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#Sunday night's #sermon #notes. I gotta get on the ball! Lol #church #TheLoveOfGod #EverlastingLove #Priceless #ShareHim #TrueFriends #Jesus #instaministry
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Repost from @i2imovement . This is true! In a marriage relationship, being faithful is easy when you truly love someone. And it's the same when you are in a relationship with God. Being faithful to Him is a lot easier when you are in love with Him. When He is your only focus. It's so easy to allow others and other things to take our focus off of Him and on to other things. It's easy to loose our zeal or passion for Him when we are more consumed by other things. Everything we do, the Bible says, should be for The Lord and we should do everything as if working for God. Even if our current job doesn't look like it can be done for God we should still remember we work for God. Our main purpose is to glorify Him. So we should glorify Him and praise Him for giving us a job period! We should still be true to our beliefs even if they conflict with those of others because we love God that much and we are working for Him. It's easy to get tired of waiting for God. It easy to become weary. But this is not what a person who is truly in love with someone does. They are not impatient. They don't give up on the other person. They wait. They fight for the other person even. And that's what we should be like in our walk with God. Willing to fight to stay close to Him. Willing to wait for His blessings or His best for our life. Willing to not give up or grow weary while we are waiting. A real love relationship displays faithfulness. They don't go behind the other person's back. They don't cheat. They don't violate the other person's trust. Of course we can't go behind God's back, but we wouldn't want to because He is our center. If we truly love our God, being faithful is easy. It isn't a task. It's not a chore. It's not a difficult task. It's one of the easiest things we could ever do.
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This is such a powerful Scripture! Jesus is warning us that we will not know when He will return. He compares it to a thief in the night. The owner of the house would lock his doors and windows. He may have closed the blinds too. He would have his guard dogs outside the door too I'm sure because he knew ahead of time when the thief would come. He would prepare himself for the robbery. Now Jesus is NOT saying that He is a thief. He isn't coming to steal something from you. He is comparing His second coming to a thief. You never know when a thief is coming and you never know when He will return either. Many people I'm sure will be caught off guard! This happens too many times where people get tired of waiting like the Israelites did. They got tired of waiting for Moses to return an what did they do? They went back to their old ways and habits. And many people have done that today! They know for a fact that Jesus is returning but have gotten weary in their wait. They say, 'Oh! He's taking too long! I don't know if He may truly be coming back. He's probably coming back another 100 years from now! Let me have my fun now!' Very incorrect. The worst thing to happen is to be found by God unprepared for His return. To found off guard. To be found lost in the world instead of ready. This will happen to many people. Because we get tired if waiting and discouraged. You may not think that Jesus could come two minutes from now but as He explains in the Bible, He will come at a time when you are not expecting Him. A moment when you are caught off guard. That's why we should always be ready. We should always be focused on Him. We should always live for Him and Him alone. We shouldn't get too caught up in this world and living for it, but be lost in Jesus and live for Him! We have to stay on our guard. We want to be ready. We don't want to be off guard or caught sinning when He finally does come back as He said He would. That wouldn't look good! Just like when you least expect a thief to break in to your home or business and they do, the same occurs for Jesus' imminent return! You least expect Him to return at a certain moment or day or hour but then He comes. ✨
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Every one of us can look back and see times where God has left us handfuls of blessing on purpose, something that we didn't deserve , that we didn't have to struggle for , that we didn't even ask for . We just stumbled into it. Now here is the challenge : don't apologize for Gods goodness . Don't downplay what God has done in your life . Don't make excuses because a friend might be jealous . Don't try to hide Gods blessings because a co worker might judge you and think that it's not fair . Father , thank You for your handfuls on purpose - Your blessings and favor that I didn't work for . Thank you for setting me in the right place at the right time with the right people to fulfill the destiny You have in store for me . In Jesus'Name #amen #pray #prayforpeace #prayforhealing #believe #withgodallthingsarepossible #smile #jesuslovesyou #repent #rejoice #church #childofgod #childofking #christian #bible #dailyreadings #bethankful #blessings #inspireothers #instaministry #igers #instagrammers #goodmorning #tuesday @surewinsystem @instagodministries @instapray @instanoblety #praisethelord πŸ‘β€οΈ
