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1sweep : #quatumphysics
1sweep : #wernerheisenberg
r0man_3mpire : Hell of a quote
1sweep : @r0man_3mpire I think so too being he was a Nobel prize winning pioneer in quatum physics..Gods word express a lot of what archeological finds n quantum physics tells us today. All in all we either choose to see it for what it is or not..God bless u fam
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Sure, clad those buildings in glass all you want, but design sunscreens for extra solar protection #IntelligentDesign
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Perfectly said @reasonablefaithorg
guiltyofbeingsober : @yahdoctor The cosmological argument he uses is on point.
guiltyofbeingsober : @the_scientific_atheist What do atheists say when someone dies? Tough!
yahdoctor : They say " you will not exist. Ever. You are going to be extinguished. Everyone you loved will be left crying and you won't even know it. Doomed to eternal destruction and there is no hope for you. Nor for your family. Bye " that's what atheists can honestly say to a dying child. We have HOPE in Jesus Christ. @guiltyofbeingsober
guiltyofbeingsober : @yahdoctor True! Have you read the book I don't have enough faith to be an atheist?
yahdoctor : @guiltyofbeingsober yes. It's amazing. Tureks new book Stealing from God is also great :)
guiltyofbeingsober : @yahdoctor His books stopped me from being atheist because he gives the facts.
yahdoctor : @guiltyofbeingsober awesome. So great to hear! That book is a life changer :) 😊✌🏻️
jesuschristlovesyou_ : Powerful statement.
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On this Monday full of sunshine we'd like to say thankyou. We also love these beautiful cards by Miss Poppy Design!
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ds_interiors : Gorgeous image!💕
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kurtsstripedshirt : I disagree
liamxmail : Your allowed to He don't mind..... @kurtsstripedshirt
liamxmail : Anythin to further explain your statement @kurtsstripedshirt ?
kurtsstripedshirt : I am Buddhist it's a bit different! :)
liamxmail : That's okay here I'll teach you a thousand points of light....
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Good going genius. Theist logic in a nutshell. Checkout Mr Oz Atheist on Twitter! #religion #intelligentdesign #creationism #god #logic #reason #think #freethinker #godless #science #naturalist #nature #secular #humanist #atheist
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aptususa : Nice Photo! ✌
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#albertEinsteinQuotes #AlbertEinstein but don't worry #richarddawkins and other #evolutionist are more brilliant than this man here. Run along go back to sleep they got this for u. #atheist #christian #evolutionIsAReligion #evolutionIsALie #evolutionist #evolutionLogic #creationistlogic #creativedesign #intelligentDesign #theBibleIsReal #informationScience #science #goodMorning #GodIsGood #GloryToGod #highlyFavored #notPerfectButForgiven #JesusIsLord #jesusSaves #Jesus #GodIsGoodEvenWhenImNot #GodBless
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Here is a visual of our genetic similarity with other animals. It's fascinating and humbling! 🌍😃 There is ample genetic and fossil evidence that we evolved from a common ancestor with the chimpanzees and gorillas. Although there was no genetic bottleneck of just a few people who populated the world via incest (Adam and Eve and later Noah's family), geneticists can trace our mitochondrial DNA to one female called "mitochondrial Eve." She was not the only female hominid alive. Geneticists can also trace every male's Y chromosome to a Y-chromosomal Adam, who is unlikely to have mated with mitochondrial Eve and who was not the only male hominid alive. You can do the research if you do not believe! 📲📚😁
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sparksanity : #evolution #vs #creationism #creation #intelligentdesign #adamandeve #humans #homosapiens #chimps #gorillas #dna #genes #genetics #science #theory #justatheory
talkingholes : Nice ;)
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Lavenders x Hema
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Worship the creator not the creation...<3 #godisgood#goodjobgod#intelligentdesign#jesus
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fireflimessages4u : Beautiful picture.
