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Training in the cold is much easier with these two! @dlchristopher @conormullervy #training #teammates #friends #champsys #argon18 #stansnotubes #clifbar #winter #wintercycling #procycling #critsquad #happy #fitness #healthy #ismsaddle #ismseat #bontcycling
clifbar - ismsaddle - fitness - champsys - friends - bontcycling - training - argon18 - winter - procycling - healthy - critsquad - ismseat - stansnotubes - happy - teammates - wintercycling -
caoilionncat : Cool!
efyshaw : Why not put some gloves on?! @kmullervy
kmullervy : @efyshaw it was warm on the climbs. Had gloves on most of the day...❄️
inpyn - lachemise_ck - c.macleod2000 - argon18baltic -
No, I didn't mountain bike this morning. Yes, this is what Fiesta island is like after the rain. Was it fun? You bet! Now let's clean this mess... #breakawaytraining #cycling #triathlon #offseason #focus #focusbikes #visionbars #shimano #rideshimano #ultegra #adamosaddle #ismseat #continental #gatorskin @focusbikes @rideshimano
breakawaytraining - continental - triathlon - focusbikes - gatorskin - shimano - focus - rideshimano - offseason - visionbars - ultegra - adamosaddle - cycling - ismseat -
amandagstewartz : :) @gimmenut
_bstone_ : Did you beat my 80 miles in the rain at fiesta?
aamoskalchuk : That one is hard to beat! @_bstone_
robajames - cagliarifixed - team_601 - johniebeladoni -
@ismseat is now on instagram! #ismseat #ismsaddles #triathlon #cycling
triathlon - cycling - ismseat - ismsaddles -
paddlepedalpace - damianmurphy28 - igerscycling - fxdfshn -
@ismseat is now on instagram! #ismseat #ismsaddles #triathlon #cycling
triathlon - cycling - ismseat - ismsaddles -
thetrihub - damianmurphy28 - fxdfshn - paddlepedalpace -
#video of race prep warm up! Ready to go fast this weekend!!! Please #share #teamnater! #teamusa #velodrome #lagp #trackisback #fixie #fixedgear #wolfpackhustle @wolfpackhustle @champsys @cnpperformance @bontcycling @110playharder @muscletrac @recoverypump @oakley @griffinpedalworks #rollers #sprint #sprinter #cycling
teamusa - cycling - fixie - trackisback - lagp - share - video - rollers - velodrome - sprinter - wolfpackhustle - olympics - sprint - teamnater - fixedgear - ismseat -
vitormedradobike : @getuliofilho hehe! Semi?
tssschavez : @riseandride @rudy_theblack @anthony_erazo13
robwillshoot : @terryjs803 sprint cadence
str0z : @kookent @natethegr8t @jarodbackens
asgang : @macinntosh
wwww.carbon_fiber_dealer : @naniee_24
alejandroperezrassi : Chúpate esa mandarina @cprassi @gaprassi
teamnater : @ismseat #ismseat
nasser_alotaibie - datfixiefoo - mr._.pedo - prodigy_16 -
Always moving forward! #teamnater #teamusa #trackisback #lagp #cycling #champsys #cnpperformance #ismsaddle @griffinpedalworks @cnpperformance @champsys @recoverypump @erosports @bontcycling @oakley @muscletrac @110playharder @feltbicycles
teamusa - cycling - ismsaddle - trackisback - lagp - cnpperformance - champsys - ismseat - teamnater -
papaluna777 : No luck tonight, All skill!! Kill it
cnpperformance : CNP Because it works great job Nate
teamnater : What you think of this one :) @good_day_sir
teamnater : @ismseat #ismseat
thriftshopgroove - stlouisfixie - pistabcn - ay__alexx -
I get to give a new machine a try tomorrow! Thank you for letting me give it a go @serenitybikes #teamnater #serenity #serenitybikes #mavic #mavicio #profiledesign #ismattack #trackbike #velodrome #fixed #fixie #pista
serenitybikes - fixie - trackbike - mavic - mavicio - pista - ismattack - serenity - velodrome - profiledesign - fixed - teamnater - ismseat -
teamnater : Me too @smart86max
earlfoss : Gnar gnar as all hell. I love the "no radar signature" paint job too.
apc514 : Crazy wheelset
royer93 : Nice
mikeysinstl : Sick!
