We have lots of these in our back yard. Amazing to think this all comes out of one tiny seed. #intelligentdesign
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#theBibleIsReal #evolutionIsALie #christian #GodIsGood #GodIsGoodEvenWhenWeAreNot #GloryToGod #JesusSaves #JesusLovesYouAndIDoToo #creationist #intelligentDesign #atheist #atheism #evolutionIsAReligion
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Then God made...the lesser light to rule the night...Genesis 1:16 #creation #intelligentdesign
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[From Previous Post]...50 MY after the appearance of sea sponges, various marine worms and jellyfish had evolved. These creatures had actual neurons, with both ion channels and synapses, loosely organized into nerve nets. These nerve nets, consisting of handfuls of individual neurons, were sparsely spread around the mouths of these simple marine creatures, very unlike the concentrated masses of neurons in our brains. The nerve nets enabled simple predatory behaviors like hunting, which allowed animals to get food a lot more easily. As these new animals diversified, so did their nerve nets. Cephalopods (eg octopus) evolved large brains whilst Gastropods evolved concentrated neuron regions called ganglia. Geneticists noticed that a slew of genes known to define neural crest cells (for development of nervous system) in vertebrates were also being expressed in developing sea squirts. However, the cells marked by this group of genes did not migrate like neural crest cells in vertebrate fetuses, nor did they show the potential to become anything more than pigmented cells. What was holding these 'neural-crest-like' cells back from behaving like actual, vertebrate neural crest cells? A gene called "twist", conspicuously absent in the sea squirt 'neural crest' but present in the known vertebrate neural crest - using genetic engineering - was proven to be the cause of this. The advent of "twist" in an ancestral vertebrate may have first given neural crest cells the ability to migrate and become pigmented cells, a feat that provided an immediate advantage for early vertebrates. Only later would those mobile neural crest cells have gained the ability to also become the neurons of the vertebrate nervous system. Clearly, evolution was adapting old systems for new functions to do nothing but improve survivability - a process called exaptation. Given the current uncertainty surrounding the origins of neurons, nerve nets and vertebrate brains, you'd be correct in guessing that the brain's predicted path from sea squirt to fish to reptile to mammal is still quite a mystery. I'll post about human brain evolution another time. Check bio.
science.and.secularism : @ultimate_consultant
ultimate_consultant : So something greater than us could lead too a more complex being that is....God like? That is how you are coming across to me.
ultimate_consultant : I am not missing your point...my point is that you still do not know 100 percent for sure...you are only human. You have only your human peception of a 3d world when there possibly are more dimensions of space in time....have you been to those? No iam sure you havent. Have I? No. I have not but that is my point..you don't know for sure with definite proof on both sides of the argument...but discredit if you can't perceive and know for sure?....people thought the world was flat because of their perception of standing on top of the earth but if you go over 60,000 feet you can see this curvature of the earth see my point?...
science.and.secularism : An ETERNAL supernatural creator is improbable. You can't believe something because no one has disproven it. @ultimate_consultant
ultimate_consultant : I will continue this later bro...watching true blood right now...:-)=
a_godless_universe : πŸ‘πŸ‘
ultimate_consultant : I don't believe in fairies either...but they still could exist just because you haven't seen them...you didn't know about sex, and how it procreated people until you got older...before that knowledge what and where did you think people came about when you were younger before that knowledge and insight?
ultimate_consultant : I am not saying god is an explanation....I just saying that to me, the concept exsists. I think that a design is in place by a higher form. Call it god, the creator, creators, highpower, and ect ect ect. It is something I feel rather than need proof, but like I said, I was born an atheist, however, that changed many years ago when pushing for the argument of its existence, was pushed back by it. Let me switch it up a bit, do you believe in ghosts? Do you believe that energy could exist in this state after death? We can't always plainly acknowledge this presence because it is more than likley in a different state of dimensional energy and being.
