"Intelligent Design," a long-term installation of studio craft furniture at the Michener Art Museum, charts the movement’s development from its earliest beginnings to its many iterations today. Read more on #incollect. #intelligentdesign #design #furniture #studiofurniture #studiocraft #americancraft #michenerartmuseum #philliplloydpowell #toddmerrillstudio
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The Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye, Scotland #creation #creationism #IntelligentDesign #God #earth
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Maya Bay, Thailand #creation #creationism #IntelligentDesign #God #earth #beach #tropical #paradise #ocean #sea
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Maya Bay, Thailand #creation #creationism #IntelligentDesign #God #earth #beach #tropical #paradise #ocean #sea
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Eagle nebula #creationism #IntelligentDesign #God
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And somewhat in honour of #WorldWildlifeDay , but mostly because I'm a troll at heart, here's a picture of what future generations may end up believing about what happened to the #dinosaurs , should we continue to neglect #Science in schools, and teach fantasies like #intelligentdesign instead of proven theories like #Evolution. . . Picture courtesy of the spoof section of the #NationalHistoryMuseum #London . . #throwbackthursday #aliens #instalife
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You must be presuposing evolution to think that is a leg! Those little bones are there to hold the whales penis in place (Go ahead, giggle). Some whale anatomy should have been studied before they made this meme. And female whales have different bones there. They are not legs! They are not vestigial. They have a current important function. Creating new baby whales πŸ‹πŸ³πŸ˜Š #vestigial #Jesus #Christian #Christianity #JesusCulture #Catholic #IntelligentDesign #Evolution #NaturalSelection #Faith #Messiah #Angels #Angel #Yahshua #Yeshua #CreationVsEvolution #Darwin #Creationist #DNA #ReasonableFaith #JesusFreak #Gospel #Jehovah #Religion #Church
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yahwehs_djt : YAH bless my yall ✊
yahdoctor : @yahwehs_djt YAHMAN!
rashellkay : Great post
inchrist03 : Wow great post! Thanks for the knowledge! Bro
el_chez32 : You mean "child barring hips" is that what this means?!?! #Ted
2rulies : I found this funny πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
2rulies : They obviously know all @yahdoctor
triplesix_____ : @yahdoctor if these are merely used for a penis then why are the same structures found in female? They aren't different bones and observations of both male and female examples shows us this. Plus the structure these bones corresponded to pelvis, femur, and to tibia. Not only that there a several cases where female whales were captured with protrusions on the ventral side of the body. Not only this it is apparent during gestation and embryonic development that both whales and dolphins grow hind limbs and then lose them. The same way humans develop a full coat of hair during the same time fetal monkeys do but lose it before birth. Why would any of this occur if our genes weren't expressing attributes acquired from past relatives? Why would a whale, an aquatic animal that traditionally has no legs, develop legs as a fetus but lose them or sometime keep them up into adulthood and also exhibit bone structures that don't imply they're used for the penis or reproduction, etc. There are other animals with bones used for the same function of being related to a penis that look nothing like these structures. What you seem to be doing by redefining the use of bones would be the same as finding a fossilized snakewith a femur but then insisting that in this special case the femur isn't used for legs it's merely there to aid in sexual reproduction. There is no reason to assume bones that resemble bones found in other animals that perform universal means don't perform the same uses.
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Saw these goats grazing this morning on a morning walk. They are living the leisure life. #intelligentdesign #creation
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#creation #creationism #IntelligentDesign #God #earth #astronomy #space #northernlights
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earthfromthemoon : Wow!
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_astrojim_ : Not god. #science
initn0tofit : Evolution is a dead end. Science points to intelligent design. Jesus loves you :)
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#evolutionisfalse #evolution #evolutionmyth ##darwinism #darwin #creationism #creator #youngearthcreationism #dawkins #dawkinsdelusion #hawking #secular #humanism #humanist #noreligion #nogod #nonbeliever #godhaters #intelligentdesign #biology #science #scientificcomunity #agnostic
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the.careless : What's so unbelievable about evolution?? (Not intended as a challenge to you, I'm interested in your opinion)
kiwitex : @the.careless I agree. I do not care to challenge either, but I get told all the time that scientists are lying to us 24/7. I would like to know what you guys are actually thinking about this.