josee96__ : @fredyy_
elvismika : Wow! It's amazing, man!
teamnater : @ismseat #ismseat
coolboyangel77 - hot_farts - leoomash - emineyang -
Super fun day of filming with @champsys! Also first time on this BMC SLR01 and am in love!!! #bmc #bmcslr01 #teamnater @bontcycling #champysys #ismattack @tripacific #tripacific #mavichelmet
champysys - bmc - ismattack - ismseat - mavichelmet - bmcslr01 - teamnater - tripacific -
yeshrs : Bmc recently put out a new track bike.. Youd look good on one on the track! #newsponsor ??
smart86max : Totally want that kit πŸ‘ @teamnater
matteomaximus : Go TeamNater!πŸ’ͺ🏁
teamnater : @ismseat #ismseat
thecogandcrank - armandotrujillo_ - josh_lopro_ - damianbenitez_20 -
Took the Mighty Cruz Single Speed out for my recovery ride today! #teamnater #longbeach #cruz #cruzcycles #profiledesign #ismattack #lb #singlespeed #roadbike @profile_design @tcruz71
cruzracing - lb - roadbike - cruz - ismattack - cruzcycles - singlespeed - profiledesign - teamnater - longbeach - ismseat -
krustyasskin : Hell yeah , 52
teamnater : It's a 53 up front ;) @bikes_improves
teamnater : #cruzracing
highflyingrider : And a blow your knees out .back
natmac73 : How's it blow you're knees out @highflyingrider ?
teamnater : It's not fixed @highflyingrider No blown out knees here!
richietwong : Bye mavic wheels ):
teamnater : @ismseat #ismseat
armandotrujillo_ - alisher0987 - sarmabikes - joakim_joensson -
My setup for the next 2 weeks! I get my own garage area to keep all my things and stage for my races! Time to go FAST!!! #teamnater #trackbike #velodrome #profiledesign #ismattack #bont #zengrips #mavic @profile_design @bontcycling @maviccycling @zengrips
trackbike - mavic - bont - ismattack - ismseat - velodrome - profiledesign - teamnater - zengrips -
trainingantics : Lovelacefitness@gmail.com @teamnater
rory_larson : Get em' broski!!!! So pumped you are killin it!!!!!! Seems just like yesterday we were shredding longboards at t-mec skatepark #ifyournotfirstyourlast @teamnater
teamnater : Seriously @rory_larson haha thanks man!
t_revjohnson : You have the sickest track bike I have seen in so long, gotta love felt #feltbikes
ncruffin : Damn son!!
jayromeski : Is you race gonna be televised?
janky_joey : @raybugatti
teamnater : #ismseat @ismseat
fino_finoquio - forbgone - kraveecereal - thegreatevan239 -
Ready, set, GO FAST!!! #teamnater #ismattack #atomic #zengrips #cottbus #cottbusvelodrome #velodrome #trackbike @atomichighperf @cnpperformance @zengrips @maviccycling
cottbusvelodrome - trackbike - ismattack - atomic - velodrome - cottbus - teamnater - zengrips - ismseat -
t0ddalexander : You got this!
atomichighperf : Good luck and try to post results!
don_fateh : @fnano_11 fireeeee
kkredz : I love all the rollers set up!
mjlanaro : Go get them!!! πŸ‘
nickryanb22 : @naw_fuk_it look at the toe strap with the clips, we need that
fred_gonz : @theandrewdong 😳😳
teamnater : #ismseat @ismseat
t_track - theandrewdong - halvy42 - lowkeyhindz -
Ready for some keirin racing! #teamnater #bont #zengrips #ism #oakley #champsys #keirin #cottbusvelodrome @bontcycling @champsys @zengrips @oakley @atomichighperf
cottbusvelodrome - oakley - bont - champsys - keirin - ismseat - ism - teamnater - zengrips -
matteomaximus : You look in phenom shape bro😳πŸ’ͺ✌️
universaldav : Cap'n America!
so_anyhow : We are pulling & praying for you Natter!! You also make our country proud,... You look great!
natfalls : Woohoo!!
champsys : Looking good Nate!!!
