This was cool! Working on new version for my keynote at LinkedIn's Talent Connect in November #intalent
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DIGITAL PAINTING! Title: AfricanSwag! model: @ay_sammy #digitalpainting #painting #art #photoshop #instart #instaart #intalent #talent #fresh #frosh #african #nigerian #swag #black #africanprint #native #print #wear #weafricansgotswag #madeofblack #TMD #artrepreneur #tommierichie #2014 #leggo
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tommierichie27 : thanks @nwbrt @ugoomero lol yeah but he is actually not Ibo..
tommierichie27 : @meggerztouch thanks much.. i use photoshop on my laptop.. im yet to try a tablet :)
hot_native_men_of_the_day : Love this pic ;)
tommierichie27 : thank you @hot_native_men_of_the_day :)
meggerztouch : Photoshop is so expensive 😭😭
harrisfederman : I really like your gallery!
ay_sammy : Hhhhhmmmm.....nice, *thumbs up*
tommierichie27 : thanks much @harrisfederman.. @meggerztouch it's worth :)
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"At LinkedIn, the philosophy is to let our brightest go after areas that interest them, especially in areas where they will be a bit in over their head at first." Wow! Great advice! #inspired #talent @linkedin #intalent #leanin #getafterit #highgearcareer #recruit
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This is how nuts😳 I am about my job these days. πŸ™Š Saturday night and I am so hooked on this book that I am actually staying home 🏠in my slippers πŸ’€ so I can keep reading πŸ“– #thealliance. I love ❀️❀️❀️learning this how to build a #workforce of #talent #inspired #engaged #employees. This #tourofduty concept is blowing my mind!!!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘@americanagcredit @linkedin #intalent #talent #recruit #highgearcareer #hr
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drivetothrivenutrition : @wendyburbridge
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Finally saw this Tony award winning revival of Pippin last night! The message I take away from this show?:The most extraordinary moments may very well be staring you in the face in the most simple moments, you just have to simply choose to see it!
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jman323 : #intalent
dchoco : Boom
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#fbf to LinkedIn Talent Connect 2013 in #Vegas! #intalent #TC13
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vegasjames : nice :)
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On a plane headed home from #intalent #linkedin conference reviewing some notes.....thinking Yes!!! #Truth!
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yincmarketing : Nice picture
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Can you spot Hula Truck in this painting? The Team will be recharging this weekend and back in action @offthegridsf Serramonte! Have a blessed weekend! #alohafriday #bayareafoodtruck #hulatruck408 #bayrito #mamaslumpia #twinpeaks #adoboomlette #hulatruck #intalent #art
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ricosuaveg35s : Top right
youlove_lynsey : I didn't see your sechdule this week?
aidankushmaul : Give me a shoutout @hulatruck408
hulatruck408 : giving @aidankushmaul a shout out .... SHOUT OUT 😜
aidankushmaul : Thanks rylee @hulatruck408
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You can take the boy outta "ballon boy" but you can never take the balloon outta the man. Thx Marty. #martysparty #backtobasics #intalent #giantballoon
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seanflorio : Young J is proud of adult J
shien65 : @forkingtasty hello
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πŸ™Œ πŸŒ…
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teresalynn9 : #nofilter #tbt #intalent
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Flight home on @delta. Had a great time at @linkedin #intalent
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Headed home! We hosted our first Talent Brand Networking Session at Talent Connect--it was wonderful spending time with those that are transforming the space. ❀️ mad love. #intalent
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deinaking : Bravo Dina!
jennydevaughn : Heartwarming event and years in the making :)
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Conference buddies. #linkedin #talentconnect
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neneprato : I want a full reportπŸ˜‰
angeaub : @neneprato we signed you up for next year!
2muchoftom : More like conference #babes ! @angeaub
misshasy : Oh la la Ang!!! 😍
navneets : Sounds like you guys are having fun!!!
angeaub : #intalent
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#tbt Selfie w/ @ariannahuff #determination #intalent @linkedin
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hrhound : How is your Huffy? Go digi dark g.
spaigegardiner : Epic!!!
jordanjmonroe : Dude, you always get selfies with the coolest people!