joel.smith : I hope this is a joke. Need proof of evolution? Here you go... Fish to tetrapod: Osteolepis, Eusthenopteron, Panderichthys, Tiktaalik, Elginerpeton, Ventastega, Acanthostega, Ichthyostega, Hynerpeton, Tulerpeton, Pederpes, Eryops, Early ape: Sivapithecus, Apidium, Aegyptopithecus, Proconsul, Pierolapithecus, Ardipithecus, Australopithecus, Homo Habilis, Homo Erectus, Homo rhodesiensis
andy_voth : Then why is the bible in the library myth section??????
andy_voth : Wouldn't you want it to go in nonfiction??
on_fire_4_jesus_ : We are in the last days. Read the Bible. Satan runs this world system. Scientists lie And some even believe their own lies Because they don't want to be accountable to God. The Bible is verifiable by history and archaeology. if you want to see science and creation go to creation Ministries these guys are creationist scientists. Evolution is not a fact. you are taught that is it is a fact because the schools are run by secular humanists who are also socialists. hence the atheism. for more info also check out my facebook page. atheism agenda exposed.
on_fire_4_jesus_ : PS. I have written the book CMI teaching the evolution creation debate for middle school children. I will be doing
on_fire_4_jesus_ : ... writing a book for teens on the subject soon.
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Ckckck... Creationists... #Atheism #Atheist #Atheismpics #AtheistPics #Atheistsunite #Creationism #Creationist #IntelligentDesign #Godless #Bible #Instadaily #Followme #Spirits #Taboo #Geocentrism #BirdBabies #Witches #OldMedicine
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Like a cloudy day, challenges may seem temporarily overwhelming; but by design the sun is the opposite of temporary and always shines through. Like the sun we are designed to shine through our challenges. #SmyrnaDe #fitness #Delaware #DelVideo #intelligentdesign #shine #challenges #DoverDE #quote
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"while working on this book, Bart Ehrman arrived at a dramatic about-face on fundamental issues relating to the Christian religion. Ehrman had previously assumed that the deification of Jesus did not take place until some six decades after his Crucifixion, around the years 90 or 95. Ehrman now acknowledges that Jesus’ followers — the inner circle who knew him personally — came to believe he was divine almost immediately after they became convinced of his Resurrection, a historical revision that moves up the timeline by several generations."
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dave_j_77 : #christianity #philosophy #newtestament #bible #god #theism #creationism #intelligentdesign #ehrman #history
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Ehrman presents three models of the divine human in Greco-Roman culture: “gods who temporarily become human” (19-22), “divine beings born of a god and a mortal” (22-24), and “a human who becomes divine” (25-38). He admits that the case of Jesus does not fit any of these: “I don’t know of any other cases in ancient Greek or Roman thought of this kind of ‘god-man,’ where an already existing divine being is said to be born of a mortal woman” (18). He could have added to that sentence, “or Jewish thought.” I would suggest that this is the Achilles’ heel of Ehrman’s whole account of Christian origins. By his own admission, the Christian view of Jesus—a view he admits emerged within twenty years of Jesus’ crucifixion—was literally unprecedented. ~ Robert M. Bowman, Jr, "How Jesus Became God—or How God Became Jesus? A Review of Bart Ehrman’s New Book and a Concurrent Response"
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dave_j_77 : #christianity #philosophy #newtestament #bible #god #theism #creationism #intelligentdesign
journeyappstore : Hello, I hope you're doing great. Please help us out and visit our post and see what were doing.
dave_j_77 : @journeyappstore will do - thx!
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dave_j_77 : #whitesides
ambassadortaylor : Hii we are here to make your day :) We are creating something very special and would love for you to read our last post
girlfriendsconf : Love it!
dave_j_77 : @girlfriendsconf appreciate the spam! Peace :)
whitemalcomx : Hey I love your page!!! I would love to know more about what you do. Shoot me a text my number is in my bio :)
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"WHEN we consider some of the most striking phenomena permitted by the laws of physics – from human reasoning to computer technologies and the replication of genes – we find that information plays a central role. But, on the face of it, information is profoundly different from the basic entities that physical sciences use to describe reality. Neither quantum mechanics nor general relativity, the most fundamental theories in physics, provide a meaning for information or even a way of measuring it. And it has a "counterfactual" character: a message cannot carry information unless a different message is also possible. Statements about information were therefore long regarded in physics as second-class, non-fundamental approximations. Information itself was considered an a priori abstraction, like Euclid's perfect triangles and circles, whose physical instantiations are inevitably approximate." ~ David Deutsch and Chiara Marletto, Reconstructing physics: The universe is information, New Scientist, 21 May 2014
newtestament - god - philosophy - christianity - bible - theism - intelligentdesign - creationism -
dave_j_77 : #christianity #philosophy #newtestament #bible #god #theism #creationism #intelligentdesign
adog503 : Information means what is conveyed or represented by a particular arrangement or sequence of things. If there is information, then there must be someone giving the info. DNA is a language - language far more complex than anything human hands have ever made. Even the most advanced computer programming codes come nowhere close to the complexity and diversity found in the DNA sequence. To think it started by chance or without a divine hand guiding it is absolute foolishness to me. But since God and His laws have implications, and man is in a fallen state of sin and rebellion, we will do anything to stay out of the light and hide in the darkness. (John 3:19)
truthcrownedthorns : Information categorically states that when we trace back the primary source of information we arrive at MIND. Only a mind can give rise to information. This means a conscious mind is behind creation hence, God!!!