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A #phenomenal #sermon yesterday morning by our very own Matt Dibler of @theinspirationsquartet! #BornAgain #ANewCreation #TellOthers #LiveJesus #ShareChrist #BeTheLight #instaministry Check out the podcast at - 9/29/2014 am
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I choose to have thoughts of #faith , thoughts of #hope , #encouraging thoughts and "can-do" thoughts to make me positive ,#hopeful #strong ang #courageous. Father, I invite you tonight to search my heart and mind . Show me where there are any roots of destruction in my life . Set me free once and for all from anything that would hold me back as I serve You with my whole heart . In Jesus' Name #amen #pray #repent #forgive #rejoice #smile #jesuslovesyou #believe #withgodallthingsarepossible #childofgod #childofking #christian #instaministry #bible #igers #instagrammers #inspireothers #beablessingtoothers #goodnight ❀️
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Have you all a blessed Sunday! #childofgod #byhisgrace #saved##churchtime#future#hope#faith#believer#godwithus#christianlife#jesussaves#jesuslovesyous#goodmorning#happysunday
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Happy Church Anniversary Sunday! #instaministry #early
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Start a new diet today to clear out all the toxins . It will free you from all the negativity, All the can't do it thoughts , all the not good enough thoughts , this is the faith food . When u eat this food , it's like Popeye eating spinach . It's like Clark Kent stepping into the phone booth and coming out like superman. A transformation takes place when you get rid of negative condemning thoughts and feed your mind what God says about you. Father , thank You for loving and setting me free . Thank You for being more than my God , for being my Heavenly Father. You said I am the apple of Your eye . I receive your love today and every spiritual blessings You have for me . In Jesus'Name #amen #pray #believe #faith #smile #jesuslovesyou #inspireothers #beagoodexample #beablessingtoothers #withgodallthingsarepossible #goodmorning #sunday #igers #asia #manila #iphoneasia #instaministry #instagrammers #filipina #rejoice #repent #thisisthedaythatthelordhasmade #beglad #childofgod #christian #childofking #church #dailyreadings #bible #verses #πŸ‘β€οΈ
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#ElShaddai #NamesOfGod #WednesdayNight #Church This is the #Spurgeon #quote that was referenced, "There is something in every Name of God which may breed faith in our souls. Whether we know him as Jehovah, Elohim, Shaddai, or Lord, or by whatsoever other name he has been pleased to manifest himself, that title becomes the ground of our confidence, and is the means of fostering faith in his people's minds, when they come to understand its meaning. To a trembling people the Lord enlarges on his wonderful names. I think he also does it to excite our wonder and our gratitude. He that loves us so much is Jehovah: he that can create and destroy; he that is the self-existent God; he, even he, has set his heart upon his people, and loves them and counts them precious in his sight. It is a marvelous thing. The more one thinks of it, the more shall he be overwhelmed with astonishment, that he who is everything should love us who are less than nothing. It is the Holy One who has deigned to choose, and to love unholy men, and to look upon them in grace, and save them from their sins. That you may bow low in loving gratitude, God lets you see who He is." #GetToKnowHim #instaministry
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A little inspiration today! I received my acceptance letter from Big Brothers Big Sisters! What a joy to receive this and to know I am one step closer to meeting my Little. I know I've been talking about this for a while, they have had some tie ups on their end so they are still in the process of finding a match for me. Keep this in prayer Instagrammers, please! That God's will will be done and He will allow the right child to enter the program that is the perfect match for me. It's so humbling to volunteer with this organization. I keep getting a sudden burst of excitement, joy, eagerness, and motivation. I feel that this is God's will for me so strongly. This is what God has called us to do. You don't have to be in the Human Services field. You don't have to be perfect. You just have to have a strong desire to help others and want to change somebody's life. God does the rest! He will move in your life and it will flow over into the life of the other person as well. God is so good! I thank Him for the opportunity to volunteer with amazing organizations like this one who are fighting to help advance our youth. Thankfully places like BBBS exist! I am so motivated. I'm bubbling with joy! This is something I have always wanted to do with my life. Thankfully I can get the chance. I know that Big Brothers Big Sisters' catch phrase is 'Start Something. Think of the possibilities. What will you start?' I can't even begin to imagine all the possibilities but it will be something big! So I ask you, what will you start? What possibilities exist for you to make a difference in the life of a young child or teenager? How many can you think of? #startsomething
