#WVDEP work #outinthefield #minesite #badasslabel #institutionalized out in the field today with some good folks
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Excuse the guerrilla photoshopping from my phone but it makes it better. #SuicidalTendencies #MikeMuir #momgavemeapepsi #momfinallygavemikeapepsi #institutionalized #ST #Suicidal #Suicidal4Life #MissionAccomplished
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All she wanted was just a Pepsi! #Pepsi #Institutionalized #RedDobie #allygirl @eclecticrain
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firestalker24 : @kevminatree, #her UNC jay has her the pepsi hook up!! #turn down for what
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Ras Kass, one of the most unappreciated west coast MCs #raskass #soulonice #rasassassination #institutionalized #barmageddon #westcoasthiphop #realhiphop #hiphophead #hiphopaddict #hiphopjunkie #underrated
barmageddon - institutionalized - raskass - westcoasthiphop - hiphopjunkie - realhiphop - rasassassination - hiphophead - hiphopaddict - soulonice - underrated -
doyoucme3 : I thought that was Jay Rock for a minute
daweejameel : Very unappreciated!!
hiphop_thugster : rassy kassy
beattrooper : Soul On Ice!
original1jp : The Waterproof mc
fletchmatic : One of, if not the only West Coast rapper I listen to.
fletchmatic : #waterproofmc
5oclockcorona : Your an idiot. EAZY-E is the best rapper to walk the earth. Follow me if you agree. #EAZY-E
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Misfits "Die Die" 12-inch & Suicidal Tendencies first LP both back in stock. #getwiththeprogramme #misfits #suicidaltendencies
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programme : #diediemydarling #institutionalized #st
officialtonester : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
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"Dr. Lawrence Gordon: What's your name? Adam: My name is Very Fucking Confused; what's your name?".... #confused #saw #jigsaw #imnotcrazy #youretheonewhoscrazy #youredrivingmecrazy #weareallcrazy #institutionalized
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Love these losers. They made our counseling internship amazing! #bestinternshipever #stayinggrounded #beyourself #wesofli #institutionalized
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stafflower : Your hair is getting so long! : Awsmmmm
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..."And I go: No mom I'm not on drugs I'm okay, I was just thinking you know, why don't you get me a #Pepsi. And she goes: NO you're on drugs! I go: Mom I'm okay, I'm just thinking. She goes: No you're not thinking, you're on drugs! Normal people don't act that way! I go: Mom just give me a Pepsi, please"... #whatwouldyouknowaboutthis #Institutionalized #SuicidalTendencies #InkNIron #2014 #QueenMary #LongBeach ...#BackInTheDay when I knew what #happiness was. #IfICouldGoBackInTime #Life #concert #InkNIron2014 #AllIWantedWasAPepsi #musicforthesoul #FuckYeah #ifyoudontknowyoubetterasksomebody #GreatTimes #Memories #friends #NewFriends #GoodCompany #Punkabilly #Rockabilly #Psychobilly #PunkRock #rockabillylife #Hillbilly #StyleMeClassic
inkniron - institutionalized - rockabillylife - concert - ifyoudontknowyoubetterasksomebody - stylemeclassic - hillbilly - musicforthesoul - suicidaltendencies - psychobilly - punkabilly - rockabilly - fuckyeah - backintheday - newfriends - friends - happiness - alliwantedwasapepsi - ificouldgobackintime - inkniron2014 - life - greattimes - punkrock - memories - pepsi - 2014 - queenmary - whatwouldyouknowaboutthis - longbeach - goodcompany -
bflowersgirl : πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜˜
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Love them so much #possessedtoskate #subliminal #institutionalized #nofucknproblem #suicidalforever #suicidaltendencies
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The 3 modern day #Institutionalized Religions, ( #Islam, #Christianity, #Judasim) are the worse things to happen to humanity. The international Zionist/ #FreeMasons have managed to corrupt and hijack every major religion over the course of history for their own global agenda. In there INSTITUTIONALIZED forms, through the #RomanCatholicChurch, #Vatican, and Zionist controlled #wahhabi funded #Mosques which are controlled from the top, they have managed to divide humanity more than ever, brainwash and indoctrinate humans into the most primitive behavior and thought patterns in human history keeping us in constant warfare and #division. INSTITUTIONALIZED religion is not designed to give you truth, it is designed to compartmentalize information from you, and to keep you from discovering new ways of understanding and interpreting the ancient text and scriptures. The scriptures (#torah, #Qur'an, #bible) are filled with clues to mankind's ancient history and #esoteric lost wisdom. You just need to learn how to read and interpret them. They arnt fairy tales. #spirit #dmt #psilocybin #evolution #magicmushrooms #herb #Native #Shaman #Spirituality
wahhabi - institutionalized - qur - freemasons - division - herb - mosques - esoteric - torah - psilocybin - shaman - spirit - islam - romancatholicchurch - evolution - bible - judasim - christianity - magicmushrooms - spirituality - dmt - vatican - native -
hectoriousss : πŸ„
emeraldstarfox : Aren't you Muslim?