truthcrownedthorns : @adog503 Amen
dave_j_77 : "If life did not start by an unguided natural process that is the end of materialism as philosophy, and that's a very high price to pay for many people." - John Lennox @truthcrownedthorns @adog503 thanks for comments!
adog503 : @dave_j_77 exactly!! Heart issue, not a mind issue.
adog503 : Get this: "Our willingness to accept scientific claims that are against common sense is the key to an understanding of the real struggle between science and the supernatural. We take the side of science in spite of the patent absurdity of some of its constructs, in spite of its failure to fulfill many of its extravagant promises of health and life, in spite of the tolerance of the scientific community for unsubstantiated just-so stories, because we have a prior commitment, a commitment to materialism. It is not that the methods and institutions of science somehow compel us to accept a material explanation of the phenomenal world, but, on the contrary, that we are forced by our a priori adherence to material causes to create an apparatus of investigation and a set of concepts that produce material explanations, no matter how counter-intuitive, no matter how mystifying to the uninitiated. Moreover, that materialism is absolute, for we cannot allow a Divine Foot in the door." -Richard Lewontin
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Evolutionary change happens at the genetic level and cellular level then shows up externally (phenotypically). I ask a simple scientific question " Can you give evidence of mutation/s that increase the functional information in the genome, create a new gene, or an example of a mutation/s that create new cellular machinery? ". Darwinism lives or dies based on that reply. I don't want a story. I don't want to be ridiculed. Simply an answer to the question. Thanks 😊. Too see the short video from where this clip is from check out the link on my profile. Its great stuff. Video repost from @salt_of_the_earth_8
yahdoctor : @triplesix_____ bible doesn't say every species was as it is. I believe in speciation. The bible used "kind". A term not found in biological language today but it means they have the ability to bring forth. Thats one way to know a kind. One species can change to another through the loss of functional information. The same kind may not even be able to reproduce after enough genetic loss. But if they can bring forth, they are the same kind.
triplesix_____ : @yahdoctor if you believe in speciation than how can you say evolution is false? That to me makes no sense. Actually the term Species refers to a group of organisms that can interbeed. Genus refers to "kind" as you would call it. For example Homo Sapien is the biological name for humans. Homo being the genus we belong to Sapien referring to the species. "functional information" is something you need to define as well. So what you're saying is that if a species changes its only due to the fact they're losing traits and not necessarily gaining traits?
triplesix_____ : @yahdoctor or am I getting something wrong here. I think it's mostly impending on the obscure "functional information" part
yahdoctor : @triplesix_____ correct. Only due to loss of cell machinery and structures. Loss of genetic information. Loss of genes. A decrease in complexity.
yahdoctor : I say functional because you can add much random mutations. But it will not work. It will get worse. So you may say there is an addition of information, but it will not be as functional, or lose function. Not create a new function. Like adding random characters to a computer code. U may add, but it will in all likelyhood not create a new program.
triplesix_____ : @yahdoctor What I'm not understanding is how you think this isn't evolution though? I agree that changes that lead to species changing often do have to do with losing functions in genes and those genes no longer replicate however this isn't synonymous with a "decrease in complexity" nor does that contradict what evolution means or does? Evolution is a change in gene frequency within a population from one generation to the other. Whether a gene is lost or made is consistent with that definition. I'm really lost however on what you mean by information I feel like you should and need to define that more thoroughly
yahdoctor : I see what you mean. Creationists do believe in speciation and natural selection. We believe animals can change. We just think there are limits. And those limits are demonstrated by HOW animals change. Evolution as defined by 'bacteria to human change' requires a huge amount of new genetic functional info. A huge load of increase in complexity. I am saying 'evolution defined as just change in genes, even genetic loss of info' cant account for the massive increase in complexity. We need a mechanism that can be shown, not just hypothesized ( a story), we need to see ( an experiment) mutations make new structures. New functional info. @triplesix_____
yahdoctor : So yea the different finch species came from a common finch bird. But it was by losing or just shuffling existing genes. No new gene. No new biochemical structures.
