YESSSS! Some people give HORRIBLE advice and some people mean well I'm sure but what works for them doesn't necessarily work for you! You can't listen to what everyone says. Not everyone can give godly advice and some people don't have the wisdom that comes down from Heaven to give you the kind of advice you need to hear. Some people are still carnal minded and can only think carnal minded things. I always give this example but it ties things together perfectly! People will tell me to get married and have kids now instead of focusing on my education so I will have the money later to raise my family and take care of my children. Also, instead of waiting on God to direct me to the person He wants for me. I don't wanna be unhappy or empty in a relationship I picked for myself! I don't want to fall away from Jesus because I compromised my beliefs once to get that man and I have to keep doing it to keep him around. No! The advice some people tell me is ridiculous! I can't believe it. I know I don't have to listen to it. I go to God and ask Him to let me know if what they said is good advice and if i should consider following in it. The reality is that any piece of advice can be unsound. It can be useless! It can be deadweight. Some people are NOT for you! They are AGAINST YOU! Some people do NOT want to see you succeed. They are wishing the worst on you! I advise you to use discernment on others' advice. Some people-even your own family-want to give you wrong advice to see you fail tremendously. God knows what advice you need to take. And what to leave behind. It doesn't have to be just on marriage or having children and when. It could be on what major you choose in college or what job you should pursue. It could be where you should live. Or who you should marry. Only God can tell you the real answer to your problems and questions. Only He can satisfy and fill you up to the overflow! Don't rely solely on man's advice. God has the absolute best. If you want the best out of life and you really want to enjoy this life learn how to ignore some people's deadweight advice and turn to God for His guidance. The only person who is the perfect guide is JESUS πŸ‘†πŸ‘
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Daily growth is essential in everyday living. Let go of what was and everybody that feeds on negativity. Lets grow today in love and unity #repost #brotherhood #unity #ministry #churchboy #Christian #standingtogether #GodlyMan #instawisdom #instaministry #instalikes #doubletap
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I dont know about you, you or you but im so glad that I made it. The enemy tried to kill me but because of Gods grace and mercy I made it #singer #vocals #oily #SoGladIMadeIt #youngflyandsaved #ZeroGlory #AllPraisesToGod #instaministry #doubletap
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Repost from @wisdomfeed . This is true. I believe my life is too short to not love the story God has written for me. God has a crazy way of surprising us. He has this fantastic way of allowing the right events to line up to encourage us or support us or to give us the kick we need to finish something He personally told us to do. I want to thank God for what He has already done AND what is coming down the road. I know God has some great things in store. He has some surprising things in store. And I'm more than ready to witness it. God says that He knows the plans He has for you. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you a HOPE and a FUTURE. So if God has a plan for me, I have nothing to worry about. It will ALL work out for my good. Though I may not always feel like it is good or for my good it is. Because God knows best. I don't have the time to worry about what everyone else thinks I should be doing in and with my life. I don't have the time to follow their leading for my life. I only have time to go about God's business and do what He'd want me to do. I'm grateful that the story God has written will end on a happy note. It's going to be beautiful. Sometimes we get discouraged cause we can't see everything that's around the corner or everything that God has for us. But in time, it will all come to pass. In time we will see what we couldn't a few months ago or years ago. God has something beautiful for each and everyone one of us in our future. And all we need to do is trust Him and hold on to faith. Our faith will bring it to pass. God can't do something for you like bless you if you don't believe that He is going to do it. Remember you have a wonderful story written by the hand of God. And all we need to do is rely on Him. We don't have to be beat down or unhappy or depressed because we don't have something right now that we want. God knows what's best for you and in your personal story, He will give it you at the perfect time. Don't let little things or worries weigh you down! Life's too short! He's got an amazing story waiting for you. He can't wait to see you walk into every aspect of your future!