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How did the brain (with its billions of neurons and trillions of synapses) evolve? That's a difficult question, partially because brains don't fossilize. The best we can do is look at the brains of modern creatures which range in complexity and look at fossilized skulls. Here's a brief outline of the evolution of complex brains in 2 parts. Bacteria: Obviously bacteria don't have neurons, let alone brains. But genetics shows that bacteria possess a unit of brain structure even smaller than neurons: ion channels. Ion channels are large proteins that selectively allow ions (electrically-charged molecules) to flow in and out of cells. They are vital for signaling between neurons. This signaling is the basis for every computation the brain carries out. Intriguingly, many of these ion channels found in human neurons are also present in ancient organisms such as bacteria, because the genes providing the instructions for building ion channels in human neurons are also found in bacteria. What did the neuron-less bacteria use them for? Some bacteria possess mechanically-sensitive ion channels, as well as microscopic propellers that drive movement, giving them a rudimentary sense of touch and the ability to move. Within a single bacterial cell, sensation and reaction can be coordinated, partly thanks to the same ion channels responsible for human brain signaling. Multi-cellular Life: Bacteria and archaea comprised all Earth's life for a few billion years, until some of their ilk banded together to form early multicellular organisms. The first sponges appeared about 600 MYA in the Cambrian Explosion. While sea sponges consist of colonies of very simple cells (no organs or nervous systems), these cells aggregate using proteins on their cell membranes to communicate with one another. Surprisingly, these same cell communication proteins are also vital for building synapses in the human nervous system. Synapses are the junctions between neurons that allow them to transmit signals. Similar to the presence of ion channels in bacteria in the absence of neurons, these 'synaptic' proteins were present in sponges in the absence of synapses themselves. [see post 2]
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In the beginning, God made... 🎨 ✨ 🌊 ☁️ πŸ’¦ 🌴 πŸ‡β˜€πŸŒ” 🌌 🐦 🐟 πŸ‘« πŸ’‘ πŸ‘Ά #universe #time #space #Creation #Purpose #humanbody #ImageOfGod #Genesis #biology #think #complexity #intricate #design #designer #Creationism #GodsJoy #purposeful #complicated #butthurt #atheists #evolution #πŸ’© #Logic #Creator #intelligentdesign #apologetics
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randolph_ntb_amil : πŸ™ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
mr_namelessly : He doesn't study DNA, I suppose. A large portion of DNa doesn't code for anything. It's JUNK, literally we call it Junk Dna. Humans have 35,000 genes. An amoeba, that minuscule thing, has 670,000. This is what happens when nature blindly tinkers.
mr_namelessly : Moreover, 24% of our genes have been shown to malfunction/be mutated and cause the treacherous diseases we endure. Nearly a fourth of our working genes, given we subtract the broken pseudogene/junk DNA, still is screwed up. If some "intelligible" being made this, he may need to recall his product and try again. We have suffered too greatly for his obscene, gratuitous molecular scheme.
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My response when someone asks: "do you really think the majority of people are deluded in thinking X (eg God exists)" is: throughout history there's been a time when the majority was deluded about something. Why should the opinion of the majority matter to truth? IMPORTANT: I'm taking questions on evolution. Please comment or DM. I'll debunk creationist memes as well and give credit to anyone who asks a question or sends an image I decide to use. I'd also like to know what kind of detailed topic I should post about next. Leave any suggestions and if I like/use them, I'll credit you in my post. 😊✏️ #religion #reason #logic #think #thinker #freethinker #secularism #secular #skepticism #skeptic #god #godless #factsoverfaith #evolution #biology #creationism #evolutionarybiology #evidence #intelligentdesign #knowledge #ignorance #science #truth #facts #atheism #agnostic #atheist
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martinlutherdaiii : @gabenourlord yes it does and berkley is a pro evolution college bias source
gabenourlord : @martinlutherdaiii No, it does not. "Pro-evolution," lol.
martinlutherdaiii : @gabenourlord yes it is "lol" who donyou think youre fooling? πŸ˜‚
martinlutherdaiii : You might as well quote richard dawkins lmfao
gabenourlord : @martinlutherdaiii http://physics.gmu.edu/~roerter/EvolutionEntropy.htm
science.and.secularism : You don't understand high school physics. Good bye. @martinlutherdaiii @gabenourlord just ignore him. He doesn't wish to be educated.
martinlutherdaiii : @science.and.secularism duke I understand it wayyyyy better than you do ... anyone who sponsors Darwinian evolution either hasn't graduated to studying for self or is still in high school getting brain dirty lmfao
science.and.secularism : You're highly delusional. Good day. @martinlutherdaiii
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#theBibleIsReal #evolutionIsALie #christian #GodIsGood #GodIsGoodEvenWhenWeAreNot #GloryToGod #JesusSaves #JesusLovesYouAndIDoToo #creationist #intelligentDesign #atheist #atheism #evolutionIsAReligion
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lamboflight : God is with us!