variskandahari : Yes, but I dont follow the institutionalized teachings. The majority of mosques actually teach you nothing, but ask for constant charity, and keep you living in fear of judgement and fire. They're job is to keep us in fear and in a state of constant obedience. They're simoly used as a control mechanism for the elite to control human populations. @emeraldstarfox
emeraldstarfox : I don't see living in constant obedience to Allah SWT as a negative, as difficult as it may be. Nor is giving to charity often a bad thing, charity helps those less fortunate & extinguishes the sins of the soul - win win the way I see it. But hey, Allah SWT will judge us all in the end. Salaams
variskandahari : I should rephrase myself and explain a little better . Charity is a good thing, but for example there are 2.5 billion people starving in the world, look at what has been happening in Gaza, Afghanistan and Iraq. Look at the humanitarian crisis. This past month every single mosque I went to , the sheikh would interrupt between every two rakah and start asking for donations to the mosque. And they wernt using the funds to give to the needy. They openly admit that they use the funds to renovate the mosques and build them even bigger, with bigger soccer fields and fancier chow halls. The sheikhs would start a bidding auction and when there would be no bidders, he would pull a fabricated hadith out of his senceless mind and begin to preach about how much of a reward you would get in the afterlife if you invest now πŸ˜‚. These guys are frauds. What is the point of building bigger mosques when the ummah is starving. Why can't they pray and teach the quran in the grass at a public parks and instead donate every penny to the needy. You don't need fancy temples or mosques to practice spirituality, which is the fundamental core of every major religions. They are pathetic. They forgot the entire message,. If they teach 20 kids how to read the Qur'an but deliver no prior knowledge how can you comprehend what is being said in the book? 99% of Muslims read the book, and even in English they have no clue what they're reading or what is being talked about. They read because they fear they might go to hell. That is what institutionalized religion does. It keeps you from figuring out the truth for yourself and instead offers you a half ass interpretation and tells you to stick with it.
variskandahari : @emeraldstarfox
emeraldstarfox : Ok, I got you. & I have to agree. With regards to learning the Quran I think it's good that they actually teach them to begin with, but you're right, they need to learn the meaning behind it also. But I'm one to talk, I still can't even read Arabic properly, nevermind understand it in Arabic. In shaa Allah, one day (English translation will have to do for now)
reza_m87 : sick cactus πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ @ho3inmh @farhadmoto
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Its a suicidal type of day #theoriginalhippiekillers #institutionalized #wakingthedead #suicidaltendencies #sui #suicidal
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nerosykes : @markwazzhere if he has a job lined up ill bring him haha
markwazzhere : True true we can always throw his ass in Rite aid too haha
markwazzhere : When you get back we gonna celebrate and turn the fuck up too
nerosykes : @markwazzhere I can see the future drunk in public charges already hahaha
markwazzhere : Hahaha fuck it all i really wanted was a #Pepsi
nerosykes : @markwazzhere Thats what my excuse will be for the cops haha
markwazzhere : Haha tell them its not my fault i didn't get one so i settled for this bottle of jack
nerosykes : @markwazzhere I dont know why cops never understand about compromise haha
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You go to work and constant bad shit happens. You come home and bad shit happens. You try to shrug it off but it just wont go away. I just want to scream and break shit. I woke up happy today. It always seems like theres always going to be something to fuck that up. #sonofabitch #fuckmylife #giveaniggaahug #itrynottobeviolent #institutionalized #alliwantedwasapepsi #justonepepsi
institutionalized - giveaniggaahug - alliwantedwasapepsi - justonepepsi - itrynottobeviolent - fuckmylife - sonofabitch -
markwazzhere -
I never call in sick to work. Today is the first day in as long as I can remember that I had to call in because the ant bites are so gnarly on my feet and ankles that I can't even wear shoes. So I'm walking around barefoot at home enjoying some awesome beer. Still can't help feeling a little worthless when I'm not at work on a weekday tho... #institutionalized
institutionalized -
tscrappatherappa : @justin__mhhc dmn man crack me open one ha
justin__mhhc : @tscrappatherappa sure thing haha
tscrappatherappa : Sick thank you sir @justin__mhhc
justin__mhhc : @tscrappatherappa indubitably young lad 🎩
tscrappatherappa : Cheers maye @justin__mhhc
kodytrinnier : One of my favorite beers!
