I've changed so much since I was little. I used to care what people thought about me, now I don't either you like me or you don't. I'm not here to impress you. I used to have a lot of girls as friends but since I have became older I have realized girls are more drama and guys are just better, less drama! I've learned that haters will be haters. They won't realize what they had until they are gone. I forgive but I never forget! I will say what's on my mind and tell you the truth. I won't lie to you even if the truth will hurt you. I like me for who I am. I have a huge heart and care about anyone and everyone even if you hurt me. I've changed but I love who I have become!! #freshman #14 #awesome #amazing #beautiful #crazy #cute #caring #gorgeous #dontcarewhatpeoplethink #IRHS #warriors #followme
beautiful - cute - crazy - 14 - warriors - awesome - irhs - caring - dontcarewhatpeoplethink - amazing - gorgeous - freshman - followme -
queen.l - macie_bearpaw21 - kaylahulkovich - little.miss.miah -
Just a lil sum I did at #irhs in the wrestling room πŸ€πŸ€
irhs -
kaaa.itaylor_ : πŸ€#ballislife
1dream_1goal_11 : You know it @kaaa.itaylor_
jeewu25 : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ€
tylerkramer36 - jaiquezjones - ayye_its_kalissa - ayo__nana__00 -
This was last weeks sign. It says "You can change the world if you want to." I hope she still does a sign for this week, hopefully tomorrow or Wednesday since we're out on Thursday and Friday for TURKEY DAY. #indianriver #irhs #inspiration #ilovethisgirl #shesbeautiful #amazing #senioryear #mylife #co2015 #encouragement #quotes #braves
braves - indianriver - shesbeautiful - senioryear - irhs - co2015 - quotes - amazing - encouragement - mylife - ilovethisgirl - inspiration -
fuckiana : I like he
yolo_bumlife - kay_bae_14 - gage0303 - jurney.darvin -
Was at Norview vs River Friday shoutout to both hopefully the Pilots can win state #LOAL #NHS #IRHS
loal - irhs - nhs -
djshowtime757 : Was they rumbling foreal??
short_stackssss : Hey Scales πŸ˜‰
scales34 : @djshowtime757 lmao yeah bro game had like 45 sec left I had just started walkin out
xo_kevoniaaaa - ___dono - _oliveoil90_ - finelikewine_p -
....❀️🎭 #azthespian #irhs #dramaqueens @cashmoneymegan
dramaqueens - azthespian - irhs -
jenebassett - meganyaaass - molly1rose - maddiebubbly -
Crazy girls trying to mess up our perfect picture! Haha, but really, I can't believe how many amazing people I met over the weekend! I feel like I've known them all my whole life, and I love them all so much! It's amazing what God can do, he brought all these outstanding brothers into my life and I'm so thankful!!! Thank you all for a memory that will last forever!❀️ #younglife #wintercamp #irhs
wintercamp - irhs - younglife -
mattdeweerdty : LOVE
yunjeezzy : It's all good! Now we know😏😊 btw nice to meet you hahahaπŸ˜‚ @payton_flynn @mattdeweerdty
payton_flynn : @yunjeezzy hahahaπŸ˜‚ nice to meet you too! Hopefully I see you around sometime!!
yunjeezzy : Haha sounds good!πŸ‘πŸ˜Š @payton_flynn
ryanwesleysmith : God is so good!
payton_flynn : @ryanwesleysmith I second that!πŸ˜„πŸ™
alexkaprosy : This is awesome dude
lily.burk : Ayye I'm in thisπŸ˜‚
_athens_sweets_ - brysonpetho - michaelanthonyrossetti - tia_bear23 -
Let's go irhs #gameday #football #snowyday #irhs
football - snowyday - irhs - gameday -
allisonsmith95 : go irhs!
cameron_k05 : @allisonsmith95 you don't even know irhs
darcymurphy7 - nickd3vries - taygoldberg - camcook66 -
It's that time of year again... #BasketballSeason #IRHS #BoysBasketball
basketballseason - boysbasketball - irhs -
jocey_rozi : When is the first game lol #imworrisome
chanel_numba5 : @jocey_rozi LoL no u ain't! It's December 2 at Smith
jocey_rozi : I'm there!!!
diva_diane : You have more hairstyles than a pimp has hoes!! β€οΈπŸ†πŸ’―
chanel_numba5 : @diva_diane πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ thanks!!