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Don't let what people say about you or what they don't say about you cause you to feel less than whole . Your earthly father may not be around as much as he should ; maybe you don't even know him . But your Heavenly Father says ," I am proud of you ." You have a bright future . You're going to do great things ." Father , thank U for making me your child through faith in #Jesus #Christ . Help me to see myself as #royalty - the child of King -the way You see me . I release negative words spoken over me and receive Your love which renews and restores my soul . In Jesus'Name #amen #pray #repent #believe #faith #restore #forgiveness #acceptance #inspiration #childofgod #childofking #christian #church #dailyreadings #day6 #tgif #igers #asia #instagrammers #inspireothers #instaministry #beagoodexample #beablessingtoothers #behappy #instagrammers β€οΈπŸ‘
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Its such a joy to know that by my prayers, fasting, and encouraging statuses on FB that I inspired a young guy to get saved. Its All About Souls #KingdomWork #ministering #cogic #youngflyandsaved #souls #empowerment #itsnotaboutme #itsallaboutGod #ToGodBeTheGlory #instaministry #instalikes #doubletap
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Make the decision today to #detox Any negative , self-defeating thoughts by #meditating on Gods promises instead . #detox #bitterness , Low self esteem , negative words that may have been spoken over you, #detox #condemnation. Instead dwell on what God says about you . God says," You are forgiven ," God says " your best days are in front of you ," God says ?" I'll restore the years that the enemy has stolen," as you detox your mind and fill your thoughts with His promises , you'll see His hand of blessing on your life . You'll rise higher , and you'll live the abundant life He has for you . Father , today I choose to detox my mind and heart . I make it my top priority to renew my thoughts to Your word . I declare that no longer will I meditate on negative , condemning thoughts but I will dwell on Ur word , which is truth that sets me free! In Jesus'Name #amen #pray #believe #withgodallthingsarepossible #smile #jesuslovesyou #prayforpeace #prayforhealing #dailyreadings #verses #bible #childofgod #church #christian #igers #instagrammers #instaministry @instagodministries @instanoblety @instapray @surewinsystem πŸ™
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🎢 I know my #redeemer #lives 🎢 #latenight #song trying to be quiet lol #victory #singer #voice #Music #passion #ministry #instaministry
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garrettgengler : Cool post ;) Check out my page I am a young upcoming music producer shooting for his dreams. My band is called GALAXXIES and we recently made it on iTunes! Please check out my music & covers you’ll love it! Link in bio 🌌
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Today's #sermon. #SoImportant!! Don't spend #eternity in #Hell! #AcceptChrist #SpreadTheGospel #BeTheLight #church #Listen to the #podcast at 9-21-14 #DoIt #instaministry
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Repost from @wisdomfeed . This is a very true statement. Most of the time, if somebody really is fake, they will show you in due time. Eventually there will be a time when something happens that their true colors will be tested and believe me, their true colors will shine brightly. So brightly you just can't miss what that individual is conveying to you. I have known many people like this. They have only liked me for one reason and then when they can't get their way, I see some things I have never seen before, but grateful that now I know how they really truly feel. Sometimes God has to show us somebody's true colors to save us. He knows if we keep following after this person or walking around believing they really do like us, we will be hurt later on worse than if He opened our eyes now. You don't have to probe that person for answers. When the time of testing comes, that person who is fake won't have another option but to let loose the real deal. That's how it is. They can't handle the test. And their fakeness falls apart at that moment. It's really funny to know that some people who try to be your best buddy or try to get so close to you are the ones who you can't trust. They are the fake ones. It's important to know who you are inviting into your circle. It's important to know who you are sharing all your personal details with. Some people will go behind your back and share every last thing you said to everyone else. We have to be vigilant in who we confide in and who we keep in our circle. Not everybody is who they say they are. There are plenty of wolves in sheep's clothing. Praying first over our friendships is important and asking God to reveal to us if we need this person so close or if they are only going to cause trouble. Also getting to know someone BEFORE getting too personal helps too. Not after. Sometimes God is the only person who can reveal what we overlook. He wants to protect us and He will. He has a way of showing us important things if we are willing to open our minds and hearts to hear His words He speaks to us. Don't stay caught up with the wrong friends. Release yourself from toxic friends.