zhangzixiang927 : @linfeng
fvck_jonathan : Tfti @eddieridesfixed
teamnater : @ismseat #ismseat
leoomash - ooowen_ - kraveecereal - arnymaane -
BLACK on BLACK on BLACK!!! Make sure to come out to the sprint races this Saturday at the Velo Sports Center from 12:30 PM to 5 PM to see what the whole bike will look like :-) #teamnater #velodrome #velosportscenter #blackedout #murderedout #zengrips #ismattack #duraacecranks #fixed #fixie #atomicchainring @zengrips @atomichighperf
velodrome - velosportscenter - duraacecranks - ismattack - ismseat - fixie - blackedout - fixed - teamnater - murderedout - zengrips - atomicchainring -
ansladms : What crank is that ? Also who makes the handlebars ? @teamnater
teamnater : @ansladms Scatto bars and dura ace cranks
ansladms : Thanks @teamnater
travissmith1980 : @teamnater what's that crank and chainring look like now?
missyerickson : Hahahah @travissmith1980
teamnater : @travissmith1980 like MONSTER did a start on it :) @missyerickson glad you are enjoying yourself...
plugzmilbert : #teamnater how you like the saddle ?? Give me some feedback
teamnater : @ismseat #ismseat
bychkim - stormracingmx - pedalindustries - 1gearbikes -
Last start day before the US National Championships next week!!! It is always nice when times are fast with slow wheels and no aero gear! ;) #teamnater #starter #1inamerica #velodrome #velosportscenter #fixie #wolfpackhustle #dragrace @bontcycling @champsys
1inamerica - fixie - velosportscenter - ismseat - velodrome - wolfpackhustle - teamnater - dragrace - starter -
tgjerky : Good luck!
marcus_toliver : @teamnater Good luck, man! 😊
customcruisers : Great Bike
ricardocolombelli : Good luck!!! πŸ˜ πŸ‘ŠπŸ˜ πŸ‘ŠπŸ˜ πŸ‘Š
alex408lopez : @angel_velasco213
teamnater : @ismseat #ismseat
laubrunot - bladikdelpinomaese - getfixedordietrying -
Throwing it back to my first-ever Wolfpack Drag Race! I had an awesome time then and I'm looking forward to having a lot more fun at the races this Saturday! #teamnater #wolfpackhustle #wolfpackhustledragrace #hpgranprix #dragrace #fixy #fixed #trackbike @wolfpackhustle #tbt
wolfpackhustledragrace - fixy - trackbike - tbt - hpgranprix - ismseat - wolfpackhustle - fixed - teamnater - dragrace -
kashew5280 : @kimberlynapoli
bossmantokorea : @pictureivan
pictureivan : @bossmantokorea nice
el_sadboy_ : @boostamantefotos
dot_com_323 : Looks like ur rocking a #Marlboro jersey lol
davidpicazo32 : @vane_vain
mrmarioabrego : @mrjannn goal
teamnater : @ismseat #ismseat
liquidxsnake - clinicadentalpaulino - denis.franco_ - boatswainnnn -
Mid race gear change at the #hpgranprix Gotta listen to the legs and give em what they want! #teamnater #wolfpackhustle #Leadereqnx #leaderbikes #trackbike #fixedgear #fixie #fixxme @champsys @leaderbikeusa @profile_design @bontcycling @atomichighperf #ismattack
leaderbikes - trackbike - leadereqnx - fixxme - hpgranprix - ismattack - ismseat - fixie - wolfpackhustle - teamnater - fixedgear -
teamnater : @uyyyyyerik it's killer! Really did well in the drag race!
leaderbikeusa : Thank you @teamnater your awesome!
uyyyyyerik : Alright well I'll start looking in on the geometry of the frame and try an find my size @teamnater
heyitssteve : What ratio did you use?
atomichighperf : A bigger gear!
_danny.ale : From bigger to lower.....
andrew_schz : What was your gear ratio @teamnater
teamnater : @ismseat #ismseat
steven.steezy - crook3d_giraffe - krdwl - ghostfool_c.a -
The very best track cycling in the USA is coming to LA! On November 1st and 2nd I will go head-to-head with Canada, Trinidad and Tobago, Columbia, Mexico and Surinam! The #teamnater section will be LARGE so make sure to grab your tickets from Www.teamnater.com and check out race details at http://www.stubhubcenter.com/events/detail/la-grand-prix #lagp #lagradprix #trackcycling #velodrome #teamusa #velosportscenter
teamnater - lagradprix - teamusa - alloutwar - velodrome - wolfpackhustle - lagp - trackcycling - velosportscenter - ismseat -
freefrommisery : You should tell everyone your "section" will be large. There's gonna be kids there Nate...
