For anyone who has ever complained that a picture of them was used for the @bsu_athletics recap online and they don't like it, I want you to look at the first photo that was ever used of me for a recap and realize it could be way worse. #bsuswimanddive #bsubears #ISurvivedThis #lol #swimming πŸ˜‚πŸŠπŸ»πŸ˜³πŸ˜±πŸ˜’
isurvivedthis - swimming - bsuswimanddive - lol - bsubears -
shaeaiguier : My breaststroke one is still pretty bad... But you definitely win
oliviasugrue : What are you talking about, looks like perfect form to me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
michaelscaruso : @oliviasugrue you are not approved to comment on breaststroke!!
thegreatcharlini : @oliviasugrue @michaelscaruso I'm pretty sure I'm doing butterfly in this photo. Breaststroke is evil.
krogier14 : @thegreatcharlini breaststroke is the best. I don't know what you're talking about.
nicoler52 - jacote623 - jcote25 - carolinehill2 -
Getting my shine back, now where's my crown? #survive #survived #survival #whatdoesntkillyoumakesyoustronger #movingforward #crown #queen #heahheldhigh #letsrockthisjoint #life #living #isurvivedthis
wearepeople - living - life - whatdoesntkillyoumakesyoustronger - buildeachotherup - wearewonderfulandrare - feminist - youareallqueens - survival - queen - crown - letsrockthisjoint - feminine - movingforward - survived - survive - isurvivedthis - heahheldhigh - weareallequal - supportwomen - women -
forever_a_pirate : #women #supportwomen #buildeachotherup #youareallqueens #feminine #feminist #weareallequal #wearepeople #wearewonderfulandrare
princess466 - lucy_lovesy - surviva1kit - berkey_filters -
Sunday dreaming ... πŸ—ΊπŸ’­πŸ’¬πŸ
shitstirrer - isurvivedthis - thanksforasking -
azza13lindsey : It's back to being super hot again this weekend
nickm111 : 😍 #babebod #rig #barrels #2 #nath #marryme
kelsroberts : Lolza πŸ‘°πŸΌ
craighoddy : Oh please, no one wears a bikini like me
caitlinhamston : #classicnick on them lunch cutter vibes πŸ¦€ @nickm111
bonbonbonbonbonbon : 😈 #shitstirrer #isurvivedthis #thanksforasking @nickm111
bonbonbonbonbonbon : No arguments from me darling πŸ‘™πŸ‘™ @craighoddy
banskyy : Ahhhhh look at Chu!!!! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
p.bouillot - taylornakita - danvillalobosmusic - jamie_stephens85 -
2015 was a true roller coaster ride for me. Left my full time steady job to pursue personal training. I was sold a "dream" and felt for it without properly planning. I was making less and less money doing it. Got double crossed by a fuck boy who I thought was a friend wh/ got me fired & unemployed. Received my first F in four years spring semester. Had no money to my name. Car broke down. Had to live on someone's couch for a lil while. Lost a lot of ppl who I thought were my "friends." I could not keep a girl interested in me which affected my self esteem even more. Went thru crazy depression. I even had to go to counseling and therapy services at school. Cried so many times this year. I saw no point in life. Here I am a few days before 2016. 3 jobs. I have a car (it's ugly but that bitch gets me from A to B lol). I live in a nice house close to school. Passed my classes this semester (I just passed lol). Have my real friends by my side. My acting & modeling stuff is doing good. I'm still in shape & kicking candy ass. Most importantly I'm happy and enjoying life. I know for a fact 2016 will be the best year yet and I'm doing a lot of traveling in 2016. A good bit of yall on my social media and in real life are haters and hope I fail in life. I ain't failing. I'm winning! This post ain't for you haters. So fuck you! This is for anybody who looks up to me who is going thru tough times. You will survive those tough times. God will not leave you. Tough times don't last. Tough ppl do. I hope this motivates somebody or encourages them not to give up! Please don't give up! I'm currently writing a screenplay based on these events. All my family members and friends. I love yall and that's real πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ’ͺ🏾✌🏾️ #TheNewMoneyTeam #TNMT #RoadToRiches #Illuminati #ISurvivedThis
illuminati - tnmt - isurvivedthis - roadtoriches - thenewmoneyteam -
officialctg : I love you boi
t_williams3222 : @officialctg love u too brother
jlewbaker : 2015 was for sure a roller coaster. Stoked for 2016. To the top brother!
owackwitz - la_roja024 - bart_bside_fotos - takeurpicture -
I'm just gonna leave this here.
