So true! God knows it all so I don't let others put me off when people push me to marriage. I don't allow others to discourage me when it comes to my dreams. I don't allow people to tell me my dreams won't happen or anything like that. I know WHAT GOD CAN DO! I may not know when but I know God does! I may not know how but God does. God has a specific plan for allowing everything to happen that He wants to happen in our lives. He has a special timing. I may not know why I'm still here where I am, at the college I am at, working the type of job I am, etc but GOD does know why and my current situIon DOES NOT define my future. He is still able to take me where He wants me and needs me and He can and wi use me at the places He takes me. I am confident that my dreams will come to pass. My goals will be reached. My life will be a blessing to others! God has a reason and season. It may not be my season yet but at the right time every thing will fall into place. I encourage you all! Don't give up! Don't say God has forgotten about me! Don't say it's over for me. Your current situation has nothing to do with what God has for you. It may not occur on your time but on God's time-the best time. God knows why something didn't occur in your life or why He hasn't brought you to the point in your life you'd like to be at right now. But trust Him. He has the best plans for you. Only He can write it perfectly. Don't let others talk you out of your dreams, your calling in God, your career choice, your major in college, etc. If God wants you to do something DO IT. Follow Him wholeheartedly and watch Him be faithful to you every single step of the way. He knows when to give you that husband. He know how to bring him to you. And he definitely knows where. It doesn't have to be that in particular. Whatever you are waiting on or hoping for. It could be a new job or acceptance into graduate school or a job to call you back and say You are hired! Whatever it is, don't give up on God! Let Him lead you ms guide you. Only He knows it all!
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qt_pie_xo : Good message πŸ’—
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elle_eff247 : "Don't tell God how big your problems are, tell your problems how big your God is!" -Unknown @sharonda_mc πŸ˜ƒ
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The #scripturechallenge here is my favorite. This is what the Lord says to Israel: β€œSeek me and live; (‭Amos‬ ‭5‬:‭4‬). Because I have been living ever since. #live #seek #grow #greatness #faith #focused #instaministry
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lj_bering : I'm calling everybody out!!!
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Repost from @spiritualword . This right here is something I do not want to do. It is more than easy to get comfortable where you are and I don't want that. I want to grow. I want to expand my horizons and stretch my wings and soar. I don't want to become complacent living in poverty-working 12 different jobs just to get by or living paycheck to paycheck. I don't want to settle for living in the small town I grew up stricken with poverty and gang violence. I want to live in a more secure environment and meet new people as well. I want to find new contacts. I do not want to be comfortable only having my Bachelor degree when there is so much more out there for me to obtain and accomplish. I want to obtain the highest degree I can and feel comfortable doing. It's so easy to sit down and become complacent. Thinking that more education is not important or obtaining more money is obsolete. I can get by living off of my paychecks. No! That's not what I want for myself. And I don't think others should be like this either. This world is full of opportunity! More than there has ever been. So there is no excuse in my opinion for why someone should be complacent unless there is an extenuating circumstance. I encourage you all today to not become stagnant! Don't just settle. Don't assume that all the odds are against you! Don't give up and don't give in on your dreams! There is so much more you can achieve. There is so much more for you out there. I encourage you to go for it all. Learn all you can. Do all you can. Experience all that you can. So much more awaits you and all you have to do is go for it!
