Repost from @spiritualword . I feel like this has my name written all over it! I feel like some things in my life are falling apart while other things are coming together! I truly believe that God has something special for us! He has the right individuals lined up to do more than other people will do. He has the right people in place who will just do things for you and they can even see why they are doing it. Just are because God Almighty is having His way in your life. Maybe a relationship with a by friend or girlfriend isn't working out or a friendship is falling apart and this is hard to deal with. But have you ever thought maybe this is breaking apart so better things can come together? God has some amazing ways of working the things out He wants to in our lives. And He knows just how to do it! Sometimes we loose something so we can get something so much better. Sometimes that person's time in your life is over. Sometimes God is trying to take you higher and He knows that person will only find a millions ways to bring you down and keep you there! We should never doubt God's all knowing power! He knows so much more than we do and ever will and He knows why He must replace some individuals in your life with others who will aid you in your new season! Don't beg for those who are no help to you where you are going. As things are falling apart for me, as difficult as some of those things were, I sense new things coming together. Bigger things, stronger things, healthier things. God's got this and He wi take me to my destiny. Some people He is removing, He is doing it for my good; not my harm. He has bigger, greater plans for me and He already knows who will be by my side, coaxing me in the right direction and who will be there discouraging me and attempting to kill my dreams and confidence in myself and my abilities to accomplish them. I trust that God is moving and that He isn't going to allow the wrong things to occur. While some things may be falling apart, greater and newer things are most certainly coming together. That will take me and you to our destination!
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Something that I'm thankful about! Is that even when I was living so destructive I was always loved enough to be kept. But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. (‭Romans‬ ‭5‬:‭8‬) #Jesus #Christ #saved #glory #God #good #faith #focused #instaministry
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Part two of two #Adonai #GodIsMaster #instaministry
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Repost from @instagodministries . I really feel this so strongly over my life! I honesty feel as though God is tellin me that He has so much better for me. I just need to get ready cause He is about to blow my mind! And with each new day, God does blow my mind! He already is! God has some amazing plans for each and every one of us. And all we have to do is hold tight! We need to keep our trust in Him. He who promised is faithful! He will allow His will to come to pass. The past cannot hold us back! The negativity from others cannot stop us! The lies spoken to us from others will not prevail! An the evil wishes of others will have no effect! When God is in control of your life, no demon can stop God's will from occurring. I'm certain God has something better for me in the near future! I can feel His hand moving more and more with each new day! I can sense that He is taking me in a new direction, to higher ground, to new territory! Where I am currently is NOT where God wants me to stay! And it's true for you too! He has better! He has bigger! He has greater! All you have to do is believe, trust and humbly follow. God is goanna bless you beyond measure! He is going to show up and show out! He is going to take you to new heights! Just keep your faith in Him and watch Him do His work! 1 Corinthians 2:9 (NIV) "However, as it is written: “What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived”—the things God has prepared for those who love him"💞
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When times are trying in life this is something we can hook up with. And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. For whom He foreknew, He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son, that He might be the firstborn among many brethren. (‭Romans‬ ‭8‬:‭28-29‬) #faith #good #focused #working #grow #instaministry
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I'm taken aback by my teacher. I truly believe God has placed my teacher in my life for a reason. Even though this teacher may annoy me sometimes, I still can say that I am grateful! My teacher's amazing! And the interest they have shown in my studies is pretty crazy. Ever since I met them they have been pushing me to higher education and before I even could show them that I am dedicated to my education, they told me that I am a hard working, dedicated student two or three weeks into the start of the first semester I had with them. I feel so blessed. And I sincerely thank God for people who are willing to help me to go higher in my life and education and are willing to get me there. I am blown away! Praise God for placing people in our lives who are for our good and who are a source of encouragement an motivation to us. God's got the right people lined up to take us to our best! He knows who we need in our life and who we don't! And they may annoy us at times lol, but God has the right people and He will send the right people to better us, to promote us, to guide us, and to encourage us. I'm taken aback at the beautiful words that are written in my letters of recommendation, but not only that, also that this individual literally went out of their way and wrote me a letter for a university that I didn't include a form for. They literally went above and beyond. I didn't need that letter but this just shows me the kind of teacher this person is and what they see in me as a student that they are that willing to do more than they are called to do. Thanking God for a teacher like this one! Very different teacher; never met someone like them and quite frankly I may never meet another anything close! But God is good! I am so thankful He is blessing me with people who are dedicated to seeing me succeed in all of my endeavors and will push me to complete my dreams in the process. I do this a lot I wi lladmit, but the saying is true, don't take the people for granted that God has placed in your life. They are there for a reason! Praise God!