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This is so true! God will not lose you. He is the ultimate GPS! He never needs to recalculate because His direction is always the right way. It's never wrong. It never leads you down the wrong road and it never leads to a dead end. God has you on the right path. As long as He is the one directing your paths. Have you ever felt lost? Not knowing which path to take? Not sure if what you are doing is what you should be. I have a solution! Call upon God! He is able to lead you on paths of righteousness! He will never leave you or forsake you. He is going to be there every step of the way. Even if you make a mistake and turn the wrong way. God doesn't give up on you. He still has a plan in place. Guess what happened in the Garden of Eden? Adam and Eve fell short of God's glory and veered off course but that didn't mean God needed to recalculate. Their mess up didn't send God scrambling to find another route or another way to save us. He had it in place BEFORE they messed up. God never is caught off guard or thrown into search mode for an alternate route. He already has it in place before we messed up. As long as God is leading you, you will never be lost. You will be wondering where am I? Or how will I ever get back on the right track? God knows. And He wants to share it with you. Your part is to ask Him for His way and then follow it. He will show you if you ask but then you have to be willing to do what He told you to. Surrendering your finite plans to our infinite God's desires and will for your life. It won't necessarily be easy but it's worth it. You will be more satisfied whenever you do what you want His way. Whether it be abstaining from sexual activity until marriage or finding a major in college, or finding a place to work at and begin your career or it could be that you are looking to find someone to spend the rest of your life with and you aren't sure who is the right person for you. Don't get lost! Use the GPS called God and find your way back on course. He will never steer you wrong! Psalm 16:11 (NASB) You will make known to me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; In Your right hand there are pleasures forevermore.
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Tonight's #sermon #notes! #Friends and #Fellowship. #ChooseWisely #instaministry
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I just want to encourage somebody tonight! Do not give up! Don't let others talk you out of your dreams! Don't let others discourage you! Do not give up and do not give in! I know someone who always finds a way to say something to discourage me. It's quite annoying I must say. I never discourage that person but they always have a certain way with words that seem to be stringed just the right way in order to discourage me from doing what God has called me to do. It's funny really. But I can't let what one person says destroy my dreams. I know that Human Services is my calling. I know that I will change lives one day soon! I know that I will inspire someone and save somebody's life. I can do that and so much more in this field. I was made for this. I can't wait to do what my God told me to. And I want you guys to have the same attitude! Whenever the enemy begins to talk through someone, and you know for a fact that God would never tell you that, just ignore it. Satan is conning! He knows just how to get us. He knows what tactics to use. He knows who to use! He knows how to try to ruin your day. But I refuse to let that individual bring me down. I know the calling that is over my life. That person might not or it could be the enemy trying to attack my spirit through this person but oh no! I'm holding to the promises my God made to me. Satan doesn't care who he uses to discourage you and throw you off track. It could be your own mother or children! But God's truth always shines through. Dig your feet in the ground and refuse to let the enemy kill your dreams! Refuse to let others talk you out of what God told you to do. It's not about what they think is right-it's about what God thinks is right. Pursue His will for your life. Don't let the naysayers distract you. Don't let the discouragers defeat you. Don't let them talk you down. Don't let people use their ways with words to mentally distance you from the life God told you to live. Giving up is NOT an option for a child of God. People will say the nastiest things. They do the meanest things. But that's ok. We have a God who is capable of putting our enemies to shame. Don't give up on God! He won't give up on you 🌟
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sistasoldier41 : Wow...I needed that, again! God just told me this in our youth revival this past weekend. Jesus Jesus Jesus...thank you Lord!
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Stay in Faith. Never Lose Hope. Spread Love #godislove #godisgood #faith #hope #love #faithhopelove #instachrist #instagospel #instaministry
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Amen :)
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Amen! I totally agree! I don't wear make up on a regular basis. Just at certain occasions. I wore make up to my prom. But other than that, I'm not a make up person. Some woman act as if they will die if they don't have make up on. I was asked previously about why I don't wear make up. The reason I don't care to put it on every single day is because I don't feel that make up is going to make a man love me. And besides, I want him to love me for who I truly am-not what I can cover up. I feel kind of fake wearing make up. He doesn't know what I really look like. Now I don't bash woman who choose to wear it all the time. That's their business! I don't feel as though it makes you more of a woman though or less of one if you don't wear it. I believe true beauty comes from within. He shouldn't just love you because you look good with something on your face. He should love you for who you are inside. If he can't love that person, he doesn't deserve to love you. There is more to love than looks. Looks make up a big part of attraction but if you only like someone because they look good, then honestly that's not enough. That love won't last when the other person doesn't look so good later on when they begin aging. I am an advocate for ladies to try to find men who love them no matter what their face looks like. We can cover up all we want but he's got to learn to love you even when you don't have any on. One day he will see you without it on...Try to get to know each other deep down inside. Individually. Try to get to know the person inside. If he can't love that person, he doesn't deserve your heart. There is more to love than appearance. True love is a different story. If he has to tell you what he wants you to wear, look like, do and etc, maybe it's time to start asking God if he should be in your life or not. If he really loves you, a lot of other things won't matter. Repost from @godlydating101 ❀️