an6e1o82_sabog : @jeprockx let's check this out!
teamnater : @an6e1o82_sabog @jeprockx YES!!!
jeprockx : Sweet!! @teamnater @an6e1o82_sabog
teamnater : @wolfpackhustle #wolfpackhustle #alloutwar
andremckayatx : I'm already there basically brotha both days πŸ‘ŒπŸš²πŸ»
teamhaymaker : Hey, will you be riding the Pan Am games next year?
teamnater : @ismseat #ismseat
kirko_bangzz_casem - modpaul_ - shewolfattackteam - sidewayz_justin -
Very thankful for the sponsors that I have! I still have several spots left for sponsorship on my frame for the 2015 season. If you or anybody you know would be interested please contact me at nate@ero-sports.com. @recoverypump @atomichighperf @cnpperformance @calbinelaw #teamnater #sponsor #recoverypump #atomichighperformance #cnpperformance #calvikelaw #velodrome #fivespoke #carbon #velosportscenter #pista #Fixiefever
fixiefever - recoverypump - velosportscenter - cnpperformance - pista - sponsor - velodrome - carbon - fivespoke - calvikelaw - teamnater - atomichighperformance - ismseat -
boostamantefotos : Hmmm... @eyespydtla @edin_lunes can you guys pitch in on a spot? Maybe get my IG account sticker on there :p πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
pulpodread : @raymondjjcruz wish Have this shit son
andremckayatx : I sold my felt tk2 if ya have one you're selling im interested as I'm on ebay now πŸ‘Œ
teamnater : @andremckayatx talk to @take_it_ec
jiestoh_from_starbucks : I'd love to see this thing plastered with tons of different sponsors!
teamnater : @joseph_insert_fixed_here send them my way!!! &1500 for top tube. $2500 both sides 1 wheel, $4500 both wheels, back chain stay $1000, seat post $500
teamnater : @ismseat #ismseat
opg.stalnoy_orex - wearejerseymagazine - track__family - vector710 -
TOMORROW IT BEGINS!!!! Make sure you make it out to the @velosportcenter for two days of world-class racing this Saturday and Sunday! Big thanks to all of my sponsors @champsys @recoverypump @atomichighperf @cnpperformance @acpro @calbikelaw @tri_pacific @momentumcoaching @docdossman @muscletrac @profile_design @erosports @andycarter22 @bontcycling @zengrips #teamnater #trackcycling #lagp #velosportscenter #velodrome #Fixiefever #pista #champsys
champsys - fixiefever - trackcycling - lagp - velosportscenter - pista - ismseat - velodrome - teamnater -
uncle_donnie : Nice looking stickers for all those sponsors. πŸ˜‰
andycarter22 : Game on go fast!
jordaaane : dat bike fit doe...
teamnater : @ismseat #ismseat
sbrsportbr - sungipark4050 - mjpexcavations - fixed_peng -
She is coming along nicely!!! Very excited to show off my new sponsors this weekend at the #lagp! If interested in a sponsorship please email me at nate@ero-sports.com #teamnater @recoverypump @atomichighperf @cnpperformance @tri_pacific #velodrome #velosportscenter #trackbike #trackcycling #sponsor
teamnater - sponsor - velodrome - trackbike - trackcycling - lagp - velosportscenter - ismseat -
deathwish05 : @josearevalo480
subohmcyclist : @teamnater nice dude sick bike. Ride hard!!!
chuckster96_ : Whats required for the sponsorship?
teamnater : @chuckster96_ money :)
jordaaane : dat bike fit doe...
teamnater : #ismseat
steven.steezy - sungipark4050 - rsc_kelheim_henri - serge.x -
This weekend of racing had its ups and downs. This is one of the ups! Was stoked to come away with the win in the 5-8. On the other hand, I am tired of being in the 5-8 final! This year was a step up from last and next year will be a step up from now. It is time to get into those medal winning rounds and start putting on some jerseys! Thanks to everybody who came out to enjoy the amazing racing at the #lagp! Now it is time to take a few days off and let my wounds heal from my Keirin crash and then get back on it for my first race of the 2015 season in January at the new Canadian Vélodrome! Thanks for the amazing photo Velo Images! #teamnater #teamusa #veloimages #velodrome #VELOSPORTSCENTER #trackbike #trackcycling #pista #champion #champsys @bontcycling #champsys
veloimages - champsys - teamusa - champion - trackbike - trackcycling - lagp - velosportscenter - pista - ismseat - velodrome - teamnater -
johnny._.rocket : I'll be at the Canadian Velodrome on Dec 26, might see ya there!