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Repost from @biblelockscreens ! God really does know what you are going through right now at this very moment. When people don't understand, He can. When people don't care, He cares. When people don't want to listen, He will listen. When people want to discourage you, God encourages you. Don't feel hopeless because God is your hope! Don't feel un equipped because God said He will equip you! Don't feel like you are loser because you are a winner in Christ! God doesn't want you to feel any negative feelings towards yourself. He has you in the palm of His hands. It may look tough! It may be hard! Everyone could have turned against you but God says He is right here with you and He is for you! He doesn't need people's approval either. He just wants you to trust in Him and His amazing power. I assure you today! God hears your constant cries! He hears your prayers! He wants you to know you don't have to worry! You don't have to be filled with negation thoughts and emotions. You can come to Him fully trusting that He is at work in your life. He is hearing you and even when you can't find the words to say, He still know what you want to say. God hears. He understands. And He will bring you out ok. Trust in Him always. Sidenote: I have a prayer request! Please keep me in prayer! My stomach's been hurting today 😕 Please pray that I will have a full recovery by the morning. Thanks 😘
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I am ready to face this week, are you? Get up and walk! Dont stare at your problem, face it!💪👊 move forward! "And Jesus said to him: Get up! take up your bed and walk" John 5:6 📖 #happymonday#goodmorning#motivation#inspiration#putgodfirst#heisforus#nothingcanbeagaisntus#getup#godisincontrol#godisgood#hewillprovide#faith#movingforward
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Truth! Repost from @instagodministries . Sometimes, sometimes we just have to learn to trust in The Lord. He knows what's right and He knows what's wrong! I have a great example! I wanted to go to two schools: University of Florida (UF) and University of Central Florida (UCF). I really honestly wanted to be at these two schools! I was serious about getting accepted. But every time something came up in my plans that made it a little bit harder to get accepted. I couldn't understand why. I thought God really wanted me to attend great schools with great reputations for my education. And it's not that He doesn't; it's that He has something better in mind and sincerely believe that He knew that there was something at each of those schools that He was blocking me from. Something that would harm me. Something that would distract me from Him and His calling over my life. Perhaps there was too much distraction at those schools. I don't know! But it just didn't work out. And you know what? At first it was kind of disappointing. I mean who wants to be delayed or not be able to attend a school they really like? But the more I think of it, I praise God! Because He was looking out for me! He didn't want me to be in a bad situation or around the wrong crowd. He is just protecting me from potential harm to myself. And sometimes that is exactly what occurs. He is looking out for us. Our plans sometimes dont work out the way we want them to. And that's perfectly fine. Because God knows what is best and where we would be more successful. Perhaps the curriculum of those schools would have been too difficult for me. Who knows? But I do know that God has great plans! Where He leads is where I go! There is no safer place to be than to be in God's will. Hey! It's going to work out for you! It's going to change! It's going to work in your favor! Trust God! He's got this! It's a set up for you to witness God's favor. It will all make sense in the end. It's not for us to figure it out now why such and such occurred, but for us to trust in God's Almighty power! In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps! Proverbs 16:9 👣
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A statue of the twin towers and there were flags placed all on my college's campus, stuck in the ground by the Republicans Club, to remember this tragic day. I'm goanna do a prayer tonight specifically for the families of the victims of 9/11. You guys are welcome to touch and agree or add your own prayer in the comments section. Dear Lord Jesus, today is a sad day. It is tragic. I can still remember this day, 13 years ago. I believe I was in 3rd grade when this happened. I remember being confused as to why somebody would do this and God we are all confused! We all do not understand why this occurred. There are many families broken because of this horrible event. Many wives and husbands left mourning to this day God. Many grandmothers. Many children. Many grandfathers. I pray You will visit with these people Lord who need You. Please continue to heal their hurt and help them as they are still wondering