@chanthony is rising to the top!! Congrats on an awe-inspiring weekend at #IMLP. Now, on to #IMKona! #Repost from @chanthony | I'm going to KONA!!! Still in a bit of shock. Thank you to all of my supporters! #teamchocolatemilk #ismseat #headsweats. IRONMAN #imlp was truly a success!
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I'm going to KONA!!! Still in a bit of shock. Thank you to all of my supporters! #teamchocolatemilk #ismseat #headsweats. IRONMAN #imlp was truly a success!
headsweats - ismseat - imlp - teamchocolatemilk -
backatsquare0 : Wow. That's awesome.
migangeloo : Congrats!! Well done!
kelseyrenee89 : Much deserved! You rocked it, congrats!!
itscalibird : Congrats chan!!! That's amazing!
kingpiggy : Congrats
apup911 : This is awesome!!! Congratulations!! You rocked it!! It was nice meeting you as well! @chanthony
ginnylovestri24 : Bam! So great!!!
triathlonfilm : Congrats!!!
iammrejir - margot__go - ginnylovestri24 - frankpicchione -
Bike is dialed in. Impromptu photo shoot when I bumped into my parents on their morning workout! #teamchocolatemilk #ismseat #imlp
ismseat - imlp - teamchocolatemilk -
pawliktri : Looks like a perfect fit! Kick butt tomorrow !
theblonderunner : 👍🚴❤️
krisikat : Good stuff!
gotchocolatemilk - stoutes - krisikat - r0m3ro -
New goodies @lezyneusa carbon SL cages and #kinesis #aithein clamp tweeking for an #evening #ride #brighton after a gym sesh @reynoldscycling #ismseat
evening - kinesis - ride - brighton - aithein - ismseat -
vikki_carter1 : U got a local bike in ur bed tonight then @mjgibbo haha 😉
jmsroberts - sofywoo - sorcha_casey - andy_s43 -
Finished packing for @Ironmantri Lake Placid #IMLP in less than an hour! But wait, I can't sleep yet...#foamroll time! #teamchocolatemilk #teambrickwell #ismseat #headsweats
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stephaniegiang : Oh that roller though 😜
rachelnexus6 - pawliktri - kennethhophoto - r1cky -
Getting my bottom bracket cleaned out and re-lubed for a weekend of fast racing in Colorado Springs! Also, take note of the location… Not too shabby :-) thanks for all the help @griffinpedalworks @take_it_ec #teamnater #velodrome #raceday #fixie #fixed #mymechanic #ismseat
ismseat - fixie - raceday - teamnater - mymechanic - fixed - velodrome -
foreverfixed : Your a sprinter right?
griffinpedalworks : Yeah buddy! Good luck in CO!
teamnater : I sprint from time to time @foreverfixed :)
foreverfixed : Thats sooo awsome!
kkredz : Good luck and enjoy CO!
kevin_ridesfixed - anndmitch - mr__raw - igorhollemans -
Ny "saddlerack". Nu hoppas jag att jag får behålla flaskorna! #profiledesign #argon18 #ismseat
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edgarsture : Lägger man kulorna mellan "gattet" där framme?
joakim_joensson : Ja, @edgarsture ... Om man är naken!!! Föder inte du barn?
edgarsture : Jo men mellan varven är det lite småtrist 😊
magnuslindstrom : Ser ut som en vettig sadel!
joakim_joensson : Du får gärna prova, @magnuslindstrom Den är anpassad till resten av hojen, kan man säga! Och @edgarsture Jobba jobba jobba!!!! 😜
triathlonaddict : Is it realy help for the pain on 180k?😀
joakim_joensson : The pain is impossible to escape @triathlonaddict And for a full ironman I would prefer a barmounted hydrationsolution and consider the saddlerack a backup!
