Sorry but I feel the need to mention this-I DO NOT celebrate this devilish holiday! I know there are plenty of people who do and some Christians who choose to participate and celebrate it as well but I am not one of them. There is nothing about Halloween that has to do with Jesus' saving grace. It's all about Satan and it all circles around him. If I give glory to God, why would I ever give His enemy glory? It's like I'm switching out on Jesus! There is so many horrible things that occur on this day. Some kids are kidnapped! Some kids are lured by child molesters or pedophiles and are never seen again! Some people actually put drugs or other dangerous things inside the candy they give out to innocent children. So many horrible and nasty things occur on that day. And believe it or not, if you research it, this day actually represents Satanic things. Mexican culture refers to this day as the Day of the Dead. Now is there anything Godly in something about dead things or people? Te costumes, the candy, the words trick or treat all have Satanic ties. Everything about Halloween is not of God and never will be. It's important to research this stuff. It's important to know what you celebrate. If it isn't giving glory to God you shouldn't be engaging in it the way I see it. I don't buy candy, I don't look at costumes for fun, I don't go to pumpkin patches. I don't even answer my door if someone knocks. I don't hand out candy for fun either. If I don't celebrate one part, I don't celebrate any part of it. That's just my view! I encourage others to research for themselves and learn more about this day. What you find may just surprise you! βŒπŸ‘»βŒπŸŽƒ
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danimo13517 : Well said! Thank you for sharing. :)
valerie_lucero : @isaiahsaldivar @jasmine__rose β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ™πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
new_creation_ministries : Amen God bless you for standing up for the Truth πŸ™ Eph. 5:11
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Yes! At this point I am just trusting God! I can't spend my precious time trying to figure everything out and trying to be God. My God has my life planned out. I try not to worry and get too caught up in things like if I will be able to get married or find someone I am compatible with. Or if I will finish school or if I will have kids. Some people walk around every day worrying over small things that don't really matter. I know that whatever my God wants to occur in my life it will happen. And no one can stop it! No one can stand in my way! There is no point in being overly concerned with small things. They are important but it's not like life is over if it doesn't occur. If you trust God fully, these things won't be a big issue to you. You will just go with the flow. Whatever God allows, you will be ok with it. God knows what is best. He knows what we can handle at what time. Some people are rushing to have kids like tomorrow doesn't exist. They are in a rush to be married! They are more concerned with little things. They are great accomplishments- yes! But if you are outside of God's perfect timing, it won't feel like an accomplishment after a few years...It is important to trust Him with our lives. Everything we have is not ours. Our kids are not ours. Our marriage does not belong to us. Our educational accomplishments do not belong to you and it wasn't wholly you who did that-God helped you get that degree. I'm not going to get too caught up in stressing over things. I know who controls my life. I know that God knows who belongs in my life and who doesn't. I know that when God feels I am ready He will allow the most amazing man to waltz into my life. And if God wants us to have kids when we are married, it will come at His timing. It's not worth it to me to get worried over these things. When you know who controls your life, you don't have a reason to worry. If God sees it as important, it will happen and if it isn't important to Him, that's fine too. He is saving me from a lifetime of misery, sadness, stress, and regret. You are never unsafe in the will of God. It's the best and safest place to be!
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"Sing a new song to the Lord! Let the whole earth sing to the Lord! Sing to the Lord; praise his name. Each day proclaim the good news that he saves."
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joshuaartono : Love this!