why? Please Lord Jesus help us to hold on to Your unchanging hand. In a world that is changing constantly, please allow us the ability to hang on tenaciously to You! Please continue to be with each individual that is hurting. That the memories produce fear or pain or trauma to. God continue to work and for years to come. We pray You will help us not to harbor anger in our hearts. Help us to turn it over to You knowing that You will make things right in the end. You said 'vengeance is Yours' and we pray You will help anyone who may be struggling with hatred or anger towards these people in the Middle East to give it to You and let You solve it in the end. God we just thank You for still being in control! You were on that day 13 years ago and You still are today! Thank You Jesus that You have heard our prayers! Thank You that those people are healed. Please strengthen their faith in You and trust You even when they don't understand. Please bless you and America! Thank You Jesus. Amen 💕🇺🇸🙏
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It's good to know that even at our darkest, when we disowned God, we sold out on Him, when we were lost in our own ways, God still loved us. He didn't hate you. He didn't give up on you. He waited for you to come back into His loving arms. He forgave you for all eternity. Even when were His enemies, He still loved us. Why? Because that's who God is. He is love! And I think too that He saw the best in us. When we were not displaying that best He still saw it and desired that we become that awesome person. He couldn't wait to see us become that missionary or that doctor or that nurse or that pastor or a daycare worker. Whatever it is God has called you to or you are passionate about, it is what He saw in you even when you were having all the fun in the world. He knew that that was not the real us and He saw the real us. He knew that we had better and greater purposes in the world and knew in a few years we would become all that He would want us to be. Changing the world and winning souls for His kingdom. God's love is so great! God's heart is so big. He has great plans for us. He has opportunities for us to shine for His glory. Even when we were lost and lovers of ourself isn't it good to know that God didn't give up? Isn't it good to know that no matter how dark we used to be, God still loved us and saw the best in us? God is good!
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Part 1. See This Is When Paul And The Other Men Was In the Boat, And The Rain And Wind BEAT Up On The Boat {Catch The Message} They Were Afraid And Paul Went to GOD and asked HIM Did They Come Out There To Die......See We Are Just Like These Men, When The Storm Arise in Our Life We Get All Afraid When We Should Go Immediately To GOD......Part 2 Will Let You Know We Should Listen To GOD Instructions.... Elder Leon Chamber's Brown's Temple AOH Church Of GOD BOGALUSA LA 14seconds ADeaConsDauGhTer
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In John 9:35-41, Jesus heals the man who was blind from birth and we learn of spiritual blindness and sight. I really love verse 41! Which is so true and pierces deep down to the core of me every single time I read that Scripture. The Pharisees are trying to get under Jesus' skin regarding what He said in verse 39 about His purpose for coming. They have a smart remark, "Are we blind also?" They say and Jesus' response shuts them up in my opinion! It's true! If you were blind you could honestly say you have no sin because in the context Jesus is referring to you don't know anything about the truth and sin and all that stuff. But now that you say 'We see,' your sin remains. And how many people SEE clearly what they are doing and continue in their sin? How many people know without a shadow of a doubt that they are in the wrong? How many people do we see today that are not still lost but have come to a knowledge of truth and are still running around doing all the evil they can find to do in this world??? Jesus was trying to make those Pharisees see that they are not as holy as they claim to be and they are not justified for any of their actions. They need to open their eyes and realize that they are like every other person they encounter on planet Earth-sinners in need of a Savior! It really goes down deep because we can't run around claiming to be in the truth knowingly sinning and act as if we are blind to it. We have to realize that it is not ok to try to ignore or wrong doings no matter how small they may seem to us because to God it's a big deal! And I'm guilty too. I'm not perfect! But just like Jesus was saying to those Pharisees, the words still ring true to us today! If we see-if we are walking in the light-we see our sins and short comings. If we don't confess they remain. If wear blind to the truth or are still in darkness, we wouldn't be able to tell the sin we have. Let us be light bearers. Let us truly walk in the way in which we proclaim.