teamhaymaker : See you in the new Milton Velodrome!
zebrakeys : @johnny._.rocket burnaby??
matteomaximus : Awesome Nate!
johnny._.rocket : The newest one @zebrakeys
modpaul_ : (( ;
jordaaane : dat bike fit doe...
teamnater : @ismseat #ismseat
rembauchallenge -
MOTIVATION MONDAY!!! Keep your head up and be ready to react! It is not the results of one day that defines us, but rather a consistent effort over a period of time. IT IS THE MAGIC OF EVERYDAY! #TEAMNATER #motivation #motivationmonday #velodrome #LAGP2014 #lagp #pista #fixiegram #fixie #trackcycling @tri_pacific @champsys @atomichighperf @bontcycling @andycarter22 #velosportscenter @velosportcenter
motivation - fixie - lagp - trackcycling - lagp2014 - velosportscenter - fixiegram - pista - ismseat - velodrome - motivationmonday - teamnater -
haul_ass_prm : Word
mattfarmer92127 : Nate dog...how long can you balance on your bike at a stoplight? I saw a dude fall right next to me the other day and wished I was filming!
1gearbikes : looks great! how does it ride?
jennieclacken : "The magic of everyday!" Love it! :)
drebro : @jolsen27 @cameronbunce
jordaaane : dat bike fit doe...
teamnater : @ismseat #ismseat
kaj8hn - stai_a_ruota - codylovestoflexx - kyro76 -
That's the sunset @ col de soller today - big mountain loop today #beautifulday #Sun #Mallorca #soller #cycling #mountains #see #stevensbikes #powertap #ism #osymetric #cycling
beautifulday - stevensbikes - cycling - osymetric - mountains - sun - soller - see - ismseat - ism - powertap - mallorca -
felixdonath : #ismseat
pipi555 - luk_skyvodka - cornomarrone - hondeshond -
Fun #Triathlon #race today at #TU4. 3rd place was a blessing. Stoked to race my #storck #aero2basic. @secondwindrunningstore @storckbikes @tritonendurancesports #torhans #ism #ismseat #ceegees
triathlon - tu4 - ceegees - race - torhans - ismseat - ism - storck - aero2basic -
paolodmanuel : @joelrey11 thanks bud!
mikstikiks : Good job dawg!!
ebm1991 : Congrats Pao
paolodmanuel : @ebm1991 @mikstikiks thanks!!
kccarag : Husband and wife podium pala, galing!
juleshdp : Congrats duy!
paolodmanuel : @juleshdp xboys!
paolodmanuel : @kccarag thanks! Swim tayo ulet!!
migs_castro - cyrusalmiranez - storckbikes - joelrey11 -
Abby is looking well rested and ready for her last race of the 2014 season! #lifetimetri #Oceanside #lifetimetrioceanside #triathlon #tri4him #runwithendurance #tri #triathlete #ismseat #tridotsystem #rudyprojectna #xterrawetsuits #vector450 #UCAN
tri - ismseat - triathlon - rudyprojectna - vector450 - oceanside - xterrawetsuits - runwithendurance - tridotsystem - ucan - tri4him - lifetimetri - triathlete - lifetimetrioceanside -
tri4him : Good for 6th!! Nice finish, Abby! @abbygeurink
lollipopctulro : Nice! @FlowFinder
_sreeves36 - bigairt - ahappypace - michaelclarktri -
Meanwhile, at the 2012 Hong Kong ASTC Triathlon Asian Cup, Nick and Jonathan on their @elitebicycles T-Class and @parleecycles TTiR respectively. (Photo credit: SBR Mag Singapore) #ecsg #enve #irideenve #envecomposites #parlee #myparlee #parleecycles #elitebicycles #ismseat #ismsaddles #adamo #astc #asiancup #hongkong
irideenve - envesponsored - ecsg - envecomposites - hongkong - astc - parleecycles - ismseat - elitebicycles - adamo - parlee - asiancup - ismsaddles - enve - myparlee -
elitecustomsg : #envesponsored
matt_hammerhead - kieran_correia - bones.13 - evolvingepidemic -
REA på ISM-sadlar, 30% på hela sortimentet! #rea #ismseat #ISM
rea - ismseat - ism -
stoneallanstone : @ilfsuk
elnacholibre - jeanetteelmstrom - damphepp - qin4st -
Great victory for ISM over the weekend at Kona! Not only did they win the Kona bike count by nearly 200 saddles, their pros finished 1,3,4,6,10! Fantastic job guys! #ismseat #adamo #konaIM #ismsaddles #lavamag
lavamag - adamo - ismseat - ismsaddles - konaim -
pipi555 - verner.t - powleo_ - ceinterone -
All checked in and ready for the Ironman World Championship tomorrow. My number is 2156 and live tracking can be found on Ironman.com - thank you #ceepo #TeamBrickwell #TeamChocolateMilk #ISMseat #newtonrunning #headsweats
ceepo - ismseat - headsweats - teamchocolatemilk - teambrickwell - newtonrunning -
chanthony : Thanks everyone!