ifgfmelbourne : We love it too. Come to melbourne again soon @joshuaartono 😊
joshuaartono : Yes. Missing you guys πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜œ @ifgfmelbourne
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#Sermon #notes! Being a #witness no matter the #situation. #Paul Represent #Christ well #instaministry
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Prayer goes up, blessings comes down! πŸ™ Have a wonderful night everyone!🌜😴 #body#mind#soul #childofgod#godisgood#Godspurpose#sayingaprayer#instafaith#instaministry#Christianlife#faith#blessings #theword
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Whatever happen in our life, it took us to another level #godisgood #instagod #instaministry #instapray #instahope #instafaith #faith #hope #love
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Waiting... #free #starbucks #newyorkcheese #freewifi #sultanhasanuddin #airport #instaministry #missmywife @amelananta
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Repost from @dailybibleshaker . I love this verse! It's true! Our God knows what plans He has for us. Sometimes we are so undecided about what we want to do in life or where we want to live or who we want to marry. Maybe you've dated a couple of guys or girls and don't know exactly who is right. Perhaps you feel as though you never will find the right person, but I assure you, God knows! He knows everything! He knows everything about us. He knows the beginning from the end. Before God laid down the foundation of this Earth, He ordered the steps of us. He made the plans He desired for our lives. We don't have to walk around wondering, but trusting that God will lead us but we have to ask Him! And we have to be willing to let go of our plans (a hard task I know!) and let His plans be number one! You can trust that when you let go of your plans, you will get better plans because God's plans are to prosper us, not to harm us, to give us a hope and future! Only He knows the right path for us to take. Only He knows what we should be doing that we will enjoy. Only He can give us the joy in life we are looking for. Nothing else can. And nobody else can. That's why when we are looking for joy and happiness etc in a PERSON we end up empty or at a loss. A person can't fill your gap! Only God is capable of doing that! Our God is a good God! He promises to lead us on paths of righteousness. Not to lead us to temptation. God's got this! Don't despair! Keep the faith! Allow God to give you His best in the right time and at the right moment. Let Him be the pilot and you just come along for the ride. Let Him show you His amazing plans for your life. You may just be surprised what He has in store for you!
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Repost from @dailybibleshaker . Today I went to my capstone meeting. Next semester, Lord's willing, I will be taking my Capstone Advanced Internship in which I will go to a human services agency and intern there learning and even building and advancing my skills I obtained in the Bachelor program at my college. I got so pumped for next semester. It's the last and final class before I finally graduate and go on to my graduate studies. I wanted to RUN with endurance to the finish line! I wanted to make sure I step up my game in all my classes I'm currently enrolled in to make next semester a reality! To ensure I will walk across the stage in May 2015 proud of what I accomplished. I want the prize! And I'm not just referring to a degree-I'm referring to the prize that God has stored up in Heaven for me. I'm doing this for Jesus. He called me to this major and He has a plan for my life. I want to please Him. If it means getting up early in the morning to study so I can pass my classes, I will do it. If it means letting go of social time and study more often than I talk to friends or hang out, I will have to implement that. I just want to obtain the prize. I just want to run my race so that I can get it. I want to make my Jesus happy. I want to make Him proud of my willingness to do whatever He told me to. The end result is a glorious prize in a place where moths can't eat it and it can't rust or get old! It will be worth more than money will ever be worth. If we really want that prize, we will run like we have never ran before to accomplish our live's purpose. We will not allow other things to distract us on the race lest we lose our focus and lose the race! I tell you, after the meeting I was more empowered! I felt more energy being pumped into my spirit to finish this race and to make it to the finish line. And even when we can't find the energy or strength, God will be right there cheering us on. If we ask Him He will provide what we need to do the task set before us to the absolute best of our ability! I can't wait to get 1 step closer to becoming all that Christ wants me to be. Just knowing He will be right there with me every step of the way is exciting enough
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2god_be_da_glory : AmenπŸ‘πŸ™πŸ‘†GBU keep up the good work glory to GodπŸ™Œ
new_creation_ministries : Amen sis! Keep up the good workπŸ™
sharonda_mc : @new_creation_ministries Thanks!
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nayy_soul : So proud of you!!!
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Turn the page because it will get better!!! #instaministry
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Last night's #sermon #notes. What can I do for #God? #MyMinistry #YourMinistry #BeBold #Patience #Love #SoulWinning #instaministry
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A #wonderful #sermon yesterday morning by our #youth #pastor! #LetHisLightShine #JesusIsTheLight Let your #faith #shine #BeBold #instaministry
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QOTD: How do you live out Proverbs 31? Comment below! #jesus #god #girl #proverbs31 #proverbs31girl #faith #grace #instaministry #fortheglory #christian #christian #noticeme #tagsforlikes #tagsforfollows
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meganmulcahey : Letting God be 1st and foremost. Great way: wake up early and spend a hour with God reading/praying/praise and worship, and ask the Holy Spirit to lead you today in all righteous and speak to others as if Jesus was standing right behind them saying "this is my most beloved child honor them"
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"Shout unto God with a voice of triumph, we lift Your name up, we lift Your name up!"
