Big worm to end the night! Did a vid and forgot to hit record lol oh well worked on my end! I'm high as shit! LoL well Good night everyone! #thelightwason #iphoneproblems #wormdab
wormdab - thelightwason - iphoneproblems -
phcruisershawaii : @nick420ca @connifarmlife πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #icantstoplaughing #forgottohitrecord
nimrod8o8 : Night bro
karlolaf : What happened to nicks extracts?
yg_dubd - kctwohy - dsmithsmith2 - ricky_sok -
Don't you guys hate when you swipe and accidentally send it? #iphoneProblems #messingWithFamily
iphoneproblems - messingwithfamily -
elifrizcanz : To jose lmao πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ nd.he would answer
ovoleonardo : Yes lmao @elifrizcanz
joanna_mari11 : Gayyy!!! Y'all know it was No accident hahah
nessuuhhh_ - darklorddd_ - irene_geeee - dee_lizarraga -
That's the "dude why is your phone so big" look πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @lizamatt83 #iphoneproblems #iphone6+ #itsjusttobig #notsurewhsttodowiththat #yourmomsbox
iphone6 - notsurewhsttodowiththat - itsjusttobig - iphoneproblems - yourmomsbox -
asorrenti462 : #thatswhatshesaid
considerately_killin_me : 😁πŸ”₯😁 @asorrenti462
melxbarris : Haha love it πŸ˜† it's more like a tablet lol
ivelisse_anna - asorrenti462 - slayerfn123 - crucify_the_ego_82 -
There's nothing more serious than when the battery icon on your phone is red. #teamiphone #iphoneproblems #firstworldproblems #byebitch ✌️
firstworldproblems - byebitch - iphoneproblems - teamiphone -
cathyvegas : Wtf lol
_samiam_86 : Ermagaaaaa yasss @karenanali 😈😈😈
emmaloulou82 : @vegas.bartender hilarious love this x
laurenvine - kelzzzbeezy - lacey702 - ashia.brown -
πŸ“²πŸ”₯ #FACT
fact -
_azenethh : @kaaasssyy
steelioso : Why does that look like a female version of Eric tho πŸ˜† @mrcastillomadera @movin_n_groovin_ @shepherd_0821 @erickamaya08
fofototo123456789 : 😱😱😱😱😱😱
proud_motherof_3 : @yes.turkz see thats why you shouldnt sleep with your phone😑
b.c_0138 : @marco_0129 @josh_reynolds2001
asoto428 : @silverdc2 #fuegoπŸ˜‚
rickychops : @boojim when you hit pun with that meme game
chrisruiz909 : @si_prelude
sharaaway14 - arellano__323 - larnynart - amberluna2 -
#amber #alerts #batman #apple #iphoneproblems #iphone
amber - iphone - apple - batman - alerts - iphoneproblems -
tyler_dash_lofting - ikillforpizza - gods.soulchild - thee1_dee -
Seriously can understand why I don't have enough space!!! I barely have stuff on my phone!!! Time to use my upgrade for real!!! #iphoneproblems #upgrademe #iphone6plushereicome #iphone5seeyoulater
iphone5seeyoulater - iphoneproblems - iphone6plushereicome - upgrademe -
2greedy : Same shit with mine I don't get it
ram99riv - 2greedy - musiqsavedmylife - sarahquiles_ -
Lmaoooo #iphonesbelike #iphoneproblems #whyyyy πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚πŸ‘
whyyyy - iphoneproblems - iphonesbelike -
e_serna23 : Lmaooooo! Why they gotta be like that tho? πŸ˜‚
weenie_lauren : @e_serna23 because they need love too
_beckybelike - lindamarie05 - thisislyssa - anny_lu89 -
Watching my squeeze fight w his Bluetooth device! #sunnyday #sunshine #redlipstick #latina #septumclicker #fedora #Irishman #iphoneproblems #prettyface #happylife #sanantonio #smile
latina - fedora - sunshine - happylife - sanantonio - prettyface - redlipstick - iphoneproblems - smile - irishman - septumclicker - sunnyday -
ericateno - ricon0820 - angeleyez210 - rsv4_10 -
Came to fix my phone @neucase great work! Thanx #arsenalperformancetrucks #aptc #iphoneproblems #neucase
arsenalperformancetrucks - aptc - neucase - iphoneproblems -
el_conpa_r - ayee_yoo_carmen602 - aocampo_ss_818 - mrs_sanchez_jlk -
When you see the three dots, wait for the other person to finish typing, then you get absolutely..NOTHING. Ughh so fucking annoying! Smh lmao #wtf #iphoneproblems #firstworldproblems #WhyYouStopTypingTho
firstworldproblems - whyyoustoptypingtho - iphoneproblems - wtf -
emmaloulou82 : @vegas.bartender oh my days I hate this my mate does it to me on purpose knowing I've just seen she's texting me hahah x
vegas.bartender : @emmaloulou82 did you just say "mate"? That is so cute 😊
katefallick : @marathomps
emmaloulou82 : @vegas.bartender cute ? Hahaha you're funny ☺️😁
virnalv : @rachdogg5 yes!!!