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#Sermon #notes from an amazing service tonight! #TrueLove #TheGreatestCommandment #LoveGod #LoveYourNeighbor Seriously though, go listen to the audio at Sermon Audio 9-7-2014 PM - Brother Matt starts preaching at 8:50. It is definitely worth your time!! =) #instaministry
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Repost from @wisdomfeed ! This is so true! My motto I live by! I don't think it gets any easier than this! You simply put in dedication, hard work, don't make up any excuses, add a lot of God and what is the outcome? SUCCESS! All of these are ingredients for success! When one is missing, things tend to go terribly wrong. Without dedication you can't possibly get to your destination whether that be being promoted on your job or getting higher education without dedication. Dedication is so important! It will help you to make it through tough times, discouraging times. You will meet your destination if you are willing to work for it no matter what. Hard work! Is important! You will have to work hard because anything good in life doesn't come easy! It is important to learn how to work hard for what you desire. It's like dedication. Whatever you really want, you will work for it. If you really want to keep that new car, you will work to pay the payments every month on time so they don't repossess it! If you really want that Ph.D, you won't let anybody talk you out of it and you will put in the time necessary to prepare yourself for it. Nothing is able to stop you if you are hard working. Excuses! Excuses! You can't make it anywhere if you want to believe and make up a million excuses. Nobody will take excuses. Your professor won't! Your supervisor won't! The police won't accept any excuses either to talk them out if giving you a ticket! Excuses are toxic! They poison your chances at becoming great or doing things you have always dreamed of. If you cant be dedicated or work for it, and excuses abound, it definitely won't work out. And without God NOTHING IS POSSIBLE! We need to allow God to be in every single area of our lives. We need to have Him in out studies! We need to have Him on the job! We need to have Him in our family! We need Him to be the center of our marriage and relationships! Without God, we will utterly fail at every thing we set our minds to do. Why? Because He gives us what we need to succeed. When ANY ONE OF THESE THINGS are missing we lose out on our goals. Let's stay focued and work hard and keep God at the center n then we will find success💯✔️
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Sorry my #notes aren't as neat today! There was a lot to get on the #page and we didn't have the #projector running. =) #Church #CalvaryBaptist #Absalom #DavidsSon #Disobedience #Rebellion #instaministry
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09072014 - New place, new home, new church. So blessed to have found a church close by! :) @hillsonglondonwestend #HillsongChurchLondon#WestEnd#Sunday#London#UKtrip#blessed#Christian#Grace#GodIsGood#grace#blessed#family
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It was great having #TheOldPaths at #CalvaryBaptistChurch again tonight! #FirstFridaySinging #SouthernGospel #SpreadTheGospel #Jesus #instaministry
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Travel brings power and love back into your life #thanksJesus #instatravel #instaministry #meeting #luwuk #banggai #free #breakfast #cereal #starbucks #yummy #bestofthebest #picoftheday 🌄🌇🌊
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#truth #faith #focused #growth #journey #instaministry
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Don't let anybody tell you you can't do something. The Bible is pretty clear! You can do ALL things. So you can overcome an addiction through Jesus. You can stop cursing through Jesus! You can stop eating the wrong foods through Jesus! You can pass a tough class through Jesus! You can graduate with Honors through Jesus! You can have a baby in your late 40s that is perfectly healthy through Jesus! There is absolutely nothing you cannot do through Jesus that is in line with His will. So He isn't going to help you sin. It has to be something He would want us to do. Now there are plenty of people who walk around in defeat thinking that they can't do anything. They are stupid. They are worthless. And etc! These things obviously aren't true! And sometime people are told these horrible things by their own parents or loved ones. People who are meant to love and nurture their kids. It's so sad that these things are being told to children but the truth lies in the Bible. You are totally capable of achieving your dreams and rising above everything you have been told. The only Person who has control over your life is God. And what He says about you in the Bible overrides anything and everything others have told you about yourself. People will be mean! People will be nasty! But our God is a good God who cares about His children deeply and if you trust Him, He will allow you to do more than you could ever imagine through Him! Truly you will be doing all things through Christ!
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From Kingdom leadership conference ... by ps. Myles Munroe #great #books #reading #MylesMunroe #kingdomleadershioconference #KLC #instaministry #reader #ministry #potential #lifehouse #conference
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homelessinlosangeles : Nice! Would love your feedback on my documentary of the homeless?
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Shoutout to this newly-engaged couple!! God is definitely present in this relationship! God bless y'all! #shoutout #christian #christfollowers #christiandating #instaministry #instacouples #couplewithchrist #couplesofinstagram #godcenteredrelationship #marriage #enagagement #godisthere #godfocused #godbless #connectedtogod #blessed #beautiful #shesaidyes #cutechristiancouples #strength
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xfit_snickers : @jamenms where did you get her that ring?!