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So today I had the amazing opportunity to finally begin volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters and let me tell you Instagrammers, it was amazing! I finally had the chance to meet my little sister and she's pretty cool. I know she will open up later as we continue to meet. My little sister is smart! She knows what she is doing but she needs some encouragement from others that she is correct. That is ok! Cause that's exactly what I'm here for! I'm here to guide her, mentor her, encourage her and just be there. She seems so excited about having someone to listen to her and help her with anything she doesn't understand. I thank God for this awesome opportunity. It is such a great opportunity to reach out to tomorrow's leaders (our young people) and give them a step in the right direction. I pray that through my time I take out to spend with my new little sister, I will make an impact in her life that will have effects all the way through her life. I didn't even want to leave today. It felt so good to give back to my community and be involved. God is good! God, thank You for opportunities like today! Thank You for organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters. I pray sincerely for my little sister. Please guide her, direct her paths, and help her to grow while she is my little sister. I pray that I will be able to be a great Big Sister for her. Give me the knowledge and direction as I meet with her every week. I am trusting You for her grades to go higher, for her self esteem and self efficacy to soar, and for her to go on to do amazing exploits in life from the time I shared with her. Please be with her and her family Jesus. Please bless them Lord. Thank You once again for this amazing opportunity. I will cherish it forever. In Your name I pray, AMEN πŸ’ž
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acresofbeauty : so happy for you!!
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kaitshauni : How awesome! I love BBBS. My little brother is smart and a fantastic reader. His weakness is multiplication, so we're working on that! He loves playing old maid, go fish, and memory games. Sometimes I lose on purpose to build their confidence .
kaitshauni : Lol @sharonda_mc
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ohyeajacks : That's beautiful! I pray you guys create an unbreakable bond.
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It's a relief to know that God will not forgot us! He will not leave us alone! Sometimes in this world we will feel left out! We will feel abandoned by others! We will feel like nobody cars but I assure you, like a mother doesn't forget their nursing baby, God will not forgot about you and your needs. He is there in the good times and the bad! He will deliver you! He will bless you! He will work it out for your good and not your harm! He will stick by your side! Life is TOUGH! But our God is tougher! Life is CRUEL! But our God is nice. God has your back! He has engraved your name on the palm of His hand. He can't forget you. Something engraved cannot be easily removed. And your name, your concern, your problem, your circumstance, your difficulty, your crisis cannot be removed from His mind either. He wants you to know today that He is your God and we are His people! He knows what your concern is and He promises to work it out in the way He sees fit! God is good! We are the sheep of His pasture. He can't forget us. He holds up to His duty to take care of us. He is not like the hireling who doesn't take his job seriously and lets the sheep get attacked by the wolf. He is the good Shepard. He takes His job as His number one priority and that it is to Him. God is so good! Troubles come but thank you Jesus they don't last always! He has you on His mind always! He will not forget you! Praise God!
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Sometimes you just got to thank your past for what it taught you! But what is behind is behind for a reason! You can start all over again in the future. The past can teach us a whole lot if we are willing to pay attention. What occurred back then may not have been pleasant but it sure taught you a lot. It brought you out stronger, smarter, more dedicated than ever before. Maybe that wouldn't have occurred if that event didn't happen. Maybe you wouldn't be focused more on following God if what occurred didn't happen. Whatever the case is, God knows what He is doing! He is on top of it! He is in control! He knew that in the end you would be complete lacking nothing. And that's what He desires. That through our trials, or difficulties, or through our pains from the past that we come out refined, redesigned, purified. That we are complete and ready for the service He has called us to do for Him. Now we can be ready for the future. We won't be lacking the skills we need to survive in the future. We have gone through the fire and the flood and now we can survive the future. We know how to handle certain situations. We know how to avoid doing things that will harm us even more. We have the knowledge God wanted us to so we can reach our full potential and become successful. I am thankful for my past! It was difficult. It was trying. It was annoying. But I am grateful for some things that occured. God taught me a lot. A lot I wouldn't have learned on my own. Now I feel prepared for my future. I am more focused. I am more dedicated. I am more ready to do all that God has called me to do with the life He gave me. God will take care of you. He has prepared you and equipped you for the task ahead. He doesn't call the qualified. He qualifies the called. Praise God. Cause then none of us would He call if He calls the qualified. We all have fallen short and always will. That's why we gotta trust that He will give us what we need to do His work and guide us into His will. I am ready. Graduating next year in the Spring! Then graduate school to finish my education n finally become that Marriage and Family Therapist, helping families/couples with their problems. I'm ready. Are you?