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#Luftgekuhlt #Porsche #911 #Porsche911#porsching #porscheclub #porschegram #cultofporsche #porschesociety #porschen #porschephile #nosubstitute #intelligentdesign #aircooled #porscheartdaily #cars #carporn
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smartdetailcan : We love it!
mrsharpmag : Gulf blue?
carriagehousemodels : Wish I could have made it out this morning.
mattcrooke : πŸ”₯
curb77 : 🍻 @mattcrooke
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TAPPED IN // #consciousnessthroughholistichealth #intelligentdesign
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Speaking of #crocaduck Miami based @islandofmonico did this amazing tribute to the wisdom of Ray Comfort #athistsnightmare #wellmadebanana I'm actually insanely jealous that this is not no my body!!!! Well done #youratheismisshowing
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atheistbreakfastclub : Damn fat fingers! #atheistsnightmare
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Dads at @luftgekuhlt! He seems very excited. I'm jealous! #Porsche #911 #Porsche911#porsching #porscheclub #porschegram #cultofporsche #porschesociety #porschen #porschephile #nosubstitute #intelligentdesign #aircooled #porscheartdaily
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brownukulele1974 : @porschecraz check this!
viger_gunshow : Oh looks like heaven!!!! #911 #Porsche #Pure&Simple #timeless #beauty
canyon.mid : this is magical
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@luftgekuhlt #Luftgekuhlt @banditobrothers #Porsche #911 #Porsche911#porsching #porscheclub #porschegram #cultofporsche #porschesociety #porschen #porschephile #nosubstitute #intelligentdesign #aircooled #porscheartdaily
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danielsimondesign : Wahoooooo!
cncpics : #911ST
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I think people can be made to believe a lie if they hear it enough. In Tv shows, movies, radios, schools. I believed it. "Evolution is a fact". "There is overwhelming evidence". " most biologist believe it". "You cant see new genes or new animal come to be because it take millions of years!" All very conveniently laid out catch phrases to make evolution unfalsifiable. I disagree with the 'stupid enough' part though. The hypothesis of evolution is stupid , not the people. Pict Repost from @anthropomorphismparadox
its_hecate_bitch :
its_hecate_bitch :
its_hecate_bitch :
its_hecate_bitch :
its_hecate_bitch : @yahdoctor Its amazing what doing nonbiased research on the matter can do.
yahdoctor : @its_hecate_bitch thanks. Will look at them
luuk_dutchnature : No disrespect but this image is stupid
soldier_and_child_of_yahuah777 : @yahdoctor amen brother of yah. Don't listen to haters. I get my share. Keep spreading truth boss man. - terrashaniaa - ryanwesleysmith - tcuff228 -
Movie night with this illy projector #2001 #monkeys #tools #intelligentdesign
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'Science points to a creator' :) this is the next video so check it out, the link is on this Instagram page πŸ‘ .. When I hear about how our solar system works, the laws of life, humans morality, I burst with Joy πŸ˜€ because it screams Gods Awesomeness to me. We can challenge our atheist brothers and sisters with what they are saying to us! The Big Bang, this fine tuning. How has nothing create everything? #apologetics #science #wander #theearth #intelligentdesign #williamlanecraig #jesus #god #thegospel #thebible #theword #GodsNotDead
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apologeticstoday : @godworksout ofcourse hell is biblical. I could give you multiple references. The word 'hell' is not in the bible, but the same meaning. What bible have you read my friend!? What are your beliefs now? You said you used to be a Christian?
godworksout : Hell is not biblical and I have outlined the reasons why on you my channel. I go by context and the words that are mistranslated into hell Sheol/hades Gehenna/benhinnom tartaroo/tartaros only one describes hell as a place of eternal torment and it is used in 2 peter 2:4. My beliefs don't matter. I have went through the proper biblical exegesis and attended seminary.
apologeticstoday : @godworksout so what is Jesus talking about in the gospels when he talks about a place of outer darkness with gnashing of teeth? Or revelation? Where death and hades are thrown into the lake of fire? I don't like to focus on hell, because it's all about the gospel. But as you brought it up.