mr.locketthetwatpocket : Yes evolution is just the work of the devil to decieve us... yes the head of our religion believes evolution as fact but they are just brainwashed the earth was obviously created 6000 years ago by a skyman
1sweep : @mr.locketthetwatpocket the earth isn't 6000 yrs old..Adam n eve were told to REplenish the earth so that tells me there was stuff b4 us what idk exactly but it seems that earth is way older
mr.locketthetwatpocket : Dude fucking obviously... ever heard of sarcasm? Evolution is fact, and adam n eve were not the first people on this earth. The first people on this earth are from africa and moves from there due to climate. The earth is roughly about 4 billion years old..
mr.locketthetwatpocket : 6000 years ago we were domesticating dogs
1sweep : @mr.locketthetwatpocket if its such a fact where does the information in DNA come from..info is non material n ONLY comes from intelligence. I'll wait lol good luck πŸ‘
mr.locketthetwatpocket : Just because we do not know does not mean that evolution is all a hoax. Simple gof of the gaps arguent
1sweep : @mr.locketthetwatpocket call it what I'd like but something as vital as information/direction/instructions needs to have more than "we don't know" to convince me of the religion of evolution. Especially when EVERYTHING WE DO KNOW tells us information isn't random. So u can believe ur religion n I'll just stick to mine bc random repeatable directions sounds silly to me...
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lamboflight : God blesses the peace Messengers πŸ™ πŸ’₯
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Cute mini trio available 🌡🌱 #newhobby #newbusiness #intelligentdesign #thewatchmakeranalogy #succulents #suculentas #plants #green #cactus #cacti #cactos
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deebrightjr : Nice pic
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Camouflage suit on the toilet. Not intelligent design but good for the heart probably. #falsterbo #stillvacation #harbour #seabird #intelligentdesign #sea #skanörhamnen
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#Repost @calcifer1987 with @repostapp. ・・・ #fearnot #godwithus #father #holyspirit #amazing #doyoubelieve #allthings #forgiveness #meme #loveatfirstsight #wut #money #playbyear #hard #athiestmeme #worship #funny #reolution #christianity #athiest #joy #athiestmemes #thetruthcaster #quote #creation #instaquote #intelligentdesign #genesis #believe
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listen2god : PTL
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listen2god : Worthy is The Lamb!
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#god is everywhere in #nature #croixdelognan #coexist #intelligentdesign #tignes #tigneslelac #alps
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I just received my review copy of this book. I'm looking forward to reading it. #apologetics #intelligentdesign
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What a coward. I've been blocked by several theist and conspiracy theorist accounts and I find more everyday. Some of them come to my page, leave their uneducated opinions and then block me before I visit their pages πŸ˜† This particular account has blocked just about everyone who said anything contrary to his views. How pathetic. I've had several trolls and I haven't blocked a single one. If you're not blocked, go drop some science and logic all over his bullshit page just for kicks. (@ianthetheist)😈 #religion #logic #reason #think #thinker #freethinker #secularism #secular #skeptic #skepticism #factsoverfaith #creationism #intelligentdesign #evolutionarybiology #evolution #evidence #science #facts #pseudoscience #god #godless #atheism #agnostic #atheist #science_and_secularism
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ultimate_consultant : #buddism @astrofisica_facts
ultimate_consultant : Jesus was against religion of his day. @bigcasey1995 that's why he was crucified, as the story goes by the Jews, he said they were wrong, the priests, ect ect.... but he still believed in god, as the story goes.
bigcasey1995 : @ultimate_consultant yes but in the process of refusing religion he accidentally formed his own.
ultimate_consultant : He didn't form it, human greed, corruption, the Roman Empire as it was falling into chaos due to the Christian movement of a belief in one god, ect ect formed it...the decaying Roman empire d
ultimate_consultant : ...had to form it to try to save itself...control the masses
ultimate_consultant : He spoke, according to the story, and shit happened
ultimate_consultant : @bigcasey1995
leftist.asian : He blocked me too without a single exchange of words
feminist_heretic - agataastr - leftist.asian - tictoku -
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alsnycfilm : πŸ™ŒπŸΎ
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Fibonacci #intelligentdesign
intelligentdesign -
cjrcseaver : Beautiful!!!
thomasshoughton : 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144......