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Día 106: Repasando la Ley de la Entropia, el átomo y el tamaño del sol y la luna. Fue como la prepa en 1 semana... pero mejor :) #guatemalabound #JESUScreator #IntelligentDesign #IntelligentPassion #vscocam #BeyondBlessed
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Heavy thoughts. Who's ready to dig a little? #intelligentdesign
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PAREIDOLIA- is the human tendency to perceive significant patterns or connections in random or meaningless data. Basically its a sort of hardwired facial recognition system that develop in our brains through years of evolution. Early humans that were able to recognize familiar patterns quickly, and escape on the first sign of a threat, Even it was a false alarm, would have a greater chance of survival. . #pareidolia #apophenia #facial #facialexpressions #facialhair #patterns #survival #survive #evolution #theory #survivalofthefittest #artistsoninstagram #painter #editor #design #designer #intelligentdesign #inspire #create #creativity #creativeminds #creativity #artisticcommunity #artistic #random #data #smile #magazines #socialmedia #streetart
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#nofilter required for this glorious moustache cat pig warthog cupcake. @nikiladent you are the hipster dessert queen. #intelligentdesign
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eastgatechurchacc : HAHAHAHAHA I am so proud of my capigog 😺🐷👨
nikiladent : I mean I am .. Not Eastgate .. LOL 👆 @mutherofninja forgot to log out 😳
nikiladent : Hahaha everyone's like "okkkk stay away from that place eh" @hayleyange
mutherofninja : Nah way @nikiladent ... Studies have shown that more people will attend churches who provide moustached barnyard themed cupcakes #truestory
nikiladent : So who conducted that study @mutherofninja
nikiladent : It was you wasn't it.
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望出窗有種住在魚缸裡的感覺 人放鬆的躺 浮泊於這深深的藍光 連同著我美夢 帶到最寂靜那方 #深藍 #盧巧音 #IntelligentDesign #那邊見 #Swing #廣東歌 #cantopop
那邊見 - intelligentdesign - 盧巧音 - cantopop - 廣東歌 - swing - 深藍 -
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@Regrann from @the_second_coming_2 - Darwinian Evolution. Interesting fairy tale. Too bad they're missing that one thing.... Evidence. And no atheists. Mayonnaise does NOT count as an evidence. Lol 😂😂😂😂😂 #Regrann #evolutionIsALie #creation #creationism #IntelligentDesign #God #funny #humor #lol #lbvs
funny - humor - regrann - god - creation - evolutionisalie - lol - intelligentdesign - lbvs - creationism -
rikiiririi : is a book printed over and over proof of god? no
afcee : What sort of evidence do you mean is missing? I mean, evolution is simple genetic mutations. Those can be tracked by a simple dna test. How they affect the traits in life over a short time is visible in viruses getting immune to antibiotics, how we can breed animals and plants to get new characteristics and so on.
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Honest atheist testimony: The testimony of former atheist Darrin Rasberry. He used to write for John Loftus’ blog site Debunking Christianity, and is currently a math teacher at Ellsworth Community College. Disclaimer: I searched Debunking Christianity (DC) and it appears that this testimony is true (it took place in 2011). To this end John Loftus (admin at DC) commits the No-True-Scotsman fallacy (to say that someone never really believed A before he rejected it to believe B, when he actually did initially believe A) by accusing Rasberry in saying that he “was never an atheist in the first place.” Nevertheless, according to Rasberry: “Some time last week, I realized that I could no longer call myself a skeptic. After fifteen years away from Christianity, most of which was spent as an atheist with an active, busy intent on destroying the faith, I returned to a church (with a real intention of going for worship) last Sunday. Although I know I may struggle with doubt for the rest of my life, my life as an atheist is over. The primary motivator in my change of heart from a Christ-hater to a card-carrying Disciples of Christ member was apologetic arguments for God’s existence. Those interested in these arguments may pursue them in the comments section, but I don’t want to muddle this explanation up with formal philosophical proofs. Briefly, I grew tired of the lack of explanation for: the existence of the universe, moral values and duties, objective human worth, consciousness and will, and many other topics. The only valid foundation for many of those ideas is a personal, immaterial, unchanging and unchangeable entity. As I fought so desperately to come up with refutations of these arguments – even going out of my way to personally meet many of their originators, defenders, and opponents – I realized that I could not answer them no matter how many long nights I spent hitting the books. The months of study rolled on to years, and eventually I found an increasing comfort around my God-believing enemies and a growing discontent and even anger at my atheist friends’ inability to kill off these fleas in debate and in writing, an anger (load comments to continue) 👇
cpave316 : What about all the ideas that Judaism and Christianity took from Zoroastrianism?