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Amen! Repost from @wisdomfeed ! This is true! When we are about God's work, He is about ours! It DOES NOT work the other way around sorry to say! But it's true. God wants to see you doing His work first, putting Him first in your life, going about His business first and then you will get what you want. The Bible states, 'Seek ye first the kingdom of Heaven and all other things will be added unto you!' So if God is first, then our desires and wants are going to have to be last. When you are doing what He said to do, He will give you that job you have always dreamed of! And you will be promoted not once! Not twice! But multiple times! He will give you that Ph. D you worked so hard to get to! He will give you that spouse you have always dreamed of and that spouse will be better than anything you could dream of in fact! God does His part when we put ourselves last. It's hard sometimes to let go of what we want right now to follow what He wants. But remember what God said? He said you have to deny yourself and follow Me. We have to forgot who we are! We have to let go of what we desire. If we lose our lives, we gain it. And when we do it God's way we gain so much more than we ever could have imagined than if we chose to keep doing it our way. God is more than capable of blowing your mind! He is more than capable of doing the impossible. Things you never could have imagined happening to you, God is able to allow it happen. But it only occurs when we follow Him wholeheartedly. Letting go of ourselves, our wants, our desires, our wicked ways. We have to be wrapped up entirely in Him. Then our breakthrough will occur. Our wildest dreams won't seem so wild anymore. It will be a reality. God's capable of doing it. I know I wanna see Him move in a mighty way in my life and truly wow me! Do you wanna see that too? I encourage you to seek His face daily. Ask Him what do You want me to do in my life God and help me to put You first above all my selfish wants and desires. Put Him first in your life and trust Him to do the impossible. When we are doing God's will, it's all worth it in the end. Amen πŸ™Œ #glorytogod
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Amen! Amen! Amen!!!!! I have been told that I need to stop being so 'close minded and go out and find a man'. The reality is that it is not my job to FIND a man or catch one. My job is to wait on Jesus to lead the right guy to me. I don't date around. I don't talk to any old guy that runs across my face. Not everyone I see is who I want to be involved with. The only person who is capable of giving me what I need is God. I am not God! I cannot find the right man for myself and by myself. God is only capable of that. He knows the hearts of everyone. He can tell you if someone is really in love with you or lusting after you. It's true! God can open your eyes to who you need in your love life and who needs to be kicked to the curve. My job is to serve God with all my might, strength, life until I meet that special guy. I could meet him tomorrow or maybe later on in life but whenever that time occurs I will be ready. I won't be trying to finish up my education or I won't be trying to find a good paying job. I truly want to be done with education before I think of marriage. I can date him in college but I truly have the goal of finishing my education before a marriage comes into the picture because marriage is a distraction for so many individuals. And I don't want to be distracted. I want to be focused. God has a special timing for everything to occur under the sun. Graduating from college and then graduate school is at certain time. My marriage is at a specific time. Having my first child is at a special time. We are to not awaken love until it's time. And we are 2 not run ahead of God thinking we know what is right and what is best. We never will. We will end up heart broken every single time we do it our way and not how it is written in the Word of God. Nothing works out if God is NOT in the picture. He is the GLUE to a perfect, long lasting marriage. I choose to wait on The Lord. Others can run ahead, find their mate, be in a rush, drop out of college, etc. I know that when I do it God's way, I am never going to be at a loss! My time will come! My future husband will be better than those I left behind in pursuit of God's best. I only want the best & nothing less!