757tank : I love that smile πŸ˜‡
yashica_chantell - aj_ornothin - rebirth_ofcool - diigga -
Last day in Niagara falls with the best group of people #IRHS #OSLC36 HAD THE BEST WEEKEND EVER!!!!!
oslc36 - irhs -
evestazz : Beauty pic
evestazz : Beauty time
almmuh - arishasalahuddin - loral_lee - vittoriarago -
Well this is from last Thursday. But her sign last week said "You are not alone". #youarenotalone #quotes #mylife #inspiration #senioryear #co2015 #2014 #irhs #indianriver #braves
braves - indianriver - senioryear - irhs - co2015 - quotes - mylife - 2014 - youarenotalone - inspiration -
aye_its_jerbear : She always makes my day. 😊
_laurenskyler_ - shellz1997 - chelseaabrooke9 - gage0303 -
Before the ball tryouts #irhs #irhsbasketball #ballislife #turbanation #hustle
hustle - turbanation - irhsbasketball - irhs - ballislife -
blogan_18 - jakemiguel98 - ch3rvan9 - mike_23ballislife -
GRAND CHAMPION!!!!!!! We may not be a high stepping band but we sure know how march out butts off. Comes to show, just because u play music everybody knows doesn't mean it's the best music. We came we saw we conquered!!!!!!! Love Yahll!!! And thank you seniors. This won't be the same without Yahll but we appreciate all that Yahll have done. #IRHS #MARCHINGBRAVES #GRAND #CHAMPION #2014
2014 - marchingbraves - champion - irhs - grand -
erykahxx_ - fieldhockey_keeper - michael_22_98 - samdaman12 -
πŸ‘‘ Beowulf's Funeral Song! πŸ‰ find the full video on my channel. Search "SarahParkerAda" on YouTube. #youtube #Adatacular #beowulf #hrothgar #herot #grendel #grendelsmother #ukulele #parody #singing #englishclass #edchat #irhs
englishclass - ukulele - beowulf - hrothgar - youtube - irhs - herot - edchat - grendel - adatacular - parody - singing - grendelsmother -
lilyisabrat - boresoff_julie - madge_eh - iamjohnbarker -
All ready for the game! #indianriverhs #indianriverwarriors #IRHS #phillyny #philadelphianewyork #philadelphiany #gowarriors #indianriverwarriors
philadelphiany - phillyny - indianriverwarriors - philadelphianewyork - gowarriors - irhs - indianriverhs -
miss_t1211 - boogie0319 - 7thcreation -
My Nighthawk right here!!! Varsity Football banquet! So blessed to be a part of this outstanding football program!! #47#IRHS#Nighthawks#Football#SophmoreYear
47 - nighthawks - football - sophmoreyear - irhs -
oreo_bubblebutt : He's just to cute πŸ˜ŠπŸ™ˆπŸ™Š
cmedina247 : My SUPER HANDSOME Nephew πŸ’ͺπŸ’žπŸ’ͺπŸ’ž Sooooo proud of him #StudStatus #MyGuerinchi #PieceOfMyHeart @samedina247 @irhsjm3
princesasmalls : Please let Guero know I say happy birthday! πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ‰
samedina247 : @princesasmalls he said thank you πŸ˜„
renee_marquez - sportsmom514 - anizarose - marisela.morales.16906 -
#tbt high school graduation 2010 coming up on 5 years. #irhs #classof2010 #indianriverhighschool
indianriverhighschool - tbt - irhs - classof2010 -
kattiebby : @britsquad @ylloh.m
ylloh.m : such babies
mariparidari - blm2894 - mojoyo - fun_bunny30 -
#tbt tight ass hilfiger shirt #tbt #irhs
tbt - irhs -
landocalrissi2 - msclassandsass_12185 - beezyhillsr - tip21spice -
