Isaiah graduated Pre-K! I am so honored that he was able to be apart of Celebration Preschool @elevatelc ! #blessed #blessedbyGod #blessedbythebest #elc #elevatelifechurch #elevatelifelc #preschoolgraduation #prekdone #isaiah #ilovehim #itreallyhappened #soexcited #gettingbig #slowdown #5yearsold #honored #love #celebration #yesreally #celebrationpreschool #awesome #awesomegod
honored - elevatelifechurch - awesome - blessed - slowdown - blessedbythebest - yesreally - prekdone - love - isaiah - 5yearsold - celebration - gettingbig - awesomegod - itreallyhappened - soexcited - preschoolgraduation - elc - celebrationpreschool - elevatelifelc - ilovehim - blessedbygod -
gabesalasjr - _julianvazquez_ - debbieblum1 - mrspiii06 -
im here!!!! we are no a #ldr 😍 i love you babe. #Lesbians #lesbiancouple #washington #soexcited #itreallyhappened
ldr - lesbiancouple - itreallyhappened - soexcited - washington - lesbians -
saralee0809 : I'm beyond happy that we are finally starting our lives together! :)
teamgreillis : Congratulations 😍😍😍
lydiagilbert_ - saralee0809 - thebrownandtheblonde - katietaylorgang -
This cute little guy is a huuuge hero!! Anyone who watches Universal movies should recognize this brave guy! Anyone who doesnt weeeeeelll..........start reading.This guy's name is Balto,the REAL Balto! Named after a man named Samuel Johannesen Balto! Much like Hachiko,this dog is hugely honored and respected.A TRUE hero! Saved plenty of lives too.Story goes that on January 1925,doctors realized that a potentially deadly diphtheria epidemic was sweeping through the young people of Nome,and the only cure was a serum that was in Seattle,Washington.The first option was a plane until they realized the engine was frozen and wouldn't start.They then resorted to a dog sled team and Balto was chosen as the head dog to lead the pack and take the medicine to Nome! :D Born on 1919 in Nome,Alaska and died on March 14,1933 at 14 years old in Cleveland,Ohio! And yes,he was part dog,part wolf.The more you know! :) #balto #therealbalto #heroicdog #historylesson #respectanimals #atruehero #truestory #halfwolfhalfdog #mixedbreed #itreallyhappened #whoknew #readmore #studythesethings #hereallylived #reallyexisted #themoreyouknow #animalhistory #respect #historylesson #interestingstory #interestinghistory #doesntgettherespecthedeserves#readmore #studythesethings
heroicdog - truestory - mixedbreed - atruehero - therealbalto - respectanimals - reallyexisted - interestinghistory - respect - hereallylived - halfwolfhalfdog - animalhistory - interestingstory - itreallyhappened - readmore - historylesson - doesntgettherespecthedeserves - whoknew - themoreyouknow - balto - studythesethings -
buttcheek_man15 - leilaricciardo - suzanatesema -
#Itreallyhappened #photography #nature #notanoriginal #birds
photography - itreallyhappened - birds - notanoriginal - nature -
texting_sam : That's cool
seththebeast10 - texting_sam - elijohnson18 - heidi_longenecker -
Got back from France late last night to have this beauty waiting for me in the mail. :D #itreallyhappened
itreallyhappened -
abe_will_wall - kimmcdorman_ - dbrodiem - andynsarah -
#truestory #itreallyhappened #gagmuch #notsoyummy #coleyisms
notsoyummy - coleyisms - itreallyhappened - truestory - gagmuch -
coley902 : @shorty_kris
shorty_kris -
I freakin did it!! I graduated high school! #classof2015 #itreallyhappened #ohmygoodness
classof2015 - itreallyhappened - ohmygoodness -
_warped_bands : Congrats!🌸 I hope you have a good year and have fun
laura_gulley - zookourp - kgbutler68 - emmalinerose7 -
Started from the bottom now we here! #LawSchoolGraduation #ItReallyHappened! πŸŽ‰πŸ’–πŸŽ“βœ¨πŸ‘
lawschoolgraduation - itreallyhappened -
fiberistanora : πŸ’™β€οΈπŸ’™β€οΈπŸŽ“πŸ’ΌπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
bimulousnights : Congrats!! Ps, gorgeous shoes! ❀🌷✨
julee_with2es - mandi.bell - wags802 - fiberistanora -
We'll take the bar seats coz i curse a lot. πŸ˜πŸ˜‘πŸ˜πŸ˜‘πŸ˜πŸ˜’πŸ˜ #itreallyhappened #notocommunalseating #ramenfordays
notocommunalseating - ramenfordays - itreallyhappened -
tonyduhh : Tbh tfti hyfr
cookworm : Best ramen out there πŸ‘πŸΌ
mb_villa : @cookworm it's πŸ’£ bruh πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
kreisingerrr - pet_friend - j_ylee - dadmatic -
#barcelona #spain #beautiful #lovemyjob #itreallyhappened #saynotokiko
beautiful - spain - itreallyhappened - lovemyjob - saynotokiko - barcelona -
eneida32 : Beautiful! !
