babyboy #babygirl #thislittlelove #organicfabric #handmade #itsMommyslife #madewithlove
babygirl - etsyshop - thislittlelove - itsmommyslife - trendykids - handmade - madewithlove - organicfabric - babyboy - etsy - kidsfashion -
this.little.love - tayloreddots_illustrations - rpliego_5 - forthehost -
My Drawing of cute JB🐻 #juliannabear #jbizzle #itsjudyslife #benjimantv #itsmommyslife @itsjudytime @itsjudytime @itsjudytime @itsjudytime
benjimantv - jbizzle - itsjudyslife - juliannabear - itsmommyslife -
mycreative_drawings : Haha I tricked u Hahaha πŸ˜‚
mycreative_drawings : @x_tayylorrr_x
x_tayylorrr_x : So what is it babe x
mycreative_drawings : @x_tayylorrr_x this girl is JB she's on YouTube daughter of @itsjudytime @benjimanfood ☺️
x_tayylorrr_x : Oh ok cool πŸ˜šπŸ’•
mycreative_drawings : Ya they daily vlog @x_tayylorrr_x if u know what that means.
x_tayylorrr_x : Yea β™‘β™ͺβ˜…
kitkat_katyatzavaras : That's not JB
faithjxwong - armien808 - jenniferlai03 - gamergirlee23 -
This happy little 🐻, #juliannabear @itsjudytime @benjimanfood on tone-tan. Hope everyone is having a nice Sunday..enjoy! #art #artporn #drawing #painting #portrait #pencil #charcoal #graphite #watercolor #instaart #nawden #artfido #mishart #jb #itsjudytime #itsmommyslife #itsjudyslife #benjimanfood #benjimantv #youtube #youtuber
itsjudytime - pencil - art - charcoal - benjimanfood - nawden - watercolor - portrait - juliannabear - benjimantv - itsmommyslife - youtube - mishart - drawing - instaart - artfido - jb - graphite - youtuber - painting - itsjudyslife - artporn -
kiamikeymaikah : @michellayye so cute I love their show. Great job
ax.dreaa : @itsjudytime @benjimanfood
michellayye : Thank you @kiamikeymaikah 😘😘😘
ruhnizzzle : @itsjudytime @benjimanfood
jl.ox : @itsjudytime @benjimanfood
lurenn : You should frame it and mail it to them! This is beautiful and would mean so much to them!
albizle : What kind of pencil?
obey.shirley : @itsjudytime @benjimanfood @itsjudystime
damajadan - obey.shirley - thebeautifulpnw - shirleykhang -
Rice all day errday! #miyabear #keirabear #twins #itsMommysLife @benjimanfood
keirabear - miyabear - twins - itsmommyslife -
c15goldberg : What a beautiful picture
zafeyro : @k8kyn due due ikut bukak mulutπŸ™Š
marsyayv : @theanagloria
sanahjhaveri : @stutijain13 please start watching them! Your baby craving will be off the hook, I promiseπŸ˜‹
pinkadilly_circus : So cute 😻
krystal.lyynn : @mskay226
5ercollab : How old are maya and Keira
5ercollab : ?
xx.lia - misshaleyann0121 - picola._ - siti_eldiani -
#Repost @itsjudytime with @repostapp.
Sailor babies who want to build a snowman #miyabear #keirabear #twins #itsMommysLife thanks for the photo Ninang Lyn!
keirabear - miyabear - itsmommyslife - twins - repost -
cococandle : @itsjudytime cutie pies ❀️❀️❀️
cococandle - faithjxwong - belandich - tara_lynnx3 -
Sailor babies who want to build a snowman #miyabear #keirabear #twins #itsMommysLife thanks for the photo Ninang Lyn!