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2x #bearmtn climb complete. Thanks @franksride for the photo. Great climbing! #MBCR #ismseat #teamchocolatemilk
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4 years later! It has seen better days, but still functioning well! Love my #ismseat #adamo #trigear #triathlon #triathlete #firstirontri #ironmantri #ironman70 #cervelo
triathlon - triathlete - ironmantri - firstirontri - trigear - ismseat - adamo - cervelo - ironman70 -
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16th Overall & 2nd Age Group today at USAP California International Triathlon. Thanks to @wattieink @feltbicycles @speedfil (5th fastest bike) #Herbalife24 @powerbar #ismseat @skechersperformance @blueseventy (swim PR) @rudyprojectusa. Great way to cap off a 25hr training camp. Had faith the body would hold up and it did. Now time to let it absorb and get stronger. Huge thanks to my little cheerleader today. She deserved to share the podium with me.
herbalife24 - ismseat -
colleenlundrigan : Well done!! Congrats!!!
ryanvanderloop : Nice work J!
tfredricks : So good! You and your daughter are so sweet together.
scsteward - ednolbbmud - raqueltorres777 - 5280barbie -
Maiden voyage of the @irtwheels #carbon disc wheel. A #filipinoamerican owned company on a #bike with #philippine colours. Ready for @challengeAC @filamtri @sportsasia
carbon - bike - philippine - ismseat - filipinoamerican -
arlandmac : @elitebicycles @rotorbike @profile_design #ismseat
lvrunner77 : Wow!
ultrairon.dawood : @arlandmac Turned out great! Nice color scheme on the frame. Equipped with Di2
arlandmac : Great paint design @ultrairon.dawood ! U d man!
michael_attfield - elitebicycles - alanleith -
Parlee TT on 6.7s #parlee #parleecycles #myparlee #whyiride #ironman #timetrial #enve #envecomposites #irideenve #ismseat #chrisking #chriskingbuzz Stay updated with the latest events, custom projects and product. Follow us on Instagram: @EliteCustomSG For more information email: or visit our Facebook page:
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50 in 50 to go on first day of Big Week. @herbalife24 @feltbicycles #ismseat and new @wattieink kit making this a comfortable ride.
ismseat -
pleasuredelayer - donaldfergus - joshua_hilliard - bobotron801 -
Crushing the #REV3Williamsburg bike course. Thanks to the following @wattieink sponsors: @reynoldscycling, #ISMSeat, @powerbar, @herbalife and @speedfil. #RocktheW #WattieInk #WeAreWattieInk #triathlon #Rev3Tri #BlackDragonRacing
triathlon - rev3tri - rockthew - wing57 - wearewattieink - blackdragonracing - rev3williamsburg - ismseat - wattieink -
datcher300 : Bro....that is awesome! #Winning
ffcaldwell : Can't wait to get my @rudyprojectna #Wing57.
tclf68 : Very cool photo.
tanyagcyclist : What photo editing program did you use? Sweet.
jeeprmedic : Great job Hugh. You should bike home on 64. It would be quicker
jennabuena : Awesome pic
jdeftri - karrieboswell - captainmorgin - pthomp05 -
25:37 climb up Bear Mtn. That was fun! #MBCR #ismseat #teamchocolatemilk
mbcr - ismseat - teamchocolatemilk -
pawliktri : Nice! It gets real after the you hit the fork. Good time!
delacruzd_ : I really want to do that ride
christinemhuber - kennethhophoto - pennybart - jennn_bearr -
3rd Place Overall & 1st Age Group today at Rancho Second International #Triathlon Thanks @feltbicycles (58:26 bike split), #ismseat , @speedfil , @powerbar #pbte , @wattieink , @skechersperformance , #Herbalife24 @blueseventy & TBFRacing
herbalife24 - triathlon - ismseat - pbte -
tfredricks : 👍👍
_asweetlife_ : Right on!! 👏👏👏
_asweetlife_ - tfredricks - multisportsdad - mikef11 -
Sporadic rainstorms = 3 hours on the trainer #IMLP #ISMseat #teamChocolateMilk #headsweats
headsweats - ismseat - imlp - teamchocolatemilk -
chocolatemilkjill : Ugh - lol
pawliktri : #brainfry
rachelnexus6 : #Thepaincave
donaldleite - christinemhuber - kellymagnus - kelseyrenee89 -
Can't wait to race Saturday on my @feltbicycles #B12 Also thanks to #ismseat @speedfil @sramracing @wattieink
b12 - ismseat -
bomboclatt97 - buildthemachine - aliatlan - slaterfletcher -
IM Frankfurt bike set up #4weekstogo #bmc #tm01 #zipp #808 #profiledesign #ultergra #ismseat #ichkanndichnichthoerenmeinelaufraedersindsolaut #almostzerodrag
ultergra - bmc - ichkanndichnichthoerenmeinelaufraedersindsolaut - 4weekstogo - almostzerodrag - 808 - ismseat - profiledesign - zipp - tm01 -
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Photo courtesy of Maggie #rev3 #quassy running out of T2, and on my way to clinching the M20-24 age group title #teamchocolatemilk #buildit #ismseat @gotchocolatemilk
quassy - buildit - rev3 - ismseat - teamchocolatemilk -
lorangutvn : Let's go chanthony!