cpave316 : Why isn't Ahura Mazda the true God?
rashellkay : Ask him yourself @cpave316
life_is_good_5 : Such a great testimony!
cpave316 : I'm asking you because you follow Christ don't you?
truth_withoutbias : @ronaldajones02 Cnn lies ... Scientist lies too is call 💰 ,Nobel prize is 💰 so are you saying Nobel prize is good cause they reward terrorist ... @giffordacres lol I am not even a Defending you but found that statement funny.
ronaldajones02 : @truth_withoutbias yeah you're right. All scientists are lying about evolution. It's actually god who did. Thanks for helping me through this.
truth_withoutbias : @ronaldajones02 I said scientist not all scientist.
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@stopplayingchurch #quotes #God #Jesus #Bible #verse #scripture #Christians #evolution #science #creator #creation #creationism #IntelligentDesign #evolutionIsALie #TBT #funny #humor #lol #lbvs
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countrymama001 : Oh I love it!
cncnick5 : well it is the truth
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It's absurd to think your existence is proof of Intelligent Design. I mean there's this wonderful thing called natural selection. #intelligentdesign #creationism #religion #think #freethinker #science #reality #evolution #naturalselection #secular #atheist
evolution - science - secular - naturalselection - reality - religion - intelligentdesign - atheist - freethinker - think - creationism -
sparksanity : 👏😄 Exactly!
synthetik_ : @amrelnaghy1957 @borisvasilj @davidjeffries
borisvasilj : Love "hitchhikers guide" very metaphysical. @synthetik_ @davidjeffries
borisvasilj : "Science has lost a friend, literature has lost a luminary." Richard Dawkins. @synthetik_
synthetik_ : ❤️😞 and it so lonely to start with. @borisvasilj
amrelnaghy1957 : @synthetik_ 👍Perfect! 🌹
davidjeffries : It takes all shapes and sizes to make a world, and in the case of the puddle, despite the apparent structure of the hole, the puddle can ebb and flow in size depending on the interactions of other people and indeed the sun and the moon, with its very existence. Its great to know there are talking puddles too 😀@synthetik_ @borisvasilj 😋
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The new business and album download card from #saltofthechiefcornerstone via #Distrophonix and www.saltofthechief.com. Thank you to Deb @figgieshoes for helping design the art work.
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saltofthechiefcornerstone : If you're interested in listening to #intelligentdesign contact us: press@saltofthechief.com
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People always misinterpret what theory means in the scientific field. Scientific theory means well substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world, which has withstanded the test of time. Proven to be right by testing and confirmation through observation and experimentation #science #evolution #evolutionbynaturalselection #theoryofevolution #reason #consiousness ##freedomfromreligion #freethinker #secularth#secular #secularist #secularism #god #atheist #atheism #antitheist #antireligion #antireligious #christian #christianity #creationism #intelligentdesign
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socialbelle : And theory is not quite law. Theory of relativity, as opposed to the law of gravity.
army_of_reason : @socialbelle exactly, its subject to change if evidence to the contrary is found. Thats the beauty of science as opposed to Bible claims.