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delovely_anna : Amen!!!! πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
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msministries : Wise words dear sister. GOD bless you and your family (including your future family) abundantly all for HIS Glory
sharonda_mc : Awe! Thank you very much :) May God bless you as well! You and yours! @msministries
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This is so true! Some individuals will throw this line out there to deter others from telling them the truth. They need to hear what the Bible says. Yes. Only God is capable of judging others but if someone is comin to you to give you a word of advice, they are not judging you, they are helping you. There is a difference between helping someone from judging someone. A huge difference. Sometimes we need the rebuke. Sometimes we need the friendly reminder that we shouldn't dress with our cleavage hangin out and out skirt lines too short. Sometimes we need to remind our boys that it isn't cute to have his pants sagging and his underwear showing. That's not manly nor is it godly. The problem is we don't want to hear it. It's so scary to approach people these days even in your own church and tell them these things. Some people will curse you out! And some children's parents will curse you out too! I'm talking about people who are in the church. It isn't the in thing to tell someone that they way the act or the things they do outside of church is unacceptable. People just want to help you stay on the right path. But we don't want to hear this. Throwing the 'Only God can judge me' line does not make it ok to do. It does not justify anything. Yes! Only He can judge us but if you never were living right, the judgement won't be something you like. He isn't going to support your ungodly lifestyle and choices. And He doesn't now. Sometimes we just need to calm down, relax, and be open to constructive criticism. We need be teachable. Not everyone is judging you or against you. Not everyone is trying to tell you what to do. It's ultimately your decision what you want to do in and with the life but others don't want to see bad things occur to you. They want to see you become successful and happy. Instead being ignorant of what people have to say, sometimes it helps to lend a listening ear. Pray over what they are telling you to God and ask Him to show you what you need to know. Sometimes it isn't that people are trying to attack you, it's just that you are unwilling to accept what they have to say.
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Repost from @wisdomfeed . This is so true. I'm a firm believer that God knows what potential you have. There will be many people who will come in and out of your life and attempt to destroy your dreams and goals. Many people will say the nastiest things about what you want to do in the future to deter you or discourage you just to watch you fall off from the amazing future God has for you. NOBODY has the right to tell you what you can and cannot do with your future. Nobody knows your true potential or abilities. Some people honestly DO NOT CARE about you. I put it in big letters to get your attention. Some people could careless if you become something great because that means you are becoming something bigger than them or higher than them. They know you will become someone great because of the way you carry yourself, your dedication, your hard working attitude in your studies or on the job. And all they want to see you do is fail. Not everyone cares. Not everyone is on your side. But one person is on your side and that person is the only person who has the authority to tell you what to do and what you can do. His name is God. Just let people talk. They don't have a clue what they are talking about. God has the final say. He ordained you to become that judge, lawyer, social worker, physician, pastor. It doesn't matter what people say and who says it. If it isn't what God said, you ignore it. God will get you where you need to be. Do not let those people make you think you don't matter or you will never do what you have always wanted to do. Who is holding you back? Only yourself. They can't stop you and when you are in the will of God, doors open that no man can shut and doors close that no man can open. God is greater than some person's mean comments. They are insignificant to God's matchless power! Trust God. Your victory is right around the corner! πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
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new_creation_ministries : Amen
esmilsam : Amen!! Well said.
2god_be_da_glory : Amen! Amen! N Amen!
rajini69 : Gd morn fr Kch...something worth reading to stimulate yr mind...πŸ˜— @syllvviaaa @shirleychaya @nmebbygirl @the_nickstergram @
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Good morning!🌞 Im sucker for making my life better and the others around me! #mybestquality 😊 The good you do, the better your life will be! Happy Friday everyone! πŸ’• #theword#childofgod#godslike#sunnysocal#goodchoices#Godspurpose#beautifulday#changeisgood#Christianlife#happyfriday#liftingmama
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prayerapp : Love this pic! Are you on @instapray? Its an amazing app!
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sociallyloud : Very cool!