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Tonight's message! #Jehovahmekaddishkem Try to say that #NameofGod three times in a row! =) Great sermon by Matt Dibler of @theinspirationsquartet #BeHoly #LiveItOut #instaministry
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Now I have been holding off on posting this but I'm going to take the plunge today! This is so true! I know MANY people who are trying to be seen. Whether it be for good reasons or bad ones. And to be seen by boys or family or friends or whatever. But you get the picture! Sometimes it is more important to just stay hidden. To not try to exert yourself so much. To not put yourself out there so much. God may have a reason for hiding you. I think God wants the glory and hey! He deserves it all. Sometimes we can be attempting to get glory for ourselves by exerting ourselves. Putting ourselves out there. Tryin to get the attention. And God has specific ways of liftin you up. Of making you know. God knows exactly when He wants to make us look big in an important person's eyes. It could your big break for a recording artist. Or it could be somebody has seen your amazing talent to dance and wants to put you on broadway. Whatever it is, when we humble ourselves under God's mighty hand, the Bible says that God will lift us up. We will receive the attention we deserve. We will receive the praise we deserve. We will get some kind of recognition. God has the most amazing ways and times to do this. You don't have to post all over your Facebook or Twitter or Instagram account all your good grades or your awards and achievements no matter how proud you may be. You don't have to brag to every person you meet of how dedicated you are at your job. When it's God's time, you will be lifted up. And you will be recognized. Allow God's shielding you to be your mainstay and wait for Him to move on your behalf. When you really are as good as you say, you don't have to brag about it and talk about yourself constantly. If it's true, it will naturally show itself and the right person will notice. It's true! I have proof of this in my very own life! Repost from @spiritualword
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sharonda_mc : #christianity
sharonda_mc : @proverbial_designer @msmccalla Thanks for the love! God bless you guys 😘
kiralemaris : Love this. Thank you!!!
sharonda_mc : God bless you! Thanks for checking my post out! @kiralemaris
heisfaithful7 : @sharonda_mc thank you I really needed that. Sometimes I feel like nobody ever sees me and that's it really tough for me sometimes.
sharonda_mc : @msministries @2god_be_da_glory @creation_ministries
sharonda_mc : @heisfaithful7 Same here. But God knows what you do and will reward you. We don't have to be in the spotlight all the time. God will recognize us at the right time
prayerzone : So nice!
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#encouragement #faith #beyond #focused #change #instaministry
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cajungirl357 : πŸ™Œ
shandycandi : I needed this reminder! Thank you.
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Repost from @instagodministries . This is very true! We may not always understand God's wisdom but we have to learn to trust His will. God knows so much more than we ever will about everything. There is nothing God knows less than we do about. And sometimes God does do things that make no sense whatsoever. But we have to learn to trust Him. In all the craziness, trust Him! In all the chaos, trust Him. God's ways are higher than our ways. And His thoughts are higher too. God has a way to do something that can mean so many different GOOD things than we will ever understand. Only He knows what's right. Only He can write the perfect life story for us. And even though we can't always fathom what He does or understand why, it's no excuse as to why we can't trust Him or allow Him to have His way. Whatever God wants, He has a divine plan and reason for it. And we have to just learn to let Him have His way. No matter what we may think of His decision, it's our job to just allow Him to do whatever He needs to do and trust Him each and every day and in every way.
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Always Confirming is back for a new and fun year! Registration begins Spetember 1st. Can't wait to see new and familiar faces alike! #instacatholic #alwaysconfirming #instapray #instateen #instayouth #instaministry #fun #catholic #stmonica #santamonica #california #confirmation #teenministry #prayer #faithsharing #sacrament #7giftsoftheholyspirit #holyspirit #holyghost #fire
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To anybody who ever felt like they weren't given a fair shake or people didn't ever look at you in the right light... Let them know... "Don't Sleep on me!" Let no one despise your youth, but be an example to the believers in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity. (‭I Timothy‬ ‭4‬:‭12‬) #faith #focused #sleep #grow #gospel #greatness #instaministry
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Tonight's #sermon #notes #FinishYourCourse He even preached about using #socialmedia as a #ministry! #TooCool Also, most of the time my notes don't do the sermons justice. So if you want to know more, you can #listen to the sermon #podcasts at I highly encourage it! #CheckItOut #Church #Calvary #Christian #instaministry