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Recap #TalentConnect, surrounded by positive, zealous & like minded people. Such a blessing! By @hrcultureclub "The hottest ticket in town this week was @LinkedIn's Talent Connect. Here is some of what happened. Check out the middle photo on the left... It's what @google looks for when hiring! Photos via @tarapaleg @jennifer_mcclure @wadeburgess @djmissjoy @bfoulds #intalent #linkedin #hrchick #hr" via @PhotoRepost_app
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The hottest ticket in town this week was @LinkedIn's Talent Connect. Here is some of what happened. Check out the middle photo on the left... It's what @google looks for when hiring! Photos via @tarapaleg @jennifer_mcclure @wadeburgess @djmissjoy @bfoulds #intalent #linkedin #hrchick #hr
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kavitasingh_ : Yep, that explains it :) Google is extremely selective when it comes to hiring. On another note have you ever checked out valve? We came across their handbook when we were doing our research to create our own back in the day. We were mind blown! :)
hrcultureclub : @kavitasingh_ Havent!! Ok will def check them out, thank you!!! πŸ‘πŸ™
garelaos : @hrcultureclub @kavitasingh_ Valve = awesome co. Did u guys read the Semco story? They're the daddy, been doing these principles for decades.
kavitasingh_ : @garelaos what semco story? Send us the link. I'm blown by their complex (bossless) org structure. There has been many questions on whether the model is scalable but seriously can't imagine it even with 100 employees. It's really difficult, so def big kudos to them.
garelaos : @kavitasingh_ There's a few round ups on it, heres one. But you should read the book, it's excellent, required reading for everyone. Amazing when you think the book is 20+ years old. Book link:
garelaos : @kavitasingh_ PS everyone sets their own pay, not just execs.
kavitasingh_ : @garelaos thanks! Definitely will read up. Just read e description, if you're given the platform to completely act like an owner (given the fact that Semco employees own 22% of the company's shares and make decisions) I see why they've been so successful. However to truly have a stellar team, it does drill down to where it aaallll begins...recruitment. Thanks for sharing!
kavitasingh_ : @garelaos P.S: still can't believe that this is a story from over 20 years ago!
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Bye for now. #intalent #sanfran #goldengate
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| distorted happenings at #pier27 #intalent #talentconnect @linkedin #sanfrancisco #california a few nights ago. october 23-2014
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sydneyrbrown : Cameo by @poopxtina666 and @what_an_ahtist
poopxtina666 : Seconds before I dropped that piece of pizza πŸ˜₯πŸ•
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Who's in? We are! A few members of our Global Talent Acquisition team attended #LinkedIn's Talent Connect event in San Francisco in the hopes of connecting, inspiring and transforming! #intalent
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pocostarbucks : Hey! There's Jeremy!
starbucksjobs : @pocostarbucks, why yes it is! #goodeye =)
getfuelfitvic : I would love to work for the marketing dept @starbucksjobs - but don't get me wrong.....I love my store at downtown Disney Anaheim, California! We rock!
dharguth : I would also love to attend one of these events with @starbucksjobs! Would it be possible to have more events to network and connect with other partners and SSC professionals? It would be an awesome resource for partners!
patricia91 : Stefan!! Way to represent QC!
sbux_brace : Hi, Rene! πŸ˜€πŸ‘‹
kay_edge : Travis???? @trav1865
starbucksjobs : @dharguth, hi partner! That's a great idea and suggestion. I'll take it back and share with the team.
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Great conversation with Todd Park and Jeff Weiner at #intalent
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bobwoz : It was humbling to walk into that briefing room after him.
hrcultureclub : Thats awesome!!
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Fantastic keynote at LinkedIn's Talent Connect #intalent
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hrcultureclub : Ahhhhhh!! Fan girling!!