mikeyc4711 - jkaz51465 - jiggajohn88 - nastya_bi13 -
How many does it take to tear the dog head off a girl in a dog costume while holding our business sign? Five. YUP! 1#skater punk to rip it off while 4 others wait in their SUV to save him. YUP! I went after him. Coming to a corner near you! #sexy #bikinigirls ! #hatersareourmotivators #thankyou #holla #costamesa #dogwash #spinnersunite #signspinner #marketing #advertising #LOL #itreallyhappened #ppw
holla - itreallyhappened - marketing - costamesa - spinnersunite - signspinner - lol - thankyou - ppw - advertising - skater - hatersareourmotivators - sexy - dogwash - bikinigirls -
dapperdogjerky : What?! Someone stole your mascots head!? Not cool!
barkbath : @dapperdogjerky a skater punk ripped it off my head & ran. I chased him until he threw it on the ground,(it's a $200 mascot costume) he crossed the street to where a black suv with 4 other guys were waiting at the gas station. He got in and they sped away. So basically that parked and waited for him to do that. So classy
dapperdogjerky : That's just mean!
barkbath : @dapperdogjerky I know right!??
barkbath : And was told not just mean but assault and battery.
suckmytampon78 : That's horrible ! Sorry to hear that. Come visit me soon. πŸ’†πŸΌπŸ’…πŸ»πŸ’‡πŸΌ
barkbath : @suckmytampon78 :-) okay
barkbath : @suckmytampon78 stop by and meet Jessica :-)
boxerapolo - sugata115 - beesugared - onlinelifestyle_ -
#cousins... 2000 Pioneer Day Belles... #itreallyhappened #reunitedanditfeelssogood
cousins - reunitedanditfeelssogood - itreallyhappened -
giullyanovp - obanonw - faye_ashley99 - teresa_koenig -
Officially NOT homeowners anymore and it feels so good!!! #itreallyhappened #icantbelieveit
icantbelieveit - itreallyhappened -
heatherwiest : Congratulations on selling your beautiful home. You have done an amazing job with it and I'm sure the buyers are thrilled
keriwillis : That was so fast! Congratulations!
breestevs : I'm so excited for you and your new adventure!
ktbugw82 : So happy for you!
clhimes : Oh my gosh that's great!! You guys look so happy ☺️
kimsirmans - cynthcj - lyndelbeaver - ambertip -
Today was an eventful day! Called the cops first thing in the AM and then chased a guy off my property wearing 5in wedges and a dress. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜• #goodtimes #apartmentlife #workflow #itreallyhappened #feelingpretty #feelingtough πŸ˜‚ #longday #bosslady #lovemyjob #longhair #latina #notscared #mexicana #interestingday #fortworth #texas #dontsmile
interestingday - workflow - feelingtough - notscared - goodtimes - bosslady - dontsmile - feelingpretty - apartmentlife - mexicana - itreallyhappened - fortworth - longday - latina - lovemyjob - longhair - texas -
ig_selfie_nation : Nice
jennwith2nns : You mam deserve a beer! Lol
cgonzalez2785 : @jennwith2nns lol! Tell me about it πŸ˜‚ I finally had a couple yday!
raquelgreergordian - alinasfashionfile - biglatinhomie - alex_caudillo22 -
They skipped the best history when I was in school #history #wildlife #jeeps #itreallyhappened #rhinos #yourmom
wildlife - history - itreallyhappened - rhinos - jeeps - yourmom -
lauraelizabeth16 : πŸ˜‚#yourmom
larswitberg - lauraelizabeth16 - orangehunchback -
Still can't believe I got this hand yesterday. #texasholdem #royalflush #spanishclass #itreallyhappened
real - texasholdem - spanishclass - itreallyhappened - royalflush -
cyrus976 : #staged
mjg7997 : #real @cyrus976
cyrus976 : Some people must suck at shuffling.....