tribalmun : @liftingmama @sociallyloud @kimbcam @francobooty @holymalik πŸ™πŸ“–πŸ™β€οΈπŸ’―πŸ™Œβ˜οΈβœ”οΈπŸ‘πŸ‘Yes! To God be the glory for this! Hey there friend whats up :) ✌️Thanks for following my worship posts! I also have a worship music ministry for Jesus & I would really appreciate it if you clicked on the link in my bio and heard my featured track and also subscribed to my channel... I'm trying to expand my worship music ministry, right now I have 973 :) β€οΈβœ”οΈπŸ’―πŸ‘ Would love it if you +1'd that! lol. Pls support my ministry of sound, worship & praise! I'm a Christian producer, poet & emcee lyricist who makes songs that glorify our Lord Jesus Christ & all my songs have a message of worship & salvation! I make my music for believers who are singers, poets and lyricists who wish to worship God in their own words just as I do- for God loves a cheerful heart who loves to worship & praise Him in Spirit & in truth!!! (This is why I don't record my vocals on many of my songs, though I speak on every track through the message in the music). Also, and just as importantly, I make my music for those who have yet to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior, so that they may hear the Word of the Lord and that the Holy Spirit will speak to their heart through the message in the music and plant that seed that will begin to work in them and ultimately lead them to Christ and His free gift of salvation.... πŸ™β€πŸ™ŒπŸŽΌπŸŽ΅πŸŽΆπŸŽ΅πŸŽΆπŸŽ€πŸ™Œβ€πŸ™ Thanks in advance for all your support! Definitely much appreciated! We gotta keep spreading God's beautiful message of love, faith & salvation! :)
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Success depends on the process #instaquotes #instaministry #youth #church
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TODAY! Road to SUCCESS by Devin Yulianto 6 pm at Metropermata 1 G4/3 #instaquotes #instaministry #youth
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Keep your spirit up to be successful! #instaquotes #instaministry #youth
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It's a simple question. Are you more focused on all the pleasures of this life? Or are you focused on living fully for Christ? God doesn't want us to be focused on anything more than Him and what He called you to do with the life He gave you. I was talking with an acquaintance of mine and this person was telling me how hard it is to go to school with children. It's hard to find someone to watch the children. And then it's hard to find the balance to study for classes. I really wish my acquaintance waited to have children until they finished their education but sometimes these things don't happen. And when we distract ourselves with various things, it is hard to do what God has called you to do later. It is not impossible, but there is a clear challenge. Sometimes things seem more important than God. Nothing is more important than Him and we definitely reap the costs of our decision later on. I wanna be so focused on God that nothing- not even marriage distracts me from Him. I don't mind meeting a guy I would consider marrying, but I don't want marrying him or having children to steal my focus from my education or from doing what God wants me to do with my life. My goal is to wait till we're both done with our education to think about marriage. What's more important is doing God's will for my life. I can't see it any other way. I don't want to be 40 trying to finish my education or struggling right now trying to balance working a full time job plus caring for children and a husband. It's a distraction from the real prize. When Jesus is your all, nothing will be more important. Nothing will be more alluring than to do it His way! God wants us to desire Him and His ways above any other person or thing. When He is, we can truly follow Him and truly be His servant. It's hard when we are more captured by everything else He never called us to be caught up in. If your focus isn't on Him, you will be dragged off course eventually. But when we are focused on Him, we are always on the right path, always successful in all our endeavors. Why add extra stress to your life doing or being a part of things that wasn't supposed to be a part of your life at this time in your life?
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new_creation_ministries : The Gospel
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rockbyter : I'm definitely not focused on Christ enough. I'm trying to get used to doing for Him, whatever it is, that honors Him
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I thank God that my problems I am currently enduring are going to end. Some people in my life are only temporary. They are not meant to be in my life forever. Soon I will move on to people who really love me, who really accept me, who really and truly want to see me succeed. That's not to say everybody in my life is this way but there are quite a few whom meet that description. And I'm more than ready to find a better circle of friends. I'm eager to start on a new fresh blank page in a new city. It's exciting to be able to start again. To start all over again. To be able to soon let go of the issues, to meet new people and possibly work a job where I am doing something similar to what I would be doing as a therapist or in the human services field. It will be a blessing with greater responsibly of course but I believe I am more than ready for it. God's got so much more for me. I am more than just a college student. Some people will never understand who. They will never get you. Some people just don't take the time to get to know you and make quick judgements about you. That's ok too. They were never real friends or intended to be in your life for a long period of time. It's temporary! That entry level job is temporary! Living in a low socioeconomic situation is temporary! Being constantly made fun of by people who don't belong in your life is temporary! It's all temporary! God has something better for all of us right around the corner if we would trust Him to get us there! It's always a blessing to realize for yourself that some things in your life is not here to stay! It was a temporary blessing or situation. I can't wait to see these problems and issues fade! As soon as I walk across the stage at my graduation, some of these temporary issues will disappear! I will leave it behind! God knows what we can handle. Sometimes it's hard to trust that we really can handle the situation but He doesn't give us more than we can bear and in the end, we will come out stronger, wiser, brighter, and ready to do the task set before us! God is good! It's all going to be over for you and me! God will get us through our issues at hand! He will strengthen us! It will be alright!
