#Repost from @wenpash with @repostapp --- Chinese Siri always trying to get me to her restaurant.... #iphoneproblems #siri #chineseaccent ✔️ feat: @717_baby ✔️ #followhim buss laugh thanks Pashtun for the laugh
followhim - siri - iphoneproblems - chineseaccent - repost -
braddah_keith : Stupid autocorrect I meant pashyn
msterb_ : sweeet! @VinesBeLike
Siri is a tease. #iphoneproblems
iphoneproblems -
sivleaaron - dayvahd - amylynndelgado - jesicaenz -
Stupid #iphone. #iphoneproblems.
iphone - iphoneproblems -
_kellyo : Ur phone needs a slap lol
nansea3 : @_kellyo yes it does -_- ... I'm just gonna switch to a Windows phone. This is so lame. Lol
_kellyo : Girl I have metro and its good lol
nansea3 : @_kellyo then maybe I should consider metro lol
shellfish2812 - _kellyo - short2chelles - jollymollyevey -
Chinese Siri always trying to get me to her restaurant.... #iphoneproblems #siri #chineseaccent ✔️ feat: @717_baby ✔️ #followhim
followhim - siri - iphoneproblems - chineseaccent -
kaleena_7 : @mikeyang 😂
guavarella : @lliinnddyy @so_majestic
_whoopthereslizz : Lmfao!!!!! @jesse_rita69 dass you bro!!
mane92 : 😂😂😂
max67zero : @javy670 @mongstah
bannabels : Funny))
pukahilo : @_0neflip_ @b20vtek @gordo399 @aguiarsmobile @katomann808 @wklainc lol I wanted pancakes @hnwallday
b20vtek - pukahilo - weylandgalinatojr - dub_werx -
I emptied my phone of photos. Hardest thing EVER!!! #firstworldproblems but it's still saying I have 6.8 gigs of photos on my phone. What's up with that?! #iphoneproblems #iphonemysteries
firstworldproblems - iphonemysteries - iphoneproblems -
pixiiebutt -
#iPhoneproblems #applelover #appleneedstodobetter #lowbattery #thissucks
applelover - appleneedstodobetter - lowbattery - thissucks - iphoneproblems -
love_peace_and_happiness3 -
😩😲😣 When your #iPhone blows out of your pocket and down the street #rip #hurricaneinboston #bostonweather #iphoneproblems #mandown #iphone
bostonweather - iphoneproblems - mandown - thankgodformyipad - hurricaneinboston - needlesstosaydonttextme - rip - iphone -
missshanda : #thankgodformyipad #needlesstosaydonttextme
ronniecardoza : Lmao that's how mine look whole left screen gone lol
dart_adams : SHIT
mking_ssc : @missshanda well damn 😳
nikkimbabie - ladyy_p84 - mrthanksgiving -
Now the camera won't even work on Instagram this really sucks #iPhoneproblems #iphone #help
iphoneproblems - iphone - help -
infinite_rc : No it will not @operation_rc this has happened to my ipod
infinite_rc : But if my method dosent work @rc_action808 try @operation_rc
rcfunstuff : My sound keeps messing up on Instagram.
huntdizal_rc : Me too @rcfunstuff ... Does it make u mute it then unmute it
rcfunstuff : U mean on recording vids? Or watching them. I haven't tried that either way. @huntdizal_rc
operation_rc : I phones are differen the soldering to the mother or sound board is messed up.. Same with camera
operation_rc : Hey, do u anybody looking to buy a hpi blit? Sct
rc_action808 : Send me pics and details of it and I'll post it up on my page @operation_rc
thomas_stanley92 - soh_friken_awesum808 - crawln4life - duallychevy_454 -
I love my friends!!! The #laughter never stops #iphoneproblems #jayzlaugh
jayzlaugh - laughter - iphoneproblems -
diferent1 : Cool @VinesBeLike
benswayallday : 😭😂😂😂
princesskyla : @benswayallday I cropped it to soon. She then followed up by saying "I wish I could laugh like jayz" I HOLLERED in this bar
missryanbaby : Frfr on that B tho Lmaooo
sparrow3015 : I do that too...
princesskyla : @sparrow3015 what the jayz laugh LMAO jkjk
sparrow3015 : No the b! Lol I do it all the time. Once my mom thought I was calling her a bitch!
princesskyla : @sparrow3015 I know!!! I do it all the time too hahaha that's hilarious 😂😂😂
missryanbaby - thedanirae - benswayallday - sparrow3015 -
Does anyone have this problem with their iPhone 5c My iPhone 5c rear camera has only this black screen and freezes up Someone please help I just got this iPhone like only 4 months ago and it's already has things that don't work Is there a way to fix this problem and will apple fix it for me #iPhoneproblems #iphone #apple #help #cameranotworking
cameranotworking - apple - help - iphoneproblems - iphone -
rc_action808 : No there isn't a case on @rc_racing_tips but it must be something with the phones software because it happened earlier today and half the pic turned purple then blacked out then freezes
rc_racing_tips : Definitely software. Especially if you got it to work again. Well, you have gone through Every troubleshooting thing I now of. If you still have a problem, the only thing to do is a factory reset unfortunately
rc_steven : Either power it off or sink it.