homosapien_life : Agree maan
army_of_reason : @homosapien_life thanx
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#quantumPhysics #atheist #christian #evolutionIsAReligion #evolutionIsALie #evolutionist #evolutionLogic #creationistlogic #creativedesign #intelligentDesign #theBibleIsReal #informationScience #science #goodMorning #GodIsGood #GloryToGod #highlyFavored #notPerfectButForgiven #JesusIsLord #jesusSaves #Jesus #GodIsGoodEvenWhenImNot #GodBless
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#amen #intelligentdesign #god #atheist
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Your typical internet atheist. #Christ #church #cross #bible #newtestament #oldtestament #messiah #atheist #savior #funnychurchjokes #god #grace #holyspirit #logic #excuses #l#pray #prayer #intelligentdesign #yahweh
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christcommunity777 : @the.lovely.atheist haha well to me Jesus is my superhero. But in a different world they would be awesome!!
christcommunity777 : @usrrrrrrr hey there man thanks for the question. Short answer (which I'm sure you want) is that I did literally years of research. Read book after book from the God delusion by Richard Dawkins to the bible by God himself. The evidence for God just overwhelmed me one day. If you have any questions I would be more than happy to answer them. Being a former atheist myself, I feel I can kinda help :)
christcommunity777 : @usrrrrrrr I do not but heard a lot about it so far
christcommunity777 : @usrrrrrrr ha I'm literally reading about 7 books at the moment. Game of thrones is definitely on that list. U reading any good books at the moment??
christcommunity777 : Lol lemme guess it's the bible
christcommunity777 : @usrrrrrrr
christcommunity777 : @usrrrrrrr sounds kind of interesting. But don't call me bible bullshit man. Respect one another's beliefs and what they hold to be true. Life is so much better when you love
sarahturick : satan is real
isaiah_66_13 - jozplatte - sadboy18 - godworksout -
So what's your excuse? Many atheists use the excuses like: we can't see God so he doesn't exist, there's so many religions so why is Christianity correct, there's evil in the world so where's God? It gets pretty annoying and monotonous using the same lame arguments. I would like to see an atheist try a new argument against God. But I'm not holding my breath. #atheism #atheist #god #REPENT #conservative #Jesus #jesuschrist #messiah #morals #bible #cross #church #creation #savior #holyspirit #intelligentdesign #excuses #romans #logic #newtestament #grace
morals - creation - jesus - romans - newtestament - savior - church - grace - logic - jesuschrist - bible - holyspirit - atheist - cross - repent - conservative - atheism - excuses - intelligentdesign - god - messiah -
the_gracious_peacock : Look up Neil Degrasse Tyson's argument for it with the holiest day on the holiest city. It should be enough to make u wonder.
christcommunity777 : @the_gracious_peacock saw that a while ago. Interesting to say the least but that's about it. But I am open minded to anything
exponentialatheists : Atheists don't need to prove he doesn't exist. It's up to the believer to prove whichever God exists. We don't use faith we use rational thought rather than believing something that doesn't have enough proof of it's own existence.
atheist_coalition : @christcommunity777 before we get into any arguments and exaggerated claims we need to agree on some terms and definitions. Answer this - Can you define Existence. Can you define nonexistence. Can you show me how to accurately discern between the two accurately? Can you give me qualities of both? Can you show me how to prove something exist and can you show me how to prove something does not exist? I am all ears!
atheist_coalition : @christcommunity777 after you give me a satisfactory answer then we can proceed, and please stick to answering the question and do not deviate the conversation to try and avoid answering it.