pawliktri : Congrats Anthony ! Insane result in that challenging course!
alldayche : Good shit!! Keep killing it... And save me a glass of that chocolate stuff haha
gtstrutters - tri_the_distance - megtkly - runningfastinslowmotion -
Spotted. Cute doggie at #rev3 #quassy expo. Excited for the race! #teamchocolatemilk #headsweats #ismseat #vitargo #MBCR
mbcr - ismseat - headsweats - quassy - rev3 - teamchocolatemilk - vitargo -
cattykins38 : But first, let me take a selfie lol
musclefuelninja : that ninja dog needs #vitargo
musclefuelninja - chocolatemilkjill - kenb41 - milynwilliams -
Love my @feltbicycles #B12 w/ #ismseat @speedfil z4 @sramracing #Quarq
b12 - ismseat - quarq -
_asweetlife_ - tfredricks - onceandalwaysrunner - mikef11 -
Dialed in & ready for Rev3 Quassy on 6/1. Thanks @gotchocolatemilk #teamChocolateMilk #ISMseat #Vitargo @vitargo
ismseat - vitargo - teamchocolatemilk -
gstreetgarden : Such a good race. Well, the olympic distance :P good luck!
russellscottmarks : Olympic is where it's at. ... except you get prize money in the half
chanthony : I'm sure there's athletes that race both events. I like putting all my eggs in one basket.
nybeachtennis : Nice bike!
pawliktri : See you there Anthony! Go get that podium!
apastecchi : @chanthony awesome bike man!good luck
pawliktri : Anthony , no aero jacket?
chanthony : Not the final product. Aero jacket is a maybe :-)
bmonty91 - tj_tr0n - jmtfoto - tquinn25 -
Pinned and ready to roll. See you at Floyd Bennett Field! #MBCR #vitargo #TeamChocolateMilk #ISMseat
mbcr - vitargo - ismseat - teamchocolatemilk -
cattykins38 - kentomming - delacruzd_ - alejaely -
Vélodrome was closed… Standing starts in the park! #teamnater #training #eldo #trackbike #fixed #fixie #standingstarts #ismseat #ismattack #cnpperformance #zengrips
training - trackbike - eldo - cnpperformance - ismattack - ismseat - fixie - standingstarts - fixed - teamnater - zengrips -
catesilovsky : Welcome to my world of training with no velo :)
chevahh : Thought that was you. Haha!
teamnater : Yep @chevahh How was your ride!?
chevahh : It was fun actually. Did me some good ol' intervals. See you around man!
codylovestoflex : Cranks?
teamnater : Dura ace @codylovestoflex
codylovestoflex : 👍👍 goodluck in your training for Rio 2016!!
twistedhindz1 - creationking - codylovestoflex - raymond_massari -
Claimed my spot at the top of the podium this weekend at the inaugural #REV3 Age Group Championship. Special thanks to the support from my @wattieink teammates and to @cve_coach for top notch coaching. #rocktheW #wattieink #rev3knoxville @blueseventy @reynoldscycling @powerbar @herbalife @rudyprojectna @speedfil #blackdragonracing #rev3tri #ismseat
ismseat - rev3tri - rockthew - rev3knoxville - rev3 - wattieink - blackdragonracing -
cve_coach : Proud of you bro
jenyanda : Awesome!
mcmunnmh - moira_a_horan - bigguytri - mjallyn -
I have my bike taken care of by the very best! @griffinpedalworks thank you for all of your support, hard work, and making sure my machine top notch! If you need your bike taken care of he comes to you and takes care of everything on site! TIME TO GO FAST!!! #teamnater #trackbike #trackcycling #trackcyclist #griffinpedalworks ##felttk1 #ismseat #scatto
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Had my second trip with this badboy today #ism #ismseat #adamo #road #roadbike #aero #bike #biking #bikers #endurance #badboy
badboy - roadbike - endurance - aero - bikers - bike - ismseat - ism - adamo - biking - road -
gjulem : Hva er forskjellen? Mer støtte/behagelig?