theapaisley : Well you don't have to worry about me doing that 😭
kmilahtwofive : @stephky12
chachamoon79 - desi_7 - chantellemariem - _angel1024_ -
This made me laugh so fucking hard XD #autocorrectfails #iphoneproblems #iphone5 #takeashit @dankelly123
takeashit - iphone5 - autocorrectfails - iphoneproblems -
dankelly123 : Such a fail! πŸ˜†
totheluckyones : I didn't even realize it till you texted back XD @dankelly123
tarbendersociety - dankelly123 - chelsienickerson - xxisafuentesxx -
Just purchased charger number 242... #iphoneproblems
iphoneproblems -
taner_akcesme - mudle - the6inchstilettos - erendilfer -
That moment when your sd card adapter from your iPad mini doesn't work on your iPhone even though it's the same fucking connection and everything. #fuckingapple #really? #iphoneproblems
fuckingapple - iphoneproblems - really -
celiav23 : Hahahaha the joys of life. @jcazares08
jcazares08 : I thought you fell off the face of the earth!!! BTW I almost ran into David from DD the other day. @celiav23
celiav23 : I thought the same about you! @jcazares08 We should definitely meet up for some coffee soon. Go up to our old job like "bitch I needa latte" hahaha jk πŸ˜‰
jcazares08 : I don't have your number anymore but yeah definitely lol @celiav23
serinity_now_ - manteqiilla - celiav23 -
In case yall ain't get the 1st memo dm me I have no phone and I can't read none yall text!!!!! 😑😑 #iphoneproblems
iphoneproblems -
sdw0322 : Lmao...yes you are tripolar.
shes_a_kiillah : Smh @_thicka_den_a_snicka_ @supbaker @sdw0322 I could never have all three of yall in the same room
sdw0322 : It's gonna happen one day.
shes_a_kiillah : Heeeeellllllll no!!!! @sdw0322
sdw0322 : Oh helllllll
shes_a_kiillah : Over my dead body @sdw0322
kam_kiilah : Thatll be the day
shes_a_kiillah : I know right @kam_kiilah
_thicka_den_a_snicka_ - supbaker -
Settle for less. #CDRKING #cord #iphoneproblems
cord - cdrking - iphoneproblems -
nursecherrie - reneezbel - wriaaa - ialem -
After 3 years of invincibility it has finally happened! Welp looks like mommy needs a new phone! :/ #iphoneproblems #thatsucks
iphoneproblems - thatsucks -
janesqwuat : 😳😳😩😩 now none of us can have grandmas cases!!!
amanda_lover15 -
#iphoneproblems #siriismad β˜ŽοΈβ˜ŽοΈπŸ“ž
iphoneproblems - siriismad -
purplesmoke17 - tlccrouse -
#apple fix the real fuckn problem πŸ˜“ 4th charger in a year. #iphoneproblems
apple - iphoneproblems -
mikhel_mufc : Put the black wire on the last part of the circuit then tape it down πŸ‘Ό
elizabethi24 : @mikhel_mufc that so ratchet tho... I can't be doing such things πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ not about struggle life πŸ’
mikhel_mufc : πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ well how very Florida of you.