plaid - pose - seriously - icandoanything - thathair - isurvivedthis - workitgirl - childhood -
katiew75 : #childhood #seriously #isurvivedthis #icandoanything #plaid #pose #workitgirl #thathair
cilly247 : Sasssss
darnell_lockett - adrycoolwit - ozdot5 - coreybean86 -
#edcorlando be like .... #edc #moshpit #isurvivedthis #4b
edc - isurvivedthis - edcorlando - 4b - moshpit -
joeee_ceee : Did that guy just smash a beer bottle on the floor? Or was that apart of the song lol
excusemy_frnch : Part of the song ! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­
yourlamode : Love it!
whoisdanny_ : A yooooooooo
The question is not how you get up, it's how you come down. #adventure #nofear #sketchers #isurvivedthis
sketchers - isurvivedthis - adventure - nofear -
chefkreso - mariaaaradcliffe - andyschussler - intrepidescape -
This is what happens when you are working all day at a children's birthday party... Yeah I had so much fun as you can tell xD It wasn't that bad but oh my goodness I helped a lot and then the kids on top of that... Yeah I barely managed to make it through πŸ˜…πŸ˜… #isurvivedthis #beforeandafter #okaytoyikes
isurvivedthis - beforeandafter - okaytoyikes -
newnathan2015 : Looks amazing!
newnathan2015 - suffering6through6hell6 - zzkuzuri - ca_johnson11 -
Glad to announce that tomorrow or Wednesday I'll be going home! #godisgood #isurvivedthis #strong #cantwaitformybed
godisgood - cantwaitformybed - isurvivedthis - strong -
sadiemom5292 : Yea yeaπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸ
slctressler : Let the party commence ;)
shaina_jaslar - sadiemom5292 - cj_mommy_ - ashleymartin88 -
Nyt niitä on syöty! #rapujuhlat #playingwiththefood #isurvivedthis #piccollage
isurvivedthis - rapujuhlat - playingwiththefood - piccollage -
sannavalto - megamixtape - juhkus -
There's some Blair Witch shenanigans going on at Rattlesnake. #rattlesnakepoint #hiking #forest #outdoors #trees #somanytrees #andweirdtreehuts #isurvivedthis #photography #canont6i #canon
hiking - andweirdtreehuts - rattlesnakepoint - photography - canon - somanytrees - trees - canont6i - forest - outdoors - isurvivedthis -
unconquerable24 : Nice! πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘Œ
viktoriyaflo - scottygcaps - kathleen_mb - mshepherd0 -
There was a time, when missing people meant everything to me I hated because I felt like with out them I would be lost,but as I grown into me I realize that all the people I did loss was for my good, and I appreciate my lost #lessonlearned #growth #thankfulformylost they weren't suppose to be there in the first place....
isurvivedthis - thankfulformylost - lessonlearned - alossoralost - growth -
chsn4hg : Almost threw my phone. #ItWasNecessary4MySurvival
kandee_blu : So necessary.... #isurvivedthis #alossoralost @chsn4hg
kandee_blu - _jordanworks - purechocolate87 - tehes_ -
#goodwill #logginsandmessina #thehair #oy #the70s #seriously #isurvivedthis
oy - seriously - logginsandmessina - thehair - goodwill - the70s - isurvivedthis -
cturlo : I had such a crush on Kenny Loggins. 😜
goodwillnwnc - projectcmd - big_poot - theofficialsandra -
I got cleared #ikickedcancersass #godhadmyback #isurvivedthis #imexcited #cancersurvivor #cancerwasnotready #luekaemiacankissmyass 😒😒😒
cancersurvivor - imexcited - cancerwasnotready - ikickedcancersass - luekaemiacankissmyass - godhadmyback - isurvivedthis -
sophisticatedmolly : Ur a true fighter
mzz_pweedy_unruly : πŸ‘πŸ‘―πŸ™πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’‹πŸ’ͺ Thank me for my honey n cinnamon hehehehe. I'm very Proud of u ; ur a strong bighead sexy boobie lady β™‘ Love Yewwww
mzz_pweedy_unruly : Hull Cancer Mother and Father c#nt!
natoya0000 : Yesssssss u kicked it's ass your strong as an ox god is always good bfor and after @kimoraliz can't for u too come back so the entire #HANDS crew could hug u n cry
misseskillemall : To god b the glory girl you kicked ass @kimoraliz πŸ˜™πŸ˜ #timetoturnupagain lol
extensionsofhope : πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
jammycmc : Why @mzz_pweedy_unruly does hada behave so? Well done Hun! @kimoraliz
mzz_pweedy_unruly : @jammycmc buh alyuh know I have no broughtupsy lmao
that_girl_marvin - tenille_89 - tappullin - nooneusesthis_ -
Spent the morning jumpin' and just 5 mins into it, we're already out of breath. Lol. And to top it all off, each of us had an injury to bring home. #jumpstreet #jumpstreetasia #beingakidagain #notsoyounganymore #bodyaches #isurvivedthis
bodyaches - jumpstreet - beingakidagain - jumpstreetasia - isurvivedthis - notsoyounganymore -
aliaazlam : Injury?? So ganas one?