mjg7997 : You're just jealous @cyrus976
cyrus976 : Little bit πŸ˜₯
estevanbaca - _18wheeler_ - cyrus976 - _daniel21_gtz -
Just received from a friend. #twins #china #onstage #itreallyhappened
china - twins - itreallyhappened - onstage -
dpbiljan : This made my day!
lem_onade9 : Live performance on Thursday night at the Bertram! πŸ˜„
jkrobmn : @lem_onade9 promise you won't start it in the middle and cut us off after 1 minute?
lem_onade9 : @jkrobmn I can not make such promise.. I'll try my hardest! Lol
jkrobmn : @lem_onade9 hope would be nice to get to do the whole song at least once! πŸ˜€
maria__mari__mari : It was so coolπŸ‘πŸ˜„
jkrobmn : @maria__mari__mari thank you so much! πŸ˜€
bailey101788 - anatoliy_demchuk - mashulyakul - maria__mari__mari -
#carpenterphotos #itreallyhappened
carpenterphotos - itreallyhappened -
deadshot5 : Ninja on his tongue.
noah_carpenter : @deadshot5 πŸ˜‚ its actually the fist pump from the breakfast club. But its hard to see so what ever floats you boat. β›΅
deadshot5 : Oh! Great movie.
stephenr25 - sk8awn970 - ashleegammon - keeganmanning -
Wearing my tee just because 😜 Let's hope the day won't be too bad, sleep well and bonne journée #mrs #justbecause #itreallyhappened #newlyweds #morning #offtowork
offtowork - itreallyhappened - justbecause - mrs - morning - newlyweds -
audrajenn : So cute!!
brooklynnsss : Dont know if I said it but : Congrats!! :)
summerbreezishome : @brooklynnsss oh 😁😁😁 Thank you darling 😘😘😘
summerbreezishome : @audrajenn thank you πŸ˜€πŸ˜˜
coleworlld : & I need this!!!
robin.ramsey.c - fdettmer - salvagedstyle101 - thislittlehouseofmine -
#timehop we love Miley Cyrus #concert a #yearAgo #WeWillMeetAgainSoon #SheWinkedAtMe πŸ˜‰ #NoLie #ItReallyHappened #stairCase #NorthStation #memories #sisters #weCrazyyyyMon
nolie - timehop - concert - staircase - memories - shewinkedatme - wecrazyyyymon - itreallyhappened - sisters - wewillmeetagainsoon - northstation - yearago -
pmshifted - stikybomb - u_mirin_gurl - thespi22 -
Last night had me like πŸ‘―πŸ”πŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ»πŸŽ‰πŸ‘‹πŸ½πŸ’Έ @livvmatthews #makeitrain #itreallyhappened #20dollarsricher #mysnapchatstoryishilarious
mysnapchatstoryishilarious - 20dollarsricher - itreallyhappened - makeitrain -
livvmatthews : Dancing queens
jadaakissss - shpresamati - erin_kennedyyy -
I'm not ready to leave Glasgow yet but here I am at the airport waiting for my flight. It's been a crazy and fun couple of days that I won't forget in a hurry. Thanks to Twin and everyone I met on this tour. It's been truly special. "Nothing gets better than memories when all you have are memories for friends..." πŸ’– #Glasgow #Scotland #twinatlanticontour #twinfamontour #Airport #homewardbound #sad #happy #memories #itreallyhappened
itreallyhappened - memories - twinfamontour - scotland - sad - airport - homewardbound - twinatlanticontour - glasgow - happy -
am_i_ever_worth_the_wait : You almost made me cry😒 I nearly cried when I watched the Crashland video I filmed
_bodyofmyown_ - impisheye - whole_child_ago - juicywardrobe -
Yoooo me and @kirstie_kirst got tipsy at MHR tonight 😳 #ItReallyHappened #06Extreme #RideOrDie
rideordie - itreallyhappened - 06extreme -
dey_rick : :(
theotherjacobdavis : @dey_rick it would have been wild with you there bro lol
kaylamarieeeeee : So jealous
loveleii10 : Dammit
kuzyy - loveleii10 - risadeee - kirstie_kirst -
Oh Palos verdes πŸ’š #widn is looking at pictures and watching #Arrow β–ͺ I tag @lauriescardina and @mymindondecorating if you'd like to share #tbs #palosverdes #view #perfectsky #californie #california #landscape #theoc #itreallyhappened #teamtravel #picoftheday #photodujour #nofilterneeded
pelerinage - tbs - socaltravel - californie - californialove - california - photodujour - perfectsky - palosverdes - westcoast - landscape - teamtravel - forevertheoc - itreallyhappened - nofilterneeded - widn - splendide - picoftheday - stunning - perfectview - vuedeouf - arrow - newportbeach - theoc - view -
summerbreezishome : Not at all, on the contrary ❀
summerbreezishome : @peoniesandtumbleweedsblog 😘😘
dg825 : WOW!!! πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›
honeynhydrangea : It is gorgeous!!