_shirley_g_ - servant_of_yeshua - jaredschofield - isaiah_66_13 -
(RC. Sproul, who drafted the original Chicago Statement of Biblical Inerrancy, once said, “When people ask me how old the earth is, I tell them I don’t know—because I don’t.” Contrary to what is often implied or claimed by creationists, the Bible nowhere directly teaches the age of the earth. Augustine, writing in the early fifth century, noted, ”What kind of days these were it is extremely difficult, or perhaps impossible, to determine” (City of God 11.7). Though the text is very explanatory to leave us open minded and interested in theories. Many of us are on different sides of the 7 day creation, but today we are going to take you on a small intellectual journey through the 7 days of creation into a quite older earth theory. Our love for Scripture and science leads us to believe that there must ultimately be harmony between correct interpretation of the biblical data and the correct interpretation of the scientific data. Understanding biblical creation is to redefine what it means to read the Bible “literally.” When we are dealing with a text that was produced in a culture distant from our own both in time and in geography, what we think the natural reading is may not have been the natural meaning for those to whom the text was originally addressed. Biblical creationists who believe the Genesis account of six "literal" days of creation are reading the Bible “literalistically." This all well could be literal 24 hour days, but we have to keep in mind God does not act on the same time scale as us. 2 Peter 3:8—‘one day is like a thousand years" Knowing this, we start out in Genesis "in the beginning God created the heavens and Earth." And then, we see there is a sequence of 6 days each of them beginning with he phrase "and God said, and God said, and God said" etc. Genesis 1:1 Describes the Actual Act of Creation Out of Nothing and Is Not a Title or a Summary Genesis 1:1 tells us that “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” In Genesis 1:1, “created” is in the perfect tense, and when a perfect verb is used at the beginning of a unit in Hebrew narrative, it usually functions to describe an event that precedes (load comments for part 2) 👇
the_second_coming_2 : @the_truth_hunter I understand what you're saying buddy. Let me tag you to something real quick.
the_truth_hunter : What about it?
cncnick5 : @the_second_coming_2 revelations 6:13 says the stars will fall out of the sky like figs from a tree
mag3472 : @the_second_coming_2 don't forget about me and my question!
kel_612 : All things past, present and future are always before God. A day being as a thousand years...means nothing to One living outside time. @the_second_coming_2
the_second_coming_2 : @mag3472 Ok, you asked what does light in transit have to do with anything. The alternative theory to this is that God created the universe with age (which I still agree with) however, we see stars light years away. Billions of light years away. Now if God created that light in transit, our universe can still be 6,000 earth years old. But what that does is creates a contradiction because if that light was created already in transit, that means everything that we are looking at is a lie because it's wasn't really there. It makes God out to be deceptive. What this does it is it clears that up. As for the half life of Carbon and much of everything testing young on this earth, that is still legit because sin, death and most importantly decay, didn't exist until sin entered mankind after the fall of man (after creation week).
the_second_coming_2 : @kel_612 I think this makes sense. I'm always willing to adjust my views but this puts a lot of things into perspective. We can actually use the Cosmic Microwave background against atheists now. We can use that as our greatest debating point.
mag3472 : @the_second_coming_2 my question is simple, why do you think the light is in transit? The Bible never States that it's coming from out to in. Would it not be because the light was here first? And why do you believe that the starts are billions of light years away? Have u personally measured it, and I know that there is no way for anyone to do it. This is laughable, I realize how they did measure it but it's impossible for them or anyone to do it and get it right. It's too far. Its like being in a dark room that you do not know how big it is and having a ruler that's 12 inches long and not being able to move around because your chained to the floor with 6 inch chain. You can see the walls and you can't move from where you are. The distance from us to the stars are in known so you are trying to prove something from something that is a lie. Stop worrying abut trying to prove to people who do not care or care to understand god. Christians are here to serve God and spread his word and his word is the Bible not proving the diminishing light. Keep with your faith with the word, for with the word of God is what he gave us. It's good to know and understand science but you know science is not always right.
godsgirlfaa96 - svdbyjc - daughter_ofa_trueking - mastaajaay -
#newbook #creation #geophysics #science #seattleauthors #seattle #cambrianexplosion #intelligentdesign #god #biology #evolution #sciencemrwhite
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Doctrines of Signatures Pt. 1 Resembles the body part it improves. #organic #food #natural #remedies #wholefoods #healthy #medicine #herb #ancientwisdom #spiritual #philosophy #TheMostHigh #satanist #atheist #nonbelievers #atheism #creationism #Consciousness #intelligentDesign #GersonTherapy #juicer #juicing #healthylifestyle
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wakethymind : Evidence of God in the face of atheists and non believers
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