camille.enos : Fibonacci is always fabulous
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The kalam cosmological argument 1) whatever begins to exist has a cause 2) the universe began to exist 3) therefore the universe has a cause Premise 1 is supported by our everyday experience as well as scientific evidence. Premise 2 is supported by the borde guth vilenkian theorem which proves that any universe that has been on average expanding throughout its history cannot be eternal in the past and must have an absolute beginning. This includes the multiverse if there is such a thing. Since our first two premises are true, our conclusion must also be true. The universe has a cause But does this cause have to be God? When the universe began to exist time, space and matter began to exist at once. Therefore the cause of the universe must be timeless, spaceless and immaterial. There are only two things that have these properties. Unembodied minds and abstract objects like numbers. Since abstract objects can create anything the cause of the universe must be an unembodied mind. This unembodied mind must also be powerful, since it created the universe, and intelligent since it created the laws the govern the universe. So our cause is an unembodied mind that is timeless, spaceless, immaterial, powerful and intelligent. All of these properties are properties that's theist (Christians, Jews and Muslims) attribute to God. Since God is timeless, having no beginning and no end, he does not need a cause or creator since he is eternal and had no beginning and no end. #kalamcosmologicalargumemt #kalam #Christianity #Yahweh #Jesus #apologetics #creationism #intelligentdesign #yeshua #God #Godscience #multiverse #bordeguthvilenkiantheorem #atheism #atheist #atheismisfalse Photo credit to: @dogtorballesteros
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mr_namelessly : @dogtorballesteros you're insane.
dogtorballesteros : @mr_namelessly was a evolutionary creationist christian earlier this year. I warned him were the false idea of evolution leads to. Then lo and behold he renounced christ for deism earlier this year and from the looks of it, he renounces deism too! Geez. Talk about being lost.
mr_namelessly : "Craig thinks we do have a strong reason, the Borde-Guth-Vilenkin theorem. So I explained what every physicist who has thought about the issue understands: that the real world is governed by quantum mechanics, and the BGV theorem assumes a classical spacetime, so it says nothing definitive about what actually happens in the universe; it is only a guideline to when our classical description breaks down. Indeed, I quoted a stronger theorem, the “Quantum Eternity Theorem” (QET) — under conventional quantum mechanics, any universe with a non-zero energy and a time-independent Hamiltonian will necessarily last forever toward both the past and the future. For convenience I quoted my own paper as a reference, although I’m surely not the first to figure it out; it’s a fairly trivial result once you think about it. (The Hartle-Hawking model is not eternal to the past, which is fine because they imagine a universe with zero energy. In that situation time is an approximation rather than fundamental in any case — that’s the “problem of time” in quantum gravity.)" - Dr. Carroll
mr_namelessly : @dogtorballesteros I'm a molecular biologist and my field wouldn't work without evolutionary theory lol. You're an idiot for thinking a scientific fact is dismissible
mr_namelessly : @dogtorballesteros "the false idea of evolution" - says the non specialist with a christian bias. Evolution destroys Pauline theology. And it destroys God's moral character. And therefore you're inclined to try to say evolution is false. It isn't. And there is a century and a half of scientific research from a broad range of fields to demonstrate that.
dogtorballesteros : @mr_namelessly evolution does destroy pauline theology and it does destroy Gods moral character. Glad we agree on something :)
mr_namelessly : @dogtorballesteros and that's the only reason you're hostile to it- not because there is inconclusive data in favor of evolutionary THEORY, or conclusive data against it
mayan_a : Oh jeez here we go, at least it separate from your actual Instagram lol
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Took this pic myself... God's creation truly amazes me... #God #Jesus #yahweh #yeshua #creation #science #Theology #apologetics #ministries #intelligentdesign #creator #darwinsblackbox 😊
yahweh - darwinsblackbox - ministries - god - creation - theology - apologetics - yeshua - intelligentdesign - science - jesus - creator -
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It's absolutely amazing how many ancient religions and cultures involve or are even based on Sirius. Not too surprising given that for thousands of years all humans had to observe was our sun and other stars. However, what is fascinating is how similar the stories are from culture to culture. Furthermore, there are things which ancient civilizations knew about the Dog Star far before they had equipment capable of measuring such things. Some even claim that the beings responsible for creating humans call Sirius home.
star - ufo - egypt - aliens - anunnaki - astronomy - worship - astrology - ancient - science - geneticmanipulation - religion - sumerians - intelligentdesign - ancientaliens - syria - mesopotamia - sirius - history -
3rdeyeopener : Some of them live there, there's seven root races on earth, plieadian annunaki lyrian sirian Arcturian and two more I don't recall, Hebrew (andromedans) and one other
keepseeking101 : #sirius #astrology #ancient #religion #worship #Egypt #Sumerians #syria #Mesopotamia #science #astronomy #ancientaliens #star #anunnaki #aliens #intelligentdesign #geneticmanipulation #history #ufo
keepseeking101 : @3rdeyeopener Fascinating stuff. Thanks for sharing. ✌️
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Ima just leave this here too! This is inside every human, its called the "LAMININ MOLECULE" without it we would literally fall apart #intelligentdesign #Evolutionistheory #Jesussaves #Creator #inte
inte - jesussaves - intelligentdesign - evolutionistheory - creator -
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#Truth #Evolution #science #God #creation #creationism #intelligentdesign #ID #Darwin
evolution - science - creation - intelligentdesign - truth - god - darwin - id - creationism -
quietachiever : Love it!