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ashleymillette91 : @sharonda_mc thank you for the beautiful testimony I believe it and receive it
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Is your marriage struggling? Do YOU feel like you are the only one putting any effort into the relationship? Friend, don't grow God and He will give you the strength to push through, because it is His will for your marriage to succeed. But he doesn't desire for you to just wait with a spirit of hastiness and irritation. He wants you to wait with love, peace, faith, and patience (with a good attitude). You won't be able to do this alone. Your attempts will only lead to frustration. Call on God and allow him to fill you with new hope and love everyday. #proverbs31 #christianity #christiancouple #truth #christianmarriage #gospel #godfirst #madeformore #homeward #follow #quotes #ig_inspiration #hope #divorce #forgiveness #prayer #godloves #bible #marriagemonday #ministry #marriage #speaklife
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jenniferlashawun : You better say it!
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@ricklgodwin Ps Rick Godwin on 'Adversary' . #thegoodwords #goodwords #vsco #vscocam #spiritfilled #instadaily #biblerelated #quotes #quoteoftheday #quote #wisdom #losten #bibleverses #verseoftheday #qotd #votd #instagodministry #instaministry #sunday #message
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James 1:5-6 Have you ever not known what to do? Have you ever wanted to know the answer to a problem or circumstance? The Bible says that if we lack wisdom, God will give it to us if we ask Him. Wisdom comes from God. People tend to think we can read a book or article and receive wisdom but true wisdom is from above. A book can give you knowledge but only God can give you wisdom. The fear of The Lord is the beginning of wisdom. When we know Jesus and who He is, then we can begin to gain wisdom. God has all the answers to life's problems. He knows the beginning from the end. God's Word is filled with all answers to life. Any question you could ever ask is answered in the Bible. Who created the earth and everything in it and how? Why is the world so evil? Should I date someone who is not a believer in God? What should I do with my body? What happens after death? Is there life after death? All the answers to life and any question you can make up is answered already! God hasn't left anything out! God wants you to share in His knowledge! He wants you to be apart of it. So if you find at a time in your life you struggle with something and don't know the answer, pray! God wants to give you direction. Only He can guide you to the right path. Nobody else is capable of doing that. But when we pray, we must not doubt! We must believe! James says he who doubts is like a wave in the sea. A wave has no control over what if does or where it goes. We will be uncontrollable! We will be lost! Confused! Disoriented! It's up to us to trust that our God has the answers and will answer us. He wants us to be stable in our ways, choices, decisions. He doesn't want us doing crazy things or going from one decision and the next moment we have another decision. He doesn't want us making destructive decisions for our lives or the lives of others either. God will give you the knowledge you need. No matter how big or small the decision may be. He always finds a way to lead us and guide us. Nothing is too hard for God to find the answer to.
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sharonda_mc : @2god_be_da_glory God bless you! @new_creation_ministries Thanks :)
mrs.c.d.magee : Crazy...I just read James for the first time today! @sharonda_mc
austinadamec : Great Picture
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Holy Commumion... It's Sunday Blessing at the beginning of each month. #holycommunion #church #sunday #blessing #bless #blessed #ministry #worship #pastor #instalike #instachurch #instaministry #instanesia #perjamuankudus #perjamuansuci #gereja #instadonesia #instabless #instablessing #instagood #instadaily #picoftheday #photooftheday #365days #followjesus #followme
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May we always be reminded that Jesus has died on the cross for us. John 15:13. #instaministry #cross #Jesus #bereminded #Christ
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Yes! Because I have set The Lord and His ways and His principles before me always, I shall not be moved when my friends or co workers ask me why I do not participate in certain things or eat or drink certain things. I've had it all! The discussions on my beliefs about Halloween/ Easter to why I don't get tattoos to why I choose to not eat pork or drink alcoholic beverages. Why? Because in God's word it tells me why I should not engage in those things. I have put God so high on my list of importance I know what I should and should not be doing. I follow what He tells me to do as opposed to this world. This world is fading away and so is everything in it. Nothing will last except the Word of God. I've had people who bash me and disagree and attempt to change my beliefs. That's ok but I am still going to do what thus says The Lord says to do! I don't want a mere human's opinion to move me-that is to change me or change my beliefs or to make me into the mold that they want me to fit into. I'm so sorry but we are not cookie cutter people! God didn't create us all alike. He made us different from everyone. Individuals. So therefore I don't see a problem in being different and not doing things the way this world does things. I want Jesus to be the number one person in my life. I don't want to be easily swayed. The Bible says that we are to be rooted and grounded in Jesus Christ. How do we do that? We develop a relationship with Him. We pray to Him every night. We trust that He will help us to overcome sin and temptation because we cannot do that on our own. We read His Bible. We cannot be found in Him if we are running around chasing after this world' glory and fame. He has to be all we want and all we desire above all else. I know for a fact that my God will see me through. I don't have to prove that to anybody-God has already proved it to me and that's all I need. I know that if I put Him first, then all other things will fall into place. I will not be moved or swayed. I will not be confused or lost. I will not stop believing. I will keep growing in Him and the roots will be deep and strong!