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i_am_che_king : Amazing looking to help people start or grow their that u? U look like a driven person indeed #follow4follow I #followback
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It's that time again Instagrammers! I made it through the crazy Spring semester and through four hectic classes in Summer I and II all with God's help! He helped me pass Statistics in the summer and my classes for the Human Services degree as well! Now it's time for Fall 2014 to begin! TOMORROW is the first day of another crazy semester but I know God will see me through! I am going to do what I always do-pray over my classes-and you all are welcome to join in and pray over me for this semester as well! Thanks for your love and constant support! Dear Jesus, I just want to thank You from the bottom of my heart to the very top for Your constant blessings over my life and the life of my peers! I want to pray that You will walk with me Jesus as I embark on yet another semester! Please help me to FOCUS on my classes! Help my focus to not be set aside by any man, boy, girl or woman! Help me to remember WHY I am doing this-it's for Your glory and for me to fulfill Your divine will for my life! Please help me Jesus to keep persevering! There may be many problems going on or many obstacles but Jesus I am a believer that there is no obstacle too great that You can't help me overcome! Because the Bible says that I am an overcomer through You! Help me to have FAVOR with every single one of my teachers! Help them to want to do nice things for me for no reason at all. They can't fathom why they want to but it's because the God of the universe said to do it and they have no choice but to follow! Please help my teachers to have had a restful break and help them to also be ready to teach their classes. God I can't wait to start! I can't wait to continue pursuing what You have called me to pursue! I pray Your many many blessings and Your provisions over my life and studies! Help this to be an amazing semester! Help it to make an impact on me and grow me in my love for people so I can in turn make an impact on those You will send my way as a Marriage and Family Therapist and as a missionary after that. God thank You for allowing me and others to have the opportunity to attend college and better ourselves and our communities! Thank You so much! In Your precious name I pray, Amen!
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sharonda_mc : @_taylor_lyn_ πŸ˜„ I thought you would say you wanna read the books though lol
_taylor_lyn_ : I do !!!
_taylor_lyn_ : Lol
sharonda_mc : @_taylor_lyn_ Lol. I wish you could take the classes with me Hun! I know you would enjoy it so much!
sharonda_mc : @aye_its_darron
_taylor_lyn_ : Yes πŸ˜‚ @sharonda_mc
rockbyter : Very cool, congratulations! God is good!
sharonda_mc : Thanks :) Yes! God is good! @rockbyter
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The #sermon points from this morning! For my #notes on the message, go follow my other account! @insta_ministry I'll be posting them as soon as I get out of #service! #Church #Christ #Christian #instaministry
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Church things #churchgirls #kingdomservants #annointedwomen #womenofGod #teamJesus #proverbs31 #christian #blessed #beautiful #happy #love #girls #instaministry
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hamstarhse : Yellow bones
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Repost from @1dyrfully_made ! I know I have done this so many times and it is good to know that this is NONE OF MY BUSINESS! God WILL work it out! God WILL SURPRISE ME! God will HAVE HIS WAY! We don't need to know everything or WHY God is allowing some things to occur in our life. We JUST NEED TO TRUST HIM. He is Sovereign! He is ALL KNOWING! He has us in the Palm of His hands! I know I have personally fighted worrying thoughts and feelings regarding the next big step in my life-transferring to graduate school. I worry about getting a new car or even getting accepted at a school. Or how am I going to pay for my expenses so I may even begin worrying over if God will help me to find a job wherever I go? And you know what? That's none of my business! He will show me the way! He will lead me to the right job for me! He will bless me with a new vehicle! ALL IN HIS PERFECT TIMING! Not a moment too soon and not a moment too late! Hey! Next time you are worryin over your problems and you may feel inclined to ask God how are you going to fix it just tell yourself it is none of your business! God doesn't answer up to humans and neither does He have to! It's His prerogative whatever He decides to do in and with your life! It's not ours and it is not in your control! Let the God of all creation take complete and full control of your life! Let Him have His way. Relinquish your desire to be in control and to control everything that happens to you. Because the reality is that you can't control every single thing that happens to you. Allow God to lead you and have His way. And watch Him SURPRISE you when you least expect it. When you think God forgot about you and forgot about your problem and doesn't care that my friend is when He will show up and show out and surprise you beyond what you are capable of thinking is possible! Praise God!