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#theBibleIsReal #evolutionIsALie #christian #GodIsGood #GodIsGoodEvenWhenWeAreNot #GloryToGod #JesusSaves #JesusLovesYouAndIDoToo #creationist #intelligentDesign #atheist #atheism #evolutionIsAReligion
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#theBibleIsReal #evolutionIsALie #christian #GodIsGood #GodIsGoodEvenWhenWeAreNot #GloryToGod #JesusSaves #JesusLovesYouAndIDoToo #creationist #intelligentDesign #atheist #atheism #evolutionIsAReligion
godisgood - jesussaves - jesuslovesyouandidotoo - christian - creationist - glorytogod - atheist - evolutionisareligion - evolutionisalie - atheism - intelligentdesign - thebibleisreal - godisgoodevenwhenwearenot -
andreasweiiner : when you write evolution is a religion u maybe right. But evolution is then the only religiol with facts. not stupid ignorant beliefe
1sweep : @andreasweiiner when I say that I AM right. Are u telling me believing that information/instruction/direction,the intangible necessity of evolution, eventually comes from non living matter isn't ignorant? Is that backed by REAL science?
andreasweiiner : im not english and didnt quite get your question but say you didnt know of any religion, you werent born into it. And you where put to chose between known fact. you could prove something. or just belief. you would never choose belife
1sweep : @andreasweiiner we do choose what we believe. If 2 people came telling u different stories u n I would CHOOSE who is trust worthy... I'll ask u this what is DNA?
sally1233 : @1sweep amen! ☝☝☝
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Great time in VA. The boys really enjoyed the wonders of our world. www.DelVideo.com #delvideo #intelligentdesign #fun #fitness #mentalhealth
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Snake skeleton ~113,000,000 years old found with 4 appendages. Unsurprisingly, for those who see an ID (Intelligent Designer) behind lifes origins, these limbs were fully functional and couldn't by any stretch of the imagination be described as vestige or in the process of evolving. °•β—‹•°β—°•β—‹•°β—°•β—‹•°β—°•β—‹•°β—°•β—‹•°β— One of the predictions ID makes is that if a function, organ, system etc etc seems useless that eventually a use will become evident. This prediction has come true for the following: πŸ‘‰DNA ( some sections of DNA and RNA once thought to have no function as it was a product of mindless evolution has been found to perform over 12 crucial biological functions πŸ‘‰ Organs with poor functionality or none at all have been later found to be caused by poor breeding, and environmental factors not design flaw °•β—‹•°β—°•β—‹•°β—°•β—‹•°β—‹ • ° ● ° • β—‹ • ° ● ° • β—‹ • Side note: As DNA (genitic code) is πŸ‘‰COMPLEXπŸ‘ˆ& πŸ‘‰SPECIFIEDπŸ‘ˆ information we conclude that a mind generated it. What furthers this argument is an amazing feature that DNA has. πŸ‘‡ As a code breaker during a war, any enemy messages that had been intercepted would be passed on to you to examine. A simple message stating things such as "Hi mom, everything's fine here on the Frontline, how's sis and the farm going" could contain a coded message. In other words a message in a message. DNA does this! If you found a letter containing detailed information and then also Discovered it had ANOTHER message concealed inside it there would be no chance you could LOGICALLY conclude that this message arose by chance. The probability was already very much against the unguided materialistic engine to produce life...this just increases the unlikeliness... #IntelligentDesign #JW #WakeUp
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anita_maria_carden : Genesis 3:14- Then Jehovah God said to the serpent: "Because you have done this, you are the cursed one out of all the domestic animals and out of all the wild animals of the field. On your belly you will go, and you will eat dust all the days of your life". Interesting how the Serpents curse involved him "going on his belly" indicating that wasn't the case before sin. Interesting post, this.
mike_reuben_vaughan : Definitely. @anita_maria_carden funny how science always seems to tie in with the bible. Such a coencidence. Haha
meggymo7 : Fascinating! I was thinking of the same scripture @anita_maria_carden !
mike_reuben_vaughan : @meggymo7 may have been referring to a specific family of snake or the whole species as theres remains older than 6000 yo without limbs. ..Not sure. Be good to find out one day 😊
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