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While reading this morning.. STAND. Just kept jumping off the page as encouragement to me. That I stand no matter what the situation to my be because the deliverance is on the way! #faith #focused #stand #deliverance #exodus #instaministry
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Repost from @godlydating101 . So true! There is absolutely no need to rush! If you aren't married yet, rushing isn't going to make everything better! It will only make things worse! God has a set time for everything He wants to occur under the Heavens. He doesn't want us rushing into relationships or anything really. He doesn't want us rushing to start families outside of His time. He doesn't want us rushing to apply to a job. God wants to communicate with you first about whether it is something He wants you to have right now. He wants you to come and seek His will first. So what happens when we go outside His will? Good question! Bad things occur! We find sadness, stress, unhappiness, hurt, pain, anguish and even anger. We have to learn to follow Christ's will in everything and if we don't know it, we should always ASK HIM FIRST and sincerely listen for His answer. God will tell you if that man/ woman is someone He wants you to date or marry. He will tell you if that job is the right job for you. He can tell you if starting a family now is the right time for you. He wants to be involved in every little detail of your life. No part should be left out. We find heartache and confusion when we do things our way. Our plans ALWAYS fall apart; but God's never do. Allowing The Lord to guide you will always result in happier, longer lasting, healthier relationships and our life will be more pleasurable as well. A lot of unwanted pain, frustration, anger, hurt could be avoided if we would just ask God first about things instead of doing it our way and finding out the hard way that we should have listened to Him or asked Him. I prefer God's method on every single detail of my life. I don't want to ever do anything in my life anymore that isn't His way. I have done it my way before. And I didn't come out with peace. It was the complete opposite. I want to have God's stamp of approval over the man I consider to marry one day. I want His stamp on the area of studies I endeavor in college. I want His stamp on any decision-small or major- I am faced to make some day in my life. Why? Because this shows how important God is to me. My whole life is committed to living for Him.
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Repost from @spiritualword . I feel like this has my name written all over it! I feel like some things in my life are falling apart while other things are coming together! I truly believe that God has something special for us! He has the right individuals lined up to do more than other people will do. He has the right people in place who will just do things for you and they can even see why they are doing it. Just are because God Almighty is having His way in your life. Maybe a relationship with a by friend or girlfriend isn't working out or a friendship is falling apart and this is hard to deal with. But have you ever thought maybe this is breaking apart so better things can come together? God has some amazing ways of working the things out He wants to in our lives. And He knows just how to do it! Sometimes we loose something so we can get something so much better. Sometimes that person's time in your life is over. Sometimes God is trying to take you higher and He knows that person will only find a millions ways to bring you down and keep you there! We should never doubt God's all knowing power! He knows so much more than we do and ever will and He knows why He must replace some individuals in your life with others who will aid you in your new season! Don't beg for those who are no help to you where you are going. As things are falling apart for me, as difficult as some of those things were, I sense new things coming together. Bigger things, stronger things, healthier things. God's got this and He wi take me to my destiny. Some people He is removing, He is doing it for my good; not my harm. He has bigger, greater plans for me and He already knows who will be by my side, coaxing me in the right direction and who will be there discouraging me and attempting to kill my dreams and confidence in myself and my abilities to accomplish them. I trust that God is moving and that He isn't going to allow the wrong things to occur. While some things may be falling apart, greater and newer things are most certainly coming together. That will take me and you to our destination!