She doesn't know how much this convo meant to me after such a crazy week ... And it's only Wednesday #friends #irhs #odu #allgrownup #withhusbands #andkids #whendidthathappen
whendidthathappen - withhusbands - allgrownup - friends - odu - irhs - andkids -
ahilah_k : Can you send me that background so it can be mine too
misstatum757 - thewhitedragon28 - thatblackdude -
Duces with the Baden🏈 #IRHS
irhs -
tommybaden21 : 😍
christynorine78 : My boy so handsome
jeremyypollack - nate_50_benjamin - karinalomeli_ - lexybear1013 -
Halloween Dance 2014 #irhs #halloween #dance
dance - halloween - irhs -
claire.katherine : cat twin!! πŸ˜ΊπŸ™Š
wendi_huang : An angle two kitty's and waldo
samanthajrideout : Ooh u know @wendi_huang nicee. She was in my choir last year
nawjotkkhatra : Yeahhh me and her are Asian buddies πŸ’• @wendi_huang
wendi_huang : @samanthajrideout hayyy Sam
7madibee7 : Add me on snapchat maddy-sun
nawjotkkhatra : Kk
tf_chase_ : Tbh: Hey, I don't really know you but you seem like a really cool person & you're pretty. Hmu or something and don't be a ghost follower lol. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ŒπŸ’―πŸ’― Rate: 8/10
makladious - syd_syd75 - tf_chase_ - sabrina.33 -
happyhalloween - irhspinkout - irhs - pinkout -
kristabae26 : Pink out πŸ’• #irhs #pinkout #happyhalloween #irhspinkout
chinaa_illinois - nida.x - _maddy_renee_ - l.r.f.w -
In the English Department, we all dressed up as idioms for Halloween. I'm a "fish out water". #fishface #fishmakeup #idiom #irhs #instagood #halloween #blubblub
idiom - fishmakeup - blubblub - fishface - halloween - irhs - instagood -
808_g1rl : I love it! ^.^ 🐠
lenvill01 - sofieebelles - mockingjaymonkey -
Last night before my fall choir concert. 🎀🎼🎢 #irhs #senior #co2015 #choir #indianriver #braves #mylife #2014 #senioryear
choir - braves - indianriver - senioryear - irhs - co2015 - mylife - 2014 - senior -
the_juless : Ha.. Ha.. Ha.. Lol πŸ™… dorkπŸ˜‚ @sammytitts
fuckiana : @sammytitts yup😌
sammytitts : I was givin my old work buddy a compliment @_codi_lynn_ handle my light weight #beenpretty #swagswag @fuckiana @the_juless
the_juless : She ain't gonna handle your lightweight she handled my lightweight (you) when she mentioned the comment to me lolol I just now read this.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’•πŸ’• @sammytitts
_codi_lynn_ : Woah there guys. Settle down. @the_juless @fuckiana @sammytitts
sammytitts : You talkin shit about my game #hopoffmydick @the_juless
the_juless : #maybeπŸ˜‚ and kiana was the one talking shit first I just joined in. Friendly fun.πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜‚ @sammytitts @fuckiana
sammytitts : @_codi_lynn_ its ights #wedontlovedeezhoes
shewasafail - niklosey - alvis_massey -
That's my baby... Doing what he loves most!!! #Suki#IRHS#DirtyBirds#Baseball#44#
suki - dirtybirds - baseball - 44 - irhs -
kikkles007 - mo1332 - queen_beautyj - nationsbaseballarizona -
My world in my hands!! No words to explain how much I love him!!! #Nana'sBaby#IRHS#BabyDJ
nana - babydj - irhs -
cmedina247 : Love this picture and the two in it <3 @samedina247
samedina247 : @cmedina247 love you too!!!