iamthejme : @xfit_snickers Royal Diadem Jewelers in North Carolina :)
velvetturkey : It's absolutely gorgeous but how will the wedding band fit? @iamthejme
iamthejme : @velvetturkey Thank you -- my favorite part about it is the meaning (which you can read on my Instagram) and I think we will get matching wedding bands that I won't be wearing with my engagement ring. Or use the existing one with the three diamond halo as the wedding band since this is a two band ring after all :)
velvetturkey : Awesome! So happy for y'all! My big sister just got married and things are serious with my wonderful fella so I'm experiencing severe wedding fever haha God bless you and your beautiful bride! @iamthejme
iamthejme : @velvetturkey Thank you so much, and that's so exciting! 😁
iamthejme : @xfit_snickers check out the page: @royaldiademjewelers
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So true. Just something to remember. A god centered relationship should bring you guys closer, not distract you. ~ Sorry I haven't posted much recently. Please don't unfollow! I've just recently started school again and I'm trying to get used to my schedule. I will be posting more when I adjust to this school year! Thanks for having patience. God Bless You guys! ~Emily #coupleswithchrist #believers #jesuschrist #godcenteredrelationship #godfocused #servinggod #christiancouples #christian #instacouples #instaministry #couplesofinstagram #true #advice #christiandating #faithful #eternallove #lovelikejesus #everlastinglove #truelove #closetochrist
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1true_believer : @missteacher2u love you baby..I thank God every time I think of you
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Lately I have been seriously thinking about maybe getting out of the environment I am in. I really dislike the town I grew up in and currently reside in. There is so much defeat here and depression and violence and the spirit of complacency is so thick here. I really believe that God has something better for me. Better than this town. Better than the spirits that are thick and rule here. Better than poverty. Better than settling. Better than crime and gangs. I really believe that what God has for me my town can't handle it! It's too small for it! It's too poverty stricken for it! I really believe God is leading me to something so much better! And it's the same for you too! Where you are is not the ending of your story! It's the beginning! God has so much for you! He desires so much more! And He is leading you to better and bigger things! Don't give up! Don't give in! Don't let your surroundings influence you in negative ways. I have seen people who have had so much potential lose out on becoming something great because of their environment and the influences it brought on them. I encourage you all today, do not fall under the pressure! Do not let others change your viewpoints and don't let them shape you into their mold. Allow God's hand to be all over your life. And to mold you into His good and perfect will. He will bring you to something so much better!
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nayy_soul : Amen!! Continue to allow God to build you so you can soar !
sharonda_mc : @nayy_soul Thanks Hun!
ohyeajacks : Amen!!! Praying for you dear. Environment plays abut role in who you become for sure. & This is true. God has greater plans for your life beyond your small town, but while you're still stuck there for now pray for ways that you can grow closer to Him and help those around you.
sharonda_mc : @ohyeajacks True! I will! Thanks for your prayers and support Hun!
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Today I recalled why I am on the journey I am on. It's not to please people. It's not because I want all the attention and praise for myself from others. I am doing what I am doing because God Himself told me what He wants me to do and I am only following. The problem I have encountered recently that I feel has pulled me away from my journey's purpose is all these people who are tryin to distract me. They may have good intentions I'm sure but they are so pushy with their beliefs. I guess because they married young and had kids young and did this in their life and that, they have influenced me. I forget that I am not here to fulfill my selfish desires; I am here to fulfill my destiny on planet earth! And if that includes waiting until God shows me the right guy to marry-even if I am 50 years old-that's what it includes! The problem is we get too caught up in this life and what WE want! Not what HE wants. There is no problem with looking for lover but if that is the focus of your life and Christ is second, you have something twisted there! Jesus is FIRST and foremost! He is the center. Not your husband and not your wife! It's ok to want to love someone but if that is more important than seeking Jesus then it will never work out! Jesus clearly said in the Bible that if you love anything or anyone more than Him He is not pleased. He wants to be first. And everything else comes last. The Bible also says to seek first the kingdom of Heaven and all other things will be added to you! If I am about my Father's business He will be about mine and lead me to the right mate at the right time. I remember the sadness that came over me when I remembered that God called me to what He wants me to do in life and my purpose is to fulfill it. Not to run down a marriage or to "find" my mate. All these things come when I have everything in perspective! When I am seeking God's kingdom first my desires will then follow. It's the same for us all. God has something specific He wants you to do and you've been busy doin your own thing and indulging in life's pleasures, neglecting God's mission and calling He has placed over your life. Be about His business 1st n watch how God will bless u!