dyrset : Om man sliter med nummenhet i skrittet/en søvnig penis, er dette setet for deg @gjulem 😅 Utformingen gjør at blodgjennomstrømningen er på topp👍
gjulem : Da er dette setet for meg. Da jeg nærmet meg tryvannstårnet en gang for et par år siden trodde jeg at noe var alvorlig galt, for jeg hadde ikke følelse i skrittet 😜. Godt det er flere av oss 😄👌
sharkriderfoto : I have the Adamo prologue and like it a lot better than the saddle that came with my bike.
jonivar69 - arnebn - hakongyran - callaghan_93 -
If it wasn't for pandora, I'd be asleep on my bike #rockthew #PBTE @wattieink @powerbar @speedfil #ISMseat #dingding #doghousemultisport
dingding - doghousemultisport - ismseat - pbte - rockthew -
brittbreaux : Pandora has pulled me thru so many trainer rides!!
hubbellm - martindevincenti - meggie14333 - jacembry -
Not only does it look badass, it is the most comfortable kit I've ever worn!! Made by @wattieink in the USA!! Absolutely love it! #rockthew #timetorock @powerbar @454_tattoo @reynoldscycling @10barrelbrewing @herbalife @blue_seventy @rudyprojectna @tribiketransport @speedfil @spidertechsm #ismseat
timetorock - ismseat - rockthew -
jacembry : Can't wait to get mine!!!
joedunbar_ : SO awesome!! Congrats!!
s_caplan : Sweet!
hubbellm - snarkier - dslif - s_caplan -
Parlee Z5i #Parlee #parleecycles #z5i #myparlee #enve #envecomposites #irideenve #weightweenies #custom #bespoke #carbon #mavic #ismseat #shimano #di2 Stay updated with the latest events, custom projects and product. Follow us on Instagram: @EliteCustomSG For more information email: or visit our Facebook page:
custom - parlee - irideenve - parleecycles - mavic - shimano - di2 - myparlee - weightweenies - envecomposites - enve - carbon - z5i - bespoke - ismseat -
felipelasodittborn : Like it
rsktzk - felipelasodittborn - mikalambe - ollieboulton -
Give your delicate parts the comfort it deserves. Visit The Brick Multisport Store at McKinley Hill to test which ISM Saddle is right for you. #ismsaddles #ismseat #ismadamo #thebrickmultisport #brickmultisport #mckinleyhill #triathlon #roadbike #swimbikerun #roadracing #bicycle #bike #cycling #timetrial #saddle
thebrickmultisport - triathlon - bicycle - roadracing - saddle - roadbike - timetrial - mckinleyhill - ismsaddles - bike - ismseat - swimbikerun - cycling - brickmultisport - ismadamo -
markhernz : Excited to try 'Em out! 😁😁😁
tritonendurancesports : 👍 @markhernz hey bro, if you need selection & installation assistance, let us know. 👊
markhernz : Will do, thanks!
edisonmaningat : @tritonendurancesports do they have return/exchange policy in case you're not comfortable with the type selected? like what they do in the US?
tritonendurancesports : @edisonmaningat aside from selection & installation services free of charge, we offer a test saddle program. Free of charge. Message us so we can set an appointment
nxycwhb - littlemissangepangie - ninamarievkaiser - joshemei -
3rd overall female at HITS Ocala sprint! @wattieink fueled by @powerbar @speedfil @ajbaucco coaching #ismseat #rockthew
ismseat - rockthew -
sethgraham00 : Nice work! We missed you in oceanside!
dpingaro : Great job ! Congrats on the podium
cait211 : You're one bad ass bitch!
colleenlundrigan : Thanks everyone!! :)
colleenlundrigan : Wish I could've been there @sethgraham00! Hope you'll be at wildflower :)
snarkier : Congrats!! Xoxo
meggie14333 : You are amazing #mysisterisarockstar
trimarni : Congrats !!!
hubbellm - triathletedrg - allthingstrigal1 - runyourlife262 -
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