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Sorry but I feel the need to mention this-I DO NOT celebrate this devilish holiday! I know there are plenty of people who do and some Christians who choose to participate and celebrate it as well but I am not one of them. There is nothing about Halloween that has to do with Jesus' saving grace. It's all about Satan and it all circles around him. If I give glory to God, why would I ever give His enemy glory? It's like I'm switching out on Jesus! There is so many horrible things that occur on this day. Some kids are kidnapped! Some kids are lured by child molesters or pedophiles and are never seen again! Some people actually put drugs or other dangerous things inside the candy they give out to innocent children. So many horrible and nasty things occur on that day. And believe it or not, if you research it, this day actually represents Satanic things. Mexican culture refers to this day as the Day of the Dead. Now is there anything Godly in something about dead things or people? Te costumes, the candy, the words trick or treat all have Satanic ties. Everything about Halloween is not of God and never will be. It's important to research this stuff. It's important to know what you celebrate. If it isn't giving glory to God you shouldn't be engaging in it the way I see it. I don't buy candy, I don't look at costumes for fun, I don't go to pumpkin patches. I don't even answer my door if someone knocks. I don't hand out candy for fun either. If I don't celebrate one part, I don't celebrate any part of it. That's just my view! I encourage others to research for themselves and learn more about this day. What you find may just surprise you! βŒπŸ‘»βŒπŸŽƒ
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sharonda_mc : @danimo13517 God bless! Thanks for checking out my photo!
xcjjjnt5 : @mamaflyte
xcjjjnt5 : @nayditapink #DefendersBoston
eyitemi.f : I do not celebrate halloween also
special_kay14 : Neither do i. Nothing wrong with it. God bless
o.babiy : God Bless you for posting this. I think it used to be a day to remember your loved ones by visiting the graveyard and having some sort of ceremony for Christians... not sure... but thats not the tradition anyone follows nowadays and its all about filth now... For kids and adults.
anoudies : Please just read πŸ’ @mlowk_ @minwa.x @farah__1993
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Yes! At this point I am just trusting God! I can't spend my precious time trying to figure everything out and trying to be God. My God has my life planned out. I try not to worry and get too caught up in things like if I will be able to get married or find someone I am compatible with. Or if I will finish school or if I will have kids. Some people walk around every day worrying over small things that don't really matter. I know that whatever my God wants to occur in my life it will happen. And no one can stop it! No one can stand in my way! There is no point in being overly concerned with small things. They are important but it's not like life is over if it doesn't occur. If you trust God fully, these things won't be a big issue to you. You will just go with the flow. Whatever God allows, you will be ok with it. God knows what is best. He knows what we can handle at what time. Some people are rushing to have kids like tomorrow doesn't exist. They are in a rush to be married! They are more concerned with little things. They are great accomplishments- yes! But if you are outside of God's perfect timing, it won't feel like an accomplishment after a few years...It is important to trust Him with our lives. Everything we have is not ours. Our kids are not ours. Our marriage does not belong to us. Our educational accomplishments do not belong to you and it wasn't wholly you who did that-God helped you get that degree. I'm not going to get too caught up in stressing over things. I know who controls my life. I know that God knows who belongs in my life and who doesn't. I know that when God feels I am ready He will allow the most amazing man to waltz into my life. And if God wants us to have kids when we are married, it will come at His timing. It's not worth it to me to get worried over these things. When you know who controls your life, you don't have a reason to worry. If God sees it as important, it will happen and if it isn't important to Him, that's fine too. He is saving me from a lifetime of misery, sadness, stress, and regret. You are never unsafe in the will of God. It's the best and safest place to be!
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