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#intalent fun with {new} & {old} friends!!! #sanfrancisco #talentconnect2014 #californiaillinoisnewyorkgirls
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hrcultureclub : Cute!! πŸ’™
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Not every day you get #favorites from a #genuine #blue #checkmark #twitter #celeb. Especially #exciting because I wasn't even at #intalent! #mademyday #funfun
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hrcultureclub : Omg!! Thats awesome #jealous
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Work always knows how to throw a killer party!
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ixodus : #talentconnect #intalent #linkedin #sfo #sf #sanfrancisco #california #usa #awesome #perfect #love #tuesday #party #pier27 #amazing #clubbing #hk #hkig #hongkong #asia #china
teledandy : Cool!
hrcultureclub : Haha πŸ’―
djmissjoy : Hey! That's me, #DJMISSJOY 🎧🎡
ixodus : @djmissjoy haha yep. Thanks for a great evening! Cutest thing ever when u sat down and gave up on our one more song chant. 囧
djmissjoy : All I keep hearing is "One More Song-One More Song!"
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3D floor art on the last day of Talent Connect in SF
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ixodus : #talentconnect #intalent #linkedin #sfo #sf #sanfrancisco #california #usa #awesome #perfect #love #wednesday #hk #hkig #hongkong #asia #china
ickybiver : Rocking like a tourist
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An inspiring end to the last three days. #AriannaHuffington
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ixodus : @ariannahuff
ixodus : #talentconnect #intalent #linkedin #sfo #sf #sanfrancisco #california #usa #awesome #perfect #love #wednesday #hk #hkig #hongkong #asia #china
soniyamonga : So jealous, love her!!
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Feeling super lucky to have been able to go to #TalentConnect #LinkedIn One of my many highlights was watching Arianna Huffington redefine success beyond money and power and to recharge ourselves instead of recharging our devices. #intalent P.S- I totally asked my boss for a #naproom in our office πŸ“΅πŸ˜΄πŸ”ŒπŸ”‹πŸ™‡πŸ˜„πŸ˜Œ
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sokaliali : @ariannahuff
hrcultureclub : Haha you should get a nap room!! Tons of companies have them πŸ‘
kirbee83 : πŸ‘πŸ’–πŸ˜‰πŸ‘awesome!!!
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OMG Arianna Huffington at mentioned me. #icandiehappy #intalent #talentconnect #ariannahuffington #twitter
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minderin20 : #famous #wow #canibeyou
catherine9380 : #killingit
hrcultureclub : Ahhhhhh!! Thats freaking awesome
dariaditalia : @hrcultureclub that was my reaction, too!
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LinkedIn knows how to celebrate #intalent
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hrcultureclub : I want πŸ˜‹
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#VueNation learns from the best. Hat Tip @stacyzapar cc: @gabevillamizar #intalent peace out...
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Goodbye #SFO, I promise I'll be back really soon... #intalent #love #travel #conference # LinkedIn
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c_ebert : Safe travels V!
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Good times with these crazy kids! #judymelted #lostmyphone #pioneer #expert #nobagchecking #dancingdavide #socialADD #jackwantsaphonechargerthing #intalent @ohiostatefan
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hrcultureclub : aw fun!!
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My inspirations... #love #drive #happiness #betteringyourself #goodfamily #elderlycouples #passion #positivity #dedication #creativity #adventure #music #architecture #running #athletes #chocolate
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cindy_bish_whet : Coool @davenwilson
mlissaswift : #intalent
mlissaswift : As I g(r)o(w) through life and especially in light of recent experiences, I am realizing more and more how rare it is to find those people in your life that would really do anything for you. Those people that you know you can count on for anything, at anytime. Those people that are always there for you, because they want to be. To me, this is TRUE love, and the words "I love you" are extremely powerful. If you are experiencing true love with someone, hang on to them as what you have should not be taken for granted. When you say these words, mean it; and when you mean these words, show it. I hope from this moment forward I will be able to recognize what is and what is not true love, and one day be able to find this in a relationship for myself. I do want to thank my mom for ALWAYS being one of these people in my life, as without you, I may not ever have known what it is like to truly be and feel loved by somebody, and for this, I am eternally grateful.
athletesforart : Nice!
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