sheleavesalittlesparkle : This is sooooo pretty! And we love Arrow!
come_on_in_interiors_bymelissa : Gorgeous!
luchandler : 😍
summerbreezishome : @dg825 @come_on_in_interiors_bymelissa @luchandler @sheleavesalittlesparkle @honeynhydrangea oh thank you sweet ladies πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›
soulscripts - honeynhydrangea - healthy_happy_sexy - kristin.gonzalez.a -
Josiah's new do! I can't believe I cut it but he looks so handsome! #mainstreetbarbershop #firsthaircut #overdue #ilovehim #sillyboy #toocute #honored #handsomeboy #combover #itreallyhappened #sad #18months #love #lovehim #lovehisface #cutebaby #hishair #shorthair #josiah #jj #instacollage
lovehisface - honored - jj - love - cutebaby - sad - hishair - mainstreetbarbershop - firsthaircut - shorthair - lovehim - sillyboy - toocute - itreallyhappened - josiah - instacollage - 18months - combover - ilovehim - handsomeboy - overdue -
teamjenessa : @ntijerina05 @salp87 are you happy!?! Ganging up on me! His beautiful hair 😩 gone! 😒
svallejo0307 : Awwww you cut his beautiful hair. I still love it though. πŸ‘πŸΌ
karely_avocado : Oh my god!!!!!!! No!! It does look cute though... I guess.
maielise : @teamjenessa awwww! So cute! Also he looks older 😒 but super handsome!
nanaevie20 : Aawww I LOVE it!! Cutie pie!
gammareyes04 : He does look older but very handsome
jakenazareth : πŸ‘Œ
teamjenessa : Thanks @jakenazareth πŸ˜†
wperez14 - mrspiii06 - noturavggirltx - seniorportraitsaustin -
When you are shooting and a guy walks by with his pet snake? You absolutely take pictures with it. #itreallyhappened #imnotkidding #hisnameisgarfield @therussiandoll_ @makeupby_kseniya @officiallyquigley
itreallyhappened - hisnameisgarfield - imnotkidding -
tinamichellecountry : #fearless
sarahgrace303 : Ha! Beautiful, yet fierce. Great work!
makeupby_kseniya : Omggggg this is amaZing !!
marlliin_duran : Lovely
_anasteisha__k - islandstyle59bus - jasminlesiw -
Actual picture of me punching a shark #notphotoshopped #itreallyhappened
itreallyhappened - notphotoshopped -
madisonn619 : Omg
rae_buzzell - emilou_baker - madelcarlson - 4miais -
Graduated today! It's been a long journey but so thankful to have my family and friends there to see me finish :) #itreallyhappened #doesntseemrealyet #lovethisgirl #wellbematurenextyear #lol
lovethisgirl - itreallyhappened - lol - doesntseemrealyet - wellbematurenextyear -
stevicaviness : Congrats!!! I'm so proud of you kelsie!
cindymurphy : Congratulations!! So thankful and so proud of you!!