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#Sermon #notes from Wednesday night. What to do in the time of #persecution? #StayStrong #PreachJesus #LoveOthers #HeIsTheVictory! #instaministry
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insta_ministry : And #PRAY!!
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Use our talents and skills to serve God, so he will make us be successful in all our works #instaquotes #instaministry #instachurch
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Repost from @godlydating101 ! So true! This doesn't just apply to dating though! It can apply to others areas of your life. Sometimes you have to just do what you feel is the right thing to do. I can give so many different examples. You don't have to listen to what everyone tells you is "right" or what you "should do". My personal example would be that I don't drink. I never have and I don't have any desire to drink any kind of alcoholic beverage. I'm sure that drinking must be nice but it's not something I choose to do. I tell others that and my reasons why and they still try to change my choices and beliefs. I'm not going to go on a drinking spree because of their opinions, but like I was saying earlier you don't have to listen to what everyone says. They may tell you, 'You're still working on that college degree? Why don't you just give up? Find a nice little vocation job.' Do you have to follow through? No. If that's not what you feel is what is right for you, you have the option to decline and do what you need to do. Not everyone gives sound advice. And you don't have to be their dumping ground for their advice and feel obligated to accept it as truth. Some people are perfectly okay with doing things their way in life and not necessarily the way God would want them to. If you feel convicted on a certain thing and someone tells you it isn't true, that's ok. It's how they feel but don't let someone's idea of what God wants out of you personally stop your walk with Him or make you take a complete 360 degrees and change. We are not doing this to please man. We are here to please God. If God didn't tell you it, you don't have to do it. You don't have to feel victim to changing your behaviors. This is why it is a personal walk with Jesus; not a personal walk with your friend, your sibling, your co-worker, and etc. Not everyone is in this for God I'm sorry to say but it is the truth. It's ok for others to give their opinion and choices for their life, but you don't have to model after them because the only model that we are to be like is Jesus Christ. So when people try to change what I choose to do, I just brush it off. I choose to be who God wants me to be.
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elle_eff247 : Good for you @sharonda_mc! The only two opinions that matter are yours and God's! πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’ͺπŸ’—
sharonda_mc : @elle_eff247 Amen!
sharonda_mc : Thanks! @elle_eff247
_valerie_v : Thank you for being a source of inspiration
sharonda_mc : God bless you sis! Thanks for your continued support :) @_valerie_v
rockbyter : Amen!
miissmariela : Amen. God bless you.
sharonda_mc : @miissmariela God bless you too :)
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Today, were gonna put ourself to a written mirror to know our personality.. Personality test is goin on today! 6 p.m at Metropermata 1 G4/3 #sync #youth #church #instaministry #instachurch
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Good morning #run #God #instaministry
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Things that we're gonna do will be blessed by God for He has seen our sincerity for Him.. #instaquotes #instaministry
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Everything that happens to us is based on a choice. God gives you something called freedom of choice. So whatever occurs as a result is based on your decisions. Be it good or bad, a consequence always follows a choice. Now some people go around blaming others for their personal decisions. They may even go as far as to blame the God they serve. Now God has nothing to do with what you made up in your mind. He doesn't dictate our lives. He gives you the option to do the right thing or the wrong thing. So if you end up pregnant out of wedlock or with an STD, that is NOT God's fault. It's yours! You didn't have to decide to lay down with that man or woman. God didn't make you pregnant-you did when you made the choice to do whatever you pleased to. It's the same in any case. Perhaps you never decided to get to know the guy or gal you wanted to marry. You guys spent a year or two together and don't know a single thing about each other, what you guys like or dislike, what parenting styles you guys are willing to work out, if you guys even want to have kids...and when turmoil occurs later on down the line, why do you think that happened? The choice was made to not get to know each other before all that to avoid the problems. Every thing that occurs we make that decision for it to occur. We can avoid some things and some things, well, we just can't no matter what decision we make. We could make the best informed decision and bad things still occur. But the idea of my post is that when things occur that we don't like, like you didn't study for your test and you ended up failing the class or you never came to class so you missed the material and that effected your grade, when things like that happen, it's not anybody else's fault but YOURS! It's not your mom's, it's not your dad's, it's not your sibling's, it is not God's. We have the option to choose what we want to occur and if we don't change those choices, things we don't like will continue to happen. It's up to you! Change isn't always easy but it's necessary and can help improve your life in many significant ways! If you want to see improvement in your life, start with your choices and work from there.