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creation_ministries : Oh wow true! Thanks for sharing !
sharonda_mc : God bless you! Thanks for checking it out! @creation_ministries
2god_be_da_glory : Praise The Lord !!!! Thank you sis for sharing GBU :) much love xoxoxo <3
sharonda_mc : @2god_be_da_glory Thanks! God bless you so much more than He blesses me!
victoriaamadrid2 : @loveelyyy_ πŸ˜‚πŸ™Œ
ohyeajacks : I constantly need to remind myself that God has it all figured out already and to just stopppp!!! Worrying and wanting to know what's next is one of my problem areas! I'm gonna start telling myself it's none of my business though lol.
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This was the sermon from #Sunday night. #DontJumpShip #Peter #Jesus #Storms #instaministry
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Tonight's #sermon. #Jehovahsabaoth #NamesOfGod #WedNight #Church #TheLORDOfHosts #instaministry
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I find comfort in knowing He is always right there #thistooshallpass #beencouraged #psalms34:18 #jehovahrapha #myhealer #myverypresenthelp #teamjesus #tryChrist #instaministry #womanofGod
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In case you're interested, I have a new instagram account where I'll be posting sermon notes and other uplifting/encouraging pictures! It's @insta_ministry #ShareTheGospel #SpreadChrist #GodBless #instaministry
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Notes from my #SundaySchool class a year ago. #TimeFlies #AModelChristian #Christ #WalkUprightly #Calvary #instaministry
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Lord Jesus, I just want to pray Your will be done in my life and the life of all of my wonderful followers and over anyone's life who is reading this post and is not following. God we want Your will in our workplace. We want Your will in classes. We want Your will in our career choices. We want Your will in our marriage! We want Your will in our churches! We want Your will in every single area of our lives. God please allow us to be humble enough to surrender our will and our desires and our lives and our wants-everything- to You! Please help us to see the importance behind our decision. Today we are deciding between life and death not not for ourselves but for millions of others that You desire that we touch if we change and do what You want us to do. We can't make this big change and follow Your will Lord unless You show us what You want us to do. So I pray You will personally visit each and every one of us and help us to know what You want. I pray You will show it to us. I pray You will guide us to the path of righteousness. I pray we will no longer walk around aimlessly, not knowin the way in which to go. But that You will go before us, clear the path and lead us. Give us clear direction Jesus! Jesus thank You that You have ALREADY answered this prayer! Thank You that Your will will be done! Thank You that You will have Your good and perfect way! Thank You that we will be humble and follow You to our true destinies. Grant us a soft heart toward where You are taking us and what You have for us to do. And please have Your way, whatever that may be-good or bad-in each area of our lives. Help us to be pleased with whatever pleases You. Thank You Jesus! I pray these things and so much more in Your precious name, Amen β€οΈπŸ™
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_trulovebeauty : Amen Amen Amen!
sharonda_mc : @creation_ministries @rockbyter @msministries @2god_be_da_glory
sharonda_mc : @ohyeajacks
2god_be_da_glory : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘β˜β˜glory to God thank you father!!!
msministries : Glory to GOD \O/ thank you dear sister @sharonda_mc I pray the same. GOD bless you and your family abundantly
cece6584 : πŸ™Amen!!
rockbyter : Amen!
ohyeajacks : This!!!!!!! πŸ™Œ Thanking Him in advance for my future and for the strength He will provide. I pray that this touches lives tonight!