catherinelian : @aliaazlam haha. Yeah... Hit a leg nerve, punched ownself, neck ache and skin abrasion. Wanna try??
aliaazlam : What?? Ermm no thanks!
catherinelian : @aliaazlam alar. But it's fun!! @eelynnlai sure agree
joeylizy : You don rosak their equipment leh..!
catherinelian : @joeylizy πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
eelynnlai : @catherinelian @aliaazlam getting old already! Don't wanna break anythingπŸ˜‚ I'm all bones πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
juz_a_tin - kevinljs - eyap6789 - gracie082 -
Did @calumvonmoger 's Delt Demolition workout. #ISurvivedThis ✌️😁
isurvivedthis -
mich.elle.g : Hair so long already!
mistletoeeee : Yeahhhhh ! @mich.elle.g
christopherlim16 : Best things in life are felt eyes closed yeh?
winkyaw616 : I ❀️your hair!!!!!πŸ˜πŸ‘
_pedrojose_ - sharifah.shakila - fkrjjie_ -
Me and Bae πŸ’˜πŸ’• #beforehecrashed #hbdlaura @danicuda
isurvivedthis - beforehecrashed - hbdlaura -
bensgro : Dat hashtag πŸ‘Œ
christinagermani : every photo you upload you should hashtag #Isurvivedthis @bensgro
danicuda : Cute photo
johnnymelb33 - evellyn_guedes - vigenlaz - sigs5555 -
Here is the full photo of the car that hit me at 50mph my body did all that damage #ISurvivedThis #cannabiscommunity @pariskush @dabsmagazine @vaderextracts #DabsMagazineContest
dabsmagazinecontest - isurvivedthis - cannabiscommunity - superman - : Smh 3x a year u always getting hit man
4130stonermonkee : @harrymain I know the feeling I'm dreading my wait to be back on my bike after this car hit me
yungdabwonz : Damn bro hope ur ok
4130stonermonkee : @slabmonkee710 this car hit me
4130stonermonkee : @bakcwoodbree
bakcwoodbree : damn thats not cool ! @4130stonermonkee what happened after?
4130stonermonkee : Nothing lol @bakcwoodbree
bakcwoodbree : thats fucked up @4130stonermonkee
bakcwoodbree - abovetopshelfjem - daddyslildolly - bmx4life420690 -
When life kicked you down, keep moving, onwards and upwards. #isurvivedthis #rollercoaster #hugot
isurvivedthis - hugot - rollercoaster -
jeddgonzales - tectnique - - daireyes -
#stealth #thorpepark #isurvivedthis #adrenaline #horrible #yolo #rollercoaster
stealth - adrenaline - thorpepark - rollercoaster - horrible - isurvivedthis - yolo -
skydiver_21 : Very cool!
crystaleaity - rosielobb96 - jessseatory - rebecca.jardine -
Packed week of music business stuff! looking forward to a couple days of practicing guitar, writing tunes and running in the river valley. #isurvivedthis #gotime
isurvivedthis - gotime -
evanwestfal : I love this
billiezizi : Thanks! @evanwestfal :)
rsupernault : Gorg!
evanwestfal - tira.bell - mthrfkrjones - thetradeoffs -
#notaparty #hurricaneodile #trapped #isurvivedthis #hyattzivaloscabos
hyattzivaloscabos - isurvivedthis - notaparty - hurricaneodile - trapped -
maya_yyz : Where were you hiding while all this was happening?
jsquaredto : @mayayyz - I was in the corner on the far right, under the mattress and edge of the bed (I made a little fort!) for about 2 hours, until I realized all the noise was the walls being torn up and thrown about, then I moved into the bathroom's toilet vestibule, for the remaining 8 or so hours. It was loud there, but calm, despite only having a 3/4 height glass door, due to some remarkable engineering/design - the 140mph wind didn't reach there!
jasonludke : Speechless.
maya_yyz : @jsquaredto -- i'm so glad you weren't hurt.
codenameliz : read the comments and take notes @twoey
yhamyumhusyur1980 -
What im about to watch #2012 #isurvivedthis
isurvivedthis - wesurvived - 2012 -
iamdevthagreat : @_.mama.b4.anything._ i was hella scared when i first seen this lol but #wesurvived haha
rachel.marie94 : Lol yeah i know right.
iamdevthagreat : @_.mama.b4.anything._ lol. How are you tho?
rachel.marie94 : I been good just
rachel.marie94 : At home alot with my baby
iamdevthagreat : @_.mama.b4.anything._ that's good glad to hear !