emilliemartinez44 - sabrina_esperanza - _rainamoniquee - i_l0ve_purple_penguin -
Not sure if he was happy for the big W against Salpointe or that his nephew was there supporting him!!! #10/24/14#BabyDJ#TioGuero#IRHS#Nighthawks
tioguero - 10 - nighthawks - babydj - irhs -
cmedina247 : Two of my favorite dudes!!!! #PROUDTIA #LOVETHEMMUCHO @samedina247
_rainamoniquee - i_l0ve_purple_penguin - dtt.queen_ericka -
I really don't know what I'm doing in this picture so... #IRHS #Salpointe πŸˆπŸ’™β€οΈ
salpointe - irhs -
brooke.kimball : Who won?
oliviaaawhite : Ironwood. @brooke.kimball
brooke.kimball : Thanksβ˜ΊοΈπŸ™Œ
catewilson_ : What is your face?πŸ˜‚
oliviaaawhite : I was talking and trying to pose for the picture at the same time πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @catewilson_
emmatt02 - anthonyknightid - genny_cotes - _sofiaacuna_ -
#Pink is #pretty, pink is #bright, we have made the #decision to #live and #fight πŸ‘™πŸ’ͺπŸšΊβœ”οΈ #pinkout #IRHS #love and #missyou #aunt dawn #cancer #sucks #support for a #cure
pink - love - missyou - cancer - pinkout - decision - sucks - live - irhs - fight - bright - cure - aunt - pretty - support -
cashvirginia - coleyy_jay - shawnnvb -
irhs -
brenda.figueroagarcia : :-*
ronny_garcia13 : @brenda.figueroagarcia :3β™‘
karolitha19 - suziiortsal - azuldetucielo - karla.gomezsalas -
Okay, so, this gives me chills. This girl at my school holds up a sign like every Friday and it always says something positive. This week it says "You aren't overlooked". And I think it's just so amazing that she does this. #youarentoverlooked #irhs #indianriver #senior #senioryear #co2015 #school #positivity
youarentoverlooked - school - indianriver - senioryear - irhs - co2015 - senior - positivity -
mlymt : I love hwr
mlymt : Her
_codi_lynn_ : Lol. Yeah. Me too. @mlymt
_codi_lynn_ : Hey, kik me. CodiLynnCO15 @mlymt
navypride118 - rivaset101 - asap.lean - thunderwood97 -
Feels good to be winning and we are winning as a family lets get it done Braves I want states 🏈🏈#braves #irhs #football
football - irhs - braves -
baileyyyy_03 : Tbh your really sweet
gmdman171 : Thanks @baileyyyy_03
brodey2nice - muffintomcat213 - kyra_smileys4ever - _kra24 -
My baby on the end!! #47#IRHS#Nighthawks#footballlife#proudmomma#varsity#2014
2014 - nighthawks - varsity - proudmomma - 47 - irhs - footballlife -
timdadof7 : Great pic!
thefootballtrainer - i_l0ve_purple_penguin - bakerdeb - jruiz_3 -
Im the one in the supernatural beanie my friend angels the one with the blue and white paint on her face #imsougly #angel #emily #supernatural #irhs
imsougly - supernatural - irhs - angel - emily -
dylanswanger : Hey Emily
equalgay_rights : @dylanswanger hru
dylanswanger : Good
dylanswanger : And u?
equalgay_rights : Im alright i guess im incolorado its nice and cold her @dylanswanger
equalgay_rights : Here *
equalgay_rights : Text me 5204257521 cuz my phones an ass hole and fucking instagrams a dick head ^.^ @dylanswanger
dylanswanger : Ok
truthjustdied - eyeless_jazz_ - its_dvitaa - my_wish_to_be_ -
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