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After posting my sermon notes as part of #project365 I thought, "Why not create an Instagram account dedicated to sharing Christ (mainly through my sermon notes)?" So here I am! Keep an eye out for posts on Sundays and Wednesdays! I'll also try to go back through my YEARS of notes and post from those too. =) #GodBless #SpreadTheGospel #instaministry
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Recently I have had people attempting to rush me off to marriage. And it's nice that people think you are a nice person who deserves to be married but I am very quick to remind these people that it only will occur in God's timing for me! I am not in a rush! I want to enjoy my life being single. And I want to enjoy my life with another individual of the opposite sex. I don't want to run into a marriage relationship. I'm sure marriage and nice and fun but this is not something to rush into! It is not something that you have to have to live. You can survive waiting on God! It's better to take it slow. When you find someone you are interested in, slowly get to know them. Even if that means talking and dating for four yrs or more. Building trust in that person is vital! If you want a successful relationship then you will need to build a trusting relationship! A relationship without trust is bound to fail. Friendship is key too! I have heard that people have married their best friend! That is important because a real marriage includes two people who are very close and can share anything with each other. Even intimate details about themselves and their lives. And of course love! You can't have a relationship of any sorts if you don't love yourself first and then the other person. You can't possibly love someone if you don't know how to first love you. And if there is no love, then there can't be a real relationship because it is a necessity! These are the ground you build any great and successful relationship on. Without these, it's not going to work out. And guess what? This doesn't take a little bit of time to develop. It takes a lot of time. A few months of talking can't give you that! It takes a great deal of time and a great deal of dedication on both parties! This is why I'm not in a rush. I don't want to marry just anybody and I want to be able to take the time to know the person I'm thinking of dating in a deep way. A relationship requires that. I can't imagine marrying someone I never knew. And I don't want to do that. A real long lasting relationship means you were dedicated enough to ensure it will last through thick and thin!
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creation_ministries : Amen
yjhx86 : I cannot agree with you more! Thank you so much for this post!
nayy_soul : Yep!!
lapassionn : That is a Very inspirational You Should Post More inspiring Pictures Like This I Know You Will Help Somebody One Day :)
littlems_sunshine26 : @justinp2121
sharonda_mc : @rockbyter
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I've messed up. We all have many times! And we all will continue. The thing is don't let your mess ups keep you from God. You can't mess up too bad for God to forgive you. It always seemed weird to me as no sin is greater than another. So like telling a little white lie to someone is the same as taking a life. That always scared me. But, it can also encourage you! I can mess up huge and it's no different than telling a lie and God will forgive me the same. If you are feeling down for something you did and need prayers hit me up glad to be there. Or ask someone to pray for you. God loves you and so do I! #instaministry
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I'm so refreshed! Oh my! I just read this beautiful article written by a young adult to other young adults. Insight is a magazine published for teenagers and young adults by a Seventh Day Adventist organization. She speaks on her experience of finding the love of her life-the guy God wanted her to date and marry that she met in high school. I'm so blown away by what she describes in this article and it touched my heart in so many ways! I want to encourage you all! To keep pursing God and waiting on Him to have that perfect girl or guy to come into your life. He has someone selected for YOU. You don't have to look for them; they will find you! You don't have to talk to every guy or girl you run across! You don't have to talk to every girl or boy! You don't have to search. God will help you find the perfect person He designed for you. In her article she said that on the beach date she had with this guy, he reached for her hand and she has never let go of his hand ever since. It's so amazing to know that God has that person who you will never want to let go of or never want to stop talking to. And you guys will be totally and competent comparable! Oh my gosh! I feel more fueled to wait on God! I want to have a beautiful love story like this or better! I want God's name written all over every area of my future husband and my love life! I want His hand directing me to the person who I will love forever and will never want to leave his side. This story had me crying! It is so important that we wait on God for our future spouse! No matter how impatient you may be, when God is in the picture, we will never regret the boy or girl we choose to be our husband or wife. Oh my! I'm so touched and inspired! Only God can make a love story that touches others so deeply and blesses others in so many different ways! Continue to pursue God and rely on Him to lead you to the person you have always dreamed of meeting. Only God can do it! We can't find that special someone on our own. We need God's help in this area of our lives too! If anyone wants to, please read her beautiful and inspiring and touching story here at:
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taijanic0le_ : Thanks for sharing! I had never heard of this magazine! Going to check it out!
sharonda_mc : @taijanic0le_ Your welcome! It's an amazing story! Hope you are blessed by it!
sharonda_mc : And a good magazine as well! Love Insight! @taijanic0le_
sharonda_mc : @insight_magazine
taijanic0le_ : Wow beautiful article! I will have to check out some of their other articles! Thanks again!
sharonda_mc : @taijanic0le_ Your welcome! Thanks for checking it out! Insight is amazing!