godworksout : That's a good question. I remember asking that to the first theologian I studied under, Dr. Towns. He reminded me that the biblical texts date to be written at least 50 years after Yeshua's estimated date of death. When I asked him didn't he believe in the inerrant nature of the texts l, he challenged me to read the gospels and compile a list of all the contradictions and errors. That single experience alone changed everything for me. Have you ever read the Greek manuscripts we have?
godworksout : Btw Gehenna was most likely worm (maggot) infested and anyone thrown there would either be burned or weeping.... Or both
apologeticstoday : The fact they were written 50 years later is a massive positive! It's usually a lot longer. But that doesn't answer my question? And I'm interested in the contradictions you have found in the gospels? Which Greek manuscripts? Well Gehenna sounds a lot like hell to me. Don't you agree? @godworksout you still believe in a Creator ?
godworksout : No, it's not usually a lot longer. Usually people who are contemporaries of the person write about the person, but we do not have a single contemporary of Jesus writing about him. The only person that claims to have ever seen him was Paul, and even he did not actually see him. Paul also had no knowledge of the gospels whatsoever or that Jesus existed as a human. Those ideas came later. Have you read the gospels? Read them side by side, or what we call a horizontal reading, before you start asking about the Greek manuscripts. Gehenna was a literal trash dump outside Jerusalem where Jews sacrificed children and threw their trash. No, it does not sound like hell. Even the word hell itself did not originate as a descriptor for a place of suffering. It originated as a term that meant to conceal or cover(like a helmet) and later evolved with the fan fiction of hell to mean a place of suffering. Beliefs do not affect facts and therefore my beliefs are irrelevant to the discussion.
apologeticstoday : I feel slightly concerned with your theology dude! 😐 I can already think of a scripture in my mind 2 Peter 2 -16 where Peter says I've seen Jesus with MY OWN EYES, therefore he knows he's the truth. And also...ofcourse Paul knew who Jesus was the whole time! The gospel was all he preached! Lol. Not to mention he actually died for the name of christ. I'm saying all of this with love man but I really think you've missed a few golden bits in the bible!. Yes I've read the gospels through a number of times. And what contradictions? As this is something I've studied at a bible college. (Addressing the 'contradictions in the NT) @godworksout
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Unfortunately there is real objective evil/wrong that occurs. Otherwise we couldn't get upset with God for allowing it because it would be subjectively bad to us and not a real deviation from how things 'aught to be'. If all injustice,malice, & wrong was just subjective, how could you use it as an argument against God? Nothing REALLY wrong occurred. The existence of evil/pain is only possible because Yahweh(God) is real. There is an actual deviation from how things should be. I don't know why evil is allowed to occur on earth but I trust Christ knows our struggle and has a reason for it ✊ #TimKeller.
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yahdoctor : #Jesus #Christian #Christianity #JesusCulture #Catholic #Catholicism #IntelligentDesign #Evolution #NaturalSelection #Faith #Messiah #Angels #Angel #Yahshua #Yeshua #CreationVsEvolution #Darwin #Creationist #DNA #ReasonableFaith #JesusFreak #Gospel #Jehovah #Religion #Church
yahdoctor : Repost pict from @normat6421
rkneissler51 : Who's Yahweh
prayerzone : Great!
haroldhosanna : Very inspirational
1320videos : Amazing
yahdoctor : @rkneissler51 The name of God. Hebrew. Where halleluYAH. Yahweh.
takenbygod : Amen!!!
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It's a difficult discussion to have, but all you can really do is have a drink and pray that they will see the truth. #meowmosa #intelligentdesign #prayforgodlesscats
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Sunflower. Took this shot of the back of the #flower. So lovely #naturehippys #petal_perfection #flowerstalking #instagardenlovers #bns_garden #rsa_nature #yellow #garden #mygarden #sunflower #hppyflwrs #solovely
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mygardenhaven : It's like a flowing yellow dress! @jeremysfirefly
mygardenhaven : #miracleoflife #fingerprintofgod #designofnature #intelligentdesign #nature_sultans #nature_obsession #nature_perfection #natureaddict #naturenut #bestnatureshot #bns_mobile #blooming
clo4ob : Pretty
ceenash87 : Beyond words
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About to see what the atheist scientists can think of regarding how consciousness came to be from matter, and about free will 😊✊. I am excited! I'll post about it later on. #FreeWill #Mind #Consciousness
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_god_is_for_real_ : Can I listen to it live???
yahdoctor : @_god_is_for_real_ Sorry. Not sure! Check western university of health science. Molecules to mind. Go to
inchrist03 : Can't wait for your nexy post, let's see what foolishness they come up with smh lol
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