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notw_traytray : @sharonda_mc Amen preach, this is a nice sermon , this also help me too with some of my issues my God continue to bless you with the gift of preaching
2god_be_da_glory : Glory to GodπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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AMEN, AMEN and AMEN! To me, the way I see it, sometimes, some people act as if the only thing God created us to do is to get married and have kids and that's it. Like that's all life has meaning for. But I don't think that's all God meant life for and people actually get mad at me when I say that that's not my only purpose. I believe that I and we as humans were created for so much more than having children and marrying as many men or women we can find. It's much more than that. It's nice to have kids. It's nice to marry. But when that is your focus, it's like it's your God. And worshipping two masters ain't easy. I feel as though, for some individuals, marrying is number one to them. They are in a huge RUSH to get hitched that they are willing to stop going to school, stop working a job, they will leave the church, etc just to marry that person. I don't know, maybe I'm the only one who thinks like this, but marriage isn't easy and it is not always fun. Why run into something that can be a lifetime of torment? If you rush to marry the wrong person, it won't necessarily be a walk in the park every day. I can't see why people are in a huge rush for marriage. There are more important things in life and one of them being glorifying God with your life. If He never called you to marriage at this particular time in your life, you are not giving Him glory-you are defying His wisdom. God has greater things in store. It isn't all about how many babies you can have and how fast you can have them. It is not about how quickly can you rush into a marriage after high school. It's about GOD. And following His plans for your life. Declaring His glory over your life. You can't possibly be the influence you may want to be on others when other things are more important and take up more of your time than God does. That's just my view. I really wish more people thought like @godlydating101 does. Life has so much more to it than running after boys or girls and hunting down kids. There is more and I'm determined to get more out of life than just that. Repost from @godlydating101 πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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in_him_is_hope : Hey, not sure why you tagged me in this. What's up?
sharonda_mc : I just wanted you to look at it. Thought you would like it. @in_him_is_hope
in_him_is_hope : Oh, okay. Yeah I do agree a person should never rush, should always wait on the Lord. I waited 2 yrs and ppl started prophesying and all this 'nonsense' that I was gunna meet the one....and I was fooled by someone I met in church. And he turned out to be a complete pyscho. Even when a person waits, he/she needs to be super careful. Even we who have been waiting and are actively serving God can get deceived so we def gta be aware and discern. God bless you sis. #GodFirst
elle_eff247 : Totally agree @sharonda_mc! My son once asked me in a worried little voice if he HAD to get married and have children. The answer is absolutely not! Which is better: being married and unhappy or being single and happy? Consider the pain you would inflict on yourself, your spouse, and worst of all, the innocent children born into the family that you never wanted in the first place. If you don't think marriage and family are for you, then they aren't. Period.
sharonda_mc : @in_him_is_hope Amen! I couldn't agree more! You are correct! Sorry to hear that happened to you sis. I honestly dislike when people push others into marriage and this and that. Some people can't handle being single and apparently they can't handle others being happily single either. It's sad but like we are saying, in God's timing always!
sharonda_mc : @elle_eff247 AMEN
in_him_is_hope : Amen sis :) be blessed, stay encouraged!
149am : Yes! & once you're married you need to be even deeper into God! Marriage is not easyπŸ˜„
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Feeling good im thankful #blessed all that #GodisGood #instaministry
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mark_da_maniac : What happened lil bro
lj_bering : @queennwaves 😎
istep_slowboogie : So that mean you gone be on a horn lol
lj_bering : @mark_da_maniac broke my ankle bro l end up having to get a plate and screws in it
mark_da_maniac : Man I'm sorry to hear that. Praying you Have a speedy recover fam. @lj_bering
lj_bering : @istep_slowboogie Lolol yes sir no marching just sitting and smashing lol
lj_bering : @mark_da_maniac appreciate that big bro!