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Couples who follow The Lord are in the best hands and will be blessed with strength and love. πŸ’• #overcomer #marriage #christiancouples #christian #seekgod #lovelikejesus #everlastinglove #eternallove #instaministry #nofailures #trustgod #music #loveanother #staytogether #pray
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This is true. Everyone will have an opinion about you. But not everyone's opinion counts. Some people you don't even have to waste your time listening to. Because it is clear that their opinion is not true. We don't have to try and live up to what everyone demands us to be like. Our parents may want us to be clones of them-doing everything their way and the way they perceive to be the "correct" way to do things. Some people don't want us to be a unique individual-that's what God created you to be. So they will try and get you to change your uniqueness, your individuality. Some people don't like the way you think and want to try to manipulate you into thinking their way. Whatever the case, it is important to not focus on what someone thinks about you. It is important to focus on what God thinks. He is our King. He is our judge. He alone vindicates us. So don't let what one person say get to you. Everyone you met and sometimes people who have never met you will have an opinion of you. But not everything you have to listen to. You know what is fact from fiction. If it's true you can acknowledge it. If not, ignore it. Don't let it drag you down or make you consider changing yourself. Be yourself! Be your own persona! Be whoever God created you to be.
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I'm determined to let this statement be true! This is exactly why I want to wait on God. I do not believe in divorce and I believe that every relationship can work it's problems out-it's the two people in that relationship who do not want to work it out. I do not want to go through divorce and I do not want to hurt any future children God allows me to have. I desire to have a fruitful relationship. A relationship founded in Christ. When Christ is the glue, the relationship will stick! When God is at the center everything always works out and every issue will work out. I do not want to rush into a relationship with a guy and regret my life! I don't want to be in a horrible relationship with a guy who doesn't really love me. When I could have just waited on Him and enjoyed my partner. Christ wants to be glorified through our marriage. He wants it to give Him glory. But if we are in a relationship with the wrong person that cannot and will not occur. I am hoping for better. A marriage doesn't have to be cruel or disastrous or stressful! It can be enjoyed. I want my children to have an example what a Godly relationship is like. I definitely don't want them wishing they had a different family or parents! Waiting on God is NOT a mistake. Even the biggest and hardest problems in a relationship can be resolved but the two people in it have to be willing to fix what's wrong and address it together. I know I don't want two and three marriages. I don't want divorce to even come into my mind or my future husband's. And how can we avoid these types of situations? Waitin on God and asking God if the person we are considering marrying is who He has for us. When we are with who God has for us, working out problems becomes much easier because that person is more likely to be more committed to the relationship and more willing. God can give us someone who is just right. If we would only trust Him and wait. #hopingforbetter
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jhipolito91 : That's what I want in my life :)
sharonda_mc : Same here! And God can give us the right marriage and family if we are willin to wait on Him and allow Him to lead us to right person. @jhipolito91
jhipolito91 : Amen, I'm strongly agree with you :)
creation_ministries : Amen. Marriage is God's divine plan for men and women.
rockbyter : Amen!
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We make mistakes, but that isn't who we are. We are God's children! Covered by the blood of Christ. That doesn't give is free reign to do what we want. It does mean by God's grace we are saved! So stop thinking that you aren't good enough or that you make too many mistakes. You're an amazing creation of God's. If you need prayers or need to talk about ANYTHING don't be afraid to ask me or anyone. God bless #instaministry
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foreverxroxas : You are so inspiring Tony ❀️
antonyray9 : Thanks so much @foreverxroxas! How are you
foreverxroxas : @antonyray9 i'm doing great and you??
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I don't spend my time in the car polluting my spirit with bad news and unsavory music. #nowplaying #creflodollar #instaministry #blessed #wordofGod #thanksdad
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nooshkebab : This is a Kingdom-minded woman!
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My mom and I were praying this morning and the Holy Spirit is so tangible right now. The anointing flowing in this house is so great. I'm completely humbled
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Man this is the absolute truth!
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kc_03_11 : #COMEON #hallelujah #breakthroughiscoming lol sorry, got carried away with the hashtags! This is so true for me right now too!
lj_bering : @kc_03_11 it's all good!!! Because sometimes when it hit home!!! Like this is something right in time!!!
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