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Forgot my hard hat and safety vest.... But no worries... #irockpinkandyellow
irockpinkandyellow -
bejay490 : why would the corp need must be at Nanya.LOL!
tommyfennel : @bejay490 I'd need a suit of armor for NanYa! Not the safest place... Lol
bejay490 : Ha!
slfen - rrsmith20 - malsmith13 - khyler_12 -
Never a moments doubt, #sunsoutgunsout now for sale at: #crossfit #irockpinkandyellow
sunsoutgunsout - i - irockpinkandyellow - crossfit - framethatshit -
mlwadester : That might be even better than a printed one. #OriginalShit
the_tiki : @mlwadester limited edition, 1 of 1! #framethatshit
the_tiki : @cfijoey bro is #i an apt number? Just wanna make sure it gets to a brotha!
mlwadester : @the_tiki you know I would. #FramesOnFramesOnFrames
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