evygonzales : Lots of luck!
lawrencelammm : Good luck dude!
ginnylovestri24 : Somebody is wayyyyy type A. Hello first bike around. ;) get some!
chanthony : @ginnylovestri24 - you know you love typeA
ginnylovestri24 : Haha! I represent that!
theg00dtwin : @chanthony God Speed!!!
breesywee : Nice bike!
sapapil.la - commonathlete - beararebird_proveyourself -
Last ride on the Queen K highway before the big race! #DialedIn #TeamChocolateMilk #TeamBrickwell #ISMseat #ceepo
dialedin - ismseat - ceepo - teambrickwell - teamchocolatemilk -
apup911 : Good luck this weekend!!!!!! Kick some butt!
brickwellcycling - danielisnotcool_ - xlab_accessories - jorge.orregorivera -
#Repost from @elitecustomsg — 2015 Legend Giau - Full Enve build, with the signature wing cages 100% custom made, handmade & custom painted in Italy. #legendbymarcobertoletti #legendbikes #legendbicycles #marcobertoletti #enve #envecomposites #irideenve #dtswiss #ismseat Stay updated with the latest events, custom projects and product. Follow us on Instagram: @EliteCustomSG For more information email: info@elitecustom.sg or visit our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/EliteCustomSG
legendbymarcobertoletti - legendbikes - envecomposites - dtswiss - legendbicycles - ismseat - irideenve - marcobertoletti - enve - repost -
bernhardglessing : Super cool bottle cages!
elitecustomsg : @bikes_ftw thanks for sharing!
bikes_ftw : @elitecustomsg no problem. Wonderful bike was worth sharing
juancollados2000 - mario_234jimenez_ - andrewschofield1990 - johanna_triathlon -
2015 Legend Giau - Full Enve build, with the signature wing cages 100% custom made, handmade & custom painted in Italy. #legendbymarcobertoletti #legendbikes #legendbicycles #marcobertoletti #enve #envecomposites #irideenve #dtswiss #ismseat Stay updated with the latest events, custom projects and product. Follow us on Instagram: @EliteCustomSG For more information email: info@elitecustom.sg or visit our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/EliteCustomSG
legendbymarcobertoletti - legendbikes - envecomposites - dtswiss - legendbicycles - ismseat - irideenve - marcobertoletti - enve -
achawin_p : My favorite color scheme
chispas63 : Bella @elitecustomsg
rl__slr - monkeykingchen7777 - alessandro_cisari - legor_cicli_squadra_corse -
Obligatory pit stop at the Natural Energy Lab right off the Queen K highway. Rocking the @brickwellcycling kit which coincidentally matches my @ceepo #Venom #TeamChocolateMilk #TeamBrickwell #ISMseat
venom - teambrickwell - ismseat - teamchocolatemilk -
jgadget : @chanthony dude how do u like those wheels?!
chanthony : They're smooth @jgadget - trade you for the Enve's
jgadget : @chanthony enves are gone!! My new wheels come next week!
angel_to_smooth_rodriguez : Have fun over there man, I see your doing amazing things
lmische08 : A lot of power behind that smile, keep it up!
chanthony : Thanks @_champ89_ & @lmische08
alejaely : @chanthony Boss!
teamtriglobal - scottwrigleyfitness - niasophia10 - run.mar -
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