keirabear - miyabear - twins - itsmommyslife -
sui.stigma : @no_connectivityy
angelopili : @svmuell @camryjusterine what u think bro
svmuelxjvmes : @angelopili me n u BRO
5ercollab : Cutest twins i ever seen 😍😍😍😍
_aseel_1999_ : I always watch your vlogs ,I love how u start the vlogs with gooooood morninggggg you give me so much energy,and you have the most gorgeous three girls on earth I ever seen so far. You would make me so happy if u give me a shoutout on one of your new vlogs or on insta I love u Judy β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘ @itsjudytime
_aseel_1999_ : I'm your biggest number 1 fan @itsjudytime
suratmarri : Ohhhhhhhhhh verry cute both of them
__022414_ : @loverika____ josiah n asiahs gfs
randomcuz - saranya_xo - cutestkitchen - crazypurplelover_014 -
My little ray of sunshine :) #babynoah #itsmommyslife #banditobabess15
banditobabess15 - babynoah - itsmommyslife -
enchanted_gigi - millhouse_728 - hagepage007 - nly818 -
Let's love more generously today!! That's what this store is all aboutπŸ’•The sale is on for the next few days only. Hurry over and grab these adorable leggings πŸ’•β˜οΈ(link in bio) #kidsleggings #kidsfashion #etsy #etsyshop #itsMommyslife #handmade #babygap #thislittlelove #madewithlove #organiccotton #trendykids #babyswag #fashionista #babyboy #babygirl #smallbusiness #mompreneur #lovealottoday
babygirl - smallbusiness - itsmommyslife - mompreneur - fashionista - madewithlove - kidsleggings - babyboy - babyswag - etsy - babygap - lovealottoday - etsyshop - thislittlelove - trendykids - organiccotton - handmade - kidsfashion -
newsitings : Very cool
billyannecrews : Great IG! 😊 How's it going? Check my bio....if You like it ...let's keep in touch! I look forward to your posts! πŸ˜‰
tshirtstore : :)
cherbartlett1 : Very cool!
underthecanopy : Love the work you're doing
this.little.love : Thank you @underthecanopy. I appreciate your comment. ☺️
hayley_elizabethlove - eezitec - omaromaco - refined.savage -
Recibidas nuestras primeras "sisters" de @mamisandminis Y nos encantan!!! Son adorables, calidad excelente en los materiales y confección y servicio y envio impecable. Seguro que repetiré con ellos porque los diseños que tienen son todos preciosos ;) _________________________________ #babystuff #babyshoes #sisters #mamisandminis #cute #itsmommyslife #happy #babyfashion #PonTgirly #blogger #instadaily
cute - babystuff - itsmommyslife - blogger - pontgirly - mamisandminis - sisters - instadaily - babyfashion - babyshoes - happy -
mamisandminis : Muchas gracias @pontgirly !!! Me alegro mucho de que te gusten!!! 😘😘😘
elisajal : 😍😍😍
loumycompulsion : Que chulas!
luccalbablog - vicsdago - raiola_s - zaidamateo -
Julianna's I don't want to take a photo but I'll satisfy Mommy "Cheeeeeeese!" #juliannabear #itsjudyslife #itsMommysLife
itsjudyslife - juliannabear - itsmommyslife -
ngbubble124 : Jb is getting so old I think she's ready to move out😝😚
beccamfletcher : @kirsty_j_fletcher
guldendinc : 😍😍😘😘
miss_maede : . #LETTER4U A part of supreme leader's letter to the youth in europe and north america 2015/21/01 Français: Je ne vous invite pas forcément à accepter la façon dont j'envisage l'islam ou telle conception particulière à son sujet, mais je vous incite à refuser que cette réalité dynamique et influente du monde actuel vous soit présentée au travers du filtre de desseins politiques peu louables. Ne permettez pas que les terroristes souvent issus de ces mêmes pouvoirs qui prétendent les dénoncer vous soient présentés comme étant les représentants de l'islam. Essayez de connaître l'islam à travers ses sources authentiques et de première main, à travers le Coran et la vie de son Prophète Español: Yo no insisto que acepten mi punto de vista o el de otro en el Islam, sino que les digo que esta realidad fluyente y activa en el mundo actual no os sea presentada con los objetivos contaminados. No permitáis que ostentosamente se presenten a vosotros a los terroristas empleados y mercenarios como representantes del Islam. Conozcan el Islam de las fuentes genuinas y de primera mano. Conozcan al Islam por el camino del Qoran y la vida del gran profeta del Islam English: I don’t insist that you accept my reading or any other reading of Islam. What I want to say is: Don’t allow this dynamic and effective reality in today’s world to be introduced to you through resentments and prejudices. Don’t allow them to hypocritically introduce their own recruited terrorists as representatives of Islam. Receive knowledge of Islam from its primary and original sources. Gain information about Islam through the Qur’an and the life of its great Prophet ApkMobile: http://khl.ink/letter4uapk • • • #khamenei #rahbar #khamenei_ir #supremeleader#TATTS #CNN #tomford #BBC
alyssaaaa27 : Julianna looks so big in the last 3 videos 😭😭❀️😻
oliverjay_e : @fernandezcarla This is you figuring out what you want
faddo_x : ΨͺΩ‡Ψ¨Ψ¨Ψ¨Ψ¨Ω„Ω„
ashleyxvanessa : @tedddles
callmevd - montesmitzi - saranya_xo - crazypurplelover_014 -
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