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"ALL I WANTED WAS A FREAKIN PEPSI, AND SHEEEE WOULDN'T GIVE IT TO ME!" #suicidaltendacies #institutionalized #imnotcrazy #okaymaybealittle #yalldontknowthissong
suicidaltendacies - institutionalized - yalldontknowthissong - imnotcrazy - okaymaybealittle -
all I wanted was a Pepsi! just one Pepsi! and she wouldn't give it to me! just a Pepsi! #ImNotCrazy #Institutionalized
imnotcrazy - institutionalized -
janell112 : YES
jovanna.fgt : DUDE I LOVE YOU RN @janell112
janell112 : Haha! ;)
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OMG. IF YOU UNDERSTAND THIS, YOU'RE AMAZING. #Institutionalized #SuicidalTendencies
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mendeezy_85 : You in TJ?
73_supernova : @mendeezy_85 San Diego my Graceland
kbellesma : Ha! That was the first thing that came to mind! #ruinedforlife
73_supernova : @kbellesma u never get away from that place #institutionalized
mendeezy_85 : Cross the border, Go to tacos el huero! Bring me some! I like the #topramenpurse better!
73_supernova : @mendeezy_85 chale u don't need em
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Just surrender and it won't hurt at all...while you're waiting for the hammer to fall.
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313rage : Just surrender and it won't hurt at all...while you're waiting for the hammer to fall.
313rage : #abandonedhousetour #detroit #abandonment_issues #motorcity #exploring_shotz #photowall_urbex #aband0n_all_h0pe #rsa_dark #abandonedworld #unitedbygrime #detroitunderground #motown #alliwantedwasapepsi #grime_lords #trailblazers_urbex #institutionalized #outcastamerica #glitz_n_grime #urbxtreme #ig_captures_decay #icons_of_filth #it_tuesday #g_s_i #grime_lords #grimeforsaken
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just cause Rudy got me a PepsiπŸ˜‹ #Institutionalized #SuicidalTendencies #MikeMuir #Pepsi
suicidaltendencies - mikemuir - institutionalized - pepsi -
_icancarelesss_ : Lmao 😏
kikelosdiablos666 : Nov 9 th Slayer , exodus , Suicidal tendencies πŸ’€πŸ‘πŸ˜ ima see them
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All I wanted was a Pepsi, just one Pepsi and she wouldn't give it to me! Just one Pepsi! #youreondrugs #normalpeopledontactthatway #institutionalized
youreondrugs - institutionalized - normalpeopledontactthatway -
ramonejesus_ : Eww Pepsi is gross. I'll take a Dr. Pepper please. ;u;
andreawartooth : @ramonejesus_ both are good n.n
ramonejesus_ : What if you had to choose just one though. Decisions, decisions. ;3
andreawartooth : @ramonejesus_ I'd go for Dr. Pepper cx
ramonejesus_ : Oh yes Dr. Pepper triumphs! Muhahaha cx
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My notes are the best. #movieshelpmeremembershit #ilearnweird #sociology #iluffsit #shawshankredemption #institutionalized
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Mini vacation and all I'm thinking bout is work... #institutionalized #doubletree #bluebayou
bluebayou - institutionalized - doubletree -
smug_comb : Beautiful family!!!
jad504 : @smug_comb preciate it
titty_maniac : Real! I wanted to call in to see how y'all niggas ran n'shit lol. Nice pic of the fam dude.
jad504 : Preciate it @titty_maniac it ran alright. I think we addicted to the game like Jordan n Pippin. Lol
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#Suicidaltendencies #institutionalized
suicidaltendencies - institutionalized -
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Micah's Savage Factory. #sept13 #IPNTgallery ~You're gonna be institutionalized. You'll come out brainwashed with bloodshot eyes. You won't have any say. They'll brainwash you until you see their way. #suicidaltendencies #venicebeach #california this ain't no gallery show..... #institutionalized #nothings for sale but your soul. Everything will be torched.
institutionalized - california - nothings - ipntgallery - suicidaltendencies - venicebeach - sept13 -
jessegrasse : @ingivingup
finestretch : #rad @judelucy thought you might like this one...
magic_micah : πŸ‘!