operation_rc : Is it jailbroke?
rc_action808 : No @operation_rc
operation_rc : Ok check for ios aka software updates if there is one donload it if that does not work check your camera happened to me and both of these help
rc_action808 : @operation_rc how do you get to camera settings
dawson.northrup : Call apple and tell them there stuff is a piece of shit
traxxasguy101 - andrew_sjoblom_rc - jpapasso - zackhopping -
When your phone's about to die & u find an open outlet #PureMagic #orlando #orlandomagic #amway #downtownorlando #iphoneproblems
amway - iphoneproblems - orlando - orlandomagic - downtownorlando - puremagic -
teamresiduals4life : Nice page!! Come check mine out!
carentyer1 : #follow me #ifollow back Come and connect with me!
jeffdc_ - kingbrandonmac - lakermade - kyleleeweber -
So this happened... And then winco #ihatestupid #iphoneproblems #sigh #neededit
neededit - sigh - iphoneproblems - ihatestupid -
finz08 : Keepin it classy
pedersenamy : @finz08 always!
john_godinez - zacharygilani - _santairene_ -
Travel Tip: Don't pack your charging cable in your checked bag! Put that puppy in an easily accessible pocket on your carry on and get ready to race the masses to a charging station to stake your claim in the power battle! Lord knows you'll need to update your status before the flight so all your BFF's know how how awesome you are! #iphoneproblems #batterylife #charge #traveltips #travel #eppley #flight #airport
flight - batterylife - traveltips - travel - charge - airport - eppley - iphoneproblems -
jojax_85 : I pack a power strip with my chargers in my carry on. #sharingiscaring
jfarango - hautetravelgirl - jojax_85 - simongrahams -
The Abominable Phoneman #thebigT #iphone6 #IPhoneProblems #callinglist
thebigt - iphone6 - callinglist - iphoneproblems -
marv_mal - joaxcx - luisleal3304 - mikeof09 -
That damn auto correct #iphoneproblems #autocorrect #amen #superfunny
superfunny - autocorrect - iphoneproblems - amen -
shawna_r3n33 -
Sometimes Siri just doesn't hear me right. This wasn't even close to what I said to her...smh #Siri #iphone #iphoneproblems #notevenclose
siri - iphone - iphoneproblems - notevenclose -
edward9916 : What the hell did you want her to find?
sydalala : ^^ haha
renee35smith : @edward9916 I was trying to prove a point to someone and told her to find me a picture of Miley Cyrus...
edward9916 : @renee35smith
maddie_decramer : U must have a strong accent😂
mishmashmike : Man you could've just texted me for that stuff
maddie_decramer -
#last #generation #polaroid #photograph #iphoneproblems #blowsmymind #blowyourmind #vogue 📱+ 📷= 🙋#waitfirstletmetakeaselfie 💋✌️
photograph - last - generation - eightiesbaby - polaroid - blowsmymind - iphoneproblems - waitfirstletmetakeaselfie - blowyourmind - vogue -
qteenii : #eightiesbaby
born_sinner718 : 👍
kpc32212 - stylesbyki - dannycheetham - oohtaay -
ha ha ha 100% guarantee!! 😒 #iphoneproblems #struggleisreal
struggleisreal - iphoneproblems -
samanthariendeau - anamaris28 - jonnyred_ - _fledesma -
Trying to snap some quick pictures with my violin... Really hard without a tripod! My is balanced on a door handle and leaning against the door frame for this picture... #violin #violinist #iphoneproblems #photographyprobs #ohheyplant #balcony
violinist - iphoneproblems - violin - ohheyplant - photographyprobs - balcony -
siribonalee : *My *iphone* is balanced... ^
millekerdance11 - morganjhooper - thedivinelivingspace - chelsealinreller -
For the first time in my life my WORK phone is better than my PERSONAL phone!!! How did this happen? #iPhone5S #iPhone4S #WorkPhone #PersonalPhone
workphone - personalphone - iphone4s - iphoneproblems - iphone5s -
pie_eater81 : #iPhoneProblems
niknoo1982 - maecusoneill - kate_makin - lynnetwiss -
#Repost from @iluvchristal with @repostapp --- These iPhone cords so damn cheap! I swear I go through one a month! 😩 last time I bought ✌️! One for the house and one for the car and they still tore up at the same time! These 5 cords are not cheap! Apple be taxing! #aintloyal #apple #iphonecord #iphoneproblems iphone5problems #iphonecordproblems #iphone5cordproblems #iphone #iphone5
apple - iphone5cordproblems - iphoneproblems - iphone5 - iphonecordproblems - aintloyal - iphone - iphonecord - repost -
kathleenlhaney - xowo333 - angiee_the_princess -
iphoneproblems -
harriet.hobbs : Looking gorgeous Luce💘
pip.munrox : #lucyhasfatfingers #shreklike @lucyasson
pip.munrox : ❤️❤️
lucyasson : Hazzzzz 🙈 love you 💕 thanks chica @harriet.hobbs
lucyasson : This would be where I use a middle finger emoji #iphoneproblems @pip.munrox
louisma2012 - gurpreetduhra - lizziebenbow - eleanorewen -
Seeing all Seven Sisters from a single vantage point but only being able to capture half of them with a little quality #iphoneProblems #ViewsFromTheClassroom
viewsfromtheclassroom - iphoneproblems -
dkr4 : Puuuurdy!