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Something that I'm thankful about! Is that even when I was living so destructive I was always loved enough to be kept. But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. (‭Romans‬ ‭5‬:‭8‬) #Jesus #Christ #saved #glory #God #good #faith #focused #instaministry
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Part two of two #Adonai #GodIsMaster #instaministry
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Repost from @instagodministries . I really feel this so strongly over my life! I honesty feel as though God is tellin me that He has so much better for me. I just need to get ready cause He is about to blow my mind! And with each new day, God does blow my mind! He already is! God has some amazing plans for each and every one of us. And all we have to do is hold tight! We need to keep our trust in Him. He who promised is faithful! He will allow His will to come to pass. The past cannot hold us back! The negativity from others cannot stop us! The lies spoken to us from others will not prevail! An the evil wishes of others will have no effect! When God is in control of your life, no demon can stop God's will from occurring. I'm certain God has something better for me in the near future! I can feel His hand moving more and more with each new day! I can sense that He is taking me in a new direction, to higher ground, to new territory! Where I am currently is NOT where God wants me to stay! And it's true for you too! He has better! He has bigger! He has greater! All you have to do is believe, trust and humbly follow. God is goanna bless you beyond measure! He is going to show up and show out! He is going to take you to new heights! Just keep your faith in Him and watch Him do His work! 1 Corinthians 2:9 (NIV) "However, as it is written: “What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived”—the things God has prepared for those who love him"πŸ’ž
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When times are trying in life this is something we can hook up with. And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. For whom He foreknew, He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son, that He might be the firstborn among many brethren. (‭Romans‬ ‭8‬:‭28-29‬) #faith #good #focused #working #grow #instaministry
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Repost from @biblelockscreens ! God really does know what you are going through right now at this very moment. When people don't understand, He can. When people don't care, He cares. When people don't want to listen, He will listen. When people want to discourage you, God encourages you. Don't feel hopeless because God is your hope! Don't feel un equipped because God said He will equip you! Don't feel like you are loser because you are a winner in Christ! God doesn't want you to feel any negative feelings towards yourself. He has you in the palm of His hands. It may look tough! It may be hard! Everyone could have turned against you but God says He is right here with you and He is for you! He doesn't need people's approval either. He just wants you to trust in Him and His amazing power. I assure you today! God hears your constant cries! He hears your prayers! He wants you to know you don't have to worry! You don't have to be filled with negation thoughts and emotions. You can come to Him fully trusting that He is at work in your life. He is hearing you and even when you can't find the words to say, He still know what you want to say. God hears. He understands. And He will bring you out ok. Trust in Him always. Sidenote: I have a prayer request! Please keep me in prayer! My stomach's been hurting today πŸ˜• Please pray that I will have a full recovery by the morning. Thanks 😘
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I am ready to face this week, are you? Get up and walk! Dont stare at your problem, face it!πŸ’ͺπŸ‘Š move forward! "And Jesus said to him: Get up! take up your bed and walk" John 5:6 πŸ“– #happymonday#goodmorning#motivation#inspiration#putgodfirst#heisforus#nothingcanbeagaisntus#getup#godisincontrol#godisgood#hewillprovide#faith#movingforward
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Truth! Repost from @instagodministries . Sometimes, sometimes we just have to learn to trust in The Lord. He knows what's right and He knows what's wrong! I have a great example! I wanted to go to two schools: University of Florida (UF) and University of Central Florida (UCF). I really honestly wanted to be at these two schools! I was serious about getting accepted. But every time something came up in my plans that made it a little bit harder to get accepted. I couldn't understand why. I thought God really wanted me to attend great schools with great reputations for my education. And it's not that He doesn't; it's that He has something better in mind and sincerely believe that He knew that there was something at each of those schools that He was blocking me from. Something that would harm me. Something that would distract me from Him and His calling over my life. Perhaps there was too much distraction at those schools. I don't know! But it just didn't work out. And you know what? At first it was kind of disappointing. I mean who wants to be delayed or not be able to attend a school they really like? But the more I think of it, I praise God! Because He was looking out for me! He didn't want me to be in a bad situation or around the wrong crowd. He is just protecting me from potential harm to myself. And sometimes that is exactly what occurs. He is looking out for us. Our plans sometimes dont work out the way we want them to. And that's perfectly fine. Because God knows what is best and where we would be more successful. Perhaps the curriculum of those schools would have been too difficult for me. Who knows? But I do know that God has great plans! Where He leads is where I go! There is no safer place to be than to be in God's will. Hey! It's going to work out for you! It's going to change! It's going to work in your favor! Trust God! He's got this! It's a set up for you to witness God's favor. It will all make sense in the end. It's not for us to figure it out now why such and such occurred, but for us to trust in God's Almighty power! In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps! Proverbs 16:9 πŸ‘£
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