naomi_imb : I should take it back... See how long you can survive without that iPhone πŸ‘Ώ muhahaha
elizabethi24 : @mikhel_mufc don't bring my lifestyle into this πŸ˜‚ and @naomi_imb you won't dare πŸ”ͺπŸ”«πŸ˜’
sheriseakb : Wow. I should thank God my first one lasted as long as it did. I'm on my second one now and was most annoyed I had to replace it. I didn't get back an apple one though. I got one from Amazon that had better reviews. It could probably help save you from buying many more πŸ’πŸ™ˆ
elizabethi24 : @sheriseakb yea that's good advice I think I'll get one from amazon! Thanks 😊
elizabethi24 - __xo.em - ajmir_ali - o_0keekaay -
Total penis!! Also proof that smoking is bad for you.....and your phone!!! Gutted as I'm the only person I know (knew!) with a totally unblemished iPhone screen!! Feeling gratefu that it landed on the gravel though and the only injury is a fine crack through the screen! #twat #imadick #annoyed #poorphone #dropped #thirsfloornightmare #iphoneproblems
twat - poorphone - dropped - imadick - thirsfloornightmare - annoyed - iphoneproblems -
healthygirlliving : I'm dying at you calling yourself a twat. Glad your phone works tho. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
lisa_maries_healthylens - becs0375 - carlossss_x - smiffygetsslim -
Guess it's time to buy a new charger πŸ˜¬πŸ™ˆ#iphoneproblems#fml#timefornewcharger#mygettoass#chargerproblem
timefornewcharger - fml - iphoneproblems - mygettoass - chargerproblem -
_biana_ : Lolll!
bneckles : #droidlife #iphonesareforisheep
___its___shelly - nal198930 - mischief2d_max - b_pereira92 -
Charlie's not to impressed with Siri's voice recognition capabilities #iphoneproblems
iphoneproblems -
victoria_marks87 : Charlie's teeth are bigger than yours
jonnymcrane : They are bigger than both of ours @victoria_marks87
victoria_marks87 : Haha combined
victoria_marks87 - jenrapino - tndangelo - liz.blady -
No, that's not a cool new filter....I just dropped my phone right on its pretty little face. #tgif and thank goodness I have an upgrade waiting for me. #crackedscreensfordays #iphoneproblems #nomoreselfies
nomoreselfies - tgif - crackedscreensfordays - iphoneproblems -
I am randomly posting on Ig, since my storage is full and I can not take any more pics!! 😑 #iphoneproblems
iphoneproblems -
esthersue - visoko77 - majaat - pkavsek -
Here at Tech Studio we see a lot of crazy repairs...this #iPhone5C has a hole drilled right through it! #TechStudioVenice #AbbotKinney #Venice #iPhoneRepair #CrackedScreen #Drill #Hole #TGIF #Friday #Crazy #TeamiPhone #Tech #Geek #Nerd #RichOnTech #SmallBusiness #SomeonesMad #iPhoneProblems
abbotkinney - crazy - smallbusiness - friday - teamiphone - geek - hole - iphonerepair - nerd - venice - crackedscreen - someonesmad - tgif - iphone5c - techstudiovenice - tech - iphoneproblems - drill - richontech -
vacationstyle_ : Gorg!
wizxpress : Very Nice
pristinewireless : Great πŸ‘
leolalace - nerdyrepair - blackdiamondtattoola - gadgetfixsb -
Climber problems. #climb #climbing #boulder #bouldering #fingerprint #climberproblems #rockclimberproblems #rockclimbing #problems #noskin #iphoneproblems #gymnastproblems #boulderproblems #boulderingproblems #train #boulderer #climber #scs
boulder - boulderproblems - rockclimbing - boulderingproblems - gymnastproblems - climberproblems - problems - train - noskin - fingerprint - climbing - scs - rockclimberproblems - bouldering - boulderer - iphoneproblems - climb - climber -
khosrowniki : Way of life!
sarahmoves : Ha!
oliviawyett : This happened to me so many times today πŸ˜‚πŸ™…
wilsonkacy : @oliviawyett worst ever, right?! 😫😫😫
oliviawyett : Right! 😒 it's definitely a small price to pay though for the privilege of ROCK CLIMBING πŸ˜πŸ˜‰
wilsonkacy : @oliviawyett true nuff! πŸ‘Š
bankeuros : Very best!