__suyapa__ - carpentery1 - olichkasam - judelucy -
Enough said. #suicidal #tendencies #institutionalized
tendencies - institutionalized - suicidal -
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Why mom? Is it because I'm not on drugs? #suicidaltendencies#pepsi#institutionalized#mikemuir#mikemuirsbandana
suicidaltendencies - mikemuir - institutionalized - mikemuirsbandana - pepsi -
lavella_logan : OMG stealing!
scottimc : @lavella_logan sure!!
ex_luna : Haha
evanpalmer123 : Instatuitioinalized
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#institutionalized #imnotcrazyyouretheonethatscrazy
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What yall know about a hook up? Str8 josed out at the crib ya heard me #hookup #josing #noodles #hotsauce #ghetto #hood #foodporn #institutionalized #neverbeenlockedup
neverbeenlockedup - institutionalized - foodporn - hookup - hotsauce - josing - noodles - hood - ghetto -
rodroca : Lmao hell yeah
alunaisabel : Fuck thay looks good!
robbie_mcstabb : @rodroca @alunaisabel the inmates at the jail taught me how to make em lol they call em hookups
saint_bryan14 : Ghetto ass muthasucka !!!!
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What are you trying to say, I'm crazy? When I went to your schools, I went to your churches, I went to your institutional learning facilities? So how can you say I'm crazy? - Institutionalized by Suicidal Tendencies #institutionalized #suicidaltendencies #punk #music #amoeba #hollywood #california #tumblr #skating #skateboarding #longboard #longboarding #losangeles #coast #lyrics #vscocam #afterlight #olloclip
skating - afterlight - institutionalized - losangeles - lyrics - coast - tumblr - california - skateboarding - olloclip - longboarding - longboard - punk - amoeba - music - suicidaltendencies - hollywood - vscocam -
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sometimes we just have to think about other stuff. . . You know, that stuff that's outside the #Box :: #indoctrination #institutionalized #learning in the #US #publicschoolsystem #becarefulwhatyouteachyourchildren #homeschool = #Life #Loveforthebabies #ourchildrenisourfuture #teachthemwell so they can paint the #World #Beautiful. #sharesometruth #shapeyourworld #shareyourworld
beautiful - institutionalized - ourchildrenisourfuture - homeschool - life - sharesometruth - learning - world - teachthemwell - box - rp - becarefulwhatyouteachyourchildren - shareyourworld - us - indoctrination - loveforthebabies - shapeyourworld - publicschoolsystem -
vividmpression : #rp via- @legalize420onelove
janakiyogi : Love this
vividmpression : πŸ’“@janakiyogi
ninja_faery11.11 : So true! Love coloring outside the lines of linearity! Fantastic picture.
nana_gaga - s_t_i_l - rysimmons - sissymom1 -
mom just give me a Pepsi #suicidaltendencies #institutionalized #rock #yas #jams
suicidaltendencies - institutionalized - jams - yas - rock -
sarahscissorhands_ : yeees I was afraid no one would get it @shoeshine_for_nol
ifeellikeshitdejavu : Greatest band ever..
boopemily : dad
sarahscissorhands_ - bigbaloo157 - ifeellikeshitdejavu - rudewallflower -
He finally got his Pepsi. #institutionalized #pepsi #suicialtendencies
institutionalized - suicialtendencies - pepsi -
illlucc : Ha, that's all he wanted!
heathenking13 : Jesus
_aenemated_ : i'm not crazy.
mahoganyjoe : Gross!
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#TGIF Only 5 of these left so buy one now before your beer gets warm. #suicidaltendencies #institutionalized #koozie #coozie #beer #screenprint
screenprint - koozie - institutionalized - suicidaltendencies - coozie - tgif - beer -
daaangarnott : @diegothebutcher
franreed : I own two of these...I guess in case one ever perishes in a fire? Worth every penny!
hd1977 : @rixjoshua
adriansanchez_ftw : I gave mine away to @rhettogo
rhettogo : @adriansanchez_ftw I gave it to #bornfree6 bummed!
luurkstatus : "I love you Pepsi"
luurkstatus : Simpsons
kevinstewy : Yes please
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