kelseylogantilley : I love that hashtag #wellbematurenextyear yall are hilarious
katiejoycrease - s_s_china - 10_berty - hayley_xann -
Me and my #girlfriend made #homemade #camaronesaladiabla #riceandbeans #chilli #cincodemayo #mexicanindependenceday #itreallyhappened on #september16th
chilli - itreallyhappened - cincodemayo - camaronesaladiabla - homemade - riceandbeans - girlfriend - september16th - mexicanindependenceday -
inez.velasco : Lol ur hashtags
daveenasmommy12 : Dam looks bomb
voidhead_ : I'll bring some tomorrow! We can share it! @cxffin.eyes πŸ˜„πŸ˜‹
voidhead_ : Funny aren't they lol @inez.velasco
voidhead_ : It wasπŸ’˜ @daveenasmommy12
daveenasmommy12 : Miss you college buddy
cxffin.eyes : Lol no it's okay xD I am now a plant organism and I make my food via photosynthesis
voidhead_ : Miss you too! Hopefully we have a class next semester!!! @daveenasmommy12
wzrd.howl - nailsbysusana - inez.velasco - nayelymanrique -
D STORY OF STOLEN PHONES!! Once upon a time, a girl (lets call her Cleopatra) and her kid sister (Marie Antoinette) went to the movie with friends. After the movie while walking back to the car, the younger sister got a phone call. The Cleopatra heard some running footsteps, when she turns to see if it was one of our friends, she seen a guy jumping on the MA, on her back. Takes her phone and the C. starts laughing thinking, still, that it's a friend. The guy yells "Give me your phone or I'll kill you" Cleopatra still laughing kept walking to the car... It's not until the MA yells "GIVE HIM YOU PHONE!!!!!!" That she gets what's happening. She does and the guy leaves, running. Cleo says to MA, " I just bought those phones... Marie, get in the car I'm going to follow him" They get in the car and start the pursuit... (Which didn't last long because the Rangers of the Mall had already stopped him because they saw him running in the parking lot.) Cleo started yelling at the Rangers that, that guy had just stolen our phones!!! The guy takes that opportunity to make another run. But one of the Rangers tackle him to the pavement. Fast forward to the public viewing of the case!!! Cleopatra and Marie Antoinette notice in the back of one of the benches the name of a guy (they don't know) that lives near them. THE END!!! PS. They got their phones back.
bored - stories - itreallyhappened -
nessaeni : #stories #bored #itreallyhappened
xx.melissa.nicole.xx -
πŸ‘°What happens at the beach stays at the beach β–ͺ Ce n'est qu'un aurevoir 😘 #bestvacayever #bestdayever #SoCal #itreallyhappened #aupairlife #aupairdunjouraupairtoujours #california #quoteoftheday
aupairlife - itreallyhappened - socal - california - aupairdunjouraupairtoujours - bestvacayever - quoteoftheday - bestdayever -
dossdecor : LOVE
angelamoffitt : 😍
michelle.ladino.7 : Love thisβ™‘β™‘β™‘
sistersofthemoon22 : Love!! Have a lovely day beautiful!!!✨🌟✨
meme7477 : Love
dg825 : Yep 🌞😍
summerbreezishome : @dossdecor @angelamoffitt @michelle.ladino.7 @sistersofthemoon22 @meme7477 @dg825 😘😘😘😘
stonebridge_chalet : Of course 😎
honeynhydrangea - marily_ian - raeleene62 - dossdecor -
Still don't know what to do with my 1 week old bouquet πŸ˜… β–ͺ I think I will take the petals with me β–ͺ Wishing you a wonderful day with your loved ones 😘 #flowers #bridalbouquets #woodtable #interiorstyling #sandiegoweddings #mercuryglass
peonies - stone - mercuryglass - bridalbouquets - turquoise - roses - interiorstyling - woodendecor - sandiegoweddings - flowers - woodtable - itreallyhappened -
picturing_mylife : If they aren't already to dry you could press them & put them in a frame 🌸🌸🌸
angelabetz : So pretty!
audrajenn : I've heard if you hang them upside down they dry better.
chicchickinwyo : Also you should spray with hairspray, it will help preserve the flowers more. If keep it in water till you leave.
ournestof5 : It's so perfect right now!
sistersofthemoon22 : So beautiful!!! Hope you can preserve it!!πŸ‘°πŸ‘°πŸ‘°
alabamatrixie : Absolutely gorgeous!!
barbara_psn : Gorgeous 😘
pretty_weddings - homesweethoneydolist - naptimehomedesign - rusticmagnoliadesign -
#fight was wack for 100 bucks lol who else feel robbed lol i rather watch two drunk bums fight than watch those two first matches.. #mayweathervspacquiao #itreallyhappened #DudesWishTheyWentToProm #toldmannienottothrowitbuthedid #taksstreakinginthering #nextweekcanelovkirkland #femalessweartheyloveboxing #butonlyknowmayweatherandpacquiao πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
itreallyhappened - nextweekcanelovkirkland - butonlyknowmayweatherandpacquiao - dudeswishtheywenttoprom - fight - toldmannienottothrowitbuthedid - femalessweartheyloveboxing - mayweathervspacquiao - taksstreakinginthering -
xnever_believex - hacinoom_ - bearfaced_sal - _malixe_in_neverlxnd__ -
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