_408_mo_mo : Gud movie
iamdevthagreat : @_.mama.b4.anything._ hey text me (510) 224-1504
sunshinedidit - forever_respect - rachel.marie94 - jess_2386 -
#fromTheVault #noMatteraWhat #iSurvivedThis #lol #noSummerThisYear #sprinter
nosummerthisyear - fromthevault - nomatterawhat - sprinter - isurvivedthis - lol -
hiren_patel95 - khushwants - ashutoshbhatt1180 - rushii.29 -
#wow#AmazedByThis#ISurvivedThis#LOL#InstaCool#IGers#tflers Tweegram#Instadaily
tflers - yeahbuddy - amazedbythis - wow - lol - instacool - igers - isurvivedthis - instadaily -
induwara_06 : #fuckyeah
azaaduzmaan : Yet to come πŸ˜€
naughtyvibu : Haha #yeahbuddy
handugiaa_97 - peera96 - kavinda_unamboowe - kajanprasad -
#HippityHoppityEastersOnItsWay #HereComesPeterConttontailWithAnAxe #TBT #BlastFromTheBlast #EasterBunny #EasterTimeIsTheTimeForEggsAndTheTimeForEggsIsEasterTime
herecomespeterconttontailwithanaxe - eastertimeisthetimeforeggsandthetimeforeggsiseastertime - tbt - whydoilooksohappy - helookslikehewantedtoeatme - santaskneewaschildsplaycomparedtothis - peterrabbit - easterbunny - scaryshit - thestuffnightmaresaremadeof - blastfromtheblast - hippityhoppityeastersonitsway - creepy - howaminotdead - springhassprung - isurvivedthis - thishappened - easter - happykelly -
wackyworldofk : #HowAmINotDead #ISurvivedThis #WhyDoILookSoHappy? #SantasKneeWasChildsPlayComparedToThis #PeterRabbit #SpringHasSprung #HappyKelly #HeLooksLikeHeWantedToEatMe #ScaryShit #ThisHappened #TheStuffNightmaresAreMadeOf #Creepy #Easter
wackyworldofk : I still have the same bangs.
m.arkk : I hate rabbits @stefaniexwagner
rfromouterspace - frankrobertmancuso - 388lmsd - k_aylaaaaa -
New arrival, none the less for wear!! πŸ˜±πŸ˜… #new #isurvivedthis #lappi #iittala #erkki #vesanto #erkkivesanto #finland #finnish #glass #vase
finland - finnish - glass - lappi - erkkivesanto - vase - erkki - new - isurvivedthis - vesanto - iittala -
valkerii : Wow!
helemi71 - gracelara_ - hannelinvanha - najma.mahad -
#RIP #Mustang #Crash #Accident #ISurvivedThis #Gay #GayBoy #LGBT #Sad #NoCar
accident - crash - gay - gayboy - rip - sad - lgbt - nocar - mustang - isurvivedthis -
kristilynn142 : Holy shit!!!!
chef_drewt : Ugh wtf happened
lukewarm_enthusiasm - yuknowme_21 - leaahh_beaahh - kaitiogrady -
#iSurvivedthis #StDavidCarnival #smelledlikecarniefordays @daniellegoldsteinxo
stdavidcarnival - isurvivedthis - smelledlikecarniefordays -
mh0ust0n : Awww I was there last night... When did you go!?
floribomba : This is new!!!! Def didn't have this crazy thing back in the day!! #sdcs #wolfhounds hahahahha 😝
daniellegoldsteinxo : Scariest ride ever.. And lets not even discuss the guy running around with the Bob Marley shirt #classy
floribomba - j_ayyyyy_em - nicolewalach - prettyinink817 -
Woof. #latergram #isurvivedthis #deliverance
isurvivedthis - deliverance - latergram -
hfuqua : Where's your wine purse?!
khemingway : Bitch ain't enough wine in the country to make this okay.
meredithleightx - kgarciaprod - hfuqua -
#caraccident #wtf
caraccident - wtf -
lovemyhhhh -
Competition. #Yay #ThumbsUp #ImSoCool #ISurvivedThis #Sarcasm #Obviously
yay - imsocool - sarcasm - isurvivedthis - thumbsup - obviously -
raquel_rodriguez - sophiagold -
isurvivedthis - tbt -
mama.cass.11 : #cray
mama.cass.11 : #yolo
mama.cass.11 : #swag
stayn_blunted : #isurvivedthis
sinroa69 - fuuuuckmina -
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