beheadwearteam : Love your IG feed and style! We are looking for unique people to help us build our brand through being part of our street team. We make bluetooth beanies check out our full line at Email me if you're interested #cutthecords
alibeverly - hattiemog - monteeclimb - omgnicholas -
Really? We just got the 6+
bravotv - motivation - love - inspire - family - cute - illuminati - bravo - abstract - random - life - pop - lgbt - gaycouple - asian - logotv - instagood - fame - inspiration - funny - thehouseofcampos - gay - realfamily - motivate - hawaii - wailuku - 808 - iphoneproblems - opulence - maui -
dustincshanec : #iphoneproblems #808 #maui #hawaii #gay #gaycouple #lgbt #motivate #motivation #inspire #inspiration #love #TheHouseOfCampos #illuminati #family #RealFamily #logotv #bravo #bravotv #funny #random #asian #opulence #cute #abstract #pop #fame #wailuku #instagood #life - azza.vinuya - quyen14 - aka_mai26 -
Don't let me walk threw an #ER or #ICU .... Everyone that knows me, knows I'm a nice guy.... But once I dislike you, #YourDeadToMe this had me dying, #repost from my cousin @diordeasel #RIP #iPhone6 #BatteryLife #TheStruggleIsReal #Juice #TheHateIsReal #iPhoneProblems #Mophie πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
thestruggleisreal - batterylife - iphone6 - yourdeadtome - thehateisreal - rip - juice - mophie - iphoneproblems - truth - er - icu - repost -
jenharp81 : @buscemisarah @nicolenikki0 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
buscemisarah : Lmmfao... Y'all arent rightπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚@jenharp81 @nicolenikki0
kingdingdong818 : I am admitting to the people of Instagram I Hate you
xolcanxo : @penginrawrrrr πŸ˜‚
penginrawrrrr : @xolcanxo yesssss
cbarberr : @sald1974 hahahaha
kassiaaaa_ :
makeupbylisagreco : @ohmeatballhead some ppl we knowπŸ™Œ
dayload - tksellsphillyhomes - nevermindbruh - j_cardullo -
Feeling ko talaga may sumpa ako. HayyyyπŸ’” #iphoneproblems #chargerproblems
iphoneproblems - chargerproblems -
applerbn : @snapchuckles dont get to attached. Iiwan ka din nyan. Hahahahaha! Pero grabe naman kasi friend. 1week palang yan sakin😩
regg25 : Ang luperrrrt mo!!!kawawa naman..
snapchuckles : @applerbn hahaaha walang poreber
applerbn : @regg25 dapat ata super kapal ng charger ko haha
mr_reymart : Dapat sayo universal charger or wire ng kuryente sa poste.
applerbn : @mr_reymart kung may ganun bibili talaga ako! Hahahaha
ervinrafael08 : Feel you bro
applerbn : @ervinrafael08 maka-bro ka naman!!! Hahahaha
mr_reymart - lorenzabram - nirmarbison - yowitshana -
Gym casualty. #iphoneproblems #inception
inception - iphoneproblems -
jamiepilkey : RIP πŸ“±
jessicashelton_ - evelyngracemcd - meegroplease -
#TextIsVeryBadForCommunion #Communion #Communication #iPhoneProblems #AutoCorrect #IProbWouldntTakeATextCommunion 🍞🍷 πŸ™β›ͺ️
communion - iphoneproblems - iprobwouldnttakeatextcommunion - communication - autocorrect - textisverybadforcommunion -
mygirldress - mindi_gainer -
Always 😭 iphone fashion week πŸ’ (I'm sorry I can't remember where I stole the original from)
whyme - ootd - notagain - fashionweek - theend - iphoneproblems -
wynter.instagraham : #iphoneproblems #notagain #whyme #ootd #fashionweek #theend
burgerlover69 : I know where you stole it from #unoriginallyhilarious
wynter.instagraham : Bahaha holy shit I actually did! I scrolled through the first few rows checking to see if that's where it was then I was like nah I don't see it πŸ˜‚ @burgerlover69
fosterthemain : Comment no like
wynter.instagraham : Ever think that maybe that doesn't even phase me!? No you're right. It does @fosterthemain
musestyledotcom : Superb!
cwhitty_ : @jassminjn @11onilofa
kristinbrownridge - sarahelisegroleau - raeaplouffe - delanierussell -
Story of my liiiiiife ILL BE BACK SOONβœ…πŸ“²β€ΌοΈ#iphoneproblems #djproblems #brokeniphone #iphone #alphaglass #bruh #dafuq I'll still be out 😎 email me or text me and I'll get back ASAP
alphaglass - iphoneproblems - dafuq - bruh - djproblems - brokeniphone - iphone - : 😬😁😁😁
splashonthebeat : πŸ˜©πŸ˜€β€ΌοΈπŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ”₯ my phone yet again : All bad yo'. This is like the 4th time? 😫😫😫
splashonthebeat : Yeah fucking really tho like what am I doing with my liiiife
becomemajor : Cool!
pullupgame - abby__thorne - sellthatiphone - xobrity -
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