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I actually had someone tell me that the days of the weeks was not created by God. I can't see how that statement could be true if the Bible clearly says that everything that has been created and exists today was made by God Himself. He set up the seven day week. We didn't do that. Only God knew that we could only handle something as long as seven days and nothing longer. He knew seven days was enough to get our work done as well. I can't believer there are people out there who claim to be followers but have all these ideas about things that are pretty clear in God's word. We can always give glory to God because everything was made by Him. There is nothing that exists today that He didn't create. Evolution didn't make it-God did. A Big Bang didn't just bang everything into existence. God spoke it and He created it. He got His fingernails dirty when He knelt down on the ground and sculpted man. God's Word is pretty clear. Even things we can't see is made by Him. You can't see Satan but he had a Creator too. He doesn't want to acknowledge it, but he does. You can't see Satan's angels or demons, but they are very much real. And they had to be created. They don't exist on their own and they didn't just pop out of the blue! The only person who doesn't need a creator is the Creator Himself. He exists all by Himself. He didn't have to be created. He just exists and always did. Everything that God created was for a purpose. He doesn't waste His time! He always has a reason for what He does. I think God created us and everything else to give glory to Him. He deserves the praise and all the enemy wants to do is steal the praise God deserves. That's why he is trying to trick everyone into thinking God didn't create this and God didn't do that. It's not true. Evolution is a lie and the Big Bang is only a theory-something unproven. We have proof that our God is Creator. We don't have to wonder what created me? What created all the beautiful things we see on plant earth? Because we all know the answer and we can give the ultimate Creator King our praise, honor and glory!
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Last night's #sermon by our associate #pastor! #Perseverance #WalkFaithfully #instaministry
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A great #sermon by Dr. Bill Carpenter yesterday morning! He's my pastor's #pastor. =) #GodWillMakeAWay #HeIsNotFinished #Instaministry
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..adorador por excelência πŸ˜† obrigada por seu exemplo e por cada canção! #instaministry #referência #blessed #thankGod #comunidadedafechurch #casadoPai #worshipnight #atraiomeucoração
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Show your good habits and make the difference! #youth #instaquotes #instachurch #instaministry
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Let Jesus guides our path of life :) #instaquotes #instachurch #instaministry
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Repost from @biblelockscreens and @goodnewsfeed . Have you ever felt lost? Didn't know where to go? Who to go to? What to do? As humans, we frequently have those moments where we may be lost. It could in your studies. You don't know what you want to do. So many things reach out to you. You are interested in many things. Or it could be finding a job. Maybe you like a lot of different companies and you aren't sure which one you want to apply to and begin your career. Or it could be in finding a mate. Guess what? In any situation and so many others, God will direct your paths. He will show you what you need to know if you ask Him first and trust that He will do that. It's easy to think we got this! We know it all! We can do this all by ourselves. But that's not God's plan for us. He wants us to be confident in His ability to lead us and direct us. To match us to the right person. To give us the job of our dreams. To help us find the major we will fall in love with and excel in. God is perfectly capable of guiding you and me to our destiny. Only He knows who and what is right for us. We can guess but we won't be right. If you want true joy in life, ask God to lead you and guide you. Relinquish your desire to take control of your life and watch God give you exactly what you need exactly when you need it. Follow @biblelockscreens and @goodnewsfeed for more inspiration πŸ‘
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vonquixotic : @tricia_m02 Hi, sorry I just came across this post on my Instagram as I was exploring and I just want to say I understand what it is like to struggle letting go and letting God. So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. (Romans 10:17 NKJV) just keep listening to songs/sermons that speaks of Jesus' love for you, how much He really cares for you and wants to bless you or reading devotions that unveils the person of Jesus! Just keep listening and faith will come easily. God bless and Jesus really really loves you!
sharonda_mc : @tricia_m02 And also start trusting God with little things. Like His promises in the Bible. So if He promised to provide for you, maybe ask God for something you need and cannot get for yourself or on your own. And see Him provide. That's a promise He made in the Bible. And as you keep seeing Him prove faithful to you in the little things, it helps to increase your faith when it comes to bigger things as well. I hope I helped answer your question and the person who posted above as well. Please do let me know if you have any other questions. I am happy to help you!
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Begitu tiba langsung lanjut naek fery ke raha #gptpetra #raha #anniversary #lifeisawesome #instaministry #instatravel #pelayanan #withmyteam #gracefromJesus
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abdiel0819 : Follback @buditandean
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"As I pour out of my heart, these things I remember, You are faithful God forever" -Chris Tomlin, I Lift My Hands
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