emily_evilness - mnorcott - miquelap - sammanthaa_californialove -
Is there anything scarier than this? 👻👻👻 #help #whohasacharger #whyismyphonealwaysdead #iphoneproblems #whitegielproblems #phoneaddictproblems #kristenproblems
whitegielproblems - kristenproblems - phoneaddictproblems - help - whyismyphonealwaysdead - whohasacharger - iphoneproblems -
chindogg187 : if you charged your phone at night this wouldnt happen!!
nothing2wearbuffalo : @chindogg187 that sounds way too logical
steph1018 : 😂😂😂😭😭 #whitegirlproblems
justifiedmajestic : @nothing2wearbuffalo if you stick your phone in the microwave for 1:00 it will fully charge. Ask @chindogg187 , it works!
chindogg187 : Dont do it!!! U are out of iphone lives!!
nothing2wearbuffalo : We don't have a microwave @justifiedmajestic @chindogg187
chindogg187 : @nothing2wearbuffalo @justifiedmajestic true we dont phew. #ovenonly
ally_thrasher - khaleeniteer - emk8624 - shanghiiii -
RIP #iphoneproblems
iphoneproblems -
jemma_sw : I've gone through about 5 or 6 iphone chargers in 2 years! So annoying isn't it x
rosieellor22 : Oh my god yes @jemma_sw 😫 youd think apple of all companies could get the basics right!! X
nikkimar89 - jemma_sw -
If you're trying to reach me....... My phone has been like this for an hour. Call 911.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #iphoneproblems #fixitJesus
iphoneproblems - fixitjesus -
mzbrie_ : Um, forgive my intelligence level, but um, how you take this pic and post it? 😂
nina.101 : 😂😂I knew someone would ask that. Luckily I brought my iPad to work with me today..... 😩😩😩😫😫😂😂😂😂
nina.101 : @mzbrie_
happypruittgirl : Cute case! @nina.101
mzbrie_ : 😂😂😂😭
misslexxa : U need an upgraded phone.... Smh
nina.101 : Thanks @happypruittgirl will tag you in another photo. My love for leopard is over the top.
nina.101 : I smell a hater in my comments!!!!!! Poof be gone @misslexxa
mzbrie_ -
This man 😍😍😍😍 I am seriously so lucky to have a best friend that supports me and wants nothing more than my happiness #dontjudgeourpetnames
dontjudgeourpetnames - iphoneproblems -
johnnydaniels123 : Does his phone have a comma button?
allisontofflemire : No @johnnydaniels123 #iphoneproblems
lopro33 - aipita - emily_reinhart - linee_ka -
De tener 100% a las 9 de la mañana, tres horas después pasa esto. #iphoneproblems 😪😔😩
iphoneproblems -
luis.rochaa - paudibildox -
First trip in her car seat. 💕 She lubs her gramzie. #margo #margretmerin.
margretmerin - margaretmerin - iphoneproblems - margo -
carol.r.smith.14 : Too cute!
cherstuff : She is certainly Hannah's baby. Such a pretty little one.
beccagalbraith : Isn't she just the cutest babe!💗
jenlundquist : Beautiful!
gracew17 : Please give her to me! Ok I need to come #ASAP
gracew17 : #thesizeofsusuisawesome
edenlang : Beautiful little Margo:) I love how at first that car seat looks so ginormous!
melrudd : Oops. Margaret was spelled wrong in hashtag. #iPhoneproblems #margaretmerin
vbevans - johnson.7 - kd_mom - tanfam6 -
#iphoneproblems #ugh #phoneisgoingcrazy
phoneisgoingcrazy - ugh - iphoneproblems -
trulyblessed_124 -
This shit blows me sahn... #iphone #iphoneproblems #ios8 how do I turn my phone off power save mode? #regram #repost #apple #battery #batterylife weak as shiiiiit...
regram - apple - batterylife - battery - ios8 - iphone - iphoneproblems - repost -
_savinci_ - luminarty - wiltherenassance - flawlessloxx -
#latepost - found this in my home got a while ago 😂😂 the supermarket is always a goid time with this lil guy 😍 #mommylife #qualitytime #music #doggie #singfromyourheart #californiaKid #californiamama #california #family #fun #love
love - mommylife - family - californiakid - doggie - latepost - californiamama - singfromyourheart - qualitytime - music - iphoneproblems - fun - california -
1california_mama : Found in my phone from a while ago omg #iphoneproblems
mommytechdiary : Nice pic!
1california_mama : @mommytechdiary thank you😁✌️
littlemissjessy - ebarela777 - mightyjoeone - still_above_ground -
😔😔😔 #nomemory #iphoneproblems #idonthavetimeforthis
nomemory - iphoneproblems - idonthavetimeforthis -
ayshaghufrah - aeemen12 - samewash - sanabiljamil -
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