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Is there always a payoff for wearing a smile instead of a frown? I think so! You'll enjoy better health with a positive approach to life. , and also you will attract more friends , supporters , encouragers and well-wisher. We should always be on the lookout for ways we can be kind to one another . Can you share a smile with someone or an encouraging word? Can you help meet a need? Remember, as a believer , you are the hands and feet if Jesus in this earth . Look for ways to serve one another . Sow a seed and watch the harvest of blessings in your own life in return . Father , today I purpose in my heart to let #joy inside of me show up on my face. I choose to #smile , to share #life and #kindness everywhere I go. Thank You for equipping me to be Your representative and sow seeds of #life and #victory everywhere I go . In Jesus'Name #amen #day6 #dailyprayers #pray #believe #faith #smile #beablessingstootherstoday #withgodallthingsarepossible #godisgood #jesuslovesyou #helloseptember #merryxmas! #happy #blessed #Monday #igers #instagrammers #instaministry 👏💋❤️🎀😘
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Repost from @goodnewsfeed ! This can't be any truer! Just because everyone else is doing something does not mean you have to follow suit! Did Jesus walk around following the crowd? No! He did what His Father said for Him to do. And even if you are an outcast or you are doing what every claims everybody else is doing doesn't mean you should do it. The reality is that everybody is NOT doing it. Everybody is NOT having sex out of wedlock! Everybody is NOT drinking and abusing drugs! Everybody is NOT stealing. Everybody is NOT _______ (and you can fill in the blank with whatever was told to you everybody is doing). The reality is that everybody cannot be doing what everybody else is doing all at the same time. It's impossible. Everybody has their own tastes and dislikes. Not everybody wants to marry young and start a family. Some people will tell you that too. That's not true! Some people want to finish college before they get into all that and distract themself. Some people want to become established in their career so they can build up the money to take care of another human being. Not everybody is doing what everybody claims they are doing. The reality is that you have your own path to choose. And you can't possibly base it on what everybody else is doing or what they decided to do. You can't say oh well. I hate being the odd ball out or I hate having to be left out. Let me jump on the bandwagon! Incorrect! Jesus never did that! He did whatever His Father commanded! He didn't feel the need to please people! He didn't feel the need to follow the crowd. He didn't feel the need to be apart of what others are doing. He did what He knew was right and not whatever others thought was right. People on the bandwagon could be lost and so will you be if you stay on their wagon. The fact is that as a Christian you ought to do whatever God said to do in the BIBLE. It is not fun sometimes. It is not cool sometimes. It is not what popular culture would want you do but it is what will save your soul! Only God has the correct way. Only He can lead you down the straight and narrow path. Focus on Him and pleasing Him daily; not the world.
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Father , thank you for giving me a cheerful heart and helping me laugh everyday . Thank you for the gift of laughter that is good medicine for my mind and body ; strengthening and empowering me to live #happy , #healthy ,and #whole . In Jesus'Name #amen #day4 #laughoften #laughteristhebestmedicine #livelifewithflavor #smile #beablessingstootherstoday #withgodallthingsarepossible #godisgood #goodmorning #saturday #igers #instagrammers #instaministry 👏❤️🎀💋
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So true! God knows it all so I don't let others put me off when people push me to marriage. I don't allow others to discourage me when it comes to my dreams. I don't allow people to tell me my dreams won't happen or anything like that. I know WHAT GOD CAN DO! I may not know when but I know God does! I may not know how but God does. God has a specific plan for allowing everything to happen that He wants to happen in our lives. He has a special timing. I may not know why I'm still here where I am, at the college I am at, working the type of job I am, etc but GOD does know why and my current situIon DOES NOT define my future. He is still able to take me where He wants me and needs me and He can and wi use me at the places He takes me. I am confident that my dreams will come to pass. My goals will be reached. My life will be a blessing to others! God has a reason and season. It may not be my season yet but at the right time every thing will fall into place. I encourage you all! Don't give up! Don't say God has forgotten about me! Don't say it's over for me. Your current situation has nothing to do with what God has for you. It may not occur on your time but on God's time-the best time. God knows why something didn't occur in your life or why He hasn't brought you to the point in your life you'd like to be at right now. But trust Him. He has the best plans for you. Only He can write it perfectly. Don't let others talk you out of your dreams, your calling in God, your career choice, your major in college, etc. If God wants you to do something DO IT. Follow Him wholeheartedly and watch Him be faithful to you every single step of the way. He knows when to give you that husband. He know how to bring him to you. And he definitely knows where. It doesn't have to be that in particular. Whatever you are waiting on or hoping for. It could be a new job or acceptance into graduate school or a job to call you back and say You are hired! Whatever it is, don't give up on God! Let Him lead you ms guide you. Only He knows it all!
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elle_eff247 : "Don't tell God how big your problems are, tell your problems how big your God is!" -Unknown @sharonda_mc 😃
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sharonda_mc : @2god_be_da_glory @creation_ministries @elle_eff247 @taydolashes @qt_pie_xo God bless you all!
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