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lowlife219 : Tell me that screen shot ain't the shiz.
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It's the end of the world. I crossed over to the dark side. The situation arose that I needed an iPhone over my Android phone.
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m3tstang : #iPhoneofdeath
mami_jinx : Oh babe, u even made it look cool! Badass!
m3tstang : Had to put my Homie Deadpool's stamp on it. Lol
oly.cox : @m3tstang I knew the iPhone was gonna get you sooner or later!!!!! Lol
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It happens to the best of us. #iphone #40footdrop #iphoneofdeath #ohwell #eeeep #stillworksiphone #inyourface #stilllikeit #naked #Nakediphone #wellamost haha
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zini : @aprolito it fell! D:
zini : @jonahromohex hey do you still have it? I can fix it! I just fixed mine! :D I broke my screen too. Ha ha
zini : 25 bucks :D freaking crazy huh! I got a new screen and backing plate pretty cool my phone looks like new ha ha! :D @jonahromohex
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